Lincoln wills: 1526

Pages 21-22

Lincoln Wills: Volume 2, 1505-1530. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1918.

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The testament of John Warnar [of Bucknall].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 396d.]

6 July, 1526. I John Warnar off Buknall. To be buryed in the qwere of St. Margaret in Buknall, with my mortuary as the lawe will. To the high altare off St. Margaret in Buknall. To our ladys warke [folio 397] off Lincoln. To the chyldren of St. Catheryne off Lincoln. To every house of the iiij orders of frerys in Lincoln. I will xiij trentalles off messes be sayd for my soule and for the soules off my father and mother and all crysten soulys. I will one other trentall of messes be sayd in Buknall kyrke. To Jenet Dyxson. I will that Jenet my wyff have her feoffement of my landes as it apperyth in a dede mayd therapon. The resydue off my goodes to my sayd wyff, the whiche Jenet and Robert Bate I orden to be my executors. Thes beyng wytnes, Sir Mathew [blank], my curate; Sir Richerd Hastyng, preste; and Raynolde Idyll.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 14 August, 1531, by the executors.

The testament of John Depyng [of Grantham].

[L.C.C., 1535–7, f. 83.]

22 December, 1526. I John Depyng of Grantham. To be buryed in the churche yerde of St. Vulfran of Grantham. To the high altare of St. Vulfran viijd. To our Ladys warke of Lincoln vjd. I make Alice my wyff my executrix, and George Atkynson my supervisor. Thes wytnesses, Sir William Herberde; Thomas Hanson; John Grene; with other mo.

Proved before P., at Grantham, 14 February, 1535.

The testament of Robert Everse [of Belton in the Isle of Axholme].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 216d. Collated with another copy at f. 227.]

1526. I Robert Everse off the paroche off Belton, makythe my testament and my last will in maner and forme foloyng: First I wit my soule to owr Lorde Jesu Christe, owre lady sanct Mary and to all the compeny [folio 217] off heven; ande my body to be bureide in the paroche churche off Belton. I wit my best goode to my mortuary, as the custome is. To the hye alter off Belton for my thythes and offringes forgoton iijs. iiijd. To the bells off Belton vjs. viijd. To owr lady off Lincoln xijd. To William Evers, myn unkull, on ambling stag. To Walter Castelforthe a stag. I wit to William Evers, myn uncle, to Walter Castilforth and to John Aschton my rayment at the discrestion off Elizabeth Evers my wiffe. I will that a preist syng for my saule, myn elders saules and all christon saules by the space off two yers in Belton churche. I wit to Raynold my servant hys wage at hys yers ende; and to all my servants theire wages and ijs. besyde theyr wages. I wit to John More a newe and a lamme. [To John Michell a newe and a lamme. (fn. 1) ] I make Esabell Ewers my wiffe myne executrice.

Thys is my last will, that Esabell Evers, my wiff and executrice, hafe and receve the renttes off all my copy howldes, fre copye and bond, accordyng to the surrender made to William Evers, Alexandre Baynton, John Denby, and to Thomas Pye, unto that Robert my son be off age off xxj yers; and then the seid Robert Evers to entre and to fyne for the seid copy hould landes. I will that Isabell Evers my wiffe fyne for my copy hould landes, fre copye and bond copye, unto my son Robert Evers comme to the age off xxj yers. I will that my feoffers suffer myn executrice to have and to receve the renttes off my landes put in feoffers handes in Yorkeshyre to the fulfyllyng off my will, to the behouffe off my dawthters partes; and it to be putt in custody at the sight off Ralff Riresby, my father in lawe; and he to be supervisor. Also I will that Robert my son have nooe parte off my moveable goodes. I will that William my son hathe the lande that myn uncle William hathe affter hys decess. And my moder to make it worthe iijl. (fn. 2) by yer for terme off hys liff. [I will that my doghters have every oon of theym, whan they shall be maried and my son Robert Evers come to the age of xxj yeres, every on of theym xl markes at the daie of their mariage of my goodes moveable and rentes of my landes. (fn. 3) ] The residue off my goodes I giff to Esabell Evers, my wiff, to fulfyll thys my last will. Thes beyng witness, Sir Ric' Harpham, curat'; Walter Castilforthe; William Evers; Thomas Pye; and John Denby; with other mooe.

[No probate act.]

The testament of Thomas Paule [of Brampton].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 216d. Collated with another copy at f. 227].

1526. I Thomas Paule off Brampton. To be buried within the chirche yerde off Sanct Peter off Torkesey. I bequethe for my mortuary my best horss and my harness. To sanct Petres chyrche off Torkesay my secunde coverlet. To the monastry off Sanct Leonardes off Torkesey a vestment and a chales, a crowne off sylvere and gilt and my best table clothe off damask warke. To John Clarke my servant a russett coet. To Jenet Tinker. To Jenit Jugson. The residue off my goode with my house and my landes in Brampton boundes unbequethed, I giff unto Mary my wiffe, whom I make my executrice to dispose for my saule as she shall think the best. Thes beyng witness, Syr John Raynoldson; Robert Horncliffe; Henric' (fn. 4) Storre; with other mooe.

[No probate act.]


  • 1. Added in the second copy.
  • 2. 'iiijl.' in the second copy.
  • 3. Added in the second copy.
  • 4. 'Hary' in the second copy.