House of Lords Journal Volume 15: 22 April 1696

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 15, 1691-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 741

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DIE Mercurii, 22 Aprilis.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

Arch. Cant.
Epus. Londin.
Epus. Dunelm.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Cov. & Lich.
Epus. Hereford.
Epus. Petrib.
Epus. Cicestr.
Epus. Asaph.
Joh'es Somers Miles, Ds. Custos Magni Sigilli.
Dux Leeds, Ds. Præses.
Comes Pembroke, Ds. Privati Sigilli.
Dux Norfolke.
Dux Devon, Ds. Senescallus.
Dux Somerset.
Dux Richmond.
Dux St. Albans.
Dux Bolton.
Dux Shrewsbury.
March. Halifax.
Comes Kent.
Comes Derby.
Comes Northampton.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Carnarvon.
Comes Bathe.
Comes Craven.
Comes Maclesfeld.
Comes Radnor.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Portland.
Comes Montagu.
Comes Marleborough.
Comes Torrington.
Comes Bradford.
Comes Tankerville.
Ds. Bergevenny.
Ds. Willoughby Er.
Ds. Berkeley B.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Sydney.
Ds. Jermyn.
Ds. Vaughan.
Ds. Ward.
Ds. Culpeper.
Ds. Clifforde.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Arundell Tr.
Ds. Godolphin.
Ds. Jeffreys.
Ds. Cholmondeley.
Ds. Weston.
Ds. Herbert Ch.


Honour of Tutbury, Needwood Forest, &c. for re-vesting in the King, Bill:

Hodie 3a vice lecta est Billa, intituled, "An Act for re-vesting in His Majesty the Honour of Tutbury, Forest of Needwood, several Manors, Parks, Lands, and Offices, and other Profits thereunto belonging, and for vacating certain Letters Patents therein mentioned."

A Rider was offered, to be added to the Bill.

Which was read Three Times, and agreed to be added to the End of the said Bill.

Then, the Question was put, "Whether this Bill, with the Amendments, shall pass?"

It was Resolved in the Affirmative.

Message to H. C. with Amendments to it.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir Richard Holford and Mr. Pitt:

To return the said Bill, and desire their Concurrence to the Amendments.

Message from thence, with a Bill.

A Message from the House of Commons, by Sir John Bowles and others:

Who brought up a Bill, intituled, "An Act for preventing Papists from disinheriting their Protestant Heirs;" to which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

Papists not to disinherit Protestant Heirs, Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, intituled, "An Act for preventing Papists from disinheriting their Protestant Heirs."

Bill to continue the Acts for prohibiting Trade with France, and for Encouragement of Privateers.

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the Committee appointed to draw Reasons for the Lords insisting on their Amendments made to the Bill, intituled, "An Act for continuing the Acts for prohibiting all Trade and Commerce with France, and for the Encouragement of Privateers," shall be, and is hereby, revived; to meet To-morrow, at Nine of the Clock in the Forenoon; and that Sir Charles Hedges and some of the Commissioners of the Customs do then attend the said Committee.

Message from H. C. to return the Bill to prevent the Expostation, &c. of Wool.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Rowland Gwyn and others:

To acquaint this House, that the Commons have agreed to the Lords Amendments made to the Bill, intituled, "An Act for the more effectual preventing the Exportation of Wool, and for encouraging the Importation thereof from Ireland."

Highways, Bill.

Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, intituled, "An Act for the better amending and repairing the Highways, and the Explanation of the Laws relating thereunto."

ORDERED, That the said Bill be committed to a Committee of the whole House, presently.

Then the House was adjourned during Pleasure, and put into a Committee upon the said Bill.

After some Time, the House was resumed.

And the Lord Herbert of Chirbury reported, "That the Committee had gone through the said Bill, with One Amendment."

Which, being read Twice, was agreed to.


Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque ad et in diem Jovis, (videlicet,) vicesimum tertium diem instantis Aprilis, hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.