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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 3, Salisbury Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1962.

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Salisbury Diocesan Registry

Register of Roger de Martival, 1315-30, 2 vols.

Register of Robert de Wyville, 1330-75, 2 vols.

Register of Ralph Erghum, 1375-88.

Register of John de Waltham, 1388-95.

Registers of Richard Medford, 1395-1407, and Nicholas Bubwith, 1407.

Register of Robert Hallum, 1407-17.

Register of John Chaundeler, 1417-26.

Register of Robert Neville, 1427-38.

Register of William Aiscough, 1438-50.

Register of Richard Beauchamp, 1450-81, 2 vols.

Register of Thomas Langton, 1485-93.

Register of John Blythe, 1493-9.

Register of Edmund Audley, 1502-24.

Register of Laurence Campeggio, 1524-34.

Register of Nicholas Shaxton, 1535-9.

Register of John Capon, 1539-57.

Register of John Jewell, 1560-71.

Decanal Register of John Chaundeler and Simon Sydenham, 1405-25.

Salisbury Cathedral Muniment Room

AC=Chapter Act Books:

Hemingby, 1329-34. (fn. 1)

Corffe, 1348-58.

Coman, 1385-7, 1394.

Dunham, 1387-94, 1407-8.

Holme, 1395-1402.

Draper, 1402-7.

Viryng, 1408-13.

Pountney, 1413-19.

Harding, 1419-32, 1435.

Hutchins, 1440-7.

Burgh, 1447-57.

Newton, 1460-8.

Machon, 1468-75.

Harward, 1497-1535.

Holt, 1538-60, and Blacker, 1560-3.

Liber Evidentiarum C (especially ff. 407b, 412b-413, 424-424b, 452-9).

Salis. Cath. Arch.: Salisbury cathedral archives, especially boxes for each prebend in press 3.

Miscell. et Statuta: a volume known as Miscellanea et Statuta quoad Sarum (ms. 189), compiled under dean John Davyson (1473-85), is missing from the Muniment Room. A few references to it are cited from Jones, Fasti, and Wordsworth & Macleane, Statutes.

Canterbury Cathedral Library

Registrum A

Registrum S

Registrum T2

Lambeth Palace Library

Registers of the archbishops of Canterbury.

Somerset House

PCC: Registers of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury.

Lincoln Record Office

Registers of the bishops of Lincoln.

Worcester. St. Helen's Record Office

Registers of the bishops of Worcester.


  • 1. An edition of Hemingby, 1329-34, by Miss Helena M. Chew, to be published by the Wiltshire Archaeol. and Nat. Hist. Soc., Records Branch, is now in the press.