Journal, July 1712: Journal Book P

Pages 370-372

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 2, February 1709 - March 1715. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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Journal, July 1712

July 17. Present:—Lord Guilford, Sir Philip Meadows, Mr. Monckton, Mr. Moore, Mr. Gwyn.


New commission and

A new commission from her Majesty, dated the 7th instant, was open'd and read; whereby (besides the great officers of State as in other commissions of this Board, the Chancellor of the Exchequer excepted), the Earl of Winchilsea, the Lord Guilford, Sir Philip Meadows, senior, Robert Monckton, Arthur Moore, Francis Gwyn, Thomas Foley, and John Hynd Cotton, esquires, are appointed Commissioners for promoting the trade of this kingdom, and for inspecting and improving her Majesty's plantations in America and elsewhere; and my Lord Guilford, being present, took his place at the Board accordingly.

New Privy Seal.

A new Privy Seal, for the establishment of the Commission of Trade, was also read.


Mr. Wheelock's further leave to be absent till February next.

Mr. Micklethwayt, in behalf of Mr. Bryan Wheelock, one of the clerks of this office, attending, and desiring that their lordships would be pleased to give the said Wheelock leave to be absent six months longer, vizt., from the 7th of August to the 7th of February next, their lordships gave leave accordingly.



Plantations General.

Mr. Dummer's proposal for re-establishing packet boats.

A memorial from Mr. Dummer, dated the 14th instant, containing a proposal for re-establishing packet boats to and from the West Indies, and praying a certificate from their lordships of their approbation of the said undertaking, was read; whereupon a certificate was accordingly drawn up and sign'd.


St. Christopher's.

Act explaining several clauses in a former one about relief of the sufferers there, &c.

Mr. Campbell, Mr. Duport, and several others attending, they presented to their lordships an Act passed last Sessions of Parliament, entituled An Act for the relief of the sufferers of the islands of Nevis and St. Christopher's by reason of the invasion of the French there in the year 1705, which was read; they also presented to their lordships an address from the Lieutenant General, Council and Representatives of Nevis, thanking their lordships for their favour to them in relation to their said losses, which was also read; and these gentlemen desiring to know when their lordships would issue the debentures pursuant to the said Act, they were directed to lay before their lordships what proofs they had of the re-settlements made on those islands, [and] they promised to do the same to-morrow morning.

July 21. Present:—Lord Guilford, Sir Philip Meadows, Mr. Monckton.


Mr. Onslow's desire to have the Earl of Sunderland's letter on his petition reconsider'd, about a debt due from the factors of the Assiento, &c.

The secretary acquainted the Board that Mr. Onslow had been at the office [fo. 191] to desire their lordships to take into consideration a letter from the Earl of Sunderland, of the 23rd May, 1709, referring to this Board the petition of Thomas Onslow and other Jamaica merchants to her Majesty concerning a debt due to them by the factors of the Assiento, together with the proofs to the allegations in the said petition; whereupon their lordships order'd to have that matter laid before them on Thursday next in the morning.


St. Christopher's.

Form of a debenture agreed.

Mr. Campbell and Mr. Duport attending, in relation to the sufferers of Nevis and St. Christopher's, the form of a debenture, pursuant to the Act mentioned in the minutes of the last meeting, was agreed, and ordered to be printed.

To be notified in the Gazette when the sufferers are to bring in their claims.

Ordered that an advertisement be put into the Gazet, giving notice to all persons concern'd for the said sufferers, that attendance will be given at this office every Monday and Thursday in the morning from 8 till 2, to receive their claims.

Letter to Mr. Attorny General about form of an oath to prove a re-settlement.

Further order'd that a letter be writ to Mr. Attorney General, to prepare the form of such an oath as is necessary to be required for the proof of a re-settlement, according to the intent and meaning of the aforementioned Act.

July 24. Present:—Lord Guilford, Mr. Moore, Mr. Gwyn.


Order on Capt.

Bickford's petition praying satisfaction for the ship William and Jane taken by the French African Company.

Representation to be drawn thereupon.

Order of Council, of 24th June, 1712, referring to their lordships the petition of Captain Robert Bickford, late commander and part owner of the ship William and Jane [fo. 194], setting forth her having been taken by a ship belonging to the French African Company at Portudally in March, 1708–9, and praying satisfaction may be made for the said ship and cargo, was read; and their lordships, taking into consideration a former representation of this Board, relating to the said ship (Trade B., fo. 96), gave directions for preparing the draught of a new representation upon the aforementioned petition, with their lordships’ opinion that her Majesty be pleased to take such measures as she shall think fit, for obtaining the satisfaction desired by the petitioner.


Letter from Lord Bolingbroke, with project of a treaty of commerce.

A letter from the Lord Bolingbroke, of the 21st instant [fo. 169, 193], referring to their lordships the project of a Treaty of Commerce between Great Britain and France, as the same has been hitherto regulated at Utrecht, for what further alterations the Board may judge proper to make therein, was read; and their lordships agreed to consider the same at their next meeting.

In the meantime, Mr. Moore took the said project, to make his observations thereupon.