Journal, September 1718: Journal Book T

Pages 429-431

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 3, March 1715 - October 1718. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1924.

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Journal, September 1718

September 3. Present:—Mr. Molesworth, Mr. Pulteney, Mr. Bladen.


A letter from Sir Nicholas Lawes, Govr. of Jamaica [fo. 415] to the Board, dated the 21st of June, 1718, giving an Account of Piracies committed in those parts, and complaining of the loss of the Trade of that Island, both which he attributes chiefly to the ill conduct of the Commanders of His Majesty's ships of War in those Seas, was read; whereupon a letter for inclosing to Mr. Secretary Craggs an extract of Sir Nicholas Lawes's said letter was immediately drawn up and signed.

Ordered that an extract of Sir Nicholas's letter above mentioned be likewise sent to Mr. Burchet for the information of the Right Honble. the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

The following Accounts of Revenue transmitted at the same time by Sir Nicholas Lawes, were laid before the Board, vizt.:—
An Account Current of His Majesty's Revenue from 25th March, 1716, to the 29th September, 1717.
Account Current of His Majesty's Revenue from 29th Sept. 1717, to the 25th March, 1718.


A Circular letter to several of His Majesty's Consuls, [fo. 412, 424] desiring them to communicate to this Board such matters and observations as shall appear to them of consequence to the Trade and Navigation of Great Britain, in the parts where they reside, as agreed at the last Meeting, was signed.


Then the Secretary acquainted their Lordships that he had sent the Commissioners [fo. 410, 425] under the Great Seal of Great Britain for pardoning Pirates in Virginia, to Mr. Micajah Perry, Merchant, who promised to forward the same to Col. Spotswood by the first ship that sailed for that Country.

September 25. Present:—Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Pulteney.


A letter from Col. Heywood, late Commander in Chief of Jamaica, dated the 28th May, 1718, transmitting Minutes of Council, to the end of his Administration, was read, and the said Minutes were laid before the Board, vizt.:—
Minutes of Council from the 19th March, 17 16/17, to the 24th April, 1718.

A letter from Mr. Burchet, Secretary to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty [fo. 413], dated the 5th, in answer to one from the Secretary the 3rd instant, relating to Piracies and the ill conduct of the Captains of His Majesty's ships at Jamaica, was read.


A letter from Sir Charles Cox of the 15th inst., desiring to be heard, before his brother Mr. Samuel Cox's Suspension from the Council of Barbadoes be confirmed, was read.


A letter from Mr. Carkesse, Secretary to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs of the 6th instant, transmitting a copy of the Inspector General's Leidger of Imports and Exports from Christmas, 1715, to Christmas, 1716, was read.

A letter from Sir Edward Gould [fo. 408, 424] of the 10th inst., with a particular Account of the Constitution of the Free Port at Leghorn, was read.

A letter from Mr. Secretary Craggs [fo. 462] of the 9th instant, referring to the Board the Extract of one from Mr. Henshaw, Consul at Genoa, relating to a small National duty laid there on Goods imported in British ships for defraying the incident charges on the Factories there, which said letter and Extract were read.

Whereupon ordered that the Secretary write to Sir Edward Gould and thank him for his Account of the Constitution of the post of Leghorn, and also acquaint him, that their Lordships desire to be informed whether there is a Duty or an Extraordinary Primage raised on all Goods imported at Leghorn in British ships by the English Factory there, for defraying the National Charges; how much that duty is ? do all Foreigners who import Goods in British ships pay that Duty ? since what time have they paid it ? And is it by virtue of an order from the Great Duke, or by their own voluntary consent.

A letter from Mr. Cumings [fo. 142] Custom House Officer at Boston, to the Board, dated the 15th July, 1718, with an Account of Foreign Goods imported, was read.

A letter from the said Mr. Cuming to the Secretary, dated the 15th July, 1718, proposing an Inspector General of Imports and Exports there &c., was read.


A letter from Mr. Bridger [fo. 163, 425] Surveyor of His Majesty's Woods in North America to the Board, dated at Boston, the 14th July, 1718, complaining of the disobedience of the people to the Acts for preserving those woods, and justifying himself from some informations against him by Mr. Elisha Cooke and others, which said letter was read, as also the following papers therewith transmitted, vizt.:—
Copy of a letter from Mr. Elisha Cooke to the Speaker of the Assembly of the Massachusets Bay, complaining of undue practices used to oblige the Inhabitants of the Province of Main to pay contribution to Mr. Bridger for liberty to cut Loggs in that province, with Mr. Bridger's answer and Mr. Cooke's and Bridger's reply thereto.
Copy of several papers vindicating Mr. Bridger from an accusation of having exacted Money from the Inhabitants of the Province of Main, for liberty to cut logs there.

A letter from the said Mr. Bridger, Surveyor of the Woods, to the Secretary, dated at Boston, 14th July, 1718, complaining of Mr. Elisha Cooke and the want of salaries for his deputies, was read.

September 30. Present:—Sir Charles Cooke, Mr. Pulteney, Mr. Bladen.


Their Lordships taking again into consideration Col. Kane's observations and proposals [fo. 406, 420] mentioned in the Minutes of the 22nd and 31st of July and 21st August last, relating to the Island of Minorca, made a further progress therein and gave directions for preparing an answer upon the respective articles of his said proposals.