Extracts from the records: 1659

Pages 410-434

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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1 January 1659.

Overtours anent Dumbartane.

The provest [and five others] ar commissionat, or ony thrie of them, to think wpon and advyse wpon the best overtoures can be fund out for setling of the mater betwixt this burgh and Dumbartane, and to meit with thair commissioners.

Dunlop, scholmaister.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Alexander Dunlope, grantis him libertie to tack wp ane schol in the north quarter for teaching of young childerin to reid and wryt.

22 January 1659.


Recomendes to Bailleis Hammiltoune and Rac to reveis the coupers letter of deaconheid anent quhat lenth they may goe in their wnlawes.

Malt, moulter, excyse.

It is enactit and ordained that quhat maltmen, or ony wther persoune quhatsumevir, sall present, to be grund at the tounes mylnes, fyve furlotis malt for ane masck, if it happin to be any mair it sall pay the moulter and excyse of sex furlotis malt, and sua furth of wther quantities; and recommendis the same to be speciallie tain notice of be the collectours, and they to be adverteised heirof.


Anent the supplicatioune given in and subscryvit be the deacones of hamermen, tailyeours, James Wadrop, for the cordoners, the visitour of maltmen, the deacones of skinners, meassones and fleshours, bearing that their wer divers persones of lait risen amongst them wha, throw brecking and violating the actis of parliament, keeping wnwarrantable convocatiounes contrair therto, and wthers their misregardis and contempt to the magistratis, and throw their wther insolenceis, ar lyklie to caus the haill tredsmen of this burgh lois ther haill liberties and priviledges, quhilkis hes beine carfullie hitherto preservit be their predicessoures; cravand therfor, humblie, licence and warrand of the said provest, bailleis and counsell, for themselfes and all wther craftismen who will adhear to them, to meit and convein for making choys of ane preces amongest them quhill ane deacon conveinar be choysen, for governing of the affaires of the hospitall, poore therin, and wther things relating to them; as the said supplicatioune mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red and considered be the saidis provest, bailleis and counsell, and finding the same to be verie reasonable, they therfor doe heirby grant licence and libertie to the saidis supplicantis to meit and convein amongst themselfes and to goe about everie thing that they think incombent for the guid of the tredis, weill of their hospitall and poore therin, without ony prejudice of the tounes liberties quhatsomevir. And the forsaid provest, bailleis and counsell, having perwsed severall actis of parliament sett doune anent the meitings and convocatiounes of craftismen, and in particullar the xvii act of the xviii parliament of King James the sext, they therfor, heirby, in name of his highnes the Lord Protectour, hes dischargit and, be the tenour heirof, discharges all meitings and convocatiounes of craftismen quhatsoever (the licence abovewrittin being exceptit) that sall be made contrair the saidis actis of parliament and lawes of the gildrie in this place, and that wnder such paines as is conteined in the saidis actis of parliament; and to the effect that no maner of person pretend ignorance heirof, ordaines the samyne to be published to the haill inhabitantis with touk of drum, and coppies heirof to be fixed in the merchand and craftis hospitallis and wther pairts of the toune requisit. And recommendis to the magistratis the last article conteined in the said supplicatioune, quhairby it is craved for eshewing of debait and contraversie, seing the cordoners hes made choys of twa severall deacones of their craft, that both of them may be dischargit and the said James Wadrop, lait deacon, authorized for visiting of the mercat anent the trying of the sufficiencie and insufficiencie of the wark as hes beine done formerlie be the said magistratis.

29 January 1659.

Merchand Hospital.

The aforsaid James Campbell, deane of gild, having showine and informed that he, with the merchand rank within this burgh, had resolved and concludit to tack doune their hospitall in Briggait and to reedifie the samyne againe in ane most comly forme and maner, with ane steiple and hous heigher at least then that of Hutchesounes Hospitall, and to put ane knock and ane bell quhilk should ring therintill, quhilk will not only be ane great decorment and ornament to the streit quhair it standis but also verie commodious to all the inhabitantis theraboutis; and for this end, that the work might be the moir comly, they had bought ane tenement of land adjacent to the said hospitall and wer to give about ane thousand pundis therfor; and therfor he, in name of the said haill merchand rank, did requeist and desyre the forsaid provest, bailleis and counsell, to grant them som reasonable contributioune therwnto, as they have done to the college, ye to strangers for advancement of gode commoune warkis. And the saidis magistratis and counsell, taking the said mater to their serious consideratioune, did condescend and agrie to give for the better advancement of the said edifice the hundreth pundis starling that was awand be John Grahame, merchand, be his tickit, and ordaines the samyne note and tickit to be delyvered to the said deane of gild, with ane assignatioune therto if neid beis; and the said deane of gild, in name of the merchand rank wndertakis that the said steiple sall be as aforsaid. And the saidis magistratis and counsell having respect to both merchand and craftis hous, as members of ane and the same corporatioune, doe heirby promis to be als beneficiall to the craftis hous quhenever they sall build the lyk edifice.

5 February 1659.


In ansuer to Mr. Patrick Gilespies demaund, cravand payment of the seavine thousand markes awand be the toune to the Colledge, as being the money mortified be the deceast Mr. William Struthers and Mr. Zacharias Boyd, quhairwnto the toune ar patrons, it is resolved that the toune being secured in there patronage off the bussers, conforme to the mortificatioune mad be the said Mr. William Struthers thairanent, to renew their band as is desyred, wtherwayes nocht; and for the moneys mortified be the said deceast Mr. Zacharias Boyd, becaus that is done be ane contract betwixt him and the toune, and that it is appoyntit be the deane of gild and deacon convener wha hes speciall entres thairin as sine quo non, it is declared that that cannot be altered.

Wilsoune, schoole.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Alexander Wilsoune, cravand libertie to tak wp ane Inglish schoole in the Gallowgait, whilk was also requysted to be done be ane considerable number of the neighboures their, the samyne was grantit to him during the counsellis will and pleasour.

12 February 1659.

Edinburgh, townes affaires.

In regard severall things may occur betwixt counsell dayes relaiting to the toune quhilk hes gone wrong, non being in Edinburgh to attend the tounes bussines, as in the mater betwixt Hunter and Simpsoune, it is therfor recommendit to the magistratis, [and five others,] or ony thrie or four of them to be ane quorum, and to meet and direct anie persones quhatsomevir to Edinburgh to attend the tounes bussines there at all occasiones.


Recommendis to the deane of gild, Walter Neilsoune, and excys maisteres, to put ane checq in the streitis secretly for attending the malt brought in not grund at the toune mylnes.

26 February 1659.

Bank anent the souldarie.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune to discharge all maner of persones from vtring any rude or incivill speaches to the sojours, wnder the paine of most severe punishment, according to the qualitie of the offence and offender; as also that no persone be fund vaigand on the streitis after the taptow be struckin.

5 March 1659.

Lettre to Lockhart.

It is concludit that the provest wrytt ane letter to Mr. John Lockheart, there commissioner now at parliament, to draw wpon the towne ane hundreth pund starling.

Feir, Gorballis.

Appoyntis the fier of the Gorballis to be sett doune on Moonday nixt, and appoyntis the haill counsell to accompanie the magistratis hither.

Recordis brought fra Edinburgh.

It is ordained to be remembrit that the provest brought home ane of the twa bookis that wer sent to Edinburgh to the counsell of estait and that Mr. Archibald Grahame brought home the wther.

12 March 1659.

Clark and Wallace, deane of gildis court.

In answer to the complent given in be the deane of gild against George Clark, skinner, and Williame Wallace, maltman, for compeiring befor the deane of gildis court and producing there ane neidles and idle protestatioune; as for George Clark he is remittit back againe to the said court and deane of gildis bretherin, quhair he did the offence, to the effect he may give them satisfactioune for the said wrong be thair awine sight; and becaus the said William Wallace did declyne and pas fra the said paper he is also heirby remittit to the forsaid court, there to be punished for his said offence according as they sall think meit and convenient.

21 March 1659.

Heigh kirk and heigh steiple.

Recommendis to the deane of gild, the maister of wark, with ony wthers they pleas to tak with them, to visit the defectis of the Hie Kirk, especiallie the great steiple, and to mak report theranent at the nixt meiting.

2 April 1659.


In ansuer to ane letter sent in be Mr. Patrick Gilespie, craving payment of the 7000 markis mortified money in the tounes hands, the saidis magistrates and counsell, being most willing to doe what they can for the guid of the college, appoynts the provest, bailleis, or ony wthers they pleas to tak with them, to meit with the said Mr. Gilespie and to treat with him theranent, and in particullar anent the maner of the receaving and interteanment of the bursers for which the saidis moneyes wer mortified, and to deall with him if he will tak wp in the first end of theis moneyes the moneyes awand to the toune be the Ladie Dutches of Hamiltoune.

Hie steiple.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus repair the defectis of the great steiple in the Hie Kirk, with all diligence.

9 April 1659.

Lytts and protestatioune given in.

Compeired Johne Hall, ane of the lait bailleis of this burgh, and, in name of ane pairtie of the tradsmen therof, producit ane paper conteining ane lytt of thrie persones names for making choyse of ane of them to be deacon conveiner, quhilk paper he desyred to be red and took instruments therwpon, and that it was the first producit of that kind; lykas, instantly, befor the said Johne Hall removed, compeired Archibald Andersoune, deacon of cordoners, and in name of ane wther pairtie of the tradismen of this burgh, producit ane wther paper conteaning the names of wther thrie persones, and desyred also that ane of them might be made choyse of to be deacon conveiner, and the paper to be red for that effect, and therwpon askit instruments. Lykas, immediatlie, Williame Boyd, ane of the preces of ane pairt of the tradismen within the samyne burgh, producit ane protestatioune against the lytt given in be the said Johne Hall, and therwpon took instruments. Quhilkes papers and protestatioune wer afterwardis red and answered be ane act wnderwryttin.

Salmond fry or smouts killing.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drume, discharging of all killing of salmound fry or smouts, quhilk is inhibit be divers actes of parliament, and that wnder the paine of puting the samyne to executioune against them.

Barries guidis given to Jonstoune.

Ane letter being producit and red, direct from the Lord Generall Munck, anent the delyvering to one Robert Jonstoune of certain guidis standing in the clarkes chamber quhilk perteaned of befor to one Adame Barries, who was apprehendit heir for venting of fals coyne, it was condescendit that the saidis guidis should be delyvered according to the said letter, the said Robert subscryving ane band to warrand the toune at all handis theranent.


In answer to the supplicatioune given be (blank) Knox, in name of the toune of Barrastounenes, it is condescendit and agried wpon that ane contributioune be made and collected for the guid of the said toune; and recommendis to the magistrates to speik and deall with the ministers theranent that the samyne may be done in the most commodious way with all their consents.

Lytts producit for electioune of ane deacon conveinar.

Compeared Johne Hall, ane of the lait bailleis of the samyne burgh, and producit ane lytt of thrie persones sett doune be some of the tradis, to the effect that ane of theis thrie might be choysen deacon conveinar; as also compeired Archibald Andersoune, deacon of cordoners, and producit ane wther lytt conteaning the names of wther thrie persones sett doune be ane wther pairt of the trades, to the effect that ane of them might be choysen deacon conveinar within this burgh, quhill the nixt laufull electioune; as also, William Boyd, now ane of the preces of the trades, producit ane protestatioune againes the said lytt producit be the said Johne Hall; quhilkes being all red and considered be the said provest, bailleis and counsell, and they taking to their consideratioune that at Michaelmes last, the ordinar tyme, their was producit ane wther lytt of wther thrie persones for that same effect, quhik was then protestit againes, and so ther ar now lying nyne persones to be lyttit on for choysing of ane deacon conveinar, quhilk is far contrair to the established letter of gildrie within this burgh, quherby it is appoyntit that twa persones only be presentit with the old deacon conveinar; and as to the twa lytts producit this day their was never ane of the persones specifeit theirintill deacon conveinar of befor, quhilk is contrair also to the said letter of gildrie (but that the forsaid first lytt, producit at Michaelmes last, was conforme therto;) and also considering that the forsaid lytt producit be the said Johne Hall, in name of ane pairt of the tradismen, is protestit againes be the said Williame Boyd, preces to anowther pairt of them; and againe, seing the ordinare tyme of electioune of ane deacon conveinar is and hes bein about Michaelmes yearlie, efter the electioune of the magistrates, conforme to the ancient and setled custoume therof wswallie observed according to the said letter of gildrie, theis fyftie yeares bygaine; the saidis provest, bailleis and counsell, therfor, hes thought guid and fitting to delay ony sick electioune of ane deacon conveinar quhill the said ordinar tyme of electioune.

23 April 1659.

Glasgow, Calder, and Partick briges.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to speak to the justice of peice anent the reparatioune of Calder brige, and to caus repair the tounes great brige and brige of Partick, and to speak to Collin Campbell his brother, for making ane rige of his land at the new mylne of Partick for getting ane mor commodious entrie therto.

Protestatioune Hall at the counsellhous doore.

Johne Hall, being knocking at the councillhous doore, desyring to have entrie, and it being grantit that he sould com in his alone and speak quhat he pleased; becaus he was not permittit to com in with ane multitud at his back, he refuised to com in but protestit at the doore.

The gras of the grein given to the Inglish officiares.

It is condiscendit that the gras of the Grein be bestowed on the officiares of the Inglis souldiers as formerlie, with this caveat that no honest people be trubled anent the drying of their clothes therwpon.

Lyme for the hie steiple.

Appoynts some lyme to be provydit for and brought home from Bathgait for the wse of the heigh steiple of the Heigh Kirk.

30 April 1659.

Report, deane of gild; Provest to Hammiltoune.

The deane of gild made report that he had spokin to soume of the justices of peace anent Calder brige, and that he had also spokin anent the repairing of Partick brige; and, becaus their is ane justice of peace court to be holdin at Hammiltoune on Tewsday nixt, appoyntis the provest to attend that meating and tak with him whom he pleases and to speack to the Dutches anent the monye awand be hir.

Logane, Gorballis.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Johne Logane, hammerman in Gorballis, craving licence to sett doune ane stair to his landis there, at the south end of the great brige of this burgh, in respect he hes given satisfactioune to the toune therfor, they have given and grantit libertie to him to build his said stair four foot outward the Hie Streit from the syd wall of his said hous; as also permittis him to have ane windskew as far out as the stair only, of the thicknes of ane stone, at the north syd of his laigh doore, on the same syd of his hous.

2 May 1659.


Appoyntis James Hammiltoune to ryd to Judge Ker to try quhen his leasour wold serve to goe and sight the harberie at Newark, and ane letter to be wryttin to him for that effect.

Brige at the Southport.

Appoynts the deane of gild and maister of wark to provyd materiallis for building ane brig at Robert Campbellis for passing to Linnings Haugh and wther pairtis theraboutis.

7 May 1659.

Bank anent the sealled stoups.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune discharging all maner of persones to mak wse of any stoupes except such ar sealed this year and of befor, wnder the paine of punishing of them in their persouns and guidis; and to intimat to all who hes ony stoups to seall that they bring the samyne to the deane of gild, first Thursday of ilk moneth, who will give order theranent; and ordaines the stoupis that wer not fund right to be brunt publictlie on Wednesday nixt in the Hie Streit; and appoyntis the deane of gild to caus pay the craftismen who wer imployed for sealling of the stoups, and the thesaurer to depurs the samyne as he sall give ordour.

Contractis betwixt toune and college anent bursares.

Their was subscryvit twa contractis betwixt the toune and the college anent the four bursares of divinitie to be susteaned on the moneyes mortified be wmquhill Mr. Williame Struthers and wmquhill Mr. Zacharias Boyd, all of them being at the tounes presentatioune, quhairof the ilk ane of the twa mortified be Mr. Williame Struthers ar to have per annum four scoir pundis, and ilk ane of the twa mortified be Mr. Zacharias Boyd ar to have thrie scoir pundis; quhilkes annualrents dew to the saidis bursars was formerlie payit be the toune to the college, they having in their handis the said seavin thousand markis mortified be the saidis defunct persounes, but now the toune having given band therfor to Sir Johne Gilmour, conforme to the act of counsell of dait the secund of this instant, therfor, as being ane debt awand be the college as ane pairt of the pryce of the tyndis bought be them of the landis of Munckland and Calder fra the Ladie Dutches, the college are obleist be the said contract to pay theis bursares in monye yearlie out of the first and reddiest of the saidis tyndis, or out of the first and reddiest of the college wther rents, and to infeft the saidis bursars therintill conforme to the said contract; be the quhilk the tounes right of patronage is not altered but standis yit intear with the toune.

8 May 1659.

Protestatioune against the call given to Mr. Johne Livingstoune.

Compeired James Barnes and declared that notwithstanding of all the paines takin be the most considerable honest men of the wast quarter, and the humble adressis made be them to the sessioune for giveing ane call to Mr. James Fergusoune for the supplieing of the vacand place of ministerie there, throw the deceas of Mr. George Younge, their lait famous pastor, yit the sessioune had denayed the samyne flatlie and declared they wold give ane call to one Mr. Johne Livingstoune; quhilk thing the saidis magistratis and counsell thought verie hard of that any call should be given to any minister to com heir to this burgh, they, as the representative therof, not being first acquainted therwith, and thairfoir it was wnanimouslie concludit be them all to award the said mater as becometh in respect of the oath of God lying wpon them.

Post meridiem.

The said day, the haill persones above named, being againe conveined (except the said Robert Andersoune) and farder with them Williame Boyd, and being now acquantit that by publict intimatioune out of the pulpit ane pretendit commoune sessioune of this burgh did proceid to the nominatioune of one Mr. Johne Livingstoune to supplie the vacand place of their lait deceased reverand and faithfull pastour Mr. George Younge, one of their ministers, and ane edict servit for objecting this verie day after the afternoones sermon against the samyne, therby occasioning their meeting sua extraordinarlie as never in the least made to wnderstand this so summar and unhard of procedour of befor; and after serious deliberatioune, finding that they could not without neglecting of the oath of God lying wpon them to show to all whom it may concerne that the forsaid proceidings of the said pretendit commoune sessioune is not only a meer tyrannizing over the Lordis people, in thrusting in of ane minister wpon ane parish wnknowne to the far most pairt if not to all of them, after so many humble and serious addressis of the most qualified and eminent persones, maisters and headis of the families in the said parish quhairof the said deceast Mr. George was pastour; to the contrair, in behalfe of ane reverand and faithfull minister of the gospell, Mr. James Fergusoune, knowne to the most pairt of the citie and parish if not to all, but lykwayes ane manifast slighting and vilipending of the magistratis of this burgh, whom the Lord in his providence heath ordered over them, and whom they aught for conscience saik to obay, in that they have not so much as once acquanted them with their thoughts to have the said vacand place supplied, they being the proper representative of the burgh; therfoir, and for sundrie wther reasounes to be eikit and aded heirwnto in the awine dew tyme and place convenient, they, for themselfes and in name of the whoill burgh whom they doe present, doe by thir presentis protest against the said pretendit commoune sessioune their proceidour as most illegall and not agrieable to the knowne constitutione, practick, and lawes of the disciplin of this church of Scotland, inviolable observit in all the burghis, cities and incorporatiounes therof; and that whatsomevir they sall doe contrair to the expres will of the magistratis and parish, not being agriable to the word of God and constitutione of the church in this their procedour, sall be null and of no force nor effect; and doe appeall to the Synodicall and Generall Assemblies of this natioune for remeid in law, as the Lord in his providence sall affoord the samyne. And this they ordaine to be subscryvit be their clerk and presentit be the provest, with the bailleis and counsell to attend them, and that therwpon they tack instrumentis as becometh.

Letter to Livingstoune, minister.

The same day, after the productioune of the said protestatioune, it is concluded be the saidis magistratis and counsell, who for the most pairt wer present, that ane letter should be wryttin to the said Mr. John Livingstoune to inform him heiranent; and ordaines the clark the subscryve the samyne in their names.

14 May 1659.

Doctour Sutour.

It is concluded that Doctour Soutour be delt with to mak his residence heir, and for this effect to mak him burges and gild brother and to pay him fourtie pundis be year, he being obleist be contract to cure the poore in toune, who sall be recommendit to him be the magistrates, of the ston.

21 May 1659.

Judge Ker.

Appoyntes ane lettre to be sent to Judge Ker to visit the rodis of Newark; and, quhen he comes for that effect, appoyntes Baillie Rae and John Walkinshaw to attend him.

Skinues and hydis.

Forsuameikle as it is heavilie regraitit be the skinners within this burgh that their is great wrong and injurie done by the fleshours within the same and wthers repairing therto of the cuntrie, for that quhen they flee their scheip they leive the substance and strenth of the skinn wpon the bouk, and therby makis the bouk to seim better nor it is, but wakines the skineis and holles them that they will be no work; as also, it being greatlie regraitit be sundrie merchandis who buyes skines, and be the saidis skinners, that the saidis fleshoures cutis the saidis skines in the neck and buttockis; quhilk regrait is also made be the tanners against the fleshours anent the cutting and holling of the hydis; quhilkis wronges and enormities tendis to the great hurt and prejudice to the merchand who buyes them and craftismen who workis them, and that all this is done contrair the old laudable actis of this burgh sett doune of befor theranent; it is therfor heirby enactit, statut and ordained, be the saidis magistratis and counsell, that no fleshoures within this burgh, nor no wthers who brings skinnes and hydes thairto to sell, presume or tack wpon hand to doe the lyk heirafter, and that wnder the paine of confiscatioune of all such skinnes or hydes as sall be fund faultie in maner above wryttin, quhilkis ar to be tryed be theis to be appoyntit be the saidis magistratis and counsell for that effect, and to be disposed wpon be their sight who sall be for the tyme; and ordaines this act to be intimat throw this burgh by touk of drum.

28 May 1659.

Report, provest.

The provest made report that at the meiting in Hammiltoune on Tuesday last he had endit with the Ladie Dutches anent the byrunes of the tynd tack deutie of Cambusnethane, and that shoe was to pay ane thousand markis in compleit payment of all byrunnes for the crop 1657 yeares and preceiding, with ane hundreth markis for the cropt 1658, and so to pay thankfullie yearlie therafter; as also that he had setled with the gentillmen of the schyre anent the assesment craved of the landis mortified to hospitalles.


[It was reported that "the excys of all aill, bear, acquavytie, and wther hot waters, broune, made, sold and toped within this burgh," had been taken, on behalf of the burgh, from 1 June next till 1 June 1660, at the same rate as last year, the tack duty being £450 sterling each two months.]

4 June 1659.

Excys acquavytie and the grein to be sett.

It is concludit that the Grein be sett and the excys of acquavytie and hott waters on Twesday nixt.

Trone dewes..

Recomendes to the deane of gild for rectifieing the dewes of the trone.

Standart trou.

Appoyntes James Colquhoune to caus mack ane standart of bras for the tronweight.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Patrik Bryce in relatioune to the coalheugh in moore of Gorballes, it is concludit that no ansuer sall be given to him tharanent quhill first he give satisfactioune for the byrun tack dewties quhilkis ar restand awand wnpayit.

7 June 1659.

Common good.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8800 merks; ladles, 3000 merks; meal market and pecks, 810 merks; tron, 820 merks; bridge, 1610 merks; "excyse of acquavytie toppit and sold within this burgh" till 1 June next, £24 sterling; teind fish, 95 merks.]

11 June 1659.

Sklaites, meilmercat.

[Ordained payment of £168 "for nyne boatfull of sklaites bought be the deane of gild for the wse of the meilmercat."]

Bank anent the office and entrie of excys.

The magistrates and counsell, fearing that the tacksmen of the excyse of the acquavytie tack advantage of the inhabitantis throw their not tymous entrie of their acquavytie conforme to the lawes of the excys, for preveining quhairof, and to the effect the office and hour of entrie may be the better knowne, ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune be touck of drum to show the inhabitants that the office is in Johne Rowatis hous, and the houres of the entrie ilk day of the weik (the Sabboth exceptit) is to be betwixt ten houres and elevin houres in the foirnoone and betwixt ane and twa houres in the afternoone; and this to be done that non pretend ignorance.

18 June 1659.

Barrazett brig.

[Agreed to relieve the dean of guild of the obligations undertaken by him in entering into "ane contract with Johne Huntar, measoune, and wtheres, for the building of ane brige at the Barraszett, and was obleist to pay to them sex hundreth markis."]

25 June 1659.

Maister of wark.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus fill wp the holles about the toune quhairof the neighboures compleines much against, and to speik to James Baxter for that effect; as also ordaines the said maister of wark to caus lay the calsay in the lone at St. Mungowes Trie, according as was desyred be the land meithers at the last sighting of the marches.


Approves the aggriement made be the deane of gild with John Clark, measoune, anent the building of the meilmercat.

6 July 1659.

Fair proclamed.

The magistrats and counsell, with the deacones of craftis, after the ordinarie maner and cerimonies, proclamed the faire grantit to this burgh, betwixt ten and alevin hours in the foirnoone, to begin the morrow, the seavinth of this instant, and to conteanow quhill the fourtin day therof at night, and that in name and behalfe of the burghs present superiour and of the provest and bailleis therof.

9 July 1659.

Blackfrier Kirk.

It is condescendit that the roof of the Blackfrier Kirk be mendit with all conveniencie, becaus the toune for the present is not able to doe farder thairto, and recomendis the same to the deine of gild and maister of wark.

Commoune wealth coyn.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune by touk of drum to command all maner of persones to receave the commoune wealthes coyne, without ony exceptioune, the samyne being fund sufficient silver and weight.

11 July 1659.

Pilacie, wast sees.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftine pundis, deburst for John Boill and John Fisher there charges quhen they wer sent east to the generall with ane letter to acquaint him with the pilacie in the wast seaes and for viij li. for their horssis hyre.

23 July 1659.

Commissioune, provest and deane of gild.

The deane of gild is commissionat to keep the meiting quhilk is to be at Linlithgow, the first Twesday of August nixt to come, be the deanes of gild of Edinburgh, this burgh, Strivilling, Linlithgow, and wtheres; as also the provest is commissionat to keep the meiting with the provest of Edinburgh and wtheres who ar to meit with Mr. James Robertoune; and the magistrats and counsell obleissis them to abayd thairat quhat they doe thair, and the clark is appoyntit to subscryve ane commissioune for that effect.


In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Mr. John Weinyett, ane of the doctores of the grammer schoole, anent his great paines and meanes of his fiel, quhilk is only ane hundreth markis be year, it is therfor condescendit and agried that their be payit to him yearlie heirafter, be the thesaurers of this burgh, fyftie markis mair, and that during his aboad in the said school and the counsellis will allenerlie.

Warrand, poore womane.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twelfe pundis deburst be him to ane poor womane, Jonet Brysoune, to help to buy ane new acquavytie box and fleikwands for supplie of hir and hir childerin.

Warrands, vagaboundis, meil mercat.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie punds, deburst be him to Charles M'Cleane for his extraordinarie service in waiting wpon some vagaboundis in the tolbuith; and for fyve hundreth marks, deburst to John Clark, in pairt payment to him for building of the meilmercat.

30 July 1659.

Mylne laid.

[Ordained payment of 100 merks "for casting of the new cast at the toune mylne laid."]

Meikle Grein.

Recommends to the deane of gild to caus fill wp againe the cast that was made in the Meikle Grein and mak that pairt therof levell with the rest of the grein and agrie with any persones thairanent who will doe it cheipest.

Bank, peise yairds and fuilyie.

Appoynts ane bank to be sent throw the toune to discharge the brecking of yairds and peise, and to inhibit all persones to suffer their fuilyie to lye wpon the streit longer nor twentie four houres, or then to command theis who ar appoyntit for dighting of the samyne to remove it imediatlie therafter.

6 August 1659.

Stank at Greinheid.

The deane of gild made report that he had agried with some sojouris for casting in of the stanck at the Greinheid, and that their was to be payit therfor nyne punds starling, quhilk is to be payit according as the work is wrought.

Report, deane of gild, and warrand.

The deane of gild made report anent his meiting with the deane of gild of Edinburgh and wther deane of gilds at Linlithgow, and anent his speacking with the generall in the mater of the excyse of salt, and brought home from the generall ane ordour theranent, quhilk was appoyntit to be intimat to the collectours of that excyse; and ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fortie fyve punds sextine shillings, whilk was deburst be the said deane of gild for his and the charges of Johne Young who was with him that jurney, and for his wther debursments and horssis hyre.


There was red ane petitioune givin in be James Dalgleish, baxter in Edinburgh, craving licence to com here for exerceising of his calling, the answer quherof was delayed till this day eight dayes.

Commissioner, Pollok, Puckie and Puckie Mylne.

James Pollok is heirby commissionat to goe and vplift what is restand of the dewtie of Puckie and Puckie Mylne, and to give discharges therwpon, and that with the best conveniency, to the effect the samyne may be divydit amongs the prenteissis according to the mortificatioune sett doune theranent.

13 August 1659.

Minister of Goveanes Manse.

Ane motioune being made anent the repairing of the minister of Goveane his hous, and craving the toune to contribut therto for the lands in Gorballes, with the rest of the heritours of the said parishin of Goveane, it was resolvit and condescendit wnto that how soone the vallowatioune of that parish is rectified the toune sall contribut to the repairing of the said manse according to their proportioun.


Their was subscryvit ane tack of Puckie and Puckie Mylnes, with the double therof.

20 August 1659.


Recommends to the deane of gild, James and Johne Barnes, to meit and convein for setting doune the best overtoures they can for remeiding the abuses committed at the water, and to tak in with them whom they pleas for that effect, and to report theranent this day eight dayes; and in the meanetyme ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drum, to discharge all tapsters of herring to buy any herring befor twelfe houres in the day, wnder the paine of twentie punds how oft and sua oft as they sall contravein, except theis who buyes herring to serve the toune, who ar war randit be the old actis to buy als many as ane reasonable maund for serving of the toune will contein.


Appoyntis Williame Cumyng, James Hamiltoune, and Hendrie Glen, to tack notice what weomen hes seats sett in the Laigh Kirk who hes chyres in wther kirkes, and to mack report to the effect that that abuse may be remeided.

Warrands.; Inventering tounes wrytes, excys compts.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth markes monye deburst be him to Williame Yair for sorting and inventering of the tounes wrytis, according to the counsellis appoyntment, and for wther services performed be him for the toune in tymes bygaine; and ordaines James Hammiltoune to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth punds deburst be him, out of the monyes he receavit fra the collectors at the mylnes, to James Barnes for the paines takin be him in wryting and booking the excys comptis and acting wther things relaiting therto.

27 August 1659.

Warrand, Barraszet brige.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie hundrethe marks deburst be him to the measounes that bigged the Barrasyet brige, in compleit payment to them therof.

6 September 1659.


The deane of gild made report that he had agried with James Gray, wright, for sklaiting of the meilmercat for twelfe pundis the ruid, and the toune to furnish him foge and nailles, quhilk agriement was allowed and approvin by the haill counsell.

Warrands, weights.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie eight punds xviii s. deburst be him to Johne Colquhoune for ane trone stand of bras weights to the toune and ane buist to keep them in, and for the sowme of fyftie eight punds thrie shillings, deburst also be him to the said Johne Colquhoune for renewing and casting of the tounes haill leid weights, furnishing some leid therto, and mending the rings and stapills therof.

Report, Pollok, Puckie.

James Pollok made report of his last diligence in ryding to Puckie and Puckie Mylne, and the toune having subscryvit of befor twa tackes therof, conteaning ane blank name, he producit ane of them againe subscryvit be Johne Hutchesoune, designit in the tack, quherwnto Scotistarbett himselfe is witnes, quhairin the lands are sett for nyntin yeares and croptis, and this instant cropt is the first of them, for payment yearlie of the sowme of twa hundreth fourtie punds, quhairof the ane halfe was to be payit at Witsonday last; as also he producit ane band grantit be Thomas Thomesoune for payment of the sowme of fyve hundreth pundes in satisfactioune of all bygaine rents of Puckie and Puckie Mylne, and is payable betwixt and the first day of Januar (blank); quhilks are both putt up with the rest of the wrytis of theis lands.

Warrand, Frank, drogs.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie punds deburst be him to James Frank in compleit payment of all drogs and wther medicamentes furnished be him to ony poore people who wer formerlie direct to him be the magistrats to be cured, Archibald Bischop being excepted, because it was allegit that the magistrates wer not imployed of him therintill.

24 September 1659.

Everie counsellour on lytt to have ane vott.

It is concluded that everie counsellour who is put out on lytt the tyme of the lytting and electing of the magistrats sall have the libertie to give his vott quhen he comes in againe altho it hes not beine the wse heirtofoir in the lyk.

Ansuer to the ministeris.

In ansuer to the desyre proponit be the ministers to the saids magistrats and counsell, desyring that they wold joyne with them and the sessioune in giveing ane call to Mr. Johne Livingstoune, after dew deliberatioune had theranent, in respect it was formerlie overtoured to the sessioune that the saids magistrats and counsell wer willing to assent to the calling of Mr. Ralp Rodger, provyding the sessioune wold goe on joyntlie with them in giveing ane call to Mr. James Fergusoune, and providence having ordoured the removeall of Mr. George Young, so that Mr. Ralp is now admitted by them, the sessioune aught in equitie to condischend to the said call of Mr. Fergusoune, to the quhilk if the sessioune be willing to harkin, it being the earnest requeist and desyre of the saids magistrats and counsell and of the most considerable pairt of the parish and manye moe considerable persones in wther parishes in toune, as ane thing hoped foir to be ane meanes of this corporatiounes peace and concord in all tyme coming, quhilk desyre if it be assented to be the ministers and sessioune the saids magistrates and counsell doe heirby declar that they sall be most willing to joyne with them in the calling of Mr. Livingstoune to be the sext minister; and if this be refuised it is heirby declared that the saids magistrats and counsell cannot but adhear to their former protestatioune.

1 October 1659.

Licence, Marshell, pyntour.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Robert Marshell, pyntour, showing that he hes skill in washing and pynting of houssis, and given proof therof in sundrie places within this burgh, and seeing their is but one the lyk within the samyne burgh and not ane wther in all the wast of Scotland, desyring therfor licence to practise and occupy the samyne peacablie heirafter within the said burgh (that occupatioun being rather ane science nor ane craft) quhilk, being weighted and considered be the saids provest, bailleis and counsell, they, after consideratioune had theranent, doe heirby grant licence and libertie to the said Robert Marschell to wash and pynt houssis to any within this burgh or territorie therof who pleases to imploy him for that effect, without ony impediment to be made be him therintill.

4 October 1659.

Electioune, magistratis.

[From a leet of three merchants, the commissioner for the tutrix of the Duke of Lennox nominated John Bell to be provost for the year to come. James Campbell and James Pollok, merchants, and James Colquhoune, craftsman, were thereafter elected bailies.]

7 October 1659.

New counsell.

[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors.]

8 October 1659.

Trades conveinar.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be some of the deacones of the trads, craving the counsells approbatioune of some papers given out be Patrick Bryce, conveinar; and the saids magistrats and counsell, wnderstanding that without their approbatioune their cannot any be designit conveiner in this burgh wnles he war laufullie choysen conforme to the letter of gildrie and approvin be them, and so they to approve of theis papers war to wrange and infringe the tounes liberteis, quhilk they wold not doe, and so could not grant that desyre.

12 October 1659.

Deane of gild.

[James Barnes chosen dean of guild.]

Deacon conveinar.

[Two several sections of the trades produced each a leet of three persons for the election of a deacon-convener.] And the saids magistrates and counsell, being verie cairfull to have union, peace and concord againe setled, did earnestlie deall with the producers of the saids lyttis that all might be joyned in one for the better removeing of the wnhappie differences now standing amongst them. To the quhilk it was answered be the said Robert Wilsoune and theis with him that they wold alter nothing of that what their pairtie had done. And the said Archibald Andersoune and theis with him, being interrogat quhat they wold doe, who declared that, for peace cans, they wer willing to lay themselfes asyd and wold submitt their haill intrest to the provest, bailleis and counsell. And they, to wit the saids magistratis and counsell, having conferred at lenth anent that mater, with the seavine deacones of craftis present, they promised to doe their best indeavours with the deacon conveinar to be choysen to gett ane new electioune of the haill contravertit deacones of trads. And the saids magistrats and counsell having returned heartie thanks to the said Archibald Andersoune and wthers of his pairtie for their peaceable deportment, and promist to defend them in all their just rightis and to wse their best indeavours to gett ane new electioune of all the haill contravertit deacones; after all which it was voyced be the saids magistrats counsell, and wtheris forsaids joyned with them for election of the saids deane of gild and deacon conveinar, quhilks of the said [leet presented by Robert Wilsoune and others] should be choysen deacon conveinar for the year inshewing, whilks being votted, be pluralitie of voits the said Johne Buchannan, elder, was electit and choysen deacon conveinar of this burgh for the year inshewing.

Election of treasurer, &c.

[Other office-bearers elected as follows:—Colin Campbell, treasurer; John Barnes, water bailie; John Millar, visitor of maltmen; William Gray, master of work.]

15 October 1659.

Baillie in Gorballes.

Johne Ker for this burgh is electit baillie of Gorballes for ane year enshewing.

Heigh Kirk.

Recommends to Baillie Colquhoune, deane of gild, and deacon conveinar, to sight the Heigh Kirk anent quhat is to be done theirin and demandit be the ministeris.

22 October 1659.

Hie Kirk.

Recommends to Baillie Colquhoune, the deane of gild and deacon conveinar, to consider yit on the making of ane portall doore in the Vter Hie Kirk, seeing it is fund impossible to height the mid wall there as wes desyred be some of the ministers.

Tallow and candle.

[Ordained that rough tallow be sold for 46s. the stone and well made candle for 54s. the stone.]

1 November 1659.

Campbell to Hammiltoune.

Baillie Campbell is appoyntit to ryd the morne to Hammiltoune anent the letter direct heir be the schyrefe for the bagadge horsis cravit out of the schyre, and he is appoyntit to speik with the commissioners of the burrowes in the schyre anent the choysing out of ane man against the fyftin of this instant conforme to his letter direct theranent.

Wickits to be locked.

The saids magistrates and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great stouth made of malt, for eshewing the payment of the excyse therof, to the tounes great prejudice, who is to pay the tak dewtie therfor, it is therfor statut and ordained that the haill wickits of the mylnes be loocked at all convenient tymes, and that the collectors at the waster mylnes lyes there, and that the collectors at the subdeane and tounes mylnes close both doores and wickits at night and oppen the same againe in the morning tymeouslie, about sex hours, and that the brig port be closed.


Baillie Colquhoune, the deane of gild and deacon conveinar, having made report anent the mater committed to them anent James Frank and some of the chirurgianes, it is concludit that John Hall be not admittit to sitt on the deane of gilds counsell quhill their book be produced and that mater endit, but that the rest of the craftismen choysen to be on that counsell be admittit accordinglie.

Magistrats commissionatanent the maters of the toune.

The saids magistrates and counsell, taking to thair serious consideratioune the maniefold revolutiounes fallis out from tyme to tyme, and that some things may occur wpon ane haist quhilk may neirly concerne the toune and be of weight and importance, and that the haill counsell at all tymes conveniently cannot be weill had or conveined to consider tymously therwpon nor to give answers to letters or ordoures may be sent heir theranent, it is therfor heirby wnanimouslie concludit that the present magistrates and wthers who hes borne office quhom they please to tak to their selfes, sall have power to doe all things in theis maters for the guid of the toune as if the haill counsell war warned and conveined for that effect.

Barrasyet brige.

Recommends to Bailie Colquhoune, dean of gild and deacon conveinar, to agrie with some craftismen for righting of the brig at the Barrasyett.

8 November 1659.

Commissioner, Pollok to Edinburgh.

In obedience to the letter direct heir from the generall, Baillie Pollok is heirby commissionat to repair to Edinburgh against the fyftin of this instant to speik with him, and therafter to report what is communicat to him.

Commissioners appoyntit to meit with the sessioune.

The provest, bailleis Campbell and Colquhoune, the deane of gild, deacon conveinar, Frederik Hammiltoune, Robert Rae, Johne Walkinshaw and Thomas Allane ar appoyntit to meit with some of the sessioune according to the desyre of the ministers anent the giving ane call to ane minister for filling the vacand place in the Laigh Kirk in Trongait and for removing of all wther differences; and if theis of the sessioune be of ane greater number, the saids magistrates and wthers abovewryttin ar heirby commissionat to tak such wthers with them as they sall think fitt; and therafter to report.

Bank anent straingers.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune with touk of drum discharging all maner of persones to sett houssis to straingers quhill first they com and acquant the magistrats, and that wnder the paine of ten punds how oft and sua oft as they sall contravein; and ordaines the magistratis to sie this put to executioune.


In relatioune to the statut to be sett doune anent the breid, its appoyntit that the pryce sall remaine constant, but the weight to alter according to the pryce of the wheit, and that the baxters merk xij d. and sex penneis breid.

22 November 1659.

Report, Pollok.

Baillie Pollok made report of his diligence in Edinburgh at the generall, and producit ane letter craving ane answer, whilk was recommendit to the magistrats to have their thoughts on.

Warrand, lounes.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie punds deburst be him to Charles M'Claine for his extraordinarie paines in attending the tolbuith this long tyme bygaine, having had no imployment but keeping of some lounes wer wardit therintill.

Chirurgianes and Hall.

The contraversie amangs the chirurgianes being motiounit againe this day, it is ordained that ane act be produced warranding Johne Hall for interlyning or vitiating ther book befor the samyne was done or then to account that mater to have bein done without warrand.

Croce to be takin doune and removed.

The saids magistrates and counsell having receavit warrand and ordours for doune taking of the guard hous was builded about and wpon the croce, and in regaird the samyne mercat croce throw the building of the said guard hous therwpon was altogither defaced, it is therfor now concludit to remove the samyne with all convenient diligence and mak it equall with the grund, and to lay the timber and staines of the said guard hous apairt be themselfes, conforme to the tenour of the said ordour.

3 December 1659.

Lettre subscryvet.

The letter drawne wp as ane ansuer to the generalls former letter was red publictly in counsell and allowed and approvine, and the clark ordained to subscryve the same in their names and to be sent away in convenient tyme.


For preveining of the great hurt and domage in the futur, quhairof sundrie inhabitents hes fund the smart heirtofoir throw the breking of their houssis and buithes be theifes, it is therfor heirby statut and ordained that ane watch be keepit nightly heirafter during the counsells will, to be sett ilk night be the bailleis in dew tyme, vicissem, to consist of sick ane convenient number as they sall think meit; and ordaines ane bank to be sent throw toune be touk of drume, to command everie persone to com out, or ane sufficient man for that effect, according as he sall be warned therto, and that wnder the paine of xxx schillings Scotis ilk tyme they contravein, wnforgiven.

To calsay where the croce stood.

Appoynts and ordaines that pairt of the streit where the croce did stand of befor to be calsayed in ane most comly and decent maner, and that by the sight and advyce of James Colquhoune, baillie, as he sall think it most fitting to be done, with the best conveniency.

Creames removit.

Appoynts the creames sett out for selling of fruit, wniones, and the lyk, to be removed from the marcat place, and everie one of the awners therof to remaine about their awine dwellings and not to present their creames to the mercat place as formerly.

Hall, chirurgianes.

Appoynts the deacon conveinar to produce ane act, subscryvet be the clark of the chirurgianes of this burgh, warranding John Hall to have interlyned and bloted their book befor the samyne was done be him, and that at the nixt meiting.

10 December 1659.

Table anent wheit breid.

According to the counselles former ordours, the deane of gild producit ane table anent the wheit breid whilk he had drawne wp and sett doune according to the saids ordours, quhilk was allowed and approvin and ordained to be observed in all tyme coming, the pryce allwayes remaining but the weight to alter according to the rate of the wheit to be sold.


Appoynts yit the deacon conveinar to exhibit and produce ane act as was formerlie ordained anent the chirurgianes, and that at the next meiting.

Fruit men and salt wyfes.

Efter reading of the supplicatioune given in be theis who of old keeped craimes at the croce and wer ordained in tyme coming to keep at thair awne houssis, their is this day libertie grantit to them to keep thair craimes on the mercat day in the Trongait, be wast where the cordoners stands, but to keep at thair awine houssis the rest of the weik, and to keep within the guttar; and recommends to the baillies to sie the weomen and wyfs who sells salt on the Hie Streit to stand beneth Dowhills foiryett.


It is concluded that there be payit weiklie to the post for byrunes since the first of November last, and in tyme coming quhill he be discharged, sex shillings starling.

31 December 1659.


The deane of gild and deacon conveinar ar appoyntit to sight and vew the tounes foot mantle quhilk is lying now in the custodie of Johne Millar, tailyeour, and to doe therwith what they think fitt therafter.


Ordaines the deacon of chirurgianes to be wairned to produce the act that the deacon conveinar was formerlie appoyntit to produce for them anent the vitiating of their book.

Gilespie, stipend, kirk.

In answer to the desyre maid be Mr. Gilespie, craving payment of the vacand stipend to the colledge that is awand since the deceas of Mr. James Durhame, and lofting of the Wtter Hie Kirk, it is resolvit be the forsaids haill magistrats and counsell that they will give no ansuer therto, nor what concernes the college, quhill first they get satisfactioune anent the bibleothecar now placed be the said Mr. Gilespie in the colledge.


The saids magistrats and counsell, being informed be ane surmeis that the excyse should ceas furth and fra the first day of Januarii nixt to com, they ordoured Baillie Pollok to ryd east to sie if he could gett wp their band that he had given for the said excys; and for better effectuating therof to borrow monye there east for compleiting byrunes of the said excys.

Pryces, tallow and candle.

[After consideration of a supplication by the fleshers and candlemakers, the fleshers were licensed to sell tallow at 54s. the stone and well made candle at £3 the stone.

Distressed gentleman, herring.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £20 "deburst be him to ane distressed gentleman," and for £126 "deburst for the tounes herring."]