Extracts from the records: 1653

Pages 253-282

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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1 January 1653.

Ane lettre to the provest.

It is appoynted that ane letter be direct to the proveist, shewing that seeing the condition of affairs is better known to him thair nor can be heir, to desyre him to advyse with Mr. Johne Wilkie what is best to be done anent the particular committed to his chairge, and to doe thairin therefter as they shall think most conduceable for the guid of that particular, and appoyntis the bailyeis to provyd and send vpe with all diligence twentie fyve pund sterling.

Anent Mr. Zacharias Boyd.

Appoyntis Balyie Pollok, with Coline Campbell and the deane of gild, to goe this efternoon to Mr. Zacharias Boyd and to deal with him be all fair meanis to see quhat he will quit of his stipend the yeirs 1650 and 1651, the haill croppis being destroyet, and if he will give the towne alse great ease as they gave the heretoures.

Bryce, sklaitis.

Appointis Patrik Bryce to sell his sklaitis for fiftie merkis the thousand, and he to tak no more for such as he has sold already.


Appoyntis George Broome to repair to the Marques of Argyll with ane lettre for payment of the moneyis awin be him to the town for defraying the townes debtt.

Wrang, Or.

Forsameikill as James Or, merchand, being imployed of befoir to ryd to the north anent the contribution, and being now againe imployed as best acquent to repair thither againe for that effect, and finding that malapartlie he had oft dyvers tymes said this day in presence of the haill magistrats and counsell that he wald not be compelled to goe thither be non quhatsomever, and seeing they wer putting nothing vpone him bot that quhilk was incumbent for the guid of the place and according to the dewtie of ane sworn burges, they vnlaw him thairfor in ane hundreth pundis, and ordaines him to remain in ward quhill he pay the same.

Paper, Gorballis.

The paper brocht hom be Balyie Pollok for the vse of the Gorballis is delyverit to the clerk in keiping.

4 January 1653.

Men to the northe anent the contribution.

Appoynts Balleis Pollok and Neilsone to dispatche the twa men that sould goe to the northe, with all diligence, and ordaines them to have ane ample commission to vplift all moneys colectit in relation to the contributioun, and the clerk to seall and subscryve the same.


It is statute and ordanit that no wreicht, being ane stranger within this brugh, sall tak any mae taskis of wark to work within the same nor they have takin alreadie whill first they acquent the town thairof and obtein thair licence thairto, as also they sall wirk no day warkis without licence also, except with the towne wrightis, and to continow during the counsellis will.

8 January 1653.


It is thocht fitt that the inhabitantis be stented in relatioun to the poores contributioune in thrie hundrethe punds monethlie, and appoynts the stentmaisters chosine for that effect to meit on Monday nixt efter the exercise.


Ordouris givine to Balyie Pollok, John Bell, James Bornes and John Andersoun, younger, to receave the thowsand pounds sterling that is appoynted to be payed be the parliament of the commounwealth of England; and to sett downe ane perfect compt of the haill moneys brocht in in relatioun to the contributioun and debursing therof.

Aill and beir.

[Ordained that ale be sold at prices not higher than 2s. 4d. the pint, and beir than 2s. 8d. the pint.]

15 January 1653.


Ordains ane ample commissioune to be givin to Johne Semple and James Or, wha ar to repair to the northe for vplifting and receaving of all moneys can be gottine thair in relatioun to the contributioun, and ordaines the clerk to seall and subscryve the same with the townes seall.


Ordains the thesaurer ane warrand for the sowm of twentie pundis debursit be him to Charles M'Claine in satisfactioun to him of the coall, candill, peitis, and vtheris, furneist be him the tyme that the Inglischmen keipit guard heir.


Appoyntis James Pollock, baillie, to ryd to Edinburgh anent the raising of ane suspenstioune against Mr. Zacharias Boyd and vther particulars that concernis the towne.

22 January 1653.


The saids twa balyeis ar appointed to heir the Colledge comptis, conforme to the ordour observit thairanent of befoir. Lykas, full power and commissioune is givine to them, James Bell and Mr. Johne Dunlope, to meit with the moderatouris of the colledge and to setle and aggree with them anent quhat they want of the teyndis of Gorballis, and anent the composeing of all vther debatable things betwixt the town and colledge.

Ker, quarrellhill, Inglische.

In answer to James Ker in Keppoch, his supplicatioun, shewing that he had payed neir his full rent for the peice land occupyet be him in the Wester Commoune called the Quarrellhill, and that for the croppe 1651, quhairof the maist pairt was destroyit be the Inglische, [the magistrates and council remitted 35 merks "with some few hens" and accepted 100 merks] in full satisfaction of the said yeiris dewtie.


It being relaited be James Bornis that the money that was receavit from Edinbrugh of the contributioun was yet lying in ane sealed bag since it was receavit, vnluked, and thairfor desyret some of the counsell, with himself and John Andersoune, to tak notice of the species therof; in ansuer thairto James Tran and John Herbertsone ar appoynted to that effect, and of all vther moneys that comes in.

Compt, communalitie.

Forsameikle as the Inglische haveing takine vpe thair garisone in Hammiltoune, in December 1650 yeiris, and did then requyre ane weiklie cesse aff this citie as fallowis, viz., threttie bollis meill, threttie bollis horse corne, ten bollis malt, and that by and besyde great quantiteis of cheis, candill, salt, and breid, certifieing that if they wer not thankfullie payed and readilie answerit therof they wald plunder the towne and give it over to the mercie of insolent sojouris; and these wha wer magistratis and counsellouris of the poore towne for that tyme haveing left and desarted the same in itis so sad condition, and many poore and vthers honest people wha remained crying out for helpe in so distressed estate and condition, it pleased God, of his goodnes, to stirr vpe the harts of ane certane number of young men, burgessis and burgessis sones, wha teuk vpone them in name of the communalitie to find out meanes and wayes to get the Inglisch satisfeit, and so the towne thairby preservit from outer rwine, and haveing nothing quhairwith to doe the same bot ane voluntari colectioun quhilk was vplifted weiklie at thair severall mylnes and was intromettit with be them for defraying of the said cesse and burdeine, and they haveing long of befoir producet the comptis of thair haill intromissioun and debursements, quhilks wer at lengthe revised, calculat and layd be suche as the counsell appoynted for that effect, it was desyred this day that the samyne sould be buiket and haldin in retentis in the counsell buikis of this brugh, and that the persones, vndertakers in name of the communalitie, might be exonered and discharged thairof accordinglie, the afoirnamed magistratis and counsell thoght the samyne most resonable; and that it might be keipit in record how so great sowmes of money intromettit with be them was impendit for preservatioun of the citie, and tharfor they be this thair act and ordinance of counsell hes inactit, statut and ordanit, the compt vnderwryttin, bothe chairge and dischairge thairof, to be buiket in thair counsell buik, and the haill persones intromettouris with the haill sowmes conteanet in the said compt and deburseings of the samyne to be discharget, and heirby dischairges them accordinglie; off the quhilk compt, charge and dischairge, is as fallowes:—

Compt, communalitie.

And, first, the Chairge.

In primis, thair was vplifted at the mylnes from the nynt of December 1650 to the 16 thairof £331 12 0
Item, from the 16 to the 23 thairof 373 12 0
Item, receavit be ane stent that was colected throw the towne befoir ony colectioun was at the mylnes 545 5 8
[Here follow items from 23 December 1650 to 1 July 1651 amounting in all to 12,793 6 0]
Item, from the first of July to the 8 thairof, quhilk was the weik the Inglisch came heir 404 4 0
And nothing was receavit from the 8 to the 15 becaus the Inglische airmie lay heir all that tyme.
[Here follow items from 15 July to 29 September, amounting in all to 5,020 8 0]
Summation of the haill chairge is £19,820 3 8
[The correct summation of the figures engrossed in the record is £19,468 7 8]

Fallowes the Discharge.

In primis, debursit be Johne Miller, according to the particular compt contenit in the minute buik, amounting to in wholl £2,410 0 0
Item, be Patrik Park, according to his particular compt 591 10 0
Item, debursit be William Woddrow, conform to his first compt revised and discharged, the 22 of Februar 1651 1,914 19 8
Item, mair debursit be the said William Wodrow be his second compt 1,698 13 6
Item, mair debursit be him conforme to his thrid compt 1,946 16 8
Item, thair was drawne be the Kings Majestie wpon thes wha represented the communality 3,600 0 0
Item, debursit be the said William Woddrow, conform to his fourt compt 648 3 4
Item, mair debursit be him conform to his fyft compt 444 8 0
Item, debursit be the said William conforme to his saxt compt 879 7 10
Item, mair debursit be the said William conform to his 7th compt 2,377 18 4
Item, debursit be the said William Woddrow conform to his 8th compt 512 10 4
Mair debursit be him conforme to his nynt compt 559 8 2
Item, givin out be the said William Woddrow since the 13 of September 1651, according to his particular compts givin in, conforme to his warrand and receptis 1,284 6 0
Item, debursit be the said William Woddrow to Collonell Okie at the affixing of his (blank)
Item, payed farder in the same compt of Collonell Okeys £50 0 0
Item, givine out be the said William according to warrand and recepts be warrandis and receptis since the 22 of September 1651 992 10 2
Item, to Charles M'Claine, conform to warrand 66 13 4
Item, to James Pollok, conforme to warrand 40 0 0
Item, for an escape in the second compt givin in be the said William Woddrow, being les calculat nor quhat sould have beine, 31 pundis 4s., with ane vther in the thrid compt, extending to 41 pundis 18s. and 2d., quhilk in all amountis to 73 2 2
Summation of the haill dischairge is £22,656 7 0
[Correct summation of figures in record £20,090 7 6]

Swa chairge and dischairge being compared, restis awin in to the comptaris £2,836 3s. 4d.; aff the quhilk thair is to be rebated, conform to the last fyve articles contenit in the last compt givin in be the said William Woddrow, as being moneys givin bak be him to these fra whom the comptairs had borrowit the samyne for the townes vse, £1,800; swa thair restis awin to the comptaris £1,036 3s. 4d.

29 January 1653.

Gadge, herring.

It being regraited and compleanit vpon be sundrie that thair wer many herring barrellis brocht to the towne that wer not the full gedge, contrair to the proclamatioune givin out thairanent, to the great hurt and prejudice of all persones buyers thairof, the saidis magistratis and counsell thairfor hes ordanit the water bailyie wha hes now chairge of the gedge to confiscat all barrellis who ar not the full gedge and sequestrat them apairt whill they be acquent thairwith, and that the water balyie or any others haveing chairge of the said gedge be the towne, be command of the saids magistratis and counsell, sall have the thrid pairt of all fynes that is gottin thairby.

Contributioun, poore.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the town, this efternoone, to warne all persones to come and pay thair monethlie contribution vpon Manonday nixt, at the ringing of the bellis, now efter the rollis ar rectifeit, and ordaines thir persones fallowing to be collectouris thairof:— . . .

Warrand, cureing ane poore woman.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to John Hall twentie merkis for cwreing ane poore womans arme of twa great vlsters, in regard schoe was lyklie to have lost the same and thairby become burdeinsome to the towne, being ane burges bairne.

5 February 1653.


Ordaines Johne Herbertsone, Johne Walkinschaw and Patrik Park, to goe to the ministers and thesaurers of the kirk sessiounes and requyre and demand of them the colectiones that hes bein colectit at the kirk doiris this moneth bygane, to the effect the samyne may be joyned to the sowm of thrie hundrethe pundis money now contribut be the towne conforme to the rollis and distribute to the poore.

Wrightis, in surrectioune.

It being manifest and knowne that sundrie of the wreights, jurneymen and prenteissis, to the number of twentie four or thairby, committed, this day in this citie in the morning, ane heich and manifest contempt and insurrectioune, joyneing in ane bodie, goeing throw the haill streitis of the town with cleukis and balstones in thair hands, and paseing frae house to house belonging to honest men wha had thair landis brunt, and whair stranger wreichtis wer working, and entering thairin, strecking the people thairin and abuseing and brecking all thair worklomes, in ane heich and contemptious way, without any kind of warrand, quhilk aucht to be most ceveirlie punischt; and tharfor the forsaidis magistrats and counsell does heirby joyne thir persones fallowing to the present magistratis, viz., James Bell, Mr. Johne Dunlope, the deine of gild, deikine conveiner, William Neilson, George Broom, to vse all meanes for apprehending of these men and to bring them to ane condigne punischment according to thair deserveinge, and for doeing heirof the counsell interponis thair auctoritie.

12 February 1653.

Warrand, Zacharias Boyd.

Ordaines Johne Hall to goe this day to Mr. Zacharias Boyd and to pay him so muche annualrent as he wants of the thrie thowsand merkis quhilk he mortifeit to the towne for the vse of the bursares.

Warrand, College.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay to the College collectors £140, which, with £100 formerly paid, is "in compleit payment of the teynds of the Gorballis the croppis and yeiris of God 1650 and 1651 yeiris."]

19 February 1653.

Warrand, Blair, minister.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Hew Blair, minister, the sowme of thrie hundrethe fyftie punds 18s. 4d., and that in compleit payment to him of all that is awin him for his stipend for the terme of Witsonday last and all yeirs preceiding, and thir presents with his dischairge accordinglie sall be ane sufficient exoneratioune to the said thesaurer for the said sowm; and it is to be remembered that thair is nothing compted with him anent the teynds allocat to him; as also that he hes compted to the town aff the first and reddiest of that quhilk was awin him, by and attour the said sowm, that quhilk sould have bein debursit be him for the tack of the teynd subscryvit in favouris of John Flemyng of sax aikers of land in Borrowfeild and half ane aiker of land in Gallowmuir.


Appoynts ane bank to be sent throw the towne, this day efternoone, to invite all wreights and vthers that makis for policie that, in respect of the great decay of the towne be fyre, that they may repair to this place for exerciseing of thair callings therintill conform to the act of parliament.


The saids magistratis and counsell does all vnanimuslie most willinglie condiscend that the poore of the towne be menteaned as formerlie on the contributiones, colectiones, fynes of delinquentis and moneys gottin for liberteis of buriallis, and that the magistratis sall neglect nae dewtie that is incumbent to them for the better advancement of so guid a work, and sall doe these things that the magistratis of Edinbrugh or of any brugh doethe for interteining of thair poore; and earnestlie requyres the ministers and sessionaris not to withdraw thair hand fra such ane guid work bot to be active therin as thair predicessours hes been; and to the effect the inhabitantis may be the better encouradget to pay that quhilk is imposit wpone them, desyrethe it may be maid knowne to whom it is givine and how meikle ilk persone gettethe therof.

28 February 1653.

Lether buccatis.

The forsaidis magistratis and counsell, takeand to thair consideratioun the great necessitie they stand in from tyme to tyme for want of lether buccattis, seing all they had of that kynd ar all stoline away and brockine, and to the effect that some of them may be had and provydet for, it is statute and ordanit that every persone wha sall enter burges or burges and gild brother heirof sall pay fyve pundis by and besyd his ordinar fyne, to helpe to buy the said buccattis.


It is inactit, statute and ordanit that it sall not be lisome to any landwart or countrey man to buy ony fuilyie within this brugh, to transport aff the


same, for guiding of thair lands bot such as perteanis to the towne, quhill efter the first day of May nixt; and this nae wayes to be prejudiciall to ony burges, indweller in the towne, to buy and carie the samyne quharewir they pleis; and the samyne to be intimat throw the towne be touk of drum on Wadnesday nixt.

Bark burneing.

It is inactit, statute and ordanit, that it sall not be lisome to nae maner of persone within this brugh, tanners or otheris, to burne any bark within thair yairds, or any vther pairt of the brugh, heirefter, as they have begun to doe of late, and that for eschewing of the stinck and flewre that aryseing thairby, to the great offence of thair neichbouris, and that vnder the payn of fourtie punds money for ilk fault vnforgivine, and this also to be intimat be touk of drume.

5 March 1653.


Appoyntis James Trane and Johne Walkinschaw to goe vpe to Mr. Zacharias Boyd and to schaw him how willing the towne is to give him satisfactioun according to reasone, and altho that he hes bein in vse onlie of sax chalders victuall yeirlie yett that they ar most willing to pay for aught chalderis the haill tyme bygane that he wantis, according to ane hundrethe pundis the chalder, and they to mak report thairanent.

Warrand, minister.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Johne Carstairis, minister, ane hundrethe and fiftie pundis in satisfactioun of the ane chalder of victuall and ane halfe he wants of the fyve chalder victuall allocat to him be the towne as a pairt of his stipend the croppe 1652, in respect the towne hes not aggreid with these as yit quba sould pay the same.

Robiesone, hemmermen.

In ansuer to the bill givin in be Robert Robiesone, hemmerman, seing he is burges and gildbrother of the brugh and enterit frie with the hemmermen, it is declaret heirby be the magistrats and counsell that he or ony vther of the hemmermen of the lyk nature may work quhat work they pleis belonging to the hemmermen that they can begin and sufficientlie end for the guid of the leidges, and ordaines the deacon of hemmermen and his maisters of craft to deleit and annull the act laitlie maid be them in the contrarie therof, enjoyneing everie man to work nothing of the hammermen tred bot in such work as he is buiket.

7 March 1653.

Hutchesones Hospitall.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, being conveanit for taking some consideratioun of the estait and conditioune of that hous, and finding great deficultie how to get moneys to pay its proportion of the pryce of the lands of Gorballis yet owne, ordaines the maister of the hous to caus registrat the haill bands belonging thairto and to vse all legall meines for getting in of the moneyis awin thairto for that effect.

Horner, Hutchesones Hospitall.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, haveing takine to thair consideratioune the supplicatioune givine in be Robert Horner, talyour, and considering the great losses susteanit be him, and of his former conditione of lyfe, they appoint the maister of the said Hospitall to accept of him thairintill and to give him mentinance thairin according as John Gilmour and Thomas Hutchesoun hes, quhilk is twentie fyve punds in the quarter. And seeing that the rents of the hospitall are greatlie diminisched, being only now reductit to that quhilk they got out of the Gorballis, and that be the blessing of God the victuall is come a litle cheiper, they ordaine the maister of the hous to diminische and tak down thrie pundis Scotis money off ilk ane of thir persones wha are now in the hospitall, viz., John Pollok, John Watsone, Mathow Dorroch, William Walker, William Fairie, and Thomas M'Nair, that quhairas they receavit of befoir eichtein pund in the quarter thair sall onlie be payed them now fyften punds.

Bank, Hie kirk yaird dyk.

Knowing that throw ane former bank and proclamatioune emitted be the magistrats and counsell for the tyme, it was warranted that all these wha pretendit to have any lair at the kirkyaird dyk sould build such proportiones thairof qubair they cravit ane lair, within six monthis thairefter, and seeing sundrie of them hes brokin down severall pairts of the said dyk and did not build vpe the samyne so closlie as they aught, ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the town to inhibit and discharge all maner of persones quhatsomevir to ding down or medle with any pairt of the said dyck, without licence first had and obtenit thairto of the magistratis, ilk persone wnder the payn of fourty punds vnforgivin.

12 March 1653.

Millar, Weir.

Thair is licence granted to Johne Miller, talyour, and Johne Weir, malt man, to tak down and build vpe again a pairt of the Hie kirkyaird dyck for ane place of ane buriall, be sicht of the dein of gild.

19 March 1653.

Platfurme Tolbuithe.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to see the plettfurme of the tolbooth clenged and red.

Calsey at the grammer scoll buttis.

The magistratis and counsell, finding it necessar to lay ane calsie in the lone neir the Grammer Scooll buttis, the samyne is recommendit to Robert Fleyming to be considerit wpon be him; and Johne Walkinschaw to be helpfull to him how it sall be most commodiouslie performed.

26 March 1653.


It is vnanimuslie condiscendit and agreit that the magistratis disburdeine themselfis anent the mater of the colecting of the contributioun for the poor, and to give to everie minister in thair severall sessioun thair owne pairts, according to the number of thair poore, with relatioun to the colection at the kirk doiris.

2 April 1653.


Appoyntis of new againe that the trensch at the Greinheid be castine in againe be the bodie of the towne, and the haill counsellouris within ilk aucht quarter quhen the quarter is warnit to attend vnder the pane of ane dollour ilk man. And the saids counsellouris to bring with them ane good number of honest men in the quarter wha sall happin to be warnit for attending in the incasting of the said trensche.

16 April 1653.

Pollok, commissionar.

Appointis James Pollok to ryde to Edinburgh and Dalkeith the nixt weick, and thair to attend the townes affairis.


The magistratis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune that the devyding of the lands of Gorballis hes bein too long delayit by thair expectatioune, they thairfor appoynt Johne Bell, ane of the balyeis of the saids landis of Gorballis, to cause meit these men wha wer appointit for devyding thairof, and to see them activlie goe about the same with all convenient diligence.

Tynd 1651 remittit.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, takand to thair consideratioune how the haill growand cropp of cornes that wer growing about this towne in anno 1651 wer all eattine and destroyit, for the quhilk caus the heretouris of these lands grudges to pay thair teynd tack dewtie, quhilk is ten schilling ilk aiker, therfor the saids magistratis and counsell does heirby frilie remit the samyne teynd tack dewtie the said yeir to all and everie heretor lyable in payment of the said teynd tack dewtie, for the said yeir 1651 allanerlie.

23 April 1653.

20 li. producit and gevin wp agane.

Walter Neilsone, bailyie, producet the twentie pundis that was gottin fra the buriall place of the relict of Mr. John Forsythe in the Hie Kirk. And the samyne is presentlie givin to be deliverit to Androw Muir, chirurgeon, for his helpe and supplie in this his present distressit estate.

Executouris, Boyd.

Appointis Bailyie Neilsoune, James Bell, Mr. John Dunlop and James Hammiltoun, dein of gild, to meit with the executouris of vmquhill Mr. Zacharias Boyd for composeing the comptis that wer betwixt the towne and the defunct.


Appointis Bailyie Neilsoune, the deine of gild, deikin conveaner, James Bornis, and James Colquhoun to meit with Simon Pickersgill, and to see the bargane closit betwixt the towne and him anent the manufactorie, and the tack betwixt the towne and him thairanent to be subscryvit be him and his cationers.

Trowperis quarteris.

Appoyntis the bailyies to goe throw and see quhat is wanting in the quarters quhair the trowpers ludged this last night and caus it be payed.


As of befoir, ordaines the trinsche at the Greineheid to be castine in, conform to the former act maid thairanent, and to begin at the Briggait.

Tolbuith battilment.

Appoynts James Colquhoun to sicht and visie the batlein of the tolbooth gif it standis in necessitie to be pointed.

Anent the 20,000 lent efter Philliphauch.

Ordaines the supplicatioune givin in this day be severall honest men wha lent the 20,000 li. efter Philliphauch to the publict to be considered vpone quhill this day aucht dayes.


Ordaines all these wrights wha maid the insurrectioune in the towne to be warnit to compeir this day aucht dayes.

Memorandum, manufactorie.

The towne is to performe thir particulars fallowing to Simon Pickersgill, viz., to caus point the hous of manufactorie with diligence, and to caus cutt the craig at the waik mylne that the water may the better pas, and to vphold the dame and to put the said mylne in a guid frame, and to mend the laid and glase windowis of the mylne.

14 May 1653.

Divisioun of the Gorballis producit.

Johne Bell, bailyie of Gorballis, for obedience of ane former chairge givin to him, producet ane division of the saids lands of Gorballis, quhilk is appointed to be advysed with and considered vpon be all who sall desyre the same.

18 May 1653.

Divisioun, Gorballis.

Appoyntis Johne Andersoune and Walter Neilsoun, balyeis, and vthers whom they sall mak choyce of, to revise the divisioune of the landis of Gorballis producet be John Bell, and to mak thair report with the best conveniencie.

Pollok to ryd to Edinburgh.

Appointis James Pollok, bailyie, to ryd to Edinburgh anent the taking ordour with the twa hundrethe pundis sterling that was appointed to be payed be Mr. Nayler, and for speiking with Collonell Lilburne anent any thing relaits to the towne, and appoyntis him to lift fra William Conynghame the money that was left in his handis be James Farquair, and ordains him to wryt to the person of Peibles and George Gairnes in Bruntiland anent what money they have gottine in in relation to the contributioun.

21 May 1653.

Inventar old writtis of Gorballis.

The inventar subscryvit be Sir Robert Douglas anent the delyverie of the old wryts of Gorballis is delyverit to Bailyie Pollock to tak to Edinbrugh, to the effect he may receave the saids old wrytis accordinglie.


Appointis summondis to be raisit against Argyll and the lait chancellar wpon thair severall bandis; and appointis thair bandis to be delyverit to Balyie Pollok for that effect.

Anent the setting of the hous in Gorballis.

Appoyntis Johne Bell, with the dein of gild and deikin conveiner, to aggree for setting of the hous of Gorballis, and to see it weell pointed.

Hammiltouns and wtheris buriall places.

Appointis James Hammiltoune, dein of gild, Robert Hammiltoune, James Hammiltone, his sone in law, Johne Miller and John Weir, maltman, to have ane pairt of the kirk yaird dyck for repairing the same in forme of buriall place, and that fra that pairt quhilk vmquhill Gawin Nisbit buildit to the New Port northward thairfra on the west end of the said kirkyaird.

28 May 1653.


The said Bailyie Pollock producet ane lettre direct from John Nicoll, beiring that the Lord Scottistarbet declaret to him he was of intention to mortifie sextie bollis victuall to be bestowit vpon poore boyes for putting of them to craftis, of the surname of Scott and Scottis children, and thairfoir willit that ane of thair number micht be sent to his lordschip for treating with him thairanent; and the saidis magistratis and counsell being most willing to enterteane suche ane guid motione, the said Balyie Pollock was ordanit to ryd to Edinbrugh for that effect, and ordaines the clerk to give him ane commission for that end.

Bell, Air and Irvein.

Appoyntis James Bell to meit with the commissionaris of Air and Irvein, wpon the sevint of this instant, for settling of some contraversie betwixt the twa burghes contenit in the borrowis missive.

4 June 1653.

Young and Blair, ministeris.

Appoyntis James Bornes, John Andersone and John Walkinschaw, to meit and conveine with Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, ministers, and to compt with them what will be awin thame at this Whytsonday terme.

Hutchesones Hospitall.

It is appointed that all the money awin to Hutchesones Hospitall be soght in with all dilligence, and recommends to the clerk to cause denunce all wha ar alreadie chairget, as alse to wryt a lettre to the laird of Pollok this day aither to aggre with Luse or than pay the money.

7 June 1653.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8000 merks; ladles, £1800; meal market, 1730 merks; tron, 670 merks; bridge, £820; green, £50; grass of little St. Mungo's kirk, £2 18s., "quhilk was givin to the officers to buy thair dinner."]

9 June 1653.

Commissioune, Wilkie.

Mr. Johne Wilkie, the townes commissionar now at London, is heirby commissionat be the saidis magistratis and counsell to vplift and receave in and about Lundon and vther pairts in England, all sowmes of money quhatsomevir that is contribut, collected, or to be collected, from the good people, of thair cheritie, for the help and supplie of the wrakit people of this place wha had thair lands brunt throw the suddent fyre.

Poor to be supplied in quarterings.

It is concludit, statute and ordanit, that everie poore persoune wha hes sojouris quartered vpon them and is not able to beir the burdeine of thair beddis, that they sall have twa schilling for thair supplie ilk night, and the samyne to be laid on and collectit as the stent is and payit in to them for thair supplie.

11 June 1653.

Missouris, pais of breid.

Appointis the clerk to subscryve ane testificat in thair names to the nixt generall conventioun of burrowis that the missouris of this brugh ar aggreable to Linlithgows and that the pais of breid is according to the ordour of the burrowis, keiping the pryce bot altering the wecht as the pryce of wheit rules.


Bailyie Pollok maid his report of his last dilligence in Edinburgh, and ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£20 16 s. for the said bailleis charges, £5 for his horse hyre, £6 for his horse chairges] and ten punds 3 s. he debursit of drink money to the boyes quha wryt the contract betwixt Scottistarbet and the towne anent the mortifieing of thrie scoir bollis victuall out of Pukie and Pukie Mylne to put sax prenteissis to craftis yeirlie.

Bell, commissionar.

James Bell is chosin commissionar to the nixt generall convention of burrowis to be haldin at Cowpar . . . and Johne Miller, talyour, is chosin to be his assessor.


Efter voyceing, it is condiscendit, be pluralitie of vottis, that the offer maid be Scottistarbet anent his mortificatioun abovementionat be accepted, as the samyn is set down in the contracts, and he is to be delt with anent quhat farder conditions can be granted for that effect. And the same day, in the efternone, the said Lord Scottistarbet and the magistratis subscryvit the saids contractis, with the inventar of the wryts, and the samyne is to be subscryvit on Mannonday nixt be the counsell.

18 June 1653.


Forsameikill as Leivtennent-Collonell Cutrell hes takine vpe his quarters in this citie in Mintois hous, and seing necessar it was that the towne was to furneis the samyne to him, and for eschewing of chairges and birdein aff the towne, the magistratis hes borrowit severall particulars fra honest neichbouris for furneising the said hous, as also hes debursit some moneys for sundrie particulars they had debursit for that effect, and seing reasone wald that the magistratis sould sustein no hurt, domage or prejudice, gif it sall happen that any of these particulars borrowit be miscaryed, it is heirfor inactit, lykas the saids magistratis and counsell bindis and obleisses them and thair successours in office to warrand the barroweris thairanent and to releive them of all danger they can incur thairby; and ordaines the thesaurer to pay bak to the magistrates sick sowmes of money as they debursit for the particularis that was boght; and to the effect bothe the particulars borrowit and these boght may be the bettir knowne, ordaines the samyu be put in inventar, wnder Bailyie Polloks hand, and affixt heirwith.

23 June 1653.

Glen, College.

Forsameikill as it is vnderstood that thair is ane of the regentis places in the Colledge now vacand, and seeing Thomas Glen, ane burges bairne, is able and qualifeid for supplie thairof, appoyntis thairfor the saids twa ballees [and two others] to goe to the principall and rectour of the Colledge, and thair in the townes name to requeist them to prefer him to the said vacand place.

2 July 1653.

Report, Pollok.

James Pollok, bailyie, maid report of his last diligence in Edinbrugh, and producet the twa chartouris subscryvit be Scottistarbett anent Puckie and Pukie Mylne, mortefeit be him, with the double of the contracts past betwixt the towne and him thairanent, with the double of the inventar of the wrytis, quhilkis ar all delyverit to the dein of gild to be laid vpe with the rest of the wrytis of the saids lands; and it is to be rememberit that Scottistarbet is to be mett with at St. Androis the aucht day of August nixt to come. As alse the said Bailyie Pollok producet the townes compt maid with the generall auditor anent the borrow maillis, quhilk is also delyverit to the deine of gild to be laid vpe with the rest of that kynd; and he gave in ane compt, quhairby he had debursit for the towne the sowmes fallowing, to wit, for thrie parchments to wryt the chartouris on, twa punds xiiii s.; item, debursit be him to ane clerk, fourtein punds ten schilling; item, to Mr. Androw Gilmour, aduocat, anent Mr. Zacharias Boyds bussines, fourtein pundis x schillings; item, to Mr. James Dalrumple, for formeing the wryts anent Puckie and Puckie Mylne, twentie pundis sax schillings; item, to Johne Nicoll, for wryting therof fyftein pundis; to ane of his men, twelf schilling, and to another, fourtie schilling; and to the generall auditour for passing the townes compt, twentie four pund; for shewing his hors, xiii schillings; for his horse charges, fyve punds O schilling; item, to Mr. William Weir of agent fie, fiftie aucht schilling; and for the balyeis awn charges, twentie punds 8 schilling; with some moneyes he debursit for twa chalmber pottis, some glases, ane dissoun of horne spoones and ane laidill, quhilk the towne behovet to furneis to Cutrell when he tuke vpe hous heir; extending in haill to ane hundrethe twenty nyn pundis 15 schillings; and ordaines the thesaurer to pay him the samyn; and thir presentis to be his warrand.

Young, minister.

Appoyntis the proveist [and others] to meit with Mr. George Young and to fitt and cleir ane compt with him, to the effect some course may be laid downe how he and vtheres may be payed.

Warrand, relict of Mr. Robert Ramsay.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for twa hundrethe punds debursit be him to the relict and executouris of the deceast Mr. Robert Ramsay in pairt payment of thes sowmes quhilk the towne is yet awin him.

Warrand, ministers.

Ordaines William Cumyng to deburse, out of the money he receaves fra the collectours of the mylnes, fyve hundrethe merks to Mr. Patrik Gillespie, item Mr. John Carstairs fyve hundrethe merkis, in pairt payment of that quhilk is awne them of thair stipendis; and also ordanis him to deburse to Mr. James Durhame, vpon his discharge, fyve hundreth merks.

Parkis and wtheris, buriale place, kirk.

Grants licence to Patrik and James Parkis, Charles Gray and James Cuthbert, merchands, to build and repair, for ane buriall, ane peice of the kirk yard dyk wpon the north syd of the new portche on the west end of the kirk.

5 July 1653.

Warrand, Inglisch woman.

Ordaines the thesaurer ane warrand for the sowme of twelf pundis, debursit be him to the poore Inglisch woman wha was foully wrongit be ane Scottis sojour, schoe being recommendit to the town be Leivtennent-Coll. Cuttrell.

Young, minister.

The said day, ane quorum of these appoynted for heiring and footting ane compt with Mr. Georg Young, minister, haveing maid ane report of thair dilligence thairanent, givine in wnder thair hands, and the saids magistratis and counsell haveing sichted and considderit the same, quhairby it is fund that the towne will be awine to the said maister George the sowme of nyne hundrethe punds money in compleit payment of his haill bygane stipend and service for the terme of Whytsounday last and of all yeirs and terms preceiding, and altho they might hawe diminisched the samyn, yet for divers guid respectis and consideratiounes the haill magistratis and counsell ordanis thair thesaurer to mak payment to the said Maister George of the foirsaid sowme of nyne hundrethe pundis money in compleit payment of his haill bygane service for the term of Whytsounday last and all yeirs and termes preceiding.

15 July 1653.

Cummyng, contributioun.

Appoyntis William Cumyng to ryde to Edinburgh to speik with the ministeris of all sortis anent the contributioun money yet vnpayed.


Ordaines the thesaurer ane warrand for the sowme of twentie ane pundis xiii s. iiii d. debursit be him for the threttein horsses wadges that transported the bagage of Cuttrellis regiment that lay last heir.

16 July 1653.

Wilkies report.

Mr. John Wilkie, wha was formerlie chosine as commissionar for the towne to repair to Lundon, thair to agitat anent the mater of the contributioun, maid his report this day, wha was diligent thairintill, quhilk was allowit and approvine and thanks givin him for the paynes he hes takine; and the papers and warrandis he producet was randerit to him presentlie bak againe be the saids magistratis and counsell, shewing that gif he had brocht that work to the lenth it is he might not now desert it, and as they now had bot givin him verball thankis they wald give him reall thankis and endeavour thairby to give him full content.

3000 markis assignit be Stewart.

Johne Stewart, elder, maissoune, haveing of befoir assignet to the towne the sowme of thrie thowsand merkis principall sowme, quhilk is destinat and appointed be him to helpe to repair the Blakfreir Kirk, [a bond for 2000 merks and another for 1000 merks, with assignations thereof, were delivered] to be layd vpe with the rest of the townes wrytis.

Warrand, bairnes fostering.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Robert Blair, weiver, fyve punds xvi schillings, to helpe to put out ane of his bairnes to the fostering, his wyfe haweing brocht out thrie childrein, quhairof twa deyed, and that scho hes no milk to susten the infant living.

23 July 1653.

Executouris, Boyd.

It is vnanimuslie concludit that the contraversie betwixt the towne and the executoures of the deceist Mr. Zacharias Boyd, anent the payment making of the pryces of the victuall cravit be them, be absolutlie referrit to Mr. Patrik Gillespie, principall of the Colledge.


Ordaines these wha hes seik sojours lyand in thair hous to be satisfeit at ten pence in the day for tymes bygane and to come so long as they ar seik or removet be deathe.

Baillie Pollok to St. Androwis.

Appoynts Balyie Pollok to repair to St. Andros to meit Scottistarvet thair on the 8 of August nixt to come, for obteining this towne enterit with the brugh of St. Androis, for the better secureing of the landis mortifeit be Scottistarvett.

6 August 1653.

Anent the vacand place in the Hie Kirk, valuatioune.

Appointis the proveist, with James Bell and Mr. John Dunlop, to meit with Mr. Patrick Gillespie, Mr. James Durhame and Mr. Johne Carstares, anent the filling of Mr. Patrick Gillespies place in the Hie Kirk; and appoints the said James Bell to ryd to Lanerick on Monday nixt to attend the meeting to be keipit thair anent the valuatioune.

Money, bukkatis, Park.

James Bornes producet ane compt of the moneys which he receavit frae these wha enterit burgessis, since he had commissioune, quhilk was appointed and destinat for buying of buccatts; the wholl number was seivinteine, and fyve punds for ilk ane of them, extending in haill to the sowme of [£85]; quhilk sowme is delyverit to James Bell to be keipit for itis propper vse. As also the said James Bornes delyverit to Patrik Park fiftie pundis quhilk he had receavit frae Johne Andersoune of the contributioune and was delyverit be the towne of befoir to John Sempill quhen he first went out anent the ingetting of the contributioune.

Duncane, Hutchesones Hospitall.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioun that Johne Duncane, elder, hemmerman, hes leived heirtofoir honestlie, being raither helpfull then burdeinsome, and now old decripped age being come vpon him, being past fourscoir yeires, and not able to work, as als being visite with povertie, at the pleasour of God, appoints him to be placed in Hutchesones Hospitall quhair he now lyes, the hous he had being brunt, and he to be interteinyeit thairine and the maister thairof to bestow vpon him suche allowance as is bestowit vpon vthers in the lyk conditioun and qualitie.

Campbell, dowcat.

In answer to Coline Campbell his desyre, in craving licence to build some litle fixit work befoir his dowcat doir on the Greine, for withhalding of boyes thairfrae wha troubles his dowes be chapping at all tymes on the said doire, the saids magistratis and counsell does heirby grant to the said Coline the said licence according to his said desyre.

13 August 1653.


Forsameikill as it is regrated be sundrie that dyvers persounes buyes timber that is brought in at the Broomielaw to sell over againe, to the great hurt and prejudice of these wha hes thair lands to build, it is tharfor heirby statute and ordanit that it sall not be lisome to nae maner of persoune to buy any timber brocht in at the Broomielaw to sell over again, and gif any does in the contrarie heirof it sall be lisome to any man wha is bigging and repairing thair lands to come and tak the samyne aff the buyers hands wpon the samen pryce that he had bocht the said timber, and the pryce to be modifeit be the aithe of the buyer or seller or be baith, and this to be intimat throw the towne be sound of drum.

Gorballis, 40 draught stones.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell condiscendis to give fourtie draghts of staines to help to build the casey Johne Bell intendis to build in the Gorballis.

Gorballis, dekin convenar, compt.

In ansuer to the deikine conveiners desyre, craveing ane compt to be maid with the crafts anent quhat is thair pairt of the pryce of the lands of Gorballis, and qubat they have payit thairof, and quhat is gottine in of the rent of the saids landis, becaus thair is ane generall complaint maid be the haill deikines wha deburst money for that vse that they can gett nor hes nothing for supplie of thair poore decayit brethrein; appoyntis thairfor the deikin convener to tak some of the craftis with himself, and appoints Coline Campbell, maister of Hutchesones Hospitall, as also James Bell and Mr. John Dunlop, for the towne, to meit altogether to cleire that compt what either pairteis haveand interes hes payit of the saids lands of Gorballis, and to set downe some spidie course for devyding thairof.

Tyndis sett.

Efter laufull ropping, the teynds of the aikers about the towne wer set to Androw Mudy, conform to old vse and wont, for sewintein hundrethe and fourtie merkis.

Tyndis, Gorballis.

Efter laufull ropping, the teyndis of the Gorballis ar sett to Robert Robiesoune, baxster, for 1440 merkis.

20 August 1653.


The proveist is appoynted to ryd to Dalkeith, thair to dealle with the commander in cheife for getting down againe that of the townes cesse quhilk is presentlie heichted; as also for getting of ane farder warrand for liberating the landis of Craigs and Gorballis of cesse.

Commissiouns subscryvit and seallit.

Appoints the baillees to subscryve the commissiounes givine to these wha ar repairing to Ingland anent the contributioun, and ordaines the clerk to seall the samyne with the townes commoune sealle.

27 August 1653.


In ansuer to the desyre of the wrichtis, friemen of this brugh, craveing the limiting of the wrichts, being strangers, efter consideratioun thairof the saids magistrats and counsell inhibitis all wrichtis, strangers foirsaid, to vndertak any farder taskis within this brugh nor they have done alreadie quhill first they acquent the counsell thairwith, and this to [be] intimat throw the towne be touk of drume.

Peter Cumyng, Patoun and wtheris.

In answer to the complaint givin in be Piter Cumyng, Piter Patoun and others, thair neichbouris, against the cordoners, for that on the mercat day they stapp all passadges to thair buithes on the southsyd of the Trongait, recommends the mater to the magistratis, to the effect that sick passadges may be left open thair as they sall think convenient.

Kirkyaird dyk.

Forsameikle as it is regrated be sundrie that they susteine prejudice anent the richt of thair buriall places neir the dyk of the Hie Kirk yaird, be giving of privie warrand, altho the samyn be granted saifand all mens rychtis; for remeiding quhairof, it is statute and ordanit be the saids magistrats and counsell that publicatioun be maid throw the towne be touk of drume to intimat to all maner of persones wha cleames any entres to any pairt of the said kirkyaird dyk not yet buildit in forme of buriall places, that they come to the counsell and designe the samyn to them, within fyfteine dayes efter this dait, and to find cautioune to repair the samyn betwixt and Mertimes nixt in ane comelie maner, according as vthers hes done; wtherwayes it is heirby inactit and ordanit that nae maner of persone sall be hard thairanent heirefter; and ordanis the samyn to be intimat this day be touk of drum.

3 September 1653.

In favouris of thes who lent the 20,000 li.

The forsaids proveist, bailleis and counsell, haveing red and considered the act of the estaites of this natione, daited the nyntein day of September 1645, and haveing also revised the acts of counsell of this brugh sett downe in favours of these persones, burgessis and inhabitantis of this brugh for the tyme, quha had lent the twentie thowsand pundis Scottis money for the vse of the publict, conforme to the act contenit in thair counsell buik and daited the 27 day of the said monethe of September 1645 and efter tryell and mature deliberatioune takine be the saidis present magistratis and counsell, they doe heirby allow, ratifie, and approve the haill former actis maid and granted be the magistratis and counsell of this brugh of befoir in favours of these persones whois names ar contenit in the said act as lenders of the said twentie thowsand punds money foirsaid, in all poyntis, as the samyn is conceavit in thair favours and contenit in the foirsaid counsell buiks of this brugh; and haveing weell pervsed the foirsaid act of estaites anent thair grant of recept of the said sowme and obleisment for repayment therof, the saids present magistrats and counsell heirby finds and declares that the said sowm of twentie thowsand pundis Scotis money foirsaid was really payed and delyvered be these persones whose names ar insert in the forsaid act of counsell of the dait the foirsaid 27 of September 1645.

12 li. gevin to Gardner, Gorballis.

The twelf punds that was gottine be the deine of gild from Walter Neilsoun, balyie, for ane old counter boord that was in the Hous of Gorballis, was ordanit to be delyvered to Johne Gardner, in consideratioun of the losses sustenit be him throw destroying of his cornes.

Yair, clark.

The foirsaids proveist, bailyeis and counsell, considering the place of clarkshipe of this brugh is now vacand be reasone of thair former act dated the allevinthe day of September 1652, in the persone of William Yair, who had by thair ordour faithfullie and honestlie servit them and the inhabitants since the thrid day of Apryle the said yeir 1652, he then being electit clerk in place of Mr. Johne Spreule, wha at that tym had slighted and left the said charge, altho oft requyred to continow thairin, and more publictlie sensyne, in presens of Governour Thomsoun, he being commissionat be the commander in cheife for the tyme to see the magistracie of this brugh and vther inferiour office beirers thairin setled, at quhilk tyme the said Mr. Johne slichted and refuised the said office and so the samyne was declared vacand in his persoune, and then the magistrats and counsell did reshind, casse and annull, as also now the saids present magistrats and counsell reshinds, cassis and annullis, all acts, contractis and promises anywayes granted be them or thair predicessouris in favouris of the said Mr. Johne relaiting thairto; and siklyk, they of new againe, all in ane voyce, electis, nominatis, and maks choyse of the said William Yair to be clerk of this citie for the yeir to come and farder dureing thair will and pleasour.

17 September 1653.

Mr. Androw Gray, minister.

The magistratis and counsell foirsaid, taking to thair consideratioune being requyred laitlie to give thair consent to ane call to be givine to one Mr. Androw Gray to come heir for serveing of the cure in the function of the ministrie, and he being ane strainger and altogether vnknowne to them, they appoynted ane lettre to be drawne vpe and to be sent to him, and the samyne to be subscryvit be the clerk in all thair names, and the lettre to beir as fallowes: That they being laitlie requyred be some heir for giveing ane call to the said Mr. Androw for the effect foirsaid, and finding the place to the quhilk he was to be called not formallie declaret vacand as it aucht, and himselfe being ane strainger and so vnknowne to this corporatioune, they could not thairfoir be cleir to give thair consentis to that call; and now finding verie many of thair neichbouris vnsatisfeit and so vnwilling to give ane call to him or any vtheris quhill that place be declared vacand, as also that the said Maister Androw be better knowne heir be preaching in all the kirks of this citie ane resonable guid spaice (dureing quhilk tyme thair sall be no want of competencie of his menteinance) they doe not tak vpon them to give him that call, and that they hope his wisdome will carry him so that he will not desyre to intrude himselfe in ony place but quhair he knowes his ministerie to be acceptable to all, and that they thocht guid to acquent him thairof, let vtheris informe as they will, and to assuir him thairby they did speik nothing against himselfe, heiring nothing but that quhilk is comendable, bot only whill they wer satisfeit of the particulars above specifiet they der not consent to the call requyret.


Ordaines ane band to be drawne vpe to the colledge of four thowsand merkis, as being the principall sowme and some of the excressent proffeitis mortifeit be vmquhill Mr. William Strutheris for sustentatioune of twa bursaris of divinitie at the townes presentatioune, and the band to beir ane clause for infefting of them in the Subdein Mylnes in securitie of the principall sowme and annual rent therof quhill the samyn be payit.

1 October 1653.

Thesaurer, dollouris

It is appoynted to be rememberit that in the last moneyis that was receavit be the thesaurer fra Robert Blair, collectour in Drymen, thair was fourtein ryellis and a quarter thairin, quhilk the magistratis gave him warrand to receave becaus the gentilman declairt vpon his honestie he had receavit them in the townes rentis befoir any scrouple was in passing of ryellis, and the said thesaurer is to discharge him accordinglie.

15 October 1653.

Quarter maisters.

The persounes efternamed ar appoynted to meit this day at twa efternoone, with the bailleis, deine of gild and deacon conveaner, for taking vpe ane list of the housholders and setting downe ane perfect roll for the quartering ane thowsand men, for the better easing of the inhabitantis anent quarterings, and quhilk is to be observit as ane reule heirefter.

Statutis, aill, breid, etc.

[Ordained that no higher prices than the following be taken:—Wheat bread, 1s. 4d. the 1b.; ale, 2s. the pint; beer, 2s. 4d. the pint; tallow, 50s. the tron stone; candle, 58s. the stone.]


Ordaines the divisioun of the Gorballis to be producet the nixt day.

Dein of gilds bell.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to James Watsoune, beddell in the Laich Kirk, fiftie aucht schilling for ringing of the deine of gilds bell and vther consideratiounes.

Lipper hospitall.

Ordaines the water balyie and others wha hes receavit moneys for the Lipper Hospitall to delyver the samyn to James Bell.

22 October 1653.


Appoyntis the proveist, with the deine of gild, deiken conveiner, thesaurer, and James Campbell, to goe this efternoone and speik with Mr. John Carstairs and Mr. Androw Gray according as they ar commissionat be the towne.

Bell, commissionar.

James Bell is electit commissionar to attend the particular conventioun of burrowes to be keipit at Edinburgh the 25 of this instant.


In answer to the supplicatioune givin in be James Sanders, ordaines the thesaurer to give him ane hundrethe merks, he subscryving ane discharge of thair pairt of the decreit evictit be him against the towne.


It is inactit, statute and ordanit, that nae man who comes out of the countrey desyreing to be admitted burges and gildbrother, that they be not admittit thairto whill first the magistrats and counsell be acquent thairwith, that it may be known what childrein he hes.

Divisioune of the landes of Gorballes.

The forsaidis proveist, baillies and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune that according to former orders given out be them anent the divisioune of the lands of Gorballis, and diverse honest men being appoyntit at severall tymes for sighting and considering the saidis lands and setting doune ane divisioune of the saidis lands of Gorballis in four equall pairts, als meikle as the judgment of men could atteane vnto, to the effect that the toune may have ane fourth pairt thairof, Hutchesones Hospitall tua fourth pairtis, quhilk is the equall half of the saidis landis, and the Craftis Hospitall, with vther craftis wha hes payit out thair proportionabill pairt of the pryce of the saidis landis, ane vthir fourth pairt of the samyne; and this day being producit ane divisioune of the saids haill landis, quhilk is as fallowis:—The first divisioune conteaneing the haill superioritie of the saids lands of Gorballis and vtheris belonging thairto, and haill fewdewties payable out of the houssis and yairds; item, the Walleyis Craft, conteaneing ten aikeris, and St. Ninians Craft, conteaneing thriteine aikers, the Parke conteaneing fyve aikers, with the tour, chappell, haill houssis and yairdis, as the samyne wes sumtyme occupyit and posest be Sir Robert Dowglas, with all belonging thairto, togither also with that pairt of the saidis lands callit the Gallowmuir, quhilk is appoyntit to be and stand for ane fourth pairt of the saidis landis of Gorballis. Fallowis the second pairt of the said divisioune:—In the first, the Windmylne Craft, conteaneing thrittie sevene aikers and thrie roods, the Guschett Fauld conteaneing sevine aikers, with Thomas Andersounes four aikers, and the Southmost Muir, with the haill houssis and yairdis thairto belonging, and this to be and stand for ane vther fourth pairt. Fallowis also the thrid pairt of the said divisioune, quhairin is conteanit the south side of Paisley Lone, conteaneing thritie four aikeris ane ruid and a half; item, Grays Hill or Craftangrie, conteaneing seventeine aikeris land or thairby; item, that portioun of the saidis landis callit Bryces Landis, with thes thritie ane aikers land lyand in the muir at the back of Craft Angrie; and this to be and stand for ane vther fourth pairt of the said divisioune. As also fallowis the fourth and last pairt of the said divisioune of the saidis haill landis, quhairin is conteanit Lockis Fauld, conteaneing tuentie thrie aikeris, Dokenlie Fauld conteaneing seventeine aikeris or thairby; item, Stirlings Fauld, conteaneing nyne aikeris or thairby; item, Robert Corbetts land and Jonet Jamesoune, conteaneing sax aikeris, togither also with the saidis landis callit the Coplahillis, with the haill houssis and yairdis thairon; and this to be and stand for the last and vther fourth pairt of the said divisioun of the saidis haill landis and vtheris abouementionat. And thairefter the samyne haill four divisiounes being read and at lenth weill weyid and considered be the saids magistrats and counsell and vtheris men of knowledge in thes affaires appoyntit be them for that effect, and it being concludit and agried vpon be all that the toun keip and take for its pairt of the said divisioune the superioritie of the saidis haill landis, with such portioun of the samyne as is addit thairto and is estimat to be leist commodious, and that the saidis hospitallis sould have thes pairtis and portiounes of the said divisioun that are estimat and holdine most commodious and profitable for the weill of the poore, it is thairfoir statute, appoynted and ordained that the forsaid portiounes callit the first divisioune, conteaneing the superioritie and haill fewdewties of the saidis landis, with the tour, chappell, haill houssis and yairds belonging thairto, and all pertinents thairof, with the said portioun of land callit the Gallowmuir, sall belong and apperteane to the proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh and thair successouris in office, for themselues, to the vse, weill and behoof of the haill communitie of the samyne, and this to remayne in all tyme comeing. And sicklyke, it is appoyntit, concludit and ordained that the aforsaidis tua pairts callit the second and thrid divisiounes, and quhilks conteanes as fallowis:—the Wind Mylne Craft, the Guschett Fauld, Thomas Andersones four aikers, with the aforsaid Southmost Muir, houssis and yairdis thairon, southsyd of Paisley Lone, Grays Hill or Craftangrie, Bryces Land, and the forsaidis thrittie ane aikeris land at the back of the said Craftangrie, sall belong and apperteane to the poore placid and to be placed in the said Hutchesounes Hospitall, and efter the expyreing of the present tackes the samyne is to be sett for the vse of the said hospitall be the advyse of the said magistrats and counsell, and the haill mailles and fermes thairof for the present and in all tyme comeing are to be intromittit with and vplifted be the masters of the said hospitall to be chosen be the saidis magistrats and counsell and thair saidis successouris in office, and to be imployed for the mantenance of the said poore conforme to the foundatiounes of the said hospitall sua farre as the samyne will extend to. And finallie, it is also condiscendit, concludit and aggried that the foirsaid last fourth pairt of the said divisioune, quhilk is this,—the Lockis Fauld, Stirlings Fauld, the foirsaidis Robert Corbett and Jonet Jamesones lands, and the foirsaidis landis callit the Coplahillis, haill houssis and yairdis thairon, and all pertinents thairof, sall belong and aperteane to the forsaid Crafts Hospitall, poore thairof and vthirs crafts foirsaid, according to the proportiounes of money depursit be them for thair pairt of the samyne landis, and the haill mailles, fermes and dewties thairof is to be intromitted with and wplifted be the deacon conveiner, deacons forsaidis, and such vthires as they sall appoynt in all tyme comeing, for the vse of the poore of the said Crafts Hospitall and crafts, according to the proportionable pairtis of the soumes of money depursed be them for thair fourth pairt of the saids landis; and efter the expyreing of the present tackis the samyne is to be sett be them at thair pleasour. And as for the coale, it is thus concludit and agried vpon that quhenevir it sall be thocht meit and convenient to fall to and win the samyne coale againe, it sall be done vpon the equall charges of the proveist, baillies and counsell of this burgh for the tyme, in name of the toune, and be the maister of Hutchesones Hospitall in name thairof, and be the deacon conveaner for the tyme and remanent deacons of the crafts debursers of the pryce of the fourth pairt of the saidis lands of Gorballis, according to thair proportiones of the saidis landis. And the deacon conveaner for the tyme is to be comptable for the collecting in of the forsaidis crafts fourth pairt of the saidis moneyis sua to be debursit for winning the saidis coales, and quhat benefit can be gottine and obteanit eithir throw working the said coall or setting thairof sall be pairted and dividet proportionallie amongst the saidis proveist, baillies and counsell in name of the toune, hospitallis and craftis forsaid, according to thair severall proportionall pairtis of the saidis landis, the lossis of the ground that sall be reddit for the winning and vse of the saidis coall heughis being first made vp to thes to quhom the tinsell belongs. And becaus the teyndis of the saidis landis cannot be convenintly dealt and divydit, the samyne being sett be the Colledge on tack for ane certane dewtie, out of the quhilk thair is payit yeirlie to the minister of Govane (blank) and to the Colledge of Glasgow (blank); and sieing the toune will evir be first sought and requyrit thairfoir, it is thairfoir concordit and agried vpon that the toune sett the saidis teyndis yeirlie as of befoir at the hiest raits, and quhat sall be fund restand of the price to be gottine thairfoir, efter the said colledge and minister of Govane is satisfied, the samyne sall be proportionallie dealt and dividet yeirlie among the toun, hospitallis, and crafts aforsaid; and quhenevir it sall hapin heirefter that ane tack of the saidis teyndis is to be takine of new againe the samyn sall be done and performed vpon all thair proportionall chargis; and the toun is to have the teynd borne and yaird and is to vphold the same.

29 October 1653.

Gray, minister.

It is appoyntit the haill magistratis and counsell meit together on Twysday nixt at ten houris befoir noune, and to goe to the Blakfreir Kirk, and thair to protest againest the admissioun of Andro Gray to be ane of the ministers of this brugh, and apoyntis the clark in thair names to subscryve the protestatioune and declinatour to be givine in thairanent.

Bailleis, Gorballis. Warrand, trowpers.

Johne Bell and Robert Stirling ar continewet baillies of the Gorballis.

Appoynttis and ordaines thes people quho laitlie did furnishe corne and strae to some of the trowpers, conforme to ane compt thairof, to be taken wpe be Baillie Polok, quhilk compt extendis to threttie thrie pund ten schilling, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay the samyne becaus it is to be payit back againe to the towne.

5 November 1653.

Sanderis, St. Nicolas Hospitall.

Appoyntis Gartinkirk and the dean of gild to meit with the relict of vmquhill James Sanderis and to get frome hir the rentall and papers belonging to Sant Nicolas Hospitall.

Gray, minister.

The declinatour and protestatioune that was producet aganest the admissione of Mr. Andro Gray was this day producet and of new againe red and allowed and ordainet to be keiped in retentis.

Warrand, minister.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Hew Young twenttie punds for his service in the Laich Kirk fra Michaelmes 1652 to Michaelmes last.

19 November 1653.

Ryellis saucht.

It is aggreid wpone be the counsell that the haill ryellis which the towne hes that ar guid be sold to James Bell for fiftie sax schilling the vnce.


For the better setleing of the contraversie betwix the towne wrights and strangers imployit of that calling within the towne, it is appointtit that ilk maisterman of the wreichtis, being straingers, sall pay in to the wrichtis box four schilling weiklie, and ilk strainger servand twa schilling weiklie.

26 November 1653.

Anent the 20,000 li.

[Ordained that those who lent the £20,000 in 1645 should be repaid by three yearly instalments, and that they should be infeft in the town's fourth part of the lands of Gorbals in security of their loans.]

Warrand, Monkis regiment.

Appoynts all these wha lent thair horses for convoying away of the seik men and bagage, the last tyme that Monkis regiment removit aff the towne to Falkirk, be payit at fourtie four schilling the horse, [extending to £50 12s.].

Warrandis, St. Nicolas hospitall, &c.

Ordanis the thesaurer to pay to David Stewart four punds that was promittit to him for the maill of ane hous he did put the poor folkis in that was in St. Nicolas Hospitall quhen the guards was put thairine; and to pay to Jonet Baxster, for dichting the cassey since the man was seik quha does the samyne, fiftie aucht schilling.

17 December 1653.

New kill.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, takand to thair consideratioun that they had debursit above four hundrethe merkis for building of ane new kill at the new mylne of Partik, for the better ease of the inhabitantis and all vtheris repairand thairto for drying of thair cornes, it is tharfor ordanit that ilk persone that dryes ane croppe of corne thairat sall pay sax schilling aucht penneis.

24 December 1653.

Warrand, guards.

Ordanis the thesaurer to pay to the persones fallowing the sowmes of money efterspecifeit, for coall and candle furneist be them to the severall guardis, fra the 17 of December instant to the 25 day thairof, at nicht inclusive, to wit, to Charles M'Claine sevintein pundis 6 s. 4 d.; to John Paterson for the Castell guard, 4 li. 5 s. 8 d.; to James Bischop for the guard in Mintois Clos, 4 li. 5 s. 8 d.; to William Reid for the guard in the Meill Mercat, fourti aucht schilling; and to Gabrell Conynghame for the guard in the Merchand Hospitall, 4 li. 5 s. 8 d.

31 December 1653.


Appoyntis ane lettre to be sent to James Borns to buy thrie scoir lether buccattis for the townes vse, and to caus put the name of the towne, Glasgow, theron in great lettres, to be sent home in twa severall shipis.