House of Lords Journal Volume 1: Parliament opened

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Anno Primo Edwardi Sexti.

Parliament Opened.

Memorandum, the 4th of November, Anno Regni Regis Edwardi Sexti Primo, the King's Majesty sitting in Person in the Parliament Chamber at Westm. with all the Lords on both Sides, and the Commons standing beneath the Bar, commanded the Clerk of the Parliament openly to read His Highness's Commission, being sealed with the Great Seal of England, the Tenour whereof hereafter ensueth:

Commission for the Protector's Precedency in Parliament.

"EDWARDE the Sixth, by the Grace of God, King of Englande, France, and Irelande, Defender of the Faith, and of the Church of Englande, and also of Irelande, in Earth the Supreme Head. To all Men to whom these present Letters shall come, Greeting.

"Forasmuch as Our most Dear Uncle Edwarde Duke of Som'sett, whom, by the Advice of the Lords and the rest of Our Privy Council, with the Consent and good Agreement of the Noblemen of Our Realm, We have Named, Ordained, and Commanded, to be Governor of Our Person, and Protector of Our Realms, Dominions, and Subjects, during Our Minority, hath no such Place appropriated or appointed unto him, in Our High Court of Parliament, as is convenient and necessary, as well in Respect of his Proximity of Blood unto Us, being Our Uncle, and Eldest Brother unto Our Mother, of most Noble Memory, deceased, Queen Jane, as also for his better managing and conducting of Our Affairs, to Our Honour, Dignity, and Surety, and the Wealth and Benefit of Our Realms, Dominions, and Subjects; We have therefore, as well by the Consent of Our said Uncle, as by the Advice of other the Lords and the rest of Our Privy Council, Willed, Ordained, and Appointed, and do by these Presents Will, Ordain, and Appoint, that Our said Uncle shall and do sit alone, and be placed, at all Times, as well in our Presence, at Our said Court of Parliament, as in Our Absence, upon the Midst of the Bench, or Stool, standing next on the Right Hand of Our Siege Royal, in Our Parliament Chamber; and that he further shall have, and do enjoy, in Our said Court of Parliament, in all Sessions, all such other Privileges, Preeminence, Prerogatives, and Liberties, in all Things, and to all Intents and Effects, as, by any Laws or Statutes heretofore made, or otherwise, any the Uncles, by Father or Mother Side, to any of Our most Noble Progenitors, or any Protector of their Realms and Dominions, being in the Minority of Years as We be, have had, used, or enjoyed, or ought to have had, used, or enjoyed, in their Courts of Parliament, the Statute concerning placing of the Lords in the Parliament Chamber, and other Assemblies and Conferences of Council, made in the One and Thirtieth Year of the Reign of Our most dear Father, of Famous Memory, King Henry the Eighth, or any other Statute, Act, Ordinance, Provision, heretofore had or made, to the contrary notwithstanding; for that express Mention of any other Grants, or Gifts, made to Our said Uncle, by Us or any Our Progenitors, heretofore had or made, in these Presents be not mentioned; or any other Thing, Matter, or Cause, whatsoever it be, notwithstanding. In Witness whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patents. Witness Our Self at Westm. the Third Day of November, in the First Year of Our Reign.


When the aforesaid Commission was openly read, and, heard of all the House, and the Lord Protector placed accordingly; the Lord Riche, being the Lord Chancellor, began his Oration, in Effect as followeth: (fn. 1)

Parliamentum inchoatum apud Westm. quarto die Novembris, Anno Regni Metuendissimi et Illustrissimi Principis Edwardi Sexti, Dei Gratia, Anglie, Francie, et Hibernie Regis, Fidei Defensoris, ac in Terra Ecclesie Anglicane et Hibernice Supremi Capitis, Primo.

Receivers and Trievers of Petitions, &c.

Recepueurs des Petitions de Anglitere, Irlande, et Scoce.

Richardus Lyster.
Ricardus Read.
Ricardus Lyell.
Sr Johannes Godsalve.

Et ceulx qui veullent delivrer leurs Petitions les baillent dedens six jours prochement ensuyans.

Recepueurs des Petitions de Gascoigne, et des altres Terres et Paiz de par de la la Mer et des Isles. Robertus Southwell, Custos Rotulorum.

Sir Edwarde Mountague.
Sir Robert Chambley.
Sir William Shelley.
Sir John Mason.
Robertus Oliver.

Et ceulx qui veullent delivrer leurs Petitions les baillent dedens six jours prochement ensuyans.

Et sont assignes trieurs des Petitions de Angleterre, Irlande, Gales, et de Scoce.

Duc de Som'set, estant le Protector.
L'Archevesque de Canter.
Le Countie de Arundell.
Le Seignieur John Russel, Garden de Privy Seale.
L'Evecsque de Elye.
Le Seignieur Seint John.

Tous ceulx ensemble, ou quatre des Prelats et Seigniours avandits appellans avecque ceulx le Chauncellier et Tresorier, et aussi les Sergeantes du Roy, quant besoigne sera, tiendront leur place en la Chambre du Chambrelain.

(fn. 1) Et sont assignes Trieurs des Petitions de Gascoigne, et des aultres Terres et Paiz de par de la la Mer et des Isles.

L'Archevesque de Yorke.
Le Marques Dorset.
Le Marques Northampt.
Le Countie de Shrewsh.
Le Countie de Derbye.
Le Countie de Huntingd.
L'Evesque de Lincoln.

Tous ceulx ensemble, ou quatre des Prelatz et Seigniours avandits. appellans avecque eulx les Sergeans du Roy, aussi l'Atturney et Sollicitor du Roy, quant il sera besoigne, tiendront leur place en la Chambre du Treasorier.


  • 1. Sic in Orig.
  • 2. Origin. Et sont assignés Trieurs des Petitions d' Angleterre, Irlande, Gales, et de Scuce.