Extracts from the records: 1645

Pages 76-90

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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15 February 1645.


Ordains ane proclamatioune to goe throw the toune in manner as followes:—Forsameikle as it hathe pleased the estats of parliament to ordaine ane excyse to be imposit vpon this kingdome for defraying the great charges the samein lyes vnder, and have ordanit the magistrats of brughes to nominat collectours for the ingathering therof, for obedience quherof, the provest, bailleis and counsall did nominat the persones fallowing for that end, viz., for the aill, beir and aquavytie, [here follow names;] for collecting of the wyne, [here follow names;] item, for tobacco and all other merchand wair excysable, . . . item, for flesche, both slaine within the toune and brought from landwart, . . . therfor, to command, in our Souerane Lordis name, etc., that all the inhabitants within this burgh com as they sall be warnit to the Tolbuithe therof, and bring with them the moneys dew for the excyse since the begining of this instant monethe and all tyme befor since Lambmas last, and that vnder all hiest paine and doubling of these soumes of monye they sall be fund efter tryell to be dew.

17 February 1645.

Warrand, troupers.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of threttie seavine punds four schilings deburst be him for the interteinement of the troupers that com in with the Marquess of Argyll.

1 March 1645.

Warrand, Eight Whelpe.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of sextein punds debursit be him to Capitane Kerse for ane parte of the payment of the outreik of the Eight Whelpe.

Hammermen againes Smithe and others.

Anent the complaint gevin in be Adam Nicoll, present deacon of the hammermen, masters, and haill members of the said craft, againes Robert Smithe, merchand, mackand mentioune that quhair it pleased the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, ther worthie predicessours for the tyme, for the weill of ther said craft, the commoditie of his Hienes leiges and profeit of ther poor of the said tred, to grant ther chartour contening diverse priviledges, quherin also it hes pleased them for them and ther successours to give them licence to sett doune acts and statuts for the weill of ther said tred, commoditie of the inhabitants and his Hienes leiges, to be ratified be tham and ther successours, as ther chartour bears; lykas, they finding ther tred, this haill brughe, and others the Kings liedges mightilie prejudgit be the said Robert his proceidings, and his cariage was and is ane bad example for others that daylie shors to vse the lyk courses, had ane purpos to have sett doune ane act for restraining his stand setting out with yron wark vpon the calsaye but would not presume befor first they had frequented ther lordships therwith, knawing that without ther approbatioune all war nought. Quherfor, sieing it is of veritie that, contrair to ther said chartour, acts of gildrie and custome of brugh, the said Robert, in despyt of our caling, as he wants not onlie to keip his stand wpon the calsay without the least acknawledging ther said tred, but also by himselff and his childrine goes throughe all pairtis about this brughe to hammermen that vsit the mercats af befor (and for whom they had yearlie consideratioune for the help of ther poor) buyes and foirbarganes ther haill wark fra year to year, quherby nather Bannockburne men nor others that war wont to com knawes at nae tyme the mercats, to the great prejudice of the said tred and the haill inhabitants wha ar extorcit by him being forcit to buy ther nails, locks and bands fra the said Robert vpon double pryce, as certainlie the most pairt of the saids persones on counsall knawes; craveand, therfor, the saids provest, bailleis and counsall to caus the said Robert keip himselff and his wair within his owne buithe and drope, to consider that no buithe keiper aught to be ane creamer, and to ordaine him to buy nor foirbargane no wark fra vnfremen befoir the same cum to the mercat, according to justice; as in the said complaint at mair lenthe is contenit. Quhilk complaint being red and considered be the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, the said Robert Smithe, being present, and at lenthe hard, they, all in ane voice, discharges the said Robert of setting out any stand with yron wark on the calsaye in the mercat dayes in tyme coming, but that he keip himselffe within his owne buithe, it being most aggrieable to the laws of the gildrie. As also they statut and ordaine that it sall not be leasome to any merchand heirefter to buy any yron wark fra any smithe or travellour that ar com or coming to this brugh of intentioune to sell the samein quhill the said yron wark and sellars therof stand within the mercat till four hours efter noone.

22 March 1645.


Ordains the thesaurer [to have a warrant for £43 6s.] deburst for the troupers that com in with old Col. Killoche and for the officers and horse hyres that went with them to Linlithgow.

Gallowgait port.

Item, appoynts the Gallowgait port to be bigit presentlie at sik ane place as sall be thocht fitting efter the samein be visitit.

11 April 1645.

Common grass.

[The common grass last possessed by Adam Tod set for a year for 81 merks; the grass of the Quarrell-hill for £25; of the Sheep Craigs for £8; of the Sommerhill and Meikle Lone, adjacent thereto, for £3 13s. 4d.; and of Skellings Myer, and others belonging thereto, for £12.]

27 May 1645.

Common good.

[Common good set as follows:—mills, 7600 merks; ladles, 2900 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 815 merks; tron, 730 merkes; bridge, 680 merks; grass of the Green, 40 merks; Little St. Mungowes kirkyard "for ane dollour gevin to the officers."]

21 June 1645.

Wilsone, bedle.

It is appoyntit that Patrick Wilsone be recommendit be this place to the kirk sessioune, to the effect he may be admitit bedle in the Hie Kirk in place of Gilbert Maxwell.

12 July 1645.

Stent producit.

The provest and bailleis producit the stent roll of the thrie moneths maintenance of Marche, Apryll and May, extending to twa thowsand nyne hundrethe fourscoir punds, the quhilk they deburst pairtlie for quartering of Colonell Hoome his regiment and pairtlie to Cowdoune, be warrand of Archibald Sydserffe, and the superplus delyverit be James Barnes to the dean of gild and deacon conveinar.

3 September 1645.

Teinds sett.

The teinds of the burrow aikers about this brughe is sett for this present crop 1645 to James Ferguisone, maltman, and Williame Stewart, younger, merchand, for the soume of fourtein hundrethe and fyftie merkes.

18 September 1645.

£40,000 craved by Committee of estates.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, with the most pairt of the honest men of this brugh, as being the representative bodie of the samein, being convenit, anent the soume of fourtie thousand punds monye craveit af the toune be the committee of estates, Mr. John Spreull, notar, did disasent for his owne pairt anent the payment therof.

20 September 1645.


The provest, bailleis and counsall, being convenit the said day, they did ordaine the excyse of the aill and beir to be collected heirefter in the mylnes; and appoyntit the former collectours, viz., David Weymes, Johne Young, Robert Wilsone and John Findlay, to goe to the mylnes vpon Mononday nixt the 22 of this instant, and ther aiths with the millars to be taken be the bailleis.


Item, they did ordaine the persones fallowing, viz., the deane of gild, deacon conveinar, Johne Barnes, Ritchard Allane, Johne Flemyng, thesaurer, James Barnes, William Hyndshawe and Thomas Scot, to stent the inhabitants of this brugh for payment, daylie, of thriescoir threttein punds xij s. monye to the officers of the staff of the Earle of Lanerk his regiment of horsis quarterit within the toune.

27 September 1645.

Anent the 20,000 lib. lent to the estats.

Quheras the provest, bailleis, and counsall of this brughe, conforme to the ordours of the estates, of the dait the nyntein day of this instant, hes lent and advanceit for the vse of the publict the soume of twentie thousand punds monye, quhilk, in respect the commoune good is not able to beir the same, is borrowit fra the persones efternameit, and is to be allowit be the towne in the first end of ther excyse or vtherwayes conforme to the said act of estats, ordains therfor the provest, bailleis and counsall, present and to cum, to give sufficient band to ilk persone efterspecifeit for repayment to them, ilk ane for ther owne pairts, of suche soumes as they shall lend, with the annualrent of the samein, furthe and fra Martinmas nixt, and the said debt to be first payit befor any other. Fallowes the names of suche who hes or ar to lend the said soume, viz.:— . . .

29 September 1645.


Ordains the magistrates to be choisen yearlie vpon the Tuysday immediatlie efter Michaelmas in tymcoming, conforme to old vse and wont, and the electione for this year to be the morne.

30 September 1645.

Day of the electione prohibited.

The said day, being the day of electing of the magistrates according to the accustomed forme, compeirit the right honorabill the Earle of Lanerke, and be vertew of the commissioune grantit to his lordship be the lords and others of the committie of estates of parliament, dischargeit Gilbert Merschell, Daniell Wallace and Thomas Pollok, who war joyned in commissioune with the commissare to capitulat with James Grahame, of any publict charge within the said brughe; and therefter did discharge James Bell, provest, of his office of provestrie, his tyme being expyrit, and the tyme cum of the electione of ane new provest vntill farder tryeall be takine be the said committie of estates.

The said day, the said noble earle, being authorized with a commissione from the state to sie all such magistrates within this brughe suspendit and dischargeit of ther offices wha have bein actours in ther capitulatioune with James Grahame, or accessorie therto, and ther places filled with men weill affected to the caus and countrie, did also desyre to knawe from the thrie bailleis in charge and toune counsall of this brughe gif they will, for the preservatioune of the liberties of the brughe (quhilk he desyrit may inteirlie and inviolablie be preserved) presentlie proceid to the lyting of ther magistrates out of any other lyte then that of the present counsallours.

Day of the electione prohibited.

The saids bailleis and counsall, haveing at lenthe considered the above writtine demand, and takeing to ther consideratiounes the oathe gevin be them all at ther admissiones as burgessis to defend the haill liberteis and priviledges of this brughe, and knawing the electione of ther magistrates to be the cheife, did find that they could not therfor yeild to the forsaid demand, it not being in any sort aggrieable to the accustomed forme observed be thame and ther predicessours in the lyk, past memorie of man, quhilk is aggrieable to the laws of burrowes and warranted be acts of parliament, and therfor they all in ane voice did condiscend to stand firme to the ordour they have bein in vse to choise ther magistrates out of the present counsall and no vtherwayes except they sould bring perjurie vpon themselves. Quhilk answer they did ordaine to be presentit and sent to the said noble earle, who efter reading of the forsaid demand had removed himselfe.


Therefter, compeirit the said earle and gave in, subscrivit with his hand, ane paper, quherof the tennour fallowes:—The Earle of Lanerk, finding that the bailleis and toune councell of Glasgow have declaired that they will onlye chuise ther magistrats out of ther present councell and no vtherwayes, as by ther declaratioune given him and signed by ther clerk doeth appeare, and considering that by the commissioune granted to him by the estates all such as have been actours in, or accessorie to, ther capitulatioune with James Grahame, ar to be suspendit or discharget of ther offices, and finding by ther depositiounes of the 29th of September that the proveist, bailleis, and wholl towne councell (except George Porterfeild) wer accessorie to the sending to and capitulating with James Grahame, therfor he, finding that he cannot be answerable to the estaite if any of the said councell shall be choisen or admited to the charge of being provest or bailleis within this brughe (by vertew of his commissioune) discharges them to proceid to the election of any person of ther councell, or any others within ther toune who hathe bein accessorie to ther capitulatione with James Grahame, to any publict office within ther brughe vntill they knawe the estates further pleasure, which with all possible diligence he will labour to have returned vnto them, wherin they ar not to faill, as they will be answerable vpon ther heighest perrill. At Glasgow the 30 September 1645. Quhervpon Johne Andersone, baillie, for himselffe and in name and behalf of the remanent bailleis, counsall and haill communitie of the said brughe, protestit that the samein sould be nowayes prejudiciall to the liberteis and priviledges of the samein anent the electione of thair magistrates not being perfyted this day according to the accustomed maner allowit be the acts of burrows and warranted be the acts of parliament; and thairvpon askit acts and instruments.

11 October 1645.

Electione of the magistrates and counsall.

Compeirit personallie Sir Williame Baillie of Lammingtoune, Sir James Lockart of Leye, Sir William Carmichaell, and others of the committie of Clydusdaill, and producit a letter direct to them be the committie of estates, witing them to wait in Glasgow and sie the magistrates therof accept ther charges, and in ther names to tak ther oathes of ther faithfull discharge of ther dewties therin; and therefter producit ane other letter direct be the committie of estates to the burgessis of Glasgow quherin ther was contenit ane list, subscrivit be the Earle of Crawfurd Lindsay, conteining the names of such as war to be provest, bailleis and counsall of this brughe, viz., George Porterfeild, provest; Robert Hammiltoune, Peter Johnestoune, bailleis; [twelve merchants and twelve craftsman.] Quhilk list being red, it was protested be the forsaids old provest, bailleis, and counsall above named, that the said electione of the forsaids magistrates and counsall sould nowayes be derogatorie or prejudiciall heirefter to the liberteis and priviledges grantit to the said brughe anent the electione of ther magistrates and counsall, conform to the act of parliament, ther ancient and laudable custome observit therin past memorie of man, sieing all who ar now nominat, at least the most pairt of them, ather war accessorie to the capitulatioune with James Grahame alseweill as such as ar chargeit or then would have bein if they had been present; and farder it was protested be the merchand rank of the old counsall that the forsaid new electione and nominatioune be nowayes prejudiciall to the said merchand rank in tyme coming, ther being onlie ane baillie nominat of that rank, wheras ther should be two, and twelfe counsallours of the samein rank wheras ther should be threttein. Quhervpon the saids lait provest, bailleis and counsall, askit instruments. And therefter, the saids lait provest, bailleis, and counsall having removed, the forsaid list was therefter red and everie persone therin nominat particularlie caled vpon, they all being present except the saids James Lochhead, Peter Patoune, and Mathow Wilsone, (who war absent,) accepted the forsaid charge of provest, bailleis, and counsall, as is befor designed, in and vpon them, and gave ther oathes de fideli administratione therintill as vse is. Lykas the saids commissioners being removed, Mr. Harie Gibsone, clerk, producit ane letter quhilk he receaved from the Earle of Lanerk, and quhilk was directed be the committie of estates to the provest, bailleis and counsall of this brughe, daitit at Perthe the 27 day of September last bypast, quherintill the said committie desyres the said toune to choise no magistrates nor commissioners to parliament who had treated with James Grahame or receaved protectiones from him.

Dean of gild, etc.

Item, The saids provest, bailleis, and counsall ordained the electione of the dean of gild and deacon conveinar, thesaurer and others, to be vpon Weddinsday nixt, as vse is.

15 October 1645.

Lytes for dean of gild and deacon conveinar; Protestationes.

Compeirit Walter Stirling, merchand, and presentit ane act sett doune be the deane of gild and others of the merchand rank, conteining ane lyt sett doune be them, viz., Colein Campbell and James Hammiltoune, merchands, and requyrit that ane of the saids two persones might be electit dean of gild of this brughe for ane year to com, conforme to the letter of gildrie, commoune vse, and practique observeit since the setting doune therof. As also compeirit Johne Reid, present deacon of the hammermen of the samein brughe, and producit ane other act sett doune be the deacon conveinar, deacons of craftes, and ther bretherin of counsall, containing ane list of thrie persones of ther number, viz., Williame Neilsone, Gawine Neisbit, and Walter Neilsone, and desyred that ane of the saids thrie persones might be electit deacon conveinar of this brughe for ane year to com, conforme to the letter of gildrie, vse, and practique observeit since the setting doune therof. Quhilks two acts and lytes being read be the saids provest, bailleis, and counsall, they desyrit the saids persones and others who did accompanie them to remove out of the counsall hous whill they gott ane answer, and they having removeit, the saids provest, bailleis, and counsall having read the letter direct to them be the lords and others of the committie of estate, they fand that in respect of the said letter they could not mak choise of any of the persones conteined in the saids two lytes to any of the saids two offices, and thervpon directit ane of ther commoune servands to the saids two persones, presenters of the saids lytes and others who war in companie with them and had voice in the said electione, and desyrit that the forsaid electione might be continued whill the said committie of estates war acquaint therwith, and therefter compeirit againe the said Walter Stirling, with sundrie of the deacons of craftes of the said brughe, and others, both of the merchand and craftes rank, who war present with tham, and first the said Walter gave in ane paper bearing that he, with concurrence of ane number of the merchand rank of this brughe, ther present, for thamselves and in name and behalfe of the haill remanent merchands of this brughe, did therby protest iff the saids provest, bailleis, and counsall receavit and admitit not the lyt gevin in and presentit to ther lordships for making choise of Colein Campbell or James Hammiltoune to be dean of gild for the year fallowing, conforme to ther gildrie and famous ordour therof, that if any other ordour should be vseit by thair lordships that the samein be not prejudiciall to the libertie of the gildrie of this brughe and ther accustomed ordour ever hitherto; and quhat should be done in the contrair protestit the samein to be ipso jure null. And therefter it was protested be the deacons of craft of the said brughe ther present, for themselves and such as would adher to them, that if the saids provest, bailleis, and counsall did reject and refuis the lyt presentit to them of thrie persones of that number, and not mak choise of ane of them to be deacon conveinar of this brughe for ane year to come, conforme to old vse and wont established by the letter of gildrie of the samein and hes bein inviolablie keipit sensyne, to the great good, prosperitie, peace, and tranquillite of the haill toune, that they disaggried therfra, and that they should not be subject to acknawledge any other persone, if the saids provest, bailleis and counsall should mak choise of any other nor is presentit to them to mak clioise of to be deacon conveinar, and that it should be leasume to them to mak choise of ther owne deacon conveinar. Efter reading of quhilks protestationes, Georg Porterfeild, provest, protestit in the contrair, in respect of the letter direct to them be the committie of estates. Quervpon ather of the saids pairteis askit acts.

Commissione, provest.

Item, they did grant commissione to Georg Porterfeild, provest, to goe to the estates anent the mater of the electione of the dean of gild, deacon conveinar, and remanent inferior officers.

Eodem die, post merediem.

Commissione, lytes for dean of gild and deacon convener.

The forsaids provest, bailleis and counsall, above nameit, being convenit, and taking to ther consideratione that forsameikle as the committie of estates have declairit that the haill magistrats and counsall of this brughe (all except Georg Porterfeild) the year preceiding incapable to bear office within the toune, because of ther capitulatione with the rebell, conforme to ther owne declaratione; notwithstanding quherof, Colein Campbell and James Hammiltoune, twa of the number of the said counsell, ar sent vp from certane of the merchand rank to ws to be ane lyte, out of quhilk they would have the present dean of gild to be choisine, and Gawine Neisbit, William Neilsone and Walter Neilsone, lykwayes of the number of the said counsell, sent vp in lite from certaine of the deacons, out of quhilk they would have the deacon conveinar to be choisine, and by this meanis it would appeare that it is intendit by some directlie to oppose themselves to the orders of the saids estates, wha, becaus it is requisite that such men be discoverit and mad notour to the said committie of estates, and others who throughe ignorance or other mistackes hes not forsein ther danger may in time prevein the samein, therfor we have appoynted and ordanit, and be thir presentis appoynts and ordains James Hammiltoune, younger, Thomas Allane, merchands, William Coates, William Lightbodie and Johne Cauldwall, conjunctlie and severallie, to repair to the haill number of men of the merchand rank and craftes within this toune who have or can pretend to have any interest or power to choyse the saids lites of the offices respectiue aboue writtine, and trye of them particularlie whither or not they, ilk ane of them respectiue, will adhere to the saids lites and to the protestationes takine be some of ther severall members in ther names conforme therto, and to requyre of such as shall not adhere therto that they evidence the samein by ther subscriptiones. And if any shall ather pertinaciouslie adhere therto, or not at all declaire themselves, to tack instruments accordinglie in ane notars hand, befor witnesis, and returne back ther diligence hither, to the end that particulare notice may be gevin to the said committie of estaits of the samein.

Fallowes the tennour of that which is to be subscribit be these who pasis from the forsaids lites, and quherof two doubles ar to be gevin to the forsaids, commissioners:—We the vndersubscribers, merchands and craftesmen, ilk ane of ws respective for our owne partes, vnderstanding that the lites of men presentit to the counsell of this brughe in our names to be dean of gild and deacon conveinar ar of such who ar declairit incapable of office within this toune for this yeare by the committie of estates, and vnderstanding the inconvenience that may aryse therfra, doe therfor by thir presentis, ilk ane of vs respectiue, for our owne partes as said is, simpliciter pas fra the samein lytes and all protestationes takine theranent.

18 October 1645.

Office bearers elected.

[The provost, bailies and council elected Androe Conynghame dean of guild; Niniane Gilhagie, deacon convener; Robert Mack, water bailie; Peter Cuming, master of work; and Androe Mudie, treasurer.]

Depositione of clerk.

Master Henrie Gibsone, clerk, being removed, and efter consultatione had amongst the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, he was caled in againe and then the provest declairit to him that they had declairit his place of clerkshipe to vaik in his persone, and gevs power to Williame Yair, notar, to exerceis the said office whill they did advyse whither they would continue the said Mr. Harie or mak choise of ane other in his place. Therefter, the said Mr. Harie Gibsone producit ane paper and desyred the same to be red, bearing quheras it hes pleased the present magistrats and counsall of this brughe to remove him from ther counsall table and to depose him from his office, intending to proceid to the electione of ane other in his place, for his pretendit concurse to the capitulatione with the enemie, without orderlie and dew tryeall or any other laufull challeng, notwithstanding that he hes a gift of the toune clerkshipe of this brughe grantit to him in anno 1642 by the magistrates and counsall of the same for the tyme, for the space of seavine years, quherof ther ar diverse yet to come; therfor he did protest that ther said depositione and new electione be nowayes prejudiciall to his gift, speciallie since it is notour to the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, that quhat he did anent the capitulatione (whilk is his onlie challenge) was no mair but ane subscribing of the commissione gevin by the magistrates and counsall to these appoyntit to speik the enemie for the saiftie of the toune, and quhilk his subscriptioune was in name of the magistrates and counsall, at ther command, and that nather in publict nor privat he did consult, com moune, nor geve advyce or voyce to the capitulatioune, mair or les, as all of them will bear him witnes, so that quhat he did in that can be no ground of challenge againes him since he was necessitat and commandit therto as ther clerk and servand. Quhilk being publictlie red, the provest protestit in the contrair, in respect he fell alsweill vnder the compas of the letter direct be the estates to the burgesis of this brugh as the old magistrates and counsall.


[Walter Bryce elected visitor of the burgh.]

21 October 1645.

Cunynghame and Stewart, counsellouris.

The foirsaidis provest, baillie and counsell, having receavit ane lettre fra the committie of estaitis daitit the 17 of this instant, quherby the committie remitis fullie to them to mak choys of ane to supplie the place of ane baillie, and to mak choys of suche counsellouris as ar wanting of the dew number, and they vnderstanding that ther is wanting ane counsellour of the merchand rank, and that Peter Patoun who was nominat be the said committie of estaitis to be ane counsellour of the merchand rank wold not accept the said chairge, thairfoir the saidis provest, baillie, and counsell vnanimouslie maid choys of Gabriell Cunynghame, merchand, lait provest, to be ane counsellour of the merchand rank of this brughe in place of the ane that was wanting of that nwmber, and maid choys of James Stewart, merchand, lait provest, to be ane wther counsellour of the said merchand rank in place of the said Peter Patoun who wold not accept.

Andersone, baillie.

Niniane Andersone, younger, merchand, is electit and nominat to be ane of the bailleis of this burghe for the yeir enschewing, at leist to the ordinar tyme of electioun efter Michaelmas nixt.


Mr. Johne Sprewll, notar, is electit and nominat to be clark of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, and ordanis him to be sent for to accept.

Yair, procuratour fiscall.

Williame Yair is electit procuratour fiscall of this brughe for ane yeir to cum.

1 November 1645.

Warrand, executionar.

Ordanis the thesaurer to have warrand for the sowme of twentie pundis money debursit be him at command of the magistratis to ane executionar that was sent for out of Irwing and for vj li. xvj s. he debursit for his chairgis ordinar and extraordinar the tyme he was heir.

3 November 1645.


[Ordained the following to be prices for the ensuing year:—Ale, 2s. the pint; bear, 2s. 4d. the pint; rough tallow, 43s. 4d. the stone; candle, 50s. the stone.]


Ordanis Johne Grahame to collect the excys fra the four men collectouris therof in the mylnes, and he to mak compt therof as he sall be requyred, and it is to be rememberit that he hes four weikis therof alreddie, and he ilk Saturday is to produce the comptis and the money.

8 November 1645.

Old actis ratefeit.

The foirnamet provest, bailleis and counsell, be the tenour heirof, ratifeis and approvis the haill actis sett doun of befoir anent the inbringing of the wnlawis to the commoun vse of the towne and applaying of the same ad pios vsus, as also the former actis and caviatis maid anent the electioun of the townes clark yeirlie.

15 November 1645.

Act anent the clark.

Forsamikle as the saidis provest, bailleis and counsell, having of befoir electit and nominat Mr. Johne Sprewll, notar, to be clark of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, and now befoir they admit the said Mr. Johne to the said place and office, they, be the tenour heirof, statut and ordane that the said Mr. Johne Sprewll sall mak compt and payment to the saidis provest, bailleis and counsell, of the equall half of the haill feis and causualiteis belonging to the said office, and that monethlie, to the effect they may dispois thairwpoun at thair awin aptioun and pleasour, and conforme to the tenour of this act and provisioun they do admit the said Mr. Johne to the said place and office and na wtherwayis, and also that nather this act nor the admissioun of the said Mr. Johne Sprewll sall no wayis be prejudiciall or hurtfull to Williame Yair anent his haill feis and causualiteis quhilk perteans to him as the clarkis man, conforme to old vse and wont and ordour set doun theranent.


In regaird it is ordanit be the committie of estaitis that fyve hundrethe bollis of meill be advancit for the vse of thes people that cums in to help to cast the trinche about this citie, quhilk is to be payit out of some sowmes of money the provest is to receave for the vse of the publict; and becaus the meill can not be commodiouslie gottine, the said provest, bailleis and counsell, has concludit to pay to everie man cums in to wirk at the said wark ten schillings Scots for the haill tyme they wirk, in satisfactioun of the peck of meill ilk man sould have, conforme to the act and ordinance of the said committie. And ordanis the same to be payit be Johne Grahame out of the excys money whill it be payit back agane.

29 November 1645.

Money advancit to the draguneris.

Ordaines Johne Grahame to advance to the officeris of the draguneris twa monethis mentinance out of the first end of the excyse money, quhilk tua moneths mentinance the toune is ordanit be the committee of estaitis to pay to thame conform to the localitie appoyntit be the said committee, and ordanis the baylyies to be instant and vse ther best diligence to get in the monethlie mentinance according to the roll set doune theranent.

6 December 1645.

Supplie for Pasley.

The saids baylyies and counsell, tacking to ther consideratioune the lamentable estaite and conditioune of the poore people within the toune of Pasley, and of the hard strait they ar brought to by Gods visitatioune of the plague of pestilence lying vpon them now this long tyme, for ther present supplie they have condiscendit to bestow vpon thame twentie bolls meill and to tack als much money out of these moneys as wer collectit for Kelso as will pay therfor.

13 December 1645.

For collecting the monethlie mentinance.

Ordanis the baylyies to goe about be all menis and vse ther best diligence to get in and collect the sax moneths mentinance that ar awand be the inhabitantis of this brughe, conform to the stent roll set doune theranent; and as they go throw the toune and getts in money, ordanis to pay all those who wantis for quartering of the draguneris, rebaitting of thir quhat is awing be thame of the scalf money and ther pairtis of the monethlie mentinance.

15 December 1645.

Anent cognoscing the touns loisses.

They appoynt William Lichtbodie, Walter Neilsone, Walter Bryce and James Fergisoune to cognosche vpon the loisses of this toune by cornes cuttine and plunderit; item, ordanis the toune quartermaisteris to tack vp the haill quarterings of the toune ather by the enemie or by our awine armyes; item, Robert and Thomas Allan and James Armour to tack vp ane note of the plunderit guds; item, ordanis Johne Andersoune, callit Woodsyd, William Neilsoune, George Louck and Thomas Scott to cognosce vpon the loisses of the toune by the trinch casting; to be resentit to the parliament that they may be brought in with the commoune burdings.

20 December 1645.


Ordaines that ane tounesman be in the watch at ilk port betuix sevine in the morning and ten at nicht for tacking notice of testimonialls.

Warrand, drumes.

Ordanis the thesaurer to pay to Robert Mure fourtie merks money for the pryce of four drumes delyverit be him to the toune capitanes, and Robert Muir to tack back the rest.

27 December 1645.


Ordanis vj s. viij d. to be givine in hyre to Donald Clerk daylie and ilk day for to be ane ordinar post to them during his service and ther pleasour, and in the meme tyme that he get ane suit of cloithes and schoes.