Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, St Martin in the Fields , Newport Street

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Newport Streete

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
The Earle of Bullinbrooke 24 s
Sr Allan Apsly 21 j
Dan: Garvj 0 j
Lady Carnwallis 15 s I cannot receive ansywer
Lord Crofts 23 s euth thr Hosse
Lady Everard 10 s
Sr Philippe Meedhouse 10 s
The Countesse of Carlile 17 s
Lady Harris 9 s
Mr Chutes Exers 13 s
The Earle of Newport 40 s
The Earle of Leicester 55 s
Daniell Williams 1 s
Mr Dancoos 2 s
Richard Foulks 3 s
John Lether 3 s
John Parsons 5 s
Garret 0 s the military house Empty
Thomas Broune 3 s Empty
Capt Ryder 4 s
Andrew Creagh 7 s
Widd Edwards 7 s
Thomas Thwaites 6 s
Robt Read 6 j empt
Margaret Belson 0 j
Thomas Clerke 3 s noe distress
John Sell 6 s
Wm English 3 s empty
0 s
Mrs Michaell 7 s empt
Wm West 2 b
Peter Veasly 2 b poore
Margaret Mason 1 b
Mr Whip 1 b
John Stone 4 j
Mrs Payne 0 j
Andrew Carne 4 s
Mich: Smyth 4 s
Oliver Kirke 2 s
Robert Ransen 4 s
Thomas Fletcher 2 s
John Spurrier 4 s
Bridget Michell 2 s
Widd Kirke 2 s
Mr Rogers 2 s poore
Mr Mason 3 s
William Morton 1 s
John Bell 1 s poore
John Angell 4 s
Sarah Johnson 1 s
Mrs Horne 2 s
Mrs Rutter 1 s
0 s
Mr Hall 0 s empt
Mr Winter 3 s
Mr Dollison 3 s empty
Mr Booth 4 s