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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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There seem to have been no special endowments of this office.

Valuation of 1291: Thesauraria £20 (Taxatio p. 56a).


Reiner preb. unident. p. 115

First treas., appd. by bp. Remigius before May 1092 (D.C.M. p. 301).

William preb. unident. p. 117

Not mentioned by Henry of Huntingdon, in D.C.M. p. 301, but must have preceded Geoffrey. Occ. in L.P. I of ? c. 1132 (app. 2 no. 39), and ? c. 1133 (R.A.L. IIno. 553, see app. 3). Commem. 14 Dec. (obit. I 164).

Geoffrey preb. unident. p. 111

Nephew of Reiner, said by Henry of Huntingdon to have succeeded him (D.C.M.p. 301), but must have succeeded William. Occ. c. 1134 (D.C.M. I, see app. 4),and c. 1146 (D.C.M. II, see app. 7).

Jordan de Amundeville (fn. 1)preb. unident. p. 113

Can. Occ. as treas. c. 23 May 1147 (R.A.L. III no. 921); before c. 20 Feb. 1148(Gir. Cambr. VII 167, at the time when M. Hamo was made chanc., list 4); andc. 1150 (Danelaw Chs. no. 283, Reg. Godstow I no. 466, see app. 10). Commem.1 July (obit. I 158). Son of Jocelin de Amundeville, steward of bp. of Lincoln (seeClay, Amundeville p. 134; cf. ibid. p. 136 and E.Y.C. XI no. 150). Father of Adamde Amundeville, can. (below, and p. 118). Donor of a book to the cathedral (Gir.Cambr. VII 170).

Martin preb. unident. p. 113

Succeeded Jordan as treas. (Gir. Cambr. VII 167). First occ. as treas. Dec.1148 × Sept. 1156, perhaps c. 1152 (Cart. Colec. I 123). (fn. 2)Last occ. 1179/80 (B.L.,Add. MS. 6118 fos. 330v-331r). (fn. 3)Nephew of bp. Robert de Chesney (1148-66)(Gir. Cambr. VII 169; list 1), and brother of Gerard, can. (below p. 124).

[? Adam

Occ. as treas. once only ? c. 1163 (R.A.L. IX no. 2608, see app. 23). Prob. nottreas. but should be identified with Adam son of Jordan de Amundeville treas.(see app. 23), who was can. (below p. 118).]

Jocelin preb. unident. p. 112

First occ. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 32). Last occ. c. 1198 (R.A.L. IIno. 637, IX no. 2458, see app. 45). Occ. as 'magister' in R.A.L. IX no. 2458. (fn. 4)

Richard de Kyme (fn. 5)preb. Carlton Kyme, list 25

Can. Presum. not yet treas. when occ. as can. and without title c. 1200 (H.M.C.Middleton pp. 43-4, R.A.L. III no. 752, IX no. 2496, X nos. 2763, 2764, see app.47), and 1203/4 (cart. Kirkstead fo. 203r). Occ. as treas. Aug. 1203 × May 1206(York Minster Fasti II no. 76), after 25 Sept. 1205, perhaps after 10 May 1206(Cart. Osen. IV no. 16), (fn. 6)and n.d. (A/1/6 no. 1192; Danelaw Chs. no. 80; R.A.L. Vno. 1581, VIII no. 2240). Occ. without title after 25 Sept. 1205 (R.A.L. VII no. 2003).Vacated treasurership before c. 25 June 1206 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 66b). Commem.29 Nov. (R.L. I).

[Philip de Lucy

Royal gr. of treasurership and preb. Carlton Kyme s.v., c. 25 June 1206 (Rot.Litt. Pat. p. 66b). Evidently ineffective, because does not occ. as treas. (cf. ibid.pp. 74b-75a, 82a, 84b; Rot. Litt. Claus. I 75-9, 89a, 103a, 108b). Preb. gr. to Henryof London 27 Dec. 1207 (list 25).]

Gilbert de Lacy preb. unident. p. 111

First occ. 21 March 1215 (Liber Ant. p. 74). Last occ. 16 Apr. 1226 (P.R.O.,E.210/11323). Prob. to be identified with preb. of Salisbury of same name, who d. by20 Dec. 1227 (Reg. St. Osmund, ed. W. H. Rich Jones (R.S. lxxviii) II 82-3).

M. Walter de Sancto Edmundo (fn. 7)preb. unident. p. 117

First occ. 2 Apr. 1229 (Newington Longeville Chs. no. 26). Last occ. 31 Dec. 1242(R.A.L. III no. 726). D. before 4 July 1245 (ibid. × no. 2691). Not to be identifiedwith M. Walter, brother of Adam de Sancto Edmundo, archdcn. of Oxford (belowp. 36; for their careers, see Biog. Ox. III 1624-5).

An unnamed treas. occ. 22 Nov. 1243 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 239 = C.P.L. I 202).

M. Ralph of Leicester preb. unident. p. 115

First occ. before 4 July 1245 (R.A.L. X no. 2691). (fn. 8)Last occ. after 4 Oct. 1251(Dij/73/3/2), and c. July 1252 (VC 2/1 no. 203). D. by 22 March 1254 (C.P.R. 1247-58p. 366). (fn. 9)

Peter Chaceporc preb. unident. p. 114

Previously had ineffective gr. of preb. Banbury (list 18). Royal gr. of treasurershipand preb. s.v., 22 March 1254 (C.P.R. 1247-58 p. 366). Does not occ. as treas. Alsoarchdcn. of Wells; chanc. of Exeter; preb. of London (Fasti 1066-1300 I 60-1), andChichester. D. 24 Dec. 1254 (Chron. Maj. V 483, 484).

M. William de Sherwood (fn. 10)prebs. unident., Aylesbury, list 15

First occ. 11 Dec. 1256 (Dij/79/1/121). Last occ. 15 Oct. 1266 (C.P.R. 1313-17p. 304). Had been succeeded in preb. Aylesbury some time before 14 Nov. 1267 (list15). Noted scholar (see Biog. Ox. III 1693-4; Fr. Rogeri Bacon Opera, ed. J. S.Brewer (R.S. xv) p. 14). (fn. 11)

Richard de Bello (fn. 12)preb. Lafford, list 40

Can. First occ. as treas. before 22 Oct. 1270 (VC 2/1 no. 163). (fn. 13)Last occ. 24 Apr.1278 (VC 2/1 no. 248). Commem. 4 Nov. and perhaps d. 4 Nov. 1278 (R.L. I).Occ. as magister twice, Sept. 1273 × March 1274 (R.A.L. VIII no. 2329), and24 Apr. 1278 (VC 2/1 no. 248).

M. Richard de Horton preb. Louth, list 48

Can. Presum. not yet treas., occ. as can., 3 Sept. 1278 (Rot. Gravesend p. 81) andin week 20-26 Nov. 1278 (R.L. I). First occ. as treas. in week 27 Nov.-3 Dec. 1278(R.L. II). Last occ. 26 Nov. 1298 (Reg. Sutton VI 123-4). D. by 5 Jan. 1300 (C.P.R.1292-1301 p. 484).

[M. William de Cheseio

Royal gr. of treasurership and preb. (Louth) s.v., 5 Jan. 1300 (C.P.R. 1292-1301p. 484), but declined treasurership and accepted preb. (list 48).]


  • 1. Family of Mondeville, dept. Calvados, arr. and cant. Caen; see Clay, Amundeville p. 110.
  • 2. Temp. bp. Robert de Chesney (list 1), and before Hubert de Sancto Claro was succeeded byWilliam de Lanvalei, before Sept. 1156 (see H.K.F. III 287-8); the charter refers to a charter of kingHenry, presum. Henry I, and therefore prob. belongs before Dec. 1154; perhaps it is to be associatedwith a similar charter of 1152, Cart. Colec. I 161 and cf. ibid. p. 155.
  • 3. He occ. as can., not called treas., prob. Nov. 1160 × 1166 (cart. Walden fo. 43v, see app. 24).
  • 4. In Cart. Boarstall no. 5, of c. 1188 (see app. 35), John treas. occ., but in MS. of this cart., atAylesbury, Bucks. R.O., the name is clearly Joc', for Jocelino (not for Johanne).
  • 5. For the Lincs. family of Kyme, see H.K.F. II 118-25.
  • 6. Temp. Geoffrey [de Deeping] precentor (list 3), and perhaps during vacancy in see (list 1).
  • 7. ?Bury St. Edmunds, Suff.
  • 8. Temp. M. Roger de Weseham, dean (list 2).
  • 9. Le Neve-Hardy II 87 gives Nicholas de Wadingham as treas. c. 1246, but this is evidently anerror: Wadingham was chanc. at this time (list 4).
  • 10. Prob. Sherwood, Notts.; 'ex parte Borealium' (Munimenta Academica, ed. H. Anstey (R.S. 1) I 22).
  • 11. M. R- treas. occ. 24 Aug. 1258 (C.P.R. 1247-58 p. 651), but text should prob. read: M. R-[dean, M. W-] treas.
  • 12. Possibly Battle, Sussex; but there was a family called Batail in Lincoln in the early and mid13th cent. (R.A.L. IX nos. 2429-34).
  • 13. Temp. William de Newport, rector of Cadeby (see Rot. Gravesend p. 43).