House of Lords Journal Volume 1: Note of acts

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 512

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A C T S made at a Parliament holden and begun at Westm. the 21st Day of October, Anno 2° et 3° Phil. et Marie, and there continued and kept until the 9th of December then next following, Anno dicto.

Calendar of Acts passed this Session.

AN Act of a Subsidy granted to the King and Queen's Majesties by the Temporalty.

An Act for the re-edifying of Castles and Forts, and for inclosing of Grounds upon the Borders.

An Act to make void divers Licences of Houses wherein unlawful Games be used.

An Act for the Inhabitants of Halifax, touching the buying of Wools.

An Act to take Examination of Prisoners suspected of any Manslaughter or Felony.

An Act touching the keeping of Milch Kine, and the Breeding and Rearing of Calves.

An Act, That the Duke of Norff. by the Advice of the Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Arundell, and the Bishop of Elye, may make Sales and Grants during his Minority.

An Act for the Relief of the Poor.

An Act for the Extinguishment of the First Fruits, and touching Order and Disposition of the Tenths of Spiritual and Ecclesiastical Promotions, and of Rectories and Parsonages Impropriate, remaining in the Queen's Majesty's Hands.

An Act for the Confirmation of a Subsidy granted by the Clergy.

An Act, That Purveyors shall not take Victuals within Five Miles of Cambridge and Oxforde.

An Act for the re-edifying of Four Mills near the City of Hereforde.

An Act against the buying of Stolen Horses.

An Act against the excessive Taking of the Queen's Majesty's Purveyors.

An Act to take away the Benefit of Clergy from Benet Smythe, for the Murder of one Rufforde.

An Act touching Powdyke in Marsh-lands.

An Act touching Weavers.

An Act for the amending of Highways.

An Act for the viewing and sealing of Cloths, commonly called Bridgewaters.

An Act touching Watermen upon the River of Thames.

An Act for the Restitution of the Heirs Male of Sir Edward Nevyll, Knight.

An Act for the Continuance of certain Acts.

An Act for the enlarging of the Dutchy of Lancaster.

An Act touching Commissions of the Peace, and Gaol Delivery, in Towns Corporate, not being Counties.