Journal, September 1725: Journal Book B.B

Pages 195-197

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 5, January 1723 - December 1728. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1928.

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Journal, September 1725

September 9. Present:—Mr. Chetwynd, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Plummer.


Mr. Fane's patent.

Councillor at law to the Board.

A patent under the Great Seal appointing Francis Fane, Esquire, one of His Majesty's Council for the service of this Board, was read, and ordered to be entered.

Plantations General.

Acts to be sent to Mr. Fane.

Their Lordships were then pleased to give directions that the several Acts lately sent to Mr. West, and not reported upon by him, as also all other Acts, upon which the Board have not made any representation, be sent to Mr. Fane, for his opinion thereupon in point of law.

September 15. Present:— Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Plummer.



Letter to Mr. Tomlinson and Norris.

King of Sweden's Ordinances.

Ordered that Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Norris be reminded of the secretary's letter to them of the 18th of June last, transmitting to them a translation of the King of Sweden's ordinance [folios 171, 239], where by all merchants and masters of ships trading thither are to regulate themselves, and that they be desired to send, as soon as conveniently may be, their opinion and observations, paragraph by paragraph, upon the same.

Plantations General.

Letters to Governors for several accounts required by their instructions.

The draught of a circular letter to the Governors of Jamaica, Barbadoes, Leewards Islands, Bahamas, Virginia, New York and New Jersey [folio 74], ordered to be prepared the 13th of April last, directing them to send several accounts, therein mentioned to be wanting, was agreed and ordered to be sent.


Mr. Sharpe.

Mr. Bond's petition to be restored to the Council.

Mr. Sharpe, attending, desired their Lordships would please to appoint a day to hear what he has to offer, in relation to the petition of Francis Bond, Esquire [folios 219, 230], praying to be restored to his place and precedency in the Council of Barbadoes, which was referred to this Board by an Order in Council of the 20th of July last, and he was ordered to attend thereupon tomorrow morning.

September 16. Present:—Earl of Westmorland, Mr. Pelham, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Plummer, Sir John Hobart.


Mr. Sharpe.

Mr. Kingston about Mr. Bond's being restored to the Council.

Mr. Sharpe, attending, as he had been desired, as also Mr. Kingston, lately come from Barbadoes, their Lordships took into consideration an Order of Council of the 20th of July, mentioned in the Minutes of the 5th of the last month, referring to the Board the petition of Francis Bond, Esquire [folios 229, 245], late one of the Council of Barbadoes, praying to be restored to his place there, which was again read, as also the depositions thereunto annexed, upon which Mr. Sharpe begged leave to acquaint their Lordships that some time in the year 1719 one Mr. Bernard Cooke was tried by a Petty Sessions of the Peace for uttering some words, reflecting on the modesty of a gentleman's wife in Barbadoes, and that, although the said Mr. Bond happened to be one of the justices then setting, yet finding he could not mitigate the sentence given against the said Mr. Cooke, he left the room, and was not present when sentence was given, for proof of which he referred himself to Mr. Kingston, who confirmed what Mr. Sharpe had said, and further acquainted their Lordships that he was present during the whole time that Mr. Bond was at the Sessions, and that he went out with Mr. Bond, which was before the pronouncing of sentence.

Mr. Sharpe to bring papers of proceedings against one Mr. Cooke.

Their Lordships then desired Mr. Sharpe would bring to the Board the proceedings upon the tryal of the said Mr. Cooke, when their Lordships would consider further thereof, and appoint another day for hearing what he might have to offer upon this subject.

September 30. Present:—Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen.



Rhode Island.

New York.

Colonel Shute and agents, etc., about assistance of the Massachusets against the Indians.

Colonel Shute, Governor of the Massachusets Bay [folio 238], attending, as he had been desired, as also Mr. Cooke, agents for New England, Mr. Dummer, agent for Connecticut, Mr. Partridge, agent for Rhode Island, and Mr. Leheup, agent for New York, their Lordships took into their consideration and read a reference from their Excellencies the Lords Justices upon a memorial from the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Representatives of the Massachusets Bay, setting, forth the great expences they have been at to support the war with the Indians for three years past, and desiring that the Provinces of New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island may be directed to furnish their respective quotas of men, or money in lieu thereof, to maintain the said war, and that the Governor of New York should use his interest with the six nations of Iroquois, bordering upon that Government, to make them join with the people of New England against those Indians at present at war against that Province.

31 papers produced by Mr. Drummer.

Their Lordships, after some discourse with these gentlemen upon this subject, and reading 31 papers produced by Mr. Dummer, in proof of the several allegations in the aforesaid memorial, gave directions for preparing the draught of a representation upon the said reference and memorial.