Lincoln wills: 1531 (June)

Pages 140-144

Lincoln Wills: Volume 3, 1530-1532. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1930.

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1531 (June)

The testament of Richard Ray [of Grantham].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 365.]

1 June, 1531. I Richerd Ray makes my last will. My body to be buryd within the church of st Wulfran of Grantham. To the moste [sic] and blessyd sacrament for discharge of my conscience ijs. To our mother church of Lincoln for my oblacion xijd. To the fatherles chylder of st Catheryn xijd. To the church warke of Grantham ijs. All the resydew of my goodes I gyff them unto my wyff, whome I make executrix to se my dettes payd and me brought furthe as she thynkes best for the helth of my soule and all my good frendes soulys. Wytnes herof, sir Thomas Newton; William Marshall; Thomas Woodcroft; with others; and William Marshall to be my supervisor.

Proved before P., at Grantham, 17 October, 1531.

The testament of John Schort [of Waltham].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 280d.]

6 June, 1531. I John Schortt of Waltam makes my testament and last will. My body to be berryd within the churche yerde of Allhawlos of Waltham with that at be dew to the churche. To the hye alter within the churche of Waltham for forgottyn tithys ijs. To the belles in the sayd churche iiijd. To owr moder churche of Lincoln iiijd. To owr Ladys worke in the sayde churche ijd. To Agnes my davther. To Katheryn my doutter. To William my son. To Thomas my sone. To Elyn Schortt my wyffe my howssys and land the qwiche I have within cownte [sic] and feld of Waltham for the terme of hir lyffe, and affter her decesse I wyll that William my sown have all the sayde howces and lond to him and his erres. The residowe of my gudes not wyt I beqwithe to Elyn my wyffe and to Thomas Eryn, qwhom I make myne exsectures at tha may dysposse it for the helthe of my sowle. Wyttnes, sir William Yoff (fn. 1); Hew Schortt; Franscys Gren; with other mo.

Proved before P., at Grymesby, 14 November, 1531.

The testament of Robert Wyborne [of Fosdyke].

[L.C.C., 1532–4, f. 10d.]

6 June, 1531. I Robert Wyborne of Fosdyke, wyver, make my testament. I gyff my soule [etc.], and my body, [etc.], wt my mortuary, [etc.]. To the high altare ijd. To our Lady warkes of Lincoln ijd. To st Catheryns ijd. To the churchwarkes of Fosdyke xijd. To Cybell my doughter a gret chyst without fete and xxs. to be payd unto her at the day of her maryage by thandes of her mother. To Stephyn my eldest sun xxs. [etc.], to be payd vnto hym when he cumyth to laufull age by thandes of hys mother. To Jamys my yongest sun xxs. to be payd as aforesaid. I will yff any of theym dy or they come to laufull age that the parte of the dede be devydyd equally emonges the qwyk; yff they all dy and my wyffe lyff, then I will that she shall haue all ther partes. The resydue of my goodes, my body brought to the grounde, all the iij days with messe and dirige, and my dettes paid I gyff to Cecill my wyff, whome I make my executrix to dispose at her frewyll. Sir Stephen Haythnes to be supervisor. Thes wytness, sir Thomas Pytfelde curate; William Remy; Thomas Hunt; and Thomas Wyborne of Fossedyke.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 10 April, 1532, by the executrix.

The testament of Richard Kyrke [of Claypole].

[L.C.C. 1520–31, f. 350.]

8 June, 1531. I Richerd Kyrke, seke of body, makes and ordens my testament and last will. My body to be buryed in the churchyerde of the holy appostellys Peter and Paull in Claypull. To the high altare of the churche of Claypole for tithys forgottyn viijd. To our Lady warke of Lincoln vjd. To the cawsy of Clapole iijs. iiijd. To the churche of Clapole ijs. iiijd. To William my sonne. To Jenet my doughter a lyttyll basyn of maslyne, [etc.]. To John and Thomas my sonnes. To Isabelle my doughter iijl., [etc.], for to be payd within the yere day. And yff that my wyff go to mariage she for to pay it or she be maryed. And yff that it fortune any of my forsayd iij chyldren for to departe, then I will that they that lyffys for to have the good above namyd; and yff it fortune that they all departe, then I will that it be disposyd for my soule and thers. To sir Robert Hartelay xijd. To Allyson my doughter. The resydewe of my goodes I gyff to Parnell my wyff, whome I make executrix, she for to dispose them for the helthe of my soule as she thynkes the best. Thes wytnesses, sir Robert Hertlay; John Minitte; William Banester; John Alcoke; and many moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 22 September, 1531.

The testament of John Skamon [of Scrivelsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 388d.]

12 June, 1531. I John Skamon of Screvelsby makes my testament and last will. My body to be buryed within the churche yerde of st Benedicte of Skrevelesby. To the high altare of Skrevelesby my best oxe for tithes forgottyn. To our Lady warkes of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To the churche of Screvelesby vjs. viijd. To Mynyngesby churche xxd. To Claxby churche xxd. To Haltham churche vjd. To Dalderby churche vjd. To the iiij order of frerys at Boston iiijs. To Johanne my wyff bredcorne and malte corne for thone yere nexte aftyr my decesse, and it to be payd at the discrecion of Robert Palfrayman, [etc.]. To Robert Skmonde that is with me xxvjs. viijd. when he shall cum to the age of xviij yeres. I will that Robert Scamon my sun have the sayd money in hys kepyng tyll he [folio 389] cum at the sayd xviij yeres of age. To Thomas Brumtone my servant. To William Skamon my sun xls. and it to be payd be xiijs. iiijd. in the yere. To John Roper my servante a gyrdyll whiche William my sun hayth. To sir Thomas Scamon my sun vjs. viijd. To every one off my doughters iijs. iiijd. I will that my executor cause ij trentallys of messys to be sung in Screvelesby churche for the soulys of me and my wyff. I will that the sayd Robert my sun shall deale of my buryall day to pore folkes vjs. viijd., and at my vijth day, thyrty day, and seven yeres nexte aftyr my decesse at my yere day to cause a dirige and messe to be done and brede and chese to be delyd for my soule and soulys of my frendes, and thyrtene yeres nexte after the sayd seven yeres I will then ones in the yere to have one dirige and messe done and a messe penny to be offeryd for my soule, and the curet to have for hys laber vjd. To sir John Tayllor paryshe preste of Skrevelesby vjs. viijd. to pray for my soule. The resydue of my goodes I gyff to Robert Scamon my sone, whome I make my executor, and Robert Palfreyman to be supervisor, and he to have for hys labor vjs. viijd.

Thys is the last will of me the sayd John Scamon. To the sayd Robert Scamon my sun and executor my tenement in Screvelesby with all the landes medoys, [etc.], within the towne and feldes of Screvelesby and Dalderby aftyr thys condicion that he shall truly performe all thynges above wryt and also pay yerely an annuite of vjs. viijd. owt of the sayd tenement to the sayd Johanne my wyff terme of her naturall lyff, and he to make her sewer therof by the syghttes of her frendes; always provydyd yff the sayd Robert my sun do not performe all gyfftes and bequethementes above wryt then I will the sayd Robert Palfreyman shall enter and take into hys handes all my goodes, [etc.]. Witnes heroff [folio 389d.] desyred and requesyte, sir John Tayllour paryshe preste of Screvelesby; William Welles of the same; John Richerdson of the same; Robert Tolkyne of the same; and Oliuer Chapman of the same; with other mo.

Proved before P. at Lincoln, 28 July, 1531, by the executor.

The testament of Agnes Styll [of Marston].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 365.]

13 June, 1531. I Agnes Styll of Marston, vnder thys maner foloyng makes my testament and last will. My body to be buryd in the church yerde of our Lady of Marston. To the holy sacrament of the altare my best kyrchyff. To our Lady warke of Lincoln iiijd. To the high altare of Marston viijd. To Thomas Grauys xijd. To Margery Dowke a smok, a napurne, a kyrchyff. To Isabell Chambres my best apurne, [etc.]. To Jenet Chaplyn. To holde Agnes that was in house with me. To Isabell her syster a cannys. To John my sonne xxvjs. viijd. To Gerrerde my sonne xxvjs. viijd. The resydue of my goodes I will it be devydyd equally emongste my chylder at the sight and order of Thomas Styll, my sonne Gererde Styll, and Thomas Ayston, whome I make mye executors, and every one of them to have for ther labors xxd. a pece. Thes wytnes, sir Thomas Grauys; Thomas Mylman; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Ancaster, 16 October, 1532. Administration granted to Gererd Styll and Thomas Ayston, the executors, reserving power to grant to Thomas Styll the son when he shall come to lawful age.

The testament of Agnes [sic] Sygraue [of Stowe].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 367.]

15 June, 1531. I Alice Sygrave of Stowe makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryed in the churche of Stowe. To mr prior of Sempyngham vjs. viijd. To the nunnys vjs. viijd. To the chanons vjs. viijd. To the high altare of Stowe my best schete to be altare clothe, and my best kyrchyff to be a corporax. To st Awdre a bee hyve of the best, and a towell. To Richard Sygrave xls. To Jenet Grene my doughter a grene gowne and a hake, [etc.]. To Thomas Wryght off Frekyngham. To Thomas Wryght doughtter of Frekyngham. To Richerd Sygrave doughter of Frekyngham. To William Newton doughter of Frekyngham. To Richerd Sygrave doughter of Stowe. To Richerd Sygrave wyff of Stowe. To Adam Sygrave wyff of Stowe. To Emmot Sygrave. To Thomas Sygrave of Stowe. To Jenet Newton of Stowe. To Catheryne Stele. To danne William Skelton xxd. to pray for me. I make Richerd Sygrave and Adam Sygrave my sonnys my executors of my goodes not bequeth' to use them as they thynke best for the helthe of my soule. Wytnes, danne William Skelton; Richerd Sygrave; Adam Sygrave; Richard Sygrave off Frekyngham; Thomas Wryght of the same; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Burne, 21 October, 1531, by the executors.

Roger Dolphyn [of Gunthorpe].

[Stow, 1531–56, p. 275.]

29 June, 1531. I Roger Dolphyn of Gunthrope wth in the parishe of Owston in the Ile of Axholme, seeke of bodye and hole of mynd, makes my testament conteyninge my hole and last will. My bodye to be buryed wth in the church yeard of st Martyn of Owston. Vnto the hye alter of st Martyn for my tythes forgotten xijd. To our Ladye worke of Lincoln' xijd. I will halfe a messe and a [page 276] dirige singinge in the parishe church of Owston for my sowle and all christian sowles. I bequeath xxd. to a prest to say v messes for my sowle. To my wyffe and to my childer holye together the rentes of William Dolphins howse the space of iij yeares from the feast of st Michaell Arckangil next folowinge xxjs. in the yeare. The resedewe of all my goodes I geue to Katheryne my wyffe, whome I make myne executrix, so that she dispose for the healthe of my sowle as is best pleasinge to allmightie God. I will that Thomas Lawton' of Kenald Ferye be ouerseer of this my will. Thes wittnesseth, sir Roberte Cundall' chauntrye prest of Kenall' Ferye; Thomas Lawton' of the same; Thomas Dolphyn' of Stockwth; and Thomas Moodye the sonne of William Moodye of Gunthrope; wth other mooe.

Proved before L., at Gaynsbrough, 20 March, 1531–2.

The testament of W. Way [of North Cockerington].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 373.]

1531. I William Way of the paryshyng of Cokryngton Marie makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryed in the churche of Cokryngton. To the sacrament in Cokryngton church for tithys and oblacions forgottyn xd. To our Lady warke of our mother churche of Lincoln ijs. To our Lady lyght in Cokryngton churche xijd. To a light before our Lady of Pety xijd. To Alvyngham churche vjd. To Sowthe Cokryngton churche xijd. To John Cooke a mellyd russyt jaket. To Robert Cooke. To my syster. The resydue of my goodes I will it be devydyd in thre partes, I to have the fyrst parte and that to be disposyd for the helth of my soule, the secunde to Agnes my wyff, and the thyrde to my chyldren. I make to be my executor Robert Johnson, and he to have for hys labor vjs. viijd. Wytnes heroff, sir Richerd Browne; Roger Yarburgh; Martyn Raynolde; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 30 June, 1531, by the executor.


  • 1. Sir William Ive was curate of Waltham (Salter, A Subsidy, p. 21.)