House of Lords Journal Volume 14: 2 July 1685

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 14, 1685-1691. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Jovis, 2 die Julii.


Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

Arch. Cant.
Arch. Yorke.
Epus. London.
Epus. Durham.
Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Cov. et Litch.
Epus. Chichester.
Epus. Bangor.
Epus. Peterborough.
Epus. Lyncolne.
Epus. Exon.
Epus. Worcester.
Epus. St. Asaph.
Epus. Ely.
Epus. Carlile.
Epus. Bath & Wells.
L. Keeper.
L. Treasurer.
L. President.
L. Privy Seal.
Duke of Norff. E. Marshal of England.
L. Steward.
Duke of Bucks.
L. Great Chamberlain.
Comes Kent.
Comes Huntingdon.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Bridgewater.
Comes Devon.
Comes Clare.
Comes Westmerland.
Comes Mulgrave.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Carnarvon.
Comes Chesterfeild.
Comes Strafford.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Bath.
Comes Carlile.
Comes Craven.
Comes Aylesbury.
Comes Burlington.
Comes Shaftesbury.
Comes Danby.
Comes Macclesfeld.
Comes Randor.
Comes Berkeley.
Comes Nottingham.
Vicecomes Fauconberg.
Vicecomes Newport.
Vicecomes Weymouth.
Vicecomes Hatton.
Ds. Lawar.
Ds. Morley.
Ds. Ferrers.
Ds. Conyers.
Ds. Cromwell.
Ds. Paget.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Howard de Esc.
Ds. Jermyn.
Ds. Byron.
Ds. Ward.
Ds. Colepeper.
Ds. Astley.
Ds. Cornwallis.
Ds. Crewe.
Ds. Arundell T.
Ds. Butler de West.
Ds. Ossulstone.
Ds. Godolphin.
Ds. Jefferyes.


Message from H. C. to return the Tillage Bill, and the Bill to revive several Acts.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Roger North Esquire and others:

Who returned Two Bills, sent down from their Lordships with Amendments, to which Amendments the Commons do agree:

1. "An Act for reviving and continuing several Acts of Parliament therein mentioned.

2. "An additional Act for Improvement of Tillage."

Buckridge versus The King, in Error.

Whereas there is a Writ of Error depending in this House, wherein Joice Buckridge is Plaintiff, and the King's Majesty is Defendant; the House being moved, on the Behalf of the said Joice Buckridge, "That all Proceedings against her in the Courts below may be stayed:"

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That all Proceedings in the Courts below, upon this Judgement, be stayed during the Dependance of the said Writ in this House.

E. of Anglesey, Privilege: Philpot discharged upon Recognizance.

Upon reading the Petition of Anthony Philpot, now in the Custody of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod attending this House, for uttering very scandalous Words against the Right Honourable the Earl of Anglesey, a Peer of this Realm, and the Privilege of this House, was brought to the Bar; where kneeling, he received the Reprehension of this House; and humbly asked Pardon of this House, as also of the Earl of Anglesey, for the same:

And the Earl of Anglesey being therewith satisfied:

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, or his Deputy, do cause the said Anthony Philpot to be brought before the Right Honourable the Lord Jefferyes Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench; where the said Anthony Philpot is to bring Sureties, to be bound for his good Behaviour towards the said Earl of Anglesey for One Year, by Recognizance to His Majesty; whereupon the said Anthony Philpot be, and is hereby, discharged, paying his Fees due to the Officers of this House; and this shall be a sufficient Warrant on that Behalf.

The King present:

The King, ascending His Royal Throne, arrayed in His Regal Robes and Crown (the Peers being also in their Robes), commanded the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, to give Notice to the House of Commons, "That they presently attend His Majesty, with their Speaker."

Who being come; His Majesty gave His Royal Assent to these Bills following; the Clerk of the Crown reading the Titles:

Public Bills:

"1. An Act to encourage the Building of Ships in England."

"2. An Act for reviving and continuing several Acts of Parliament therein mentioned."

"3. An additional Act for Improvement of Tillage."

The Clerk of the Parliaments pronounced the Royal Assent, in these Words,

"Le Roy le veult."

Private Acts:

"1. An Act for erecting a new Parish, to be called the Parish of St. James, within the Liberty of Westminster."

"2. An Act for the Repair of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, and for the Maintenance of the Choir there, and for the Augmentation of the Revenue of the Bishopric of Bangor; and also for an Augmentation of several Vicarages within the Comportion of Landinum, in the Diocese of Bangor aforesaid."

To these the Royal Assent was severally pronounced, in these Words,

"Soit fait come il est desiré."

Commands both Houses to adjourn.

This being done, the Lord Keeper, by the Direction and Command of His Majesty, declared it to be the King's Pleasure, "That both Houses do forthwith severally adjourn themselves until the Fourth of August next.

"That His Majesty doth not at present intend there shall be then a Session; but that the Session be carried on, by further Adjournments; by such Members as shall be about the Town till Winter, unless in Case of some Emergency that shall require it; in which Case, or whensoever He shall intend a Session, He will give timely Notice by Proclamation."

Then His Majesty descended His Throne; and the Commons, with their Speaker, went to their House.


Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Parliamentum adjournandum esse usque in diem Martis, videlicet, quartum diem Augusti proxime sequent: hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.

Hitherto examined by us, this 6th Day of July, 1689,

J. Bridgewater.
Tho. Lincolne.
Tho. Exon.