Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, Hounslow

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Hounslo in the Parish of Istleworth

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
gent Nicholas Awnsham 4 s
Tho: Stockton 2 s
Nicholas Injons 1 s no d
Richard Forrest 2 s no d
1 s Empty
John Canon 3 s Poore
Michall Hawkins 1 s no d
Robert Gisby 10 s
Theophil Pooley 4 s
Abraham Bonnifield 2 s Empty
widd Smith 4 s Poore
Tho: Paines 2 s no d
Simon Pook 2 s no d
John Shank 1 s no d
Jun Wm. Lock 3 s
Wm. Salter 2 s no d
James Watts 2 s no d
James Marshall 2 s no d
Sam: Jones 1 s no d
Wm. Robins 2 s
Richard Lowe 3 s Poore
John King 2 s no d
Edwa: Bush 2 s
John Heritude 4 s
Bernard Stephens 2 s no d
sen Geo: Butler 4 s
Wm. Tanner 3 s
Paul Peerpoint 1 s no d
Wm. Heydon 1 s no d
Richard Jesper 2 s
Henry Cleaver 2 s
Edward Stanney 3 s
Valentine Gibbs 6 s Poore
5 s Empty
Wm. Herbert 2 s no d
Gabriell Nicholson 8 s
Tho: Hall 3 s
Henry Beck 2 s
jun Robert Hickman 2 s no d
Joseph Higbe 2 s no d
Tho: Hudle 3 s
Mathew Hudle 3 s new built
Robert Blank 4 s
jun Geo: Butler 2 s Empt
John Matlet 2 s no d
widd Godfry 1 s no d
Richard Gill 1 s no d
Henry Dilbe 1 s no d
Thomas Pockock 2 s no d
sen Robert Hickman 1 s no d
Xpofer Gennings 4 s Poore
Wm. Nicholls 1 s
Benjamin Johnson 2 s
Phill: Cooks 2 s no d
3 b
6 b Empty