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July 2007

London assizes

Dr Matthew Davies, 26 July 2007

Records of the possessory assizes are now live. Volume 1 of the publications of the London Record Society is a calendar of the possessory assize rolls for the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Ten more volumes from the London Record Society are currently in production, including an edition of the early charters of Westminster Abbey. View our collection of assize records at:

The church in Scotland

Dr Peter Webster, 20 July 2007

The records of the General Assembly will be launched soon. These four volumes are the central record for the governing body of the kirk from the Reformation until the nineteenth century, and should be launched in the next few months. In the early years after 1560, they complement our existing holdings of records for the burgh of Edinburgh, and the forthcoming Calendars of State Papers (Scotland), which will form part of our premium subscription service. Read all these, and our other material for Scottish history at:

Reformation Edinburgh - Further records of the Burgh now live

Dr Peter Webster, 09 July 2007

Records of the Burgh for 1557-71 are now live. This volume, the third in our series, covers the early years of the Scottish Reformation and its impact on the city. Read it, and other volumes in the series at:

John Thurloe's State Papers now complete

Dr Paul Seaward, 02 July 2007

Volumes 4 and 7 are now live. With the launch of these two volumes, we have completed the publication of this crucial source for the diplomatic and political history of the Interregnum. Read them all at: