Journal, October 1715: Journal Book R

Pages 83-86

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 3, March 1715 - October 1718. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1924.

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Journal, October 1715

October 5. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Molesworth, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke.

New England.

Nova Scotia.

Letter from Colonel Dudley.

Fishing ships seized.

Letter to Mr. Secretary Stanhope.

A letter from Colonel Dudley dated at Boston the 31st of July last, with a postscript of the 4th of August, relating to the French influence on the Indians of Nova Scotia, and their seizing several of our fishing ships &c. was read; and a letter inclosing a copy thereof to Mr. Secry. Stanhope for his information, was signed.

New York.

Letter from Mr. Lowndes.


Attorney Generals salary.

A letter from Mr. Lowndes of the 16th of the last month referring to the Board a memorial from Mr. Rayner relating to his salary as Attorney General of New York, was read, and directions given for preparing an answer thereto.

October 6. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Molesworth, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.

New York.

Rayner Attorney General's.

Licence for being absent and new warrant.

Letter to Mr. Lowndes about arrears of salary.

Mr. Rayner, Attorney General of New York, attending, produced to the Board Her late Majesty's Licence for his being absent from that province, and presented to them a copy of His present Majesty's Warrant for his being appointed Attorney General of the said pro vince; after which the draught of an answer to Mr. Lowndes's letter mentioned in yesterday's minutes upon the said Rayner's Meml. to the Lords of the Treasury, relating to his arrears and growing salary, was agreed and ordered to be sent.

October 13. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke.

The papers undermentioned, being laid before this Board, were severally read vizt.


Letter from the Secretary of Levant Company.


A letter from Mr. Carbonel Secry. to the Levant Company, dated the 21st. Septr., 1715 [fo. 245], with an account of ye Woollen Goods, Lead, Tin and Bullion exported by them.

Letter from Commissioners of salt office.

State of the duties.

A letter from the Commrs. of the Salt Office [fo. 253], dated the 23rd of Septr., 1715, with a state of the duties on salt for five years, ending at Lady Day, 1715 and on the Drawback on fish.

Letter from Mr. Carkesse.

Account of gold &c.


A letter from Mr. Carkesse, Secry. to the Commrs. of the Customs, dated ye 27th Septr., 1715 [fo. 247], with an account of Gold and Silver exported from Christmas, 1701 to Christmas, 1714.


Account of ships cleared in England.

An account from the Custom House of the ships cleared from the several ports of England [fo. 298], from Christmas, 1709, to Christmas, 1714, with their tunage, the British and Foreign distinguished.

New York.

Chief Justice's warrant.

Copy of His Majesty's Warrant for constituting Lewis Morris Esqr. Chief Justice of New York.


Letter from Lord Townshend.


Herring trade.

A letter from the Lord Viscount Townshend of the 12th Octr. 1715, together with the copy of one from Mr. Wych [fo. 130, 262] relating to the progress made with the Senate of Hamburgh, for renewing the Convention, relating to the herring trade.

October 18. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.


State of affairs there.

Letter from Mr. Secretary Stanhope &c.

Answer to be prepared.

A letter from Mr. Secry. Stanhope dated the 13th instant, together with one from the Lords of the Admiralty and a letter from Capt. Kempthorn Commodore at Newfoundland [fo. 259], relating to the state of affairs in that Island, and the Fishery there, for the Report of this Board in order to the remedying several abuses complained of, were read; whereupon their Lordships gave some directions for preparing an answer to Mr. Secry. Stanhope.

New England.

Plantations General.

Letter from Bridger.


and about his passage to America.

A letter from Mr. Bridger, Surveyor General of His Majesty's Woods on the Continent of America, dated yesterday, signifying that he has lately received his instructions for that imployment [fo. 236], and that the shipping designed for New England at present being gone, he has taken his passage in the ship that is to sail first for those parts, was read.

October 20. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.


State thereof &c.

Letter to Mr. Secretary Stanhope.

A letter to Mr. Secry. Stanhope, directed to be prepared the 18th in answer to his letter of the 13th instant [fo. 258, 267], relating to the state of Newfoundland and the Fishery there, was signed.


Letter to Inspector General.

Pot ashes and barilla imported.

Ordered that a letter be writ to Mr. Martyn, Inspector General of the Customs, to desire an account of pot ashes and barilla imported into England from all parts, between Michaelmas, 1697 and Christmas, 1701.

October 21. Present:—Sir Jacob Astley, Mr. Coburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.

St. Christophers.

Letter from Mr. Secretary Stanhope.

Durepaire's petition.

Pretentions to plantations in the French part.

Query proposed.


Mr. Duport's thoughts thereon.

as likewise.

A letter from Mr. Secretary Stanhope of the 8th instant, referring to the Board a petition from Monsr. Durepaire [fo. 261] praying to be put in possession of three plantations in the late French part of St. Christophers, which he claims in right of his wife, formerly the widow of Monsr. Maigne, was read, together with the said petition. And Monsr. Durepaire attending with Mr. Duport, their Lordships had some discourse with them upon this subject, wherein among other questions Mr. Durepaire being asked, whether his wife was a protestant, he answered she was, and that she lived at present in the Island of St. Thomas—that the plantations he now sues for, are very well known to the inhabitants of St. Christophers to have been possessed by his wife, but that by reason of the Wars and taking and retaking of that part of St. Christophers, he had no writing or instrument to produce of the title to the said plantations which he said were called Le Jardin, La Solovette and La Frontiere. Mr. Duport acquainted the Board that he knew Mr. Durepaire's wife had lands in St. Christophers descended to her from her father and grandfather, but that he could not tell the quantity or names of the plantations.

General Hamilton's.

These gentlemen then withdrew, and General Hamilton being called in was asked several questions relating to Monsr. Durepaire's forementioned petition [fo. 260], whereupon he said that he knew Mrs. Durepaire and her former husband, who was Lieut. Du Roy for the French part of St. Christophers—that she never past for a protestant in those days, but was reputed otherwise, having retired with the French each time when their part of St. Christophers was taken by the English in years 1690 and 1702, at which General Hamilton said he was present, and in the last mentioned year she went to the Island of St. Thomas, where he is informed she still resides.

State of the case to be sent Attorney General.

After General Hamilton was retired, their Lordships gave directions for preparing a state of the case of Mr. Durepaire [fo. 262], to be sent to the Attorney General for his opinion thereupon.

October 25. Present:—Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.

St. Christophers.

Letter to Mr. Attorney General, with state of Mons. Durepaire's case.

The draught of a letter to Mr. Attorney General with the state of the case of Monsr. Durepaire [fo. 261, 286], mentioned in the minutes of the 21st instant, for his opinion thereupon, was agreed and ordered to be sent.

October 28. Present:—Mr. Cokburne, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Docminique.


Letter from Lord Townshend with extracts from Mr. Wych.

Herring trade with Hamburgh.


Mr. Smith summoned thereupon.

A letter from the Lord Viscount Townshend, dated yesterday, with the extracts of two letters from Mr. Wych [fo. 258, 266], His Majesty's Minister at Hamburgh, relating to the Herring Trade with that City, and the opposition made by the Dutch Resident to our Convention with them relating to the importation of herrings caught before midsummer day, were read; whereupon ordered that notice be given to Mr. Smith of Glascow, [v. Infra], that the Board desire the favour of speaking with him at ten of the clock on Tuesday next, and that he would bring with him any North British Gentlemen who are acquainted with the early Fishery on the coast of North Britain.


Copies of acts.

Letter from Mr. Carkesse.


A letter from Mr. Carkesse dated the 25th instant, desiring copies of two Acts of Connecticut for the Commrs. of His Majesty's Customs, was read; and an answer agreed and ordered to be sent.