Extracts from the records: 1636

Pages 38-43

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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2 January 1636.

Quhytlaw and Baillie. Anent tobacco.

Compeiret David Quhytlaw and Robert Bailyea, merchandis, and for thame selfis and the rest of thair pertineris wer contentt to submitt thameselfis to the saidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, annent the licence grantit to thame be (blank) within the burgh and barrony of Glasgow, obleiseing thame to abyde be that forme and manner that salbe appointit be the saidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, for accomodateing the difference standing betuixt the saidis persounes, thair pertineris, and vther burgessis of this burgh and inhabiteris of the barony, retaileris of tobaco, and anent the payment of thair fynes for thair former contraveineing of the actis of his Majesties counsell made annent tobacco, and annent quhat satisfactioun and payment sould be made be the retaileris thairof within the boundis foirsaid, fra the dait of thir presentis to the (blank) day of September nixtocum. Quhilk the said proveist, bailyeis and counsell acceptit in and vpon thame, and ordainet that thair salbe ten men choysen, most indifferent and qualefiet, to that effect, quha salbe suorne be thair greatt aithis to extent all the retaileris of tobaco within the saidis boundis to the soume of (blank) given be the saidis David Quhytlaw and Robert Bailyea and thair pertineris for thair licence procuiret be thame fra the said (blank) for retaileing of tobacco, togither with the charges they haif bein at in procuireing of the samein, extending in the haill to the soume of (blank), sua that every retailer of tobaco in smallis within the said boundis salbe subject in thair proportionall pairtis of the saidis soumes, to be set vpon thame be the saidis extenteris, conforme to thair tred and handleing thairwith; lykeas the saidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, with consent of the said David Quhytlaw and Robert Bailyea, did elect and nominat the persounis following, or any sevin of thame, the saidis David and Robert alwayes being tua, to stent the haill retailleris of tobaco within the said boundis in manner and to the effect foirsaid, viz., James Miller, William Hyndshaw, Hector Cumeing, Johnne Bryssoun, the saidis David and Robert, Robert Alexander, Robert Bogle, John Clerk and Johnne Wilsoun, merchandis; and ordanis thame to be wairnet to accept and give thair aythis thairannent.

14 January 1636.

Wilkie, minister, dochteris tocher.

Ordaines the thesaurer to give to maister Robert Wilkie, ane of thair ordinar ministeris, the soume of fyve hundereth merkis money, for his supplie to help Jonnet Wilkie, his dochteris tocher, for his better encouragement in the ministrie within this burgh, at the desyre of his petitioun given in be him to thame to that effect.

13 February 1636.

Report, provest, Blackfrier Kirk.

The proveist reportit his diligence and proceideingis in Edinburgh at the last particular conventioun of burrowes haldin at Edinburgh the 17 of January last, quhilkis wer allowet and approvein in counsell. And thaireftir producet ane lettere direct from the archbischop of Glasgow to the proveist, bailyeis and counsell of this burgh, schaweing thame that he had subscrivit the signatour annent the patronage of the Blackfrier Kirk, and had send vp the samein to Court, to be exped be his Majesties royall hand, and quhen they sould be pleased to present to him ane sufficient and qualefiet man he sould be willing and ready to performe all dewties perteineing to him. Quhilk being red in presence of the saidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, they took the samein to thair deliberatioun and advysement quhill Settirday nixt the tuentie of this instant.

20 February 1636.

Anent Mr. Johne Bell, younger, his admissioun.

The saidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, being conveinet annent the presentatioun of ane minister to the Black Frier Kirk within the said burgh, quhairof they ar patronis, now fallin and becum in thair handis be transportatioun of Doctour James Eleot, last minister thairat, to be nominat and presented be thame to ane reverend father in God, Patrik archbischop of Glasgow, to be admittit be his lordship to serve the cuir as ordinar minister at the said kirk, they first agriet and condiscendet, be pluralitie of voitis, that ane lyte sould be made now and in all tyme cumeing of four qualefiet persounes meit and able to supplie the said place be the maist qualefiet persounis may be had for the said office and functioun and ministrie, and thaireftir put the persounes followeing on lyte, viz., maister Johnne Bell, minister at Eglisame, maister James Sharp, minister at Govean, maister Hew Blair, minister at Eastwood, and maister William Wilkie, ane of the regentis of the Colledge of Glasgow. Quhilkis being voitted in counsell, the said maister Johnne Bell prevailled and wes appointed to be presented to the said archbischop to the effect foirsaid. Thairfoir, they, hafeing experience of the said maister John Bell, his doctrin, lyfe and conversatioun, thir divers yeiris bypast, as actuall minister at the said kirk of Eglisame, as lykewayes within this burgh divers yeiris of befoir they haif nominat and presented, and be the tenour heirof, as patronis to the said Blackfrier Kirk, nominatis and presentis the said maister Johnne to be ordinare minister of the samein and to serve the cuir in preacheing Godis word thairin ilk Sabboth day, both befoir and eftir noone, dureing his remaineing thairat, and in and to the locall stipend quhairintill the said Doctor James Eleot wes in possessioun allanderly, requeisteing and desyreing the said reverend father to admit and resave him thairto and to give him collatioun and institutioun thairwpon in communi forma. [Here follow signatures of twenty-three members of the town council.]

27 February 1636.

Unlawes producit.

The present proveist and bailyeis producet in counsell threttie fyve dollouris of the vnlawis collectit be thame, quhilk they and the haill persounes of counsell abovewrittin ordaines to be presently distriebut to the poor in respect of the straytnes of the tyme.


Ordaines the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the soume of ane hundereth fourtie fyve pundis ane schilling deburset be him to the proveist and quhilk he deburset in the tounes affaires in Edinburgh the last tyme he wes commissioner thair for the toun as followes: To maister Thomas Nicolsone and his man, at consulteing the Bishopis intentet improbatioun and annent the Blackfrier Kirk and patronage thairof, and annent Dumbartanis suspen sioun raiset against the brig custome, and anent Renfrew thair custome takin fra Johnne Bogill, xxvij li xj s. Mair, to the Kingis advocat and his man quhen he docket the tounes signatour of patronage to pas the Kingis hand, fourtie pundis tuell schilleingis. Mair, to Johnne Nicoll for extracting Edinburghs signatour of ane merk of the tun, and for thryse wryteing over of the signatour of the patronage, and for raiseing of the tounes incident against the improbatioun, and for execuiteing of the same, and for wryteing of severall supplicatiounis to the exchequer annent our eque, xiiij li. x s., and to his man xxix s. Mair, for the said proveist his expensis, being tuentie sax dayes absent, xxxij li., and for his hors home and affeild, viij li. Mair, gevin to George Ramsay, xix s.

5 March 1636.

Blackfrier Kirk, minister.

Ordaines the proveist and bailyeis, with the dean of gild and sax of the merchand rank, and the deacon conveiner with sax of his associatis, to compeir befoir the presbiterie on Weddinsday nixt, and thair in name of the toun to give consent to maister Johnne Bell, younger, his edict annent his admissioun to the Blackfrier Kirk.

Unlawis producit, bell in Trongait steipill.

Patrik Bell, present proveist, James Hammiltoun, and Ninian Andersone, lait bailyeis, for observeing of the act set doun of befoir for collecting of vnlawes and applyeing the same ad pios vsus within this burgh, producet in counsell the haill vnlawes collectit be thame the last yeir, extending to ane hundereth and sex dollouris, with the haill compt fra quhom the samein wes gottin, and at thair desyre the bailyeis and counsell ordaines ane bell of four hundereth weight or thairby to be boucht thairwith and to be hung in the Tronegait steipill, quhilk the proveist hes already sent for and allowet be thame.

16 March 1636.

Commissionaris, stipends.

Johne Andersone, elder, and maister John Hutchesone, clerk, ar electit commissionaris for the toun to ryd to Edinburgh to meit at the chancellaris lodging thair the xviij of this instant to ansuer to the demandis of the commissionaris appoyntit to meit be his Majestie anent the ministeris stipendis of this brugh.

9 April 1636.

Mitchelsone, burges.

The provest, bailleis and counsall ordanis the deane of gild and his bretherine to admit (blank) Mitchelsone, chirurgiane, who is to cum and duell in this toun, burges and gildbrother of this brugh, and his fynis to be haldin as payit and the benefeit thairof to succeid to his childrine.

12 April 1636.

Correctioun hous yaird.

Memorandum. The yaird at the back of the Correctioun hous, with the laiche hous and back galrie last occupeit be Gavin Leis, is sett to Michaell Mitchell, tailyour, for fourtie markis.

30 April 1636.

Hie Kirk.

William Yair producit ane hundrethe markis money ressavit be him fra the executouris of vmquhile William Bochlay, to be wairit and bestowit vpoun the Hie Kirk, conforme to the will of the defunct, quhilk is gevin to the maister of wark to be bestowit thairvpoun as the provest, baillies, and counsall sall direct.

Lyndsay, Blackfriar Kirk.

The provest, bailleis and counsall ordanis this act to be sett doun that forsamikle as they had imployit maister Alexander Lyndsay, servitour to the archibischope, for passing and expeding of thair signatour anent the Blakfriar Kirk, and seing the samynn is alreddie past his Majesteis handis, and that the said maister Alexander can nocht get the said signatour past the seallis in respect of the absence of the thesaurer deput, they be the tennour heirof bindis and obleissis them and thair successouris in office to giv satisfactioun to the said maister Alexander Lyndsay at the expeding of the said signatour both for his debursingis and for his awin pains.

2 May 1636.


Ordanis the provest [and six others] to meit with and informe thes quhom they haif electit to meit with the Bischop and vtheris appoyntit be him anent the proponing of certane overtouris for facilitating of thes thingis presentlie standing in questioun betuixt the Bischope and the toun, and they not to conclud nathing thairanent quhill they first acquent the rest of the counsall.

14 May 1636.

Correctioun hous.

Thair is compt maid with Johne Porter, maister of the correctioun hous, and thir fyve ar takin af the toun, viz., Jeane and Agnes Steinsones, Jonet Clerk, Violat Smyth and Margaret Angus, to be sustenit be him self, conforme to the contract past betuixt him and the toune, and now thair is onlie sex to be sustenit be the toun.

17 May 1636.

Grammer School.

Ordanis the Grammer Scool to be visitit, Fryday nixt, be the provest, bailleis and Williame Stewart, Johne Barnes, Niniane Gilhagie, James Bell, Johne Scheillis.

21 May 1636. (fn. 1)

Suspensiouns, subdeanrie.

Ordanis the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of lxviij li. xviij s. vij d. debursit be him to John Nicoll for raising of the suspensiouns aganes the Bischope of Brichane anent the subdeanrie, and of this thair is consignit fyftie pundis xiiij s. viij d. in the clerkis handis, maister Johne Skein, at the raising of the saidis suspensiouns.


  • 1. The Extracts from the commencement to this date, inclusive, are taken from the MS. volume of Records which was discovered after the first volume of Glasgow Records (1573-1642) was printed. Extracts embracing the period 1636–1642 were published in that volume.