Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, St Botolph Aldgate , East Smithfield East

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Southside of ye East End of East Smithfield

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Thomas Foster 2 s removed
wid Cornelius 6 s x
4 s E
David Towler 3 s x
John Wakeham 1 b Noe distress
John Bracebridg 1 b removed
wid Lewis 3 b Noe distress hath a Cert.
Henry Wosly 1 s Noe distress
Alinton 1 b Noe distress
Anthony Wheeler 1 b
John Freeman 2 s x
John Wilson 1 b
Tho: Dix 1 b Noe distress
Tho: Hunt 1 b
s E
2 s E
John Thomas 1 s Noe distress
Jane Deacon 1 s Noe distress
John Peirce 3 s x
Richard Pepper 3 s x
wid Hubbard 3 s Noe distress
widd Ives 3 s x
widd Isaac 5 s x ; & a Forges