Extracts from the records: 1650

Pages 182-197

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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5 January 1650.

Pittie customes.

The table of the pittie customes wer reported be the committee appoynted for that effect to the counsall, and at length hard, seene and considerit in open audience, was appointed to be takin vpe in all tyme comeing and to be ropped till Witsonday nixt.

12 January 1650.


The proveist made report that he and the baillees and deine of gild had aggreit with severall of the heretors of the baronie about thair teynds, viz., with Coline Campbell for his lands of Blythiswoode that it sall pay twelf bollis meill three bollis beir; [others left blank].

Mylnes and Gorballis.

Ordaines the bargane with Minto to be setled and closed and the bargane of the Gorballis.

Burgess and gild brother fynes.

Anent the heichting of the burgessis and gild brether fynes payable be straingers, it haveing beine severall tymes of befoir spokine and debaited, it is resolvit, inacted and concludit that ilk strainger burges fyne sall be fiftie merkis money mair nor quhat they payit formerlie, and that ilk gild brother fyne sall be fiftie pundis mair nor formerlie.


Appoyntis that Duncane Broune and Michell M'Callume tak a survey of the Hiland boyes and cause interteine them till the cold seasone pas, and that William Dunlop and Thomas Broune send for them and speik to them for that effect, and that the moderatour be desyreit to conveine the sessiounes for the poores mentinance in tyme to come.

16 January 1650.


Anent the monethlie allowance for the poore, it being thoght expedient that the roll thairof sould be revised and any that hes just grivance that it be hard and redressit, and with all thair being ane recommendatioune be the sessioune for that effect, tharfore the forsaids proveist, baillees and counsell, hawe appoynted and authoreizit the persounes fallowing recommendit be the sessioune to the end abovewryttin, viz., . . .

19 January 1650.

Dekine convenar.

Appoynts the deikin conveiner see that the act of parliament be execuite in his hous and particular craftis and report against Candilmes.

1 February 1650.

Myntois bargane with the towne.

The dispositioune maid be the laird of Minto to the towne of the reversioune and superioritie of the mylnes and killnis, with the townes band to him for sax thowsand merkis, was subscryveit, and the vther twa thousand seivin hundrethe and fiftie restand was payit in money.

2 February 1650.


Item, ordaines Thomas Campbell and Duncan Broune to provyd ane boatt for transporting the Hiland boyes aff the towne.

9 February 1650.

Hie Kirk.

Recommends to the deine of gild and his brethrein to doe in that recom mendatioune sent anent the Inner Hie Kirk and pillar, fra the sessioune, as they think expedient, and the commissar to be intreated in the townes behalfe about the committee.

23 February 1650.

Warrand, Hie Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to the maister of work fourscore threttein pundis 6s. 8d. in compleit payment of the sowme of twa hundrethe and fourtie merkis deburst be him for making the port of the Hie Kirk gaivill of the Hie Kirk and the ile doir of the ministers buriall place.

27 February 1650.

Gorballis, bargane endit.

Report was made be the proveist that he and these wha went eist with him to Edinburgh did setle and aggree with Sir Robert Douglas for the Gorballis wpon the termis fallowing, viz., that the towne sould giwe him thairfor sax scoire thowsand merkis, twa pairt at Witsounday and the rest at Mertimes nixt, with twa thowsand merkis to his Ladie, and that the bargane sould be the halfe thairof for Hutchisounes Hospitall and the vther halfe equallie devydit betwixt the town and the Craftis Hospitall, and accordinglie that the half of the pryce foirsaid be payit out of the moneys first and reddiest belonging to Hutchisouns Hospitall, and that the craftis sould pay the half of the vther halfe and the towne to pay the rest; and because the money was not to be presentlie payit the towne hes vndertakin to give band to Sir Robert for the haill sowm, quhich is to be wnderstood that the said Hutchisouns Hospitall is to releive them of the half thairof, and the craftis to give in band for releiving of them of the halfe of the vther halfe eftir this maner, viz., the deikin conveaner and haill deikines for thair hospitall 8000 merkis, the talyouris 6000 merkis, the maltmen 6000 merkis, the smiethes 2000 merkis, the weivars 1000 merkis, the wreichtis 1000 merkis, the massounes 500 merkis, the couperis 1000 merkis, the skinners 2000 merkis, the fleschouris 1000 merkis, the baxters 500 merkis, and the cordoners 2000 merkis; and according to eache ane of thair proportiones of money to be advanced the towne is to give securitie to the craft in ane proportionall pairt of the bargane. Quhilk was approvin, and according to this aggreement it was schawne that the said Sir Robert had subscrivit the dispositiounes and chartours eist in Edinburgh to the towne and had trusted thame to Bardowie to be delyverit be him to the towne wpon thair subscriptioune of ane band to him for the pryce thairof, viz., for four scoire thowsand pundis and twa thowsand merkis to his ladie; and conforme to this the laird of Bardowie producet the dispositioune and chartouris this day with the inventar of the wrytis, quhilkis wer seene, red, and approvine; lykas the townes band to Sir Robert for the money being red was approviu, subscryvit, and delyverit to the laird of Bardowie, and he in name of the said Sir Robert delyverit the wryts to the proveist.

2 March 1650.


Appoyntis the townes proportioune of the pryce dew be the Gorballis to Mr. Williame Wilkie for Mr. Hew Binnies manse to be payit to these haveand entres in the bargane.


Appoynts a commissioune to the bailyie, Ninane Gilhagie, [and five others,] to conduce and aggrie with the Inglis clothiar presentlie in towne for erecting of the manufactorie and placeing him thairin.

9 March 1650.


Appoyntis a commissioune to the dein of gild, dekine conveiner, and maister of Hutchisons Hospitall, to tak notice of the Gorballis yairdis and to improve thame for the best, as also to informe themselfis about the coall heuches, and that Bardowie may have the hous for ane yeir, he referring himself in the counsellis will for the maill, and the tour to be for the towne.


The contract betwixt the towne and the deikines of thair giving the townes suirtie for the fourt pairt of the pryce of the Gorballis, and the townes secuiring them in the fourt pairt of the land, was red, approvine, and subscryvit.

23 March 1650.


The aggreement with Simon Pitchersgill to giwe him fourtie fyve pundis sterling for taking chairge of the manufactorie was this day allowit, and the money gottine be the towne fra Mr. Johnstoun appoynted to be imployit for that vse, and appoyntis in the meane tyme fyve pund sterling to be givin be Robert Mak to the said Simon for his service to the first of June nixt.

30 March 1650.

Tyndis not enterit.

Ordaines ane absolute commissioune to be giwine to the deane of gild, deikine conveaner, Thomas Scott and Thomas Broune, to settle a quantitie vpon ane quota of the teynd of each aiker of these quha hes not aggreid for taking the tak of thair teyndis, and this to be a rule for thair paymentis.

Mak, stipends, walk mylnes.

Appoyntis Robert Mak to pay and satisfie Mr. Robert Ramsay and Mr. Zacharie Boyd for thair stipendis the yeir 1649; and to give John Corse and Simon Pichersgill fourtie schilling sterling to beir thair chairges in the eist countrey for visiteing the walk mylnes thair.

13 April 1650.


Appoyntis ane commissioune to Johne Johnstoun to cause mak workluimes for the manufactorie and deburseing of necessar charges theranent, and Robert Mak to ansuer him in moneys.

20 April 1650.


Appoyntis James Hamiltoune and Peter Johnstoune to speik to James Colquhoune anent the setting downe of ane wall at the Gray Freir port or vther commodious pairt thairabout.

22 April 1650.

Carstairis, minister.

Anent the representatioune maid be Mr. George Young and Mr. Patrik Gillespie that the commoune sessioune had electit and nominat Mr. John Carstars to be minister in the towne in the vacand place, the counsell did vnanimouslie approve thairof and appoyntis a commissioune to the provest, baillees, and dein of gild, to give him ane call.

27 April 1650.


Ordaines a commissioune to Piter and John Johnstounes to aggree with craftismen to streck furthe ane laid for the new walk mylne.

4 May 1650.


Appoynts Robert Mak to advance to Piter and John Johnstounes fyve hundrethe pundis for to be sent be tham to Holland quhairwith to buy litts, oyle, and wark luimes for the manufactorie, according to the compt to be giwin in to them be Simon Pithergill, and they to change it, and to think on a man to tak charge of that bussines.

11 May 1650.

Wak mylne.

Appoyntis Piter Johnstoune, the deikin conveaner, and John Johnstoune, to have ane commissioune for setleing ane solid course anent thair walk mylne, and to tak sume course how it may be done effectuallie, as also appoyntis thame to visie the quarrell.

Rateficatioun of ane old act anent landert malt.

Anent the act maid wpon the saxt day of Maij 1607 yeiris, ordaineing all victuall broght by friemen to the towne to be sold to others, except quhat is broght on be sea by friemen for thair awne propper vse, to pay ladills, the samyne was ratifeit and approvine and appoynted to stand in force for all tyme comeing; as alse appoyntis Williame Hoome, Gabrell Conynghame and Johne Grahame, to meit and conveine with Niniane Gilhagie, the dekin conveaner, and the visitour anent the overtour proponit about the restraineing of countreymen to sell thair malt except in open mercat.


Appoyntis James Stewart, James Elfistowne and Walter Bryce to tak chairge of the well that is to be sett downe about the Gray Freir port and to cause leid staines thairto.

18 May 1650.

Commissioun, provest and wtheris.

Appoyntis ane commissioune to the proveist, dekine conveaner and clerk, to suit for ane gift of the superioritie of the lands within the brucht.


Appoyntis the balyie, Niniane Gilhagie, [and four others,] to conveine and clois the value of the aikers not yet enterit.


Anent the valuatioune of the baronie teyndis, it is condiscendit that thair sall be ane submissioun for the townis pairt thairof, and the bailleis, with the deine of gild and Thomas Allane, to have a commissioune to condiscend wpon the quantitie.

25 May 1650.

Warrand, Mak.

Ordaines Robert Mak to pay to Leiv.-Colonell Wallace for the vse of his companie thrie monethis pay conforme to the warrand of the committee of estaites, and the proveist lettre direct to that effect, quhilk is in Robert Maks hand, quhilkis thrie monethis begins at the fyfteine day of Marche last.

1 June 1650.


The townes chartour of the lands of Gorballis, subscryvit be Sir Robert Douglas laidie, was produceit, with the discharge of the twa thowsand merkis of gold givin to him, and appoyntis seesing of the saidis landis to be takin efternoon, and the Gorballis men to be spokin with anent thirling of them to the townes mylnes.

4 June 1650.

Common good sett.

[The common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 9,800 merks; ladles, 5,850 merks; bridge, 1,100 merks; tron, 820 merks; meal market, 800 merks; petty customs, £1,000.]

8 June 1650.


Appoyntis Piter Johnstoune to goe to Sainct Andros and concur with the colledge to give ane call to Mr. Robert Blair to be principall of this colledge.

15 June 1650.


Appoynts a commissioune to [five persons] to aggree with the baronie for the value of thair teyndis.

Armes fixit.

Appoyntis the master of wark to cause fix all the townes airmes, and James Kinkaid to ansuer him money out of the first end of the ten pundis.


Appoynts ane ordour to Robert Mak to advance to John Johnstoune ane thowsand or twelf hundreth punds to buy woole to the manufactorie.

22 June 1650.


Appoyntis Robert Wilsoune to buy some swordis to the towne not exceeding 100.

Commissioun for electing capitaines.

Appoyntis thir persones fallowing, viz., Thomas Broune, Robert Hammiltoune, William Lychtbody, Robert Mak, Thomas Scott, Johne Grahame, Piter Johnstoune, Edward Robiesoune, with the twa baillees, to elect aucht men to have the charge as aucht capitanes in the towne.


Johne Johnstoune declaret he had boght 2000 li. worth of woole, and that he had onlie receavit 1000 li. It is appoynted thairfor that Robert Mak advance him the other 1000 li.

Excys, Gorballis.

Report was maid that aggreement was maid with the Gorballis to freith them of thair mentinance and quarters and thair custome for fulzie frie, forther 15s. od to be payit out of ilk mask of thair malt to the towne, quhich was approvine, and was set to Ritchard Stark weiklie for ten merkis in the weik and ane hundrethe merkis to be in the proveists will.

28 June 1650.

Dischairge Sir Robert Dowglas.

Thomas Campbell producet ane dischairge fra Sir Robert Douglas of fiftie thowsand merkis as sume pairt of the pryce of the Gorballis, with his Ladies ratificatioun. Item, the proveist sent a tack of the excyse fra Sir James Stewart of the excyse fra May 1649 to November 1649 and a dischairge of the tak dewtie of excyse the moneths of February, March and Apryle, 1650. And it is to be rememberit that of the said sowme of 50,000 merkis the craftis hes payit out fyftein thousand thrie hundreth and twa pundis and the maister of the Hospital fourtein thousand xxxi li. vj s. viij d., and the toun four thousand pund.

29 June 1650.


It is fund requisite that ane honest man may be chosen for taking care of the Kirk, and this to be done the nixt weik.

3 July 1650.


It being reported that the townes proportioune of the present levie was fiftie men, in ordour thairto it was appoynted that ane bank be bait gif thair be ony to tak on as sojours for the publict service that they come to the magistratis and they sall hawe guid conditiones. And appoyntis a expres to be sent eist for to know the townes proportioune for the vther 100 men.

Baronie tyndis.

Item, the proveistis aggreement with the baronie to tak the twa pairt of thair thrie yeirs teynd at the commissers fear condiscendit, provyding it doe not weikin thair rycht to the rentall boll.

6 July 1650.


Item, the proveistis report being that thair was sax thousand merkis to be payed be the towne for the halfe of thair levie, and that the leivie of the fiftie fitt will amount, conforme to the act of parliament, to thrie thousand, in the haill 9000 merkis, it is appoynted to be stented vpon the towne by these wha was stent masters the last tyme [and] to add ane saxt pairt mair to the former stent except quhair they find some particular informatioune, in quhich caise they sall have power to eik or pair. Item, they are to put a pairt of the stent vpon the outtintowns men.

Elphinstoun, Hie Kirk.

James Elfistoune is electit to supplie the place in the Hie Kirk that Mathow Colquhoune had.

8 July 1650.

Carstairis, minister.

Ordanit that four men goe eist and attend the transporting of Mr. Johne Carstairis and Mr. Robert Blairs appeall, quha ar nameit to be James Hamiltoune, Thomas Campbell, William Lychtbodie and Mr. John Spreule.


Item, for better encouradgment to these quha ar to goe as sojouris for the towne in this levie, it is inacted and ordanet that suche of them as ar strangers be maid burgesses gratis and such of them as ar prenteisses and sones to be friemen, provyding they keepe thair chairge, and to lose their fredome gif they doe nocht.

13 July 1650.

Gorballis levie.

Appoynts the master of Hutchesones Hospitall, the deikine convener and the thesaurer, to advance money both for the fitt and horse to goe furthe for Gorballis.


The ane hundreth swordis bocht be Robert Wilsone at sax merkis the peice overheid is appoynted to be takine and payed.

15 [July] 1650.


Appoyntis, in regaird of the staites ordouris, that ane hundrethe and fiftie fitt be presentlie outreikit, and alse ane bank to be beattin that quhasoever hes ane mind willinglie to offer thameselfis for defence and saftie of the covenantis, King and kingdomes, to goe out, aither vpone horse or fitt, that they wald come presentlie to the laich Tolbuithe and giwe up thair names, certifieing all suche quha sall not come betwixt and twa efternoone that besyde they will be lyable to the fynes contenit in the actis of parliament that they will be appoynted to goe out and to furneis men in thair rowmes with threttie dayes provisioun. Lykas, it is heirby declaret that quha so offeris themselfis to goe out that they sall be frie of the putting out of the proportioune of the 150 futt appoynted presentlie to goe out.

Chartouris subscryvit.

Thair was subscryvit twelfe severall chairtoures in favouris of the deikine conveiner and remanent deikines of craftis off the fourt pairt pro indiviso of the landis of Gorballis and Brigend, conforme to the severall divisiounes contenit in thair respectiue chartouris.

19 July 1650.

Deficients sojouris.

Appoyntis Robert Mak and Thomas Broune to collect fra these quha hes not put out thair pairt of the fitt sojouris fourtie pundis for ilk fitt sojour proportionallie.

20 July 1650.


Item, ordaines the thesaurer to pay to the maister of work thrie hundreth twa pundis 14 s. debursit be him for sundrie particularis to put out the sojouris, conform to the particular compt, and the money receavit be the master of work for the sojouris clathes that was in the Tolbuith and twa swordis is rebaited, to the quhilk fiftie men ane Ritchard Allane is electit to be leivtenent.

22 July 1650.

Capitane Duncane.

Appoyntis Thomas Broune to give Capitane Duncane ane hundrethe merkis, his leivteinent fourtie pundis, the ensigne threttie pundis.


Appoynts the maister of Hutchisons Hospitall, the towne thesaurer and deikine conveiner, to advance for the Gorballis ane hundreth punds sterling, each according to thair proportions.

Hie Kirk.

It is appoynted that James Elphistoune is appoynted to buy quhat is necessar for reparatioune of the Grit Kirk.

27 July 1650.

Deputatioun, Yair.

Grantis full power, warrand and commissioune to William Yair, noter, to exerce the office as clerk of this brugh dureing the absence of Mr. John Spreule, clerk, now at the airmie.

30 July 1650.


Piter Johnstoune is vnanimouslie nominat and chosin to have ane charge of drawing out and dreilling the whole companeis in the towne, and the saids baillees and counsell hes chosin thir aught persounes to be leivtennentis wndir him and to receave ordouris fra the said Piter, viz., . . .

12 August 1650.

Commissioun, associatioun.

It being shawne the danger that the countrey stands in fra the Inglis and that thair is ane ongoeing of the shyres of Air, Lanerick, Galloway and Ranfrew, to associat thair forces for thair continuall saiftie, it was thairfor resolvit to joyne with them thairin, and that the proveist and clerk goe the morne to attend the meiting at Kilmarnock for that effect, with ample commissioune.

Warrand, Mak.

Ordaines Robert Mak to advance money to Johne Johnstoune for the manufactorie and walk mylne, and the deine of gild to joyne with him to appoynt quhat sall be for the guid of the house and reparatioun thairof.

17 August 1650.


The proveist made report of thair diligence at Kilmarnok anent the associatioune of the neichbouring shyres, and the overtures being red word by word that wer aggreid vpon thair, they war all assented vnto, and Mr. Johne Spreule to goe to Air on Thruisday nixt, and the commissioune being red was condiscendit to. Item, for furthering the townes proportioune, it is condiscendit the persounes fallowing tak vpe a list of the horse and fencible persons in town, viz., [here follow names].

31 August 1650.

Gorballis collectour.

Be pluralitie of vottis Thomas Campbell is nominat and electit to be collector of the few dewties and rentis of the landis of Gorballis and Brigend for this present croppe and yeir 1650 yeiris allanerlie, and it is to be thoght vpone and considerit quhat he sall have for his paynes.

2 September 1650.


It was shawne how the towne was to pay for the publict provisioune of the airmie 1602 li. 18 s. and alse ane monethis meines, inde 1170 li., quhilk was appoynted to be presentlie layd on with the last stent of the 6000 li. to mak it vpe a thrid pairt more, and the baillees, William Dunlope and William Home, to collect it all, and Niniane Gilhagie with the proveistis helpe to see all byganes broght in be Alexander Maxwell.

Landward men.

Item, the landwart mens proportiounes for the second levie to be just as much as they wer for the first leivie besyde thair thrid more.


Appoyntis 1200 bisket breid to be sent east to the sojouris that wer outreikit be the towne.

14 September 1650.


It being reported that Johne Colquhoune hes maid 600 lances, it is appoynted that the maister of work, with Niniane Andirsone, sould aggree with him for the pryces thairof, and according to thair aggreement that the thesaurer pay the said John Colquhoun thairfor.


Because efter inquyrie it is fund that thair ar not horses in towne sufficient for troupe horses above one troupe, and that thair is a necessitie to tak money fra these quhair horses cannot be gottin, and that it is no possible to come to the full lenth of the outreik all at once, tharfor it is condiscendit, inacted, and aggreid that for the present ane hundrethe and fiftie troupe horse, at one hundreth thrie scoir pundis the peice, be cast vpon the towne; and that eache ane hundrethe thriescoir pundis of stent aither put out and mont ane sufficient horse with airms and provisioun or then pay thair money; and the cast to be according to the proportioun of the last stent roll, onlie leiving latitude to goe a litle further for the ease of the poore; and that the magistratis, with the deine of gild and deikine convener, see the cast rycht and it be gatherid be the persouns fallowing, viz., [here follow names;] and that Johne Conyngham [and four others] tak a new view of all the horses, both of thair pryces and sufficiencie, and that each mounted man have xii s. per diem quhill they merche.

16 September 1650.


In regaird that severall honest men, friemen and vthers of this brughe, quho hes wyfes and childrein, hes vndirtakine to goe furthe in this present service, and as they ar to goe out as a pairt of the townes proportioune of the associat forces throw the townes want of others to supplie thairin, ar vpon conditioun expreslie that they sould be no longer tyme to attend the service nor vntill sik tyme as it sall please God that the countrey be in sik a posture that thair may be frie tredding, and that then the towne sould releive them of that chairge, quhilk conditioun and provisioune was willinglie embraced, and therfor the towne does heirby inact and obleise thame and thair successouris to adhear to the forsaid conditioune and for that effect to releive thame of thair tye.

28 September 1650.


Committs to the baillees to setle with the towne troupe that ar to be quarterit vpon the towne for quhat they ar to have in lieu of thair quarters in money, and Robert Mak to ansuer the money.


It is appoynted that the townes bands and Hutchisoune Hospitallis bands be giwine to James Hammiltoune, to be taine vpe to the castell of Evendaill.

Allowance to widowes and others.

Committs to the baillees, dein of gild and deikine conveiner, to give some considerable chiritie to some poore honest widows that hes grit famileis and losses of thair husbands and wholl fortunes; quhilk theirefter they with the proveist, wha came home in the efternoone, did meit vpone and did condiscend that Robert Mak sould geiwe twa hundrethe and fiftie merks for the saidis widowes; item, xxiiii merks to James Dunlope wha was sojor and taine prissoner and robbit be the enemy. The widows ar Mistres Stewart, latelie come from Ireland with four childrein, whose husband is lost in the service, schoe is to have ane hundrethe pundis thairof; and the vther is Mathow Lins relict wha is to have one hundrethe merks money.

1 October 1650.


[In the absence of the Duke of Lennox, or his commissioner, the provost, bailies and council elected John Grahame to be provost for the year to come.


James Hammilton, Thomas Broune, and William Lychtbody, elected bailies.]

3 October 1650.


[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council. "Quhilk electioune was to be done the morne, being Fryday, conforme to the former act maid thairanent, bot becaus the maist pairt of the present magistratis war to be absent the said day anent the publict effaires, it was concludit to be done this day."]

5 October 1650.

Act anent election.

[The election of the dean of guild and others was appointed to take place on Monday next, because on Wednesday, the ordinary day of election, "the proveist and sundrie vther pryme men of the counsell most be absent that day in respect of the publict effaires."]


Committs to George Porterfeild, William Dunlope, William Home, Piter Johnstoune and James Elphistoune, to think and consider quhat is neidfull to be done anent the repairing of the castell and anent the garisone to be placed thairin, and George Porterfeild to be convener quhen he is at hom.

7 October 1650.

Election of office-bearers.

[William Dunlope, dean of guild; Piter Johnstoune, deacon-convener; Harie Glen, treasurer; James Kinkaid, water bailie; James Gray, master of work; Thomas Campbell, visitor of maltmen.]

26 October 1650.


[No higher prices than the following to be charged:—7 oz. bread, 1s. 2d.; ale, 2s. 4d. the pint; tallow, £2 16s. the stone; candle, £3 4s. the stone.]

Baillie, Gorballis.

The deikine conveiner, be pluralitie of vottis, is electit bailyie of Gorballis quhill Michelmes nixt, and appoyntis and grants commissioune to the proveist, baillees, deine of gild, deikine conveiner and maister of Hutchisounes Hospitall, to goe over and receave the lite of the fewars of Gorballis for electing of the bailyie to be presented by thame, conforme to the old ordour betwixt the heretouris of these landis and the fewars thairof.


Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Gilbert Wilsoune twentie pundis in satisfactioune of his bygane service in the Blakfriar Kirk in taking vpe of the psalmes, and not to be hard heirefter.

15 November 1650.


In regaird that the westerne forces ar lying in thir pairtis, quhairby the towne hes ane havie pairt of the burdein thairof, it is appoynted that these quha quarter in towne be layd vpon suche as ar due ony of thair bygane publict dues, quhether in towne or landwart, and that these non paymentis be eattin first vpe.

Struthers legacie.

Item, ordaines a dischairge of Mr. William Struthers legasie to the laird of Minto to be subscryvit.

16 November 1650.

College, Struthers money.

Thair was ane ordinance made and resolution taikin that thair sould be ane band subscryvit be the towne for Minto for the colledge accompt, in regaird that Minto had givin precept to the towne to secuire and pay to the colledge for him thrie thowsand sax hundrethe fiftie four pundis of vmquhill Mr. William Struthers money, and that he wald allow it, quhilk accordinglie was embraced; and the colledge desyreing 333 li. 6 s. 8 d. in readie money to be advanced for thame in the first end, the thesaurer was appoynted to doe it, and for quhat secuiritie sall be givine to the colledge referris to the magistrats to condiscend vpon and they to report.

Landward mantenance.

In regaird that the landwart mens mentinance is dew and they ar dew thrie outreiks, because of the grit hight they ar at it is condiscendit for the present that they onlie be maid to pay for the outreik of the 150 futt and for the vther grit outreik of the 240 horse, and Alexander Maxwell to collect it.

27 November 1650.


Anent the hundreth fitt sojouris quhilk the towne sould have put out and war thairefter converted in money for the Kings vse, the samyne not being yet paid albeit it was of befoir stented, and thair being necessitie to defray the same, thairfor the twa pairt onlie of the forsaid stent quhilk sould have beine formerlie payed is ordanet to be vplifted for that purpose and the rest thairof continowed to ane better tyme, and ordaines it to be wryttin, and Alexander Maxwell to collect it.

Collis, Gorballis.

Item, ordaines Thomas Allane and Piter Johnstoune to tak notice of the collis of the Gorballis and to report.

7 December 1650.


It is thoght meit that [three persons take charge of each of the Drygate and Gallowgait ports and four persons take charge of the Bridge port;] and that thair be twa hyrit men to attend each port in the day and as many in the night and thair allowance to be 12 s. in the 24 houris. And Simon Pichersgill to be corporall in the baillees absence to the Drygait port, Johne M'Callae and John Wood to the Gallowgat and John Young or John Bell to the Brig port. And Robert Wilsoune and William Philp to tak chairge of the musquetis and dismunt them.

11 December 1650.

Anent quarteringis.

The proveist shew how that the magistrats could not have a hand in the quartering of the Inglische enemy, as being a thing accessorie to thair oppressing of the people, and for that effect that he had causit warne severall of the townesmen to give thame notice thairof for thair awne exoneratioune, according quhairto severall of thame came to the meitting and the mater was shawne to tham be the proveist quha teuk it to advyse.

Townes writtis.

Robert Mak producet the laird of Mintois 4000 merk band . . . quhich, with the rest of the townes wrytis that are not yet takin downe to the castell of Carrik, ar appoynted to be sent downe with Edward Robisoun, swa many of them as ar most necessar for preservatioune.

14 December 1650.

Collectour, teyndis.

It is thoght meit that thair be a collectour and factour chosine for ingathering of the teyndis belonging to the towne apairt, and that the magistrats [and] deine of gild wald find out a man and determine the fiall, not exceeding 200 lib.

16 December 1650.

Anent cess.

The forsaid saxteine day of December, conveinet the proveist, William Lychtbodie, severall of the counsell and dyvers of the honest men of the towne, in relatioune to ane ordour issuet fra the Inglisch at Hammiltoune for the towne to pay cesse to thair garisoune thair, the proveist, William Dunlope, Ninian Gilhagie, Coline Campbell, James Tane, Johne Walkinschaw, William Robiesoune, Walter Neilsoune, Johne Miller, ar chosine to commoune with the ministers anent the mater forsaid.

28 December 1650.

Frank, woundit sojouris.

Ordaines the said baillie and deine of gild to aggrie with James Frank and satisfie him for cureing the woundit sojouris.

Collectour of teyndis and vtheris.

Anent a motioun maid of befoir of ane new factor to collect the townes teyndis and the new mailling rents, it was condiscendit Johne Hammiltoune to be the man, and the factorie this day granted and subscrivit to him for that effect, for the quhilk he is to have twa hundreth pundis.