House of Lords Journal Volume 10: 23 November 1648

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 10, 1648-1649. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 601

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DIE Jovis, 23 die Novembris.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Ash.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

Comes Manchester, Speaker.

Comes Salisbury.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Kancie.
Comes Nott.
Comes Suff.
Comes Lincolne.
Comes Stamford.
Ds. Mountagu.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Dacres.
Ds. Howard.

Cockaine to be relieved in his Composition.

A Petition of Charles Cockayne Esquire, read, touching his Composition.

Ordered, To be sent to the House of Commons, with a special Recommendation, that he may be relieved, according to his Petition.

Sir W. Button's Ordinance.

An Ordinance for Sir Wm. Button's Composition for his Delinquency, agreed to with some Alteration, and ordered to be sent down to the House of Commons.

Answer from the H. C.

Dr. Benett and Mr. Hakewile went down with a Message to the House of Commons, with the said Ordinance and Petition; and likewise (fn. 1) they carried down with them a Petition of the Reduced Officers; and to desire their Concurrence with the Lords, about sending the Serjeants Ring to the King.

Lady Lingen's Petition.

A Petition of the Lady Lingen, read.

James versus Lomax.

A Petition of Anne James Widow, concerning one James Lomax, read.

Ordered, That Lomax's Protection be taken off, and made void, as to the said Anne James.

Letter to the King, about the Vote concerning Scotland.

A Letter brought in, read, and sent down by Dr. Benet and Mr. Hakewile to the House of Commons, for their Concurrence; which Letter is concerning the last Vote about Scotland, and to be sent to the King.

E. of Suffolk's Petition.

A Petition of the Right Honourable the Earl of Suffolke, read.

Junifer, and Geer and Henshaw.

Ordered, That Junifer be bailed, and attend this House; and that Mr. Geere and Mrs. Henshaw have a Copy of the Petition, and put in their Answer to it within Eight Days after Notice thereof given to the said Parties.

Disbanding Leicester Forces.

A Vote concerning the disbanding the Forces in Leicestershire, agreed unto, and ordered to be sent to the House of Commons.

Worth released, on satisfying his Creditors.

Henr. Worth called in by Habeas Corpus, and released; he making an Assignment to his Creditors of their due Debts, out of his Arrears.

Burgoyne and Smith.

A Petition of Peter Burgoyne, read.

Ordered, That Mr. Salomon Smith shall see the said Petition, and put in his Answer within Eight Days.

Lee's Petition.

A Petition of Christofer Lee, read.

Ordinance to settle the Militia.

Ordered, That on Friday come Sevennight the Ordinance about settling the Militia of the Kingdom be taken into Consideration.

Commissioners of the Great Seal to grant Briefs for Collections for Fire.

The Earl of Kent acquainted the House, "That divers Persons did petition the Commissioners of the Great Seal, to grant them Letters Patents, for Collection for Losses by Fire, in the same Mannet as the Lord Keeper was wont to do; and the Commissioners desired to know the Pleasure of this House therein."

And the Lords left it to the said Commissioners to do therein as the Lord Keeper was formerly wont in Cases of that Nature.

Mrs. Fleming to have her Bonds, &c. delivered to her out of the Court of Wards.

Whereas it appeared, by Certificate from the Receiver of the late Court of Wards and Liveries, "That Margarett Fleming Widow, One of the Committees of the Body, and Lessees of the Lands, of Edward Fleming, under Age and in Ward, hath paid all Monies due from her to His Majesty; and therefore prayeth, That the Counterparts of the Indentures, and the Bonds thereunto annexed, wherein she and the other Lessee stands bound to His Majesty for performing the Covenants, may be delivered up unto her by the Clerk of the said Court, in whose Custody they remain:"

It is therefore Ordered, &c. That the Clerk of the said late Court of Wards and Liveries shall, by virtue hereof, deliver up to the said Mrs. Fleming all the said Indentures and Bonds accordingly.


House adjourned till 10a cras.


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