Lincoln wills: Miscellaneous (1521-29)

Pages 234-235

Lincoln Wills: Volume 3, 1530-1532. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1930.

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Miscellaneous (1521-29)

Anne Methelay [of Over Burnham].

[Stow, 1531–56, p. 345.]

30 November, 1521 (fn. 1). I Ann Methelaye of Ouerburnum in the parishe of Haxaye, wydowe, hoale of mynd and perfyte memorye, make my testament and will. My bodye to be buryed before the crose in the church yeard of st Nicholas of Haxaye nighe vnto sepulture of John Methelaye late my husband. I bequeith in the name of my mortuarye my beaste according to the custome of the cuntrye. To Joanne Methelaye my daughter all my apparell and rament belonginge to my bodye. To our Ladyes workes of Lincoln' iiijd. To the highe alter for tythes forgotten iiijd. The residewe of all my goodes above not bequest my debtes considered and paid I geue and bequest to Nicholas Methelaye, William Methelay, Roberte, and Jefferey my sonnes, whome I ordeyne executors and [page 346] that they dispose the said godes amoungest them, and that euerye one of them when they shall come to the state of mariaige haue their porcions of the said goodes to dispose for their most profytt; and John Methelaye my eldist sonne I constitute superuisor. Thes wittnesses, sir Roberte Hewett, parishe prest: William Sandford; Roberte Hessyll; and others.

Proved before L., at Owston, 16 June, 1531.

The testament of Edward Hyn [of Donington in Holland].

[L.C.C., 1532–4, f. 72]

1529. I Edward Hyn of Donyngton make my last will and testament. My body to be buryed within the church yerde of Donyngton. To the high altare ther for tithys forgottyn xijd. To every other smal altare viijd. To every gylde iiijd. To every light in the same churche ijd. To the church warke of the same and to the reparacion of the bellys iijs iiijd. To the church warke of our Lady of Lincoln iiijd. To the fatherles chylder of st Catheryns ijd. To one ornament to the churche of Donyngton xls. To Catheryne my syster to her mariage xls. To Jenet my syster ij qwyes. To Jenet her doughter yff she lyff to the age of xvj yeres xiijs. iiijd. The resydue of all my goodes I gyff to Robert Hyn my father, and I will that he be my executor, and he to pay my legacy and bring me furthe as he thynkes best, by the oversight of sir John Pollyn chauntry prest of Donyngton, and he to have for hys labor iijs. iiijd. Thes men beryng wytnes, Roger Aucoke, Nicholes Kerbe, of Donyngton; with other mo.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 10 October, 1532.


  • 1. The date has been altered from 1531.