Extracts from the records: 1661

Pages 457-480

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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5 January 1661.

Act anent notis and taking of all new intrantis, straingers and beggers.

The forsaids magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that of lait the toune is overburdined and pestered with strangers and beggers, and if tymous remeid be not vsed theranent the toune and inhabitantis will be greatlie prejudged, and seing the taking notis therof is greatlie neglectit be theis who should doe the samyne, they have therfor made choyse of the persones fallowing to goe throw the haill toune in the severall pairtis therof as is heirafter divydit, and to tak wp the haill names of everie Mr. or Mrs. of everie familie, with the designatioune of their calling, with their servantis names, and to try theis who ar new intrantis within their severall boundis, and what orray weomen ar within the samyne bounds, and who setis, to all such, houssis, that they doe the samyne with all dilligence, and to give ane compt therof to the magistratis and counsell with all conveniencie, and that they conteinow the doeing of the samyne monethlie quhill Michaelmes nixt. The names of the persones ar theis:—[Here the names and districts are enumerated.]

19 January 1661.


Recommends to the provest, baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to vew and tak notis of the hie steiple in some convenient tyme, and the rest of the toune steiples quhat is defective therintill, and to report, that the same may be tymeously remeidit.

Fergusoune, warrand.

It is concludit to lend and advance to John Fergusoune, post, fourtie twa punds Scotis to helpe to buy ane sufficient hors to serve the toune, and he to serve the toune thankfullie therfor, quhill the first of Maij nixt to com, without ony weiklie waiges all that tyme as he got formerlie.

26 January 1661.

Kilburnie, Grinok.

It is thought convenient and conducable for the guid of the toune that ane peice of Kilburnie, Grinok, or bay of Inchgrein, be takin in few fra the laird of Kilburnie, and recommends this to the provestis cair; and ordaines him and James Colquhoune to ryd east to Edinburgh for this effect, and James Colhoune to remaine there in Edinburgh with John Bell, the tounes commissioner, quhill his returne.

11 February 1661.

Kilburnie, Grinok.

The provest made report of his last diligence in Edinburgh and producit ane submissioune made betwixt him, in name of the toune, and the laird of Kilburnie, anent ane peice grund in Kilburnie, Grinok, the toune resolvit to tak in few from him, conform to the act daitit the xxvi day of Januarij last, whilk was allowit and approvin; and the said provest was earnestlie desyred be the said haill counsell to prosecut that mater for sua meikle grund as is conteined in the submissioune, or for furder as the toune sall think convenient.


Recommends to the maister of wark to caus bring ane cowbar full of sand from Cardrois to mix with lyme for casting of the steiples, battellin of the tolbuith, and wther commoune workes.


[Ordained that 40s. be sent to John Nicoll, in Edinburgh, "for his paines in wrytting to the toune and sending of diurnalles."]

23 February 1661.

Porter, session clerk, transportit.

Forsuameikle as the saidis magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune that there being formerlie ane regrait and complent presentit to the right honorabill the committee of estaitis, wpon the first day of November last bypast, in name of the magistratis and counsell of this burgh who did bear charge therin in anno 1645 and in anno 1648, shewing that Mr. Gilespie, having procured ane warrand from the lait Vsurper, in anno 1656, direct to Leivtennant Collonel Simonds, Major Dornie, Captane Davies and wtheres, for the petitioners loyalitie to his Majestie and anent the trying of their lyfes and conversatioune since they wer borne to the dait of that warrand, James Porter, clark to the sessiounes of Glasgow, did intrude himselfe amongs theis to whom the warrand was direct to be their clark and informer, notwithstanding the petitioners did earnestlie desyre him to forbear, yit he still insisted against the petitioners and caused lead against them above ane hundreth and fyftie witnesses without giveing them ane lybell to ansuer to, and the petitioners did never know yit what was witnessed against them, the lyk quhairof was never hard heirtofoir, to the great hurt, charges and damage of the petitioners and defamatioune of their guid names, and of sett purpos to draw them wnder the compas of imprisonment and fynes; cravand, therfor, that the said James might be conveined and appoyntit to delyver wp the scrow of the forsaids proces with the extract of ony wther proces he satt as clark to against any of the petitioners; and the said James Porter being therewpon summond to compeir befor the said right honorabill the committee of staitis, and he having compeired accordinglie, the said committee of staitis did then confyne the forsaid James Porter to his hous in Glasgow, therin to remaine whill cours be takin with him for his cariage conteined in the said petitioune or bill, and remittit the doeing therof to the magistratis of this burgh; and the said magistratis and counsell having often delt earnestlie with the said James Porter to exhibit and produce the forsaid proces led against the magistratis of this burgh and sundrie wther honest men within the samyne, he ever hitherto refuised to doe the samyne, the saids magistratis therfor, be vertew of the power grantit to them be the said rycht honorabill the committee of estaitis, with advyce of the counsell, does heirby command and charge and decernes and ordaines the said James Porter to remove himselfe, familie, and all that belongs to him, aff this burgh, the haill boundis of ten myles, and not to repair therto heirafter without licence had and obteaned, and that betwixt and the fyft day of March nixttocom; and also ordained the said James to rander to John Robesoune, thesaurer of the kirk sessioune, the haill consignit monyes he hes in his hand relaiting to mariages or wtherwayes; and did send for the said John Robesoune and intimated the same to him, and the said James Porter being present at the giving out of the said sentance promised to delyver the said consignit monyes accordinglie but alledgit he could not get himselfe so soone transportit, but earnestlie desyred ane longer tyme; and after consideratioune had theranent, the said magistratis and counsell grantit to him licence to him to transport himselfe and his aff this burgh as said is betwixt and the threttin of March nixt to com, quhairwnto the said James Porter condeschendit; and in the interim, least the place as clark to the sessioune should vaik, the saids magistrats and counsell recommendis to William Andersoune, elder, merchand, to supplie the samyne place as clark therto, with the helpe of the ministers, for taking wp the names of the mariages and bairnes who ar to be baptized and the lyk dewtie incumbent to that charge, quhill the magistratis counsell and kirk sessioune mak choys of ane clark.

21 March 1661.

Anent the kirkis vacant.

Ordaines the clark to wrytt ane letter to John Bell and James Campbell to try out twa young men to supplie the vacant kirkes during their vacancie, and to setle with them what they should have for their paines, and to doe their best dilligence to get some allowance aff the vacand stipends for doeing therof.

M'Neill, stone.

It was concludit be the magistratis and counsell to pay yearlie to Evir M'Neill, that cutis the stone, ane hundreth markis Scotis, and he to cut all the poor for that frielie; wherwpon ane contract was subscryvet betwixt the toune and him theranent this day.

Laigh Kirk pulpit.

Report being made be the provest and bailleis that they had agried with Alexander Eglingtoune for making of ane pulpit to the Laigh Kirk, and he is to furnish all things therto, for the sowme of thrie hundreth pundis, quhilk was allowed and approvine; as also. it was concludit that the haill remanent of the said Laigh Kirk should be pewed, with dilligence, and ane loft to be builded on the east end therof in convenient tyme.

M'Cartour, loyaltie.

In respect ther is one (blank) Mackartour who hes suffered verie much heirtofoir for his loyaltie to the Kings Majestie and is now wnder cure of James Phrank, who reportis he may be recovered if he had meanes for his sustentatioune, it is therfor concludit that the maister of work give him daily quhill he recover twelfe shillings Scots for his interteanment.

2 April 1661.

Fergusoune, minister.

It is thought meit and expedient that some persones be direct to the synod anent Mr. James Fergusoune to desyre them to put their awine act to executioune anent his transportatioune, and for this effect appoyntis Baillie Barnes, Mr. Patrick Bell, Andrew Moodie, William Cumyng, Daniel Broune, to repair thither for that effect, and to tak als many with them as they can get of the parichioners.

Citatioune, Flemyng, lettre to Bell.

The saids magistratis and counsell, being informed that there was ane citatioune to be given to them for summonding of them at the instance of Mr. Archibald Flemyng befor the parliament, it is thought convenient, seing the provest is there alredie, that ane commissioune be sent to him for that effect to ansuer for them, and commissionatis the baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to mak choys of any wtheres who sall goe east thairanent; as also to draw wp instructiounes and wrytt ane letter to the said Mr. Archibald in ansuer to his; and ordaines the clark to subscryve all in their names; and also to wrytt ane letter, in their names, to John Bell, their commissioner, to give in bill to the parliament for repayment of the twentie thousand pund the toune payit of fyne quhen Muntrois com heir, and to complein wpon the wrong done then be George Porterfeild, then provest of Glasgow, and his counsell, anent the expenssis and burdines that thriescoir twelfe honest men wer drawine to, wnder notioune of malignantis, be quartering wpon them without warrand.

9 April 1661.


John Bell producit ane tikit wryttin and subscryvit be Mr. Archibald Flemyng quhairine he discharges the counsell and wtheres thairin specifeit of the thing he was craving of them befoir the parliament.

Warrand, thesaurer, tolbuith.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Charles M'Clean, jylour, twentie pundis for his extraordinarie paines in attending the tolbuith this long tyme bygaine, having got no profeit therby, having onlie theifes and louns his prisoners.

Spens, Johnstounes mortification.

Forsuameikle as wmquhile Mr. Jonstoune, at London, did dott and mortifie divers sowmes of monye to severall burghs within this kingdome, and to this burgh among wtheres, for erecting of manufactories and wthers the lyk within the same, and seing that Robert Spens, his nephew, who (as is reported) should have succeidit to all theis meanes, and that the remanent burrowes to whom the said monyes wer dotted, wpon consideratioune therof, hes condeschendit for the said Robert Spens his supplie, in respect he hes fallin in distres and povertie, to bestow wpon him some helpe and supplie for his lyfliehood, it is therfor this day agried and condeschendit vnto be the saids magistratis and counsell to pay and bestow yearlie to the said Robert in tyme coming such ane quantity of monye as wther burghes who gott the lyk monyes dottit and mortified to them effeirand to the sowme mortified be the defunct for the wse of this burgh.

Wood, cordoner, incarcerat.

Forsuameikle as John Wood, cordoner, did present to the magistratis and counsell conveined, ane petitioune, subscryvit with his hand, schowing that he hes bein incarcerat within the tolbuith of this burgh theis seavine weikis bypast, and that he confest it was deservedlie in consideratioune of his bygaine miscariages, and that the Lord knowes he was never the inventour of theis busineses but that he was to active therintill, and that he is sorrowfull from his heart that ever he should have bein active or accessive to any mater of offence to the magistratis or counsell, and that he was long agoe and now weiried of his long imprisonment, and desyred therfor that the saidis magistratis and counsell wold tak his sad conditioune to their wyse consideratioune; quhilk being red, after consideratioune had theranent, the said counsell remittis him to the will of the magistratis.

Calsay layer.

Recommends to the deane of gild and maister of work to send for the calsay layer in Rutherglen and put him to imployment.

20 April 1661.

Warrand, prenting preaching.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie pundis Scotis deburst be him to Robert Sanders for prenting of the preaching was preached be Mr. Hugh Blair befor the parliament.

Bank, Kings coronatioune.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune this afternoone to command that Twesday nixt, the 23 instant, be keeped as ane thankisgiveing day to God in relatioune to the Kings coronatioune in England, quhilk is to be that day, and for wther His blessings shawin to the Kings Majestie, and that all repair to the kirkis quhen the bell adverteisis them for that effect, and that they put on bailfyres at night at the ringing of the belles, and that all maner of persones carie themselfes as becometh.

Watsoune, Stark and Hammiltoune.

Forsuameikle as it is sufficientlie knowine to the saidis magistratis and counsell that William Watsoune, candlemaker, hes caried himselfe most baislie heirtofoir many and divers wayes, and will nowayes amend his lyfe but proves alwayes a bad exemple to all vitious livers, and was apprehendit this last night be the guard with others his compainiounes drinking in the hous of Mr. James Hammiltoune, at two or thrie houres in the morning, and that throw that occasioune ane honest man that was on the guard had his face brokin, to the effusioune of his blood, ordaines, therfor the said William presentlie to be put in the stockes and therein to remaine during the magistratis will, and therafter to enact himselfe to remove aff the toune; and that also John Stark for his bais cariage be also benished this burgh; lykas, seing the said Mr. James Hammiltoune and his wyfe keepes ane verie lewd hous and will not amend, though oft admonished, he is therfor dischargit brewing during the will of the magistratis and counsell.

27 April 1661.

Compt, Barnes of ane contributioune.

[There was produced, on behalf of James Barnes, bailie, an account of the sum of £1057 10s. received by him from George Porterfeild, "being the monyes collectit for the distressed Pollonianes and wthers theraboutis, quhilk was distribut as fallowes:"—To the town of Barrowstounes, £400; to the burgh of Crail, £266 13s. 4d.; and the balance of £390 16s. 8d. was directed to be applied towards the £1000 "given to the Colledge to help to put on the roofe on the foir work therof."]

Warrand, Cumyng.

Ordaines Williame Cumyng to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie scoir sex pundis, deburst be him to the thrie trumpeters com heir, and for ten dollouris deburst to ane distressed gentleman.

18 May 1661.

Loft, Laigh Kirk.

Appoyntis ane loft to be built on the wast end of the Laigh Kirk.

Warrand, thesaurer, printer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Androw Andersoune, printer, the sowme of fyftie marks to help to transport his guids and flitting to Edinburgh againe, he discharging his pensioun for all byrunes and in tyme coming.

1 June 1661.

M'Quaird, minister.

Ordaines the thesaurer to send east to Johne Bell, the tounes commissioner at parliament, the sowme of fyve hundreth pundis to be given to Mr. Robert M'Quaird, wpon ane sufficient discharge, in lew of his last halfe yeares stipand, if the said John Bell thinkis it may be saifflie payit.

Victual imported by friemen not to pay laidels.

The foirsaid provest, baillies and counsell, being conveined, after oft reading and dew deliberatioune and consideratioune had of the act of counsell set doune wpon the sext day of Maij 1607 yeares, wherby it is statut and ordained that no sort of victuall, such as vngrund malt, oatis, meill, wheit, beines and peas, should be brought in tyme therafter without the toune befor it com to the mercat shall pay the custom dew to the laidle, exceptand alwayes all sick victuall of the kynd forsaid happines to be brought in by sie be friemen bearand venter therof and burdin within the toune. Whilk act was observed for ane lang tyme quhill of lait that theis in place for the tyme ordained the victuall transported from foraigne natiounes should pay the custome dew to the laidle, quhilk hes bein the caus of aue great outcry be the nighbouris in the toune and importers of victuall from wther foraigne natiounes, quhilk is cleir contrair the tenour of the said act; and it being notourlie knoune to sundrie that the exacting the laidle dewes of victuall brought home from foraigne pairtis is ane maine caus of great prejudice to the toune, for that the importers sells it in Grinock and wther vnfrie places, quhilkis they could bring to the toune if they wer frie of the said laidle dewes, and so wold therby mak wp ane great profeit for the toune, the victuall that comes from Irland being now mor frequentlie imported then formerlie. After dew consideratioune quherof, the saidis provest baillies and counsell doe ratifie and approve the forsaid act in the haill heidis and artickles therin conteined, and doe heirby declare that all victuall imported from all foraigne natiounes and payes the Kings custome shall be frie of all laidle dewes heirafter, wpone this conditioune the said victuall imported be by friemen bearand burdin within the burgh. And ordaines the laidles to be set on Twesday nixt.

Water baillie.

It is speciallie recomendit to Johne M'Kewn, water baillie, to observe and mark all maner of persones who ather laidines or disburdines their boatis with victuall, or ony wther guids quhatsomevir, ather at Goveane or ony wther pairt betwixt and Ranfrew on the river of Clyd, and to caus all such who does so find cawtioune to compeir befor the provest and baillies and the said water baillie, to the effect they may be vnlawed and punished for their wrong.

4 June 1661.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year, as follows:—Mills, 9050 merks Scots, "and that by and attour fyftie bolles grund malt to be payit ather to the Duik of Lennox or to the toune as the toune sall give ordour, aud that conforme to old vse and wont;" ladles, 2860 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 860 merks; tron, 850 merks; bridge, 1650 merks; the Meikle Green, £40; the grass of St. Mungois Kirkyard, a rex dollar to the officers to buy their dinner.]

24 June 1661.

Sour milk mercat.

Ordaines the sour milk mercat, quhilk is now keeped at the croce, be transported from thence and keeped at the Gallowgait brige heirafter.

6 July 1661.

Barony tyndis.

Appoyntis the tyndis that is awand be the Barrony men be persewit for, and Mr. Patrik Bell to sie the samyne done exactlie be the procuratouris.

20 July 1661.

Meiting at Inchgrein.

Forsuameikle as their is a meiting appoynted to be at Inchgrein on Thursday nixt, anent the mater betwixt the toune and Kilburnie, appoyntis the provest to keep the said meiting and to tak with him whomsoever he pleases.


The provest made report that the ministers had faithfullie wndertakin to celebrat the comunioun within this burgh in September nixt.

Vter Hie Kirk to be plantit.

It is condeschendit that the calling of ane minister to the Laigh Kirk be delayed till the nixt synod, but that all dilligence be vsed to get Mr. Robert M'Quardis kirk plantit, and this to be advysed wpon till the nixt meiting.

Report, Bell.

Johne Bell, commissioner at the last sederunt of the parliament, did mak ane lairge report of the haill proceidings therintill, and did report bak againe the haill tounes wrytis and evidences he took with him and was sent to him, as also ane new ratificatioune grantit in favouris of the toun of their haill rightis and of the annexing of the Gorballes and wheit mylne belonging to the baxters to this burgh; and the compt of his charges being spokin to, he producit ane compt anent his horsses hyre, carieing of his bagadge to and fro, for apperell furnished to his boy, for his chamber maill in Edinburgh at eightine shilling per night, for his coall, candle, and weshings, for what he deburst to the regester quhen he gave in his commissioune, and for protestatiounes therafter, and for quhat he deburst to the register for passing of the tounes new ratificatioune, and for James Colhounes haill charges the tyme he attendit him at parliament, and for what he had deburst to William Braidie for defending the proces against (blank) Lunning, and for debursing for the tounes eque the space of thrie yeares, extending in haill to eight hundreth four scoir nyntine pundis threttin shillings. [He was also allowed 20s. per diem for his personal charges.]

Dunrumple, Lord Staires.

It is concludit that Thomas Dunrumple, tailyeour, gett the first vacan place in Hutchesounes Hospitall, according to the requeist made theranent be the Lord Staires.

3 August 1661.

Vacant Kirk.

Recomends to the provest, bailleis, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, John Bell, John Anderson, James Campbell and Mr. Patrik Bell, to meit and consult amongs thamselfes anent the planting of the vacant kirkes, and ony four or fyve of them to be ane quorum, and to report the nixt meiting.

Report, provest.

The provest, and wthers who wer with him at Inchgrein, made report quhat they actit at that meiting and that the submissioune was prorogat.

Staple wair brought heir by straingers.

The saidis magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that many and sundrie straingers, mae nor formerlie, repaires to this burgh with all sort of staple wair to sell, and for ane faschion makis ane offer therof to the deane of gild, but findis their burgessis greatlie prejudged therby; and for preveining of the abuses therintill heirafter, it is therfor this day enactit, statut and ordained, that all sort of staple wair that sall happin to be brought to this burgh be strangers be land heirafter to be sold, sall be laid and put in into the merchand hospitall, in ane roume there to be provydit for the same, and there to ly quhill they be all sold conforme to the offer made therof anent the pryces, and appoyntis ane collectour or clark to be choysen for booking of all such guidis imported be land allenerlie, and ilk persone to pay four shilling Scotis for ilk pund starlings worth of the saidis guidis, imported be land as said is, to the said collectour or clark.

Laigh Kirk, furmes in counsell sait.

Appoyntis the maister of work to caus lyne with hair and fries the haill furmes of the Laigh Kirk counsell sait, with the best conveniencie.

17 August 1661.

Hepburne, pynter.

Grantis licence to Thomas Hepburne, pynter and plaisterer, to exerce his calling within this burgh during the counselles will, who promissis to defend him therintill vnder that patronie.

Wilkie for the vacand steipand.

Recommendis to Baillie Walkinshaw, John Bell and Robert Rae, to meit with Mr. John Wilkie and satle with him anent the vacand steipandis, and to give order for giving him satisfactioune according to their agriement.

31 August 1661.

Warrand, orphane to Irland.

Ordaine the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftie shillings starling deburst be him to William Rowand in recompence of the los he susteined be carieing ane young orphane to Irland at command of the magistratis.

Fleshmercat yettis to be open from morne to evine.

Wpon the occasioune of ane complent made be Johne Bomanno, candlemaker, who hes builded ane hous at the north end of the rige at the back of the fleshmercat against the fleshouris in the fleshmercat in Trongait, for that they had maliciouslie closed the said mercat yetis and wold not suffer him to carie throw his tallow and mak repair there as wthers and as he aught to have; and the deacon with the haill brethrin of the calling being all present, after consideratioune had of the said mater, it is statut and ordained be the provest, baillies and counsell, that the saidis fleshouris suffer and permitt the yetis of the said mercat to stand open and patent from morning to evining, to the effect that theis who hes not only ther dwellings at the heid of the said rig may have frie passage throw the said mercat from morning to evin, as said is, but also the haill remanent inhabitentis of this toune at all occasiounes.

7 September 1661.

Spreulles clarkship declared vacand;Yair admittit clark.

The forsaidis magistratis and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune how that be publict act it is statut and ordained that no maner of persone or persones who contryved or subscryvit the remonstrance or associatiounes, or concured in the prosecutioune in any cours promoving the ends therof, or ony wayes has shoune themselfes disaffected to his Majestics government, should be permitted to bear any office or charge within burgh; and seing Mr. Johne Spreull, clark therof, is notourlie knoune to have bein one of that rank and number, and hes bein incarcerat and keeped in waird for the same, the saidis provest, baillies and counsell, therfor, doe heirby declair the said Mr. Johne his office and place as clerk of this burgh to be vacand, and does rescind, cass and annull, and by thir presentis rescbinds, casses and annulles, all actis and electiounes made in his favouris in relatioune therto as if the samyne had never bein made. As also does heirby inhibit and discharge Williame Yair, who did sumtyme serve the toune as his deput in his office, to pay him any monyes in relatioune to the fies and casualities belonging therto. And to the effect that the said office of clarkschip may be supplied for the weill of the inhabitantis, and wthers his Majesties leidges, the samyne provest, baillies and counsell, abovenamed, all in ane voyce, hes nominat and electit, and be the tenour heirof nominats and electis the said William Yair to be clark of this burgh . . . and that during their will and pleasour.

Warrand, Laigh Kirk pulpit.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £300 Scots disbursed "to Alexander Eglingtoune for the making of the new pulpit to the Laigh Kirk in Trongait."]

23 September 1661.

Laigh Kirk.

Appoyntis the provest, bailleis, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to speik to the thrie ministers that ane of them, per vices, may supplie the Laigh Kirk in Trongait on the Lords day during the vacancy therof.


Appoyntis Baillie Walkinshaw, the deane of gild and Mr. Patrick Bell, to speik with the members of the colledge anent the bibleothecar, and if they get not satisfactioune therintill to caus registrat the contract betwixt the toune and colledge theranent.

Anent the electioune of magistratis.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that the maner of the electioune of their magistratis is lyk to be invertit, be the restouratioune of bischops, wtherwayes then is set doune in the act of parliament in anno 1641, recommends therfor to the provest, baillies, deane of gild, deacon conveiner, and such vthers as they sall pleas to call to them, to meit theranent, and to consider therwpon for making ane adres to his Majestie, to the effect the toune may have the electioune therof in their awine hands and power lyk wther frie royall burrowes, and to think wpon and find out the best way and meanes how the samyne sall be effectuat.

Sanders, printer.

For Robert Sanders his better incuragment to hold wp his prenting hous heir within this burgh, in respect that Androw Andersoune, last printer therin, is gon away, who had ane hundreth markis of yearlie fiell, it is concluded therfor that there be payit be the toune thesaurers yearlie to the said Robert Sanders the sowme of fourtie pundis . . . so long as he keeps wp his prenting press within this burgh; and he to print gratis any thing short the toune shall imploy him to print.

1 October 1661.

Electioune provost and baillies.

[In the absence, from the castle, of the Duke of Lennox or his commissioner, the council re-elected Coline Campbell to be provost for the year to come; and thereafter the magistrates of last and two previous years elected Patrik Bell and William Cunyng, merchants, and Androw Moodie, craftsman, to be bailies.]

Bogilles well.

It being resolved that Bogilles Well should be assayed for bringing and convoying the water of the same to the Hie Street, according to the right the toune hes therof, recommends therfor to the magistratis to speik and agrie with James Colhoun for convoying the watter of the said Bogilis Well to the said Hie Streit, by conduits of lead, the most comodious way for the commoditie of the toune.

Sumondis, Scotistarbett.

The cair of the summonds of reductioune given to the toune at the instance of Scotstarbett anent Pockie and Pockie Myln, is remittit to James Pollok, and he is to imploy persones for agenting of it, and the tounes advocatis ar also to be adverteised theranent, and for prosecuting of Sir George Maxwelles band belonging to the hospitall callit Huitchesounes Hospitall.

Warrand, almanak.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to James Cors, philomath, ten dollores for dedecating his almanak to the toune.

4 October 1661.

New counsell.

[The magistrates of this and the two previous years elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the ensuing year.]

5 October 1661.


Mr. Johne Spreull being warned to compeir in counsell, it was concluded be the haill counsell, befor he was called in wpon, that he should be requyred to produce on the counsell table the tak he hes of the clarkship of this burgh, with the decreit he hes therwpon, and the band and agriement betwixt him and Williame Yair, present clark; and he being callit in wpon compeired, and then the provest, according to the counsellis will, requyred him to produce the forsaids haill wrytis, who, after refuisell, was againe removed, and therafter it was concludit and resolved be the saidis haill magistratis and counsell present that if the said Mr. Johne wold not wndertak and promis positivelie to produce in the magistratis hands the saidis haill papers, betwixt and twa houres in the afternoone, or at furthest betwixt and four houres this day, that then and in that caice he should be keeped in waird quhill the samyne wer done, but if he wold promis positivlie as saidis he should be lettin pas.

M'Quard, minister.

It is concludit that twentie fyve pundis starling be payit to Mr. Robert M'Quard for ane testimony of the magistratis and counsell their respect to him, now at his away goeing, and that by and besyd what is trewlie awand of his steipand and hous maill, and recomends the samyne to the magistratis to sie it done betwixt and Twesday at evin nixt.


Johne Bell producit ane supplicatioune drawine wp be Sir Johne Neisbit, in name of the toune, quhilk is to be presentit to his Majestie, in relatioune to the electioune of magistratis within this burgh, quhilk is ordained to be keeped quhill the toune mak vse therof, and the said Sir John to be payit for doing therof, and wther things relaiting therto, be the first commissioner the toune sends east.

Laigh Kirk to be planted.

Recomends to the magistratis to have ane cair of the planting of the Laigh Kirk and to speik with the ministers theranent, and to seek in from them and the sessioune the act of counsell they got anent the sext minister, in respect it took no effect, and to give in ane lyt wpon Saturnday nixt of such they think fit to supplie the said vacant kirk.


The saids magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that now the Gorballes is annexed to the burgh be act of parliament, therfor it is ordained and appoyntit that there be no baillies electit there, but at the nixt heid court they ar to ordaine such men as sall be thought convenient to be constables, and what pley or debait the inhabitantis of Gorballes hes against ane another for civell debt or wtherwayes, that they all com befor the toune court therwith.

Inventer, tounes worklumes and wtheres.

There was producit be Hendrie Craige, maister of work, ane inventer of the tounes haill worklumes and wthers he hes chairge of, quhilk is appoyntit heir to be booked, and is as fallowes, viz.:

In the first, thrie salt furlotis lyand within the Tolbuith of the said burgh, in the north end of the meikle hall. Item, ane wther furlot marked with Linlithgow measour, with ane 4t. pairt cap marked with the same mark, lyand there. Item, twentie ledders, quhairof fyve lyes in the Grammer Schoole wynd and wther fyve in Fleshmercat, quhairof the maister of work hes the keyes; and ten in Hutchesounes Hospitall, quhairof Hendrie Glen hes the keyes. Item, sex shoffilles, twa spaids and four mattockis, quhairof one sharpned in the end. Item, ane great iron quarrell mell, twa gavillockis, with thrie iron wadges and twa hurlebarrowes. Item, four silver coups in the master of warkis possessioune, having the tounes armes on them. Item, ane new coffer for keeping the tounes commissioners clothes quhen he goes abrod. Item, ane broad kist or buist for keeping the tounes foot mantle. Item, there is lying in the round, at the north end of the platfurme in the tolbuith, thrie scoir twelfe muskits and sex barrelles of peuder, quhairof twa laikis ten inches, threttie pair pistolles and hustrelles, and ane hundreth and threttie twa amunitioune blaids. Item, there is standing in the south west round of the heigh pyntit hall ane drystool with ane pan therin and fyve chamber potis.

9 October 1661.

Election of office-bearers.

[Office-bearers elected as follows:—Frederik Hammiltoune, dean of guild; Manasses Lyll, deacon-convener; Hugh Neisbit, treasurer; John M'Kwne, water bailie; John Watsoune, visitor of maltmen; Hendrie Craige, master of work.]

12 October 1661.


Report was made be Baillie Bell that Mr. James Bell, sone laufull to Mr. Robert Bell was admittit and receavit bibleothecar in the college, according to the presentatioune given be the toune to him therof.

Warrand, Katherin Wright.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of nyne pundis twelfe shilling deburst for the mentinance of Katherin Wright the tyme shoe was in cureing be ane old man, ane stranger was heir, and that by and besyd ane rex dollour was deburst for her vse of befor, and recommendis to James Pollok to sie to this lasse and to bestow some monye that is left in his hands wpon her.

Breid and tallow.

[The price of wheat being £10 the boll, the magistrates and council ordained that the 12d. loaf should weigh 11 ounces 3 drops 7 grains. Ordained also that the stone of rough tallow should be sold for 50s. and the stone of well made candle for 58s.]

Spreulles gift declared null.

The provest, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined, compeired Mr. Johne Spreull, somtyme clark of this burgh, and conforme to their ordinance of the dait the fyft of this instant did exhibit and produce the gift he had of the clarkship therof, with ane decreit fallowing therwpon, and agriement made with William Yair, and the saidis magistratis and counsell having red and considered the samyne, and finding that the said office of clarkship of the said burgh was grantit to him wpon this expres provisioune that if he committ any fault during the tyme of his office, being tryed, worthie of deprivatioune, that fra then furth his said gift should be null as if the samyne had never bein made or grantit; as also finding that be the decreit obteined be him wpon the nynth day of August 1654 against the magistratis and counsell of this burgh for the tyme, for reponing of him to the said toune clarkship, the said William Yair is therby absolved simpliciter fra the haill poyntis conteined in the summonds wherwpon the said decreit proceidit, in sua far as could be extendit to any bygaine profeitis of the said clarkship of Glasgow, in respect of his service therin, and the said William Yair to be quat in all tyme therafter. And the aforsaid provest, baillies and counsell, having weill weighted and considered the saids wrytis, and wnderstanding that the said Mr. Johne Spreull had most malitiouslie compeired (contrair his dewtie as clark of this burgh) with Mr. Gilespie publictlie in judgment against the magistratis of the samyne and divers wther honest men who had borne office as magistratis within the said burgh and wthers therin, to the perrill of their lyfes (if maters had succeidit as was indeavoured) and sua therby annullit his said gift; and that also the said Mr. Johne had lykwayes verie oft and divers tymes compeired against the saidis magistratis and counsell of this burgh in the publict meitings and counselles of the lait vsurpers, and that he was the main caus and instrument of the exhibiting and producing befor them of the counsell bookis of the said burgh, the lyk quherof was never done of befor; as also that the said Mr. Johne is sufficientlie knoune to have bein the main stickler in fomenting the vnhappie divisiounes that was amongs the tredis within the samyne, wherby many contemptis was offered by them to the magistratis of this burgh for the tyme; wherthrow it is most cleir that the said Mr. Johne hes committed many and divers faultis, and so hes many tymes forfaulted his said office, and so aught to loos all the benefeit and casualitie he had since his forsaid first compeirance with the said Mr. Gilespie; and wnderstanding also that the said William Yair was absolved fra all dewes and casualities the said William had wplifted preceiding the dait of the said decreit, yit the said Mr. Johne made him pay ane thousand markis Scotis monye, as also finding the said decreit to be null of the law and not to be reguarded, it being pronunnced in the feriat and clos tyme of vacance after the rysing of the sessioune or hie court of justice for the tyme; therfor the saids provest, baillies and counsell, finding the said Mr. John had most cleirlie annulled his said gift of clarkship of this burgh, in maner and for the caussis above wryttin, doe ordaine the said Mr. Johne Spreull to refound and pay back againe the haill monyes he hes receavit in relatioune to the fies and casualities of the said clarkship since the tyme forsaid he compeired with the said Mr. Gilespie against the saidis magistratis and wthers above mentioned, quhilk was in the moneth of (blank) in anno (blank), and subscryve ane discharge of the said decreit and all fies and casualities he can crave of the said clarkship in the futur, and also to subscryve ane act that he sall produce and delyver back, in maner as said is, the haill monyes he hes receavit in relatioune to the fies and casualities of the said office, and that betwixt and the twentie sext day of October instant, and in caice he failiyie, to enter his persone againe in waird quhill he fulfill and obay the samyne wnder such penalties as sall be modified be the saids magistratis and counsell.

19 October 1661.

Pewes, Laigh Kirk.

Ordaines ane proclamatioune be made for setting the pewes in the Laigh Kirk on Moonday nixt.

Bogillis well.

Recommends to Baillie Bell, the dean of gild and James Colhoune, to have ane cair of Bogillis well to bring the water therof to the Hie Gait the most commodious way conforme to the former ordouris.

Well in Trongait.

Recommends to the deane of gild, James Colhoune and William Boyd, to have ane cair of the well in Trongait.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie scoir pundis monye deburst be him to Archibald Blacklaw to buy ane hors, in respect he had laitlie thrie died in ane night on a suddant; and for fourtie pundis deburst to John Baird, wnder myler in the toune mylne, to helpe to buy ane hors also, in respect he is mitilet in the left hand throw ane occasioune of the mylnstone in the said millne.

26 October 1661.

Annexatioune, Gorballes.

Appoyntis ane heid court to be holdin at the Gorballes on Moonday nixt, and appoyntis the haill counsell to be present with the magistratis, and to intimat the annexing of the lands of Gorballes to the burgh, and that they ansuer now to the toune court, being warned be the officiares, and that some constables be choysen there for keeping of good ordour but no baillies to be given them therafter.

Rodger to preache in the Laigh Kirk.

Appoyntis that Mr. Ralph Rodger preach in the Trongait Kirk heirafter, as the ordinar minister therof, and appoyntis Mr. Patrik Bell, baillie, the deane of gild and John Walkingshaw, to intimat the same to him; and the said baillie to be conveiner.

Maill of the pewes in the Laigh Kirk to be payit.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune be touk of drum to wairne all that hes takin any pewes of the Laigh Kirk that they com and pay the first year of maill therof betwixt and Thursday nixt, the last of this instant, with certificatioune to theis who failyies theis pewes they have takin will be set to wthers who will pay therfor.

Bukit monye to buy armes.

Appoyntis the monye that is payit heirafter in name of bukit monye to be imployed heirafter in buying of armes, such as partisenes and wthers, such as the magistratis for the tyme sall think most convenient.

29 October 1661.

Counsall sait, Laigh Kirk.

The magistratis and counsell having on Sunday last takin ane say of the waster loft in the Laigh Kirk, and of the old counsell sait in the ilie, and finding non of them so commodious as the place they now sit in ordinarlie, in the Laigh Kirk, they have therfor concluded to sitt and remain therintill quhill further advysment.

2 November 1661.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pund starling debursit be him to Mr. Niniane Patersoune, preacher of Godis word, in consideratioune of his bygane paines in preaching heir and in consideratioune of the futer; and twentie pundis given to George Pollok for his supplie.

Pollok, Blackfrier Kirk.

Allowes that sait in the Blackfrier Kirk, called Mr. John Dunlops sait, for the vse of James Pollok and his familie, during the absence of the said Mr. John.

Rodger, minister.

Recomends to Baillie Bell and John Walkinschaw to deall with the rest of the ministers to concur with tham anent the removing of Mr. Ralphe Rodger from the Hie Kirk to the Laigh Kirk.

9 November 1661.

Leiping on stones.

Recommends to the deane of gild to caus mak four leiping on stones and to set them in such convenient places as sall be thought meit, as also to agrie with the wrightis.

16 November 1661.

Bogils well.; Agriement with Colhoune.

Baillie Bell made report that he and wthers who wer appoyntit by the counselles ordouris to setle with James Colhoune for the advancement of the work anent Bogils well, that they had agried with him anent the making of the pyp of leid, for thrie shilling starling betwixt stone weights, and he is to wphold and delyver ane full staine weight of made work; quhilk was allowed and approvin.

Maister of the Gramer Shool.

Recommends to the baillies to speick with the maister of the gramer schoole to suffer and permit the bairnes to sit with covered heids therintill at such tymes as the magistratis sall think most convenient.

Candle to be maid by fleschouris.

Forsuameikle as the saids baillies and counsell, being informed that there hes bein and yit is ane great outcry amongs the inhabitantis of this burgh that they get no candle to buy for serving of their families as formerlie, and the saids baillies having tain great paines to try out the grund of the said complent, after dilligent search made be them theranent, they did find that the grund of the said complent was that the fleshouris throw their inhansing in their hands and power not onlie the ruch tallyow they had and is made be them of their awine slaughter but also quhat they could buy fra such as they call their partiners and wther fleshouris in toune, and made such vse therof as pleased them best for their awin particular ends, and so the communitie, and wthers his Majesties leidges, wer greatumlie wronged and dissapoyntit, to the great prejudice of all; and the saidis magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how to remeid the said abuse and wrong in tyme coming, they doe heirby statut and ordaine that no fleshour within this burgh sall presume or tak wpon hand to melt or rynd any tallyow moir nor they mak by themselfes (secluding all such as they call partiners) or to buy any tallow from any wther persone or persones to rynd or mak vse of, wnder any pretext quhatsomever; and ordaines them to make ane accompt to the magistratis for the tyme, in all tyme therafter, anent quhat quantitie of candle they mak, and that they mak the samyne for serving of the inhabitentis, and wthers his Majesties leidges, of such tallow as they have or mak of their awine slaughter and not to put it away to any wther wrong vses, contrair to the laudable lawes of this kingdome made in the contrair, and that all such tymes as they sall be requyred for that effect, wnder the pane of fourtie eight pundis Scotis how oft and sua oft as they or any of them sall contravein; and recommends to the present magistratis and wthers in the futur to convein the present fleshouris, and wthers who in tyme coming wndertakis the rynding of tallow, to enact, bind and obleis them, to obtemperat and obay this present act in all tyme coming, wnder the said pain above wryttin, to be imployed in maner as said is; and that how oft and sua oft as they sall contravin the premissis and give ane accompt to them how they bestow and mak wse of the said tallow they mak of their awine slaughter, for the better serving the inhabitentis and wtheris his Majesties leidges in making candle therof and not abstracting the samyne wtherwayes, contrair the saidis laudable lawes of this kingdome.

25 November 1661.


In consideratioune the toune is awand above ten thousand markis for difficiencie of the mentinance for the yeares 1648 and 1651, quhilk the toune hes not to pay, so that of necessitie it must be cast on the inhabitentis by way of stent, recomends therfor to the magistratis to condeschend wpon als many of the thriescoir twelfe was formerlie stented for outputing of some hors troups as will be a competent number to stent wtheris, for seting doune of ane stent roll for ingetting of the tounes debtis, and recommends to the provest, baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to sit with them, at least some of them, in all their meitings, and the most pairt of the stent masters with any of the magistratis to be a quorum.

30 November 1661.

Warrand, preaching.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Norman M'Kinnie the soume of ane hundreth pundis for preaching now and then in the vacant kirkis as he was imployed.

Warrand, M'Claine.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay . . . to Charles M'Claine, conforme to his compt and for his service this long tyme bygaine, having few to attend on but poor people and theifes, xxiiij li., quhairof his compt extendis to fourtine pundis xiiij s.

2 December 1661.


It is ordained that the proces of apprysing deduced against Silvercraigs for Lamontis debt be sent east to rais new letters against George Campbell, superiour therof, for giving infeftment of the saidis landis accordinglie.


It is concluded that Linnenishaugh, viz., that pairt therof quhilk somtyme perteaned to vmquhill Johne Lawsoune, be bought in for the tounes vse, and recommends the buying and effectuating therof to the provest, baillies, deane of gild, deacon conveiner, Johne Andersoune and John Walkinshaw.

Gorballes, summonds.

The charge given to the fewares of Gorballes, and wthers there, to the magistratis of this burgh, charging them to compeir before the lordis of his Majesties secreit counsell, being red, appoyntis John Bell and James Campbell to ryd east to defend the samyne, and if John Bell be not able to ryd appoyntis James Campbell to goe east and tak with him whom he pleases.

7 December 1661.

Dennestoune, Turks.

Recommends to Baillie Bell to speik to the ministers anent John Dennestoune, ane burges sone, who is now in the Turkis hands and desyres earnestlie to be releived, that ane contributioune may be collectit for that effect.

18 December 1661.


The saidis John Bell and James Campbell made report anent their diligence in Edinburgh anent the mater with the fewares of the Gorballes, and did produce ane agriement made betwixt them in name of the toune and ane selectit number of the saidis fewares in name of the rest, anent the composing of the debait laitlie rysen, quhilk was allowed and approvin be the toune, and ordained to be laid wp with the rest of the Gorball wrytis; (fn. 1) as also thair was red divers resolutiounes given be the tounes advocatis in relatioune to the toune.

Stent roll.

Forsuameikle as the magistratis and counsell of this burgh, taking to their consideratioune how that they ar chargit for difficiencie of the tounes cesse or mentinence, dew to have bein payit in the years 1648 and 1651, and how they have bein necessitat to transact and agrie theranent with theis having intres; as also that they ar chargit to mak payment of twa moneths mentinance for the behove of the lords of counsell and sessioune, quhilkis haill sowmes will far exceid the sowme of ten thousand markis; and seing that now the saidis magistratis and counsell has not quherwith to pay the samyne and to frie the inhabitentis therof as they have bein in vse thir manye yeares bygaine, sua that now necesear it is the samyne be laid on the inhabitentis by way of stent; therfor they have concluded to set doune ane stent roll themselfes theranent, and therfor hes electit some persones of their awine number to reveis the old rolles in toune for setting doune of the names of theis who ar to be stented, and to set doune also ane note of the landwartmens lands.


  • 1. By act of parliament, dated 20 May 1661, the lands of Gorbals and town of Bridgend, as the old village was called, were dissolved from the shire of Clydesdale, regality of Glasgow and parish of Govan, and annexed to the city of Glasgow, but only to the effect that the inhabitants might be parishioners in the town of Glasgow, and might repair for ordinances to the church within the city nearest to them, and in all public musterings and levies should join with the city and its inhabitants, bear proportional part of all stents, taxations, and impositions within the burgh, and be subject to the jurisdiction of the magistrates of Glasgow in the same manner as the free burgesses and inhabitants thereof; but it was provided that the annexation should infer no farther city privilege to the inhabitants of Gorbals than as above specified, and should not relieve the lands of Gorbals and others from the dues and impositions payable in common by others in Lanarkshire, the lands remaining liable in payment of excise and other public impositions with the rest of the shire.—Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1661, c. 235, vol. vii., pp. 222-3. This act having given dissatisfaction to certain of the feuars and inhabitants of Gorbals, who conceived it was contrary to their just rights and privileges, they made a complaint to the Privy Council on the subject. After certain legal procedure the parties referred their differences to Sir John Fletcher, his Majesty's advocate, arbiter chosen for the town of Glasgow, Mr. Robert Sinclair of Lockermaikhous, advocate, arbiter chosen for the feuars and inhabitants of Gorbals, and the Earl of Glencairn, high chancellor of Scotland, as oversman chosen by both parties. These referees arranged the terms of a settlement which are embodied in the agreement mentioned in the text, and of which the following extracts contain the substance:—"The saidis fewaris and inhabitants of Gorballs agreaes to and shall not in any time hereafter question their disolution frae the shire of Clidsdaile, regalitie of Glasgow and parochin of Govean, and vnion to the said citie of Glasgow, to the effects following allennerlie, viz., to the effect the saidis inhabitants of Gorballs may be parochiners in and with the citie and inhabitants therof and repair for the ordinances to the church within the said citie ewest to them (if the said citie shall think the same convenient); and, next, to this effect that they may joyne in musterings, leavies and outreiks, proportionally (in manner after explained) with the said citie; provideing allwayes the saidis fewars and inhabitants be first freed and exeemed frae any mustering, leavying and outreiking with the said shire of Clidsdale or Lanerk; and vpon the vther parte it is agreaed and condiscended to . . . that the saids fewars and inhabitants of Gorballs and Brigend shall not be lyable to beare any parte of any stents, taxations, impositions, either of excise or asesment, or vther publick burdens with the said citie of Glasgow, aye and while they be fully and wholly freed of bearing the saidis burdens with the said shire of Clidsdale or Lanerk, or any vther parte of the regalitie of Glasgow except with the said citie of Glasgow allennerly; . . . and in caise the said citie shall obtaine the saidis fewars and inhabitants of Gorballs altogether freed frae bearing burden with the said shire of Clidsdale or Lanerk, that than and in that caise the saidis fewars and inhabitants shall be no further lyable in stents, taxations, leavies, outreiks, or vther publique impositions and burdens foresaids, with the said citie, but according to that proportion they were formerly lyable to beare while they remained vnite to the said shire and regalitie, according to their severall pieces of lands they bruike and rights whereby they bruik and enjoy the same, and as the vassalls and inhabitants of vther baronies and regalities as to landwart beare and are lyable to their superiours and masters; and, last, it is expressly agreaed and consented to be the saids commissioners for Glasgow that, notwithstanding of the said act and vnion foresaid therein contained, the saidis fewars and inhabitants of Brigend and Gorballs shall be judged and ordered by ane bayliff to be chosen be the magistrats and councill of the said burgh of Glasgow; and as to the place of holding courts remitts the same to the magistrats therof." [Agreement preserved in the archives of the city. Inventory of documents, bundle 44, No. 40.] Put up with the agreement there is also preserved a document in the following terms:— "Wee, vnderscrybers, being vassells and tyed by many obligationes to the magistrates and councell of Glasgow, our superiores, does by these presents acknouledge our rashnes in giveing in any complaint to the privie councell before all endevoures had been vsed at home for remedie and redres, and does in all humilitie acknouledge our error and hopes that their worships will pardone it as proceiding from waiknes and not disrepect, and shall be alwayes readie to pay all due respect that can be expected frae vassells to their superiors as they expect from them all clemencie and tendernes. (Signed:) Wm. Corebett, David Scott, Thomas Andersoune, A.C., George Thomsoune. [Inventory of documents, bundle 44, No. 41.]