Extracts from the records: 1651

Pages 197-216

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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11 January 1651.

Warrand, Campbell.; Warrand, prissoner, Inglisch.

Ordaines Thomas Campbell to buy the Gorballis officer ane suit of claithes.

It being considered that Johne Cotts was tain prissoner be the Inglisch in the townes service and lost his horse, purse, and airmes, thair is thairfor allowit to him ane hundreth pundis.

23 January 1651.

Durhame, Colledge.

It being reported be the proveist that the Colledge has taine course to declare Mr. James Durehames place in this towne and Colledge vacant, and gone about to supplie his rowme with ane vther, without ewir awneing the towne thairin, quhilk was verie havilie takine, and a lettre ordanit to be wryttin to Mr. James recenting it; and the magistratis, with Gabriell Conynghame, William Home and Niniane Gilhagie, to speik with the Colledge thairanent.

25 January 1651.

Not tymous intrantis.

Its appoynted that all quha comes not in tymeouslie without laufull reasone that they pay sax s. to be immediatlie put in the poores box.

Coall, Gorballis.

A motioune being maid about the coall of the Gorballis, the setting thairof to Charles Pollok and (blank) Andersone, the power of it committit to the magistratis, deine of gild and deikin conveiner, and Thomas Allane to speik and aggree thairanent.

1 February 1651.

Warrand, losses by the Inglish.

Thair is allowit to Johne Risk, in consideratioune of his losses the tyme he was takin be the Inglis, in the townes service, fourtie pundis. Item, to James Andersoune for the lose of his horse fourtie pundis money.

10 February 1651.


It being schawine that thair was present vse for some of the toune wrytis that war takine furthe of this to be secured in the castell of Carrick, and that the danger to have tham heir did not appeir to be so grit as was apprehendit, efter deliberatioune it was resolvit and concludet that the wholle wrytis be broght back againe, and Edward Robisoun is desyred to goe downe for that end.

13 February 1651.


In regaird thair is hopes of enjoyeing Mr. James Durhames ministrie, tharfore James Hammiltoun and Mr. John Sproule ar authoreisit to goe to Stirling to inveite him to come heir.

19 February 1651.


The proveist produceit ane lettre wryttin fra Sir Charles Erskeine to the towne desyring thrie scoir staines of leid for the vse of the castell of Dumbarten, and that he micht meit with some of the towne with ordouris he had from the King and parliament relaitting to the towne, in relatioune quhairto William Home and James Kinkaid war chosin to goe to Dumbarten.

Coil heuche.

Anent the coall heuche of the Gorballis, it being schawne the hazard it stands in and thair is present neid requyred to tak some course about it, tharfor commissioune is granted to the dein of gild, deikine conveaner, Thomas Allane and Thomas Campbell to cloise bargane with Charles Pollok and James Andersoune thairanent.

22 February 1651.

Castle, Dumbarton.

Anent the desyre of Sir Charles Erskein for some leid to the castell of Dumbartane, being motiounit vpon his lettre, and at lenthe consideratioune being hard of his offers to be vsefull to the towne, it was aggreid that he sould have some, and the quantitie referrit to the magistratis.


Anent the manufactorie and the tyme of the aggreement with Simon Pichersgill being neir ane end, [a committee was appointed] to setle vpone some solide course thairanent and to goe about the aggrement with Simon for a farder tyme and for setleing boyes thairin, and to doe all vther things neidful for the vse of the manufactorie.

8 March 1651.


Thair being ane motioune maid anent severall poore men that wer rueinet by the oppressioune of thair haill cornes throw oppressioun of the Inglische, that they may have some supplie, it was hartilie condiscendit to, and the way to be by ingathering of non paymentis of bygane dews and alse by a voluntar contributioun; and for that effect Thomas Broun [and five others] ar desyred to mak survey for these who ar totallie waisted.


The proveist maid report of the committees meitting anent the manufactourie that they had aggreid of new with Simon Pickersgill for a vther yeir for fourtie fyve punds sterling, a sute of cloathes to himselfe and a pair of plydes to his wyfe and the grasse of his yaird, and anent the new (blank) and waik mylne, bot delayes till a new dyet.

Boyd, minister.

Anent Mr. Zacharias twa chalders of victuall of augmentatioun, it is resolvit that if he will assigne the towne to his richt he hes to Silvertounhillis twa chalder of teynd the thrie yeirs past, that the towne sall assuire him in the lyk quantitie in ane vther place.

15 March 1651.


Anent the supplicatioun givin in be the indwellaris of Gorballis anent thair heavie sess, that they micht have thair awne fourtie schillings quhairwith to releive themselfis of that burdein, quhich was condiscendit to that the collectouris at the mylnes sould give the same to Piter Johnstoune weiklie, to the end he may imploy it for the payment of thair sess, and this to indure dureing the counsellis pleesour allanerlie.


It is ordanit that thair be a pack of the best sort of Spanisch woole bocht for the vse of the manufactorie; and for dying stuffes, if they can be had to cause buy some of them.

17 March 1651.


It being thoght necessar that thair be ane setled rule quhairby any quarterings allowed sould be ordered, it was tharfor aggreit that thair sould be saxteine men maid choise of for that effect, and accordinglie [here follow names] was maid choyse of.

25 March 1651.

Letter from the Duke of Hamilton.

Pearth, 25 March 1651.—Worthie freinds.—I ame excedinglie joyed to haue mett with such cheirfull expressions of your loyaltie and affection to your Prince as you sent him by this bearer, and I dare confidentlie assure you that he hath a verie right sence of it. I shall not discend to particulares, bot if you can serve him in those two things which I haue communicat to the bearer, trust me, they will be most seasonable services, and done to a Prince that will neuer forgett them. Lett me earnestlie desyre you to be reall and actiue in them, for which expect a constant protection from his Majestie and in me a real and trewe freind and servant. [Sic subscribitur:] Hamilton. [Addressed:] For My Worthie Freinds, The Committee of the Communalitie of the Towne of Glasgowe.

29 March 1651.

Warrand, lost crops.

Appoyntis the thesaurer to pay to Johne Pincartoune, Androw Park and John Park (quha lost thair croppis this yeir be the enemy) to helpe to saw thair land againe, to each of tham twentie merkis.

2 April 1651.


Anent ane stent that these quha ordouris the cess hes imposit vpone the towne, being reported to be the mater of fyve thowsand pundis, and newer told of it befoir it was closit, it being now desyret to be proponit to the counsell for thair concurrance thairintill, it was most fitting to delay the ansuer till Setturday nixt.

5 April 1651.

Procuratour fiscall, complaint against Tacketis.

The complaint given in be the fiscall against Arthour Tacketis being againe this day callit, the said Arthour compeirit, and George Wilsone was receavit witnes, sworne and admitted, quha deponit that Arthour said: For the magistratis leiving the towne they had brokine thair oath and wer perjured. Walter Bryce, sworne of befoir, deponit conforme to the former [that he hard Arthour say that the magistratis had brokine their aithe in leiveing the towne and that was perjurie;] and that Arthour said farder he wald prove it was so. Efter quhich depositiounes, George Porterfeild tryed the counsellis mynd anent the mater, quha appoynted that the said Arthour sould be commaudit in prissoun till he produce his burges ticket.

Hoggisyaird, Hutchesounes hospitall.

In ansuer to Johne Hogisyard his bill, being ane old man of the age of 74 yeiris and of kine to vmquhill George Hutchiesoune, and desyreand to be placed in Hutchiesounes Hospitall, it was granted that he sould be the first man placed thairin except Henrie Simpsoune.


Anent the prissoneris in Durhame, the magistrats haveing givine warrand to one in Newcastell to give in bands for returneing of ane of thame wnder the payne of fyve pund sterling and to give the vther twa twentie schilling sterling, it was inactit that the towne sould releive the magistratis thairanent.

12 April 1651.

Lettres from leivtennent generall.

The proveist shew twa lettres that came fra the leivtennent generall and generall major Montgomrie, with twa actis, one appoynting to give the publict quhat pistollis the towne hes and the vther to give one rutmaster Buntein ane thowsand merkis. To the first it was desyret to wryt that the towne knew not of ony pistollis in the place, and for the nixt it was fund that the towne had no money to give, bot committit to the magistratis to doe thair best with the rutmaster to put him by on easie termis if possible, and also thoght necessar to send some of thair number to Stirling to shaw the leivtennent generall generall major, the conditioune of the towne; and for that effect that Piter Johnstoun and James Kinkaid goe on Manonday nixt.

17 April 1651.

Lettres from King and stait.

Lettres war producet that came from the King and stait for payment of aucht moneths mentenance and aleivine monethis of excyse and some cloathes and stockings to the garisoun of Stirling. It being tain to consideratioune how impossible it was to satisfie these demandis, it was appoynted that lettres be wryttine to shaw the conditioune of the towne as it stands, and that George Porterfield, the twa baillees and William Home, goe about the drawing of them, and to goe downe to the proveistis house for that end.

22 April 1651.

Letter from the Duke of Hamilton.

Pearth, 22 April 1651.—Worthie freinds.—I receaued from this bearer, Robert Marshall, your letter of the 15 instant, who hath delyuered to his Maiestie the three hundreth pounds sterling you sent him, and I dare assure you that this your seasonable present will neuer be forgott by him. Continue your loyall endeauours to serue him and joy in doeing of it notwithstanding of all the difficulties you can meitt with, for, though wee war not bound to it by dewtie and alleadgence, he is reallie in his owne person the most deseruing Prince in the worlde, and as nothing can euer bring so much satisfaction to me as to see affection and fidelitie towards him in all his subjects so it is a particular joy to me to fynd it so cheir fully exprest by you and your towne, in whom I most euer pretend to haue a neir interest and to whom I shall ever be a reall and faithfull freind and servant. [Sic subscribitur:] Hamilton. [Addressed:] For The Committee of the Communalitie of the Towne of Glasgowe.

30 April 1651.

Procuratour fiscall, complaint against Wyllie and Woddrow.

Anent the complaint givin in be the procuratour fiscall against Johne Wyllie and William Woddrow for thair oppin miscariadge to the proveist, quhilk being red, and Robert Johnstoune, officer, haveing verefeit wpon oathe that he had warnit them bothe to compeir this day and place in ansuer to the said complaint; and they being thryse callit and not compeirand, it was thairfor condiscendit to tak tryall of the business be witnessis, quhairvpon John Patersone, James Bischope and John Greir, officers, war receavit and sworne witnessis. And Johne Patersoune being examinet deponit that he did miscarie himself as is lybellit, and that quhen the proveist had enquyred of him how he had vsurped his place his ansuer was that the proveist had vsurped his place; and siklyk, againe being asket the second questione in bill he ansuerit he was not bund to schaw it to the proveist, and that he commandit the proveist to goe to prissoun, quhen the proveist commandit him, and outered severall siklyk speiches. And alse, William Wodrow did violentlie put bak James Bischope quhen he was laying hands on John Wyllie to tak him to ward, and that he layd hands on the proveist in a violent way. James Bischop deponis conform precedentj in omnibus. John Greir deponis conform precedentj in omnibus. Quhilks depositiounes ar subscrivit be the saids witnessis in the minutes. And the rest of the witnessis being present (except Thomas M'Cuir) quha deponit that [they] did see Johne Wyllie put to his hand to the proveist in a strugling maner and contemptiblie takin him by the breist in a pationat lyke manner. Ceteri ignorat. The proveist being removit fra the table and the mater being takine to consideratioune it was thocht such a dangerous preparative that they knew not quhat punischment to inflict for present; but, delaying farder censure, they all present appoynted tham both to have thair freedomes cryed downe presentlie and to be chairged in waird quhill farder advysement.

Eodem die, post merediem.

Coall heuche, Gorballis.

The muir heuche of the Gorballis, being for the present downe, and fund that it cannot be maid a ganging heuch without setting downe a new shank and a horse mylne, quhilk wald be grit chairges in this hazardous tyme, and that no particular persoune wald tak ane tack of it, it was fund vpon these and the lyk consideratiounes that it sould be layd by for a tyme and the coallheucharis dismissit in regaird they could not get work to them.

Wyllie and Woddrow.

Anent Johne Wyllie and William Woddrows cariage and the subsequent miscariadge by thame and severall vthers of the towne, it was thocht meit that James Armour sould goe to Stirling, and committed to the magistrats and dein of gild to commoun with the ministers to fallow the most expedient cours to that purpois.

5 May 1651.

Castle, Dumbartoun.

Anent Sir Charles Erskines desyre for 100 bollis meill and 50 bolls malt, it was thoght meit that ansuer be returnit him how the excyse money is vplifted be vtheris, and they refuis to give the magistrats way to medle with it, and quhen they wer spockin to thair ansuer was thair was no addresse maid to them, and so to intreat thair excuise, and Edward Robisoune to goe downe with it.

8 May 1651.

Warrand, 1000 merks to a ruitmaister.

Anent the ane thowsand markis cravit be the committee of estaites to be givine to ruitmaster Bunteine and vtheris, ordaines the same to be payed in all haiste, and recommends the getting thairof to the magistrats, deine of gild and deikin conveiner, and that the gentillman may be dispatcht.

9 May 1651.

Letter from King Charles II.

Charles R.—Trustie and weelbeloved: Wee greet yow weell. The necessitie of our affaires forceth ws at this tyme (the most pairt of our propper rent lyeing whair the enemie hes power, our custumes made ineffectuall and what was granted to ws by the parliament being for our necessare enterteinment and other neidfull affaires alreddie superexpended) to crave your assistance for the present advance of some money for our furnisheing and necessarie provision aganis our goeing to the feilds. These are earnestlie to desire yow presentlie to advance to ws five hundreth pund sterling, for the which soume yow shall have securetie either vpon any of our propper rentes, custumes, impost or casualiteis within this our kingdome, or otherwayes what other privat securetie yow can crave from the commissioneris of our thesaurie for the same, and interest thairof; and for that effect that yow send one whome yow trust to Stirling vpon the 20 day of this instant whare wee shall authorize the commissioneris of our said thesaurie to give yow such securitie either privat or publict as in reason can be demanded. And the publict securetie shalbe authorized and confirmed by the nixt ensweing parliament for your bettir securitie. So, expecting your care in provideing with all diligence the said soume as yow tender the good of our service and the honour of this our kingdome, wee bid yow fareweell. From our court, at Stirling, the 9th of May 1651. [Addresed:] To our Trustie and weelbeloued, The Magistrates, Counsel and Comountie of our Burght of Glasgow.

12 May 1651.

Kingis Majestie.

Its thocht meit that the deine of gilds house and deikin conveiners ar to be spockine to about the 500 li. sterling that the King wryts for to have the loane of, with the vther 5000 markis that the towne is dew the King for thair 100 men that they sould have levyed, and to offer Adame Blair the townes band for payment of this till it be colected by vertew of the stent that was castin for this.


Item, its thocht meit that the fyve hundrethe pund sterling called for be payed, and for that effect that the stent roll of the sax thowsand punds layd on in July last be collected presentlie.

17 May 1651.

Takismen, pittie customes.

In ansuer to the taksmen of the pittie customes petitioune, and being notourlie knowne that they have had considerable losses thairin, thair is thairfor, being so troublous tyme, remittit to thame thrie hundreth merkis.

Money, Kingis Majestie.

A motioune being maid for vptaking of the nyne thowsand markis to lend to the Kings Majestie, in regard that the townes people refuises to pay the stent and that the inconveinencie is grit if it sould not be payed, that thairfore quha ewir will advance the money or any pairt thairof that the first and reddiest of the townes guids sall be securet to thame or payed to them bak vpon thair present advanceing of the same, it was vnanimuslie aggreit vpone to give thame sufficient securitie for quhat any sall lend that they may have repayment thairof out of the first and reddiest of ony guids, lands, or moneys of the townes.

20 May 1651.

In relatioune to the act of counsell maid the vther day anent the borrowing of money vpon the townes securitie fra privat persones for vpmaking of the nyne thowsand marks desyred in loane be the King, it being fund that thair was onlie four thowsand merkis in Johne Hammiltouns hand gottin in of the teynds, it is appoynted that the thesaurer receave the samyn fra him, quhois recept with thir presentis sall be exoneratioune to him, quhilk is to be givine in the first end of the said nyne thowsand marks; and for the fyve thowsand markis remaineing, it being lent to the towne be the persones fallowing, viz.:—ane thowsand marks thairof be Williame Home, ane vther thowsand markis be James Armour, ane vther thowsand markis be Thomas Campbell, the fourt thowsand marks be James Kinkaid, and (blank;) it is appoynted [that bonds should be granted to the lenders on the security of the multures and toun mill lands]. And the haill nyne thowsand merkis ordanit to be delyuerit be the thesaurer to William Home and Piter Johnstoune, quha ar heirby nominat and chosine to goe to Stirling with the money to delyver the same to the Kings Maiestie. And in the meantyme that the towne be stentid for the haill sowme with the first conveniencie.

Common good set.

[Common good set as follows:—Mills, 10,000 merks; ladles, 3,510 merks; mealmarket, 625 merks; tron, 665 merks; bridge, 950 merks; petty customs, 600 merks.]

Eodem die, post merediem.

Money, Kingis Majestie.

Twas thoght meit that the money to be givine to the Kings Majestie thair should no securitie be demandit thairof bot a tickett of recept fra those who ar appoynted by the King to get it.

21 May 1651.


Letteres direct fra the publict and Sir John Smythe to the towne for sax thowsand punds, gray cloathe, and stockings, being red, it was fund that quhat was intromettit with of the excyse be the magistratis and counsell was employed in the townes service and that they have no power to stent, and thairfor to shaw the obstructioune thairof to the committee by lettres.

Letter from the King acknowledging receipt of money.

Charles R.—Trustie and welbeloued wee greitt you well, we haue receaued your letter of the 18 instant with the hundred pounds sterling wee desyred you to send us for those deserving officers wee then mentioned. Wee shall take a just course for causeing your present magistrats giue ane account with their intromissions with former stents, and as wee doe acknowledge your cheirfulnes in obaying our commands so be confident of our protection in all your just concernments. So wee bid you verie heartelie Farewell. From our court at Stirling the 21 May 1651. [Addressed:] To our trustie and welbeloued The Commitee of the comunalitie of our Towne of Glasgowe.

Letter from the Duke of Hamilton.

Worthie Freinds.—I haue receaued your letter of the 18 instant and doe assure you that the hundreth pund sterling you sent to his Majestie was most acceptable to him and bestowed upon verie deserveing and gallant men. You need not doubt his Majesties owneing you in all your just interests and of the constant assistance of, Your trewe Freind, [Sic subscribitur:] Hamilton. Stirling, 21 May 1651. [Addressed:] For my worthie Freinds The Committie of the Communalitie of the Towne of Glasgowe.

24 May 1651.


Anent the manufactorie, it being fund neidfull that thair be a man chosine for receaving the cloathe fra Simon Pickersgill quhen it is drest and selling the samyne, taking vpe the money thairof, and laying out the samyne of new for the vse of the house, Edward Robiesoun was maid choyse of, wha accepted. And farder it is appoynted that eache cloathe be not sold to the lenth of it be seine and the worth of it prysit by Williame Dunlope, Thomas Allane, Piter Johnestoune and James Airmour, or any thrie of thame.

21 June 1651.


The saids persones, all in ane voyce, did condiscend to the levie, and ordaines the drume to be sent throw the towne to see quha will come and inroll themselfis, against Maunonday morning.

Letters from King and David Leslie.

Appoyntis (efter the twa lettres wer red, the one from his Majestie and the vther fra David Leslie anent the giving Johne Home place to be capitane) that Ninian Andersone goe to Stirling to represent to his Majestie and committee of estaitis the custome that hes bein vsed heirtofor in the lyk and vther of the townes vrgent effairs.

25 June, 1651.


It being ordained that the towne is to put out in this present levie twa hundrethe men, it is thocht most meit twa or three men be electit out of ilk half quarter, and to tak vpe the names of the fencible persons thairin conform to exeming roll, and they to meit with all diligence for that effect, as also to cast the cast amongst thair neichbouris how they sall be best gottin out.

26 June 1651.


The stent roll last sett downe anent the money to be payed to his Maiestie for the sojouris that was converted in money in Junij last, extending to 2441 punds 7 s. 8 d. was producet; and in regard that thair wantis yet of the nyne thowsand merks that should be payed to the garison of Stirling ane thowsand punds, and the cloath for that garisone must also be payed by and besyde the money, it is thairfor statute and ordanit that that stent roll be presentlie doublet and just alsmuch layd to it and colectit with all diligence for the better advancement of the service.

Deputatioun, Yair.

The forsaids bailleis and counsell does heirby vnanimouslie grant ane deputatioune to William Yair to serve as clerk in absence of Mr. John Spreule thair clerk, with full power to him to exerce the said office in all poyntis as becometh thair clerk if he wer present.

27 June 1651.

Compt and Councill buiks.

Anent the act of the committee of estaitis producet for giving of the buiks and papers to James Bell and vtheris, conform to the act of the dait the 25 of this instant, and ordaines the haill compt and counsell buiks to be luikit out and givin to the said James conforme to the tennor of the said act.

Maxwall, capitane.

George Maxwell, sone laufull to vmquhill Patrick Maxwell, sometime ane of the bailleis of this brugh, is electit and chosine ane of the townes capitanes.

Eodem die, post merediem.

Hamiltoun, capitane.

Capitane Thomas Hammiltoune is electit and chosin to be ane of the townes capitanes to goe out with the other of thair companeis in this present levie.


Anent the casting of the cast for outputting of the sojouris, it is thocht fittest to mak choyse of thrie men out of everi ministers quarter to meit togidder and to sett ane cast the morne anent how many sall fall throw the haill towne mixing poore and riche throw vtheris, for the outputting of ane sojour, and according therto did mak choyse of thir persones, viz.:— [Here follow names].

28 June 1651.

Warrands, garisoune, enemy.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for (1) £81 13s. 4d. "debursit be him to Marie Scharpe, spous to Robert Dorroch, for the enterteinment and expenssis of certane commanders of the garisoune of Stirling the tyme they did lye heir attending for the moneys was appoynted to be payed to the said garisoune;" and (2) £14 17s. "debursit be him to Johne Wallace, jeylour, for coallis he furneist quhen the enemy lay heir, for eschewing of farder inconvenience."]

16 July 1651.

Lettre to generall Hepburne.

Appoyntis ane lettre to be wryttine and sent to generall majour Heburne, in ansuer to his letter craveing certane claithe to be givin to the said garisoune of Stirling, conforme to the estaits ordour, and to shaw him thairby the present grit straitis and inabilitie of the towne to doe ony thing of that kynd in respect of the grit oppressioune of the enemy.

19 July 1651.

Toun mylne.

Appoyntis the deine of gild to visie or cause visie the towne mylne anent quhat it is wronget be the enemy, and to cause the mylner repair quhat is necessar to be done, and to give in his compt and the towne to repay him.

Letter from the King.

Charles R.—Trustie and welbeloved we greet yow well. Yow shall with all expedition provide in your toune of Glasgow, or neir about it, threttie sufficient carters and twentie workmen for the service of our traine of artillerie and send them immediately by this bearer, and if yow can send 8 sufficient carts with their graith we shall take it for very acceptable service and shall take care to returne yow your horses againe. So, expecting your care in this, we bid you farewell. From our Royall camp neir Larebart, the 19 of July 1651. [Addresed:] To our trustie and welbeloved the Magistrates of our Toune of Glasgow.

29 July 1651.

Remonstrance to King.

Appoyntis James Kinkaid to ryde to Stirling and thair to remonstrat to the Kings Majestie the hard estaite and conditioune of the towne, as alse to deall anent the releife of the young men wha war vpon the associatioune in respect of the grit sowmes of money cravet of thame.

Buikis and stent rollis.

It is reported be William Yair that these wha had gottine out the twa counsell bookis and stent rollis that they wer sent bak againe.

30 July 1651.


Appoyntis Niniane Andirsoune, Thomas Allane and James Kinkaid, to meit with David Spence, and to aggree with him als weell as they can for the ease of the towne anent the bagage horses, pannes and vthers to be furneisched to the sojouris; and for better releif of the poor thairanent appoyntis according for quhat they sall aggree for to be colectit according to the stent roll, and for that end ordanes Thomas Allane [and seven others] to meit and conveane, and fyve of them to be ane quorum, and to stent the landward mens landis for the outreik also.

31 July 1651.


It was reported be the bailleis that one William Home, ane of the commissars of the airmie, was come heir, be warrand of the dait the 14 of this instant, for vplifting of thrie monethis mentinance for the vse of the airmie, and that he had speiking thairanent to other neichbouris wha hes the collecting of the excyse wha was willing for supplieing of the present necessitie and bettir advancement of the service to give in ane thowsand merkis they had by them and this last weiks excyse and some they had awn to them; quhilk being considered and advysed vpon be the saids bailleis and counsell, it was thocht guid to tak in the same; and for better supplie of the airmie and advancement of his Majesties service (thair being no tyme now to stent the inhabitantis) ordaines the thesaurer to borrow ane thowsand pundis with all dilligence for buying of cheis for the vse of the airmie according to the said warrand, and the towne to warrand and releive him thairanent.


Appoyntis the bailleis and Ninian Gilhagie to meit with the twa capitanes and to end with them fullie, and to give them quhat they aucht to have, and to dispatche them with dilligence.

9 August 1651.

Sojouris deficientis.

Thair was ane lettre producet, direct from his Majestie, anent the making payment to generall major John Hammilton of 80 li. for the deficiencie of ilk sojour of threttie, in consideratioune quhairof, it being thocht that the towne is not deficient in so many, ordaines the haill billetis to be revised with all diligence that the trewth of the deficientis may be tryed, and to be don this efternoone, and appoyntis the persones fallowing to doe the samyn in thair severall half quarters, viz. . . .

28 August 1651.

Stirling garisone.

Anent the fedder bedis cravit be the garisoune of Stirling, Robert Wilsoune is ordanit to ryde thair and informe these that ar thair thairanent.

30 August 1651.


It is thoght neidfull that fyve furneist beds be had to send to Stirling, and the bailyees is desyrit to provyd for tham.

6 September 1651.

Durhame, minister.

The magistratis and counsell allowis the call givine be the commoune sessioune to Mr. James Durhame to be ane of the ordinar ministers of this burgh and promeisis heirby to concur with thame thairintill.

Partik brige.

Desyres the magistratis to call befoir thame these that collectit the customes at Partik brige the last Balloche faire, and to enquyre for thair warrand.

Landward poffillis.

Appoyntis William Lychtbodie, Thomas Allane and Niniane Gilhagie to visite the landwart poffillis, quhat is destroyed and not destroyed thairof, and to report, and to tak notice anent the reparatioune of the towne mylne.

Warrand, aill, Inglisch.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Jonet Tilloche, spouse to William Mitchell, for sax gallownes thrie pyntis of aill at fourtie penneis the pynt, furneist be her to the Inglisch the tyme they keiped thair gaird at the Dryait port the last tyme they war heir, for prevening of gritter danger.

13 September 1651.

Warrand, Campbell.

Ordaines Thomas Campbell to pay the scoolle maister in Gorballis his house maill.


Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to James Frank twentie pundis for cureing some hurt sojouris, and to pay Robert Barr twelfe pundis for horsses hyre that Robert Wilsoune had vse of in the townes effaires.

17 September 1651.

Fedder bedis.

Gives power to the magistratis to provyde some fedder beddis and vthers of that kynd requyret be the garisoune of Stirling for eshewing of gritter inconveniencis aff the towne, as also to grant some things requyred be Sir Charles Erskine for the vse of the castell of Dumbartane.

Writtis subscryvit.

The twa contractis with the chartouris sett downe betwixt them and Sir Robert Douglas anent the secureing of him of the sowme of thrie scoir ten thowsand merkis awne to the said Sir Robert of the pryce of the lands of Gorballis, with ane band of twa thowsand ane hundrethe merkis awne to him of bygane annual rentis, wer all subscryvit be the magistratis and counsell.

23 September 1651.


It is thoght meit and convenient for releiving of the burdeings of the towne, and especiallie anent the cesse cravit be the garisone of Stirling, that the magistrats and counsell be put in possessioune in the vplifting of the excyse againe as of befoire for releving of the saids burdeings; and for this effect that the young men be spokine to that hes now the colecting thairof, and appoyntis George Porterfeild and William Home to speik with thame thairanent, and to report.

27 September 1651.


Ordaines the thesaurer . . . to pay to Gabrell Fairie saxtein punds 15s. 6d., deburst be him for repairing of the towne mylne, becaus thair was sundrie particulars taine away by the Inglisch, and to pay to William Lychtbody four pundis 8s. for the lyk caus in the Subdein mylnes.

29 September 1651.

Cesse.; Band subscryvit.

In respect of ane threatining lettre sent from the garisoune of Stirling for sending to tham of some cesse they want, for eschewing of farder inconvenience to the towne, it is thocht most convenient, concludit and ordanit that the proveist himselfe goe thither to speik with the Inglisch thairanent and to give them some money in hand; and because the towne hes not money for the present to supplie that want the saidis magistratis and counsell hes subscryvit ane band for borrowing of sax hundrethe pundis money frae (blank) quhilk is to be payed at Mertimes nixt with the annualrent, and does heirby grant full power to the proveist to mak choyse of any ane of the counsell he pleises to goe with him.

30 September 1651.


[In the absence, from the castle, of the Duke of Lennox or his commissioner, the provost, bailies, and council elected George Porterfeild to be provost for the year to come.


[Robert Mak and James Kinkaid, merchants, and Thomas Campbell, craftsman, elected bailies.]

3 October 1651.


[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the year to come.]

4 October 1651.

Balschagrie, croppe destroyed be the Inglisch.

Forsameikill as Johne Stewart of Balschagrie had takine of befoir the teyndis of Kelvinhauch fra the towne for the croppe 1650 yeirs, for payment of the sowme of nyne scoir pundis money, and seeing it is notourlie knowne that the haill croppe was destroyed be the Inglisch this last yeir, the saidis magistratis and counsell, for sundrie respectis moveing thame, and vpon consideratioune of the bill givin in be the said John befoir thame thairanent, they ordain the thesaurer to accept fra the said John Stewart fourtie pundis in satisfactioune of the said nynscoir pundis, and remitis to him the rest thairof.

8 October 1651.

Officers elected.

[William Dunlope, dean of guild; Williame Lychtbodie, deacon-convener; Patrick Bruce, treasurer; Hendrie Glen, water bailie; Androw Gibsone, master of work; John Park, visitor of maltmen.]

11 October 1651.

Report, excyis.

Johne Grahame, lait proveist, maid report of his diligence with the governour of Stirling, according quhairto the present proveist shew that the young men of the towne had quyt thair colectioune of the excyis to the towne for the tyme to come bot had givine no money nor compt of byganes; quhairvpone it is ordoreit that Johne Grahame sould yet go to Stirling and settill with the governour and that he have this weikis excyis givin to him towards payment quhat is dew of the townes cess and how the rest is obstructit.

Master of Hutchisons Hospital, bailie of Gorbals.

Ane motioune being maid about the choyseing of a new maister of Hutchesones Hospitall, by pluralitie of vottis James Hammiltoune, being in lyte with Thomas Broune, is elected master of the said Hospitall for the yeir to come. Item, the said James is chosine balyee of the Gorballis for the yeir fallowing, be pluralitie of vottis, being votted be Thomas Broune and Niniane Gilhagie. Quha gave his aith de fideli administratione.

Statutes, aill, beir, etc.

[Ordained that the price of ale be 2s. 8d. the pint; beer, 3s. the pint; bread, 6 oz. 3 drops, 12d.; rough tallow, £3 the stone; candle, £3 8s. the stone.]

18 October 1651.

Warrand, dean of gilds bell, &c.

Thair was allowit to Gabriell Wilsone four pundis for ringing of the deane of gilds bell for twa bygane yeirs, bot discharges that pensioune in tyme comeing. Item, four punds for candle furneist to the catechetik doctrine and fourtie s. to Arthour Hammiltoun for candill.

Warrand, Stirling, &c.

A compt of Thomas Patersones chairges to Stirling twa tymes, which makes seivin dayes, and twa horses hyre, quhilk is aucht pundis; item, his sending to Stirling by ordour auchteine pynts thrie mutschkins of seck at fourtie aucht schilling the pynt, and thrie stane of butter at four pundis the stane, with threttie aucht s. sax penneis for twa seck bottillis. . . . And Hendrie Glen, vplifter of the excyse, ordanit to pay the same.

21 October 1651.

Dumbartoun Castle.

Anent the sesse demandit be Sir Charles Erskine for Dumbarten, being 661 li., James Kincaid haveing spokine him reported that he had our peoples guids and wald deteine them except he war payed of all as he told him, quhich being considered it was referrit to be thocht on be the magistratis, [and six others] with power to thame to determine thairvpone quhat sall be givin him.

25 October 1651.

Baillie of Gorballis.

[From a leet of three, presented by the feuars of Gorbals, the provost, bailies, and council elected James Andersone "to be bailyie for the yeir to come, to be joyned to the vther bailyie chosin be the towne."]

1 November 1651.

Warrand, Govane kirk.

Appoyntis the colector of Hutchesones Hospitall to pay for the towne and hospitallis pairt of the ile buildit in the kirk of Govane, quhilk is four scoir saxteine pundis.


Appoyntis Johne Graham, late proveist, Thomas Campbell, James Hammiltoune, deine of gild, deikine conveaner, and Niniane Gilhagie, to conveine vpon the compt of the Gorballis rents and to consider thair losses, and to report, in regaird it is notour that thair last yeiris croppe was destroyed and als muche of thair victuall the croppe 1650 was takine from thame.

8 November 1651.


Remits to the committee chosin for the manufactorie to go about the setling of some new man thair to receave the cloathe and sell it, and alse to the setting vpe of the tent treis, or to aggree for the weiving of the cloathe be the peice gif thair be no new man aggreit vpone; and Johne Johnestoune added to the committie.


The report of the these that was on the Gorballis rent was approvine and the colectour to be chairged accordinglie, and ordaines half ane yeiris annuall to be payed to Sir Robert Douglas.

29 November 1651.


The bailyie, James Kinkaid, Harie Glen and Ninian Gilhagie ar to satisfie for the nyne treis that ar on the outer West Port quhich ar heirby ordanet to be taine to the manufactorie to be tent treis.

6 December 1651.

Boyd, minister.

The proveist maid report of his aggriement with Mr. Zacharie Boyd, in the townes name, quhich the counsell did approve of, and Johne Grahame, William Home, William Lychtbodie and the clerk to compt with him.

Fergusone, stipend.

Efter debait it is condiscendit that Mr. Allane Fergussones bussienes about the ten bollis to be givine him mair nor he hes of stipend, it was taine to further adwysement to the nixt day.


The thrie bailleis [and four others] to count with and pay the townes people thair aill and quarterings that they have had on them of late from some troupis and companeis of the Inglisch.

13 December 1651.


[Johne Grahame and Mr. Johne Spreule appointed to go to Edinburgh "about the townes effaires with Sir Robert Douglas and anent the burrowes."]

Hammiltoun and Hunter.

Ordaines Johne Hammiltoune and James Hunter to be admittit burges in favouris of Sir Robert Douglas ladie quhilk was promeist to hir quhen scho subscrivit the wryts of Gorballis as a pairt of hir gratuitie.

27 December 1651.


Appoyntis James Selkrig to be admittit scoolmaister within the town in place of James King, and he to be wryttin to for that effect.

Collectouris, poore.

Appoynts the persones fallowing to colect the contributioune dew to be payed to the puire in thair severall quarters for this present monethe.

Warrand, hurt sojouris.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to James Kincaid, balyie, twa hundrethe thrie scoir eight pundis 7 s. deburst be him to hurt and lame sojouris laitlie come from Ingland and vther poor people sen Michelmes last.