Extracts from the records: 1647

Pages 109-128

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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4 January 1647.

Warrand charges is Edinburg

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of four hundrethe fyftie fyve pundes tuelffe schilinges monye deburst be him to the persones vnderwrittine, and that for defrayeing of ther charges the tyme they remanit in Edinburgh attending the tounes effairs as is eftir mentionat, viz., Bell, Coline Campbell, James Hammiltoune and Mr. Robert Goveane, who remanit the space of fyftie dayes, James Colquhoune the space of 24 dayes, Johne Andersone, Thomas Morsone, Daniell Wallace and Johne Wilsone the space of tuentie dayes, Manasses Lyill and Walter Neilsone the space of sex dayes, they being ther direct be the baillies and counsall.

14 January 1647.

Ordinance concerneing the toune of Glasgow and garisone thairintill. (Act of parliament, 1647, c. 113.)

The estates of parliament, taking to thair consideration the report of the comittie concerning the toune of Glasgow and regimentis quartered thair, they, inrespect of the infection in that toune, gives heirby warrand to the magistrats thereof to provyde barnes and other out houses for quartering of these regiments in that ar now quartered in the toune, and ordanis that they get proveant from the publict; and for that effect the saidis estatis doe heirby recomend to the committie for the moneyis to provyde proveant for them, and that the publict be not defraudit, and alse the estates gives warrand to the magistratis of the toune of Glasgow to muster these regimentis quartered on them euerie ten dayis once, that the effectuall men and trew numberis thereof may be knawen; and alse inregaird that the burden is verie great that lyeth upon the toune of Glasgow be manteining the tua regimentis quartered thair, the saidis estates doe heirby discharge the officeris of the regimentis from uplifting of auie money in the toune, they getting frie quarteris be the sight of the magistrats; and farder the estates ordanis General Major Midletoune to wryte and give orderis to the officeris of the foresaidis regimentis for keiping these regimentis from runing out in the cuntrie, and that they remane in thair quarteris provydit or to be provydit to them be the magistratis of Glasgow in maner abonespecifit. Anent the whilkis premissis thir presents salbe ane sufficient warrand.

25 January 1647.


[The act of parliament, dated 26th December, anent the election, having been produced, was ordered to be proclaimed at the cross and the election to take place to-morrow.]


Anent the wrytting of passis, ordaines the same to pas vnder the littill seall and to be subscryvit be the clerk and that he tak knawledge of the requyrers therof. Ordaines the bailyies to be wryttine to and that Doctor Rae be wryttine for.

26 January 1647.


[From a leet of three persons, Sir William Cocherane of Cowdoune, commissioner for the Duke of Lennox, elected George Porterfeild to be provost till next ordinary time of election.


William Dunlope, James Hamiltoune, and Niniane Gilhagie elected bailies.]

29 January 1647.


[The old and new magistrates elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be Council. on the council.]

3 February 1647.


[The following office-bearers were elected:—Androw Conynghame, dean of guild; Thomas Scott, deacon-convener; Thomas Allane, treasurer; John Wallace, visitor of maltmen; Robert Mack, water bailie; Thomas Browne, master of work.]

4 February 1647.

Act of parliament as to officeris of the Erle of Cassillis regiment (1647, c. 162).

The estates of parliament, haveing hard and considered the petition of the officeris of the Erle of Cassilis regiment, beirand that the burgh of Glasgow, be ane order of the committie of estates, was ordained to advance to Lieutenant Generall Baillies regiment, and the supplicantis regiment, the sowme of ten thousand merkis, quhairof the toun hes payed to Lieutenant Generall Baillies regiment sex thousand merkis for their proportionall pairt thairof, and the Erle of Cassillis regiment thair proportionall pairt being four thousand merkis the toune hes altogether neglected the payment thairof to them, except onlie ane thousand merkis of the same, and be ane vther order of the foresaid comittie thair was quarteris appointed for fyiften baggage horssis, and the same allowance for the Erle of Cassillis regiment in there quarteris as Lieutenant General Baillies had, quherof the supplicantis have receaved no satisfaction for the saidis baggage horssis as the vther regiment did, and thairfore desyring that the parliament wald grant ane new order to the burgh of Glasgow for payment to the supplicantis of the sowme of thrie thousand merks yit restand vnpayit of the foure thousand merkis dew to them as their proportionall pairt of the ten thousand merkis abonespecifeit, as also for payment to the suplicantis of the foresaid allowance that was granted for their saidis baggage horssis for tymes bygane, conforme to the foresaid ordor and as the vther regiment wha was quartered with the suplicant hes alreadie receaved, as the suplicatioune beiris; the saids estatis of parliament ordanis the toune of Glasgow and magistratis thereof to mak payment to the saidis officeris of the Erle of Cassills regiment off the foresaid sowme of thrie thousand merks due to them as their proportionall pairt of the ten thousand merks abonespecifeit, conforme to the order of the committie of estates abonementioned granted in favors of the Erle of Cassills regiment and of Lieutenant Generall Baillies regiment, and quhairof that regiment hes receaved sex thousand merkis as their proportionall pairt of the ten thousand merks and the suplicantis hes onlie receaved ane thousand merkis of thair foure thousand merkis thereof, so that there restis yit to the suplicantis thrie thousand merks; as also ordainis the toune of Glasgow and magistrats thairof to mak payment to the suplicantis off the foresaid allowance granted to them for thair saidis baggage horssis for tymes bygane, conforme to the foresaid orderis of the committie of estates granted in favoris of the Erle of Cassills regiment and of Lieutenant Generall Baillies regiment for the foresaid sowme of ten thousand merks and baggage horssis respectiue foresaidis; quhilkis ordouris and warrandis the estates of parliament heirby renewis to the suplicantis to the effect before ordaned conforme to the tenours thairof.

6 February 1647.

Procurator fiscall, Yair. Act and ordour of parliament for advancement of ane monethis mantenance for disbanding of the armie (1647, c. 174).

[William Yair elected procurator fiscal.]

The estates of parliament, haveing hard and considered the report of that committie appointed for condescending upon the wayis for payment of that whilk is vnpayit of the assignementis of the regimentis for thair service at Philiphauche and for disbanding of the armie, they find be the said report that their is restand to the lord generall, the lieutenant generall, and major generall Midletoune, thair thrie regimentis, dew for thair monethis pay for their service at Philliphauche the sowme of threttie ane thousand sevin hundereth thriescore sex pundis 13 s. 4 d., quhilk sowme the estates ordainis to be advaunced and payed to the saidis thrie regimentis be the burghes and shyres as followis, viz.: . . . be the burgh of Glasgow, 1530 lib. . . .

12 February 1647.


Ordaines the master of wark to remove the lampis out of the New Kirk, in regaird they ar spoilyiet and na vse for the present was or could be maid of them ther, and to place them in the heiche galrie for a tyme.

20 February 1647.

Robesone for the muire.

James Robiesoune, baxter, is maid choyse of to be visitour of the mwire quhair the vncleane folkis ar, and to set doune in a register all occurrantes daylie anent the infectioune, and gives warrand to the bailyies to agrie with him therfore for ane monethe to cume, and to tak notice of the graves.


Item, ordaines that ther be ane constant watche, night and day, and ane chackt watche, and that the officers warning the ordinar watche bring daylie ther names to the clerks chamber, with ilk severall manes chairge that day, that the chackt watche may try give they keipe, and the chackt watche to report the failyearis to the magistratis that soe they may be punisched.

3000 markis borrowit.

In regaird thair is thrie thowsand merkis quhilk the towne is ordanit to pay to Cassillis regiment, thairfore it is ordanit that the samyne be borrowit and ane band to be givine be the towne therfore.

27 February 1647.

Schawis fridome crayit doun.

The bailyies reportit to the counsell that they haveing bein crediablie informed that Thomas Schaw was come furthe of places suspect of the infectioune, and thairfore when he came to the townes ports they dischairgit him to entir without ane testimoniall, nochtwithstanding he come in secreitlie to his awne hous and ressawit his wyff with him, contrar ther command, and remayne therin notwithstanding of his promeis to remove, thairfore they have ordanit and ordaines his friedome to be cryed doune.

Dyk buildit.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus build, with all diligence, the dyke at Litle St. Mungows Kirk yaird neir the Gallowgaite port, and the port ther to be calsiet.

4 March 1647.


John Grahame is choysine to goe eist to attend the provest, and Mr. George Young to go eist alsoe-to supplicat the parliament in behalfe of the towne.

10 March 1647.


Anent the excyse, it is thought expedient that it sould be taken for the townes weill and behove, and that the provest sall gif for the excyse of aill aught thowsand merkis, for the tobacco thrie thowsand merkis, for the excyse of all flesches twa thowsand merkis, and for all merchand wairs ane thowsand merkis; and farder that in haill thair salbe givine for the excyse be the provest auchteine thowsand merkis, withe sume litle mair gif that sall be over bid, and gif that will not doe to pleid for. . . .

Suspect fuilyie removit.

Anent the taking away of suspect fuilyie, it is thocht expedient that Thomas Stewart be hyrit to goe with ane hors and clos cairt to remove it, and the bailyies to doe the same.

16 March 1647.

Act of parliament as to George Lokhart and Mr. Archbald Flemyng (1647, c. 311).

The estatis of parliament haveing hard the suplication of George Lockhart of Tarbrax, desyring to be established ad vitam vel culpam in the office of the commissariot of Glasgow, togidder with the suplicatioun given in be the provest of Glasgow for the magistratis and counsell of the said burgh to that same effect, togidder lykwayis with the suplication given in theraganis be Mr. Archibald Flemyng, late commissar of Glasgow, the saidis estates ordaned and remitted the decision and determination of the desire of the said George Lokhart, and of the desire and suplication of the magistratis and counsell of Glasgow, with what is given in theraganis be the said Mr. Archibald Flemyng, and what may be alledged, hinc inde, to ane comittie of thrie of euerie estate, viz., the Erles of Lawderdale, Lanerk and Callender for the noblemen, Sir Williame Cochrane of Cowdoune, Mr. George Dundas of Maner and Sir Thomas Ruthven of Frieland for the barrons, Mr. Robert Cunnynghame, William Glendonyng and Gedeon Jak for the burrowis; and the estates ordanis and grantis heirby power to the foresaid committie, or anie fyve of them, as ane quorum, to decyde, determine and decerne in the said matter, without reporting the same to the parliament, as the foresaid committie or quorum therof sall find just and expedient, whose decreit and determination to be given be them or their quorum the estates of parliament doe heirby find and declare to have the force and strenth of ane act of parliament.

20 March 1647.


Anent the ministers place now vacant, it is ordanit that Mr. Johne Sprewll and Johne Grahame goe wast and speik Mr. David and Mr. Robert Bailyie and report ther myndis.

Dykis buildit.

The maister of wark is ordanit to big vp with timber the Blackfrier Kirk yaird dyke and the Hie Kirk yaird dyke, and the deane of gild to goe with him to visit the same.

Grein plewit.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus pleughe and harrow [the] Grein in swa far as is flaine therof and to mack it evine and to dres about the stanke.

27 March 1647.

Report, Sprewll and Grahame.

Mr. Johne Sprewll and Johne Grahame maid ther report anent ther diligence in goeing to speik Mr. David Dicksoune and Mr. Robert Baillie anent the minister. Thair chairges is seavine punds four schillings, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay them the same.

Hie Kirk yaird dyke.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus build ane penneit gaite in that pairt of the Hie Kirk yaird dyke foireanent the laiche steipill.

3 April 1647.

New Kirk dyk repairit.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus repaire the new kirkyaird dyke as the deane of gild sall appoynt, and the calsie at Robert Campbellis yeatt.

17 April 1647.

Anent the minister of the Blakfreir Kirk.

Compeirt Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, and with them severall elderis of the sessioune, and in name of the sessioune maid earnest requeist and desyre to the magistratis and counsell that they wald be pleasit to nominat and present Mr. Johne Livingstoune, minister at Stranrawer, to be minister to the Blakfreir Kirk of Glasgow, now waiking, quhilk they eftir serious consideratioun vnanimouslie aggreit vnto; and thairfor ordaines ane presentatioune to be gevin and granttit to the said Mr. Johne Livingstoune to the said place with all diligence, and appoyntis that the magistratis goe to the prisbetrie at thair first meiting and desyr thair concurrance.

23 April 1647.

Commissionar, Spreulle.

Mr. Johne Spreulle, clark, is ordanit to ryde to Stranrawer to geive ane call, in name of the towne, for Mr. Johne Livingstoune to transport him selfe to the Blakfrier Kirk of this brugh to serve the cuire therat as minister; and recommendis William Lychtbodie to the sessioune to ryd with him.

Grammer Scooll.

Ordeanis the Grammer Scoole to be conveenit on Fuirsday nixt, and intimatioun to be maid therof out of pulpeit be the ministeris.


Ordaines the maister of wark to caus mak a pillarie with all diligence.

4 May 1647.


Ordaines the bailyies, deane of gild, deacone conveiner [and four others], to meit this day and to end with the cleanseris with all convenient diligence.

8 May 1647.

Warrand, teinds abstractit be sojouris.

It is ordainet that the thesaurer sall geive bak to Williame Stewart and James Fergussoune thrie hundrethe merks in full satisfactioune and contentatioune to them off all loses susteanit be thame by want of the teyndis sett to them the croppe 1645 quhilk was abstractit by sojouris and vtheris.

15 May 1647.

Memorandum anent the thesaurer.

Memorandum, the fourtie pund sterling that was in the custodie of William Hindschaw and was collectit for releive of the puir that ar with the Turkis is intromettit with be the towne, and quhilk fourtie pund sterling is ane pairt of £2291 Scottis money quhilk was taine out of the tolbuith and delyverit to the thesaurer, quherwith the thesaurer is to be chargeit in his accomptis.

Maister Hutchesounes Hospitall.

William Huime is chosine maister of Hutchesounes Hospitall to the nixt tyme of the ordinar electioune.

22 May 1647.

Partick Brig.

Ordaines the deane of gild, deacone conveiner, Niniane Gilhagie, Mathow Hammiltoune, to take ane meassoune to vissie Partik brig and the myll brig and to report.


Ordaines Sein Rokis kirk yaird to be castin about and ane entrie maid therto.


Ordaines ane bauk to be sent throw the towne be touck of drum dischairgeing the casting downe of the trensch or medleing therwith quhill first the estaitis be acquenttit.

Warrand, losses.

[Ordained the treasurer to give to (1) "Robert Wilsoune and Walter Somerwell £50 for thair losses of the brig this last yeir the tyme of the visitatioune;" (2) "James and John Gairneris 600 merkis for the losses susteanit be the ladles;" and (3) "Margret Morisoun £40 in satisfactioune of the cleanseris possessioune of hir hous and losses susteanit therby."]

Anent the 20,000 lent to the publict.

The proveist, bailleis and counsell of the said brught, being conveinet, doe heirby inact and obleis them and thair successouris that howsoone they happen to obteine payment of the twentie thousand pundis lent to the publict for the vse of Leivtennant Generall David Leslie and annualrents therof, to pay to ilk persoune lender therof thair proportionall pairtis, with the annualrents of the samyn, conforme as thair proportiounes ar sett downe in ane act of counsell of the daitt the xxvij day of September 1645 years. And ordaines thair clark to geve ane extract heirof to any persoune wha requyres the samyne, and to incluid the particular sowme lent be ilk persoune conforme to the tennour of the said act.

29 May 1647.

Warrand, publict place of repentance.

By recommendatioune from the sessioune, the maister of wark is ordanit to sett vpe ane publict place of repentance in the New Kirk and the Blackfreir Kirk.

5 June 1647.

Premonitioun, Minto.

Ordaines the clerk to subscryve ane premonitioune in name of the towne to be geivin to the laird of Minto for payment of sax thousand merkis to the Colledgis of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Clark, commissionar.

The foirsaids proveist, bailyeis and counsell, wnderstanding that they war summondit to compeir befoire the lordis of counsell and sessioune, at the instance of Mr. Hendrie Gibsoune, they doe heirby ordane Mr. Johne Spreule, thair clerk, to ryd eist and attend the said caus.

Myll brig.

The proveist maid report that he had aggreit with Robert Caldwell, meassoune, for repaireing of the mylle brig, quhilk he hes vndertakein to repaire and dres and make ane staine braider, and the pen and twa tyre heicht on the ledges, for ane hundreth merkis; quhilk was approvin.


Ordaines the deane of gild and his brethreine to viseit St. Rolloks kirk yaird and to set vpe merche staines.

Bauk, clois fitts.

Ordaines ane bauk to be send throw the towne be sound of drum to command all persounes quha hes oppen clois fitts that they clois vpe the samyne, ilk persone wnder ten pundis vnforgevin.

8 June 1647.

Common good.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 9400 merks; ladles, 3450 merks; bridge, 960 merks; tron, 850 merks; pecks and meal market, 700 merks.]

19 June 1647.

Warrand to Grahame.

Ordaines Johne Grahame to advance to thes in the generall commissaris troupe twentie dolloris in gratuity.

Allane assessour.

Richard Allane is electit assessor to the proveist, commissionar electit to the nixt generall conventioune of burrowis.

10 July 1647.

Deputatioun, Yair.

The forsaid bailleis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune that Mr. Johne Spreule, thair ordinar clerk, is now imployeit abroad be them in the sessioune and vther maters, and how that sundrie inhabitants of this brugh ar disapointed therby in materis concerning the clerkschipe of this brughe, they doe therfor heirby grant full power and commissioune to Williame Yair, notar, to exerce the said office as clerk of this burgh dureing the clerks absence in all things as gif he war present himselfe.

12 July 1647.


The proveist, bailleis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune the grit hurt and prejudice the inhabitants of this brugh susteanis throw exorbitant pryces takein for flesche, and that the fleschouris in the townes mercat hes slichttit the towne this day altogither be presentting no flesch to the mercat, and becaus it is verie needfull that the towne be serveit with vivers, tharfore it is ordaneit that ane bauk goe throw the toune presentlie be touk of drum, grantting licence and libertie to all men in the countrey to bring in flesche, as beif and muttoune, and all vther sort of flesche, all the dayes in the weik, and they sall have libertie to sell the same at all occasiounes frie of payment of any excyis till Lambes nixt.

17 July 1647.

Anent the visitatioune of the mure.

It is ordaineit that ane counsellour weiklie, and he to choyse ane vther honest man in the towne to goe with him, and that they tak ane list of all that ar on the muir, and that they deburse to James Robesoune suche money as he sall requyre to susteane the puire on the muir, and to viseit the muir tweis or thryis in the weik, and to geive in thair compts ilk Setturday with the list of all on the muire and quhat persones ar deid thair that weik, and to try that ilk poore on the muir gett thair allowance; and James Stewart is to begin, and he makes choyis of Patrik Park to begin the nixt weik.

26 July 1647.

Doctor M'Cluire.

Geives power and commissioune to the deacone conveaner and Johne Grahame to meit with Doctor M'Cluir and aggree with him to attend the visitatioune of the toun for ane monethe to come, and to geive him ten dollouris for bygaine service to incuradge him.

29 July 1647.

Herring boittis.

Ordaines James Hammiltoune, baillie, Johne Barnes and Robert Mack to goe downe the morne to meit with the folkes of Ranfrew and Govane anent the bringing of the herring bottis to the Broomilaw now in this dangerous tym.

31 July 1647.

For correspondence.

Ordaines William Lychtbodie to goe to Hammiltoun and Niniane Andersoune to Paisley to desyr the moderatours of thes twa presbitrees to convene thair presbitrees for setting downe some soleid course for correspondence.


It is appoynted, for better expeading of the cleanging of housses, that Johne Walker and ane vther with him be cleangit and be maid ane cleane cleinger; Thomas Stewart and Hew Mitchell to goe and cleange the rest of the foule houssis; and Claud Snodgers and ane vther with him to cleange cloathes on the muir; and to begin on Mononday nixt, without delay. And appoynts the maister of work to buy ane hors to be imployeit in drawing furthe of foule cloathes. and sweipings; and als that ane vther naige be boucht for James Robiesoune and lent to him dureing the counsells pleasour, the better to mak him dischairg his dewtie and attending vpon the muir.

2 August 1647.

Watter bailyie.

Ordaines Patrik Park and Johne Clark to assist the watter bailyie in his chairge of attendance of the boatts.

Commissioune, Young.

Ordaines ane commissioune to be geivin to Mr. George Young to goe to the assemblie and agent Mr. John Livingstounes transportatioune.

14 August 1647.


The foirsaidis persounes, feareing the incresing of the seiknes, and knowing that the magistrats ar not able to doe all the paynes incumbent theranent, hes thought fitt and convenient that twa able men be appoynttit out of ilk quarter of the four quarters of the towne, weiklie, dureing the tyme of the visitatioun, to attend vpon the magistrats and to receave ordors from them and to put the samyne to executioune.

Bauk, teynds.

Ordaines ane bauk to be sent throw the towne this efternoone, be touk of drum, to warne all such quha will tak the teynds for readie money to com to the tolbuith on Teysday nixt at ten hours, and they wha bids maist thairfore sall have them.

17 August 1647.

Teynds sett.

The drawin teynds ar sett to Johne Simpsoun, merchand, and to James Fergissoune, maltman, for this present croppe 1647, for payment of the sowme of auchteine hundrethe and twentie merkis money to be payit presentlie in hand to the maister of work in absence of the thesaurer, for defraying of the townes burdeings.

21 August 1647.


Ordaines the brig to be luikeit be the deane of gild and maister of work and the bailleis to try wha hes removit the stanes fra it.

28 August 1647.

Letter to Durhame, minister.

Anent the vacant place of our kirk, it is thoucht expedient that ane lettere be sent to Mr. James Durhame to desyre him to preach heir, and a commissioune to be gevin to Mr. Robert Ramsay to supplicat the assemblie for referring the plantatioune of our kirk to the commissioune of the kirk.


Anent the increas of the number of the puire and suche as may not helpe themselves, it is recommendit to the deane of gild and deacone conveiner to conveine thair severall bodies that eache of them may take course for susteaning of the puire of thair awne vocatioune.

New seall.

Johne Grahame produceit ane new seale maid be directioune of the towne, for quhich was payit xlij li. j s., quhilk is ordanet to be payit to him be the thesaurer.

4 September 1647.

Act anent the clarkschipe to Spreule.

The act of counsell maid for ane establischement of the fies and casualitees of the towne clarkschipe is ratifeit and approvine, and the samyne ordainet to be observeit. And becaus that quhen Mr. Johne Spreule, present clark, was first admittit to the clerkschipe, thair is ane act ordaineing him to be comptable to the proveist, bailleis and counsell, for the equall halfe of the benefit he sould reap be the said office, in compensatioune quhairof and for the caussis eftirspecifeit the said Mr. Johne hes vndertaken and be thir presentis vndertakes to freithe, releive, disburdeine and scaithles keipe the saids proveist, bailleis and counsell, and thair successors in office, off the sowme of thrie thousand merkis money of Scotland, conteanit in ane decreit arbitrall off the lords of counsell and sessioune ordaineing the samyn to be payit be the proveist in name of the toune and be the said Mr. Johne, as present clark, to Mr. Harie Gibsoune, for all richt, tytle and kindnes he had, hes or can pretend to the said office of clarkschipe, fies and casualitees thairof, bygane and to come, and in full satisfactioune and contentatioune to him of the samyne; tharfore, and to the end the said Mr. Johne may be the more incuradgit to be diligent and faithfull in his said office, the saids proveist, bailleis and counsell, have , statut and ordainet, and be thir presentis statutes and ordaines that ane lettere of gift of the said office of clerkschip, haill fies and casualitees thairof, be maid, granted and subscryveit in favoris of the said Mr. Johne Spreule, for the spaice of fyfteine yeirs efter Michelmes nixt, and ay and quhill the samyne be fullie and compleitlie outrunne, and that notwithstanding of quhatsomevir lawes, actis or statutis beirtofoire maid be them or thair predicessoris in the contrair, quhairanent they have dispensit and be thir presentis dispenssis for ewer; provyding alwayes if the said Mr. Johne sall committ any fault in the said office, being tryed worthie of deprivatioune, that fra thenfurthe the gift sall be null as if the samyne had never beine maid nor granttit. Lykas, for thair further approbatioune of the premisses, they signifeit the samyne to the said Mr. Johne, wha accepted thairof and gave his aithe (being taken be the proveist in relatioune thairto) de fideli administratione. Lykas they have discharget and be thir presentis dischairges and liberats the said Mr. Johne off that act of counsell appointing him to mak compt to the proveist, bailleis and counsell of the equall halfe benefeit of his said office of clerkschipe the first yeir of his entrie, declaireing heirby the samyne to be fullie satisfeid be him, in regaird of his vndertack above specifeit, in all poyntis.


Mr. Johne Spreule, clark, gave in the compt of his chairges and debursements to advocatis in defending the caus persewit be Mr. Harie Gibsoune againes the towne, extending in all to twa hundrethe pundis, quhilk was red and allowit, and ordanes the thesaurer to pay to him the same, with xxx s. he debursit for the last actis of parliament.


Anent the complaint geivin in againes David Boyd, deacone of the fleschouris, be the towne, for the wronging of George Broome in thair serveice and hes counterfitting of ane pas, his combyneing with the rest of his craft to stope all seall of flesche in the mercat, his refuissall to compeir befoir the towne counsell, being ceittit therto; the said David compearit, acknowledging the saidis wrongs and became in the counsellis will therfor; quho vpone dew consideratioun ordaines and decernis the said David to pay twentie dollors of fyne and to remayne in waird dureing thair pleasour and to colect the excyis of the flesch not vplifteit.

18 September 1647.

Gillespie, minister, outter hous of the grit kirk

Compearit Mr. Robert Ramsay and Mr. George Young, ministers, came by warrand fra the sessioune to requeist and desyre that the magistratis and counsell wauld concure in suitting for Mr. Patrik Gillespie to be minister, conforme to the presentatioun produceit be the proveist and efter gewin vpe to him; quhilk when it was first proponit it was thoucht necessar that ane pairt of the outterhous of the grit kirk be repaireit for to be ane place quhairin thair sall be ordinar preaching; lykas it was condiscendit that Mr. Patrik sould be writtin to fra his place to intreat that he would imbreace charge in this burgh.

Tack of the teynds.

Anent the tack of the teynds of the Lord Blantyre, it is thoucht fitting that it be delt for to be acquyrit for the behuif of the towne in the provisioune of thair ministers stipendis; and for that effect ane commissioune is ordaineit to be givin the proveist, deane of gild, deacone conveiner and clark to deall and treat in that bussines, and to vse all faire wayes and meanes for obteining of that bussines accomplischt.


The proveist, bailleis and counsell of the said brugh hes geivin and granttit, and be the tennor heirof geives and grantis to Mr. Patrik Young, laufull sone to Mr. George Young, ane of thair ordinar ministeris, that plaice as bibliothecariris within the Colledge of Glasgow, now vacand in thair handis, conforme to the mortificatioune maid theranent be vmquhill Mr. Thomas Hutchiesoune of Lamhill.


Johne Hall is ordanit to gett fourtie pundis in satisfactioune of all his bygaine paynes in sichting and viseiting suche as deceasit of the pestilence, and ordaines the deacone conveiner and Johne Graham to speik Doctor M'Cluire anent quhat sall be gevin him for his paynes.

Warrand, trinsche.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mathow Thomsoune, maltman, fourtie pundis money, in full satisfactioune to him of ane staine dyk he was vrgit to build for furthering of the trinsche quhen it was begun to be cast, and it is heirby declaret be them that the said dyk is his awin and may dispois thervpon at his pleasour.

21 September 1647.

Commissioune, proveist.

The proveist is chosen to goe eist to Edinburgh to supplicat the committee of estaitis for liberatioun of the townis mentinance, and geves him power to chuise ony he pleissis to goe with him for that end.

22 September 1647.

Presentatioune, Durhame.

Ordaines ane presentatioune to be geivin to Mr. James Durhame to be minister at the Blackfrier Kirk and to the sowme of aucht hundrethe pundis of stipend belonging thervnto.

25 September 1647.


Ordaines ane commissioune to the proveist, Mr. George Young, Mr. Hew Blair, for to solicit and agent for obteining befoir the commissioune of the kirk of Mr. Patrik Gillespie to be transporttit to this brugh to the ministrie heirof.


Ordaines Mathow Colquhoune to be warnit to the nixt counsell meitting to ansuer to some things concerning his defect of his chairge in the Hie Kirk and vthers mentionat in counsell.

2 October 1647.

Report, proveist.

The proveist maid report of thair diligence anent Mr. Patrik Gillespie and schew that he was ordanit to transport heir against Candilmes nixt.

Hie Kirk.

Ordaines the proveist, deane of gild, deikin conveiner and maister of wark and Williame Lychtbodie to goe and veiseit the Hie Kirk and to report this day aucht dayes.

5 October 1647.

Election of provost and bailies.

[From a leet of three persons, Sir Lodovick Houstoun, commissioner for the Duke of Lennox, nominated James Stewart to be provost for the year to come.


Robert Mack, John Grahame, and William Lychtbodie elected bailies.]

8 October 1647.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors.]

11 October 1647.

Commissioune, Porterfeild.

Anent the rycht of that tack of the teynds of the baronie of Glasgow intendit to be acquyrit be the towne fra the Lord of Blantyr and his tutouris and curatouris, becaus it is fund necessar that thair be paynes and expenssis bestowit in getting of that mater broucht to ane full heicht and rypnes, tharfor they be ther presentis gevis full power and commissioune to George Porterfeild, lait proveist, to wair and bestow quhat chairges and expenssis he shall think expedient for effectuating of the premissis als amplie in all respectis as if he war there for himselfe thairintill.

Commissioun, Porterfeild.

Anent the injurie done be Major Inneis and that pairt of the regiment lying in this shyre wnder his command to this brugh and to the magistrats therof, the provest, bailleis and counsell geives full power and commissioune to George Porterfeild, lait proveest, for them and in thair names, to seik reparatioune therof as accords by all faire wayes and meanes.

13 October 1647.

Office-bearers elected.

[William Dunlope, dean of guild; Thomas Scott, deacon convener; John Miller, treasurer; Archibald Sempill, visitor of maltmen; John Wallace, water bailie; Thomas Browne, master of work.]

19 October 1647.

Aill, beir, and breid.

[Ale to be sold at 2s. the pint; beer, 2s. 4d. the pint; candle, £4 the stone; bread, 20s. for 18 oz.]


Anent the clengeris, it is ordanit that nae hous be clengit heirefter bot that the baillies tak notice therof, and gif the houshald be puire that the baillees aggree with the clengeris on the townes purs to pay for quhat sall be aggriet for clenging of thair houssis, and gives them power and commissioune heirby to that effect, and for thes wha ar able that they be maid to pay the clengers thameselffis. And as for the hors boucht for the vse of James Robiesoune, it is ordanit that the samyne be delyverit to Gilbert Currie for clenging of the streits, and he is allowit to hawe xxiiij s. for eache day he workis with man and hors and twa pecks of corne in thes weikis he workes to susteine the horse.

23 October 1647.


Anent the particularis quhich concernis Mr. Robert Ramsay, that he was demanding of the towne, James Stewart, provest, [and seven others] ar appointit to speik with the said Mr. Robert theranent.

Gillespie, mantenance.

George Porterfeild gave in the act of transportatioune of Mr. Patrik Gillespie, with ane act of the committee liberating the towne of ane monethe and ten dayes mentinance.

Commissionaris, mylnes.

Ordaines Johne Grahame, bailyie, and the clark, to ryd to Hammiltoune to attend the committie anent the mylnes quhich is stentit be the baronie.

Warrand, call to Gillespie.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mathow Wilsone seivintein pundis iij s. for his chairges in goeing to Kirkaldie with Mr. George Young anent the giving of ane call to Mr. Patrik Gillespie.

26 October 1647.

Grammer schooll.

Ordaines the maister of the Grammer Scooll to conveine the sammyn presentlie and intimatioun to be maid therof.

6 November 1647.

Clark, commissionar.

Ordaines the clerk to ryde eist and consult with the advocattis anent Blantyres teyndis and vtheris particulars.

20 November 1647.

Warrand, Ramsay, Blakfreir Kirk.

Anent the questioune proponit concerning the stipend payable for the Blakfreir Kirk, fra Mertimes 1646 to Witsounday 1647, quhairintill Mr. Robert Ramsay servit, it is resolvit, inactit, and ordanit that the samyne sall be givine to the said Mr. Robert be the thesaurer, for the quhiche thir presentis with his receipt sall be his warrand; and it is heirby declarit be the saidis proveest, bailees and counsell that the four hundrethe and fiftie pundis appointtit for the said Mr. Robert Ramsay is in full satisfactioune to him off all that can be oraivit be him farder aff the towne nor the ordinar stipend of the Hie Kirk in tyme comeing so far as they war vsit to pay thairof to his last predecessour. Item, that the vther half yeirs stipend of that same kirk fra Witsounday 1647 to Mertimes 1647 sall be given to Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, equallie betwix them, in compansatioune of thair paines extraordinar in the said kirk.

Spreule, anent ane chalmour.

Anent the requeist of Mr. Johne Spreule, clark, for ane leace of the chop possest be Mr. Johne Bisset, next to the wryting chalmer, it is condiscendit vnto, he paying maill thairfor as vsuallie is payit; and farder, they grant warrand that ane doir be strukin throw betwix the twa for his hous, provyding it be not prejudiciall to the hous.

27 November 1647.


The saids baillees and counsall grantit to the relict of vmquhile George Andersone, printer, and his bairnes, swa long as they continow in prenting in the towne, the pentioune that wont to be payit be the towne to the said vmquhill George Andersone, for thair better incouragement therintill.


In ansuer to the fermorers of the mylnes thair supplicatioun, it is grantit that thair sall be remited of thair band gevin for the halfe yeirs dewtie payable at Mertimes last fywe hundrethe pundis money, in consideratioun of ther losses throw the townes visitatioune with the pestilence the first half yeir.

Warrand, Grammer Scoole.

Item, in ansuer to the doctouris of the Grammer Scoole thair supplicatioun, for thair straits the tyme of the pestilence being in the towne, it is condiscendit that the thesaurer sall geive equallie betwix them fiftie fyve pundis, for the which thair recept and thir presentis sall be his warrand.

Presentatioun, Selkrige.

Anent the stipend that was payit to vmquhill Walter Duncane for his service in the Blakfreir Kirk, and for the better incouragment of ane supplieing that place to keepe and hold ane scoole for educatioun of young childreen, it is redactit in all tyme comeing to ane hundrethe pundis money yeirlie; quhairvnto they have nominat and presentit and be thir presentis nominatis and presentis James Selkrig, reidar, thairto.

7 December 1647.

Commissioun anent the bying of teiths and passing of ane signatour.; Commissioun anent the bying of teiths and passing of ane signatour.

The proveist, baillees and counsell, being conveint, and takand to thair consideratioune that they had givine warrand of befoir to George Porterfeild, lait proveist of this brugh, to meit and convene with Sir William Cochrane of Lowdoune for the deilling with him anent the buying of the personadge and viccaradge teyndis, now in the handis of my lord of Blantyre, and that the said George had maid report that the nerrest he could draw the pryce of the saidis teyndis was eleivin hundrethe merks ilk chalder meill and thretteine hundrethe merks ilk chalder beir, the viccaradge being includit thairin, and that the leist he could draw the tak richt of the teyndis of Drimount for the yeiris bygane restand awand vnpayit and in tyme comeing during the tack therof was twa thousand pund; and they, considering that gif the said bargaine war endit micht tend to the grit guid of the haill citie and incorporatioune thairof, and thairfor the saids proveist, baillees and counsell does heirby give full power and commissioune to the said George Porterfeild and Mr. Johne Spreule, thair clark, to meit with the freinds of the said Lord Blantyre anent the buying fra them of the saids teyndis for the vs of the towne; as also to pas the gift of the spiritualitie of the airschbischop of the burgh of Glasgow granttit to them of befoir be the Kings Majestie be advyce of the estaitis be the lordis of exchequer the best commodious way they can.