The city of Exeter: Ministers' accounts and other miscellaneous papers

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Report On the Records of the City of Exeter. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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Ministers' Accounts.

The Accounts of the Wardens of Exbridge.

These are the yearly Accounts of the Wardens of Exbridge of all their receipts and payments.

17 Edward III (1343–44) to 10 Anne (1711–12).

[Missing— 20–21 Edward III, 21–22 Richard II, 12–16 Henry VI, 2–3 Edward IV, 15–16 Edward IV, 20–21 Edward IV, 2–3 Henry VII, 20–21 Henry VII 7–8 Henry VIII, 35–36 Henry VIII, 4–5 Elizabeth, 20–24 Charles I, Commonwealth, 1649–52, 1653–58, 4–5 Anne.]

Three undated Accounts, temp. Anne. One roll.

  • 1. Comp. Expens. pontis [French], 24 Edward III (1350–51).
  • 2. Comp. Receptoris denariorum ad opus pontis, 26, 27 Edward III (1352–54).
  • 3. Comp. Collector. Taxationis factae ad opus pontis, 44 Edward III (1370–71).

N.B.— There are rentals and surveys of Exebridge lands amongst the Miscellaneous Papers in Press C.2. See page 1416.

The Accounts of the Manor of Exe Island.

These are the yearly Accounts of the Bailiffs of the Manor rendered to the Receiver of the City year by year of the profits and outgoings of the Manor.

N.B. —For the Court Rolls of Exe Island look under Division "Court Rolls."

5 Edward VI to 2–3 Philip and Mary. [Paper Transcript.]

4 Elizabeth to 10 George I.

[Missing—20–22 James I, 19–24 Charles I, 1649–50, 1657–58, Commonwealth, 21–22 Charles II, 6–7 George I.]

N.B. —Papers relating to Exiland—see also Miscellaneous Papers on Press C. 2. See page 1416.

The Accounts of the Manor of Duriurd.

These are the yearly Accounts of the Bailiffs of the profits and outgoings of the Manor rendered to the Receiver of the City.

N.B.—For the Court Rolls of Duriurd, look under Division "Court Rolls."

42 Edward III (1368) to 10 George I (1723–4).

[Missing—6–7 Richard II, 8–9 Henry V, 13–17 Henry VI, 22–23 Henry VI, 30–32 Henry VI, 4–5 Edward IV, 7–8 Edward IV, 9–10 Edward IV,15–16 Edward IV, 20–21 Edward IV, 18–19 Henry VII, 20–23 Henry VII, 1–6 Henry VIII, 7–9 Henry VIII, 10–13 Henry VIII, 23–24 Henry VIII,26–27 Henry VIII, 35–36 Henry VIII, 4–5 to 5–6 Philip and Mary, 4–5 Elizabeth, 21–22 Elizabeth,34–35 Elizabeth, 3–4 James I, 4–5 Charles I, 20 Charles I to II Charles II.]

The Accounts of the Manor of Awliscombe.

These are the yearly Accounts of the Bailiffs of the profits and outgoings of the Manor rendered to the Receiver of the City.

N. B.—For Awliscombe Court Rolls, look under Division "Court Rolls."

14 Elizabeth to 9 George I.

[Missing—6–7 James I, 21 Charles I to II Charles II, 6–7 William and Mary.]

The Magdalen Hospital.

The Warden's Accounts.

These are the yearly Accounts of the Wardens of the income and expenditure of the Hospital, rendered to the Receiver of the City.

32 Henry VIII (1540–41) to 10(?) William and Mary (1698–9).

[Missing—9–10, 39–40 Elizabeth, 44 Elizabeth to I James I, 19–23 Charles I, 1649–50, 1650–51, 1652–53, 1654–55, 1657–58 to 15 Charles II, 7–8 William and Mary.]

N. B.—Some Accounts between 1656 (? 1650) and 1657 are among the Miscellaneous Papers in Press C. 2. See page 240.

Saint John's &c. Bailiffs' Accounts.

The titles of the Accounts are in the form following:— "The Account of A. B. Bailiff and Receiver of all and singular the Manor of Saint David's Down and of the lands, rents and profits of the City of Exeter lately belonging to the late Monasteries and Priories of Saint John's Exeter, Polsloo, Saint Nicholas, Exeter, Newenham, Launceston, and Pympton &c. They are the Accounts of the Bailiffs of the Monastic possessions which the City purchased in the reign of King Edward VI. See Deeds &c., p.892.

The Rolls are sometimes headed St. Nicholas, but have all been arranged under one head to distinguish them from the Fee of Saint Nicholas or Harold's Fee.

3 Edward VI to 9 George I.

[Missing—6 Edward VI to 1 Mary, 4–5 to 5–6 Philip and Mary, 37–38, 38–9 Elizabeth, 18–19, 20–21, 21–22 James I, 19–20 Charles I to 1649–50, 1658–59.]

The Ten Cells &c. Receiver's Accounts.

The title of these Rolls is in the following form:—

"The Account of A. B. Receiver of the rents and profits of the Poor of the Ten Cells and also of the poor maintained by the gifts of William Hurst, John Hurste, John Palmer, John Buckenham, Elizabeth Buckenham, William Heron, or Herne (Report on Charities, p. 91), John Gilbert, Griffin Ameridith, and Joan Tuckfield, &c."

They contain the account of the receipts and payments of all the Charity properties of the City. Sometimes the Rolls are entitled "The Account of the Wardens of the Poor."

[Comp. Guardian Pauperum,] &c.

16 Elizabeth (1573–74) to 12 Anne.

[Missing—17–18, 25–26, 30–31, 33–34, 40–41, 41–42 Eliabeth, 6–7, 12–13, 13–14, 16–17, 17–18, 19–20, 20–21, 21–22 James I, 1–2, 10–11, 11–12, 16–17 to 19–20 Charles I, 21–22 Charles I to Commonwealth, 1659, 4–5, 5–6 William and Mary.]

Three Accounts without names or dates.

There are seven bundles of rolls of Account of P‚riam's Charity, Walker's Chairty, and other properties left to charitable uses. The rolls are 129 in number, and extend from James I to 1700. They are not separately labelled, but each bundle is ticketted "Chairty Monies."

Court Rolls of the Manor of Awliscombe.

12 Richard III, with Extracts of the time of Edward IV. One roll.

8 to 17 Henry VII.

9 to 12 Edward IV. One roll.

13 to 19 Henry VII. One roll.

24 to 25 Ditto. One roll.

12 to 13 Ditto.

13 to 14 Elizabeth.

16 to 18 Ditto.

19 to 20 Ditto.

23 to 26 Ditto.

27 to 28 Ditto.

Court Rolls of the Manor of Duriurd.

From 1368 to 1606, 40 Rolls, with many gaps. For dates of existing rolls, see S. Moore's Calendar.

For a book of Court Rolls of the Manor from 1620–1697, see Book 182, p. 131.

Court Rolls of the Manor of Exliand.

Twenty-seven Rolls from 1472 to 1608 with gaps. The dates of each roll are given in S. Moore's Calendar.

N. B.—Some Court Rolls of Exiland, 30 to 34 Elizabeth and 5 to 10 James I, are among the Miscellaneous Papers on Press C. 2.

Court Rolls of the Manor of Saint Nicholas or Harold's Fee.

Eighteen Rolls, 1526–1609, with gaps, the first two being Bailiff's Accounts. For data see S. Moore's Calendar of the series.

10 to 11 Anne. An Account of the Manor.

N.B.—Some Court Rolls of Harold's Fee, 3–20 Elizabeth, are among the Miscellaneous Papers in Press C. 2.

Customs Rolls.

These are the Accounts of the Collectors of the Town Custom, Petty Custom, or Town Duty levied in the Port of the City of Exeter.

One hundred and seventeen Rolls, the earliest, temp. Edward I, II, containing 31 membranes confusedly arranged, the rest from 1327–1603, also two paper books, 1608–1610. For dates of the series see S. Moore's Calendar.

Sessions Papers. 1557 to 1720.

[Gaps 6,8,11,13,14,18,30,31,33,39 Elizabeth, 1 James I, 1701, 1702, 1710, 1711, 1712, 1714–1719.]

Miscellaneous, William III and George II. One bundle.

Convictions, 26–7 George II. One bundle.

Presentments of the Grand Jury, 10 George I, 11 George I, 1–2 George II. Three bundles.


Files of parchment containing the declarations, pleadings &c. in cases in the Mayor's Court and Provost Court. Returns of the Bailiffs, and other papers connected with the business of the Court.

Eighty-five files from 1595–1825; for dates see S. Moore's Calendar.

Mayor's Court Papers.

These are files of writs of venire facias &c. addressed to the Sergeants at Mace with the panels of juries &c.

Six files (1638–1699) and one roll (1711). For dates of the series see S. Moore's Calendar.

N.B.—Many of these papers are to be found in the two sacks of fragments on the top of the presses.

Provost Court Papers.

These are files of slips of parchment containing writs of venire facias addressed by the Bailiffs to the Serjeant at Mace with the panels of the juries &c.

Ten files (1639–1696) with gaps. Also a bundle with old Bills of Costs. For dates see S. Moore's Calendar.


These are Inventories of the goods and chattels, leases and effects of citizens who died leaving orphans whose custody was granted to the Chamber by the Charter of Elizabeth. Some of them are remarkable, and show the status of the different people in an interesting manner. Many of them are in the handwriting of John Hooker; and rolled up with them there are often memoranda relating to the disposition of the property &c.

Two hundred and sixteen Inventories. A full list, with names and dates running from April 7, 1560—October 7, 1721, appears in S. Moore's Calendar.


A bundle of 75 wills ranging from March 3, 1555, to June 4, 1765. Each will is numbered. The following full list is taken from S. Moore's Calendar.

1. 3 March, 1555 .. Thomas Lambert of Exeter. (Original.)
2. 29 March, 1558 .. Thomas Grege of the parish of Saint Kieran's, Baker. (Copy.)
3. 19 August, 1559 .. Henry Harrys of Exeter.
4. 20 October, 1559 .. John Parret of Lyme Regis.
5. 19 April, 1560 .. Thomas Lambartt of Exeter.
6. 23 March, 1561 .. Nicholas Reve of Exeter, Brewer. (Extracts.)
7. 20 November, 1561 .. Stephen Vilvayne of Exeter, Baker.
8. 1 June, 1562 .. John Thomas, Senior, of Exeter.
9. 30 October, 1563 .. Ellerye Westcott.
10. 28 March, 1564 .. Robert Mathewe.
11. 27 July, 1564 .. Edmund Whetecombe of Exeter, Merchant.
12. 21 October, 1566 .. John Bedecombe of Exeter.
13. 13 December, 1566 .. Thomas Prestwode of Exeter.
14. 30 October, 1569 .. Elizabeth Brickenall of Exeter, Widow.
15. 8 August, 1570 .. Arnold Reynold of Exeter, Shoemaker. (Two Copies.)
and 16.
17. 20 December, 1575 .. Richard Mogrige of Exeter, Cutler. (Two Copies.)
and 18.
19. 17 June, 1577 .. Thomas Byrde of Exeter, tailor. (Two Copies.)
and 20.
21. 15 June, 1578 .. Julean Gunstone of the parish of Saint Paul's, Exeter, Widow.
22. 22 June, 1582 .. John Hutchins of Exeter, Merchant.
23. 13 December, 1582 .. Roger Courtise of the parish of the Holy Trinity.
24. 17 January, 1583 .. Nicholas Grenowe of Exeter, Barber.
25. 25 June, 1583 .. Nicholas Glandfilde of the parish of the Holy Trinity, Baker.
26. 3 January, 1587 .. John Fallett of Exeter.
27. 18 May, 1587 .. Joane Redwoode of Exeter, Widow.
28. 12 July, 1588 .. John Younge of the parish of Saint Stephen's, Exeter.
29. 11 December, 1590 .. Luce Hussey of the parish of Saint Lawrence, Exeter, Widow.
30. 9 April, 1597 .. Thomas Martyn of Exeter, fuller.
31. 15 August, 1601 .. Thomas Withecombe of Exeter, Merchant.
32. 7 February, 1603 .. John Hill of the Parish of Saint Lawrence, Exeter.
33. 15 April, 1603 .. Joan Heyfilde of Exeter, Widow.
34. 19 February, 1604 .. Peter Taylder of the Parish of All Hallow's, blacksmith.
35. 4 June, 1604 .. Alice Peeter of Exeter, Widow.
36. 15 January, 1606 .. Nicholas Moore.
37. 10 April, 1606 .. Edmund Clarke, of the Parish of Holy Trinity.
38. 22 September, 1607 .. Robert Prowse.
39. 2 March, 1611 .. Katherine Paule of Exeter, Widow.
40. 23 March, 1612 .. John Saunders of the Parish of Holy Trinity, Innholder.
41. 8 November, 1612 .. Nicholas Bevys of Exeter, Merchant.
42. 1 September, 1613 .. William Horwoode of Exeter, Goldsmith (torn).
43. 19 November, 1614 .. Alexander Mawrey.
44. 26 March, 1616 .. James Tirrie of the Parish of Saint John, Exeter, heliar.
45. 12 April, 1616 .. John Bond of Exeter, fuller.
46. 2 January, 1617 .. William Broke, of the Parish of Saint Mary Major.
47. 22 July, 1617 .. Thomas Paule of Exeter, "vitler."
48. 12 December, 1618 .. Nicholas Evens of Exiland and Saint Mary Steps, Brewer.
49. 3 January, 1620 .. James Marche of Exeter, tucker.
50. 23 November, 1620 .. William Jesse of Exeter, fuller.
51. 17 August, 1621 .. John Bennett of Saint Olave's, Exeter, tailor.
52. 12 October, 1623 .. William Yeo of Exeter, Cordwainer. (Original and Copy.)
and 53.
54. 17 February, 1624 .. Thomas Meade of the Parish of Saint David's, Innholder.
55. 16 April, 1624 .. Agnes Rice of Exeter, Widow.
56. 17 July, 1624 .. William Andrew of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Yeoman.
57. 7 September, 1624 .. William Mungwell of the Parish of Saint Mary Major, feltmaker.
58. 10 December, 1624 .. John Snellinge of Exeter, Merchant.
59. 16 March, 1625 .. Administration granted to Thomas Wyatt, son of Matthew Wyett, late of Exeter.
60. 21 September, 1625 .. Pryam Hellier of Exeter, Mercer.
61. 18 November, 1625 .. John Gupwill of Exeter, Merchant.
62. 26 July, 1627 .. John Jordaine of Exeter, Merchant.
63. 9 August, 1627 .. John Savidge of Exeter, Clockmaker.
64. 24 March, 1628 .. John Baker, of the Parish of Saint George's, Baker.
65. 29 August, 1628 .. Thomas Wade, Senior, of Exeter, Brewer.
66. 27 May, 1630 .. Andrew Stabeck of Exeter, fuller.
67. 17 January, 1631 .. Mrs. Ann Amye, Widow. (Extract.)
68. 4 February, 1633 .. Richard Jarman, of the Parish of Holy Trinity, Exeter, Yeoman.
69. 10 July, 1635 .. Roger Jewell, of the Parish of All Hallows on the Walls, Cordwainer.
69(a). 24 July, 1635 .. John Crout, Minister of Saint Sidwell's.
70. 25 July, 1636 .. Nicholas Grigory of Exeter, fuller.
71. 24 January, 1638 .. George Harris of Exeter, Merchant.
72. 4 April, 1640 .. Henry Dabbenot of Exeter, Baker.
73. 26 December, 1640 .. Richard Cater of Exeter, fuller. (Inventory of his goods inclosed.)
74. 3 March, 1642 .. Edward Dight, of the Parish of Saint Martin, Stationer.
75. 22 June, 1642 .. William Lapp, of the Parish of Saint George, butcher (decayed).
76. 1772 .. Instructions for making Mary Mortimer's will.
77. 4 June, 1765 .. Clement Stooke of Exeter, Grocer.
78. 24 October (? circa) 1600 .... Memorand. of Will of Nicholas Trippe.

Books of the Receivers' Accounts of the City of Exeter.

1. 32–3 Henry VIII to 18 Elizabeth. Books of Receivers' Accounts. One volume and a draft Account of 15–16 Henry VIII.

2. 20 Elizabeth to 21 James I These Books are the continuation of the Receivers' Accounts, See page 224.
3. Various dates between 1556–1716.
4. 1721 to 1744
5. 1745 to 1754
6. 1754 to 1770
7. 1771 to 1790
8. 1790 to 1810
9. 1810 to 1835

Books of Rentals of City Property accompanying the Receivers' Accounts.

They show the yearly income of the City, 1700 to 1833. [Six Bundles.]

Books of Butcher Stalls Rents. 1781 to 1834 [4 Bundles].

Receivers' Cash Books. 1795 to 1835–6 [5 Bundles].

1 Bundle. 1818 to 1833. Receivers' Petty and Private Ledgers (13 Volumes).

1 Bundle. to 1771 to 1823. Instructions to Receivers.

1 Bundle. to 1825 to 1830. Memorandum Books. Receiver's Office.

1 Bundle. to Various dates. Receivers' Accounts; 7 odd Books relating thereto.

Receivers' Vouchers.

These are bundles of the Vouchers produced by the Receivers on passing their Accounts.

2. 20 Elizabeth to 21 James I These Books are the continuation of the Receivers' Accounts, See page 224.
3. Various dates between 1556–1716.
4. 1721 to 1744
5. 1745 to 1754
6. 1754 to 1770
7. 1771 to 1790
8. 1790 to 1810
9. 1810 to 1835

Various dates, 1 Ditto of miscellaneous.

[Gaps 1606–1607, 1609–1674, 1678–1683, 1687–1689, 1692, 1704, 1707, 1737, 1771.]

City Treasurers' Vouchers.

These are similar documents to the Receivers' Vouchers. 1836 to 1857. [22 Bundles.]

Counterparts, &c.

These are Bundles of Counterparts of Leases, Deeds, Agreements, &c., &c., relating to the City Estates. They are roughly arranged in reigns, but are not sorted into strictly chronological order—each document has the date endorsed on it in pencil. No Calendar has been made of them at present, as they were not considered to be of sufficient importance. All documents relating to matters upon which questions appear likely yet to arise [so far as can be judged] have been selected from them, and are described in the Calendar of Deeds, &c.

James I to 1820 downwards. [46 Bundles.]

1660 to 1700. Counterpart Leases of New Inn. Two Bundles.

Town Customs.—Collectors' Accounts.

These are the quarterly, half-yearly and yearly Accounts rendered by the Collectors of the Town Custom to the Riceiver of the city. They have been taken from the bundles of Receivers' Vouchers described on p. 1388 et seq. They contain the particulars of the Receipt of the Town Custom as it was collected.

1723 to 1750, 1 Bundle.
1750 to 1762, 1 Ditto.
1762 to 1791, 1 Ditto.
1791 to 1810, 1 Ditto.
1810 to 1821, 1 Ditto.
1825 to 1846, 1 Ditto.
1846 to 1856, 1 Ditto.
1706 to 1780, 1 Ditto. Accounts of Topsham Quay.

1790 to 1830. Wharfingers' Certificates of money paid to the Receiver—Town Clerks' Accounts &c. taken from the bundles of Receivers' Vouchers.

1699 to 1700. Two Accounts of Town Duty.

1821. A like Account.

Law Papers.

These are bundles of papers in suits in which the City has been at various times engaged. They are arranged in bundles, and each bundle has its title written on it.

1563. Exeter Canal. Copy of old Deeds of Conveyance.

1567. Exeter v. Crowne. Respecting the Fishery of the River Exe.

1574. Regina v. Wm. Moham, John Arundell and Margaret Buller. Copy of a "Nolle Prosequi" against the repesentatives of Henry Courtnay, Marquis of Exeter, deceased, for certain debts and in "amoveas manus" for the Manor of Crewkerne (Somerset) in favour of Defendants.

1594. Martyn v. Worth. Fishing in the Exe from Exmouth to the head of the River except in the Manor of Exiland.

1599. Exeter v. Bishop, Dean and Chapter. About their privileges.

1558–1603. Ratcliffe v. Leveryng. Pulling down of Exwick Weir.

1605. Anthony v. Sheere and others. About Topsham Quay.

1607. Exeter v. Waller. Ameridith's Charity.

1610. Sir Wm. Peter v. Exeter. Suit for damages to a house by the erection of a new Weir. Depositions as to floods in the Exe &c.

1615. Bidwell v. The Chamber. Suit relating to her children (orphans) in the Orphan's Court of Exeter.

1617.Martin v. Tickell. Custody of Orphans.

1624.Stubbs v. Martyn. Copy Decree about Topsham Quay.

1624.Mainwaring v. Courtnay. Fishing in the River Exe.

1633. Attorney General v. Exeter. Suit about Northernhay and Southernhay.

1636. Kirkham v. Knightley. About a Deed.

1647. Chamber v. Callyton. Concerning the Office of Receiver.

1669. Mayor of Exeter's Claim to a fine of 30l. imposed on the King's Bench.

1670. Exeter v. Browning. Concerning the erection of a Weir in the River Exe and a new leat made between the mouth of the Haven and Trew's Weir. Also a modern copy of the proceedings.

1678. Long v. Savage. Suit about a house in High Street belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Exeter.

1685 Attorney General v. Row and Spicer. About Ballastage at Kenton.

1693. Glyde v. Sandford. Glyde v. Northmore. About Topsham Quay.

1694.Isaake v. Coffin. Wear Mills, Topsham.

1707. Ward v. Hunt. Action as to Wheelage in the City of Exeter.

(fn. 1) 20 Elizabeth. Exeter v. Frye. Land near the Barbicans.

1700. Exeter v. Starr. The Steward's Office.

1727. Hicks v. Exeter. Crikelpitt Mills.

1756. The King v. St. Sidwell's. Nuisance. (fn. 2)

1761. Chamber of Exeter v. Rioters in the Election.

1762. Mayor &c. of Exeter v. Dame Ann Dyke and others. Ann Dyke's Answer. Dr. Stephen's Will (of which there is a copy).

1743. Act for recruiting his Majesty's Forces.

1770. Paving and Lighting Act for Plymouth.

1768. The King v. Stokes. Forgery of Indentures of Apprenticeship.

1773. Act for amending Roads and widening Exe Bridge.

1776. Glass v. Haine. As to a Nuisance arising from a Manufactory.

1778. Insolvent Debtor's Act.

1784. Attorney General v. Exeter. Suit as to Atwill's Charity.

1787. King v. Hy. Lee, Town Clerk. Forfeited Recognizances &c. Papers relating to them, allowances in the Exchequer &c., various dates; also Case.

1788. Exeter v. Jones and others. Case as to goods of a bastard dying intestate and without heir belonging to the City.

1788. The King v. Christie, Surgeon of Dragoons. Indictment for murder.

1788. Act for the Workhouse.

1784 to 1788. Cases as to Hawkers, Pedlars, &c.

1792. Helems v. Wreyford -Bovey Mills.

1794. Paving Act Papers.

1796–1800. Taunton Canal Papers.

1810. Papers relating to the Paving Act.

1810–1811. The King v. City of Exeter. Case and papers concerning the reparation of Cowley Bridge.

1815. Davy ats Goldsworthy. The Engine Bridge—Copy Case.

1826. Ellis v. Phillips. Felons' goods.

1827. Attorney General and Mayor of Exeter v. Davy. Obstruction of River Exe. Affidavit in opposition to motion, &c.

1828. King v. Exeter. Canal: Mandamus.

1829. King v. Mayor &c. Copy. Affidavits to oppose Rule for Mandamus. Case relating to the Canal and Haven. Full Extracts from Act Books, &c.

1829. Regina v. Macgowan. Case as to the Office of Alderman.

1837. Coffin v. Mayor of Exon. Injury to premises.

1839. Eales v. Mayor of Exeter. Markets.

1840. Fowler and the Council. Architects of the Markets.

1840. Mayor of Exeter v. Tucker, and others. Injuries to Trew's Weir by a vessel adrift.

1840. Queen v. Exeter. Poor rate.

1841. Carter v. The Chamber. The Judge's Lodgings.

1843–1844. The King v. Exeter. Mandamus to hold a Court to elect an Assessor for Trinity Ward.

1844. In the Court for relief of Insolvent Debtors. Mayor v. Passmore. In re John Passmore, an Insolvent Debtor, a prisoner in the Gaol of the City of Exeter. Papers.

1845. Mayor of Exeter v. Trood. Trood v. Mayor. Cases relating to the right of the Canal Banks.

1849. Williams v. Mayor &c. Case respecting the Claims made by Mr. Williams, the late Wharfinger at Topsham, and Mr. Pope, the late Harbour Master and Assistant Wharfinger there, for compensation under 5 and 6 William III, c. 76, s. 66.

1831–1852. Attorney General v. Corporation of Exeter. Suit respecting Saint John's Hospital and the Charity property. (Three bundles.)

1853. Teignmouth Harbour Bill.

1854. Markets. Papers relating to the Leases and Tolls.

1854. Exeter and Exmouth. Papers (3 Bundles).

1855. Exeter and Yeovil Railways. Ditto, ditto.

1855. Trevillian v. Exeter. The Canal Suit. (Six large bundles.)

1856. Port Dues Act and Local dues on Shipping Commission.

1857. Re Jutsum. Felons' goods: Papers.

1860. Case relating to the rating of Exeter Ferry.

Bundle of Cases for Opinions.

1706. 1. Respecting obligation of Lessee of Fulling Mills to repair the Banks of the River.

1765. 2. Respecting a house called "The Green Dragon."

1773. 3. Atwill's Charity.

1783. 4. Amoval of a Mayor for poverty.

1783. 5. Selling goods out of the Market.

1783. 6. Removal of Markets.

1787. 7. Rate to Limit the wages of Journeymen Woolsorters in Exeter.

1791. 8. Markets.

1795. 9. Duties of Constables.

1795. 10. Respecting the Mayor's not having a casting vote.

1821. 11. Respecting Advowson of the Rectory of Hennock.

1822. 12. In re refusal of Harris to execute office of Constable.

1824. 13. Respecting the rating of the Canal to the parishes of Alphington and Topsham.

1825. 14. Mr. Wharfinger Upham's Accounts &c.

No date. 15. In the Queen's Bench. The King v. Mayor of Exeter. Notes of a Conference with Mr. Coleridge about pilotage in the River Exe.

1825. 16. Hawkers and Pedlars.

1826. 17. Bishop of Exeter v. Exeter—Claim to a forfeiture.

1833. 18. Campell v. Follet—Exeter Market.

1837. 19. Southernhay Green.

1839. 20. Southernhay houses.

1847. 21. Respecting thatched houses in Exeter.

1859. 22. Sale of Gas.

1859. 23. In the matter of the election of the forty Guardians in Exeter.

1860. 24. As to Aldermen being bound to serve or pay a fine.

No date. Hicks v. Exeter. Suit respecting the Bonhay Mills and the Water Course there.

No date. Miscellaneous Law Papers, Bills of Costs &c.

Town Customs—Law Papers.

These are the papers in Suits relating to the Town Customs.

Elizabeth. Exeter v. Bowerman. Defendant claimed exemption as a freeman of Taunton.

1658. Exeter v. Izaacke. Office Copy of Interrogatories and Depositions. See the Transcripts.

1625. Town of Weymouth v. Crossing. Petty Customs at Weymouth. Copies of Ancient Records relating to Weymouth.

1660. Exeter v. Wade. Decrees.

1731. Exeter v. Upcott. Brief. Customs for Goods landed at Topsham.

1732. Exeter v. Baker. Town Customs at Topsham.

1760. Coleman v. Exeter. Papers.

1760. Mayor v. Coleman. Mayor v. Davis. Mayor v. Jackson. Mayor v. Passevant. Customs on Goods landed at Topsham.

1777. Exeter v. Annies. Defendant claimed exemption as freeman of London.

1788. Exeter v. Tozer. Defendant claimed exemption as a freeman of London.

1789. Corporation of Lynn v. Corporation of London. Trial about Petty Customs.

1815. Exeter v. Boyd. Brief. Customs at Teignmouth.

1827. Case for opinion of Mr. Coleridge—Customs at Topsham Quay.

1842. Exeter v. Warren. Briefs &c.

1842. Exeter v. Warren. Miscellaneous Papers, Proofs &c. relating to the Suit.

1845. Exeter v. Harvey. Papers.

1858. Exeter v. Lawrence. Customs on Goods landed at Budleigh Salterton.

Town Customs.—Cases for Opinions.

. 1760. 1. Copy of a note of Mr. Drewe's for Mr. Justice Wilmot's charge to the Jury on the Trial of the Exeter Cause for Petty Customs.

. 1772. 2. Draft Case as to the Variation of the Rates for Town Customs.

. 1798. 3. As to taking distress for Dues.

. 1801. 4. As to dues on coals landed at Countess Weir.

. 1814. 5. As to Town Dues on Newfoundland Fish landed at Teignmouth.

. 1821. 6. As to Tolls, Town Dues &c. taken at Exeter Quay and the power of the Wharfinger to detain goods for payment of Dues.

No date. 7. Proofs and evidences for the Title of the Chamber of Exeter to the Town Duties. (Imperfect.) The first two leaves of an elaborate dissertation on ye evidence.

1771. 8 Draft case as to exemption of non-resident freemen of London from Town Duties.

1705. 9. Case for opinion about the Mayor's Dues.

Draft Leases, Grants, Mortgages, &c.

These are draft Leases of City property—they are tied up in bundles, described as below.

Various dates:—


  • 1734. Draft Leases.
  • 1719 to 1757. Draft Leases, Mortgages &c.
  • 1772 to 1781. Bovey Mills, New Inn, St. David's Custom House &c.
  • 1694. Copy Lease of Waterworks. 1 Bundle.
  • 1783. Abstract of title to premises in Goldsmith Street. "
  • 1698. Mortgage of Exiland &c. "
  • 1780 to 1805. Saint John's Hospital.
  • 1770 to 1819. Draft Leases, Grants &c.
  • 1789 to 1821. Ditto.
  • 1780 to 1821. Ditto.
  • 1811 to 1822. Two Bundles.
  • 1791 to 1822. Draft Leases &c.
  • 1765 to 1843. Ditto.

Miscellaneous Papers.

These are tied up in parcles, and described on the outside as appears below:—

1620 to 1639. Quietuses from the Exchequer for the Escheator in the City of Exeter.

1654. Papers relating to the purchase and sale of Irish Estates.

__A bundle of 13 letters and papers relating to the lands purchased by the Corporation in Ireland in 1654. The Corporation bought 4, 185 acres 29 poles of meadow and arable land and profitable pasture in the Barony of Middlethird, County Tipperary, for 9,890l.. 10s. 0d.

N.B. —It was afterwards sold for a few hundreds. See Act Books.

1698. The Chamber and William Baily of Winchester. Articles, Covenants and Agreements for making the River Exe Navigable. They contain a full specification of the work to be done. (17 Sheets of Brief.).

1688 to 1706. Papers relating to the visit of King William III to Exeter.

19 James I to 3 Charles I. Bonds of Sealers of Leather.

1600 to 1700 (various dates). Petitions of poor, sick and needy persons for relief, admission to Almshouses &c.

1660 to 1750. A bundle of similar Petitions for offices, benefits, reliefs &c.

1700 to 1750 ? Petitions for freedom of the City and Acts thereon. One bundle.

Temp. Elizabeth. Royal Proclamation (much decayed).

1625 to 1699. Ditto.

1727 to 1743. Royal Proclamations.

1744 to 1776. Dittl.

N.B.—Between 1733 and 1751 the series appears to be perfect.

24 Elizabeth, 6 James I, 9 Charles I, 22 Ditto, 1680 to 1710. Receipts for Fee Farm, Cranage of Topsham &c. From bundles of Receivers' Vouchers.

1624 to 1629. Lammas Fair, Saint Nicholas Ditto, Shrovetide ditto, Whitsuntide Ditto. Collectors' Papers relating to the profits of these Fairs.

1631 to 1731. Lammas Fair. Court of Pie-powder Papers.

1. 1619 to 1681; 2. 1709 to 1759; 3. 1761 to 1792; 4. 1789 to 1797. Lammas Fair. Books relating to the proceedings in and profits of the Fair. Some odd papers in this last volume.

(fn. 2) 1699. Awliscombe (2) Surveys.

(fn. 1) 1660 to 1764. Awliscombe and a rental. Exbridge Lands. Exiland (3). Harold's Fee. City property.

(fn. 2) 1700. Duryard.

1740 to 1760. Rentals of Lawrence Clist.

1826 to 1828. Particulars and valuation of Southernhay property.

1771 to 1780. Papers relating to Manor of Topsham and a moiety of Lammas Fair, the Estate of John Essington, with a copy of his Will, and an Act of Parliament relating thereto.

1616 to 1645. Bonds for Charity money lent.

1680 to 1689. Accounts of Lant's Charity.

14 November, 1745. Papers relating to trust money bequeathed by Dr. Lewis Stephens by his will of the date above mentioned. Also a Case and Opinion.

1745 to 1754. Vouchers for Lethbridge's Charity.

1758. Accounts of Seldon's Charity.

1759. Papers relating to Bonevile's Charity.

1761. Papers relating to Acland's Charity.

1802. Saint John's Hospital. Correspondence relating thereto.

1811 to 1815. Letters and papers relating to the Magdalen and other Charities.

1837 to 1859. Papers relating to the Charities.

Various dates. Miscellaneous Accounts of Charities.

1780 to 1794. Bond for maintenance of Bastards. (On a file.)

1855. Militia Act Papers.

No date. Conservators of Fishing.

Various dates. Title Deeds of Pidgley's Mill.

Various dates. Title Deeds of premises at the upper end of Southernhay purchased from Mr. Drewe.

1857 to 1858. Jeffery and Cobley. Papers relating to premises in Saint David's parish. And Draft Lease for a term of 1,000 years from Corporations.

1838. Papers relating to the Coronation of her Majesty Queen Victoria.

1854. Parliamentary Registration.

1758, 1799. Victuallers' Recognizances and Licences.

Various dates between 1674 to 1794. Surveyors' Reports, and 1811 to 1818. Surveys for letting property.

Oaths of Custom House Officers appointed for the Port of Exeter. Two bundles.

The Gild of Tailors of Exeter. A bundle containing their Charters and Bye Laws, and two Books of their Acts.—N.B. —These were given to Mr. Gidley, the Town Clerk, when the Corporation of Tailors was dissolved.

1688 to 1822. Books and Papers of Assessments of Poor rates. One bundle.

1700 to 1800. Apprentices' Indentures.

Elizabeth to 1779. Prison Keepers' Bonds.

1779 to 1823. Ditto.

1744 to 1803. Internal Defence. Proceedings under the Defence Act.

1801. Papers relating to a supply of herrings from the Frith of Forth obtained by the Chamber for the relief of the distressed poor in the neighbourhood of Exeter.

1727 to 1823. Mayors' Deputations.

1735, 1736, 1738, 1740, 1760, 1768. Polls for Election of Mayor.

1684 to 1765. Extracts from the Chamber Act Books relating to the Canal.

1840. Papers relating to the leasing of the Coal Quay &c.

1847 to 1848, 1849. Mayors' Accounts of Fines.

Various dates between 1825 to 1842. Letters.

1838. Government Letters.

1814 to 1830. The City Council's Letters and Papers.

1836 to 1841. The City Council's Letters.

No date. Miscellaneous Council Papers.

1812 to 1827. Letters and Papers of the General Purposes and Financial Committee.

1815 to 1829. Letters and Papers of the Navigation Committee. In these there is much matter relating to the Conservancy of the River.

1832 to 1860. Reports of Committees.

1856 to 1858. Reports of Surveyors.

1581. Rates for the Barrel bearers.

1633. Statutes for the Free Grammar School.

? 1640. Orders for keeping the Counter.

1771. Bye-Law relating to the Slaughtering of Cattle.

1677. Copy Bye-Laws of the Bakers' Company.

1686. Bye-Laws respecting the punishment of Foreigners residing in the City.

1699. Rates for landing goods at the Quay at Bristol. (Printed.)

? 1700. Orders for the Key or Wharf of Topsham.

1731. Bye-Laws for establishing a nightly watch.

1732. Rates for the carriage of goods brought to Exeter from London.

1800. Bye-Laws for the removal of dirt &c. from the streets. (Printed copies and the draft.)

1807. Bye-Law for the regulation of the Streets. (Printed copies.)

1809. Bye-Laws respecting Weavers' wayers.

1827. Market Bye-Laws. (Printed.)

1829. Exeter Canal Bye-Laws. (Drafts and printed copies.)

No date. Topsham Quay Bye-Laws.

1837. Lower Market Bye-Laws. (Printed.)

1837. Hackney Coach Bye-Laws. (Draft.)

1838. Hackney Coach Bye-Laws. (Ditto.)

1839. Ditto. (Ditto.)

1839. Bye-Laws of Bonhay Cattle Market. (Ditto.)

1839. Bye-Law for imposing fines for not accepting the Offices of Mayor, Alderman, Councillor, Auditor or Assessor. (Original and draft.)

1841. Similar Bye-Law.

1845. Market Bye-Law. (not executed).

1849. Bye-Law for abolishing the Fly Stand in front of the New London Inn adjoining the public footway. (Draft.)

1849. Hackney Coach Bye-Law. (Draft and printed copy.)

1626 to 1627. Free Loan Papers. Papers relating to the celebrated free loan raised by Charles I.

No date (? 1780). Papers relating to the removal of the Markets.

1812. Affidavits concerning Bribery at Election.

1793 to 1813. Corn Returns showing the price of wheat &c.

1640 to 1660. Cancelled Bonds for Money. Charles II, James II. Orders for fining persons assembling in Conventicles.

1700 to 1830. Sunday old Bonds for Charity money &c. Exeter and Credition Canal Share Certificates. One bundle.

1662. Orders for removal of Members of the Council for refusing to subscribe the Oaths at the Restoration.

1756. Papers relating to the Collection of the Royal Aid. Charles I and II. Writs of Habeas Corpus, Certiorari, error &c. addressed to the Mayor and Bailiffs of the Provost Court.

1562 to 1650. Orphan's Court Papers, relating to Execution of Wills and Custody of Orphans, Accounts of Funerals, Recognizances, Receipts &c.


Elizabeth, James and Charles I. A large bundle of Subsidies, Returns, Assessments, Precepts to levy quietuses and other documents relating there to; in bad condition.

28 Oct., 1771. Papers relating to Fees payable to the Clerk of the Peace and Town Clerk of Exeter—List of Fees—and a List for teh Country of Somerset.

1611 to 1789. Copies of divers Orders of the Council of Exeter.

1558 to 1713. Sunday Accounts and portions of Accounts. Some in Hooker's handwriting.

1836 to 1856. Orders of Council for payment of monies &c. One bundle.

Sunday Plans and old Drawings.

Unassorted Papers of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

This large mass of papers has been only very roughly arranged, as they do not appear to be of sufficient value to justify the expenditure of time necessary to reduce them into order.

A.D. 1700 to 1800. A quantity of Rolls containing the entries of the admission of persons to the Liberty of the City.

Bundles of sworn informations at the Sessions of the Peace. Miscellaneous Sessions Papers. Presentments of Juries, Precepts &c.

Oath Rolls, viz.: Lists of persons subscribing to the Oath of Allegiance, Oath of Supremacy &c.

A.D. 1800–1848. Indictments &c. at the Sessions of the Peace.

Sessions Papers, Recognizances &c. A.D. 1700 – 1800.


N.B.—These documents are not arranged in strictly chronological order, as many were found after the first portion was arranged.

2001. Henry I. Grant to the Priory of the Holy Trinity of the Fee Farm rent of Exeter. Office Copy. Cartee Antiquee. No. 15.

2002. Henry I. Confirmation of Queen Maud's Grant to the Priory of the Holy Trinity. Office Copy. Cartee Antiquee. No. 16.

2003. Henry II. Confirmation of the same. Office Copy. Cartee Antiquee. No. 17.

2004. Henry II. Charter of Freedom from Toll. Old copy, XVIIth Centrury. [Original Charters Nos. I, II, III.]

2005. Richard I. 24 March, 1190. Similar Charter. Old copy. [Charters No. IV, V, VI.] Also a like Charter without date [Original Charters No. VII]. Charter 24 March, 1237 [Original Charters No. X], and 22 August, 1292, grant of custody of the Seal for recognizances [Charter No. XVI].

2006, 2007. 6 John. Pipe Roll 6 John. Two Extracts. Office copies.

2008. 14 Henry III. Pipe Roll 14 Henry III. Extract. Office copy.

2009. 2–3 Edward I. Common Pleas Roll, 2–3 Edward I. Copy Decree in Countess of Devon v. City of Exeter, respecting Tolls at Topsham. Old copy.

2010, 2011, 2012. 4 Edward I. Hundred Rolls, 4 Edward I. Two Extracts, two Office Copies and one in Izaacke's hand.

2013. 23 Edward I. Grant of Murage. Office Copy.

2014. 4 May, 28 Edward I. Similar Grant. Office Copy.

2015, 2016. 4 May, 28 Edward I. Confirmation Charter. Two old copies. [Charter No. XVII.]

2017. ? 10 Edward II. Imperfect Copy of the Articles of complaint by the City against the Earl of Devon and the Inquisitions thereon. See Miscellaneous Rolls No. 3. Old Copy.

2018. ? 10 Edward II. Another Copy of the Inquisition. Old Copy.

2018A. ? 10 Edward II. Another Copy of the Inquisition. Old Copy.

2019. 12 November, 14 Edward II. Confirmation Charter. Old Copy. [Charter No. XVIII.]

2020. 18 November, 14 Edward II. Grant of Pavage. Office Copy.

2021. 14 Edward II. Fine Roll, for the Confirmation. Office Copy.

2022. 1 March, 3 Edward III. Confirmation Charter. Copy in Hooker's hand. [Charter No. XIX.]

2023. 3 Edward III. Fine Roll for grant of pavage. Office Copy.

2024. 17 March, 11 Edward III. Charter of the Duchy of Cornwall. Office Copy.

2025. 17 March, 11 Edward III. A Translation of the same. Not certified by anyone.

2026. 16 Edward III. Fine Roll, for a grant of murage. Office Copy.

2027. 20 August, 18 Edward III. Commission to enforce the Statutes of Northampton. [Commissions &c. No. XLIX.]

2028. 3 November, 37 Edward III. Exemplification of Placita Coronae 9–10 Edward I concerning the liberties of Exeter. Office Copy.

2029. 3 February, 39 Edward III. Exemplification of Domesday Book &c. Office Copy. [Original Charters No. XXI.]

2030. 23 June, 5 Richard II. Commission for a Proclamation. [Commissions &c. No. LII.] Old Copy.

2031. 14 December, 2 Henry V. Confirmation Charter. Office Copy. N.B. —The Original Charter is not among the Archives.

2032. 11 December, 8 Henry VI. Exemplification of Domesday about Saint Sidwell's. Old Copy. Imperfect.

2033. 27 March, 15 Henry VI. Letters Patent of Pardon. Old Copy. [Commissions &c. No. LIV.]

2034. 6 July, 24 Henry VI. Similar Letters Patent. Old Copy. [Commissions &c. No. LV.]

2035. 4 November, 24 Henry VI. Grant to Earl Devon of the Conservatiorship of the River Exe. Old Copy.

2036 and 2037. 4 November, 24 Henry VI. Two other Copies.

2038 and 2039. 28 Henry VI. Act of Resumption. Two old Copies.

2040. 29 Henry VI. Act of Resumption. Copy examined by Izaacke with the Original.

2041. Henry VI. Grant of the Conservatorship of the River Exe to Sir William Boneville for life.

2042. I July, 3 Edward IV. Charter to Exeter. Old Copy. [Charter No. XXVIII.]

2043 and 2044. 23 August, 29 Henry VIII. Charter to Exeter. Two old Copies.

2045 and 2046. Modern copy of a portion of the Charter relating to exemption from returning estreats, and an extended copy in modern handwriting [Charter No. XXXIII]. Also an Abstract in English of the Charter of 22 October, 36 Charles II [Charter No. XLVI].

2047 and 2048. ? Henry VIII. A Proclamation for the pulling down of weirs &c. Two old Copies.

2049. 3 Edward VI. Copy of Particular for the grant of the Monastic property in Exeter. See Deeds,p. 892. Old Copy.

2050. 4 Edward VI. Copy Minister's Account of the Manor of Exiland. Old Copy.

2051. 4 Edward VI. Copy of another similar Account. Old Copy.

2052. 4 Edward VI. Copy Particular for the grant of Exiland. Old Copy.

2053. 18 March, 3 Edward VI. Exemplification of Act of Parliament respecting the bounds of the City of Exeter. Old Copy. [Charter &c. No. XXXV.]

2054, 2055, 2056. 22 December, 4 Edward VI. Charter of Exiland. Old copy in a roll—old draft and extract. [Charter No. XXXVI.]

2057. 8 November, 4 Elizabeth. Grant of Bonevile's Almhouse. Old Copy. [Charter &c. No.XXXVIII.]

2058 and 2059. Hillary, 7 Elizabeth. Exchequer Record concerning the Limits of the Port of Exeter. Two old copies.

2060. 25 February, II Elizabeth. Commission for suppression of unlawful games. Old Copy. [Commissions &c. No. LXI.]

2061. 26 June, 13 Elizabeth. Charter of the Duchy of Cornwall. Translation in Hooker's handwriting.

2062. 4 July, 13 Elizabeth. Commission for a Subsidy. Old Copy. [Commissions No. LXII.]

2063. 2 June, 14 Elizabeth. Exemplification of Deed of Exchange and Act of Parliament relating to the Duke of Somerset's possessions. Old Copoy. [Charter No. XLI.]

2064 and 2065. 21 January, 29 Elizabeth. Appointment of the Earl of Bath as Lord Lieutenant of Devon and Exeter and his appointment of his Deputies. Old Copy. [Commission &c. Nos. LXIV and LXIV(a).]

2066. 27 July, 32 Elizabeth. Commission for a subsidy. Old Copy. [Commissions &c. No. LXV.]

2067. 6 July, 41 Elizabeth. Appointment of Earl of Bath Lord Lieutenant. Old Copy. [Commissions &c. No. LXIX.]

2068. 3 December, 43 Elizabeth. Similar appointment. Old Copy. [See Commissions No. LXX.]

2069. 16 December, 43 Elizabeth. Deputation to Deputy Lieutenants. Old Copy. [See Commission &c. No. LXXI.]

2070 and 2071. 13 August, 44 Elizabeth. Ordinances of the Weavers and Tuckers Company. Old Copy. [See Deeds &c., No. 1692.] Also a Copy of the Incorporation of the Society, without date.

2072. Elizabeth. Charter concerning the Brewers of Exeter. Copy in English; noted in the margin by Hooker.

2073. 25 February, 6 James I. Appointment of Earl of Bath, Lord Lieutenant. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. LXXIV.]

2074. 27 June, 8 James I. Exemplification of Decree concerning forfeited Recognizances. Old Copy. [See Charters &c. No. XLIII.]

2075. 16 February, 8 James I. Exemplification of the Act for rebuilding Calabeer Wear. Old Copy. [See Charter &c. No. XLIV.]

2076. 2 July, 11 James I. Commission against Pirates. Contemporary Copy. [See Deeds &c. No. 1723.]

2077. 28 November, 15 James I. Copy Decree concerning the Cranage and Quay of Topsham. Old Copy, torn.

2078. —. Modern Copy.

2079. 1754. Abstract of title of Mr. William Sanford to one-sixth of Topsham Quay.

2080. 12 February, 1729. Orders and Rates for the Quay at Topsham.

2081. 14 June, 14 Charles I. Copy of the Charter granting the manor of Topsham to Edward Ditchfield and others.

2082. 26 May, 21 James I. Commission of oyer and terminer. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. LXXXIII.]

2083. 23 June, 21 James I. Pardon to Edmund Halstaff. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. LXXXIV.]

2084. 17 January, 22 James I. Commission for a Subsidy. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. XC.]

2085. 15 August, 1 Charles I. Commission to levy a Subsidy. Old Copy. [See Commission &c. No. XCI.]

2086. 16 February, 1 Charles I. Commission for a Subsidy. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. XCIII.]

2087. 17 December, 3 Charles I. Extract from Charter as to felons' goods &c. Translated by Mr. Gidley.

2088. 24 November, 8 Charles I. Commission of oyer and terminer. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. XCVII.]

2089. 20 December, 9 Charles I. Commission, and return of collection, for the restoration of Saint Paul's Cathedral. Old Copy. [See Commissions, No. XCVIII.]

2090. 2 June, 1637, 13 Charles I. Foundation Charter of Saint John's Hospital. Contemporary Copy.

2091. 8 July, 17 Charles I. Commission of oyer terminer. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. CII.]

2092. 4 December, 22 Charles I, 1646. Commission to inquire concerning rebellions, misdemeanours &c., &c. Old Copy.

2093. 2094, 2095. 23 December, 1651. Particular for the sale of the fee farm rents of the City of Exeter. (Three Office Copies.)

2096. 1658. Mayor of Exeter v. Izaacke. Interrogatories and Depositions in a suit about Petty Customs. Office Copy.

2097. 14 July, 14 Charles II. Commission of Lieutenancy to the Duke of Albemarle. Old Copy. [See Commissions No. CIX.]

2098. 1 August, 16 Charles II. Commission of Inquiry. Old Copy.

2099. 29 September, 26 Charles II. Commission of gaol delivery. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. CXI.]

2100. 2101, 2102, 2103. 29 Charles II. Copy of Commission and Survey touching the Limits of the Ports of Exeter and Dartmouth. Three old copies and a modern extract.

2104. 22 November, 31 Charles II. Commission to administer the Oath of Supremacy. Old Copy. [See Commissions &c. No. CXIII.]

2105. 20 June, 1 Anne. Pardon to Margaret Floyd and several others. Old Copy.

2106. and 2107. 5 George III. Commission to appoint Keys and Wharfs and settle the bounds of the Port of Exeter. Old Copy, and Office Copy.

2108. Edward I, Henry VII. Extracts from the Mayor's Court Rolls of Licences to discharge ships, and notes of forfeitures for non-entry of Town Custom.

2109. 16 Henry VIII. Strangwaye v. Wilford. Recovery of the Manor of Oxton and other property. Old Copy.

2110. 1596. A view for discovering the bounds of the Fee of Saint Sidwell's. Copy in Hooker's handwriting.

2111. to 2119. 6–7 Edward III to 10–11 Charles I. Office Copies of Extracts from Ministers' Accounts, showing the payment of the fee farm rent.

2120. 1623. Assessment of a rate for providing a store of Gunpowder. Old Copy.

2121. 1656. "The Gifte of Mr. George Keate of London of 400l. to the two Hospitals of Boys and Maydes. 1656." Torn.

2122. 44 Elizabeth to 1639. Extracts from the Chamber Act Books relating to Northernhay. In Mr. Gidley's handwriting.

2123. 14 April, 15 Edward III. Charter of liberties of Dartmouth. In Hooker's handwriting.

2124. 30 Edward III. Charter of the Borough of Kedwellye. Copy and Translation in Hooker's handwriting.

2125. Elizabeth. Charter of the Town of Padstowe, noted by Hooker, 24 June, 1663. Copy of the City of London's Charters of Exemption from Toll &c. Patent Roll, 15 Charles II, p. 13. Modern Copy.

2126. 12 February, 17 Elizabeth. Exemplification of Charter of 17 August, 1486, which confirms the Charter, 24 March, 1465, of liberties and exemptions to Syon Abbey. Exchequer Memoranda, Easter, 5 Henry VII, roll 14. Noted by Hooker. A Roll.

2127. 15 February, 12 William III. Copy of a Petition of the Chamber to the House of Lords for leave to bring in a Bill to raise money for the Haven. Modern Copy.

Vol.II.p. 151. Register or Chartulary of Saint John's Hospital. (A book of 97 pages folio.) Not found.


  • 1. * One Buddle.
  • 2. * Miscellaneous Surveys &c.