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Dr Jane Winters

Head of Publications, Institute of Historical Research

Calendar of Close Rolls

Dr Jane Winters, 20 November 2008

The 15 volumes for Henry III are now live. Included as part of our premium content service, the Calendar of Close Rolls is a fundamental source for the study of medieval England. The complete series, from Henry III to Henry VII, will be made live over the next few months.

Complete Calendars of State Papers to go online

Dr Jane Winters, 20 June 2007

The IHR has been awarded funding by the AHRC to complete the digitisation of the Calendars of State Papers. The Calendars of State Papers in The National Archives are a key resource for historians of England in the early modern period.

We have already been funded by The Andrew W Mellon Foundation to digitise and publish the Calendars of State Papers, Domestic (1547-1704, 1760-75) and those for Scotland and Ireland in British History Online, as 'Premium' subscription content. The award of £414,000 from the AHRC will support the digitisation and publication of the remaining 293 volumes (Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic of Henry VIII; the State Papers, Foreign; the State Papers, Colonial; Treasury books and papers; and papers held in foreign archives) as free content.

The Calendars of State Papers will be made available through British History Online alongside our other core primary and secondary sources for the early modern period, including the Journals of the Houses of Commons and Lords, Ordnance Survey maps and the substantial part of the Victoria County History.

The availability online of the full series of the Calendars of State Papers will represent an enormous gain in terms of accessibility and usability. Their publication will also present scholars with the opportunity to comment on and correct any errors or omissions in the texts, leading ultimately to what might be perceived as new, community-generated 'editions'.

Professor David Bates, Director of the IHR, said: 'British History Online has been supporting research, learning and teaching for over four years by providing high quality digitised versions of the key sources for the history of the British Isles. The digital library is central to our commitment to develop and promote historical research, and the planned facility to add corrections and annotations to the Calendars opens up an array of exciting possibilities. We are delighted that the AHRC has recognised the importance of this project, and the wider work of the IHR in this field'.

Feet of Fines for Lincolnshire 1244-72

Dr Jane Winters, 19 February 2007

Final concords for Lincolnshire for 1244-1272 are now live. This volume, from the publications of the Lincoln Record Society, complements our existing volumes of fines for Lancashire and Yorkshire. Read all nine volumes at:

New map browsing now live

Dr Jane Winters, 22 January 2007

Our newly modified browsing facility for Ordnance Survey maps is now live. For maps at scale 1:10,560, the whole-county display is now made up of a lattice of thumbnail map images, giving a unique view of the topography and development of each county. View them by following the 'Maps' link at the top of the page.

Send feedback > do you have any suggestions for further improving the map browsing ?

Cistercians of Vale Royal Abbey

Dr Jane Winters, 16 January 2007

The Ledger Book of this Cistercian house is now live. It contains pleas and evidences relating to this Cheshire foundation, as well as a history of and privileges relating to the Cistercian order more widely. It complements both the account of the religious houses of Cheshire contained in the VCH, and our growing collection of cartularies and other records for English monastic history. View them all at:

Samuel Lewis's 'Topographical Dictionary of England' now live

Dr Jane Winters, 13 November 2006

The Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis is now live. This seventh edition, first published in 1848, gives an historical conspectus and contemporary description for counties, cities, parishes, towns, villages and hamlets across the whole of mid-nineteenth-century England. These volumes complement the earlier volumes of the Lysons brothers' Magna Britannia and the later, more detailed Victoria County History, as well as our holdings of Ordnance Survey maps of a similar period. Its companion publications for Scotland and Wales are already live on BHO. Read them all at:

New Ordnance Survey maps now live (Epoch 1, scale 1:2500)

Dr Jane Winters, 03 October 2006

OS maps are now available for 16 cities across the UK. These include major industrial and financial centres such as Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle; port cities including Liverpool, Portsmouth and Southampton; and cathedral cities such as Chichester, Durham, Winchester and Worcester. See them all at:

Records of the Cistercian house at Holm Cultram now live

Dr Jane Winters, 04 September 2006

The Register and Records of the Cistercian abbey of Holm Cultram are now live. This volume, from the Record Series of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, contains an edition of the cartulary of Holm Cultram plus other related records. This edition complements the narrative account of the abbey given in the Victoria County History for Cumberland, and the accounts of other Cistercian houses also in the VCH. Read it at:

'A Topographical Dictionary of Wales' now live

Dr Jane Winters, 28 July 2006

Samuel Lewis's 'Topographical Dictionary of Wales' (1849) is now live. This publication, originally in two volumes, gives a historical conspectus and contemporary description for counties, cities, parishes, towns, villages and hamlets in mid-nineteenth century Wales. Its companion publication for Scotland is already live on BHO. Read them both at:

Clergy of the northern church - a new Fasti volume now live

Dr Jane Winters, 25 May 2006

Volume 11 of the Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae for 1541-1857 is now live. The volume covers the northern dioceses of Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Manchester, Ripon, and Sodor and Man. The set of 11 volumes so far published in this series is now complete. To read more, follow the links below:

Planning a digitisation project ?

Dr Jane Winters, 28 November 2005

Our new information service aims to support all those planning a digitisation project, and to explain the unique benefits of digitising with British History Online. Read more at:

Career records for higher clergy - the Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae

Dr Jane Winters, 02 November 2005

The 32 volumes of the Fasti contain detailed career records for bishops, cathedral and higher clergy in England and Wales, in three series from 1066 to 1857. Many of the clergy mentioned are also to be found in the Victoria County History volumes on the cathedral cities and the religious houses. Explore these links for Yorkshire below.