The city of Exeter: Act Books of the Chamber

Pages 302-339

Report On the Records of the City of Exeter. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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These Books contain entries of the meetings of the Council and the Orders and Minutes of that body. The descriptive headings are in each case taken from Mr. S. Moore's Calendar, which however gives little detailed information as to their contents.

Books 3 to 10 are indexed by Richard Izacke.

No. 1 Act Book of the Chamber from 20 December, 1508, to 20 October, 1538. A paper volume in quarto loosely bound in a single skin of vellum now a good deal eaten by vermin. It contains 194 folios, the last folio and the index being half destroyed. On f. 140b occurs an entry of a meeting of the Council on 26 October, 1542. The volume contains a record of the meetings and proceedings of the Council of the City and appears to have been the Town Clerk's Minute Book. It contains these entries down to f. 152b, and is contemporary with Book 2. This volume has been marked on the cover, "Duplicate of No. 1 (now called No. 2). It is, however, not a duplicate: a comparison of the two will be found in the next article under the description of the No. 2. The following are a few samples of its contents:—

  • f. 17b (Dec. 11, 1510). It is aggreed that the resseyver shall paye unto John Clyff Townclarke for his riding to London by the commaundement of the xxiiij—20s.
  • f. 18 (Dec. 18, 1510). That Estgate shalbe taken downe and to be newe bildyd again.
  • f. 19 (March 8, 1511). That Robert Poke of Thorverton shall bild and make Estgate of the Cite to finde all maner of stuffe and he to have for his labor 128l. and to bild 6 votores.
  • f. 29b (March 20, 1512). That the Ressever shall sell 6 acres of Duryurde wode for the bildyng of Estgate.

  • ff. 35–40. A list of soldiers equipped by the city, their weapons and the contributions of the citizens towards their equipment, i.e. in 4 Henry VIII (1512–13), the Mayor being John Symons (not Richard as in Oliver, 231), where John is not Mayor till 1523). The soldiers are either Billmen or Bowmen. The weapons include swords (2s. each), daggers (3.,d., 4d., or 6d.), pollax (3s. 4d.) and halberds (16d.. The contributions are either in money or in kind. e.g., a pere of bregyders or Bregyndelles, a standard, a pere of splynts, a bowe and a shefe of arowys, the settyng of a pere of brigadyers, a salet, a pere of gussetts, the makyng of 6 cotys, a sawder, a shuld, a dagger, a gerdyll &c. The contributors include a pochemaker, a mason, a scolemayster (John Calwodeley, who contributes a pere of allemeynrevetts), a curtholder, a schomaker and a tailor.
  • f. 42. A note of the monies (118l. 14s. 6d.) paid by the various parishes of the city with the names of the collectors in each case, towards the King's subsidy, 5 Henry VIII [i.e. Jan. 23 to March 4, 1514. Statutes iii, 117].
  • f. 67b. That the dorre in Estgate goyng into Seynt Bartholomewe is chapell shalbe opened this daye, whiche dorre John Speke, esquire, willed by his owne wille and none other and the dorre to be hongid uppe agayn as it was before.
  • f. 84b (26 Feb., 1520). Whereas William Cruygge [or Crugge—Mayor in 1515, 1518] hath gevyn unto the Citie as sone as he is departed oute of this transitory lif his cloke of scarlet, 2 paier of brygandyns, 2 saletts, and 2 bills for which is graunted unto Anne the wife of the seid William Gruygge during her wydohode canon brede as olde maiers is wonte to have 8 canon lovys at Ester and 20d. in money and as moche at Cristmas.
  • f. 86 (30 July, 1520). That Mr. Geoffraye Lewys nowe beyng Maire shall have the cloke of scarlet lyned with sarsenet which late Mr. John Bucknam [Mayor, 1509, 1516] gave unto the Cite for 40s.
  • f. 93 (4 Nov., 1521). That Maister Mair schall have for hys pensyoun 40 marks and every Mair to have as moche heirafter.
  • f. 93b (16 Dec., 1521). That my lady Crugg schal have suche brede at Crystmas and Ester as maistress ffroste hath [widow of William Frost, Mayor 1498, 1504].
  • f. 95 (2 June, 1522). That Mary Mawdelyn feir schalbe kypte every yere heirafter and that the feir to begyne at Mary Mawdelyn Chapell and so to continue towardys the Southgayte and also this same ffeir to be a free ffeir for every mane that comyth to that feir for all maner of marchande gooddes cattells quycke or dede that they bryng.
  • f. 135 (19 Sept., 1532). That William Burgeyn [town clerk] shall goo onto the president of the Chapter and certifye hym in name of the hole Chapter (sic) that the xxiiij be holy agreyd that the payll lately seytt upp withyn the closse betwene Seynt Martyn churche and the subdeyns housse schalbe drawyn downe agayn and requiryng them to cause hit to be so done before one of the cloke of this present daye accordinge to their appoyntement gave to the Maire and bretheryn estday at Seynt Peters.

  • f. 152 (20 October, 1538). That William Burgeyn schalle ryde to London and cause the new Charter concernyng the Citie to be asshured and alowyd within the Exchesser and also in the Kyngs huche, also that he be a suter to mylord Privy seell and to the counsell for the purchasse of all the lands and tenements concernyng the Prior of Seynt Nycolas lying as well withyn the Citie as the parish of Seynt David without Northgaytt of the Citie of Exeter and also that the said William Burgeyn shall have dayly whyll he ys out to his costs 2s. 4d. to ffend him and his servant.
  • ff. 154 to 157. Entries relating to the equipment of soldiers to be at Hampton on 22 April (5 Henry VIII), 1513, their harness &c.
  • f. 158. A list of sureties for ale sellers and tipplers for their good behaviour.
  • ff. 159, 160. Fines of non—freemen, 5 Henry VIII [1513–14], temp. John Symonds, Mayor.
  • f. 161 (Oct 22, 1513). Harnyse delivered to Thomas, Provost to make clene &c., including pairs of splynts saletts, a Baver, aprons of mayle, pairs of gussetts of mayle, standards of mayle, 3 peces of mayle broken, 13 pairs of brigandyns, 7 shef of arowes, 11 bowes, 3 bills, a bukler, and 2 pairs of almayn revetts.
  • f. 161b, 6 Henry VIII [1514–15]. The confessions of sundry persons concerning an attempt to "sawdre and gild an olde noble which had no goolde."
  • f. 162 (Oct. 1, 1516). Assessment of a subsidy.
  • ff. 164–194b. Fines of non-freemen, 4 to 19 Henry VIII.

Book 2. The Act Book of the Chamber from 25 June, 1509 to 1 June, 1560 (f. 187). A paper volume in qto. bound in leather which is now somewhat decayed. The leaves appear to have been misplaced by the binder. f. 16 should be f. 1, ff. 1 to 4 should follow f. 24, ff. 5 to 15 are blank. On f. 4b is an entry belonging to the 24th year of Henry 8. The first 28 folios of this volume appear to contain the Acts or Perpetual Orders of the Council respecting things permanent. They appear to have been copied from Book No.1 ; the Orders in that Book which relate merely to things present and temporary as the dismissal of officers, payments of money to the Mayor, orders for payments for receiving the freedom of the city, &c., &c., being omitted. Many more meetings of the Council are mentioned in No. 1 than in this volume, because unless some special important or permanent order was made no notice was taken in No. 2 of the meeting: for this reason there is often no entry for one or two consecutive years in this volume [No. 2], whereas in No. 1 the succession of meetings is tolerably regular. No. 1, therefore, may be looked upon as the original and the more important Book of the two. On page 18 of No. 2, however, occurs an entry of a meeting and an Act which is not in No. 1. The same thing occurs on f. 18b and also on the same folio is an entry in No. 2 of a meeting which is noticed in No. 1, but in No. 2 there occurs an order not in No. 1. The entry under 5 October, 9Henry 8 in No. 2 is much fuller than in No. 1, but there appear to be some leaves missing in the latter volume. From the examination of these two volumes it appears that No. 1 contains by far the greater number of entries; that No. 2 has many entries of orders copied from No. 1, but that it also has a few entries which do not occur in No. 1. Both the Books were no doubt kept at the same time and are contemporary with the proceedings they record. No. 1 may be looked upon as the Minute Book of the Council. No. 2 as the Act Book. This state of affairs however only continues down to the meeting of 16 March, 1520, which is the same in both books. After this, [i.e. from f. 29 onwards in Book 2], the entries are distinct in each book both as regards the dates and the proceedings of the meetings. On the fly leaf at the beginning is an inventory of the "ymplementys and ornamentis off Saynt Georges Chapell" made on October 10, 1537 [see page 45]. At the end on ff. 188–192 are accounts of the payment of the subsidies of the Xth and XVth by the various parishes of the city from 7 Edward VI to 25 Elizabeth. Oliver in his Calendar, p. 353, notes that the volume contains no reference to the siege of Exeter in 1549.

The following are samples of the entries in Book 2:—

  • f. 28 (16 March, 1520). The Chamber agree that John More and Bartholomew Fortescue, Esquires, shall build 3 almshouses at the end of Exe Bridge in the east partie of the Chapell stondyng upon the seid bridge where as the two almyshouses is nowe stondyng for whiche buyldyng they shall put in iij. power in the seid housis at all tymes duryng there lyves at there pleasure with the advice of the Maier and his brethern and after the death of the founders the 3 houses to be at the gift of the Mayer, Bailliffs and Cominaltie as they were in times past. A similar entry appears in Act Book I, f. 85.
  • f. 30 (4 Sept., 1528). Order that "The recever schall pay no more mony for the obytt of Quene Molde to the parsons and curates of the Citie for as moche as they have nott keptte the same obytt in tymes past as the schuld have done."
  • f. 39b (28) Feb., 1537). That ther schallbe gevyn unto Richard Pollard scheryff of Devon for his greytt payn taken for the Citie and yn especiall because he had getyn a charter ffor William Hundaller a toune of Gaysconewyne.

  • f. 40 (same date). That there schalle no Bruer send owte any ale of there howses withyn XXiiij. oures after that hit ys tunnyd upon payment of every Borell 12d.
  • f. 42(18 November, 1539). That the Mayor and 4 members of the Chamber shall go thorought with Mr. Thomas Carewe for the fee symplee of the churche of Seynt John to the use of the Citie of Exeter for 40 marks.
  • f 49(26 May, 1541). That the Maire schall make pro-clamation the next market day that all Rawe cloth and yerne which hereafter schall come to the citie the markett days that is to wite the Wenysdays and the ffrydays schall bryng it to the place thereto appoyntyd that is to wite at the newe byldyng in the Cokery (? Cookrew) over agenst Seynt George is church.
  • f. 55b (19 September, 1542). That whereas variance and strivis is nowe movyd by the wyfs of certayne of the members of the XXiiij. to the unquyetnys as well of ther husbands as of the resudue of the seid company of the seid XXiiij. that every wif of the members of the XXiiij. shall take such order and folow the order and goyng one after other yn all places within the Cetie accordyng to the order and awnsientie of there husbands and none of them to presume to go before other to the contrary of there husbands awncientie uppon payne that there (sic. husbonds of them that shall make defaute to the contrary for every tyme 12d.
  • f. 76 (27 September, 1546). Proclamation at the election of the Mayor.
  • f. 91b (17 March, 1548). That Mr. John Drake beyng Recever of the Cetie is bounde to have a gowne of Crymsyn and Grayne before the fast of Cristmas next after that he nowe was sworne yn his office and he not havyn the seid gowne accordyng to the olde order of the Cetie that he shall paye for every tyme and day that he hath nott hadd nor wered his gowne accordyng to an acte thereof before made 3s. 4d.
  • f. 92 (17 May, 1548). That the Mayor shall sett forth the ffenyshyng of Cowleyh bridge and get masons and other workmen for the same this Somer and that Mr. Resever shall ley forth all ye mony that the chardge of ye brydge shall come to.
  • f. 95 (17 May, 1548). That whereas on Seynt Peter nyght accordyng to a olde ordynance theron gevyn yn bredd to a comyng dole at the YIdhall dore 20 s. 2d., whereuppon there is yerly by reason of greit presse of people greit and ynsewen. Therefor it is thought most convenyent that the seid 20 s. 2 d, distribed to the poure by the dischression of iiij. persons yely (sic)appynted by the Meyr for the tyme beyng.

  • f. 121 (20 October, 1553). That for consyderacioun them movyng the Chamber have gyven unto the Right Honorable Lord Edward Courtenay Erle of Devonshere ane annuytie or annuall rent of 4l. by the yere for terme of hys lyeff [which was refused by the said Erle of Devon—added in a different hand].
  • f. 136 (11 October, 1554). That ffrome hensforth the Sworde shalbe borne before the Mayor every markett day as it hath byn accostemyd.
  • f. 139 (9 March, 1555). That Exbridge shalbe pavyd this yer and one of the peers plankyd.
  • f. 145b (21 March, 1556). That the sale of Rawe cloath hereafter shalbe kypte in the Northgate Street from Watbury Street downewards towards Northgate and nott elswere.
  • f. 147 [side note] (19 April, 1558). The Erle of Bedford bestowed some armes and weapons on the Citty. See also f. 162 for the ammunition ye Erle of Bedford bestowed on the Citty, April 18 (sic), 1558.
  • f. 150 (25 January, 1556). Order for the almshouse of Newton Bushell.
  • f. 153b (12 July, 1556). That there shal be buylded in the back courte behinde the Guyldhall a house for the salf kipinge and emprysonyng of such as shall at any tyme be commended to the warde by the Mayor for the tyme beinge or otherwise by any other who hath lawffull authorite therein. [See Introduction.]
  • f. 160 (3 February, 1557). That whereas the Citie walle near to Northgate and the seid Gayte of Northgate are myche in Ruyng and Decay it is ffully agreed by the hole assent of the xxiij. That the Recevers with alle spede convenyent shall as well appoynt convenyent workmen for the repair of the seid walls and also to make and byld on the seid gate such defensible byldyng as shalbe thoght resonable.
  • f. 163b (6 Oct., 1557). John Hurst having left 200 marks to the poor of Exeter the Chamber orders that 2s. weekly shall be given to the poor for the next 40 years.
  • f. 173b (14 November, 1558). Contains a memorandum that Queen Mary died on Nov. 17th, 1558, about 5 of the clock in the morning on Thursday, and the same daie about 9 of the clock at the forenone the Ladie Elysabeth was proclaimed Quene of England. [For the whole extract, see Oliver, p. 105.]
  • f. 174b (12 Dec., 1558). That the markett for the pultry, eggs, piggs, butter, chese, capons, ducks, hennys and other victuall of olde tyme accustomyd to be sold at the Greyt Conduit and uppwarde accordyng as it hath byn usyd and that all other standyngs as Glovyers, Smythes, Tanners and others shall stond above the Yldhall upwards from Alhallows churche uppwarde alonge the Streyt boyth sides the side of the Streyt.

  • f. 175 (28 Dec., 1558). Whereas Rychard Gyfforde and John Howell of this Cittie of Exon cytezens have undecently and after an umcomely (sic) manner behaved thymselfes in their parish church of St. John's bowe on St. Stephyns day last being the 26th of this moneth as namely that they both quareled, broyled and chydd in the same church as also the said Rychard Gyfforde contrary to all good order and lawe gave a blow to the foresaide John Howell it is ordered that Gyfforde shall pay 10s. and Howell 3s. 4d.
  • f. 182b (26 March, 1560). Forasmuch as Peter Lake one one of the members of the xxiiij. hath by unsemely and undecent words mysused Richard Prestwode Shereffe of this Citie and one of the members of the xxiiij. callying him by the names of a dissembler and knave and a beast he is ordered to pay 40s. He is also to be imprisoned for 40 days and 40 nights for calling the Mayor a knave and other undecent words.
  • ff. 192, 193 contain the confession of William Berryman made before the Mayor on the 12th February, 1538 (29 Henry VIII) concerning a disturbance in the streets.
  • f. 194. Memoranda concerning the lease of the mille let to Tokett on 11 January, 1551, who pays 5s. for one week. Also that Master Prestewode [M.P. for Exeter, Oct. 27, 1549] and Grefyn [i.e. Griffin Ameredith, M.P. for Exeter, 1549] rode to London on the 26th and 22nd of January, 1551 (sic) respectively. see L. 27, page 22, footnote.
  • ff 194 b, 195, 196. The names of the keepers of the keys of the Common Coffer.
  • f. 195b. The ryatt (rate) of Barelberers, i.e. for seleryng wyne, oyle or every such lyke—1d. per hogshed, 2d. per but or pype; for every hoggyshed of wyne fett frome one seller to another 3d., with similar rates for barrels of ale and other wares of little weight, also 1d. for hewing a dosyn of wode or for bearing of eny fardell boren bytwene two.

The volume has a fair Index Retum made by Richard Izacke, Chamberlain of the City.

Book 3. Act Book of the Chamber from 8 June, 1560, to 26 October, 1581. A paper volume in small folio containing 471 ff. besides the Index, bound in tooled leather; the clasps are lost. The order of the leaves has been disturbed by the binder. In the binding is a mutilated slip (containing portions of Psalm lvi) cut from a grail noted, possibly from the Cathedral, see Hist. MSS. Report, Var, Coll. iv, 35.

The earliest entry in point of date is on f. 42 (8 June, 1560), from which the entries continue in chronological order to f. 469 (24 Nov., 1581). They then go back to f. 9 (24 Nov. 1580), and are continued to f. 37 (26 Dec., 1580). A great part of this volume is in the handwriting of John Vowell alias Hoker.

  • ff. 1, 2. Contain some memoranda respecting the racks in Frerenhay, also without Westgate under the walls and the Millars Show.
  • f. 3 (22 Nov., 1570). Payments towards the edifying of Calabar Weare.
  • f. 5. Account of money received of the goods of the late Arnold Renolle of Exon given in white money, corante, angells, crownes, 3 doble ducats and 4 crusados (=3l. 15s. 0d.), 3 pistoletas (=42s.), halfe soveraignes, 29 olde Rialles (=21l. 15s. 0d.) and 3 Spanishe Rialles (=13l. 6s. 8d.).
  • f. 7 (30 Dec., 1579). A view of all the racks in Frerenhay including one racke conteyning ij. doss and one rack of one dosson.
  • f. 8 (25 Sept., 1781). A note of vestments &c. belonging to the Chamber, including 2 cusshings of scarlett or silk, a table carpett, one silk cloth of whit and grene to cover the seate, a ryche comunyon clothe, a surplus and a comunyon Booke with a keye for the Desk, a certon organe, pipes and things therein.
  • f. 32. Rates for the Barelberers including 2d. for evere barell of ale.
  • f. 39. A copy of a commission of 5 May, 1585, for the enforcing of the Statute of 33 Henry VIII for the maintenance of Artillery and debarring of unlawful games (see Charter LXI). The Commission is addressed to our dere cosen and Chanceller Fraunces Earle of Bedford, William Earle of Bathe, John Bishop of Exeter, the Lord Edward Seymour, Sir Roger Manwoode, knight, Lord Treasurer, Baron of our Exchequer, William Peryam, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, Sir William Courtneye, knight, Sir John St. Leger, knight, Sir Robert Dennys, knight, and others.
  • f. 68 (Nov., —). The Chamber do agree that Richard Swete for dyverse consyderacons which moveth them shalbe released of the punyshment of the Corte which he by order of this sholde susteyn for begeatyng of Amy Bates, servant to Richard Prestwode, with childe, and for his punyshement he shalbe kept in straight pryson in the pytt of the Guildhall from this day forwarde untyll the ende of 40 dayes and ther to be fede every Wenesday and fryday with breade and water onely, except that Mr. Maior do yn the meane tyme perceive soo much repentence and amendement in hym as whereby he shall thinke good to abbrevyat any of the said punyshment.

  • f. 129 (30 Nov., 1563). Forasmuch as the infection and desease of the pestylens dothe at this present tyme as well contynewe and remayne yn the Citie of London as also is entirely yn to other parts of the realme to the greate perell and daunger of the Quenes Majesty subietts and by bycause by the comon repaire and access of dyverse sortes of people to the comon and usuall faires in these so contagios and perylloss tymes the same sycknes may thereby rather be augmented and increased than dymyneshed and so by that means both the whole people and places now free and salfe from the said desease may be put in daunger to incur the perell thereof. Wherefor the Maior of this Citie of Excester, the Justices and Alderman of the same, with the assent, advise and consent of the Comon Counsel of this Citie of Exon do for the foresaide and other good consideracions thinke it good and expedyent to dysapoynt the faire usually kept in this Citie comonly called the S. Nycholas faire for this present tyme and therfor the said Maior, Justices and Aldermen do by this there present proclamation publysh and notyfy that the foresaide faire so usually kept within this Citie of Exon at S. Nycholas day for this tyme onely shalbe dyfferred and no faire at all for this tyme shalbe kepte.
  • f. 469 (4 June, 1581). Note of the Collection (33l. 7s. 2d.) for the first payment of a tenth and fifteenth.

Book 4. Act Book of the Chamber from 7 Dec., 1581, to 6 July, 1588. A paper volume in small folio containing 291 folios besides the Index, bound in tooled leather. The volume consists of two books bound together. The first book (ff. 1—194) is a Memorandum Book. The second Book contains the Proceedings, Acts and Orders of the Council as in No. 3. The order of the leaves has been disturbed by the binder. The first entry is on ff. 290–291, upside down, the continuation being from ff. 195 to 289.

  • f. 207b shows rates for the Merchants Hall. The goods scheduled include broadcloths, kerseys, tavistocks, dunsters, bridgwaters, totness, plain mosters, pole- davys, hollands, all reckoned by the dozen or the pece, wood cardes (1d. the doz.), bags of wool, maundes of curps (rushes), packs of iron or hardy ware, cases of glass, hatts (by the dozen), pytch, tarre and rasinn (by the barrel), cloves, maces, currans, dates, nuttmegs (by the hundred), Annis seed, lycoress (the bale), pepper, grains, gyngre, prunes (the hundred), paper (the reame), hoppes (by the bale), mather (the bale), fardels of dowlas and lockrams, dickers of hides, dozens of calves and spruse-skynnes, whyte leather (the hundred), with fixed charges for stowing of every fardel and pyling of every tunne.

  • f. 235b. A copy of an order dated Greenwich, 13 June, 1585, from the Lords of the Council to the Bishop and the Mayor desiring them to keep Mr. John Arundel of Gwarnacke, Esquire, who attempted to escape out of the kingdom "with a good masse of money founde aboute hyme." The document has the imitated signatures of F. Bedford and Fra. Walsingham, and states that the Lords of the Council "have wylled us to give you ryght harty thanke for your paynes and care taken theryn and for as much as there Lordships are at this present occupied with other affaires ther pleasure is that you should cause him to be kept in due and safe custody untill you shall heare farther from them without suffrynge any others in the meane tyme to have accesse or conference with hym and likewise to cause the money to be sequestered into the custody of such honest and suffycyent persons as you shall thynke meete where it may be always upon any warnynge forth comynge."
  • f. 236b (14 July, 1585). Copy of a similar order for Mr. Arundel's release directed to the Sheryfe of Exeter. "After my harty comendacions my L.L. of the Councell havyng perused the examynacon of Mr. Arundell of Gwarnock (sic) do fynde no cause of any further detencon, other of hym-selfe or of his money and therefore have delyvered unto hym his Bonde here as likewyse ther pleasure is that you should restore to hym or such as he shall appoynt to receyve yt the money that was stayed at Excester. And so I Byd you hartely from the Court at Grenewyche the xiiijth of July, 1585.
  • Your lovyng frynde, Fra. Walsingham." Accompanied by a receipt for 3,800l. to William Martyn, Sheryfe of the Cyrie of Exeter, July 28th. By me, Jo. Arundell of Gwarnacke.
  • f. 244b (29 March, 1586). Copy of the City's receipt for the 200l. left by John Haydon, late Sheriff and Alderman of London, to be lent to young men of Exeter.
  • f. 281b (19 April, 1588). It was ordered that in consideracon of a Pynnas to be sett fourth by the Citie called the Gyfte of God for her Majesty's servyce the some of Two hundred marks shalbe paid unto the owners of the said Pynnas. And where the said owners do demaunde vili. xiiis. iiiid. over and above the said Two hundred marks They do also agree to paie the same or so much thereof unto the said owners as the same shalbe thought mete and reasonable.

And also they agree where a conclusion was made with the owners of a Shipp named the Rose of Exeter for the setting fourth of the same for her Majesty's service under Sir Fraunces Drake for cclli. and now the said owners demaund a more some over and above the said cclli. It is also agreed that the said ccll. shalbe paid unto the said owners and the said demaunde of a more some shalbe examyned in particulers and shalbe reasonablie agreed for with the said owners. And it is concluded that the said Shippe and barke shall departe from the Porte of Exon pleasing God this next mornings Tyde to Plymouth for the said servyce.

  • f. 281b (2 May, 1588). Att which daye it was agreed by Mr. Maior and the whole house assembled that Mr. John Sampford shalbe sent to London with letters to the Lordes of the Counsell for a suyte that the countrey may be contributorie to the one moytie for the charges for the settinge forth of the Shippinge. Also with the like letters to the Lord Treasurer. Also that Mr. Walker shall delyver unto Mr. Sampford in money ffyve poundes.
  • Also he hath letters unto Mr. Smyth and Mr. Howell for defrayinge of Tenne poundes unto Mr. Sampford yf nede do require and to assiste hym in his suyte and buisenes.
  • Also that Mr. Walker shall paye to the said Mr. Sampford iiili. xvis. for two peeces of redd bestowed in waste clothes for the Rose.

  • 4 May, is further agreed that Mr. Nicholas Spycer and William Brailie shall receyve more towards the victualinge and charge of the Rose of Exceter the some of Thirtie poundes of Mr. Walker.
  • And also that Mr. Thomas Spycer and Abraham Combe owners of the Gyfte of Exeter, shall receyue more towardes the victualinge and charge of the said Barke called the Gifte of Mr. Thomas Walker the some of Sixtene poundes.
  • Memorandum that yt was agreed that the maryners of the Bartholomewe of Exmouth should enter into waige the xxixth daye of Apryll laste and the maryners of the Rose and Gifte the XXXth of the said Aprill. And also that Mr. Walker shall paye Mr. William Martyn for a hundred and ffyve poundes waights of powder the some of ffyve poundes nine shillings and ffower pence.
  • 3 June, 1588. ... Who do agree about making a door between the College of Vicars and lands of the City ... And they agree that the xls. allowed to the Maior for the Commissioners dynner about the contribucon for the Shippes shalbe paid and allowed by Mr. Walker out of moneys remayninge in his handes collected for the settinge fourth of the said Shippes.

  • 10 June, 1588. Agreed that Mr. Maior and the Three deputie Lieuetenants of this countie and citie or any_three of them, whereof Mr. Maior to be one, shall make and settdowne a Rate upon all and euerie thinhabitannts of the same countie and citie what some and somes of money everie of them shalbe charged with, and paye towards the settinge fourth of the Two Shipps and Pynnace to the Seas for her Majesty's Servyce. And that they shall do the same with such spede conveniently as they maye and take likewise for the collectinge and payement thereof.
  • 17 June, 1588. It is agreed that there shalbe paid to John [? Dier] towardes the payment of the waiges of the men of the Bartholomewe xxiiili. Also to Mr. Nicholas Spycer and William Brayley for the waiges of the men in the Rose xvijli. xs., and to Mr. Thomas Spycer for the waiges of the men of the Pynnes vijli. And further it is ordered that Mr. Thomas Spycer and Mr. Swete shall have the care and charge to provide for the new victualinge of the Two Shippes and pynnes and with them they have appointed Richard Dorchester to wyne (sic). Also that a letter shalbe sent to the lord Admyrall to the entention for new victualinge of the Shipps according to his letter, and also to request that by his meanes a Warrant may be procured from the lordes of the Counsell for the same. Also it is agreed that the foresaid severall somes amountinge in the whole to xlvijli. shalbe laide out by Mr. Walker.
  • 1 July, 1588. It is ordered that the money of late laid out by Richard Dorchester at two severall tymes for victualinge of the Shipps at Plymouth shalbe paid unto hym. And also that the money due to Medland the cutler for certaine swordes shallbe likewise paid unto hym.
  • And it is further agreed that Mr. Receyver, Mr. Swete and Mr. Walker shalbe Auditors to take the accompt of Mr. Sampford (see L. 81, page 29) and others concernynge the settinge fourth of the shippinge and victualing of the same.

The first portion of the Book (ff. 1–194) is a kind of common-place book of occurrences in the City. It is chronologically compiled and extends from 12 December, 1559, to 28 February, 1576. It contains entries of all kinds, the greater part of them in Hoker's handwriting. They are partially indexed in Izack's Index Rerum at the end of the volume. There are memoranda of persons whipped, imprisoned and banished the City for incontinency and divers offences, notes of forfeitures of goods for divers reasons; memoranda of prisoners' examinations and depositions of witnesses &c.; copy of a letter to the Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon respecting a confession of felony, and a note of a controversy about the repair of a wall.

  • f. 17b (3 Feb., 1556). The Confession of Nicholas Roughe, brewer, "of the gaynes he hath cleere at every brewing"—
l. s. d.
i.e. at every brewing 6 quarters of olter malt amounting to 48 bushels at 13d. the bushel .. .. .. .. .. 1 16 0
Also 8 bushels of barley malt at 2s. the bushel .. .. .. .. .. 0 16 0
Also 6 bushels of roast malt at 4s. the bushel .. .. .. .. .. 1 4 0
3 16 0
Of this he brews 20 bushels of the best at 6s. 8d. per bushel .. .. .. .. 6 13 4
Also he brews 11 bushels of the middell at 3s. 4d. per bushel.. .. .. .. 1 16 8
Total .. .. .. .. 8 10 0
Whereof he must be alowed for the malt as is aforesaid .. .. .. .. .. 3 16 0
Also for his wood .. .. .. .. 0 14 0
4 10 0

And he declares the remainder at 3l. over and above his small ale and graynes. [It will be seen that the above figures do not work out correctly, but the important item is the declaration in the last sentence.]

  • f. 31b (25 September, 1560). Note of a proclamation made to the comons beynge called together by the bellman agayne the defacinge of tholde auncient monumentes in churches of the nobilitie, as also agayn the pullinge downe and sellinge of belles or any ledde of any churche &c.
  • f. 32 (28 September, 1560). An other proclamacyon was made at the Guyldhall as concerning the decreeinge of the base and current monye, that is to saye the 1d. to current for ¾d., the 2d. for 1 ½d., the teston for 4 ½d., except all counterfeyts and false testons which are known by havyng graven in bothe sydes at the hedd in the superscription, one of these iiij signes a lyon, a floure delys, a harpe or a rose, for all such testons are current but at 2 ¼d., at which proclamacion was present therle of bedeforde then present, who perswaded the people to a quietnes.
  • ff. 42, 45 (27 October, 1560). Articles of Agreement with William Strode for the conductinge of the River of Exe. [See page 27. ]

  • f. 53 b. Articles to be inquired by every Alderman in his ward and circuit. Whereas there be any inhabitant within his warde that lyveth suspiciously, any skolding, brawling woman or drunkard in his warde, any stranger or suspecte person, and to know how longe he had been there, from whence he came and whither he will, any vagabonds, upright men, guyler byrdes, myghty beggars, bawdes, whores or any myslyving people; how many journeymen every artificer keepeth, and whether he or they be in convenant with ther master for one whole quarter in one whole yere according to the Statute or elles do work by task or tale work; how many apprentyces every artyficer hath and whether they be bounde for vij yeres according to the custom, whether every journeyman and apprentys do ly every night in his master's house, whether they do refrayne from onlawful games and do use shetinge at tymes fitt and convenyent; whether they be seemely apparelled according to the Statute without any sylk great hests, ruffed sherts, and whether they do on the holy dayes go to there churches. [?Whether such] as be hoxsters be of good name and fame or do kepe any bawdery or evil rule, or do use night-watching or unlawful games in their houses, do sell by lawfull measures mark'd and sealed, have ale or a beer of suudry price as 1 for a 1 d. the quart or a nother for a ob. the quart, or do sell contrary to thorder of the Justices, do use any typlinge, comon eatyng and drynkyng or lodging within there houses, shote and make fast there dores at 10 of the cloke at night in the somer and at 9 in the wynter. Whether any huxstere be not admitted by the Justices and bounde by recognyssance, do regrate, forstall or engrosse any victuals, as namely any poultry or whyte meat, as butter, eggs, chese or the lyke, and by that means the prices are enhaunsed. Whether any buyer or seller do use any false weights or measures; whether the streets and lanes be clensed, voyded of ordure, donge, robb or any other fylthe which is or may be annoyaunce to the common welthe of this Citie; whether there be any ruynoss or decayed houses which stand dangeross for those that shall passe that way or which require to be pulled downe, and whether they kepe any jakehouse of offyl or dongehill in fylthe or any lyke thing to the annoyaunce of there neighbors or any other.
  • f. 103. A remembrance of certayn Articles relating to the Charter of Orphans for Mr. Thomas Williams and Mr. Geffrey Tothill, burgesses for the Citie, at this Parliament in January, 1562.

  • f. 139 (21 September, 1563). The whole order and processe of the convenants &c. had between the City and John Trew for and concernyng the River of Exe, and conductyng the same with the rates (f. 141) for passing the work.
  • f. 143 (12 November, 1565). The forfeiture of certain leather by action of the serchers of lether apoynted for the same within the Citie of Exeter according to the Statute of November, 1 Elizabeth.

  • ff. 148 and 161 b. (29 December, 1569). Order with the Brewers which doo serve the Citty of Exeter and suburbes with Ale and Beer. Brewers are to sell their beste doble ale at 6s. the barrel or 3s. the half barrel, and tapsters at 1 d. the ale quart or ½ d. the gill; also second or good comon ale to be sold by Brewers at 3 s. the barrel, with a note that it was to be better than it was wonte to be; the tapsters are to sell it at ½ d. the ale quart or ¼ d. the gill. The Brewers are to sell their "Smallest Dronke" at 1 d. the gallon.

Book 5.—Act Book of the Chamber from 9 November, (29 Elizabeth), 1587,(not 1588,as on cover and on f. 278) to 15 September, (43 Elizabeth), 1601. A paper Book in small folio, containing 277 leaves, besides the Index. Bound in plain vellum.

On three fly-leaves at the beginning of the volume there occur:—

A Copy of the prayer to be used at the meeting of the Council.

A Copy of a letter dated Exon, the Xijth of Marche (s.a., probably 1588) from the Chamber to the Mayors of Plymouth and Dartmouth undertaking to bear the 4th part of the charge of setting forth four ships for Her Majesty's service in Devonshire, as required in a letter from the Privy Council dated February 5th last past.

A Memorandum, dated 24 April (30 Elizabeth), 1588 of sums of money as of Lonte (or Lente) by divers persons in Exeter towards furnishing and setting out of two ships and a pynnas by virtue of letters from the Lordes of the Counsell for the defence of her Majestie and the realme. The total amounts to 361 l. + 18l. in a supplementary note (31 July, 1588). There are also further untotalled lists dated 13th and 15th June,1588, totalled in a modern hand as 19 l. 7 s. 6d, with a final note that "all the somes before specified are paid to Mr. Walker." Against several of the names is a side-note "paid back" or "back again paid." There is another list of loans to wards setting out these ships on a flyleaf at the end of the volume. [See page 63.]

  • f. 61 (8 April, 1589). That the Erles of Huntingdon and Essex and Sir Ffrancys Knolles ar apoynted to come shortely to this Citie, and it is ordered that the dyet of the said Erles shalbe at Mr. Mayor's house and their Lodginge to be at Mr. Recorder's house at the chardges of the Citie, and further also that there shalbe certyn persons apoynted to ryde agaynst theym and to receve theym ynto the Citie, namely, Mr. Recever, Mr. Hooker and Mr. Nicholas Spicer.
  • f. 67 (15 August, 1589). That Mr. Recever shalbe allowed of viij li. disbursed of gunnepowder spente at the cominge of the erle of Essex, also Twenty Poundes paid for the releave of the Souldiers retorned from the fleete unto Portingall, also 43s. paid by him for fees of certaine Bucks geeven by the Erle of Essex, also that any of the xxiiij shalbe paid of ther money they disbursed to the settynge furthe of the shippynge for her Majestie's service agaynste the Spannerds shalbe repaid of 6s. 8d. of every pounde which they paid, and that fyfftye Poundes comyng to the Cittie for powder and other charges of the Cittie in the said Shippinge shalbe paid unto Mr. William Martyn for and towards the debt which the Cittie doth owe him.
  • f. 90 (26 January, 1591). Ordered that the parishes of St. Laurens shall ringe ther greate bell for a Curffeu Bell in the morninge and eveninge, and that they towarde the same shall have and receve yerly 10s., viz., of the said parisheners 2s. of the parisheners of St. Stephens' 2s. 6d., do. of Alhallows in Goldsmyth Streate 2s. 6d., do. of St. John's Bowe 2s., do. St. Pancras 12d. The parishe of St. Petroke shall ringe one other Bell as aforesaid, and for the same shall receve as follows, viz. : Of the parisheners of St. Petroke 6s. 8d., do. of St. Paule 3s. 4d., do. of St. Martyn 2s. 8d., do. of St. George 3s. 4d., being in the whole 16s. Also an other bell shall be rung at St. Mary Steppes at a cost of 20s., to be paid by parisheners of St. Mary Steps, St. Mary Arches, St. Olaves, St. Edmunds and All Hallows [on the Walls]. Also an other bell at Trinity, 10s. for the parishes of Trinity and St. Mary the More, and that the Ringers of the said parishes shall have paymente accordingly.
  • f. 108 (1 May, 1592). That Mr. Maier, Mr. Richard Martyn, Mr. John Periam, Mr. Sherife and Mr. Hooker shall ryde on Thursday next to Sir Robert Denys, knyghte, now Recorder of this Citie, and shall in ther best manner inintreat hym to resigne unto the Cittie his office of Recordershipp, to thende they may chuse suche a one in his place as may be able to execute the same place (sic). And that they shall in respect these promise him suche consideracion during his liefe as they shall thinke good, and that they shall carry with them as a gifte unto Sir Robert two suger lofes.

  • f. 109 (20 May, 1592). Whereas Sir Robert Denys, knighte, late recorder of this cittie, hath willingly and freely yelded and delivered over unto the Cittie his office of Recordership and surrendered the same and made his release therof under his seale. The Chamber have elected and chosen Edward Drewe, Esquire, sergeaunte at Lawe, to be Recorder of the saide Cittie and Countie during his Liefe [with a pension of 20 marks. Oliver, Cal., p. 280].
  • f. 110 (29 June, 1592). Whereas Mr. Sergente Drewe, being of late chosen and sworn Recorder of Exeter, and sithens that as yt ys informed the said Mr. Sergent Drewe ys chosen and sworn Recorder of London, by meanes wherof Mr. Drewe cannot conveniently remaine Recorder of this Cittie, they chuse John Hill, esquire, to be Recorder of this Cittie.
  • f. 114 (2 November, 1592). Whereas the foreparte of the Guihall ys ruinous and in decaye and ys to be reedified at the charge of the Cittie, 9 members of the Chamber, including the Mayor, are appointed to consider in what order and fashon the same shalbe edified and also what the charge therof will amounte unto.
  • f. 122b. (27 March, 1593). That from hensfurthe there shall not be licenced by the Maier for the tyme above the nomber of two persons of the Company of Butchers to sell or kill vitaille in the tyme of Lente, and he (sic) to sell the same only to suche as have licens to eate fleshe lawfully. [see D. 1665, page 90.]
  • f. 123 (19 March, 1583). The rates for the Haven and Key of Exeter. Goods landed at the Key of Exon either brought in the Cityes Boates from Topsham or from any place within the port below Topsham, such as salt, whiteware and canvas, lead, Devonshire Tynne, Cornyssh Tynne, small Boats with oysters, ffyshe, shilling stones, helliage and coal, cardes of cloth, also the rate of the carmen, e.g., for every tonne caryed from the Kay to Combestreete and other places adjoynante, for every fower punchens of wool cardes, 10d. For caryage downe of every rake of wares conteyninge a horseloade unto Topsham 4d. ; do. below Topsham 6d. : boats to pay 12d. the tunne of wares for ther passage in the worke.
  • f. 126b. (31 May, 1593). That Mr. Herte, the Towneclerk, shall have the seller under the foreparte of the Guyldhall, which ys now buyldinge to hym and to his assignes for tearme of 87 yeares for the yerely rent of 20s., with a proviso that no tenant or occupier of the said seller shall keepe any fagotwoode or any dangerose thinge whereby the same may be fyred.

  • f. 127b (21 June, 1593). That Mrs. Hill, deceased, did bequeth unto the poore of the Cittie the sum of ffiftie poundes to be paid by Mr. George Cary, her executor longe sithens, and the same hitherto hathe not bene performed, that therefore the Maier, Mr. Recorder and Mr. Prowz shall conferr with Mr. Cary for the more spedy recovery of the same, and that they shall make and use the beste meanes they may for the recovery thereof. On a flyleaf at the end of the volume is a note of the will of Alice Hill, widow, of London, 12 July, 21 Elizabeth: in which she leaves 50l. to the poor of St. Albans and Exeter.
  • f. 128 (12 July, 21 Elizabeth, i.e. 1579). Extract from the will of Alice Hill: "Item I will there shalbe geeven and distributed to the poore people and moste nedy householders within the Towne of St. Albans in the Countie of Herts and the Cittie of Exon, where I was borne, to either the said Towne of St. Albans in the Countie of Herts and the Cittie of Exon, where I was borne, to either the said Towne of St. Albanes and the said Cittie of Exon, the sum of ffiftie Poundes to be imploied and bestowed to the releefe of the poore people of the said towne and cittie by the discrecion of my Executor and of certeine of the beste Cittizens and Townesmen of every the said Cittie and Towne. Repeated on f. 276b, where she is called vid. Civitatis London, dated 12 July, 21 Elizabeth, and the Executors are Sir William Cecill, knight, Master of the Rolls, and George Cary of Beckington, in the Country of Devon, esquire. see also f 169b, 4 October, 37 Elizabeth [1595].
  • f. 154 (29 March, 1595). That Mr. Recever [Babbington] shall provide a Hoggyshed of good Sack or Canary wines and bestowe the same upon the newe Byshopp [Gervase Babington] as a gifte from the Cittie.
  • f. 216 (12 December, 1598). That Mr. Attwill's picture, which coste 20s., shall be paid for by Mr. Mayre and he to be allowed therof oute of the dett he owes the Cittie upon his accompte. [see Oliver, p. 219.]
  • f. 217b (19 December, 1598). Whereas they agre and thinke yt very acceptable to God Almightie and the comon welthe of this Cittie and to the prayse of God and the reforminge and abolishinge of divers disorders in the same, a lerned person shalbe procured with the consente of the Byshop to preche every Sabbathe daye in the afternone and to do other Godly exercises in St. Peter's Churche and other parishe Churches, and that oute of the rewenwes of the said Cittie shalbe yerly paid to the said precher by the Recever of this Cittie yerly twenty Pounds.

  • f. 257b (27 September, 1600). That Mr. Serjant Hill, our Recorder, shall have given unto hime yerly everye yere duringe his life Eight Salmons of the river of Exe, which is the like number that is allowed to the Maior of the Cittie for the tyme beinge.
  • f. 274 b (25 June, 1601). That all the accompts of the Cittie shalbe from henssefurthe made and sett fourthe in Englische.
  • f. 275b (15 September, 1601). The Chamber have elected in the steade of John Hooker, Chamberlyn, decessed, William Tickell to be Chamberlyn of the said Cittie. [see Introduction.]

Book 6.—Act Book of the Chamber from 15 October, 43 Elizabeth (601) to 21 September, 9 James I (1611).

A Paper Volume in small folio containing 231 folio, besides the Index and flyleaves. Bound inplain vellum.

  • f. 40 (1 February 1603). Whereas the Bridge called wester Peere of the same bridge, that the same peere shalbe this sommer in the beginning thereof repered and amended, so as the same may be made firme and stronge and continewe agaynst the ffludd and driftes of the greate waters.
  • f. 62b (10 April, 1603). Whereas Mr. Howell hathe advertized this house of a mynte to be obtened in this Cittie by suite unto the King's Majestie that in respecte they finde not howe the same may be beneficiell unto the Chamber and are ignorant what the charge of the upteininge therof will amounte unto, That the said sute shall not be sett furthe at the charge of the Chamber.
  • f. 86 (20 June, (1605). That Laurens Seldon's picture and his wiefs shalbe made to be sett upp in the Counsell Chamber at the costs of the Citte. [see Oliver, p. 218.]
  • f. 106b (12 May, 1606). Whereas one Mr. Stephens was late in the tyme of Mr. Richard Prouze his Maioraltye [i.e. 1578 or 1589] utt from the place of Curat or Minister of Mawdlyn, that the saidt Stephens shalbe restored to his former place and thereto contynew as a minister or Curat so long as he shall demeane himself in good sort andshew himself conformable to the laws and ordinances of the Churche.
  • f. 127 (28 January, 1608). Whereas the Key of Topsham by meanes of a tempest of late ys ruynated and the same muste necessarily be repered againe, se as it may be sufficient, That therefore the same Key shalbe repaired as a Committee thall thynke necessary by the discrecion of Mr. Recever and two others and the charge thereof to be defraid by Mr. Recever.

  • f. 131 (16 April, 1608). Where Mr. John Prouz hath beene attendaunte at the parliament house a greate longe tyme aboute the Citties busines to his greate labor and hinderans, That in regarde therof and for his good service therein Mr. Recever shall paye unto the said Mr. Prouze the sum of xxli. more beside that which is already paid, which ys xxli. more than the allowans of iiijs. p. day in respecte he hathe served xiij monethes at this parliament.
  • f. 185 (18 September, 1609). That ffor as muche as a great inconveniens doth dayly falle oute to the comon welth of this Cittie and comon state of the same by meanes of the greate concourse and repere to this Cittie of many Plaiers, Tumlers and people of the leeke nature and disposition, who many tymes do disorder themselfes and oftentymes doo oute of Season and in the nyght tymes make their Showes and plaies to the people to the hinderans of good Rule and order and to the meantenans of all disorder and losenes to the greate displeasure of God Almighte, That in consideration thereof and for the avoidinge of the said inconvenience any Company of suche persons before mentioned shalbe permitted or allowed at any tyme hereafter by any person having the place of the Maier of this Cittie to make any shewes or plaies within this Citty or County betwene the feastes of Thanunciation of Our Lady and of St. Michaell, and but to end att the Hower of Sixe in the afternone nether betwene the feasts of St. Michaell and of Thannunciacion of Our Lady, but to ende att the Hower of ffyve in the afternone of the same daye for any cause whatsoever.
  • f. 196 (23 January, 1610). That in the behalfe of this Cittie the Burgesses of the parliament for this Cittie shall presente to the Speker of the parliament in token of their good will a hogshead of Malaga wynes or a hogshead of claret wyne which they thynke beste in ther discrecon together with one baked Salmon pye and Mr. Recever to paye the charge therof.
  • f. 202b (22 May, 1610). That 2 sugar lofes shalbe geeven unto Mr. Canon Bodly [see p. 92] and two unto Mr. Cannon Leach in token of ther good will for ther paines in the Lecture at St. Peter's at the morninge preinge by Mr. Ignatius Jurden, the charge to be defraid oute of the reste of the collection made for Mr. Ffitz Geffry, and they agree that a letter shalbe writen to my lord Tresurer and one other unto my Lorde of Essex for ther favor towarde the bill preferred in the parliament house for the Cittie.

  • f. 227 (8 August, 1611). That Mr. Recever shall geeve and bestowe upon Mr. Bodly and Mr. Leche, Canons of this Churche, by this house in respecte of ther labor in prechings to ether of them ij suger lofes. [There is a similar entry in Act Book VII,f. 16, under date 28 July, 1612.]
  • f. 230 (9 September, 1611). Where the laste Comittees have auctoritee to compounde with the ffermors of Topsham for ther estate in the Crane, Key and Wharfe of Topsham yf they myghte, and the said Comittees doo nowe answere this house that they offred the said ffermors for the said estate and to geeve them for the same cccli., which Composition is now liked by this house and therfor they doo agree that the saide Comitties shall finishe with the said ffermors the same offer. [See D. 1707,p. 73.]

Book 7.—Act Book of the Chamber from 3 October, 1611, to 1 April, 1634. A paper volume in small folio, containing 436 folios besides the Index. Bound in plain vellum.

  • f. 17b. That Mr. Recorder and every person of the nomber of the xxiiijti. of the Comon Councell of this Cittie and have borne thoffice of the Maieraltie of this Cittie, shall have yerly two salmons of the ffermor of the fishing, the same ffermor to be allowed for every such salmon 3s. 4d., and the ffermor to deliver no suche salmon either at the tymes of the assices or sessions to be holden in the said Cittie. [Repealed.]
  • f. 20 (22 September, 1612). That every suche as shalbe chosen to be of the nomber of the xxiiijti. of this Cittie shall pay and geeve to this house 15s. to be bestowed in a peece of plate and the some of xxli. to be lente for one whole yere. And Mr. Acland did deliver to Mr. Recorder the said 15s.
  • f. 34b (4 February, 1613). That Mr. Recorder and three others shall repere from this house unto my Lord Bishopp and to informe his Lordshipp that this house will Willingly enterteine a precher for the lenctures of this Cittie for ffyve yeres for the morninge service and the afternoone lecture. Yf one man do performe bothe the same lectures they will geeve him Threescore and Tenne Poundes, and yf one man shall performe the aftnone lecture and one other man to performe the forenone lecture then they will geeve and paye for the forenone lecture 20l., and for the aftnone lecture ffiftie pounds yerly by equal partes.
  • f. 59b (14 April, 1614). Where Mr. Maier did invite to his house at the laste assices in this Cittie holden the Justices of the Assices at Dynner the Thursday in their retorne from Launceston Assices for the credite of this Cittie to his great charge, that in respecte therof the Recerver shall paye and deliver unto Mr. Maier towards the discharge of the said Dynner the some of ffyve Pounds.

  • f. 74b (15 November, 1614). Havyng vyewed the reckonings and accompts of Mr. William Hurst's lands geeven towards the maintenaunce of the poore in his almeshouses without the East Gate of the said Citty do finde that the Citty ys not to be burdened with any payment towards the maintenaunce of the said poore people, and because some poore people within the same almeshouses do nede more relife than they do now receive, therfor it is now ordered that the parish of St. Davyds, towards the maintenaunce of the said poore which do want reliefe, shall pay weekly Xiijd., and yf any thinge do then want the residue of the said maintenaunce shalbe supplyde by other several parishes of the said Cytty and County.
  • f. 75b (26 November, 1614). At which day there was delivered into this house a certein acquitans for the receyte of 133l. 6s. 8d. for the free gefte of this Cittie unto the King's Majestie as followeth : viz., copy of a recept dated Nov. 17, 1614, by the hands of Richard Martyn and Nicholas Ducke, Esquires. [See L. 163, page 85.]
  • ff. 80b, 81 (2 March, 1615). The Mayor and Council order that no person shall sell in the oapen streate or any oapen shoppe or at his stall uppon any Saboth day any fflische, salt ffishe, fruits, roots or herbes whatso-ever under penalty of 12d. for the first offence, rising to 2s. and forfeiture of the stuff for the benefit of the poor. That no barber shall pole, barbe or trim any person upon the Saboth day betwist the hower of one of the clock in the morning and one of the clock in the night of the same day under penalty of 3s. 4d. for each person so poled, barbed and trymmed. Also(f. 82b) any merchant, mercer, grocer, draper, retayler or haberdassher not to open any shop windows or sell any wares or merchandize except it be for murning or for shrouds on pain of forfeit of the goods. Also (f. 82) any vintner admitting any inhabitant to eat or drink in his house for money or selling any wine between 8 and II in the forenoon or between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. Also (f. 82b any glover, shoomaker, or cutler shall not work in his shop to sell swords, dagers, gloves and shoes between 1 a.m. and 1 a.m. following.
  • f. 170b (17 September, 1619). Receyved from Sir John Acland,knyght, by the handes of Henry Shepcott, one wrytynge conteynynge a grant of an anuytye of iiijli. Xs. ysuenge out of certayne landes in Byckeley in the countye of Devon graunted to 12 of the Comon Counsel of the Cytie of Exon and ther heires for ever, which wrytynge is also put into Sir John Acland's chest amongst his other wrytynges. [See Introduction.]

  • f. 411b (16 October, 1632). Whereas one John Quick is now in his Majestie's prison within this Cittie for suspicon of Treason, it is this day agreede that there shalbe a commission forthwithe sued out for the triall of the said Quick, the said commission to be directed to the Maire, Recorder, Aldermen and unto Ellize Hill, esquire, and William Bastard, esquire.
  • f. 435b (1 April, 1634). A note of the parishioners names of the parish of Marley, and what rate they pay for their tythes for this yere begyninge the Xj of January, 1633. 26 names, with total payment=31l. 2s. 2d.

Book 8.-Act Book of the Chamber from 10 April, 1634, to 6 October, 1647. It has also (f. 213) two entries of 7–13 July, 1663. A paper volume in small folio, containning 214 folios besides the Index.

  • f. 53 (7 February, 1636). This day Mr. Receiver and three others bee appoynted and intreated to vewe the place near the Key where Mr. John Collet on is desirous to make a paire of staires into — for which licence is granted on 21 February, 1636 (f. 53b.
  • f. 89 (2 July, 1639). Agreed that Mr. Receiver shall repayre and amende the little bridge in the highway lying over Duryurd Mille near Cowely Bridge, and that the Justices of the Countie of Devon be acquainted att the next sessions of the necessitie of the repairing of that parte of Cowley Bridge that the Countie is to repaire.

The latter portion of this volume (Act Book VIII) covers the period of the Civil War, and many extracts of the highest interest have been made from it and from Books ix and X in Cotton, Gleanings, pp. 73–184. These include :

  • f. 137b (31 July, 1642). The Chamber send petitions both to the King and the Parliament supplicating for a happie accommodacion.
  • f. 138 (4 August, 1642). The expected arrival of the Earl of Bath.
  • f. 140 (8 September, 1642). The Chamber agree to engage an ingeneer for the better defence of the City at a yearly salary of 30l. and expenses.
  • f. 144b (10 January, 1643). They agree to pay 100l. to the Earl of Stamford, now lord generall appointed by the parliament.
  • f. 147 (18 June, 1643). Also to borrow 2,000l. after the defeat at Stratton.
  • f. 156b (14 March, 1644). Decide to displace disloyal members of the Chamber after receipt of a letter from the King.

  • f. 157b (2 May, 1644). Decide to present 200l. to the Queen "nowe in this Cittie."
  • f. 158 (30 July, 1644). To sell the City plate, which it "is conceived wilbe hereafter of little use."
  • f. 158b (31 July, 1644). To present 500l. to the King, who "is this day to make his accesse to this Cittie and 100l. more to the Prince his Highness, who comes with him. (Printed also in Oliver, Hist., p. 116.)
  • f. 159 (30 July, 1644).—Gifts to the King to pay for 3,000 pairs of shoes provided for his army in Bristol.
  • f. 165 (20 May, 1645). Vote 10l. to pay for the dinner to the Lord Caple, the Lord Culpeper, Master of the Rolls, Sir Edward Hyde, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and divers other persons of honor then in this Cittie.
  • f. 166 (14 June, 1645). Pigs to be removed without the walls because the sickness or the plague is nowe raigning in manie parts and such infections diseases are much occasioned by nastic and beastlie smelles.
  • f. 167b (30 August, 1645). That 100l. shalbe presented to Prince Charles his highnes, who came to this Cittie the last night. The money to be taken from the Orphans money.
  • f. 169b (18 October, 1645). That 100l. be presented to Sir John Berkeley, Kt., the present Governor of this Cittie.
  • f. 175 (31 March, 1646). As to a letter from the Governor "concerning the summons this day sent for the rendering of this Cittie," and naming representatives "in case a treatie shalbe concluded uppon."
  • f. 175b (12 May, 1646). Revokes the last Election of Sir Peter Ball as Recorder and puts Edmund Prideaux in his place.
  • f. 176 (16 June, 1646). Presentation of an order of the Parliament, dated June 8, 1646, reinstating Richard Saunders and other displaced Aldermen and members of the common Council and Chamber.
  • f. 177b (16 June, 1646). Dismissal of Mr. John Colleton, Receiver General of this Cittie.
  • ff. 178–180. Other dismissals, including Sir Hugh Crooker, the Mayor (Sept.1, 1646), an order having been previously made (i.e. June 23, 1646, f. 178), and Mr. Thomas ffuller from the Bodley lectureship (June 17, 1646).
  • f. 179b (20 August, 1646). Regarding the lodging for the judges at the Assizes shortlie to be helde in this Cittie.
  • f. 191 (14 January, 1647). Invitation to Mr. Hurste, minister of God's Word at Plymouth, "That this Cittie may have the benefit of his ministrie uppon fitting consideracoun."
  • f. 193b (18 February, 1647). To use the Colledge hall of the Vicarrs Corall of the Cathedrall Church, bein adjoyning to the yarne markett as a common wooll hall.

  • f. 196 (25 March, 1647). The valuation of the boats.
  • f. 196b (6 April, 1647). Appointing April 13th next as a day of thanksgiving for the last rendering of this Cittie.
  • f. 197b (13 April, 1647). Grants 10l. to Mr. John Bond, minister of God's Worde for his greate paynes this day.
  • f. 198 (15 April, 1647). Orders removal of the poor out of Bedford House.
  • f. 211b (6 October, 1647). To petition Parliament to allow a rate not exceeding 2s. in the £ on several houses towards the maintenance of the ministers here.

Book 9.—Act Book of the Chamber from 6 October, 1647, to 25 February, 1652. A paper volume containing 104 folios besides the Index. It contains the Acts of the Council, and at ff. 92–104 the proceedings of the Committee for the sale of Estates (5 March, 1654, to 23 October, 1660). It requires rebinding. Many interesting extracts from this volume will be found in Cotton, Gleanings, pp. 122–147.,

  • f. 26 (23 November, 1648). Order that the inscription in the wall of the new churchyard purporting the consecration thereof to be defaced.
  • f. 27 (30 November, 1648). 10s paid to Josias the Keeper of the Great Clock at the Great Church, for cleansing the gutters by the walks in the Great Churchyard.
  • f. 69 921 January, 1651). That whereas in the years 1642 and 1643, when this City was held for the Parliament against the King's army, and all other ways of raising money to pay and fee the soldiers and make good the fortifiction and defence of the city failed, this Chamber was necessitated as the last and only remedy to propose the giving of the common seal for the repayment of such monies as should be lent thereon, and for such provisions as should be furnished for maintenance of the garrison, and where also this chamber oweth several sums of money unto orphans and to several accounts of Trustees for the poor for which this Corporation stands engaged to pay, and for some of which first mentioned debts there are judgments obtained and extents already executed upon the Lands of this Corporation, the Chamber order that one half of all the money *** And whereas the monies so taken up and employed in the public service in the said siege of the City may hereafter by the favour and justice of the Parliament upon a right representation thereof made be acknowledged a public debt and repaid, which is really intended effectually to be endeavoured with all convenient speed, that what shall be so recovered shall be to and for the only use and benefit of this Corporation until the said debts so discharged be repaid.

  • f. 74 (18 March, 1651). This day a committee was appointed by the Chamber to prepare certain heads of the late grievances this Corporation and City have suffered in relation to the late troubles whereby a petition may be drawn up and presented to the States for some redress therein, and Mr. Town Clarke isdesired to yield his best assistance thereunto, and any three of the aforesaid committee to take the assistance likewise of such persons of this Corporation as they shall think fit for the better effecting of this Business.
  • f. 85 (16 December, 1651). That a Committee of the Chamber meet every Monday in the Council Chamber at two of the clock in the afternoon to sett and fill up estates in the City's lands not exceeding four lives or [blank ] years for the raising of monies for payment of the Chamber's debts to the poor and otherwise, and it was further ordered that if any member of the Committee shall take or renew any estate that he shall not have any vote therein nor be present at the debate thereof in any other manner than those that are not of the Chamber.
  • f. 85b (23 December, 1651). Mr. James Pearse, Sheriff, was intreated to disburse the sum of 100l. towards the present satisfying of the soldiers pay upon the Chamber's engagement to pay him the same sum again at the end of 14 days next; also that 66l. 13s. 4d. be delivered to Mr. Maior out of the monies lying in the chest lately made out of the Citties lands to be by him disposed of and given to the poor of this citye that are in greatest want in these miserable times.

Book 10.—Act Book of the Chamber from 9 March, 1652, to 30 June, 1663. A paper volume in small folio, containing 180 folios, besides the Index. It is bound in plain vellum. Extracts from it will be found in Cotton, Gleanings, pp. 146–184.

  • f. 1 (9 March, 1652). That there shalbe 500 timber trees felled and cutt down in Duryurd wood, and that the monies raised and made of the same shalbe employed for the settling the accounts belonging to the poore, and that whereas 9l. was found to be in arrears in Mr. Atwell's account due out of a tenement in St. Thomas' parish, which in the late troubles was demolished and burnt a deduction of 40s. is allowed to the tenants in consideration of the injury sustained.

  • f. 8 (22 June, 1652). That the moiety of such sums of money or satisfaction in any other way as the Parliament shall be pleased to assign to the Chamber shall be for the benefit of the poor of this place bona fide without any sinister end or intention.
  • f. 28b (4 August, 1653). The same day these severall certificates were sealed with the Common Seal. Then follow the names of 19 persons for various amounts advanced aboute the reducinge of Ireland.
  • f. 29 (13 August, 1653). Further long lists about monies adventured for Irish lands or monies advanced about the reducing of Ireland. Also on Aug. 16, 23, 31; Sept. 6, 12; October 13,18; Nov. 1, 1653; March 14, 1654.
  • f. 39 (3 December, 1653). Ordered that the following writing purporting the claime of monies &c. shalbe sealed with the Common Seale, viz., Wee the Maior, Bayliffes and Comynaltie of the Cittie of Exeter doe hereby clayme as a debt owing and due to us from the Common Wealth the some of 14,020l. 2s. 1½d., being lent by us uppon the publicke faith which was recieved and issued out by the order and appointment of the Deputye Liewtenants of the said Cittie att the several dayes and times mentioned in the account hereunto annexed and by them who were also impowered there-unto by severall orders and ordinances of parliament. [No account accompanies this.]
  • f. 49b (27 June, 1654). The same day a certificate of monies received by Mr. Walter White for Irish sub-scriptions was sealed with the Common Seal as followeth:—Guildhall, London, April 25, 1646. This may certifie whom it may concerne that the Treasurer appointed for the Irish subscriptions received of Walter White of the Cittie of Exon, Esquire, by the hands of several persons before the 29th of April, 1643 (sic), for several subscriptions subscribed by several persons in the Cittie of Exon, the somme of 15,728l. 10s. 0d. as by the particular receipts in the hands of the said Walter, White more plainely appeareth. Signed, John Warner, Thomas Andrewes.
  • f. 50 (4 July, 1654). Mr. Henry Prigge is intreated by this house to write to a freind of his in London to gettdowne an able and fitt person for a chimney sweeper to continue here; and it is agreed that a pension of 3l. p. annum shalbe paid unto him quarterly for his honest and carefull service within this Citty.
  • f. 55 (28 November, 1654). The Mayor and 4 others are chosen and appointed a committee by this house to consider of some fitt person to undertake the keeping in worke and educating of 10 poore maides in the foreroome belonging to the newe Workhouse in St. Peter's Churchyarde, which is conceived to be usefull for that purpose, and the roome to be with all convenient speed fitted and prepared for that use.

  • f. 56 (19 December, 1654). Johan Hernaman appointed Schoolemastris of the newe schoole and workhouse to be fitted and ordained in parte of the late Tresurer's house in Peter's Churchyard [see page 81], to the keeping to worke and educating of poore girles therein, and it is agreed that tenn poore maides shall for the present be received in and the house to be fitted and prepared for that purpose. She is to be paid 20l. p. a. for herself and a servant under her, the monies to bee disburst out of Mr. Attwill's money.
  • f. 59 (5 March, 1655). To cause the two pitts of water withour Southgate neere the drawbridge to bee forth-with filled upp with earth to prevent the future danger to people cumming in that way.
  • f. 62. To pay the somme of 170l. out of Mr. Atwill's money to pay for such as hath been laid out about the newe hospitall building.
  • f. 70 (15 January, 1656). Agreed to purchase from Mr. Embury the cloisters and such wast groundes and other appurtenances as is incident thereunto adjoining to Peter's Church for the most reasonable value it may bee had, 1,600l. being borrowed for the purpose at 5 % interest, with the names of the subscribers (f. 71b).
  • f. 71 (11 March, 1656). The Mayor and 4 others are appointed to treate and conclude with Mr. Valentyne Greatrakes about the letting or selling of the Chamber's lands in Ireland. On the same day (f. 72b) the conveyance and purchase deeds of inheritance for the sale of the Chamber's lands in Ireland to Sir Ames Ameredeth, baronett, Colonell Hierom Sankey of Clonmell in Ireland and Valentyne Greatrakes of Cornworthy, co. Devon, Esquire, were sealed with the Common Seal of the Corporation. The lands are described as lying in the Barony of Middlethirds in the county of Tipperary in the province of Munster. They consist of 4,185 acres 29 poles of meadowe, arable land and profitable pasture, English measure, which being deducted into Irish measure is 2,583 acres 2 roods and 32 poles with all the woods &c., for the consideration of 1,500l. [A footnote by Dr. Oliver in his Calendar states that the Irish property was purchased by the Chamber on March 24, 1655, for 15,728l., 10s. and sold on March 19, 1656, for 3,360l., referring to p. 336, but I have not traced this entry.]

  • f. 72 (25 March, 1656). Whereas there lately fell to the ground an olde Almeshouse appointed for the harboring of Two poore people which stoode neere the Key gate, which happened by the fall of some parte of the Towne Walle and the Chamber thinking that place not soe fitt for an Almeshouse did lease away that plott of ground to Walter Stronge, hellier, and in Leive thereof have erected in Trinity parish just within the Mawdlyn Gate an Almeshouse for Lodging of fower people, which is double the number the old house was to harbour. And wee do order the pay which the Warden of the poore was accustomed to pay weeklie and yerelie unto the two poor people which lived in the house whilst it stood by the Key gate shall be for ever weekly accordingly paid unto two of the most poorest of the fower that shall from time to time happen to bee placed by the Chamber and shall live in those 4 newe erected houses aforesaid nowe standing within the said Mawdlyn gate, the which what it is the Rental and Booke which is yerely made and delivered by the Towne Clarke unto the said Warden of the poore will shewe and direct.
  • f. 78 (14 October, 1656). This day Mr. Maior brought into the Chamber the counterparte of the deeds for sale of Irish lands made by this Corporation to Sir Ames Ameredith, Colonell Sankey and others sealed and delivered by the said Colonell Sankey, the others having formerly sealed and delivered it, togeather with fower severall bonds for payment of the monies for the same with the interest thereof, which were putt into the boxes. Also a Receipt of Mr. Embrey's for 2,230l. for the purchase of the Cloysters ; the priviledges of Peter's Churchyard and Archdeacon Cotton's house was likewise brought into the Chamber by Mr. Maior and putt into the boxe. [See Introduction.]
  • f. 79b (28 November, 1656). The same day Mr. Gandy and Mr. Slade are desired by this house to be assisting to Mr. Receiver in the disposing and sale of the organs lying in the cloysters and to see the brasse halfe crownes seized on in Mr. Snowe's year of Mayoralty [i.e. Simon Snow, Mayor, 1653] to be melted.
  • f. 80 (2 December, 1656). Uppon reading of a letter lately received from Mr. Towne Clarke, nowe in London, touching the uniting of severall parish churches within this City to the late Cathedral church of Peters to be called Peters the East, and for an addition thereunto to be made, viz., that his highnes the Lord Protector may have the presentation thereof, It is this day fully agreed and resolved on by this house that the agreement first drawne upp and approved of by the Chamber and Mr. Stukeley shall stand without any alteracon or other addicon whatsoever. And soe to bee againe recommended to Mr. Towne Clarke for the passing thereof in Parliament if it may bee.

  • f. 89b (11 August, 1657). Ordered and (sic) the respective Churwardens of the respective Churches of Trinitie, Mary Stepps, Alhallows on the Walls, Johns Bow, Kirrians, Pancras, Georges, Pauls, Alhallows in Goldsmith Streete, Laurence, Stephens and Martin and every of them be commaunded that within fower dayes after notice of this order to them to bee given they bring in to the Right Worshipfull the Maior of this Cittie a true particular in writinge of all the Bells, goods, utensills and implements whatsoever to the said respective churches belonging and appertayning. And alsoe to give upp unto the said Maior the possessions of the said respective churches by the delivery of the generall keyes of all the dores of the same to end order may bee farther had and taken in the premisses according to and in performance of an Act of this present Parliament, intituled an Act for the promoting and more frequent preaching of the Gospell and maintenance of ministers in the Cittie of Exeter and uniting of parishes and parish churches within the said Cittie of Exeter, whereof the said respective Churchwardens may not faill att their perills, which order Mr. Towne Clarke is appointed to signe with his owne name in the name and by the order of the Common Councell, which was done accordingly And the parties therein concerned to be served therewith ; followed by the order for partitioning the Cathedral with a brick wall on the east part of the cross aisle. [Printed in Oliver, Hist., 119 ; Cotton, Gleanings, 172.]
  • f. 94b (30 October, 1657). Whereas the markett commonly called the Searge Markett, held and kept weekely within this Citty hath heretofore byn severall tymes to severall places within the said Cittie for the better accomodacion thereof removed And whereas the place where the same is kept in Southgatestrete [see L. 409, p. 50] is found both in regard to the people there useing and frequenting the said Markett as alsoe in the stopping upp of the passage of the said streete in respect the same Markett place is overt and open to the Raine and Stormes, and for sundrye other reasons to be inconvenient, for remedye whereof and for that a convenient place is lately prepared by great labor and expenses for the better accomodacion of the said Markett to be held and kept in the newe buildings yard and plott of ground neere adjoyning to the late cathedral church there heretofore known by the name of the Cloysters, where all fitt accomodacion, as well for sale of the said serges and perpetuanaes, as also for the safe preserving and keeping of such of the said Merchandizes as shall not at the said Markett for the present be disposed of. It is ordered that the said serge markett shall be removed from Southgate Street into the said yarde and newe buildings from the 6th day of November next, and that the Markett for the sale of ffish nowe kept in the High Streete bee removed thence into the said Southgate Streete. [See Cotton, Gleanings, p. 175.]

  • f. 138 (28 Augest, 1660). It was this day ordered that a bond should bee given to Mr. Simon Snowe by the Chamber under their Common Seale for 609l. 1 s. 3 d., payable on demand for soe much hee disburst for a present in plate to his Majestie by order of this Chamber. And Mr. Snowe is desired by this house to treate with the dean of the Cathedrall Church concerning the late order made about St. Peter's Church &c.
  • f. 138 b (28 Augest, 1660). 25 l. of Sir Thomas White's money is agreed to be lent to John Rowse of this Cittie, woollen draper, for tenn years uppon the security of Mr. Nicholas Brendy and Mr. William Penny.
  • f. 142 (17 November, 1660.) The same day it was further ordered that where the serge markett shalbe removed from the late Cloyster of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, where for some tyme past it hath byn usually kept, that the same bee removed into St. John's Hospitall within the East gate of this Citty, in which place Mr. Receiver Pym is desired to provide boards to make upstandings for the said market in convenyent tyme. This order was repealed on Dec. 11, 1660 (f. 142 b), on which day it was agreed that the market be kept in South street from Friday next the fourteenth, on the petition of the inhabitants of South Street, who desired the retourne of the said searge markett into that streete. It is further ordered that those stalls and standings which now are in the said Cloysters bee removed thence and ymployed to and for the use of the said markett to bee erected in the middle of the said Southgatestrete from the conduitt there upwards, and the benefitt and advantage thereof solely to accrue unto the maydes hospital for their better mainteynce and livelihood.
  • f. 144 (19 February, 1661). Ordered that the benefitt of 25l. of Sir Thomas White's money formerly intended and lent out for Walter Kerslake, bee divided betweene him and Thomas Nash, who is to stand pricipall in the bond and to have 4 l. thereof for his parte.
  • f. 144 b (19 February, 1661). That the summe of 50 l. of lawful money bee conferred on Mr. Samuel Izacke, Town Clarke of this Cittie, in liewe of his severall yeres pencon behinde and unpaid.

  • f. 144 b (26 February, 1661). Mr. Snowe and four others are appointed and desired to treate with the Dean and Cannons about the affairs of the Hospitall, Chambre and Cittie. Also (f. 146b) on May 7, 1661, to treate and conclude with them for those lands that the Cittie hath purchased. Also that 20s. be paid to Class for keeping the seats in St. Peter's Church.
  • f. 149b (20 August, 1661). Whereas the Commissioners for raysinge mony out of Mr. Ellis Hele's Lands by appointment of Sir John Maynard, Baronett, and Mr. Ellis Sterte have raised the summe of 500l. for the stockinge and maintayning of a workehouse for and in the Cittie of Exon to bee ordered by the Major and Aldermen of the said Cittie, and are ready to paye in the same as security shalbee given them for their indempnity and for the discharge of the said truste it is ordered that the said 500l. bee paid in to the Receiver.
  • f. 152b (22 October, 1661). Mr. Alderman Snowe or Mr. Deeble are desired by this Chamber to bringe in the lowest price and value of an house in Alhalows in Goldsmythstreet, who intend to purchase ye same for a Bridewell or house of Correction, being the very use the said house was designed unto formerly, 539l. 10s. being paid for it on Dec. 17, 1661 (f. 154b). It is called a Bridewell or working-house for the keeping of the poore att worke in f. 153 (6 November, 1661), where it is proposed to purchase one out of money of the gifte of Mr. Laurence Atwill, and if it shalbe found not warrantable by Mr. Atwill's will that the monie shalbe made good againe by the lands of this Cittie.

Book 11.—Act Book of the Chamber from 7 July, 1663, to 4 March, 1684. A paper volume in small folio containing 244 folios. It contains the Acts of the Council only and has no Index.

  • f. 3 (1 September, 1663). Whereas heretofore an agreement was made betweene Doctor Peterson, late deane of the Cathedrall Church, and the Chapter of the said Church, with divers members of this house touching the yelding upp of such right as this Cittie had unto or of their possessions and the payment of certaine monies &c. from the said deane and Chapter, which hath byn performed on the Cittie's parte, but not on the deane and Chapters parte. Mr. Alderman Gandie and 2 others are desired by this house to repaire on Saturday next to the Chapter House to treate with the said Chapter touching the premises. On Sept. 8th, 1663 (f. 3b) they report that they had a friendlie treatie with them about the particulars given therein, but those of the Chapter then present being not a complete number, and expecting the Bishop here verie shortlie, desired respite given untill his return. Whereuppon it is further this day ordered that if answeare satisfactorie be not given by the said Chapter within two weeks that the Committee wait again upon the Chapter to knowe their positive answeare therein.

  • f. 13 (25 April, 1664). This day it is fullie agreede and resolved that a peticon shalbe forthwith presented to his Matie representing the manie wrongs offered to this Cittie by the Deane and Chapter of Exeter in not performing the Agreement made betweene them.
  • f. 44 (28 May, 1666). The liberties and priveledges of this Cittie beinge att present questioned, and Mr. Recorder having written from Lodon to send upp some of the said Charters, It is this day agreede that severall Charters shalbe sent upp accordingly and that the Chamberlaine of this Cittie shalbe intrusted with the carrying of them to London in the speediest way he may with safetie. Then follows: The particular of the Charters and writings sent by the order above mentioned: 1. The Charter of 29 Henry VIII, 3 Edward VI, 3 Elizabeth, the Acte of Parliament of 5 Elizabeth (see Oliver, p. 268), the Charter of 3 Charles I, 28 Edward I, 2 olde Charters of King John, the Charter of 16 Henry VI, A Certificate of 39 Edward III. The Coppie of an Inquisition of Edward I. The Cittie's Armes under the Kinge of Armes his hande and seale. All of them putt into a little trunk lockt and delivered to Richard Izacke, Chamberlain, at the day abovemenconed.—On April 30, 1667 (f. 60), three Charters were likewise sent to London by Mr. Tounclarke, sci. 29 Henry VIII, Edward VI (sic) and 3 Caroli. A side note records: "Brought back again into the Chamber."
  • f. 46b (31 July, 1666). One acquittance for the receipt of 280l. of Mr. Symon Snowe for soe much received by hym of Mr. William Sanforde from Mr. Valentyne Gratrix, being parte of the debt due by the said Mr. Gratrix for the purchase of the Irish lands from this Cittie.
  • f. 46b (same date). One other acquittance for the receipt of 20l. of the said Mr. Snowe for a peece of plate heretofore bought by this Cittie to be used in St. Peter Church and since solde to the Deane and Chapter of that Church to be still used there as at their request.
  • f. 47 (7 August, 1666). This day the Townclarke presented to this house a note of particular summes given to charitable uses by Mr. Perryam and others, which being in severall hands is desired to be entered for the better continuance of the accompte thereof hereafter, vis.: John Perryam, 1,000l. ; Thomas Walker, 200l. ; Mrs. Elizabeth Dowrish, 50l. ; Sir Richard Lawdye, 100l. ; Mr. James Tucker, 100l. ; Mr. Thomas fford, 250 l. ; Mr. Richard Evans, 500 l. ; Mr. Ralph Herman, 400 l. ; Total—2,600 l., which is thus disposed of. Here follow particulars.

  • f. 83 (5 January, 1669). I doe acknowledge to have received these Charters followinge out of ye Councell Chamber, vizt., 3 Edward VI, 29 Henry VIII, 3 Elizabeth, and 3 Caroli, and also ye exemplification of an Actt of Parliament made 5 Elizabeth to be conveighed to London for the present use and to bee returned again by me, Ri. lzacke. All which were accordingly retourned and putt in one of ye boxes in ye Councell Chamber. [See Introduction.]
  • f. 88 (25 May, 1669). Mr. Major is desired to proclayme horse markett weekly on ffridayes to bee kept in ffryernhay.
  • f. 101 b (8 November, 1670). Mr. William Sanford is desired to receive from Mr. Snowe's executors ye severall Bonds entered into by Sir Ames Amerideth and Mr. Valentine Gratrix unto this Chamber, and uppon the said Mr. Sanford's reporte thereof to this howse to transmitt ye said bonds to Mr. Samuel Crockford of Mynehead, and in the name of this Chamber to desire ye said Crockford to use his best endeavour for ye speedy recovery of ye said debte.
  • f. 105 b. Whereas there is a greate somme of monie still due from severall persons uppon the sale of the Irishe lands of this Cittie and the bonds entered into for the payment thereof being mislaid whereby it is not certenlie known who were bound for the payment thereof or that remayneth thereof yet unsatisfyed, the members of this Societie are all desired to informe themselves thereon the best that they may and likewise to examyne who hath any of the said bonds or any other writings touching the same soe soone as possiblie they may, and to give this house an accounte thereof that course may be speedilie taken for the recovery thereof.
  • f. 120 (27 Augest, 1672). A Letter of Attornye to be written to Mr. Chamberlain to demand an account and to receive the monie due from Mr. Gratrix in Ireland and a release to the said Mr. Gratrix uppon payment &c.
  • f. 132 b. (3 May,1673). Alderman Sanford havinge received letters of late from the Citte's agents in Ireland for the recoverie of monies due from Mr. Gratrix and others there for lands sold unto them expressinge some mistake in the accounts of that affair, and that one Mr. Osborne is now owner of the said lands, who makes some proposalls herein for the determyning of all differences touching the same, Mr. Sanford is desired to write speedilie to the said with directouns to conclude the [sic ] in such manner as he thinke fitting, and there being an offer made of the payment of 200l., it is conceived by this house fitter to accepte of the same then to contest in Law for the recovery of more uppon uncertentie.

  • f. 134 (12 August, 1673). Whereas there are monies due from Mr. Gratrix and others for the lands of the Cittie in Ireland and noe certaine sommes can be agreede on by reason of differences in the accounts of severall persons touching the same for the avoyding of further troubles and expence touching the same, Mr. Alderman Sanford is desired by this house to use his best indeavour therein againe and to give order to accepte of one hundred pounds if more cannott be gotten.
  • f. 138 b (16 December, 1673). A letter latelie sent from the Citties agent for the recording of monies due to the Cittie for their lands in Ireland, and ther being an offer of [blank ] to be paid for the same uppon a release to all the parties interested therein, It is this day agreede that a release be prepared for the same accordingly to avoide further trouble.
  • f. 139 (6 January, 1674). This day a release under the Common Seale was sealed to Sir Ames Amerideth, Colonell Jeremy Sankie and Valentyne Gratrix, Esq., of all debts and monies due for the Citties lands in Ireland upon the engagement to pay 105l. to the Citties agent there uppon the receipt of their release.
  • f. 141b (5 May, 1674). A letter, beinge this day reade from the Citties agent in Ireland that the persons there who are to paye monies for the lands there heretofore purchased from this Cittie will not paye but 150l. att present upon the delivery of the Citties release, and the residue at some short tyme thereafter, It is this day agreede that it shalbe soe accepted to avoide furtherdisputes therein. Ald. Sanford is desired by this house to give order to the said agent in Ireland to effect it accordingly, taking some causion for later payment that an end may be of that long and trowblesome business.
  • f. 157b (31 August, 1675). Whereas there are 55l. paid of late unto Ald. Sanford for the Citties lands solde in Ireland, for which hee is accomptable to this house, orders are given for the disposal of the money.
  • f. 161 (14 December, 1675). Ordered that all liquid goods brought upp to the Key by water for lighterage and cranage, shall pay 2s. 6d., and all other goods 2s. by the Tunne, also for lighterage of all goods downwards except pack goods 2s. 6d. p. tunn; do. for every packe of serges of 20 pieces 4d., and soe for other goods according to ye bignes; for a quarter of coale 12d.;for salt accounting 40 bushells to ye tunn 20d. per Tunne; for every hoggeshead of tobacco 8d. All coasters to pay as formerly.

  • f. 196b (5 September, 1679). This day it is ordered that ye Common Brewhouse in Exiland [see p. 104] and ye pesthouse in the parish of St. Sydwells be foorthwith by ye comon cryer of this City proclaymed to bee sett and ye day for ye disposall of ye same is appointed to bee Tuesday come sen'ight, 16th inst., here at ye Counsell Chamber, where ye best Chapman is to bee preferred. Mr. Receiver is likewise ordered to repaire that part of Cowley bridge which fitly belongs to this Chamber to doe.

Book 12.—Act Book of the Chamber from 22 April, 1684, to 4 September, 1684. A folio volume bound in leather, containing 7 leaves of Acts at one end and at the other the following entries:—

  • f. 1. The Charter of Incorporation of the Joyners of Exeter, 20 March, 1685. [See Deed 1637.]
  • f. 3. Acts and Ordinances for the governance of the same Company, 25 March, 1685.
  • f. 7. The Charter of Incorporation of the Freemasons, Masons, Bricklayers, Glasiers and Painters of Exeter, 20 March, 1685. [See Deed 1637.]
  • f. 9. Acts and Ordinances for the governance for the same Company, I James II (1685).
  • f. 13. The Charter of Incorporation of the Butchers of Exeter, 20 March, 1685. [See Letter 520,page 53.]
  • f. 18. The Incorporation of the Whitetawers, glovers, skinners (incorporated 1462—Izacke, 62), grey tawers, poynters and parchment-makers, 1 December, 1685. [See p. 54.]
  • f. 24. The Incorporation of the Hellyars and plaisterers of Exeter, 14 December, 1686. [See Letter 76,page 53.]
  • f. 28. The Incorporation of the Bakers of Exeter, 1 March, 1687. [For previous incorporations, 1482, 1554, see Izacke, 63.]
  • f. 30. Acts and Ordinances of the Company of white tallow chandlers and white soape boylers of Exeter. [See Deed 1786.]

Book 13.—Act Book of the Chamber from 10 November, 1684, to 20 September, 1731. A folio volume bound in leather containing 333 written folios. Two leaves (ff. 51, 52) are left blank, see L. 443.

  • f. 31b (26 April, 1687) has regulations for the duties of Pilotts over the Barr of the Port of Exon, of whom there are 12. All masters of ships or Barks drawing above five foot water were to be obliged to take on a pilot according to a fixed scale of charges varying with the draught, and the rules were to be hung up in a frame at Topsham.

  • f. 99b (21 July, 1696). Mr. Receiver is to pay George White ye painter 30s. for drawing of a map of the Castle ditches.
  • f. 111 (July 16, 1698). That the Statute Bookes whom (sic to this tyme for the publick use of the City and a seale for sealing of all processe of the Court be provided by the receiver att the Citty's charge.,
  • f. 123b (9 May, 1699). A commission of three are desired to view and measure out the plott of ground near Mawdlyn Gallows in order that the same may be graunted to Mr. Jennings for 3 Lives under the rent of 1s. and repairing of the Causeway before it.
  • f. 162 (23 June, 1702). That the manor of Exe Island shall be exposed to Sale at a Publick Survey by parcells, and that the Committee appointed for the sale of the manor of Duryurd doe discourse Mr. Ffownes and other Trustees of Mr. Kellend, deceased, to whom the manor of Exe Island is mortgaged about it, and that the survey be held.
  • f. 183b (11 August, 1704). That upon Mr. Oliver's producing the purchase deeds from Trosse and others relating to the Barton of Exeweeke, parte of which belongs to this house, and on a mappe being made thereof for the use of this house, ordered to adjust which parte of ye said Barton belongs to this house.
  • f. 216 (14 September, 1708). Be it remembered that it is mutually agreed by and between the right reverend ffather in God, Ofspring [Blackall] Lord Bishop of Exeter and Venerable the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedrall Churche of St. Peter in Exeter and the right worshipfull the Mayor, Bayliffs and Comynalty of the city of Exeter, for the preventing all doubts and questions which might hereafter arise touching the wearing the Cap of maintainance and bearing the Sword before the said Mayor and his successors into(sic) Choir of the said Cathedrall Church that the said Mayor &c. coming to the said Choir in time of divine service do cause the sword to be drope and Cap of Maintainance taken off at the entrance or door of the said Choir. But at other times that the said sword be carried erect and the Cap of Maintainance taken off at the entrance or door of the said Choir. But at other times that the said sword be carried erect and the Cap of Maintainance worn before the said Mayor &c. into and coming out of the said choir,as hath been used for some time past, and that there bee convenient places appointed and made for placing the said sword and Cap of Maintainance before the said Mayor &c., or as near on his and their right hands as may or can bee contrived, and it is likewise agreed that nothing herein contained shall affect or influence any liberty or authority which the said Parties may lawfully claim or in the Fee of St. Stephens within the said City. The agreement to be entered in the several Registries of the Lord Bishop and the Dean and Chapter and in the Book of Acts and Ordinances of the said Mayor, Bailiffs and Comonalty, this 16th day of July, 1708. Signed, Ofsp., Exon.

  • f. 271 (14 June, 1720). A contract made with Mr. Emanuel Hole and Mr. William Stabbock for the granting of liberty to bring stone for the making of Lyme onely in Boates or Vessells through the works at all times when and as often as any ships or vessells shall pass through the works. [See D. 1824, p. 32.]
  • f. 271b (15 September, 1720). Ordered that the Key, Custome house, Cellars and other buildings thereon, together with the Canal Sluices and everything there-unto belonging with all the Tolls and Duties arising therefrom, except the Town dues be sold, a Committee being appointed to consider the Terms of sale and other things in order thereunto.

Book 14.—Act Book of the Chamber from 4 October, 1731, to 17 November, 1766. A folio volume containing 293 folios.

Book 15. A volume containing an Abridgement to the Chamber Act Book from 28 June, 1752, for the more ready finding any Act of Chamber from that time. It contains only 8 pages of entries, which end with July 31, 1753.

Book 16, entitled "Copy of the Chamber Minute Books, from 11 December, 1766, to 22 November, 1808." A folio volume bound in leather without pagination or Index.

Book 17. "Copy of the Chamber Minute Book from 7 February, 1809, to 12 February, 1823." A folio volume bound in leather without pagination or Index. Similar to No. 16.


  • 1. * i.e Maud, foundress of the Trinity Priory in London. See page 4.
  • 2. * Called Thomas in Acts, Privy Council XIV, 323, Feb. 10, 1586.
  • 3. † John Haydon, mercer, was elected Alderman of Aldgate ward, Sept. 27, 1582, and died Nov. 24, following, Beaven, Aldermen of the City of London, p. 11; but his name does not occur among the sheriffs of London and Middle-sex in List of Sheriffs, P.R.O., p. 205.
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