Extracts from the records: 1657

Pages 353-388

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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3 January 1657.

Lettre to Air.

Ordaines ane lettre to be direct to Aire, and the deane of gild to draw the draught thairof, anent thair refusal to suffer sume of our burgessis to sellar sume of ther commoditeis, thair, castine in be storme of wather.

Lettre to agentis.

Ordaines ane lettre to be direct to Robert Merschell and Williame Braidie to be verie cairfull anent the tounis mater with Greinock, and ordaines the clark to send ane lettre to Robert Wrie to joyne as ane agent with them in that particular, and fyve dollowris to be sent him for that effect.

10 January 1657.

Warrand, poore.

It is ordoured that the twentie punds was gottin fra the executouris of vmquhill Johne Wilsoune, writter, for suffering of him to be buried in the Hie Kirk, be distribute equallie to Jonat Geddes and ane poore mane, Mathow Currie, quha is havilie trublit with the gravell.

Johnesone, wright, crafts.

The act efterspecifeit, being voitit and concludit vpon, on the twentie seavin day of December last bypast, was this day ordainit to be bookit ver[ba]time as it was this day red in counsell, quhairof the tenour fallowis:—Anent the supplicatioune given in be Johne Johnstoune, wright, schewing that quhair thes four yeiris bygane he hes bein exerceising his calling within this brughe, serving wnder frie men thairin, bot neglected to book himself as ane servand in the craftis book, and now he is burges and gild brother of this brughe be right of his wyfe, ane burges and gild brotheris dochter, and so intendis to mack his residence heirin, exerceising his calling honestlie as ane member of that trede of wright craft, and for this effect hes oft verie humblie requyred and desyred the dekin and maisteris of that calling to admitt and receave him ane frie mane with them in that corporatioune and hes offerit them his purse for tacking out therof any moderat fyne they pleasit for his vpsett, but they did altogither reject him and refusit to grant him any heiring, coumpting and esteiming him ane strainger and outtentounismane, althoe he be burges and gildbrother heir as said is; efter which the said Johne did meane himself to the dekin conveinar and dekin thairanent, who could gett nothing done in respect of the outcrying of the frie men of that craft, so that now he is forcit to mack his redres to the saids provest, bailleis and counsell, humblie beseiking them that they wald move the dekin, maisteris and brethrein of the said wright craft, to receave him ane frie mane in ther said tred, vpone payment of ony fyne or vpsett the saids provest, bailleis and counsell sould think meit; as the said supplicatioune mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red and at lenth considderit be the saids provest, bailleis and counsell, efter mature advyce and deliberatioune had thairanent, the said mater being at lenth debaited and reasounit publictlie in counsell, the good of this brughe being foirsein, be pluralitie of voittis, it is inactit, statut and ordainit be the saids provest, bailleis and counsell, that what persoune craftisman soever, being burges of this brughe, as mariand ane burges dochter or vtherwayis, (except ane burges gratis) who sall desyre to be admittit and receavit ane frie mane with any craft or corporatioune within the same with the rest of the brethrein thairof, sall be admittit and receavit thairto be the dekin, masteris and bodie of that craft within this brughe to the quhilk sutche ane persoune sall desyre to be admittit, he being fund ane sufficient and qualified craftismane thairintill, and that vpone payment of suche ane vpsett or fyne as is injoynit to be payit be thais quho servis as prenteissis of that tred or calling when they are admittit friemen thairin, and as is conteinit and sett doune in the lettre of dekinheid grantit to that respective craft be the provest, bailleis and counsell of this brughe for the tyme, without ony farder kynd of objectioune or impediment quhatsumever. And immediatlie thairefter Johne Hall, ane of the present bailleis of this brughe, for himself and in name of the haill craftis in Glasgow, as also Walter Neilsoune, dekin conveinar, for himself and in mame of the haill dekins of craftis within the samyn, Alexander Jafra, dekin of hammermen, for himself and in name of his trede, Robert Carutheris, dekin of tailyouris, for himself and in name of the haill brethrein of his calling, and Patrick Bryce, visitour of maltmen and meilmen, for himself and in name of the haill brethrein of his vocatioune, enterit ther disasentis thairto and protestit in the contrarie of the said act, as ane thing distructive to the former liberteis grantit be the magistratis and counsell of this brughe for the tyme to the severall tradis and corporatiounis within the samyn; and thairvpone askit actis publictlie at the counsell table. And then, therefter, Johne Bell, deane of gild, declairit for himself and in name of the merchand rank that he did meane no sutche thing in prosequuting of the said act but if the samyn act sould be fund to be prejudiciall to ony heid or article conteinit in ony of the lettres of dekinheid grantit to ony tred or corporatioune within this brughe he was content the same sould be nule and of non availl, and thervpone also askit actis.

17 January 1657.

Maill, baickhous.

Anent the supplicatioune given in be James Bell, craveing that the maill of the baickhous was tackin for the baxteris cam from Edinbrugh may be payit according to the tounis promeis, recommendis the same to David Scott, and he to considder quhat is to be rebaited therof for materialls made.


Ordaines the sextein pund that is to be gottin for the twa tries was cutt in the church yaird be delyverit to the deane of gild, to be given and bestowed be him on Jonat Wilsoune, dochter to Johne Wilsoune, condoner, for hir transporting to Irland.

22 January 1657.


[Appointed the dean of guild, deacon-convener, John Walkingschaw and James Stirling, chamberlain of Muckduck, "all or ather of them, to repair to Leith against the twentie sex of this instant, and ther to tack the excyse of beir, aill and acquavytie, as of befoir, for the tounis vse, and to tack the brughe the allone if it can be gottin, and give not to tack also the excyse of the schyre thairwith as of befoir, and that at alse eisie ane rate as they cane for the townis good."]

24 January 1657.

Schoole in hospitall.

Report being made that Hutchesounis Hospitall is mutch wrongit be the schole keepit thairin, recommendis to Baillie Hall and James Bornis to speik with Mr. James King and to requyre him to tack his schoole in ane vther place althoe the toune sould pay him ane yeiris maill therof.

30 January 1657.


The deane of gild and Johne Walkingschaw made report of thair last dilligence in Leith anent the tacking of the excyse, and ordains ane lettre of advyce to be sent to the dekin conveinar to advyse him that give the fyft pairt be addit to the excyse, as is reportit, then at most to offer thairfore twa hundreth and four scoir pund starling, per mensem, bot give that aditioune beis not made then to offer twa hundreth twentie, threttie, fourtie or fyftie punds starling, per mensem, for the haill, give the towne and schyre cannot be gottin divydit.

7 February 1657.


[The deacon-convener reported that the excise of both town and shire had been taken on behalf of the town for the months of February, March, and April.]


Appoyntis the magistratis to speik the ministers anent the collectioune for Pittinweim.

14 February 1657.

Minister of Govane.

Ordainis Williame Colquhoune, colectour to the Gorballis, to pay to the minister of Govane his ordinar stipend dew to him be the toune for the landis of Gorballis for this last yeir, 1656, with the best conveniencie.

Loftis in Kirkis.

At the desyre of the ministers, it is appoyntit that loftis be builded both in the Inner Hie Kirk and in the kirk in Trongait quhair it sall be fund most necessar and commodious, and that with the best convenience.

Ane former act reschindit, crafts.

[Referring to the act passed on 27 December and inserted in the council book on 10 January last] and seing that that mater was endit and concludit on at only one meiting of the saidis magistratis and counsell, quhairas the severall dekins of the respective craftis and corporatiounis within this burghe sould have bein acquentit thairwith and they hard to speik for themselfis leist the samyn sould have provin prejudiciall to ony of thair liberteis and priviledgis grantit to them and thair predicessouris be the provest, bailleis and counsell of this brughe for the tyme, quhilk was not done, and that at the cloising and buiking of the said act thair was divers disasentis and protestatiounis enterit against the same and promissis made that give it sould prove ony wayis prejudiciall to ony of the respective craftis and corporatiounis within this brughe that the samyn sould be made nule and of non availl as thogh the samyn had never bein spockin of or concluded on; and now seing it is averrit and affirmit be the haill dekins of the respective craftis within this brughe that the said act is verie prejudiciall to sundrie of thair former liberties and priviledgis grantit to them and thair predicessouris be the magistratis and counsell of this brughe for the tyme, conform to thair severall and respective lettres of deikeinheidis, and thairfore the saids provest, bailleis and counsell, for the better interteining of the old wonted love, concord, peice and amitie, hes bein inviolablie keepit and observit within this brughe among all rankis and persounis therin now past memorie of mane, quhilk thrughe the blissing of God thairon hes provin verie profitable to this place (as is sein this day) hes, be pluralitie of voitis, reschindit, cassit and annolit, and be the tenour of this present act rescindis, cassis and annolis the forsaid act and ordinance above mentionat, haill tenour and substance thairof, with all that hes fallowit or may fallow thairvpone, swa that the samyn sall be of no force, strenth or effect in tyme cumying, as if the samyn had never bein sett doune, ordainit or concluded vpone; and quhat hes bein spokin and ordainit heirtofoir thairintill is heirby ordained to remaine in oblivioune as if it had never bein done or spockin of, in all tyme heirefter. Lykas, immediatlie, Johne Bell, deane of gild, protestit against the reschinding of the said act, becaus it was never mad yit apeir be ony of the craftis that they did sustein any prejudice thairby, and thairvpone askit actis, publictlie, at the counsell table; and Baillie Hall and the dekin conveinar protestit in the contrair.

18 February 1657.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be the commissioners of the brughe of Sanctandrowis, it is wnanimuslie concluded that ane colectioune be made in ane convenient tyme for the help and supplie of the said brughe, for the reassounis conteinit in the said supplicatioune.

Warrand, kirkis.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of ane thousand fyve hundreth thrie scoir ten pundis, debursit be him to Johne Walkingschaw, for certane jeistis and daillis, for building of loftis in the Hie Kirk and kirk in Trongait, conforme to the former ordour sett doune thairanent; and the loftis in the said Trongait kirk to be builded with all dilligence; and Baillie Hall and Johne Walkingschaw to have ane cair of the building thairof, and to agrie with craftismen thairanent; and appoyntis the dekin conveinar and Williame Andersoune to speik with the regentis of the Colledge for building of ane loft above thair seatis in the Hie Kirk.

21 February 1657.


It being regraited be sundrie that divers persounis within this brughe buyis ane great quantitie of lint in the mercat to sell over againe, quhilk proves verie hurtfull and prejudiciall to many poore people quha buyis that commoditie to spine and mack yairne therof as the only mein of ther lyvlihood, and therfore it is heirby inactit, statute and ordainit, be the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, that no maner of persoune buy any lint in the mercat to sell over againe befoir alleivin houris in the day, wnder the paine of fyve punds how oft and swa oft as they sall contravein.


Appoyntis the haill horologis to be mendit in lettres for the better knowing of the houris, and that with all conveniancie; and Baillie Hall to speik James Colquhoune thairanent and to report.

25 February 1657.

Lettre to Dumbarten.

Ordainis ane lettre to be sent to Dumbarten schawin the burdin of the borrowis to be verie great and not licklie to be made les, and being informed of ane great loadning of salt is to be broght in heir be the tackismen of the excyse of salt, quhilk will prove verie distructive to the haill merchand rank in this brughe and vtheris about the samyn; and seing Thomas Flyming, quhome the said brughe of Dumbarten hes made burges, is ane of thais tackismen, to inquyre at the said brughe be the said lettre whither they will awin that mane or not quha is lyklie to prove so distructive to them and this brughe also; and James Pollok is directed to carie doune the lettre and to bring back ane ansuer; and ordainis the clark to subscryve the said lettre according as vse is in the lyk.

28 February 1657.

Laigh Kirk.

Appoyntis Baillie Allane, Johne Walkingschaw and James Bornis to have ane cair of the loftis quhilkis ar to be builded in the Laigh Kirk.

Sklait, kirkis.

Appoyntis Johne Millar, tailyour, to ryd doune to the Sklait Craig and buy sume sklait for wse of the kirkis.


Appoyntis the provest and Johne Walkingschaw to deall with James Colquhoune anent the collouring of the horologis in the tolbuith.


Appoyntis Baillie Allane, the deane of gild, dekin conveinar, Johne Andersoune, John Walkingschaw, Manasses Lyill, James Pollok, James Bornis and Johne Millar, tailyour, to meit and considder vpone the petitioune presentit this day be the dekin conveinar and dekins of craftis within this brughe anent thair demandis thairin in relatioune to the craftismen in Gorballis, and to informe themselfis what priviledge the lyk wnfrie men as they ar quha dwellis in the subvrbis of Edinbrugh and vther frie borrowis hes, and quhat thes and the lyk ar obleisit to the frie men in the saids frie borrowis; and to mack report thairanent this day aught dayis.

7 March 1657.

New Kirk.

Recommendis, as of befoir, to the deane of gild, dekin conveinar, and James Bornis, to agrie anent the buying in for the tounis vse the rowinous hous at the New Kirk, to be ane iyle thairto.

Blackfreir Kirk.

Appoyntis ane stair to be built vpone the north syd of the Blackfreir Kirk, for macking ane entrie to the counsell loft thair be ane of the windowes, and Johne Walkingschaw to have ane cair to sie the samyn done.

14 March 1657.

Old hous for New Kirk.

Appoyntis, as of befoir, the deane of gild and James Bornis to buy in for the tounis vse the old hous at the New Kirk.

Dekin conveinar to Edinburgh, Gorballis.

Appoyntis the dekin conveinar to ryd to Edinburgh and to seik the advyce of the tounis advocatis anent the petitioune presentit be the craftis against thais in Gorballis.

Purdoune to have the knocks.

It is concluded vpon that Androw Purdoune have the knockis in rewling, and is to have ane cair of the haill thrie knockis, for payment of the old yeirlie fiall was payit to vmquhill Johne Neill.

21 March 1657.

Deane of gild and Hammiltoun to be spockin to.

Appoyntis Johne Walkingschaw and James Bornis yit to speik the deane of gild and also James Hammiltoune, and to requyre them to keep counsall meitings anent the giveing of thair best advycis in materis relaiting to the tounis affairis.


It is concluded to delay to give any answer anent ane vther minister to be added to thais quho ar alreaddie whill the meitting of the burrowis be bypast, and Williame Andersoune to report the same.

Old hous.

Appoyntis Baillie Hall, James Bornis and Johne Millar, tailyour, to agrie anent the pryce of the old hous at the New Kirk.

28 March 1657.

Warrand, Gorballis.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £55 2s. "debursit with advocatis in Edinburgh anent the mater of the craftis with thais in Gorballis."]


Libertie is grantit to thes craftismen in Gorballis quha ar pleasit to grie with the craftismen within this burghe to have ane ovirsmane in ilk craft, to be choysin according as they and the craftis within this toune can agrie thairvpone, quha sall have power to judge in all materis relaiting to thair calling, thes alwayis in Gorballis being subject to the bailleis thair according in all thingis as the frie men within this burghe ar subject to the magistratis thairof.


The magistratis and counsall being informit the suckine is greatlie slightit be sundrie of the toune, and eivin be sume quha hes given thair aithis not to wrong the samyn, ordaines thairfore ane banck to be sent thrughe the toune, be touk of drume, to inhibite and discharge all burgesses to brew or cause brew any malt bot sutche as is grund at the tounis mylnes, as also all vther subject to the suckine, with certificatioune to all quha contravenis sall be made to pay ane wnlaw of ane hundreth pundis and thair fredome is to be cryd doune without any forbeirance.

Hutchesouns steiple.

Recommendis yit to James Bornis, maister of Hutchesounis Hospitall, to caus mend the ruif of the steiple thairof for beter preserving of the knock of the samyn.

Andersoune, cobills.

Ordainis James Andersoune, in Gorballs, to be dischargit to pute any cobills on the water.

4 April 1657.

Old hous at the New Kirk.

Baillie Hall and vtheris, quho wer appoyntit to buy in for the tounis vse the old brunt hous at the Laigh Kirk in Trongait, made thair report that they had endit thairanent with the appryseris, and with the relict of vmquhill Johne Wilsoune, for hir lyfrent, in all for ane thousand punds, wherwith the saids magistratis and counsall war content and did accept the bargane and ordainit to draw vpe the securities thairanent.

Pooris role.

Baillie Allane, in obedience to the counsallis former ordowris, producit the last subscryvit role sett doune anent the poris contributioune, and it being sufficientlie knowine that sundrie persouns quha might pay contributioune war omitted furth thairof, it was thairfore condischendit vpone that ane searche sould be made thrughe the haill toune for tacking vpe the names of the maister of ilk familie, or weidous keeping houssis, and of young men quha keepis chalymeris or hes bedis in vther famaleis; and thairfor they made choyse of the persounis fallowing to doe the same, and to report this day aught dayis:—[here follow names].

Anent the communioune.

The provest and bailleis reportit in counsall that Mr. George Young had bein at them in name of the sessioune, and did signifie to them that the communioune was to be celebrat within this burghe the twa last Sabuthis of Appryle, it was tharfor appoyntit that the maister of wark sould provyde the elimentis and vther thingis relaiting thairto, and Bailleis Allane and Hall to provyd the wyne.

Colectioune St. Androis.

In regaird that the colectioune for St. Androis is to be on Thurisday, the sextein of this instant, it being appoynit to be keepit as ane fast day befoir the receaving of the sacrament of our Lordis Supper, for the better furthering of the said contributioune appoyntis Baillie Allane, with William and Walter Neilsouns, to attend the said colectioune the said day at the Hie Kirke dore; Bailie Cunyngham, Johne Andersoune and Johne Walkingschaw, to attend the Laigh Kirk dore; Baillie Hall, James Campbell, James Bornis and Alexander M'Kinnie, to attend the Blackfrier Kirk dore.

Deane of gild and Marschall, Greinock.

Be pluralitie of voitis, it was concludit that the deane of gild sould ryde to Edinburgh, with all dilligence, and Robert Merschall to ryd with him, to attend the counsall of estait anent Greinockis mater.

Grammer Schole.

Ordainis ane visitatioune to be made on Fryday nixt of the Gramer Schole, conforme to the wounted maner, and the ministeris to be warnit for that effect.

Minister, Barounie Kirk.

Appoyntis the thesaurer to pay to the minister of the Barrounrie Kirk quhat he is able to pay him in pairt payment of his stipand, and to receave his discharge thairof accordinglie.

11 April 1657.

Mr. Fergisoune.

Appoyntis Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune to meit with Allane Fergisoune, and to deall with him anent his concurrance anent the better inbringing of the teynd tack dewtie of the paroschoune of Drymen quhair he is minister.

Grahme to Edinburghe.

It is concludit that Johne Grahme ryd to Edinburgh anent the tounis mater with Greinock, and ather Robert Mershall or Williame Braidie to ryd with him; and give Johne Grahme refuissis to ryd, Johne Walkingschaw wndertackis to ryde.

Wrytis to Edinburgh, Puckie.

Ordainis thes writtis Johne Nicoll writt for to be sent to Edinbrugh to him for drawing vpe the tounis confirmatioune of Puckie and Puckie Mylne, be the provest, bailleis and counsall of St. Androis.


The moutwall contract and agreiment past and endit betwixt the weiveris, friemen within this burghe, and the weiveris in Gorballis, beiring dait the tent of this instant and subscryvit be baith pairteis, was red publictlie in counsall, and thairefter was ratified, allowed and approvin be them, in evrie heid and artickle thairin conteinit, sum of bothe pairteis being present and declaring thair assent thairto.

Warrand, communioune.

Ordanis the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of ane hundreth and fyftie pundis money debursit be him for wyne to the communioune, quhilk is to be celebrat within this burghe the twa last Sabothis of this instant.


It is concluded that the magistratis sall sett doune ane pryce on everie persoune quha refussis to pay ther dewis to the drummer, and thairefter the officiaris to poynd for the samyn.

Flyming, his pairtners and thair servandis.

Appoyntis the magistratis to put Thomas Flyming, as also Collonellis Biltoune and Aikein wnder cawtioune, quhen they cum to the toune, that they sall not wrong the toune in thair liberteis, as also to send for thair servandis and to command and injoyne them not to wrong the toune in its liberties wnder any cullour or pretext quhatsumevir.

Pewderer in Gorballis.

Appoyntis Walter Neilsoune and James Bornis to goe to the Gorballis and to speik with the peuderer thair and to command him in the tounis name to desist from vseing his trade at that place.

18 April 1657.


Appoyntis Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune to ryd eist to Edinburgh or Leith and to tack ane new tack of the excyse was last tackin be the said Walter, at the most eisiest rait they can for good of the toune.

Weiveris in Gorballis.

It is concluded that the provest, bailleis, and sum vtheris of the counsall, goe over to the Gorballis on Mononday nixt to sie the oversmane of the weiveris in Gorballis laitlie choysin instalit in his place, and to requyre thais weiveris in Gorballis to give him dew obedience as becumeth.

Puckie and Puckie Myline.

Thair was red in counsall the scolle or coppie of ane confirmatioune sent hither be Johne Nicoll, quhilk is to be gottine subscryvit be the magistratis and counsall of St. Androwis anent Puckie and Puckie Mylne, quhilk was approvine, and ordanis it to be sent back again to Johne Nicoll to be drawine vpe accordinglie; and appoyntis thais quha rydis eist to tack the excyse to goe over to it and gett it past.

Lockhart, commissionar.

It is concludit that the hundreth pund starling now drawine be Commissar Lockhart, commissionar at the parliament, be payit; and ordainis the remanent burghis in the wast to be writtin to to send in thair pairtis thairof.

Lettre to Lie.

Appoyntis the clerk to writt ane lettre to the Lord Lie, schawing that the towne will concure with him anent the getting of moultir malt excyse frie, and hes therfore appoyntit thair commissionaris quha ar to goe to Edinburgh to concure with ony of his quha goes thither for that effect.

20 April 1657.

Abatement cese.

It is ordainit in counsall that the provest and bailleis subscryve ane nott of the abeatment of the tounis cese of seaven pund ten schillings sterling per mensem for the last sex monethis the yeir preceiding, quhilk is abaited for the vse of the poore conteinit in the warrand; and to declair be the said not that the samyn is distribute alreadie.

Act in favour of the clark.

The saids provest, bailleis and counsall, haveing considerit the complaint and regrait made to them be Williame Yair, thair commoune clark depute, anent the not lowseing out from him of seasingis, be many and divers within this burghe, to quhom they belong, notwithstanding he hes them alredie writtin out and extractit according to his dewtie, quhilk thing was sufficientlie knowin to be trew be many and divers of the counsall; and thairfor the saidis provest, bailleis and counsall does heirby inact, statute and ordaine that all persounis to quhom seasings ar alredie given extract the same within fourtie dayis efter the dait heirof, and sicklyke that all persounis to quhom seasings sall be given heirefter extract the same within twentie dayis efter the giveing thairof, quhilk if they failyie to doe it sall be leassum to thair said clark deputc to exact fra the burgessis, getteris of the saidis seasingis, the prycis conteinit in the lait act of parliament, quhilk is exponit and declairit to be twentie schillings Scottis for ilk seasing mor nor the old ordinarie pryce allowed be the toune to be payit to thair clark, and that in relatioune and according to ane former act of the same natour sett doune be the magistratis and counsall of this burghe for the tyme in favouris of vmquhill John Thomsoune, then thair commoune clark, about threttie fyve yeiris syne.

27 April 1657.

Hie wayis.

Appoyntis Baillie Hall and William Neilsoune to sight and tack ane vew of the brockin hoillis in the commoune wayis and loanis about the toune, for eschewing to be vnlawit at the nixt quarter sessioune, and to report.

28 April 1657.


[Appointed a leter to be sent in answer to one from the town's commissioners at Leith, authorising them to offer £250 sterling per month for the excise, or £10 further if necessary.]

2 May 1657.


The foirsaidis Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune made report that according to the commissioune given to them they went eist anent the tacking of the excize as formerlie, and that with mwtch painis and travell, cannie and wyse dealing, they had now gottin the schyre sched from the toune in the mater relaiting to the excize, and that they had now tackin the excize of the toune onlie, of the aille, beir and acquavytie topit thairin, and that to the first day of Maij nixttocum, at ane hundreth four scoir pund starling per mensem.


Appoyntis the drume to be sent thrugh the toun on Mononday nixt for setting of the excyse of the acquavytie.

Mr. Allane Fergusoune.

The foirsaidis provest, bailleis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioune how that they ar far disapoyntit and ever hes bein anent the dew payment of the tynd tack dewtie of the paroschoune of Drymen, and seing Mr. Allane Fergusoune, minister thairat, hes wndertackin to be verie helpfull and instrumentall for inbringing thairof heirefter, so that the toune sall not neid bott to send vpe ane mane thither twyse in the yeir as he sall give adverteisment to receave the samyn, quha dureing his aboad thair sall be at no chargeis bot sall remaine in his hous and be susteanit, mane and horse; and vpone performance of this his ingadgment, and no vther wayis, the saidis magistratis and counsall heirby wndertakis and faithfullie promeissis to pay to the said Mr. Allane, according as he sall deserve at thair handis in macking good this his wndertackin, the soume of ane hundreth merkis Scottis, yeirlie, and that dureing his aboad and service at the said kirk and performance of his said ingadgment forsaid allenerle and as he sall deserve thairfore at thair handis; and in the first end thairof thair is to be allowit to him the four bollis tynd tack dewtie now awand be himself out of thair landis laitlie boght be him, callit Ballantone, and this is so grantit be the saidis magistratis and counsall as they may ever recall the samyn quhensoever they find the said Mr. Allane to prove deficient in performeing his said wndertacking.

9 May 1657.


Appoyntis John Andirsoune, Johne Walkingschaw, Walter Neilsoune and Williame Andirsoune, to meit with some of the colledge, it being thair desyre to speik and confer anent sum particulars relaiting to the toune and is thoght to be soght be them in thair new gift and to report.

13 May 1657.

Pollok to St. Androws.

James Pollok is ellect commissioner to goe to St. Androwis to get the confirmatioune past anent Puckie and Puckie Myline.

16 May 1657.

Mylnars sworn anent the excyse.

The haill mylinars and onder myliners of the touns mylines and old myline of Partick, with thair servandis that callis the malt, gave all thair great bodilie aithis to be helpfull and assistfull to the tounis colectoris at the mylines, in teling of them, to thair best judgment, quhat quantitie of malt is in everie seck, that they may gett the excyse accordinglie, so that sex furlotis malt pas not for fyve, nor fyve for ane boll, and the lyk.

Muntrose, Gorballis house.

Appoyntis Walter Neilsoune and Williame Andersoune to speik with James Stirling anent quhat sall be the maill of the hous in Gorballis tackin be him for the vse of the earle of Muntrose.

Warrand, kirkis.

Appoyntis the thesaurer ane warrand for the soume of ane thowsand merkis debursit be him to George Aisdaill, and that in pairt payment of the pryce of the sklait boght be the toune fra him for use of thair kirkis, and quhilk he is to delyver with all convenient dilligence.

23 May 1657.

Grahame and Walkingschaw to Edinburgh.

Johne Walkingschaw is electit commissioner to the particular conventioune of burrowis to be haldin at Edinburgh the secund day of Julij nixttocum . . . Lykas, Johne Grahame and the said Johne Walkingschaw ar heirby commissionat to ryd to Edinburgh, for agenting sundrie particularis relaiting to the toune, as to petitioune the counsall of estait for geting the cese imposit on the Gorballis and Craigis remittit and defalcit af the schyre, these landis being now mortified to the hospitallis conforme to the proclamatioune emittit for that effect; as also to petitioune the generall for geting the abetment of seavine pundis ten schilling starling per mensem aff the tounis ces, to be distribut at the sight of the magistratis as formerlie, for the moneth of Febrwarij, March, Apryle last, May instant, Junij and Julij nixt; as also quhat can be done in the tounis particularis against Argyle, and for agenting all vther maters thair relaiting to the toune.


[Approved of a contract dated 22 inst. between the skinners in Glasgow and the skinners in Gorbals.]

30 May 1657.

Bridges, custum.

The table drawine vpe be James Bornis and vtheris apoyntit for that effect, anent the custumes to be colectit at the bridge heirefter, was producit and allowit and approvine, and ordainis the samyn to be printed or ovyrwayis writtin and fixit on ane table and fixit on the bridge in sume convenient place.


Recommendis to the deane of gild to call in the wheit furlott and to rectifie it conforme to the principall missour thairof af Linlithgow that is in the tolbuith; and becaus thair is but ane of thais furlotis, appoyntis the said deane of gild to caus mack ane vther right conforme to the standart.

Warrand, Bornis, fire ingyne.

Ordainis James Bornis to have ane warrand for the soume of twentie fyve pund stairling, debursit be him to James Colquhoune out of the money he colectit for the bucketis, and that for the pryce of the ingyne laitlie made be the said James Colquhoune for the occatioune of suddent fyre, in spouting out of water thairof, conforme to the counsallis former ordouris given thairanent.

Clark, Laigh Kirk.

Ordainis Baillie Allane, Johne Walkingschaw, James Bornis and James Colquhoune, to meit with Johne Clark, maissoune, and to setle and agrie with him anent the building of the iyle at the Laigh Kirk, and to considder vpone the most commodious way the samyn can be done and for macking the entrie to the said kirk alse spacius as can be.

M'Lucas, custume, bridge.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Colein McLucas anent the lose susteinit be him for the want of the custume of fulyie at the bridge efter the emiting of the proclamatioune that no fulyie sould be transportit but to the Gorballis and vther toune landis, it is condischendit that the thesaurer quyte him twentie four pund Scottis.

2 June 1657.

Common good set.

[Mills, 9650 merks; ladles, 3200 merks; meal market, 700 merks; tron, 670 merks; bridge, 1530 merks; grass of Little St. Mungo's kirkyaird, a rex dollar, "given to the officiaris to buy thair drinke."]

13 June 1657.


Report being made that the merchand rank and craftis are wiling to mentein thair awine poore, the haill counsall does allow and approve the same, and recommends to the deane of gild and dekin conveinar to meit so sone as they can with sutche of thair respective number as they think convenient, and laye doune the best meins they think convenient for fallowing thrughe the samyn.

Colquhoune, horologis.

It is condischendit and agried to pay to James Colquhoune thrie hundreth and fyftie merkis for to collor and dres againe the horologis and gilting of the lettres.

Laigh Kirk.

Report was made be thais quha war appoyntit to speik with Johne Clark anent the building of the iyle at the Laigh Kirk that they had agried with him thairfore for twelf hundreth merkis.

Hous in Gorballis.

Appoyntis Baillie Allane, the dekin conveinar and James Pollok, to pas with James Colquhoune and sight the tounis hous in Gorballs and sie quhat is neidfull to be repairit thairintill, and that they give ordour for rectifeing quhat is neidfull to be done against the entrie of the earle of Muntrose to quhome the samyn is sett.


It is concluded that the ingyne laitlie made be James Colquhoune be saitlit neir himself, and the maister of wark to mack ane hous of daillis thairto.

Loft in Hie Kirk.

Appoyntis Johne Andersoune and Johne Walkingschaw to speik the maisteris of the colledge anent the loft to be builded in the Hie Kirk, and to report.

Maissounes and wrightis.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be the meassounis and wrightis, Baillie Allane, Johne Andersoune, Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune, to tack ane vew of the brunt landis yit wnbuilded and how the frie men meassounis and wrightis ar imployed, and to report this day aught dayis.

20 June 1657.

Wilsoune, paisis.

Walter Neilsoune made report that, conforme to the counsallis ordour, he had agried with Patrick Wilsoune for drawing of the Hie Kirk knock paisis, quhilk the toune is to pay heirefter, and it is to be rememberit.

Warrandis, house in Trongait.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for £380 disbursed to Thomas Pollok, merchant, and his partners, and £180 disbursed to Jonat Neilsoune, for their rights to "that rowinous hous in Trongait at the Laigh Kirk quhilk sumtyme perteinit to the deceist Johne Wilsoune."]

Logane in Gorballis.

Appoyntis the provest, bailleis, and vtheris of the counsall quha pleissis to goe with them, to pas at ony convenient tyme heirefter to the Gorballis and sie the twa corballis putt out be Johne Logane cuttit, becaus he was severall tymes dischargit of befoir to doe the samyn.

Adame, fyre.

It is concluded that ther be ane contributioune colectit thrugh the toune for the helpe and supplie of Johne Adam and vtheris quha war damnified at the last suddent fyre.

Anent the poore.

Appoyntis the deane of gild, Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune, James Campbell and William Andersoune, to meitt with the ministers and vtheris of the sessioune, for composeing of the differance that is betwixt the toune and sessioun anent the pooris contributioune and distributioune thairof.

Warrand, Goosedubes.

Ordainis the thesaurer ane warrand for the soume of four scoir merkis debursit be him to David Biskat, tailyour, for the right and dispositioune made be him to the toune of twa ruids land at the Goose Dubes formerlie sett in few be the toune and now disponit back againe be him.

Forgusoune, Jamiesoun in Gorballis contra Paull, thair.

The saidis provest, bailyeis and counsall, being conveinit and of befoir the tryall of the complaints given in be David Fergusoun in Gorballis and Jonat Jamesoune, thair, against Claud Paull, officiar thair, beiring that wnder culour of ane few chartour sett to him be the saids provest, bailyeis and counsall, of the hous and yaird belonging to the Lipper Hospitall thair, the said Claud did oppres the saidis compleinaris, out of plaine malice, neidleslie, and did quhat in him lay to mak thair lands altogither wnprofitable to them, maynlie thrugh closeing of ane old stank was ever thair, past memorie of mane, for convoying the watter fell thairin to Clyd, and for stoping maliciouslie the said David Forgisounis lightis and macking the water so to ryse that it did slockine out the said Jonat Jamesounis furnace. [A committee who had visited the ground and considered the complaints reported] that they had ordained the said Claud Paull to remove his twa new syd wallis fra the said David Forgisounes gavill ane full ell, and to opine vp the syour againe and keep it vpone the full breid it was of befoir, for the better convoying away the water fallis thairin to Clyd, and that betwixt and this night at eivine, wnder the paine of twentie punds, by and attour he sall be subject to performe the premissis; and alse that they had decernit the said Claud Pawll presentlie to remove his treis af the said Jonat Jamesouns grund and hir fulyie fra the syd wall of hir brew hous, wnder the said paine; and also appoyntit the said Jonat Jamesoune to build vpe hir awine furnace agane and the said Claud not to truble hir thairanent heirefter.

Warrand, Yair, writings.

Ordainis the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of ane hundreth merkis debursit be him to Williame Yair for writing fyftie seavine long missives to the burrowis and vther thingis done be him from tyme to tyme in relatioune to the toune.

27 June 1657.

Agriment with the cessioune anent the poore.

Johne Walkingschaw, for himself and in name of thes wha war appoyntit to meit with the ministeris and sessioune anent the mater of the poore, made report that they had agreid, and that the horning and suspentioune raisit sould both of them ceise and be no further prosecuit, and that the sessioune was to sett doune ane act anent divers vtheris artickles quhilk is appoynt to be insert in this book how sone as it cumes in, and the magistratis ar to contribut thair best helpis for ingeting of the pooris contributioune.

1 July 1657.

Maissouns and wrightis.

The forsaides provest, bailleis and counsell of this brughe, having now and oft befoir taken to thair serious consideration the supplication given in befor them be the decones off maissones and wryghtes within this brughe, for themselves and in name of thair severall bretherine of thair trades and corporationes, schewing that now thes divers yeares bygaine they have beine hinderit and impeidit fra injoying thes ancient liberteis and priviledges grantit and conferit wpon them and thair predicessors be thair severall letters of deaconheidis grantit to them be the provest, bailleis and counsell of this brugh for the tyme, and that be the greatt imployment given to strangers of thes callinges within the samyne brughe, be the inhabitentes thairof quha hes thair housses and landes in bulding, and yet notwithstanding of all that the saides bretherine of the saides severall trades hes born burding of quarterings and uthers the lyk within the brughe, quhairof the saides strangers ar frie and nowayes burdined thairwith, it is thairfor this day concludit and agried be the saides provest, bailleis and counsall, that no wnfrie person, aither maisson or wryght, shall be sufferit or tollerat to tak or work any farder taskes or work within this brughe after this day nor they have taken alredie, and that thes strangers, maissones and wryghtes, shall not have libertie to work but wnder friemene of the saids severall trades, burgesses of this brughe, provyding that the saids friemen tak nor seek no farder wages in the day nor fyftine shillinges Scotes for ilk dayes work fra thes who shall happine to imploy them; and ordines thir presentes to be intimat be touk of drume.

20 li. remitit, Ladie Sincklar.

For divers good causes known to the magistrats and counsallers, to quyt and remitt the tuentie pund Scotis quhilk should be goten for granting libertie to burie the Ladie Sincklar within the High Kirk.

4 July 1657.

Report, Gorballs, Craiges.

Baillie Hall maid report of his diligence in supplicating the counsall of state anent the abaitment of the sess of the landes of Gorballis and Craiges.


Ordaines the cordinours to produce thair right to that place quhair they keep thair markit, this day aught days, with certificatione if they doe not, the counsall will mak use of that markit place as they please.

Commissioun, Polok, Londone.

James Polok, lait baillie, is heirby commissionat be the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, to repair to Londone and thair to agent all and evry thing hes relatioune to the toune, and ordaines his charges to be allowit and payed be the toune, and the clark hes subscryved and sealed the said commissioune.

Warrand, New Kirk.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for 400 merks disbursed to "John Clark, maissone, in pairt payment of his task in building the yle at the New Kirk."

Warrand, mills.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay back to the farmers of the mills £500 Scots in respect of the great losses sustained by them.]

11 July 1657.

Warrand, Colladge new signatour.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for £37 disbursed "anent the consultatione maid be advocatis in relation to the Colladg new signatour;" £6 for Bailie Hall's charges attending three days thereon; and 24s. "disbursed for wryting thrie supplicationes."]

Stirling, salmound stok.

William Stirling is appoyntit to have that place last occupied be the deceased William Andersoune to have charge of the salmownd stok and breking of the samyne; and that wpone conditione to tak no mair for the tailles nor is contined and set doune in the former actes maid thairanent; quhilk is ordained to be looked out and red to him for that effect; and he is to have no benifit thairby for this seasoune but the defunctis relict onlie, wnles he agrie with hir thairanent.


Appoyntes the maister of wark to cause lay, with dailles, ane peace of the printers housse to be his wark house, and that be sight of Baillie Hall and James Barnes.

13 July 1657.

Report, Gorballis, Craiges cesse.

John Walkinshaw and Walter Neilsoune maid report of ther last diligence in Edinbrughe anent the tounes affaires and produced ane act grantit be the counsall of state anent the frething of the Gorballis and Craiges of cesse according to the petitiounes given in thairanent. As also ther was ane lettre direct from Commissar Lockhart.

Throwgh stones.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, taking to thair consideration the greatt abuse liklie to arise throw the frequent inputing of throwghe stones in the Hie Kirk yard of ane far greatter lenth and bread nor befor and of far graitter number, quhairby ther ar sundrie wronges and enormities committed in the said High Kirk yeard; for remidie quhairof, it is heirby inacted, statut and ordained, that no throwgh stone be permittit to enter the said kirk yaird whill they be first hewin and dressed without, and the saids hewing removed and takin away, and than to be booked and paid for; and that no throwgh stone be maid of greatter quantitie nor tua elles of lenthe and one of bread, and that thes that ar now in dressing and shall be dressed heirefter shall be dressed so and polished accordinglie; and in lyk maner that nane of the said throwghe stones sall be drawin in the said kirk yaird with horsses but with slaides and the help of men allenerlie.


Recommendes to Baillie Allan and John Walkinshaw, and uthers quhom they shall chuse, to advyse anent the best and commodious forme how the yle in the Laigh Kirk shall be buld.

22 July 1657.

Printer, warrand.

The saidis magistratis and counsall, wnderstanding that the printer is now cume hither and that the toune is only to pay to him for his transporting ten dollouris, and being certanlie informed that he hes above (blank) laidis of greath broght hither, and is to pay thrie punds thrie schillings four penneis for the cariadge of ilk laid thairof, and seing that the said printer, Androw Andersoune, hes wndertackine to prent the table of the bridge customes, the thesaurer is thairfore ordained to have a warrand for the soume of four scoir punds debursit be him to the said prentar, to help to pay for his said transporting, quhairin the saids ten dollouris ar to be included.

24 July 1657.

Contributioune distribute.

The persounis wnderwrittin being conveinit, they ar to say, the provest, bailleis Allane and Hall, maisters James Durahme, George Young and Hew Blair, ministers, with Williame Neilsoune and Patrick Bryce, maltmen, thair was producit the contrabutioune colectit for supplie of thais quha sufferit by the lait fyre, extending to £1028 18s. 4d. quhilk the saidis persounis did distribute as fallowis:—to Johne Adame, for repairing of his landis, £700; to Archbald Andersoune, cordoner, £180; to Adame Gray, £80; to Jonat Muir, weidow, £20, and to Baillie Hall for cuiring of thais quha was hurt at the fyre, £40; and aught punds to be farder distribute to the hurt people.

1 August 1657.


The maner of the distributioune of the last contributioun colectit anent the fyre being red publictlie was allowed and approvine.

Stirling, salmoun.

Williame Stirling wha was formerlie appoyntit to breck the salmount, gave this day his aith thairanent, to quhome was red the old act sett doune anent the pryce of taillis, quhilk is conforme thairto aught penneis for the taile of ane litle salmont and sextein penneis for the taile of ane meikle ane; at the most, be conneivence of the counsall, to tack ane schilling for the litle and twa schilling for the meikle and no farder, wnder the paine of deprivatioune.

Protesteris in counsall and deserteris thairof.

For preventing of sum misdemanour, quhilk hes bein formerlie vseit be sundrie befoir in counsall, it is concluded, inactit, statut and ordained, that quhatsumever persoune or member of counsall sall heirefter enter any protestatioune against any mater quhatsumever voycit in counsall and concluded be pluralitie of voitis thairin, or yit wilfullie desertis the counsall, sall be fund wncapable to beir any charge, ather as magistrat or counsallour thair, in all tyme thairefter.

Burrowis, warrand.

Johne Walkingschaw made report of his last dilligence in Edinbrugh, and declairit the generall conventioune of burrowis sould have conveined heir in July last is to convein heir the twentie day of October nixttocume, and that necessar it is to gett the warrand grant be the generall for that effect; and ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of fyftie sex punds debursit for his and dekin conveinaris chargis and debursmentis and for ten punds for ther horssis hyre.

8 August 1657.

Horologis, warrand, Bornis.

It is concluded and agried vpone be the saidis magistratis and counsall that James Colquhoune paint and fix the tounes armes and yeir of God on everie horologe brode, and that being done grantis warrand to James Bornis to pay to the said James Colquhoune, for the paynting and cullouring of the four horolodge brodis of the tolbuith and gilting the lettres thairof as they now stand, the soume of four hundreth merkis money, out of the money colectit for the buckatis, and quhat the said James does farder to the globis he is to be satisfied thairfore be sight of Johne Walkingschaw.


It is concluded that no prenteis that beis bund be the toune heirefter gett of prenteis fie but fourtie pundis.

Stewart, Blackfrier Kirk.

Ordaines the executouris of vmquhill Johne Stewart, youngar, to be persewit at the siting doune of the nixt sessioune for the money was assignit be John Stewart, elder, for the vse of the Blackfreir Kirk; and the proces was persewit befoir the commissar to be tackine vpe.

Warrand, Blackfreir Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Robert Forrest twentie punds for his last yeiris fiall in tacking vpe of the psalmes in the Blackfreir Kirk, and to pay him ten merkis farder for his supplie, and not to be hard anent the lyke ten merkis heirefter.

15 August 1657.

Brock, scole.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be William Brock, sone to (blank) Brock, gairner, grantis licence to him to tack vpe ane schole provyding he tack it vpe in Saltmercatt.

21 August 1657.

Aditioune to the excyse.

In respect of the lettres direct hither from eist be the commissionaris of excyse anent the aditioune made thairto, be pluralitie of voitis it is concludit that twelf schillings Scottis of excyse be exactit of ilk maske malt mair nor of befoir, and swa ilk maske is to pay thrie punds twelf schillings of excyse, and to begine this day.

Fergusoune and vtheris in Gorballis.

Report being made be Bailleis Allane and Hall, and vtheris appoyntit for setting of mairche stanes betwixt David Fergusoune, Jonat Jamesoune and Claud Paull, that they have done thairin accordinglie, the samyn was allowed and approvin and licence grantit to the said David and Jonat to build ane thine dyk betwixt the said Claud and them according as the saids mairsche stanes ar sett.

29 August 1657.

Baxters meassours.

Ordaines the deane of gild to caus call in the haill meassoures the baxters hes and to sie them maid right the most commodious way he and the rest of his bretherine shall think expedient, conform to the standert, and this to be don with all diligence.

Timber, kirk in Trongait.

Appoynts Baillie Allane, James Colquhoune, Walter Neilsoune, James Campbell, James Bornes, and the maister of wark, to cause provyd and buy timber for outreding the kirk now in building in Trongait, and thairefter the toune to give band for the pryce thairof.

Warrand, Trongait Kirk.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for 1,000 merks "deburst be him to John Clark, maissone, in pairt payment of the wark of the kirk in Trongait, and this by and besyd four hundreth merkis he receavit of befor."]

Andersone, wrights.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be the relict of vmquhill James Rodger, grantis hir licence to keipe and deteine the twa strangers wrightes that shoe hes, for ten dayes or thairby, for compleiting of hir house.


Appoyntes Baillie Allane, John Walkinshawe, the deacon conveinar, Manasses Lyell and James Colquhoun, to send for the deacone of wrightes and sum of his maisters, to let them wnderstand the great greavous reportes given in against them be thos who hes ther land in building, and to lay doune sum good solid course how thais evilles may be remeidit heirefter.

Warrand, Colquhoune, Gorballes.

[Ordained William Colquhoune, collector of the rents in Gorbals, to pay to James Andersoun £517 18s. "debursit on the mendin, beiting and repairing of the tounes house in Gorballes."]

Corssis, wrights, glaswrights.

Anent the supplicatioune given in be James and John Crossis, wrightes, burgessis of this burghe, mackand mentioune that quhair they, heiring ane great outcry maid be sundrie of the inhabitantes of this brughe against the great and exorbitant pryce tackin for the foot of glas, and being also informed that shortlie efter the lait suddent fyre in anno jm vjc fyftie twa, the magistrates and counsall of this burghe for the tyme wer seiking for glaswrightes from Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Aberdeine, and wther places, for exerceising of that trad within the samyne, for the weill of thos who had thair land brunt, on quhom they wer willing to confere the libertie and fredome of the toune, in regaird the haill glaswrightes within this brughe (ecept James Elphanstoune) wer depairted this lyfe; and now the said supplicantis, finding themselves capable to goe about and exerce the macking of glaswindowes and wthers belonging to that wark, and being both of them burgessis of this burghe and friemen of the corporatioune of wright trad within the samyne, quhairof ane glaswright is ane pendicle, they did begine to mack sume glas windows, and sold the samyn to diverse persones to thair full contentment, and took onlie for the foot thairof four shilling Scotis, quhairas wthers tack fyve shilling for the lyk and no les, and the said supplicantis ar most willing to mack glaswindowes and to serve the inhabitantis thairwith and to tack onlie thrie shillinges aught pennies Scotis for the foot of the samyne, and ar content to have thair wark tryed to the full anent the sufficiencie and insufficience thairof; and now John Otterburne, present deacone of the wrightes, hes discharged the said supplicantes for macking of ony glaswindowes and exerceising of that trad ony farder; the said magistrates and counsall ar the fathers of the commoune wealth of this burghe, the said supplicantis did humblie requeist and desyre them to consider aright quhither this thair offer be profitable to the said brughe or not, and, if it be, that it wold please the said magistrates and counsell to grant the said supplicantis warrand to conteinow in macking of glaswindowes for the guid and profeit of all thos who pleaseth to imploy theme. Quhilk supplicatioune being red and considerit be the said provest, bailleis and counsall, and knowing all this to be trew as is thairin conteined, and finding the offer abovewryttine to be profitable and conducable to the inhabitentes wha hes to doe thairwith, and that the said supplicantis ar not only burgessis of the said brughe but also frie with the wright trad, and that the tred of a glaswright is nothing but ane pendicle of that calling, and seing the said supplicantis ar capable of making of glaswindowes and able to serve the inhabitentis thairin, and that thair offer anent the pryce of the foot of glase is verie fair, thairfoir the said magistrates and counsall hes given and grantit, and be thir presents gives and grants full warrand, pouer and commissioune, to the said James and John Corssis, supplicantis, for macking of glaswindowes and to exerce that trad for the serving of all who pleaseth to imploy them thairintill, seing the said offer tendis so much to the guid of the inhabitentis who pleaseth to imploy them in thair trad.

1 September 1657.

Hie Kirk, toofall.

It is concludit that, in all speid, that the south toofall of the Hie Kirk that is sklaitit and ruinous be repaired with all speid, and for this effect appoyntis Baillies Allane, John Walkinshaw and Walter Neilson, to agrie with warkmen for doun tackin and rebuilding thairof.

Minister, Barronrie Kirk.

Appoynts the minister of the Barronrie Kirk to be payit of his last yeires steipand for sex chalder, conforme to the Deuks feire, and for wther twa chalder conform to the commissar feire.

Ratificatioune of twa decreites, crafts.

The twa decreitis given out and pronuncit be the deacon conveinar and deacon of craftis against James Padie, John Cauldwall, Androw Love and Williame Govane, the ane daitit the sext of August last, the wther the elivinth of the said moneth, being red publictlie and considered wpon be the said magistratis and counsall, they did ratifie and approve the samyne and evrie heid thairof, according to the laudable acts of the gildrie sett doune thairanent.

5 September 1657.

Flemyng, diurnall.

Appoynts John Flyming to wryt to his man who lyes at London to send hom for the tounes wse, weiklie, ane diurnall.

Hie Kirk.

Report being maid be thes who wer apoyntit anent the doune tacking and repairing of the south toofall of the Hie Kirk, and that they had aggried with James Cors thairanent for sex scoir pundes, was allowed and approvine.

Excys, wrights.

Appoyntis John Walkinshaw and Walter Neilson to ryd to Edinburgh to tack ordour anent the aditional excyse; and quhen they com thair, to raise ane suspensioune anent the charge of horning given be the wrights of this brughe to wnfrie men wrightes.

Timber, Laigh Kirk.

Baillie Allan, and wthers appoyntit for buying of tries to the Trongait kirk, maid report that they had alredie bought sex treis from John Walkinschaw, quhilk was allowed and approvine, and ordaines ane band to be subscryvit to him for thes and quhat farder shall be bought from him for the said wark.

Malt maid in Gorballs.

It is statut and ordainit that the maltmen in Gorballes aither present ther malt to the mercat, as wther contrimen does, or then to suffer the visitour of maltmen of this brughe and his quarter maisters to sight and visit thair killes monethlie, according as is done to the frie men maltmen within this brughe, for tacking tryell anent the sufficiencie and insufficiencie of the malt maid be them, for eshowing of prejudice to the buyers and punishing of the guiltie for wnsufficient stufe.

Chirurgianes, doctoris of phisick.

James Thomson, deacone of chirurgianes, compeired in the counsall, being sent for, and was discharged publictlie that nether he nor his bretherine of calling should mack any kind of agriement with the doctors of phisick anent the colledge of phisitianes, craved to be erected be them, whill he did first aquant the counsall thairwith, quha promised it should be so.

March stones, Blacharne.

Appoynts Baillie Allane and William Neilsoun to sie the march stones sett quhilks ar appoyntit to be sett betuixt the tounes landis and Blacharne.


The provest, bailleis and counsall of the said brughe being conveined, and tacking to thair serious consideratioune that notwithstanding of all the haill houssis and tenements alredie bulded within the samyn since the lait suddant fyre, quhilk happined thairin in anno 1652, yit the far most pairt and mickle mair is not yit rebuldit that was then brunt and consumit, and seing many of the inhabitantis ar in resolutioune and intendis to rebuld the said decayed and brunt places of the toune as yit not rebulded, and the said magistratis and counsall also wnderstanding that ther is ane great desert in hindring of that commendable pollicie, and speciallie the samyn to be much impeidit be the strick and wnwarrandable acts sett doun be the deacones of wrightis of this brughe and bretherine of that calling, altho, for the tender respects the said magistrats and counsall had to the florishing estait of the said wright trad within the samyn, they laitlie be thair act discharged any wnfrie man wright to work within this brughe but wnder frie men wrightis burgessis thairof, yit for all that they do quhat in them lies to hinder all good pollicie thairintill relaiting to that calling, be thair said strict and wnwarrandable actis as said is; it is thairfor heirby enactit, statut and ordainit, be the said provest, bailleis and counsall (having the good of all the inhabitentis befor thair eyes, and in particular the wtilitie and proffeit of that trad and calling) that it shall be leassume to evrie frie man wright within this brughe, burges thairof, to keip and hold ane prenteis with twa sufficient jornay men or servandis, and quhair it shall happin the said frie men to have no prenteis it shall be leassum to him to keip and hold thrie jornay men or servands, quhilks jornay men or servandis shall be haldin and astrictit to pay yeirlie in to the craftis box of the said calling, for the helpe and supplie of the poore thairof, threttie shilling Scottis money, and that in satisfactioune of all can be craved of them for thair booking as servandis be the craft; and appoyntis this to be intimat be touk of drume.

12 September 1657.


Appoyntes the maister of wark to red the chalmer nerrest to the hous quhair the printer duells, for his wse.

Drygait brig.

Its appoyntit and concludit that the Drygait brige be maid broder and repairit.


Ordaines the former act sett doune anent the cairters to be printed and hung in sume publict place, to the effect they may be maid to labour according thairto.

19 September 1657.

Kilburnie, herring.

Ordaines ane letter of thankes to be wrytine to the laird of Kilburnie for the faverable offer he hes maid to our burgessis to have libertie to mack thair herring on his landes in Greinok and to mack daill houssis for thair shalter, and to have all the accommendatiounes that his land can affuird.


Recommendis to Baillie Allane and the maister of wark to cause dres the lampes in the hie gallrie.

Thrughe stones.

Recommendes to Walter Neilsoune, deacon conveinar, to suffer no thrughe stone to be brought within the church yaird quhill first they be maid conforme to the appoyntit meassour, and that the samyne be booked and the dewes thairof payit.

24 September 1657.

Letter from General Monk to Lord Protector regarding free elections in the burghs of Scotland. (A.P.S., vol. vi., part ii., p. 913); Letter from General Monk to Lord Protector.

Dalkeith, 24 September, 1657.—General Monck to the Protector.—May it please your highnesse.—I have taken a view of the inclosed paper, and in obedience to your highnesse commands doe humbly submit this my opinion concerning the same, that your highnesse would bee pleased not to signe either this or any other paper of the like nature to Glasgow, or any other citty or burgh within this nation, for the reasons following:—First.—By God's great mercy, and your hignesse unwearied indeavours, these nations, after longe and many tumblinges, are entring into a settlement, and that uppon parliamentary principles, which to disturbe by such interpositions can bee no way adviseable, for the burghs of this nation hold nott only their respective incorporations, and therein their severall liberties and priveleges, by grant under the great seal from their severall kings, but the same are also ratified by their severall parliaments. Secondly.—The commissioners of the parliament of England, who were sent hither in anno 1651, did, upon the submission of the said burghes unto our government, ratifie to them their said charters, all whose proceedings being reported to the parliament in England, upon their return, anno 1652, were by the said parliament approved. Thirdly.—In pursuance of those proceedings, your highnesse, by your ordinance dated the 12th of April 1654, did unite this nation in one commonwealth with England, and therein made no exceptions to any the afforesaid proceedings, which said ordinance is since also become an act of parliament. Fourthly.—The ordinance herein insisted on, dated the 11th August of 1654, is by this parliament made null and voide but not confirmed. Fifthly.—In the petition and advice, it's said in the very first article, your highnesse is to govern according to this petition and advice, in all things therein contained, and in all other thinges according to the lawes of these nations, and not otherwise. Wherefore, the premisses considered (though I wish the remonstrateing party very well) I cannot in the least advise to an act in my apprehension so clearly opposite to law, but rather to the contrary; because in the petition and advice there is sufficient provision made for this very particular, or at least such provision as by the parliament was adjudged sufficient. Besides, upon a politique account, I am much more free to diswade your highness from, then perswade to this thing, because all the burghes in Scotland (being incorporated into one body) were the very first that owned us and submitted to us, and have ever since lived peaceably under us, and whose interest is most agreeable with ours, by reason of their trade and traffick, and so more easily to bee interwoven with ours, and therefore more tenderly and carefully to bee cherished by us. Now, by such an act (as permised) to disoblige one is to disoblige all, and will bee, I am afraid, too great a weakening of your highness's interest and power here; and the doeing of it cannot any way strengthen your hands. Lastly, seeing my advice is against the thing itself, I need say nothing as to the persons, whom I hear to bee good men; but I should humbly advise they may bee left to the free election of their fellowburgesses rather than your highness should, by command or otherwise, in the least interpose therein. All which is most humbly submitted to your highnesse's better judgment, by your highnesse's most humble servant. (Signed) George Monck.

26 September 1657.

Lettre to Ranfrew.

Appoyntes James Campbell to ryd to Ranfrew with ane letter and to inquir at the magistrates thair quhat is the caus that they impeid our water serjentes to lift thair dewes as of old.


Ordaines ane banck to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drume, to charge all maner of persoune to pay thair localitie thanckfullie without any trubling of the magistrates thairfor, or then to certifie them to pay the double thairof.

29 September 1657.

Lettre producit, electioune.

The provest producit ane letter direct from his highnes the Lord Protector, quhairby his hienes desyres the electioune of the magistrates of this brughe be deferred wntill he sall be mor fullie informed in that particular.

3 October 1657.

Drysdaill teynds.

It is concludit, statutit and ordainit, that no tackis be sett of the tyndis of the landis within the paroschoune of Drysdaill bot to the heritouris thairof, ilk ane of thame for thair awine lands allenerlie.

Corse and Elphinstoun, Kirks.

Ordaines ane hundreth and twentie pundis to be payit to James Corse, wright, at his compleiting of the wright wark of the twa wast most toofalls of the Hie Kirk; as also that thair be payit to Alexander Eglingtoun, wright, the soume of (blank) awand to him for proping of the Laigh Kirk roofe and macking of the new roofe thairto and vtheris conteinit in the agriment sett doune thairanent.

Montroise, Gorballis.

Thair was subscryvit in favouris of the Marqueis of Muntroise [ane tack] of the haill landis and yairds in Gorballis now presentlie occupyit be his lordship, and that dureing the space of fyve yeiris furth and fra Whitsonday last, for payment yeirlie of the soume of ane hundreth four scoir pundis Scottis money, and he is to be frie at the first thrie yeiris end, or at ony Witsonday thairefter dureing the tyme of the tack, mackand premonitioune at the Witsonday preceiding.

Band, Clark, New Kirk.

Thair was ane band subscryvit in favouris of John Clark, maissoune, conteining the soume of twa thowsand sex hundreth merkis, quhilk is to be payit to him efter he compleitis the maissoune wark of the New Kirk.

Warrand, Laigh Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of ane thowsand merkis quhilk was debursit be Patrick Bryce on his accoumpt to the said John Clark, maissoun, in pairt payment of his maissoune wark at the Laigh Kirk.

M'Clane, jaylour.

The saidis magistratis and counsall, being weill satisfied with the good service of Charles M'Clane, thair present jaylour and keeper of the tolbuith of this burghe, and of his fidelitie, dexterous and [discreit] deportment in that charge, they thairfore have ordainit ane admissioune to be subscrivit to him of the said charge dureing his lyftyme, and ane right to all the fies, proffeitis and benifeitis belonging thairto, conforme as is conteinit in the act sett doune quhen vmquhill Gawine Naissmith was first admittit to the said charge; and seing the said Charles hes fund cautioune alreddie to warrand the magistratis of this burghe of quhat sall escape him in his office, he is to renew thes cautioneris for the effect foirsaid quhensoever any of thes alreddie fund beis removeit by death, according as the magistratis for the tyme sall requyre him for that effect, they requyred being of no heigher degrie nor burgessis of this burghe.

5 October 1657.

Justice Court fynis.

The last yeiris fynis vplifted in the justice of peace court being this day red publictlie, and the distributioune thairof in puting of prenteissis to craftis, was all ratified and approvin as it standis in Alexander Cumings bookis, clark to the said court.

6 October 1657.

Protestatioune anent the continewatioune of the electioune of the magistrates.

The foirsaidis magistratis and counsall being conveinit, it being the first Tysday efter Michalmes and so the ordinarij day quhairon the magistratis of this burghe wer wont and in vse to be electit and choysine, and yit seing for giveing obediance to ane lettre of advyce direct to this burghe be his hienes, the Lord Protector, to defer the said electioune quhilk sould have bein this day made anent the chuising of the magistratis thairof whill his hienes be better informeit anent that mater, they did defer the samyn according thairto, it was protestit for be the saidis magistratis and counsall present that the said delay sould not be prejudiciall to the provest, bailleis and counsall of this burghe, anent thair ordinarij electioune of magistratis thairin in tyme cuming as formerlie, conforme to the freidome and libertie grantit to this burghe thairanent, and thair vse and conswetude thairintill of befoir.

10 October 1657.

Letter from Samuel Disbrow to Mr. Secretary Thurloe as to election of magistrates. (A.P.S., vol. vi., part ii., p. 913); Letter from Samuel Disbrow to Mr. Secretary Thurloe.

Edinburgh, 10 Oct., 1657.—Mr. S. Desbrowe to Secretary Thurloe.— Right Honorable.—There being a letter sent lately from his highnes to the towne of Glascow, requiring them to deferr the election of theyre magistrates untill his highness was informed, &c.; which letter hath made a great noyse heere, and raysed feares in the burroughs that it may be their turne shortly; and if a magistrate should be imposed upon that towne, it's lookt upon by many as a high breach of theyr priviledges setled by law, and confirmed, as they thinke, by the parliament in theyr petition and advise. Now, sir, though it be a most deserable thing to have a godly magistracy setled in that borough, as in all others, yet good things would be attayned lawfully, and that it might be so, I have bin thinking that if his hignes may please to recommend to that towne some honest godly man of his own knowledge, to be elected by them to the magistracy, and to write to the council there, or the generall, that he or they doe improve theyr interest to have other good men chosen into the towne, I am persuaded it might effect the end, without any noyse or trouble. This notion came sudenly into my mind; and I could not but lay it before your honor, though raw and indigested, being hartily desirous that in the whole administration of the government the lawes of the nations may be inviolably observed. Pardon my boldnes in ofering my opinion uncalled.—I am, Sir, your most humble and most affectionate servant. (Signed) Sa. Desbrowe.

31 October 1657.

Anent the tounis present debt.

The saidis magistratis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioune the present debt the toune is in, and that they have nothing to pay the warkmen for the warkis of the kirkis, brigs, and vtheris now in handis, and that the thesaurer refussis to ansuer the maister of wark, quhairby thair ar sundrie warrands lyand in his handis yit wnanswerit; they have thairfore appoyntit Johne Walkingschaw, Walter Neilsoun, James Campbell and James Bornis, to meit and to cognose on the saidis debtis and to find out the best way and overtouris they can for payment thairof, and to report the samyn this day aught dayis, and Walkingschaw to be conveinar.

Hering, Broomlaw.

The saids magistratis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioune the great wrangis done and committit be severall of this burghe in buying of full boatis full of hering at the Broomlaw, to the great hurt and prejudice of the haill inhabitantis and cuntray about, for remeid thairof in tyme cuming it is heirby enactit, statute and ordainit, that it sall not be leassume for ony maner of persoune quhatsumevir to buy any boatis full of herring, or yit hering in great quantities, at the Broomlaw to retaill and sell over againe in that place quhair they buy them (but in the mercatt place,) wnder the paine of twentie pundis money for ilk fault, ilk persoune, wnforgiven.

Anent the thrugh stanes to be placit in the iyle.

Grantis to Mr. Johne Young, professor in the Colledge, to place ane thrughe stane above his wyfe quhair schoe is buried in the iyle in the Hie Kirk; and it is heirby enactit, statute and ordainit, that it sall be leassume to no maner of persoune quhatsumever to place any thrughe stanes in that boundis of iyle whill first they pay to the toune for the vse of the poore thairin ane hundreth pund Scottis.


Ordaines the thesaurer ane warrand for the soume of fyve punds sextein schillings, debursit be him to ane poore mane that fell af George Broomes hous, and for thrie rex dolloris to ane vther poore mane quha had hes leg to be cutt aff him.

7 November 1657.

Townis debtis.

Ordaines the thrie bailleis, the deane of gild, James Pollok and Manasses Lyill, to joyne with the vther persounes quha war formerlie appoyntit to tack notice of the tounes debt awand to craftismen and for timber, and to give in thair best overtouris in writt how the samyn sall be payit; and recomendis to the magistratis the conditioune of David Mitchell, tailyour.

Tallow and candill.

[Ordained that the stone of rough tallow be sold for 40s., and the troy stone of well made candle for 48s.]

No tallow to be ryndit but quhat is made candill of.

It is enactit, statute and ordainit, that it sall not be leassum to the candilmackers, or ony vther person quhatsumever, to rynd or melt any tallow within this burghe or territorie thairof to be sold be them in great quantitie for transportatioune af the toune, bot that they mack candill of all they rynd and melt for serveing of the toune and cuntrie about, conforme to the lawis of the natioune, wnder the paine of twentie punds the first falt, fourtie punds the secund fault, thrie scoir punds the third fault, and swa oft and how oft as ony of them does contravein.

Debt, Laigh Kirk.

The maisteris of warkis coumpt, with Alexander Jafrayis coumpt for sume wark furnischit be him to the Laigh Kirk, was allowed and approvine and remittit how it sall be payit to the committee anent the tounis debtis, as also quhat is awand to George Aisdaill for sklaitis.

13 November 1657.

Barr, ryot.

The decreit or verdict givin out be the inqueist against Johne Bar, messour, anent the heigh and great ryot committit be him against Thomas Allane, baillie, it was ordanit be the saidis magistratis and counsall that the said Johne Bar sould produce his burges and gild, brother ticket, and being producit, ordaines his freidom to be cryd doune publictlie, his tickat ryvine, and his name to be scorit out of the book, and himself to pay ane hundreth punds for violating his burges oath, conforme thairto, and himself to be put on the cockstole and stockis at sick tymes as the bailleis sall think convenient; and ordanis Bailleis Cunynghame and Hall to sie this present act put to executioune.

Walkingschaw, kirkis.

The saids provest, bailleis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioune the great soumes of money they are awand to Johne Walkingschaw for the tymber he hes furnischit for reparatioune of thair kirkis, and that they have given alredie warrand to the thesaurer to pay him ane thowsand fyve hundreth thrie scoir ten pundis, quhilk they doe heirby recall back againe becaus the thesaurer affirmes he is far exhawstit, it is thairfore heirby concludit and ordanit be the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, that quhat money the said Johne Walkingschaw hes alreddie gottine or sall gett and receave of the excyse money fra the collectouris at the mylnis, that he sall keep the samyn in his awine handis quhill he be compleitlie payit of quhat the toune is awand to him, the tack dewtie of the excyse being alwayis payit.

New Kirk.

Ordaines Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune to speik to and agrie with sum mane for the glaseing of the New Kirk windowes.

Tounis debtis.

Report being made be thais appoyntit for cognoseing of the tounis debtis dew now to be payit to the particular persounes efterspecifeit, for thair workmanschipe, and sum awand to the toune be band, quhilk is as fallowis:—

£ s. d.
Williame Boyd, restane of his work at the Drygate bridge, 221 13 4
Allane Gairner, for scherping of irnes, 21 16 0
Thomas Dobbie, for staines and sand to the Drygait bridge, 98 0 0
John Dobbie, for staines and leiding thairof to the said bridge, 100 12 8
To sclaitters quha sklaittit the toofallis of the Hie Kirk, for thair warkmanschipe and foge, 266 13 4
James Colquhoune, for leid to the Laigh Kirk, 213 0 0
Thais quha did calsay the Drygait brig, 33 6 8
Thais quha ar sklaiting the New Kirk, 160 0 0
Johne Trumble, for tacking away the red thair, 66 13 4
Johne Clark, for furnisching of stane, lyme and warkmanschipe, to the Laigh Kirk, 1733 6 8
Johne Clark, for pavementing the kirk, etc., 492 0 0
Alexander Eglingtowne for the New Kirkwork and vtheris, 250 0 0
John Marschall and his coligs, 593 18 0
Alexander Jafray, for bell naillis and vther iron work, 81 0 0
Maister of wark, quhilk he debursit the tyme the burrowis was heir, 421 16 4
Maister of wark, be thrie severall coumptes, 341 4 2
George Aisdaill, for sklaitis, for compleiting the Laigh Kirk, 336 13 4
David Stewart, and vther servandis, the tyme the burrowis was heir, 21 0 0
Claud Cleland, his debursementis in the said tyme the burrowis was heir, 4 10 0
Awand to Andrew Bell, be warrand of the magistratis and counsall, 66 13 4

And the saidis provest, bailleis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioun that they have nothing to pay the samyn with bot that quhilk is dew to be payit at this terme of Martimes 1657 be the tackismen of the mylnis, laidills, meill mercatt, trone, bridge and tyndis, they did thairfore nominat and apoynt Johne Andersoune, lait baillie, and Patrick Bryce, visitour of maltmen [to uplift these moneys and pay the debts out of the readiest thereof].

21 November 1657.


Ordaines ane lettre to be sent to the Leadie Dutches of Hammiltoune, with Robert Marschell, quha knowis the caus, and to hir husband, anent the ingetting of all the bygaine tynd tack dewtie of the tyndis of Cambusnethane.


Appoyntis the deane of gild, dekin conveinar, and Johne Walkingschaw, to meit with Mr. Archbald Flyming, and to resolve with him anent the charge given be Dumbartaine to the toune anent the old ply.

24 November 1657.


In respect of the great wrgeing made be divers persounes for subscryveing tackis of the tyndis of the landis of Drysdaill, and divers and straing informatiounes given thairanent, seing it is alreddie ordainit be act of counsall that everie heritour sall have the tynd of his awine land, it is thairfoir concluded that all thingis be delayit thairintill whill the first Thursday of Marche nixttocume, and ordaines lettres to be direct for acquenting the Earle of Annandaill, lairdis of Lag and Lockerbie thairwith.

26 November 1657.

Drymen, tyndis to be sett.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsall, tacking to thair consideratioune the wnproffitableness of the tyndis of the paroschowne of Drymen and the prejudice the toune receavis thairby, and being informit how willing the Lord Kilpunt at his heir being was to wndertack the same, ordaines ane lettre to be writtine to him for that effect; and if he refuse, ordaines intimatioune to be made at the parosche kirk of Drymen, at ane convenient tyme, to warne all maner of persounes quha will be pleasit to tack the same and colecting thairof at ane competent rait to cum in at ane apoyntit tyme and to bid thairfoir, and quho so bidis maist for the same be yeir to have them vpone sufficient cautioune.

Warrand, Gorballis.

[Ordained £339 4s. to be paid out of the rents of Gorbals "for building ane hous to the gairner within the tounes yaird in the Gorballis, and for vther wark."]

12 December 1657.

Commissioune, Walkingschawe and Neilsoune to Edinburgh.

The saidis provest, bailleis and counsall, conveined, grantis full power, warrand and commissioune, to Johne Walkinschaw and Walter Neilsoune, twa of the lait bailleis of this burghe, quha are now in Edinburgh agenting the tounis affairis, to goe about be all meins in agenting thairof in all and everie things and businesis relaiting to this burghe, and in particular in manteining and defending of the liberties and priviledgis thairof and freidome of election of the magistratis and counsall of the samyn.

Lettre to Edinburgh.

Ordaines ane lettre to be sent to Edinburgh to the deane of gild, Johne Walkingschaw and Walter Neilsoune, in the counsallis name, to give them thankes for the great paines they have tackin, and to intreat them to conteinow whill maters be broght to ane cloise, and to receave twentie pund starling to be imployit in the tounis affairis.

19 December 1657.

Lettre to Edinburgh.

Ordaines the clark to wryt and subscryve ane lettre to be sent to the provest of Edinburgh for his paines tackin in the tounes maters now in handis.

24 December 1657.

Campbell to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis James Campbell to repair to Edinburgh, with the best dilligence, and ordaines the clark to give him ane commissioune seallit and subscryvit to agent thair all and everie mater and actioune does relait to this burghe, and in spetiall in what concernis the preservatioune of the freidome, liberteis and priviledgis thairof.

Lettre to Edinburgh.

Ordaines yit the clark to writt ane vther lettre to the provest of Edinburgh, of thankis for his paines tackin in the tounes affairs now in handis.