Journal, April 1735: Volume 44

Pages 13-15

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 7, January 1735 - December 1741. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1930.

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Journal, April 1735

Tuesday, April 9th. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman, Mr. Brudenell, Sir A. Croft.


Mr. Gellibrand appointed deputy secretary in the room of Mr. Wheelock deceased.

The secretary acquainting the Board that Mr. Wheelock, late deputy secretary or chief clerk, was dead; a letter from the Earl of Westmoreland, dated this morning, recommending Mr. Gellibrand, the present chief clerk, to succeed Mr. Wheelock, and desiring that the succession of the clerks in this office may be according to their right of precedency, was read; and their lordships taking into consideration the present state of the office, ordered that Mr. Gellibrand do succeed in this office as deputy secretary or chief clerk in the room of and upon the same foot as Mr. Wheelock was, and that the rest of the present clerks have salaries according to their respective precedencies, vizt.:

The clerks in this office appointed to succeed each according to their seniority.

Mr. Israel Hudson 80 per annum
Mr. Anthony Sanderson 70 " "
Mr. Thomas Gedney 60 " "
Mr. Richard Lanham 50 " "
Mr. Richard Rogers 50 " "
Mr. George Bradley 40 " "

Thursday, April 11th. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman.


Copy of a memorial and two reports relating to the sugar and tobacco trade laid before the House of Commons.

An order from the House of Commons, dated the 3rd April, 1735, directing that a copy of Mr. Toriano's memorial in relation to the sugar and tobacco trade, may be laid before the House, was read, as also a letter from the Duke of Newcastle, directing copies of two reports of this Board, dated the 24th of July and 15th September, 1724, relating to the sugar and tobacco trades, to be laid before the House of Commons likewise, and Colonel Bladen was to lay the said papers before the House accordingly.

Tuesday, April 15th. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman.


Mr. Campion appointed a clerk and Mr. Hutchinson door-keeper in this office.

Their lordships resuming the consideration of the state of the office, mentioned in the minutes of the 9th instant, gave directions that Mr. Campion, at present door-keeper and assistant messenger in this office, should supply the vacancy of a clerk's place, occasioned by the promotion of the clerks, as mentioned in that minute; and Mr. Pelham recommending Mr. John Hutchinson to supply Mr. Campion's place, the same was agreed to by the Board.

Thursday, April 17th. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir A. Croft.

Santa Crux.

Report relating to the title to it agreed and signed.

The draught of a report to the Lords of the Committee of Council, setting forth the title of the Crown of Great Britain to the Island of Santa Crux, lately sold by the French to the Danes, ordered to be prepared the 27th of the last month, was agreed [fo. 49].

Tuesday, April 22nd. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman, Sir A. Croft.

The report upon the Crown's title to the Island of Santa Crux agreed at the last meeting, was signed.

Wednesday, April 23rd. Present:—Mr. Bladen, Sir O. Bridgeman.


Captain Lee, Governor, instructions required for him.

A letter from Mr. Burchett, dated the 16th instant, signifying that Captain Lee is appointed commodore of the Newfoundland fishery this year, and requiring instructions for him, and [fo. 55].

A letter from the Duke of Newcastle, dated 18th instant, directing the Board to prepare the draught of a commission and instructions for the said Captain Lee, appointed governor of Newfoundland, were read, as also

Lord Muskery's answers to queries.

A letter from the Lord Muskery, Governor of Newfoundland, dated October 31st, 1734, with his Lordship's
Answer to heads of inquiry relating to the trade and fishery at Newfoundland for the year 1734.
A scheme of the fishery for the year 1734, and remains of ordnance and stores in the garrison at Placentia in August, 1734.

Nova Scotia.

Captain Cotterel's answer to queries for the fishery at Canço.

Captain Cotterel's answer to heads of enquiry, relating to the fishery and trade of Canço in Nova Scotia for the year 1734 and giving a reason why fish is often ill cured there; and an account of the state of defence of the French at Cape Breton, were read.


Captain Lee's commission agreed and sent.

The secretary laying before the Board a draught of a commission for Captain Lee, a representation thereupon to his Majesty, and a letter, for inclosing the same to the Duke of Newcastle, was agreed and signed [fo. 54, 56].

Ordered that a draught of instructions be prepared for him.

Tuesday, April 29th. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman, Sir A. Croft.

His instructions agreed.

The draught of instructions for Captain Lee, ordered to be prepared at the last meeting, were agreed, and directions were given for preparing a draught of a representation to accompany the same.

Nova Scotia.

Captain Towrey appointed commodore of the fishery.

A letter from Mr. Burchet of 24th April, requiring heads of inquiry for Captain Towrey, appointed convoy to the fishery at Canço, was read, and ordered that the usual heads of inquiry be prepared accordingly [fo. 60].

Wednesday, April 30th. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Ashe, Sir A. Croft.


Governor's instructions agreed and sent with a report.

The representation, ordered yesterday to be prepared, with Captain Lee's instructions for the government of Newfoundland, as also a letter, for inclosing the same to the Duke of Newcastle, were agreed and signed.

Admiralty wrote to about damage done to the harbours by ballast thrown therein.

The secretary then taking notice to their lordships, that for want of penalties to inforce the several provisions in the Newfoundland Acts, several harbours in that island were very much decayed by the ballast thrown out of ships into them; ordered that a letter be wrote to Mr. Burchet to desire he will move the Lords of the Admiralty for directions to the captains of the men of war upon that station to prevent the same for the future [fo. 61].

New England.

Stores of war prayed for.

An order of the Committee of Council of the 6th of March, 1734–5, referring to this Board an address from the Assembly of the Massachusets Bay in New England, praying for cannon and other stores of war to be sent from hence for their defence, was read, and directions were given that the agent should attend to-morrow morning [fo. 58].