Index to property- and archive-holders

Pages 239-246

A Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London before the Great Fire. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1985.

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This index provides a guide to the main headings of the survey (holders of property, and libraries and record offices with collections relating to London), arranged alphabetically by name or place. Several group- and subject-headings are also included. The index does not cover subheadings within entries, except for 265, 3834, 416, where the subheadings relate to different entities. It therefore does not include those private property holders whose present or former records are described in entries for libraries and record offices. Nor does it cover individual MSS and their locations. References denote the bold entry numbers in the survey.

Institutions, including religious houses, in London are indexed by name, other institutions by place, county record offices and libraries by name. The London entries cover references to groups of records, and the city's own records.


Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, 511

Aldersgate ward (London), 416a

Aldgate Priory, see Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate; see also Minoresses

Aldgate ward (London), 416b

almshouses: Bristol, Revd. Thomas White's, alias Temple Hospital, 417; Pontefract College, alias Knolles' Almshouses, 203; Sherborne, 419; see also hospitals, Westminster. The records of many livery companies (16 69) and London parishes (275381) also contain references

Alnwick Abbey (Northumb.), 106

Anglesey, marquess of, Plas Newydd, 420

Ankerwyke Priory (Bucks.), 107

Apothecaries, Society of, 16

Archdeaconry of London Court, 52930

Arches, Court of, 529

Armourers' and Brasiers' Company, 17

Arundel Castle (Sussex), see Norfolk, duke of

Ash (Kent), church of, 384a

Ashridge (Bucks., subsequently Herts.), college of Bonhommes, 265a

Austin Friars (London), 91


Bakers' Company, 18

Balliol College, Oxford, 396

Bank of England (London), 408

Barber-Surgeons' Company, 19

Barking Abbey (Essex), 108

Barlings Abbey (Lincs.), 109

Barnet Public Libraries, 531

Barnstaple Priory, see 273

Barnwell Priory (Cambs.), 110

Bath, marquess of, Longleat (Wilts.), 421

Bath and Wells, bishop, 111

Bayham Abbey (Sussex), 112

Beauvale Priory (Notts.), 265b

Bec Abbey (Normandy, France), 267

Bedford, duke of, 422

Bedfordshire Record Office, 465

Beddgelert Priory (Carnarvon), 113

Beeleigh Abbey (Essex), 114

Beinecke Rare Book and MS Library, Yale University, see New Haven

Belfast (Northern Ireland), Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 517

Belvoir Castle (Leics.), see Rutland, duke of

Berkeley estates, trustees of, 423

Berkshire Record Office, 466

Bermondsey Abbey (Surrey), 115

Bethlem Hospital, see St. Mary of Bethlehem

Biddenham (Beds.), church of, 384a

Biddle Law Library, see Philadelphia

Biddlesden Abbey (Bucks.), 116

Bindon Abbey (Dorset), 117

Birmingham City Reference Library, 467

Bisham Priory (Berks.), 118

bishops, see Bath and Wells, Chichester, Coventry and Lichfield, Ely, Lincoln, London, Oxford, Peterborough, St. Davids, Salisbury, Westminster, Winchester, Worcester; see also Canterbury, archbishop; for estates during the Interregnum, see 462b

Bishopsgate Hospital, see St. Mary without Bishopsgate

Bishopsgate Institute (London), 454

Black or Dominican Friars (London), 94

Blackmore Priory (Essex), 119

Blacksmiths' Company, 20

Bodleian Library, Oxford, Department of Western Manuscripts, 495 and passim

Boxley Abbey (Kent), 120

Boylestone (Derbys.), church of, 384a

Brasenose College, Oxford, 397

Brasiers' Company, see Armourers' and Brasiers' Company

Brewers' Company, 21

Bricklayers' Company, see Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company

Bridewell Royal Hospital (London), 409

Bridge House estate, see London, city of, estates

Bridge ward (London), 416c

Bridgwater (Som.), hospital of St. John the Baptist, 121

Bristol (Avon), Revd. Thomas White's Almshouse, alias Temple Hospital, 417

British Library (London), Department of Manuscripts, indexed collections, 455; private cartularies, 456; other records, passim

Broderers' Company, 22

Bromley (Kent), church of, 384a

Buckinghamshire Record Office, 468

Burnham Abbey (Bucks.), 122

Burton Lazars (Leics.), leper hospital, see 165

Burton upon Trent Abbey (Staffs.), 123

Bury St. Edmunds Abbey (Suff.), 124

Butchers' Company, 23

Butley Priory (Suff.), 125


Caen (Normandy, France), abbey of Holy Trinity, 268; abbey of St. Stephen, 269

Cambridge (Cambs.), college archives, 38594; University Library, 469 and passim

Cambridge County Record Office, Cambridge, 470; Huntingdon, 471

Cambridge (Mass., U.S.A.), Harvard Law School Library, 518

Campsey Ash Priory (Suff.), 126

Candlewick ward (London), 416d

Canterbury (Kent)
-, archbishop, 133; Prerogative Court of, 52930; see also 462, 529
-, cathedral priory and dean and chapter, 12732; cathedral library, 472; St. Augustine's Abbey, 134; St. Gregory's Priory, 135

Carmelite Friars (London), 92

Carpenters' Company, 24

cartularies, of private persons, 1, 440, 450, 4567; of religious houses and other institutions, passim

Cecil MSS, see 431

Chaddesden (Derbys.), college or chantry of, 136

chantries, see 70, 734, 275381 (passim), 3834, 438, 4401. The records of many livery companies (1669) also contain references to chantries

charities, see London, parochial charities. The records of Livery Companies (16 69) and London parishes (275381) also contain numerous references; see also almshouses, hospitals

Charlottesville (Va., U.S.A.), University of Virginia Library, 519

Charterhouse (Middx., nr. London), Carthusian priory, 87; school and Sutton's Hospital, 403

Chatsworth House (Derbys.), see Devonshire, duke of

Cheap ward (London), 416e

Chertsey Abbey (Surrey), 137

Cheshire Record Office, 473

Cheshunt Priory (Herts.), 138

Chicago, University of, Library (III., U.S.A.), 520

Chich Abbey, see St. Osyth, abbey of

Chichester (Sussex), bishop, 140; dean and chapter, 139

Chicksands Priory (Beds.), 141

Chinnor (Oxon.), church of, 384a

Chrishall, prebend of, see St. Martin le Grand

Christ Church, Aldgate, priory of, see Holy Trinity Priory

Christ Church, Canterbury, see Canterbury, cathedral priory

Christ Church (college), Oxford, 398

Christ's Hospital (London), 404

Cirencester Abbey (Glos.), 142

Claydon (Bucks.), see Verney family

Cleeve Abbey (Som.), 143

Clerkenwell (Middx., nr. London), priory of St. John of Jerusalem or Knights Hospitallers, 88; priory of St. Mary, 89

Clockmakers' Company, 25

Clothworkers' Company, 26

Clwyd Record Office, Hawarden (Wales), 512

Cobham College (Kent), 265c

Coggeshall Abbey (Essex), 144

Colchester Abbey (Essex), 145

College of Arms (London), 457

colleges, academic, see Cambridge, Oxford, schools; non-academic religious, indexed individually by place; see also 384

Colney chapel, Shenley (Herts.), 384b

Commissary Court of London, 52930

Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England, alias New England Company (London), 410

Consistory Court of London, 52930

Converted Jews, house of (London), 97

Cooks' Company, 27

Coopers' Company, 28

Cordwainers' Company, 29

Cornhill ward (London), 416f

Cornwall County Record Office, 474

Corporation of London, see London, city of; Records Office, 115

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 385

county record offices, see 465513 (indexed individually by county); see also Greater London Record Office

Coventry (Warwicks.), fraternity of Holy Trinity, St. Mary, and St. John the Baptist, 384a

Coventry and Lichfield, bishop, 146

Cripplegate, see St. Mary within Cripplegate, St. James by Cripplegate

Crown estates, see 43644

Croxden Abbey (Staffs.), 147

Croxton Abbey (Leics.), 148

Crutched Friars (London), 93

Curriers' Company, 30

Cutlers' Company, 31


Dartford Priory (Kent), 149

Devon Record Office, 475

Devonshire, duke of, Chatsworth House (Derbys.), 424

Domesday Book, 453

Dominican Friars (London), 94

Domus Conversorum (London), 97

Dorchester Abbey (Oxon.), 265d

Dorset Record Office, 476

Drapers' Company, 32

Duchy of Lancaster, 4401

Dulwich College (Kent, now London), 405

Dunmow, Little, Priory (Essex), 150

Durham, cathedral priory, 151

Durham County Record Office, 477

Dutch Church, in Austin Friars (London), 411

Dyers' Company, 33

Dyfed Archives, see 513


East India Company (London), 412

East Sussex Record Office (Lewes), 505

Edinburgh (Scotland), National Library of Scotland, 514; Scottish Record Office, 515; University Library, Department of Manuscripts, 516

Elsing Spital, see St. Mary within Cripplegate

Ely, bishop, 153; cathedral priory and dean and chapter, 152

Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 386

Essex Record Office, 478

Eton College, Windsor (Berks.), 406

Evesham Abbey (Worcs.), 154

Eynsham Abbey (Oxon.), 155


Farringdon ward within (London), 416g

Farringdon ward without (London), 416h

Farthinghoe (Northants.), church of, 384a, 384d

Faversham Abbey (Kent), 156

Fcamp Abbey (Normandy, France), 270

Finedon (Northants.), church of, 265b, 384a, 384d

Fishmongers' Company, 34

Flaxley Abbey (Glos.), 265e

Folger Shakespeare Library, see Washington

Fotheringhay (Northants.), college of, 157, 384d

Founders' Company, 35

France, religious houses in, 26774; see also Montjoux, St. vroul

Franciscan Friars (London), 95

fraternities: Holy Trinity, St. Mary, and St. John the Baptist, Coventry (Warwicks.), 384a; Jesus 'in the crowds' (London), 383b; St. Augustine Papey (London), 99; Sixty Priests (London), 383c. See also London livery companies, 1669; London parishes, 275381

friaries (London), 9195A; see also Minoresses

Fulham (Middx.), vicar of, 384b

Fuller Collection, Senate House Library, London University, see 464

Furnival's Inn (London), see 413


Garendon Abbey (Leics.), see 82

Ghent (Belgium), abbey of St. Peter, alias Mont Blandin, 266

Gillingham (Kent), see 'Grenge' Manor

Girdlers' Company, 36

Glastonbury Abbey (Som.), 158

Glaziers' Company, 37

Gloucester Abbey and dean and chapter, 159

Gloucestershire Record Office, 479

Godstow Abbey (Oxon.), 160

Goldsmiths' Company, 38

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 387

Goodwyn MSS, 425

Greater London Record Office (London), 458

'Grenge' Manor, chapel of, nr. Gillingham (Kent), 384a

Gresham College estate, 15, 47

Grestain Abbey (Normandy, France), 271

Grey or Franciscan Friars (London), 95

Grocers' Company, 39

Guildford, Newark Priory at, see Newark Priory

Guildhall Chapel (London), 383a

Guildhall Library (London), Department of Manuscripts, main series, 459; Additional Manuscripts, 460; inventories, 530; wills, 529; other records, passim

Gunmakers' Company, 40


Haberdashers' Company, 41

Haliwell Priory (Middx., nr. London), 90

Ham Abbey (Essex), see Stratford Langthorne

Hampshire Record Office, 480

Harvard Law School Library, see Cambridge (Mass., U.S.A.)

Hastings Priory (Sussex), 161

Hatfield (Herts.), see Salisbury (Cecil) MSS

Hatfield Peverel Priory (Essex), 162

Haverfordwest (Wales), see Pembrokeshire Record Office

Hawarden, see Clwyd Record Office

Hellesdon (Norf.), church of, 384a

Hereford and Worcester Record Office, 481

Hertfordshire Record Office, 482

Higham Ferrers (Northants.) college of, 163

Hitchin (Herts.), church of, 384a; priory, 164

Holborn, prebend of, see St. Paul's

Holborn (Middx.), St. Giles's Hospital, 165

Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate, alias Christ Church (London), 79

Hornchurch (Essex), church of, 384a; priory 166

Horsham St. Faith Priory (Norf.), 167

Hospitallers, Knights, see Clerkenwell, priory of St. John of Jerusalem; Quenington

hospitals, in London, 85, 97105; elsewhere, indexed by place; see also almshouses, Bridewell Royal Hospital, Charterhouse (Sutton's Hospital), Christ's Hospital

Hounslow Priory (Middx.), 168

House of Lords (London), 461

Humberside County Record Office, 483

Huntingdon Record Office, see Cambridge County Record Office

Huntington Library, see San Marino

Hurley Priory (Berks.), 265f


Inner Temple (London), see 413

Innholders' Company, 42

Inns of Court and Chancery (London), 413

inventories, collections of, 4, 7, 530; single inventories, passim

Ironmongers' Company, 43

Irthlyngborough (Northants.), college of, 169, 384d


Jesus College, Cambridge, 388

Jesus 'in the Crowds', fraternity of (London), 383b

Jews, Converted, house of (London), 97

Joiners' Company, 44


Keele University (Staffs.), Library, 484

Kenilworth Abbey (Warwicks.), 170

Kent County Archives Office, 485

Kilburn Priory (Middx.), 171

King Edward's School, Witley (Surrey), see 409

King's College, Cambridge, 389

King's Hall, Cambridge, see 393

Kingston upon Thames (Surrey), college of, 172

Kirkstead Abbey (Lincs.), 173

Knolles' Almshouses, see Pontefract, college of


Lambeth Archives Department, Minet Library, 531

Lambeth Palace Library (London), 462; see also 529f

Lancashire Record Office, 486

Lancaster, duchy of, 4401

Latton Priory (Essex), 265g

Launceston Priory (Cornwall), 533

Leathersellers' Company, 45

Leeds (Yorks.), see Yorkshire Archaeological Society

Leeds Priory (Kent), 174

Leicester, abbey of St. Mary de Pr, 175; Newark College, 176

Leicestershire Record Office, 487

Lesnes Abbey (Kent), 177

Lewes Priory (Sussex), 178

Lewisham Archives Department, 531

Lewisham Priory (Kent), 179

Leyborne-Popham, F. W., MSS formerly of, 426

Lichfield, bishop, see Coventry and Lichfield

Lilleshall Abbey (Shropshire), 180

Lime Street ward (London), 416j

Lincoln, bishop, 181

Lincolnshire Archives Office, 488

Little Dunmow Priory, see Dunmow, Little

Little Marlow Priory, see Marlow, Little

livery companies, 1669 (indexed under individual names)

Locus Regalis, see Rewley Abbey

London, assessments, 12, and see Topographical Index, i; bishop, 78; city, see London, city of; ecclesiastical courts, 529; institutions in, 40816, 532 (indexed individually); libraries, museum, and record offices in, 115, 45464, 531, and see Public Record Office; livery companies, 1669; nonparochial chapels and fraternities, 383; parishes, 275381 (arranged alphabetically, not indexed individually), also 438; parochial charities, 382; religious houses in or near, 707, 79105 (indexed individually, and see Bermondsey, Holborn, Kilburn, Southwark, Stratford-at-Bow, Westminster); schools, 4035; wards and liberties, 416

London, city of
-, charters and custumals, 1
-, courts, assizes, and inquisitions: Aldermen, Court of, 3; Common Council, Court of, 3; coroner, 6; escheator, 5; Fire Court, 11; Husting, 2, 529; Mayor's Court, 4; nuisance, assize of, 8; Orphans, Court of, 7; possessory assizes, 9
-, estates: Bridge House, 14; Corporation (city lands), 13; Gresham, 15
-, eyres and crown pleas in, 445
-, surveys: Mills and Oliver, and others of the time of the Great Fire, 11; viewers' reports, 10

Longleat (Wilts), see Bath, marquess of

Lords, see House of Lords


Magdalen College, Oxford, 399

Magdalene College, Cambridge, 390

Malmesbury Abbey (Wilts.), 182

Manchester, Central Library, Archives Department, 489; John Rylands University Library, 490

Mapesbury, prebend of, see St. Paul's

Markyate Priory (Herts.), 183

Marlow, Little, Priory (Bucks.), 184

Masons' Company, 46

Mattersey Priory (Notts.), 185

Meade-Fetherstonhaugh deeds, see 434

Mercers' Company, 47

Merchant Taylors' Company, 48

Merton College, Oxford, 400

Merton Priory (Surrey), 186

Michael House, Cambridge, see 393

Middle Temple (London), see 413

Middleton MSS, see 493

Millar, J. C. G., 427

Minet Library, see Lambeth

Minoresses, abbey of nuns of the Order of St. Clare, without Aldgate (London), 96

Missenden Abbey (Bucks.), 187

Mont Blandin, see Ghent, abbey of St. Peter

Montjoux, priory of St. Bernard (France), see 166

Montreuil-sur-Mer, abbey of (Picardy, France), 272

'Moreton' Priory (identity uncertain), 265h

Museum of London (London), 463


National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 514

National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, 511

Newark College, Leicester, see Leicester

Newark Priory or Novus Locus, Guildford (Surrey), 188

New College, Oxford, 401

New England Company, see Company for the Propagation of the Gospel

New Haven (Conn., U.S.A.), Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and MS Library, 521

Newnham Priory (Beds.), 189

New York (U.S.A.), New York University Law School, 523; Pierpont Morgan Library, 522

Nocton Priory (Lincs.), 190

Norfolk, duke of, Arundel Castle (Sussex), 428

Norfolk Record Office, 491

Northamptonshire Record Office, 492

Northern Ireland, Public Record Office of, Belfast, 517

Northumberland, duke of, 429

Notley Abbey (Bucks.), 191

Nottingham, University Library, Department of Manuscripts, 493

Nottinghamshire Record Office, 494

Novo Eton, see 192

Novus Locus, priory of, see Newark Priory

Nuneaton Priory (Warwicks.), 192


Ogbourne Priory (Wilts.), 193

Osney Abbey (Oxon.), 194

Ospringe (Kent), hospital of St. Mary, 195

Ottery St. Mary (Devon), college of, 196

Oxford, bishop, 197; college archives, 396 402; hospital of St. John the Baptist, 198; university archives, 395; university library, see Bodleian Library; see also Rewley Abbey

Oxfordshire County Record Office, 496


Painter-stainers' Company, 49

Panfield Priory (Essex), 199

Papey, fraternity of (London), see St. Augustine Papey

Paris (France), priory of St. Martin des Champs, 273

Parish Clerks' Company, 50

parishes and chapels, in London, 274381 (arranged alphabetically, not indexed), 3823, 411; elsewhere, 384

Paviours' Company, 51

Pembroke College, Cambridge, 391

Pembrokeshire Record Office, Haverfordwest (Wales), 513

Penance of Jesus, Friars of the (London), 95A

Peterborough (Northants.), abbey, 200; bishop, 201

Pewterers' Company, 52

Philadelphia (Pa., U.S.A.), Biddle Law Library, 524; Free Library, 525

Physicians, Royal College of, see Royal College of Physicians

Pierpont Morgan Library, see New York

Pinmakers' Company, 53

Pipewell Abbey (Northants.), 202

Plaisterers' Company, 54

Plas Newydd, see Anglesey, marquess of

Playing-card Makers' Company, 55

Plumbers' Company, 56

Pontefract (Yorks.), college of, alias Knolles' Almshouse, 203

Port of London Authority, 532

Portsoken ward (London), 416k

Poulters' Company, 57

Poulton Priory (Wilts., subsequently Glos.), 265i

priests, see Sixty Priests, fraternity of

Princeton University, Princeton (NJ, U.S.A.), 526

Prittlewell Priory (Essex), 204

Public Record Office (London)
-, cartularies, private, 450; Chancery Decree Rolls, 447; Chancery rolls, 443; deeds, ancient and modern, 441; deeds, enrolled, 449; Domesday Book, 453; duchy of Lancaster, 4401; escheats and forfeitures, 437; eyres and crown pleas, 445; fines and recoveries, 448; inventories, 530; judicial proceedings, 4456; liberty of St. Bartholomew's, 451; maps and plans, 442; monastic and chantry properties, 438; parliamentary surveys, crown lands, 439; royal properties in London, 436; state papers, 444; taxation, records of, 452; wills, 529; other records, passim


Queenhithe ward (London), 4161

Quenington (Glos.), Knights Hospitallers of, 205


Ramsey Abbey (Hunts.), 206

Reading Abbey (Berks.), 207

Reigate (Surrey), priory and hospital, 208

religious houses (including bishoprics), in England and Wales, 70265 (indexed individually), 4378, 441; in Belgium, see Ghent; in France, 26774, and see Montjoux, St. vroul; for the estates of ecclesiastical landlords during the Interregnum, see 462b

Rewley Abbey, alias Locus Regalis, Oxford, 209

Rochester (Kent), cathedral priory, 210; dean and chapter, 211; Rochester Bridge Trust, 418

Royal College of Physicians (London), 414

Royal Exchange, see 15, 47

Royston Priory (Herts.), 212

Rutland, duke of, Belvoir Castle (Leics.), 430

Rylands, John, Library, see Manchester


Sack, Friars of the, of the Penance of Jesus (London), 95A

Saddlers' Company, 58

St. Albans Abbey (Herts.), 213

St. Anthony of Vienne, hospital of (London), 98

St. Augustine Papey, hospital or fraternity of (London), 99

St. Bartholomew's Hospital (London), 100

St. Bartholomew's, liberty of, 451

St. Bartholomew's Priory (London), 80

St. Clare, nuns of the Order of (London), see Minoresses

St. Davids (Wales), bishop, 214

St. vroul Abbey (Normandy, France), see 243

St. Faith's Priory, see Horsham St. Faith

St. George's Chapel, Windsor (Berks.), 258

St. Giles's Hospital, Holborn, see Holborn

St. Helen's Priory (London), 81

St. James by Cripplegate, chapel of (London), 82

St. John of Jerusalem, priory of, Clerkenwell, see Clerkenwell

St. John's College, Cambridge, 392

St. John's College, Oxford, 402

St. Katharine's Hospital by the Tower (London), 101

St. Martin des Champs, priory of, Paris, see Paris

St. Martin le Grand, college of (London), 83, 247, 248b-c, 249b, 2502; prebend of Chrishall of, 83; liberty of, 416n

St. Mary of Bethlehem, hospital of, alias Bethlem Hospital (London), 102

St. Mary without Bishopsgate, [New] hospital of, alias St. Mary Spital (London), 103

St. Mary Clerkenwell, priory of, see Clerkenwell

St. Mary within Cripplegate, hospital of, alias Elsing Spital (London), 104

St. Mary Graces by the Tower, abbey of (London), 84

St. Mary Ottery, see Ottery St. Mary

St. Mary Overy Priory, Southwark, see Southwark

St. Mary Spital, see St. Mary without Bishopsgate

St. Osyth, alias Chich, abbey of (Essex), 215

St. Paul's cathedral (London), estate of dean and chapter, almoner, petty canons, pittancer, 707; New Work, 73c, 74a; Old Work, 78; prebends of Holborn and Mapesbury, 73g; peculiar court of dean and chapter, 52930

St. Peter ad Vincula (London, in the Tower), peculiar and exempt jurisdiction, 529j

St. Thomas of Acre (Acon), house or hospital of (London), 85

St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, see Southwark

St. Valry-sur-Somme, abbey of (Picardy, France), 274

Salisbury (Wilts.), bishop, 216; Trinity Hospital, 217

Salisbury (Cecil) MSS, Hatfield (Herts.), 431

Salt, William, Library, see Staffordshire Record Office

Salters' Company, 59

Salwey family MSS, 432

San Marino (Calif., U.S.A.), Huntington Library, 527

Savoy Hospital (Middx., nr. London), 105

Sawtry Abbey (Hunts.), 218

schools, 4037; see also King Edward's School, Witley; Westminster

Scotland, libraries and record offices in, 51416

Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh, 515

Scriveners' Company, 60

Sempringham Priory (Lincs.), 219

Sevenoaks (Kent), church of, 384

Shebbeare, H. V., 433

Sheen Priory (Surrey), 220

Sheffield City Libraries, Archives Division, 497

Shenley (Herts.), see Colney chapel

Sherborne Almshouse, Sherborne (Dorset), 419

Shottesbrook (Berks.), church of, 384a; college of, 221

Shouldham Priory (Norf.), 222

Shrewsbury Abbey (Shropshire), 223

Shropshire Record Office, 498

Sibton Abbey (Suff.), 265j

Sion College (London), 415

Sixty Priests, fraternity of (London), 383c

Skinners' Company, 61

Somerset Record Office, 499

Sopwell Priory (Herts.), 224

Southwark (Surrey), church of St. Olave, 384a; priory of St. Mary Overy, 225; St. Thomas's Hospital, 226

Spinney Priory (Cambs.), 227

Staffordshire Record Office and William Salt Library, 500

Standon (Herts.), church of, 384a

Stanley Abbey (Wilts.), 228

Stanstead St. Margaret's, see Thele

'Stapwell Abbey', see 224

Stationers' Company, 62

Stockfishmongers' Company, see 34

Stratford-at-Bow (Middx.), priory of St. Leonard, 229

Stratford Langthorne or Ham (Essex), abbey of B.V.M., 230

Strood (Kent), church of, 384a

Sudbury (Suff.), college of, 231

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St. Edmunds, 501; Ipswich, 502

Surrey Record Office, Guildford Muniment Room, 503; Kingston upon Thames, 504

Sussex Record Offices: East Sussex RO (Lewes), 505; West Sussex RO (Chichester), 506

Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse school

Syon Abbey (Middx.), 232


Takeley Priory (Essex), 233

Tallow Chandlers' Company, 63

Temple Hospital, Bristol, see Bristol, Revd. Thomas White's Almshouse

Temple, Inner and Middle, see 413

Templars (house of Knights Templars, London), 86

Tewkesbury Abbey (Glos.), 234

Thame Abbey (Oxon.), 235

Thele College, alias Stanstead St. Margaret's (Herts.), 265k

Tilty Abbey (Essex), 236

Tonbridge Priory (Kent), 237

Tortington Priory (Sussex), 238

Tower of London, see St. Peter ad Vincula

Trinity College, Cambridge, 393

Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 394

Trinity Hospital, Salisbury, 217

'Trowbridge Priory', see 237

Turners' Company, 64

Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company, 65


United States of America, collections in, 51828

Uppark (Sussex), 434


Vale Royal Abbey (Cheshire), 239

Vaudey Abbey (Lincs.), 2651

Verney family, Claydon (Bucks.), 435

Vintners' Company, 66

Virginia, University of, see Charlottesville


Walbrook ward (London), 416m

Walden Abbey (Essex), 240

Wales, libraries and record offices in, 51113

Waltham Abbey (Essex), 241

Warden Abbey (Beds.), 242

Ware Priory (Herts.), 243

Warwick, hospital of, 244

Warwick County Record Office, 507

Washington (DC, U.S.A.), Folger Shakespeare Library, 528; Library of Congress, 528A

Watton (Herts.), chapel of, 384b

Waverley Abbey (Surrey), 245

Wax Chandlers' Company, 67

Weavers' Company, 68

Wells, dean and chapter, 246; see also Bath and Wells, bishop

Westminster (Middx.), Abbey and dean and chapter, 24753; bishop, 254; hospital of St. James, 255; college of St. Stephen, 255A; school and almshouse (during Interregnum), 248c, 250c; royal peculiar of dean and chapter, 529h

West Sussex Record Office (Chichester), 506

White, Revd. Thomas, see Bristol; see also 310, 415

White or Carmelite Friars (London), 92

Whittington College, see 47, 358

Widmerpool (Notts.), rector of, 384b

wills, registered, 515, 529; individual wills, passim

Wiltshire Record Office, 508

Winchcombe Abbey (Glos.), 256

Winchester (Hants.), bishop, 257; Winchester College, 407

Windsor (Berks.), see Eton College; St. George's Chapel

Wintney Priory (Hants.), 259

Woburn Abbey (Beds.), 260

Woolmen's Company, 69

Worcester, bishop, 261

Worcester Record Office, see Hereford and Worcester Record Office

Wroxton Priory (Oxon.), 262


Yale University, see New Haven

York, Minster, 263; St. Mary's Abbey, 264

York City Archives Department, 509

Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Leeds, 510