Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, St Botolph Aldgate , Shipbrew Fields South

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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South End of Shippbrew Feildes./

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Robert Lawrett 4 s x
Will Grant 2 s Shut ye Dore;
Robert Browne 2 s a Seaman
Wm. Ebernothy 3 b removed
Garrat Bowman 3 b
s E
s E
s E
wid Phillips 4 s x
Watson 4 s dore shutt
Geo Norton 3 s
Daniell Collet 3 s x
wid Grandy 3 s removed.
3 s E
3 s E
wid Baker 3 s x
Antho: Collet 2 s removed
Alex: Ensign 2 s Shut ye dore
s E
Robert Tindall 2 b
Alexander Rogers 2 b Shut ye dore
Wm. Law 1 b
Humfry Arnall 1 s no distress
Gunison 1 b
Festrop 1 b removed
Anne Sanderson 1 b
Rich: Steevens 2 b Seamen
Tho: Muse 2 b
Martha Gray 2 b Shut ye dore
Mary Gold 2 b
Jane Gripp 2 s x
wid Hering 2 s no distress
Wm. Preston 2 s Shut ye dore
wid Watson 3 s no distres
Stephen Pulley 3 s a prisoner in Holland
wid Hall 3 s no distres
Richard Milner 4 s x
Henry Deane 6 s x
wid Cheshier 5 s removed
Charles Backon 7 s x
s E
5 s E
s E
Wickham 2 b dore shut
wid Loushbury 3 b ; 1 Furnace
James Sincleare 2 s
wid Compell 1 s dore shut
John Browne 1 s
Collens 2 b dore shutt
Coe 2 b
James Sedowes 2 s a Soldier in Service
wid Woodgate 6 s removed
5 s E
wid Iles 5 s x
Henry Clark 1 s no distress
wid C Capell 6 s x
Robert Deane 2 s Shutt ye dore
John Petrom 3 s Shutt ye Dore
Eliz: Harris 3 s removed
Peter Guilbert 3 s Shut ye dore
s E
Meredith 3 b
Geo: Vaughan 2 b Shut ye dore
Joseph Law 2 s
John Ballard 2 s no distress
Tho: Page 5 s x
Adam Moge 2 s removed
3 s E
Wm Harris 2 s removed