Extracts from the records: 1658

Pages 388-410

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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2 January 1658.

Commissioners to appear before counsall of stait.

Appoyntis the deane of gild, dekin conveinar, Johne Walkingschaw, Johne and Williame Andersounis, to compeir in name of the haill magistratis and counsall befoir the committie appoyntit be the counsall of stait for the examining of the witnessis to be produceit for proveing of the lyfe and conversatioune of the saidis magistratis and counsall, and to propone thair defenssis against the thing itself and the witnessis.

Confirmatioune of the Gorballis, debtis.

Appoyntis the saidis haill fyve persounis to meit with Mr. Archbald Flyming, and the bailleis to be with them, to advyse anent the validitie of the tounis confirmatioune they have of the landis of Gorballis. As also to meit and consult on Mononday nixt vpone the tounis debtis and coumpts.

4 January 1658.


Thair being ane appellatioune drawine vpe and publictlie red, bearing the magistratis and counsall for the caussis thairin conteinit to have appeallit from the commissionaris appoyntit be the counsall of stait for examining of witnessis anent thair lyfe and conversatioune, the samyn was allowit and approvin and subscryvit be all present except Baillie Hall, quha declairit and desyrit to be notit that he disasentit thairfra; and thairefter Baillie Cunynghame, deane of gild, John Andersoune, John Walkingshaw and Walter Neilsoune, war direct to proce the appelatioune to the commissionars and to tack instrumentis thairvpone.

Report, Campbell, from the Lord Keiper.

James Campbell haveing returnit from Edinburgh, made report that at the ernest requeist and desyre of the right honorabill the Lord Desbrowie, and for peice caus, that he and vtheris the tounis commissionaris thair eist had yeilded to remove nyne persounis af the present toune counsall at the electioune at Michalmes nixt, and that be laufull electioune at the said tyme thair sould be nyne persounis of that pairtie quha ar awned be Mr. Patrick Gillespie, and sould be namet be the foirsaid Lord Desbrowie, put in thair placis, quha war to be removed af the said toune counsall, and that for the most saif preserveing of the tounis freidome of electioune, and that the said Lord Desbrowie had writtine lettres to the said Mr. Patrick for that effect; quhairvpone Johne Andersoune and the said James Campbell war appoyntit to repair to the said Mr. Patrick Gillespie and to try his mynd thairintill; and, thairefter, report was made be them to the magistratis, this same day, that they had made thair redres to the said Mr. Gillespie, according to the counsallis appoyntment, quha altogither refuseit to receave thair offer.

9 January 1658.

Bell and Rae to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis Johne Bell, deane of gild, and Robert Rae, to repair to Edinburgh, with all dilligence, to agent all the tounis bussinessis thair, for the good thairof.

16 January 1658.

Anent keeping of the counsall hous dorr.

The foirsaids provest, bailleis and counsall, being conveined and concludit to fallow the laudable custume of vther burghis observit in the particular wnderwrittin, it is thairfor heirby enactit, statute and ordained, that ilk counsallour, vicissum, ilk time the counsall sittis and space thairof, sall attend the opning and steicking of the counsallhous dore, the magistratis, deane of gild and dekine conveinar, being exceptit; and yit notwithstanding thairof the dekin conveinar did begine and actit the samyn this day.

Magistratis and counsall sworne.

In respect thair was no electioune of magistratis and counsall made at Michalmes last, and no aith tackine as aught to be, thairfor the foirsaidis haill provest, bailleis and counsall, present, gave thair great oathis to give thair best counsall in everie thing for the tounis good and to keep counsall and to reveill nothing spockine of or concluded vpone at the counsall table.

23 January 1658.

Anent counsall sait in Laigh Kirk.

Appoyntis Baillie Allane, John Walkingschaw and James Colqhoune, to meitt and to advyce anent the most commodious way and place for the building of ane sait in the Laigh Kirk to the magistratis and counsall, and thairefter to agrie with Alexander Eglingtoune for building thairof.

Frank, chirurgeoune.

The saids magistratis and counsall did transact and agrie with James Frank, chirurgioune, in this maner, to witt, he is to returne againe to this burghe and mack his residance thairin for exercizeing of his calling, and they bind and obleis them and thair successouris in effice to pay to him yeirlie ane hundrethe merkis, Scottis, of fiall, and he is to have ane cair of cureing sutche poore people in toune as the magistratis for the tyme sall direct to him, the toune paying for the drogis and medicamentis, and the toune is to pay to him for his transporting ten pund starling; and ordains writt to be sett doune heiranent.

Provest to direct eist to the counsall of stait.

It is concluded that it sall be leassum to the provest to direct eist, to attend the counsall of stait, twa, thrie, four or mae, persounis of the counsall he pleassis, for attending the mater now in handis anent the preservatioune of the liberties of this burghe.

6 February 1658.

Andersoune and Pollok to Edinburgh.

Johne Andersoune and James Pollok ar electit and choysine to goe to Edinburgh to attend the tounis affairis now in hands thair.

13 February 1658.

Recordis sent to Edinburgh with Neilsoune.

In obedience to the ordouris cum from the counsall of stait, for produceing befoir them the tounis recordis the yeiris 1645 and 1648, and for certane persounis of the number to compeir the twentie thrie and twentie (blank) dayis of Februarii instant, appoyntis Walter Neilsoune, deikin conveinar, to repair eist to Edinburgh for that effect, and to receave from the clark the saidis recordis and tack with him and thair to exhibite the saids recordis, according to the saidis ordouris, and ordanis the clark to delyver the samyn to him for that effect, and permitts the said Walter to tack with him how many or quhom so ever he pleassis for agenting and going about the tounis bussinessis anent the freedome of the electioune of its awine magistrats and counsall quhilk is now depending and is then to be agitat befoir the said counsall of stait.

Dyall at the bridge.

Appoyntis ane dyall to be sett vpe and fixit at the brige, and James Campbell to have ane cair to sie the samyn done, and that in the most fitest and commodious place.

20 February 1658.

Petitioune, electioune.

Thair was ane supplicatioune subscryvit to be sent eist to the counsall of stait anent the electioune of the magistratis and counsall, and appoyntis Robert Rae to goe eist thairwith and to present the same.

Schole dischargit.

Appoyntis the bailleis to discharg the womane that hes tackin vpe ane schole in the heid of the Saltmarcat at hir awine hand.

27 February 1658.

Anent the electioune of the magistratis.

Compeirit Major Henrie Dornie and producit ane act sett doune be the counsall of stait for removeing and away tacking the stope was put to the electioune of the magistratis of this burghe, and appoynting ane new electioune to be made, daitit the twentie four of this instant, togither with ane lettre direct fra the said counsall of stait to the provest, bailleis and counsall of this burghe, for that effect, quho for giveing obediance thairto ordains the said electioune to be made on Tysday nixt, and the counsall to be choysine on Fryday thairefter, the deane of gild, dekin conveinar, and vther members, on Wandisday thairefter, conforme to old vse and wont.


The dekin conveinar broght back againe and producit the twa old counsall bookis was sent to Edinburgh to the counsall of stait, togither with ane vther book conteining sum actis of parliament.

Tackismen of the tynd fische.

In ansuer to ane supplicatioune given in be divers burgessis of this burghe, and salteris of hering in tyme of yeir, at the lochis, and brings home the samyn for service of the toun and cuntrie, anent the thrie schillings craveit of them be the tynd maisteris in name of tynd, af ilk last hering imported be them, appoyntis the saids tackismen to misken the samyn for this yeir and they sall be tackin to consideratioune at the payment of thair tynd tack dewtie.

Anent Dumbartoun.

The foirsaids provest and bailleis and counsall of the said burghe being conveinit, and tacking to thair consideratioune the debait and pley now standing betwixt this burghe and the burghe of Dumbartane, and that cautioune of lawborrowis is fund on ather syd, and they wnderstanding the thing debaitable does alse righteouslie pertein to the toune as to Dumbartane, be vertew of the old indentouris and vther writtis sett doune thairanent, hes, efter long advyce and consultatioun had thairanent, inactit, statute and ordainit, and be the tennour heirof inactis, statutis and ordainis, that all thair burgessis sall enter thair schipes and vther veschellis imported be them heir in the toun in the clarkis chamber, as the wont to doe formerlie in Dumbartane, and that they enter none in Dumbartane quhill the saids debaittis be desydit, [under the penalty of 100 merks Scots; and the council agreed to relieve them of all cost or damages they might incur in so doing].

Smythe, Egilschames Craft.

Efter the saidis magistratis and counsall thair desolveing, the saids bailleis quha war in counsall, with divers and sundrie of the counsall, the deine of gild being also present, past to Egilschames Craft, for sighting of the dyk now in building thair be the said John Smyth, whair they did find and declair him giltie for violating of the tounis proclamatioune, in that he had on ane suddentie buildit ane dyk for stoping of ane passadge, not acquenting his nytbouris interestit thairintill, and is wnlawit to be in the counsallis will, and ordains the said John Smith presentlie to remove his said new builded dyk, and to raise it from the verie grund, and not to build any thing for impeding of the passadge in that place, herefter, betwixt the northwest cunyie of his new bigit hous in the said craft and the south eist cunyie of James Loukis hous thair, becaus thair is no vther passadge for leiding of fulyie that way to the landis lyand northward thairfra; and that becaus the said John Smith, being present, grantit that he violat the said proclamatioune, bot that he had don it out of ignorence and did frielie submitt himself to the counsall anent the mater itself in relatioune to the passage; and thairfor the bailleis and counsall present ordainit and appoyntit the said passadge to be keepit opine in all tyme heirefter betwixt the saidis twa cunyeis of the foirsaids houssis abovementionat.

2 March 1658.


The forsaides provest, bailyeis and counsall of the said burgh, being conveined, and considering that wpon the twentie seavinth day of this instant it was then enactit that this day they should mak ane electione of the provest and bailleis of this burgh, and that for geiving obedience to ane act then producit, direct to them thairanent from the counsall of estait, quhairof the tenour fallowes:—By his Highnes Counsall in Scotland for government thairof. Forasmuch as it heath beine now humblie presentit to the counsall that their ar grundes of expectatione that, in case this board should condescend to tak off the stopp put to the electioune of magistrates for the burgh of Glasgow, their may be such ane electioune now maid their of persones to serve in the magistracie of that towne as may be pursuant to the humble petitione and advyce, the counsall heave thought fit and doe heirby ordour that the said stopp put to the said election, bee, and it is heirby takin off, and it is farder ordered that ane new election of magistrates for the said burgh be proceidit in and maid as accordes to the said humble petitioune and advyce. Given at Edinburgh, the twentie fourth day of Februarij, 1657-8. Signed in the name and by order of the counsall. It is thus subscrivit: George Monck. Efter the reiding quhairof, they passed on to the said electione, and all of them being removed from the table except the present provest and three bailyeis [who chose a leet of three merchants, and the names having been taken to the castle, Sir George Maxwell of Nether Pollok produced a commission by the Duke of Lennox, of an old date, but the representatives of the burgh declined to recognise the commission,] it beiring to mak ane nominatioune as aforsaid at the ordinarie electioune of the said provest, and that this election was for ane tyme extraordinar; [and having returned and reported this to the provost, bailies and council, they elected John Andersoune to be provost till Michaelmas next.]


[Thereafter the provost, bailies, and council elected Johne Walkinschaw and James Barnes, merchants, and Walter Neilsone, craftsman, to be bailies till Michaelmas next.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen were also elected councillors for the same period.]

3 March 1658.


[The following office-bearers elected till Michaelmas next:—James Campbell, dean of guild; Manasses Lyll, deacon-convener; Donald M'Gilchrist, treasurer; Alexander M'Kinnie, water bailie; Adame Ritchie, master of work; Mr. Johne Herbertsoune, procurator-fiscal.]

Protestatiounes past fra, election.

Forsuameikle as yeasterday the present new elected provest, Johne Bell and James Campbell, having yisterday, the tyme of the electioune of the magistrates, maid severall protestatiounes and took instrumentes thairwpon in the clerkes handes, requyring the samyne to be recordit with the election, they this day, in presence of the haill ordinarie counsall above named, declaired that they did willinglie pas thairfra; and, seing nothing of that kynd was yit recordit be the clark, the haill magistrates and counsall does heirby warrand thair said clark to pas by the saides protestatiouns and not to record them at all as if they had niver beine spokine too, bot to the effect the samyne may ly in oblivion in all tyme heirefter; and becaus, in this extraordinarie tyme of election, some of the old actes sett downe formerlie thairanent could not be gottin punctwallie observed, the said magistrates and counsall does heirby wnanimouslie, for sundrie good and weightie resones, dispence thairwith in this exigencie of tyme, bot so that they ordaine the saides old actes to stand in full force conforme to the tenor thairof in all tyme heirefter.

10 March 1658.

Baillie, Laich Kirk.

Appoyntes ane seat to be maid in the Laich Kirk for Mr. Robert Baillie and his wyfe, be sight of the bailleis.

13 March 1658.

Commissioners to the counsall of estait.

Appoyntes Bailleis Walkinshaw and Neilsoune, the deane of gild and James Pollok, to repair to Edinburgh for defence of the townes liberties now agitating befor the counsall of stait, and for giveing obedience to the citatioune given out thairanent, and the clark to sie ane commissioune subscryvit to them accordinglie, beiring expreslie that they sall not medle with any capitolatioune quhatsomevir quhilk in any wayes in the leist may infringe the townes liberties in its fredome of electiounne of the magistrates and counsall theirof and wthers office beirers theirintill.

Lettre to Cochrane.

Ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter to the Lord Cochrane, be way of excuis for refuising of the Duik of Lenox commissiouner his nominatioune of the present provest and commissione producit for that effect, and Bailie Walkinschaw and Mr. Archbald Grahame to ryd to his lordship with the said letter.

27 March 1658.

Minister, Baronrie Kirk.

Efter lang resoning to and againe, it is concludit to cleir with the minister of the Barronie Kirk for aught chalders yeirlie of victwall, at ten markes the boll, and the deane of gild and Thomas Allane to speik to him theranent.


Ane great regrait being maid anent great abussis permitted at the salmond mercat, for remeid quhairof in tyme coming, it is enacted, statut and ordained, be the said magistrates and counsall, that the haill salmond brought to be sold sall be laid on the stockes all at once, and not keeped back as formerlie by laying doune one fish till ane wther was sold, and that wnder the paine of confiscatioune of all such fish as sall be keeped back and not laid downe as saidis; as also it sall not be leasome to any strangers to buy any haill fish befor twelfe houres in the day, wnder the paine of punishing of them in ther persone and goodes at the will of the magistrates.

None to enter the magistratis and counsall saittis.

It is enacted, statut and ordained, be the said magistrates and counsall, that no maner of persone presume or tack wpon hand to enter in ony of the saites appoyntit for the magistrates and counsall in ony of the kirkes, certifieing all quho does in the contrarie sall be imprisoned and maid ther to remain quhill they pay threttie shillinges Scotis for the wse of the poor, how oft and sua oft as they sall contraveine.

1 April 1658.


Grantes licence to the clark to subscryve any letters for them and in ther names in all matters relaiting to the defence of the liberties of this burgh and wthers tending to the good therof.


The haill magistrates and counsall (except Hendrie Glen) approves the paper given in and subscryvit be Bailleis Walkinshaw and Wilsoune and the deane of gild againes Mr. Patrik Gilespie, befor the counsall of estait, and promissis to abayd therat and to stand therto.


The forsaides magistrates and counsall, being conveined to consider the great ryot committed be the towne of Dumbarton, the agenting therof is recommendit to the provest, the thrie bailleis, the deane of gild, with Johne Bell, Thomas Allane and Fradrik Hammiltoune, and ony sex of them to be quorum, and heirby commissionates them to wse all meanes that may tend for the good of the burgh and credit therof in all maters relaiting therto, and to mack report to the counsall theranent ilk weik.

Merschell and Bradie to Edinburgh.

Appoyntes Robert Marschell and William Braidie to be sent to Edinburgh for raising of letters against Dumbartane for the said ryott, and the clark to subscryve ane commissioune for that effect.

10 April 1658.


[Appointed commissioners to proceed to Edinburgh or Leith, and retake the excise of "all aill, beir and aquavytie, browine, ventit and toppit, within this burgh," the former tack of which is about to expire.]

Bell, commissioner, Cambusnethane, Stravane, Dumbartoun.

Johne Bell is heirby commissionat to meit with the Ladie Dutches of Hammiltoune, or ony from hir or hir husband, and to setle and agrie anent the tynd tack dewtie of the paroch of Cambusnethane and anent the hous the towne hes right too in Stravane. And farder the said Johne Bell is heirby appointit to ryd downe to Dumbartane on Twsday nixt, as commissioner for the towne, and to joyne with the magistrates of Dumbartane for choysing of ane thrid persone for wplifting the dewes of the schippes aryved in Clyd, and that for geving obedience to the counsall of estaites ordoures given out theranent.

16 April 1658.

Grahame to Dumbartoun.

Johne Grahame is commissionat to goe to Dumbartan, and ther in the townes name joyne with the magistrates of Dumbartan, for electing of ane thrid persone for collecting of the dewes fra shippes arryving in Clyd, conforme to the counsall estaites ordour set doune theranent, and to requyre from the magistrats and counsall of Dumbartane restitution of the haill saills, amunitioune, missoures, armes, guid and geir, quhich the people of Dumbartane took out of the shippes belonging to this burgh, and also to requyre them to sett Robert Bogle, burges of the said burgh, frie out of prissone, conform to the said counsall of staites ordoures.

17 April 1658.


[The commissioners appointed on 10th inst. reported that they "had tackin ane tack of the excyse of all aill, beir and acquavytie or strong waters, to be browne and topit within this burgh," from 1st May next till 1st June, 1659, for payment of £2925 sterling, "to be payet proportionallie at ilk twa monethes end."]


Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Alexander Lindsay ten markes for the los susteaned be him throw his horss going to Berwick with the last companie went thither from this, quheras it was promist he should goe no farder nor Falkirk, or Linlithgow at fardest.

20 April 1658.

Commissioune, Marschell.

Ordanis ane commissioune to be given to Robert Marschell to repair with all dilligence to Edinburgh and attend thair all and quhatsumevir affairis of the tounis, and especiallie the ryot laitlie committed be Dumbartane against this burghe and sundrie of the inhabitantis thairof.

24 April 1658.

Walkingschaw and Bell to Edinburgh.

Ordains Johne Walkingschaw, baillie, and Johne Bell, lait deane of gild, to repair to Edinburgh against the fourt day of Maij nixt, and tack with them ony thrid persoune quhom the pleas, and thair to prosecuut and fallow throw befoir the counsall of stait the ryot committed be the toune of Dumbartane against this burghe and sundrie of the inhabitantis thairof, conform to the complaint given in thairanent; as also to doe and agent befoir the said counsall of stait, or ellis quhair, all and everie mater, caws and actioun relaiting to this burghe, for the good and preservatioune of the liberties thairof or vtherwayis.

1 May 1658.


Appoyntis Baillie Neilsoune, Thomas Allane and James Pollok, to meit on Mononday nixt anent the seting of the excyse of acquavytie and vther hott wateris, and ordanis ane bank to be sent throw the toune for that effect, and apoyntis the deane of gild and dekin conveinar to meit both thair houssis anent the keeping vpe of the excyse or diminisching of it, and this to be done the nixt weik with the best conveniancie.


Grantes to vmquhill Archbald Scottes sone the benefeit of ane of the prenteissis at the townes gift, conforme to Scotistarbetis mortificatioune and at his desyr, bott the lyk not to be granted heirefter to ane merchand.


Recommendis to the persounis fallowing to goe throw the severall quarteris of the toune and to goe to everie particular hous and to tack notice quha hes souldieris, quhat they ar and how many, and quha wantis and quha payis assistane quarteris, and to quhom and how meikle they pay, and this to be done on Mononday nixt at ten houris, and to report with all dilligence:—[Here follow names.]

15 May 1658.

Buith tain in to the clarks chamber.

It is appoyntit and concludit, wnanimously, be the saides provest, bailleis and counsall, to tack in the buith now occupyed be John Bisset to the clarkes chalmour, for the better easing of the saides magistrates and counsall at severall meitinges and for wther guid resones knowne to them.

22 May 1658.

Touns airmes.

Ordains the thesaurer to pay to the mane that did cut out the touns airmes in paper on ane brod, quhilk is now in the heigh hall, twelf dollouris.

29 May 1658.

Bell, bibliothicar.

In respect of the place of the bibliothicar (quhilk is now at the townes gift and presentatioune) is now vacant in the townes handes, throw the deceis of wmquhill Mr. Robert Bailyie, younger, quha did last occupy the samyne, be pluralitie of votes, it is condescendit and agried that Mr. Johne Bell, sone lawfull to Mr. Robert Bell, minister att Dalray, have the samyne place to occupay during the space yit to run of the four yeires since the said wmquhill Mr. Robert entred thereto.

1 June 1658.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8850 merks; ladles, 3100 merks; meal market, 810 merks; tron, 740 merks; bridge, £1006 13s. 4d.]

5 June 1658.

Warrand, Laich Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie pundes starling deburst be him to Alexander Eglingtoune, for the wright work wrought be him in the Laich Kirk, in macking of the haill new saittes thairin, in the last builded pairt thairof, according as they now stand.


In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Archbald Gibsoune, wryter in Edinburgh, ordaines him to have ane new chartour of his sex ruides land in Provanesyd, in respect it is maid cleir be his wrytes producit that he and his predicessoures hes bruikit the samyne theis thrie scoir and ten yeires bygaine without interuption, and the towne onlie to be bund fra ther awine fact and deid.


Appoyntes (blank) Williamsoune that gave in the broad with the townes armes drawine theron, wpon paper, to gett fra the thesaurer sex rex dollowres farder nor quhat he hes gottin alredie.

7 June 1658.

Clark, Blakfrier Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to advance to John Clark, maissoune, the sowme of ane hundreth pundes Scotis, in pairt payment of the dyck be is to build about the Blakfrier Kirk.

9 June 1658.

Lightbodie and Williamsone.

It is thought convenient that the magistrates sall settle with William Lightbodie and Johne Williamsoune, warkmen, to put the sturdie beggares and wthers the lyk, aff the towne, and to punish delinquentes by puting them on the cock-stool, or wther wayes as the magistrates sall appoynt; and ordaines the clark to subscryve to them such instructiounes as the magistrates sall sett doune theranent; and the towne to pay to ilk ane of them, monethlie, threttie shillinges Scotis.

Fallowes the instructiones given to the saides William Lightbodie and Johne Williamsoune:—

1. They sall suffer no stranger beggers to beg, bot to pas throw the towne and sie that they goe clos out.

2. They sall suffer no towne beggers quha receaves contributioune to goe to door to door to bege.

3. They sall tack notis of all vagaboundes quha hes no calling, and sarch out the way of ther living, and if they be anywayes suspected to informe the magistrat therof.

4. They sall attend everie day about the cros, but specially at the sitting of Justice Courtes, for executing ther decreites against blasphemers, raillers, cursers, and other vitious livers.

And quhat persoune in towne sall wrang or abus the said William Lightbodie and Johne Williamsoune for executing of the premissis, sall be condignelie and severlie punished, be sight of the magistrates.

19 June 1658.

Commissioune, Lockhart.

The foirsaidis provest, bailleis and counsall, being conveinit as said is, they did elect and nominat thair good freind, Mr. Johne Lockhart, advocat, thair laufull commissionar to the effect wnderwrittin, grantand to him thair full power and commissioune to act and agent befoir his heighnes, the Lord Protectour, or his heines counsell, or vtheris to quhom the mater sall be committit, all and everie thing may contribute for the mantinance and defence of the liberteis and priviledgis of this burghe, and in particular the friedome of the electioune of the magistratis and counsall thairof, so mutche opposit be Mr. Gillespie and his adherentis, and to imploy advocattis, lawiouris, and all vtheris of that kynd, to pleid in law for defence thairof, and generallie to doe all vther thingis thairintill quhilkis they might doe them selfis if they wer present.


It is appoyntit to be remembrit that of the leid that was fund out in the marchandis hospitall yaird, fyftein sowes thairof, weyand ane hundreth and sex stone weight, was delyverit to James Colqhoune to be cast for helping of the tolbuith pletfurme.

26 June 1658.

Walkingschaw, commissionar.

Baillie Walkingschaw is electit commissionar to the nixt generall conventioune of burrowis . . . and Baillie Neilsone is choysine to be his assessour.

3 July 1658.

Weiklie intelligence.

Recomendes to Baillie Walkinshaw to agrie with some persone to send hoom weiklie intelligence.

17 July 1658.

Report, Walkingschaw.

Baillie Walkingschaw, commissionar for this burgh to the last generall conventioune of borrowis, maid report of his dilligence thair, and producit ane supplicatioune subscrivit be haill burrowis in his burghis favouris to be sent to the Lord Protectour.

Band, Bar, bridge in Galloway, Donald.

Recommendis the assigning of Johne Barris band, and quhat contributioune sall be payit for help to big ane bridge in the parosche of Carsphairn, in Galloway, and the maner of the payment therof, and quhat sall be given to Johne Donald, to the provest and Baillie Neilsoune.

19 July 1658.

Anent ane new minister.

It is appoyntit that the provest, bailleis, dean of gild, Johne Bell, with sutche of the counsall as they pleas to tack with them, sall meit with the ministeris and vtheris of the session anent the giveing of thair advycis for giveing of ane wnanimus call to ane new minister in place of vmquhill Mr. James Durham.

24 July 1658.

Carstairs and M'Quaird, ministers, burgesses.

Appoyntis the deane of gild to admitt and receave Mr. Johne Carstairs and Mr. Robert M'Quaird, ministeris, burgessis and gildbrether of this burghe, conforme as vtheris in the lyke hes bein befoir.

Liddell, lymhous, lint.

In answer to the complent given in be John Liddell, wright, shawing that he hes in tack of the towne ane peice of land neir the lymhous and payes ane greatt dewtie thairfor yearlie, yit divers and sundrie persones throw the haill towne, wha hes ony lint growing, especiallie the gardiners, steipes ther lint in the water holles ther, and therby not only treddes downe and distroyes his growing cornes and gres, bot also castes turfes in the best pairtes of his gras for laying the samyne on ther lint so layed be them in theis holles, and turnes theis landes therby altogither wnprofitable for him, to his great hurt and skaith; quhilk being reportit to be of veritie be some in councill, to quhom it is sufficientlie knowne, the saides magistrates and councill, efter guid advyce had theranent, they doe heirby statut and ordaine that no maner of persoune or persones steip any lint in theis holles within the boundes forsaid sett to the said John Liddell, compleinar, and that for the better preserving of his said corne and gras, except such as sall give him satisffactioune and obteane his licence for that effect during the tyme of his tack; and declares heirby that it sall be leasome to him to impeid and stope all wtheres fra steiping of the said lint ther during the said space, in ane fair and laufull way.


It is concludit that the candlemakers sall have libertie to build ther candlehoussis on the north end of the townes rig, at the back of the flesch mercat, and that on the wast syd therof allennerlie, and the southmost of the saides candill houssis ar to be sex scoir ells distant from the thorne hedges of the said flesch mercat, and ilk candle hous is to be ten elles of lenth and fyve elles of wydnes, and ilk hous is to pay to the towne yearlie as fallowes, to wit, the northmost of them neir the grammerschol lone twentie shillinges Scotis, the nixt candlehous neirest to that threttie shillinges, and the thrid hous fourtie shilling, and sua everie candlehous that is builded ther towardes the south sall ay aigment ten shillinges mor nor that hous on the north end therof, and the builders ar to have the first yeir frie.

17 August 1658.


[Referring to the act passed on 24 July, James Barnes, bailie,] past with William Hoome and the wyf of John Hoome, John Bomanno, candlemakeris, and Michael Gilmour, fleschour, to the north end of the townes rig at the back of the fleschmercat, and thair of consent the forsaid wyfe of the said Johne Hoome did accept the northmost pairt of the said rige accordinge as the samyne is stobit, being ten elles of lenth and fyve elles of bread, to be the place quhairon hir said husband should build his candelhous; and [William Hoome accepted the next, John Bomanno the third, and Michaell Gilmour the fourth].

21 August 1658.

Minister, Baronie kirk.

Efter ressouning to and again, it is concludit that ther be payit yearlie to the present minister at the Baronry Kirk the sowme of threttine hundreth markes, and that in compleit payment of his steipand or all that he can claime of the towne, and that during his serving the cuir at the said kirk.

Burgeschip, Gilhagie, cryed doun.

Seing Johne Gilhagie, sone to James Gilhagie, portioner of Kendiehill, was admittit burges and gildbrether be the towne without payment of ony fyne, wpon ane promes maid be his said father to grant libertie to the towne to mack ane dame above the towne mylne alonges the Craiges lande ther; and seing the said James hes not keeped promis to the towne but hes ever hitherto shiftit and delayed that mater, ordaines therfor that the said John Gilhagie his burges right, and all the wther right he hes in the towne, be cryed downe, and that publictlie at the cros, and the act of his admissioune be deleit and scored out of the book.

25 August 1658.

Rae and Grahame to Dumfreis, minister.

Commissionates Robert Rae and Mr. Archibald Grahame to ryd to Dumfreis, or thairaboutes, and thair to injoyne with some of the kirk cessioune in desyring Mr. George Campbell, minister, to com heir to preach allenderlie, and if ony call be givin to him to protest againes the samyne in name of the towne, and to walk according to the instructiones given them thairanent.

28 August 1658.

Calseyis to be keipit clein.

It is concludit that all meanes be wsit for keeping the calsay cleane in all pairtes in the towne, both of red, stones and fuilyie, that they be not suffered to ly longer nor they aught and should, and quhair fuilyie will not be removed be the awners therof aff the streites theis appoynted for keeping of the streites ar to be put therto and tack it away for ther awne wse.

3 September 1658.

Campbell, minister.

The provest having maid report that some of the sessioune was at him desyring that ane call may be given to Mr. George Campbell for the supplie of the place of the ministrie heir last occupyed be vmquhill Mr. James Durhame, it is concludit, be the honorabill magistrates and counsall, that no call be givin him quhill first he com heir and preach, and that severall tymes, for the better satisfactioune of the people, but yit ordaines ane letter to be sent to him for that effect.


This day the persones fallowing wer addit to the quartermaisteris for setting doune the roll of the locallitie anent the quartering of the souldiers, to wit, [here follow the names].

4 September 1658.

Teyndis, Drymmen.

It is condescendit wpon be the saides magistrates and counsell that ther be ane tack sett to Johne Donald and James Mudic, younger, messangers, of the tyndes of Drymen, for thrie yeares to com, for payment of sex hundreth pundes yearlie, to be payit once in the year on ther awine obleisment.

Lettre to Campbell, minister.

It is concludit that the letter now red this day in counsell be sent to Mr. George Campbell to desyre him to com heir to preach, and the clark to subscryve the samyne in ther names.

Fergusoune, minister.

It is wnanimouslie concludit that if Mr. George Campbell refuissis to com heir to preach that ane call be given to Mr. James Fergusoune to come heir for filling wp the vacand place, and to ws all lauchfull meanes for obteaning and effectwating therof; quhilk thing was presentlie intemat to Mr. Johne Carstaires, Johne Grahame and Mr. Robert Duncane, quha wer direct to this place from the sessioune anent some demandes, and the saides magistrates and counsell did earnestlie intreat them for ther awine concurrence, and to intimat the samyne to the sessioune that they might all cordiallie, as one man, goe about that mater, and if they could say any thing against the man that they give it in in wryt.

Commoun sessioun.

Appoyntes Robert Andersoune and Mr. Archibald Grahame to goe to the commone sessioune and present ane paper, as ane answer to ane wther paper sent be the sessioune to the counsell subscryvit be Mr. Robert M'Quaird.

Bell, bibleothicar.

The Contract maid in favoures of Mr. Johne Bell to be bibleothecar in the college was subscryvet.

12 September 1658.

Warrand, meassores.

Ordaines the thesaurer to heave ane warrand for the sowme of [£41 6s. 8d.] deburst for ane new wheit furlett and wther meassores that was bought at Linlithgow for the townes wse; and ordaines the deane of gild to caus all the baxters to mack all ther meassores conforme.

Hie Kirk.

Recommendes to Baillie Neilsoune and Thomas Allane to sight the Hie Kirk at the black arms.

Hutchesouns Hospitall.

Ordaines the maister of Hutchesounes Hospitall to pay to James Colquhoune [£120 17s.] for covering that pairt of the steiple of the said hospitall above the knock with the said hospitalles awine lead.

16 September 1658.

Supplicatioun parichoneris of vmquhile Mr. James Durhame his quarter.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be paraishoners of wmquhill Mr. James Durhame for giveing ane call to Mr. James Fergusoune, minister at Kilwinning, to fill that vacand place, in regaird of the honestie and justnes therof the samyne was accepted be the saides magistrates and counsell most gratiouslie, and therfor ordanes the deane of gild to convein his counsell of the merchand rank, and the deacon conveiner to convein the deacones of craftes, new and lait, and to propon the said mater to them to receave ther consentes and assentes therto.


Recommendes to the provest, bailleis, deane of gild, and Johne Bell, to wse all maner of laufull meanes for the inviting and inbringing of Mr. James Fergusoune for filling the vacand place of the ministrie heir, and to omitt nothing may contribut for effectwating therof.

18 September 1658.

Protestatioun, minister.

Robert Rae and William Boyd ar heirby commissionat to goe and attend the sessioune, the morrow, if ony be, in the Hie Church, and to enter ane protestatioune, in name of the magistrates and counsell and theis quha will adhear to them, against ane call that shall be given to any minister, if ony be.

No cartis on the brige.

The customer of the brig is ordained not to suffer any cairtes with wheilles goe alongst the brig quhill that the wheilles be takin off and the boddie of the cairt alon harled by the hors.

Hie Kirk.

Commissionates Baillie Neilsoune and the deane of gild to meit with James Colquhoune and to setle and agrie with him anent the mending of the Hie Kirk at the black armes.

Maried officiares and souldiers in the regiment.

It is concludit wpon and condescendit to that such maried officiares or souldiers of the regiment now lying in towne, quha sall tack houssis for ther awin particullar dwelling, and beis removed befor the tyme outrun they tak the saides houssis, they paying the maill therof sua lang as they happin to dwell therin, and at their removeall therfra they giveing in ane note of the localitie allotted to them for paying of ther houssis mailles, with the names of the payers therof, the towne is to disburthein them of the remanent of the saides houssis mailles that shall be awand efter the removeing, they paying all that is dew befor that tyme, and they not burthinging the towne with moir nor ther localitie amountes wnto, according to the generalls ordoures, and not to truble the towne with any provisioune for ther houssis, and to subscryve ane tickit therwpon.

Contractes subscryvit betwixt the towne and James Moodie and John Donald anent the tynds of Drymen.

Ther was twa contractes subscryvit betwixt the magistrates and counsell, on the ane pairt, James Moodie and Johne Donald, messingers, on the wther pairt, be the one quhairof they ar commissionat be the towne to ingather and collect the tyndis of the parishine of Drymen for the yeares jm vjc fyftie fyve, 1656, 1657, 1658, conforme to that contract, and they ar to pay into the towne nyne hundreth marks for ilk year of the saides four yeares, quhairof twa thowsand and seavine hundreth markes is to be payit betwixt and Candlemes nixt and the wther nyne hundreth markes at Candlemes 1660 years; and be the wther contract the towne setts to the saides James Moodie and Johne Donald ane tack of the tyndes of the said parisch, for the space of thrie yeares, viz., 1659, 1660, and 1661 yeares, for the yearlie payment of nyne hundreth markes, beginand the first yeares payment therof at the said terme of Candilmes 1660 yeares.

20 September 1658.

Anent the choysing of the deacones of craftes.

The aforesaides magistrates and counsell doe heirby earnestlie recommend to Baillie Neilsoune and Manasses Lyll that they attend and be present this day at the meating of the severall craftes within this burgh for choysing of ther deacones, and that they suffer non to be put on lytt to bear office as deacon of his calling for the year ensewing quha hes any wayes walked contrair to his burges oath, in not giveing that dew obedience to the magistrates he is sworne too, and hes ony maner of way seduced wtheres to doe the lyk, seing that from the magistrates and towne counsell the severall trades and callinges within this burgh hes and deryves ther right for electing of ther severall deacones of callings, and to certifie them if ony craft sall doe in the contrarie the magistrates and counsell will mack ane new electioune and choyse of the most qualified persones of ilk craft to be deacon for the year ensewing as they sall think most convenient, quha will give that dew respect to the magistrates as becometh, and will be subject to guid ordour as they have done of befor.

Contract subscryvit betwixt the towne and the Barrony minister.

Ther was subscryvit ane contract past betwixt the towne and Mr. Donald Cargill, minister of the Barrony parisch, quherby the towne is obleist to pay him yearlie, in satisfactioune of his full stipand and communioune elementes, the sowme of threttine hundreth markis, and that at twa termes in the year, Witsonday and Mertimes, and he is to be compted with and payit for byrunes and to gett the equall halfe of this said steipand at Mertimes nixt.

Commissioneris to the commoune sessioune.

In the same day, in the efternoon, the foirsaides haill persones, magistrates and counsell, being conveined, they doe heirby comissionat Johne Andersoune, provest, Bailleis Walkinshaw and Barnes, James Campbell, deane of gild, Johne Bell, lait deane of gild, and Mr. Archbald Grahame, ane of ther number, to meit and convein with any persoune or persounes the commoune sessioune or they with the presbiterie sall appoynt, anent the setling of the differences onywayes relaiting to the present plantatioune of the kirkes within this burgh with minister or ministeris, as they sall agrie; and quhat ther commissioners sall doe for them in the premissis they bund and obleis them heirby to stand and abayd firm and stable thairat but reclamatioune.

5 October 1658.

Magistratis electit.

[From a leet of three persons, Lord Cochran, commissioner for the Duke of Lennox, elected John Bell to be provost for the year to come.

[Fradrick Hammiltoune and Robert Rae, merchants, and Androw Mudie, craftsman, elected bailies.]

8 October 1658.

Electioune of counsell conteinowed.

[The parties who elect the town council being present, "and finding ane deficultie arysing thairintill in fallowing the cours appoynted be the humble petitioune and advycc," they delayed the election "to ane wther convenient tyme."]

18 October 1658.

Council elected.

[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors.]

19 October 1658.

Dean of guild.

[James Campbell chosen dean of guild.]

Deacon convener.

[The deacons of crafts having presented a leet of three persons for election of a deacon convener,] the saides provest, bailleis and counsell, tacking to ther consideratioune how that the saides thrie persounes, to wit, William and Walter Neilsouns and Manasses Lyll, had most willingly layed themselfes asyd off the counsell for preveining the townes being put to further truble and expenssis, becaus they wer members of the towne counsell in anno 1648, and thairfor the saides magistrats and counsell thought it most convenient to delay the choysing of any deacon conveinar out of the said lytt for the present for the afoirsaides resounes and sundrie wthers.

Protestatioune against electioune.

Therefter, compeared Mathow Wilsoune, James Thomsoune, Johne Wood, cordoners, and Thomas Lining, litster, and producit ane paper subscrivit be the said Mathow and wthers efterspecifeit, quhairwpon the said Mathow Wilsoune, in name of the rest, took instruments. The tenour quhairof fallowes:—Quhairas there ar severall complents tabled befor his Highnes counsell of stait in Scotland, against severall persounes, be severall of the honest men of the tradis, quhich complents ar remitted to Johne Bell, present provest of Glasgow, and Johne Grahame, lait provest of Glasgow, and since within ther severall complents it was humblie desyred that no decon conveiner should be choysen till the severall incorporatiounes compleiners wer established in their just rights and priviledges; and lykwayes there ar severall persounes being wncapable to bear any publict trust in this commounewealth, be the humble petitioune and advyce, who ar members heir, and being wncapable to be lytit so to vot in any election to persons of publict trust; lykwayes there are severall persones members whom the law does not reatch who ar members of this judicatorie who ar not warned and aught to have bein, and yett slighted. Therfor, and for divers wther reasones, we for our selfes and in name of the weil affected tradismen within this burgh doe protest against your present nominatioune as voyd and null in itselfe; quhairwpon we crave instrumentis.


[James Colquhoune, treasurer; John Barnes, water bailie; John Millar, visitor of maltmen; William Gray, master of work; John Herbertsoune, procurator fiscal.]

23 October 1658.

Meitting for setting doun of overtouris.

The saides magistrates and counsell, finding the reference mad be the right honorabill the lordes of his highenes counsell of estait to Johne Bell, present provest, and to Johne Grahame, somtyme provest of this burgh, anent the complentes given in be some of the tredes men within the samyne, befor the said counsell of estait, to fallow throw the samyn according therto, cannot but prove prejudiciall to the rightes and priviledges of this place, yit, for removing of all mistackes, it is heirby most earnestlie recommendit, be the said bailleis and counsell, to the above named John Bell, provest, to meat with the aforsaid Johne Grahame, and for peace caus to prepone the best overtoures of peace he can think wpon, and that for removeing of theis differences, provyding alwayes theis overtours be nawayes derogatorie to the magistrates and counsell of this burgh.

Lettres of dekinheid.

It is concludit to call in for the haill lettres of deaconheads belonging to the severall trades within this burgh, to the effect it may be knowne quhat power this place hes in maters relaiting to theis lettres of deaconheid, and the provest is to caus wairne all haveand entres to produce the samyne this day eight dayes.

Breid, tallow, candle.

[Ordained that the wheat loaf weigh 11 ounces and 4 drops, and to be sold for 12d. Scots; rough tallow to be sold for 46s. 8d. the tron stone; candle for 55s. the troy stone.]

30 October 1658.

Commissioners, commoune sessioune.

Adjoynes the persounes fallowing to theis wha wer appoyntit to meit with such persounes of the commoune sessiounes as wer appoyntit wpon the twentie day of September last to confer anent the filling of the vacand place of the ministrie, ane or more, viz., the thrie bailleis, Johne Walkinshaw and Thomas Allane; and they to have power to meitt and doe everie thing that sall fall in to be agentit therintill betwixt one counsell day and another, and ony sex of them to be ane quorum.

Papers to the sessiounes.

Appoynts William Cumyng and Mr. Archibald Grahame to present this day to the sessiounes ane paper in relatioune to the call to be given to the ministers; and appoyntes Hendrie Glen and Daniell Broune to joyne with them the morrow to present ane protestatioune for that effect if neid beis.

Clark, Blackfrier Kirk.

Recommendas to Fraderik Hammiltoune, baillie, the deane of gild and Johne Walkinshaw, to setle and agrie with Johne Clark, and to sie him payit anent the dyck and stair builded at the Blackfrier Kirk.

6 November 1658.

Ansuer to sessioun anent the poor.

In ansuer to the demaund made be the sessioune anent the poor, appoyntes them to give in ther contributioune rolles, with the compt of the collectiounes and the distributioune rolles, to sie how all is impendit, and the counsell is therefter to give thair ansuer, becaus James Porter, present, did say the collection wold not mak wp all be the halfe.

Statutis anent the officiares.; Findlay, officiar.

Anent ane complent given in be the procurator fiscall anent the great neglect committit be the officiars, in not puting ther decreits to tymous executioune, it is statut and ordained that the haill officiars put ther decreites to dew executioune within the space of ane moneth efter ther recept therof, without ony farder delay, wtherwayes to be depryved imediatly therefter, and that alsweill theis that they have receaved as theis they sall happin to gett heirefter; and that non of them be sein wpon the streitts without ther halbert, and that all of them gett hatts to weir; and appoyntes twa to be added to ther number to mak wp twelf; and accordingly therto William Findlay, skinner, is admittit as ane of the ordinar officiars.

Call, Fergusoune.

It is wnanimouslie concludit that ane call be given, with the best conveniencie, to Mr. James Fergusoune, now minister at Kilwinning, and recommends the same to the committee appoyntit formerlie anent the call to be given to ministers.

8 November 1658.


Ordaines the clark to subscryve ane commissioune to Robert Marschell to compeir for the magistrats and counsell befor the counsell of estait, or lords of sessioune, in all things quhatsomevir relaiting to the towne; and appoynts the clark also to wrytt ane letter in ther names to George Porterfeild to concur with the said Robert in solisting the judges anent the mater of Dumbartoun, and to promis him his charges so long as he stayes wpon that bussines.

13 November 1658.

Bailleis in Gorballes.

James Pollok and James Andersoune, in Gorballes, ar conteinowed for ane year to com as baillies ther vt formerlie.

Subdeanes mylnes and commoune wayes.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to visit the Subdeanes mylnes and to give order for mending and theiking of them; as also to give ordour for filling the colpittis and wther brokin wayes about the toune compleined against be the constables.

Blakfreir Kirk.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £150, given to John Clark, mason, being balance due him "for building of the dyck about the north syd of the Blackfreir Kirk and ane new stair their, laitly."]

27 November 1658.

Hous in Gorballs sett to Bell.

The townes hous in Gorballis is sett to James Bell, in Litle Govean, (the tower excepted) fra Witsonday nixt to Witsonday 1660, for payment of ane hundreth pundis Scotis, and it is heirby declared that he may enter therto quhen he pleases.

29 November 1658.


Be pluralitie of voittis, it is concludit that James Barnes and Mr. Archibald Grahame attend and wait wpon the provinsiall for stoping of the call of Mr. Ralph Rodger, and ordaines the clark to subscryve them ane commissioune for that effect, and to protest if neid beis.

18 December 1658.


Appoyntis the deane of gild and thesaurer to buy and provyd some knappill to be ane pulpitt to the Laigh Kirk in Trongait.