Journal, October 1716: Journal Book S

Pages 184-186

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 3, March 1715 - October 1718. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1924.

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Journal, October 1716

October 16. Present:—Mr. Secry. Methuen, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Molesworth.


Mr. Secretary Methuen.

Letter from him.

Memorial from Governor Pitt.

Paper of Memorandums.

Clause in the Governor's Commission and instructions.

Papers etc. to be looked out.

Mr. Secry. Methuen coming to the Board [fo. 108, 125], his letter of the 24th September, 1716, referring to the Board a memorial from Mr. Pitt, appointed Govr. of Jamaica, representing the disorders and confusions and present defenceless state of that island, and praying it may be considered before his departure, was read. Then Mr. Secry. comunicated to their lordships a paper of memorandums from Mr. Pitt, relating to the confusion, disorder and dangerous state that island is in, with proposals for a remedy, as also one clause in the Govrs. commission and another of his instructions about the suspending of Councillors, which were read; and after some discourse with Mr. Secry. thereupon ordered that the several papers and informations that are to be found in this office, relating to the foresaid memorandums, be laid before the Board at their next meeting.

Letter from Lord Hamilton to Mr. Secretary Stanhope.

Mr. Secry. Methuen further communicated to their lordships a letter from the Lord Archibald Hamilton to Mr. Secry. Stanhope, of the 12th of June last, which was read, and the following papers therein referred to, were laid before the Board vizt.:—
Papers therewith.
Copy of the commission for taking pirates.
Copy of the instructions given to the commanders of the vessels commissioned against pirates.
The form and condition of the bonds taken for the vessells commissioned for taking pirates.
Copy of a letter from the Govr. of the Havana.
Copy of a letter to the Govr. of the Havana in relation to the Spanish wreck.


Case of William Keith.

Lieutenant Governor.

Order of Council.


The case of Mr. Keith, late Surveyor General in the Customs in America, and now nominated to be Lieut. Govr. of Pennsylvania, was read; whereupon their lordships took into consideration the Order of Council of the 13th mentioned in the minutes of the 27th of the last month, on Mr. Penn and his trustees recommendation of the said Keith to be deputy govr. of Pennsylvania, and signed a repn. to his Royal Highness upon that subject.

October 31. Present:—Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Addison, Mr. Molesworth.

St. Christophers.

Mr. Duport.


Mr. Stephen Duport attending, and his powers of attorney from Mr. John Abbot as guardian to Mr. Charles Waters and Mr. William Abbot, who were sufferers by the French invasion of St. Christophers &c. being examined, the two debentures numbered 62 and 63 were delivered to Mr. Duport.


Letter from Colonel Moody.

Ill state of the garrison.

Letter to Mr. Secretary Methuen.

A letter from Col. Moody, Lt. Govr. of Placentia in Newfoundland, dated the 3rd of this month, relating to the ill state of the garrison and fortifications there, was read; whereupon a letter for transmitting a copy thereof to Mr. Secry. Methuen that some speedy directions may be given therein, was signed.




Mr. Solicitor Qeneralls reports on 3 Acts.

Representations thereupon.

Three reports from Mr. Solicitor General the first upon an Act, passed in Barbadoes in May, 1716, intituled, an Act to dock the intail limited on a certain plantation situate in the parish of St. Michael, and to inable Thomas Somers esqr. to sell the same &c. the second upon an Act passed in Jamaica in 1703, intituled an Act to confirm an agreement made between Olivia Read widow, and Nathaniel Brown, and Anna Petronella his wife for the maintenance of the said Olivia &c., and the last upon an Act passed at Antigua in May, 1716, intituled an Act to inable Andrew Murray of the island of Antigua, planter, and Elizabeth his wife, to alien or settle by deed, certain lands and tenements, within the said island of Antigua &c. being severally read their lordship's signed three repns. for laying the said Acts before his Royal Highness, for the royal assent.


Two acts.

Sent to Attorney General.

Two Acts passed at Nevis in Decr., 1714, and April, 1715, the one intituled an Act to repeal an Act intituled, an Act to oblige all persons to give in a list of their negroes and other slaves upon oath, and for making another Act to the same purpose more effectual, the other intituled an Act for raising and making a fortification on Saddle Hill, being laid before the Board; ordered that they may be sent to Mr. Attorney General, for his opinion thereupon in point of law.


Order of Council.


Act seating lands.

The copy of an Order of Council of the 6th July on a repn. of the 30th May, 1716, for confirming an Act passed in Virginia in 1713, relating to the seating and planting of lands there, was read.


Order of Council.


Carter a Councillor.

Copy of an Order of Council of the 6th July, on a repn. of the 20th of April, 1716, for appointing Mr. Carter of the Council of Barbadoes, was read.

Order of Council.


Sir Edward Ernley.


The copy of an Order of Council of the 6th July upon a repn. of the 28th June, 1716, on the petition of Sir Edward Ernley, relating to Mr. John Colleton's being appointed of the Council of Barbadoes, was read.

Order of Council.


Bond a Councillor.

The copy of an Order of Council of the 12th July, on a repn. of the 19th of the same month, about appointing Mr. Bond of the Council of the island of Barbadoes was read.


Order of Council.


Herbert's act.

The copy of an Order of Council, of 13th Septr., 1716, upon a repn. of the 8th August, for confirming an Act passed at Nevis in 1715, to settle the estate of Thomas Herbert on him and his heirs for ever, approving the same was read.

Leeward Islands.

Order of Council.



Virgin Islands.

The copy of an Order of Council of the 13th Septr., 1716, upon a repn. of the 15th of May, relating to Capt. Walton's services in the Virgin Islands &c. was read.


Letter from Mr.Secretary Methuen.

A letter from Mr. Secry. Methuen of the 17th of the last month, referring to this Board the following papers, relating to the Royal African Company, was read, together with the said papers vizt.:—
Royal African Company.
Papers therewith.
Copy of a letter from the Lords Commrs. of the Admiralty to Mr. Secry. Methuen, dated 7th Septr., 1716, relating to the Royal African Company's desire of some naval force, to cruise on their coast.
Copy of a report from the Lords Commrs. of the Admiralty to his Majesty the 14th Octr., 1715, relating to some naval force desired by the Royal African Company to cruise on their coast, &c.
Copy of the Royal African Company's petition to his Majesty dated the 23rd August, 1716, praying some naval assistance for the security of their forts and settlements.

Royal African Company's memorial.

Board's representation.

A memorial from the Royal African Company, as likewise the repn. of this Board of the 20th Decr., 1715, upon the same subject, were read.

Mr. Pierce and Benson.

To bring proofs, &c.

And Mr. Pierce and Mr. Benson attending, in behalf of the Company, they were asked what number of ships they designed for the coast of Africa, how soon and what cargoes, they were to carry, to which the said gentlemen answered, that the Company intended about the middle of next month to send six ships for the coast of Africa, with the value of between 40 and 50,000l. in stores of all sorts, for their forts and settlements and other goods; and another cargo of about the like value in three months after; they further said, that besides the Sallee Rovers from whom the Company's ships might be in danger in the voyage, there were several pirates on the coast of Africa, for which reason the Company desired that the ships to be granted them, might have orders to remain some time on the said coast; that at present the separate traders are permitted to have the benefit of the Company's forts by order of their Court of Assistants; and the trade is chiefly in danger from foreigners and pirates; Mr. Pierce and Mr. Benson were then desired to bring, as soon as conveniently they could, what informations and proofs the Company have, concerning such pirates and whatever else they might have further to offer, to induce the Govnt. to comply with the Company's present desire, which they promised accordingly.