Extracts from the records: 1642

Pages 48-53

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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28 March 1642.

Contract between College and Town as to professor of theologie.

It is contracted, agriet, and finalie ended betuixt the parties following, to wit, the principall and regents of the Colledge of Glasgow, with consent of the rector and deane of facultie therof, on the ane part, and the provest, baillies, and counsell of the said brugh of Glasgow, on the wther pairt, in maner efter specifeit: Forsamikle as the Colledge of Glasgow ar of intentione to erect ane vther professour of theologie within the said Colledge so soone as they find it convenient and compatable to the estaite of the Colledge, and they being weil acquented with the gifts and habilities of Mr. Robert Baillie, minister at Kilwinning, to supplie the said place, and the said Colledge not seeing how for the present the estait of the Colledge may convenientlie admit the same, and in that regaird they haue imployed the help and assistance of the said towne of Glasgow for provyding ane stipend for the said professor until sic tyme that they find it convenient and aggriable with the estait of the said Colledge, therfor it is aggriet betuixt the saids parties that the said Colledge and moderatours therof shal, with all convenient diligence, call the said Mr. Robert Baillie to be ane professor of theologie within the said Colledge, and the said proveist, baillies, and counsell of Glasgow, for helpe and supplie of the said Colledge, binds and obleis them and ther successouris in office to content and pay to the said Mr. Robert Baillie the sowme of aught hundreth punds moneye, yearlie, for his stipend in the said Colledge, duringe the spaice of ane yeir and ane halfe efter his admissione and entrie to the said place, during the quhilk space of ane yeir and ane half efter his admissione the said Mr. Robert shal have libertie to exerceis his ministrie within the said brugh of Glasgow in ony kirk quherby he shall be imployed be the towne. Efter the expyring of the quhilk spaice of ane yeir and ane half forsaid, gif the said Mr. Robert and the Colledge aggrie to settle him in the professione forsaid and secur him in ane locall stipend therfor, that then and in that caice the said towne of Glasgow shall be frie of the payment of the forsaid stipend in all tyme therefter; and gif it shall happin at that tyme that the said Colledge and he doe not aggrie in manner forsaid, then and in that caice the moderatours of the said Colledge ar pleased that the said Mr. Robert be obsolutlie imployed in the place of the ministrie within the towne, for such locall stipend as they and he shall agrie, and that fra thane furth he be fred of any vther imployment quhatsoewer. And further it is aggriet betuixt the said parties that if the said Mr. Robert remayne onprovyded and vnsecured of ather of the forsaid places, at the expyring of the said space of ane yeir and ane half, the towne of Glasgow bind and oblies them to secure the said Mr. Robert Baillie by presentatioune to ane place of the ministrie within this brugh and to the locall stipend of aught hundereth punds money during his lyftyme and service of the cuir incaice he doe not agrie with the Colledge and be settled ther as said is. And, last, it is declared that efter the expyring of the said spaice of ane yeir and ane half forsaid that this contract shal be cancelled and destroyed; and it is declared that no clause heirin containit, quherby the towne of Glasgow is obliest be this contract, shal be any preparative in any tyme heirefter to be obligatour against the towne for oblieshing them to pay any stipend to ane professour of the Colledge, nor yet any preparative to the said Colledge, efter the said space, for erecting of ane professour therin. In witnes quherof [etc.]

4 October 1642.

The electioune of the magistrats.

The forsaid provest, bailleis and counsall, being conveinit for the electing of the magistrates of this brughe this day, being the ordinar day quhervpon they war in vse to be electit yeirlie, having consideratioune [of the act of parliament dated 16 November 1641, supra, p. 47-8] conforme to the tennour of the quhilk act, the forsaids provest, bailleis and counsall, being mett for making the forsaid lyt of thrie persones out of the merchand rank to be provest for the yeir following, to be presentit to the Duik his grace, or to his commissionar, that they might nominat ane of the saids thrie persones to be provest. They first advysand whither the present provest sould be putt on lyt or votit, and efter consideratioune had heiranent, they did statut and ordaine now and in all tyme cuming that the said old provest sould be first votit befor he war putt on lyt with the other twa to be presentit to the effect forsaid, and he wha hes bein in office twa yeiris togidder not to be votit or putt on lyt at all the thrid yeir. And befor they proceidit any farder in the said electioun they advysed anent the manner of the setting doune of the lytes of the bailleis, and efter dew advyse and consideratioune had thairanent, it was condiscendit and aggreit vpon, as also it was statut and ordanit, all in ane voice, be the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, that now and in all tyme cuming that the old provest, viz., he who boor office the yeir immediatlie preceiding, and the thrie old bailleis quho boor office with him, sould sett doune the new lytes, out of the quhilk these quho war to beir office for the yeir following war to be electit. And then immediatlie thairefter the haill persones on counsall removit from the counsall table and left the said Mr. William Stewart, old provest, Johne Andersone, James Bell and Manasses Lyill, old bailleis, sitting therat, for the setting doune of the saids lytes. Quhilks being sett doune be the saids old provest and bailleis, the remanent persones on counsall satt doune againe and past on to the said electioune. And they then, be pluralitie of votes, lytit thir thrie persones following, viz., Mr. Williame Stewart, James Bell and James Hammiltoune, and directit four of thair number of counsall to goe with thair commoune clerke to the castell to present the said lyt of the saids thrie persones to the Duik, or his commissioner, to the effect they might nominat ane of thame to be proveist for the yeir following. And they having com to the said castell, and having fund ther Sir Walter Stewart of Mynto and Sir Williame Cochrane of Cowdoune, with diverse others of the saids Duikis freinds and servands, they requyrit of thame ane sight of a commissioune grantit be the said Duik for the effect forsaid, quha shewe them ane commissioune grantit be the Duikis grace to four severall persones, conjunctlie and severallie, with power to them to choise the magistrates of this brughe, quhilk commissioune was altogither disconforme to the forsaid act of parliament, quhilk bears onlie ane commissionar and power to nominat ane to be provest out of ane lyt of thrie persones. Vpon the quhilk informalitie and disconformitie of the said commissioune from the said act of parliament the saids four persones and the said clerk took instruments; and immediatlie thairefter they depairtit furthe of the said castell and com doune to the Tolbuithe quher the saids provest, bailleis, and counsall war sitting, and ther they went on altogither to the electioune of the said provest conforme to the said act of parliament.


[The three persons on the leet for provost being removed, Mr. William Stewart was chosen provost for the year to come.


[The newly elected provost, with advice of the persons on council, having put out the leets for the bailies, and those on the leets being removed, Walter Stirling and James Hammiltoune, merchants, and John Andersone, craftsman, were elected bailies for the year to come.]

7 October 1642.


[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the ensuing year. "And it is to be remembrit that the forsaids haill persones, except the present provest and bailleis, and these who did bear office the year immediatlie preceiding, war removed vicissim as they war voted, conforme to the commoune ordour."]

8 October 1642.

Act anent keiping of the counsall.

It is statut that everie ane of the counsall that sall be absent from the counsall on ane ordinar counsall day, or any vther day when they sall be warnit, without ane laufull excuse or obteining leave of the magistrates, sall pay to the box sex schillings.

Dean of gild.

Item, this day, James Bell dischargit himselffe of the sowme of ane thousand four scoir nyntein punds ij s. iiij d. moneye, quhilk he had receaved of the Irishe contributioune, and quhilk he debursit at command of the ministers, dean of gild, deacon conveiner and vthers appointit for the distributioune thairof, conforme to ther warrand in writt producit.

12 October 1642.


[Office bearers elected as follows:—John Barnes, dean of guild; William Neilsone, deacon convener; Thomas Pollok, treasurer; Walter Neilsone, visitor of maltmen; Thomas Glen, water bailie; William Hyndschawe, master of work.]

15 October 1642.

Change of the mercat.

Item, ordains a proclamatioune to be mad be touk of drume on Mononday nixt, discharging the meilmercat, beir, yron, salt and schooe mercates, and all craimes vpon the Moonday, to be hauldin heirefter vpon the Weddinsday, weiklie, (except the fairs and principall mercat dayes that sall happen to fall vpon the Moonday) and that vnder the paine of confiscatioune.

22 October 1642.

Procuratour fiscall. Commissioner, Bell.

Gilbert Merschell is continuit procuratour fiscall for ane yeir to com.

Item, be pluralitie of votes, James Bell is chosen commissioner for the toune to goe to Edinburgh for the erecting of manufactories.

Anent electing of the provest.

Item, it is statut be the counsall, all in ane voice, that in all tyme cuming, at the electioune of the provest, that the provest who was the yeir befor sall be only put on lyt for the yeir therefter, swa that no provest sall be ather lyted or choosen provest but for two yeers togidder at maist and no langer.

The gild brother fyne.

Item, it is statut, vpon the desyre of ane supplicatioun gevin in be the dean of gild and his brether, that no stranger be admittit gild brother of this brugh except he pay thriescoir punds money to the hospitall.

Band gevin out.

Item, ordains the keipers of the keyis of the charter chist to delyver to James Bell the back band of the toune of Edinburgh to this brughe anent the merke of the tune of the guids brought in to Leithe.

Tallow and candell.

Ordains the pryce of the staine of tallowe to be fourtie eight schillings and the candell to be fyftie sex schillings.

Coline Campbell his accompt of the hospitalls rent.

The said day, Coline Campbell mad his compt of his last yeers intromissioune with the rents of Hutchesones Hospitall, quherof charge and discharge being red was allowit and approvin and was ordanit to be buikit conforme thairto in the register book of the said hospitall appointit for that effect.

12 November 1642.

Hutchesones Hopital.

[From a leet of three persons, the council continued Colein Campbell to be "collectour, master, and thesaurer" of Hutchesones Hospital for a year to come.]

19 November 1642.

Deputatioune, Yair.

The saids provest, bailleis and counsall, vnderstanding the vrgent necessitie of ther clerke, maister Harie Gibsone, now in Edinburgh, in tyme of this present sessioune, and least the toune or any member thairof, or any other of his Maiesteis leiges, may receave prejudice throw his absence, they therfor, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis to Williame Yair, his servand, now in his absence, ane perfect and ample deputatioune to exerce the said office of clarkship within this burgh during his said masters absence, quhilk is to be appointit for this present sessioune as said is and fyftein dayes therefter, granting heirby power to him to exerce the samein alse freelie in all things as ther said clark might doe if he war present.

26 November 1642.


Ordains the present bailleis, the old bailleis, dean of gild and deacon conveiner, with Coline Campbell, younger, to goe to the presbiterie wpon Weddinsday nixt to hear them ane minister to be electit for the toune, and to report to this place.

Warrand, preaching.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay Mr. Gawine Forsythe £100 for his preaching from July last to January next.]

10 December 1642.

Warrand, preiching.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for (1) 40 merks, given to Thomas Thomsone, for preaching, and (2) 100 merks given "to Mr. Robert Baillie for the transportatioune of his guids to this burghe, in hope he will continue his service to the toune."]

31 December 1642.

Bell, commissionar.

James Bell is electit commissionar to ryd to Edinburgh anent the mater of the generall sersarie and anent the misoure of the coales, vpon the tent of Januar nixt, with continuatioune of dayes, and ordains him to have ane commissioune sealit and subscribit thervpon.