House of Lords Journal Volume 19: 25 September 1712

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 19, 1709-1714. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Anno 11° Annæ Reginæ

Die Jovis, 25 Septembris.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

Epus. Meneven. Ds. Harcourt, Custos Magni Sigilli.
Comes Oxford, & Mortimer, Thesaurarius.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Clarendon.
Comes Yarmouth.
Comes Torrington.
Comes Jersey.
Comes Dartmouth.
Viscount Say & Seale.
Viscount Hatton.
Viscount Bolingbrook.
Ds. Berkeley.
Ds. Stawell.
Ds. Halifax.
Ds. Lansdowne.


E of Findlater, returned as One of the Sixteen Peers.

This Day the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery delivered into this House a Certificate of the Name of the Peer of Scotland, who, by Virtue of Her Majesty's Proclamation, is chosen to fit and vote in this House, in the room of William late Earl Marischal, deceased.

Which is as follows; (videlicet,)

" These are to certify, that, by Virtue of Her Majesty's Proclamation, a Certificate under the Hands of Alex'r Gibson and Sir James Justice, Principal Clerks of the Session, specially appointed by David Earl of Glasgow Lord Clerk Register, was delivered into the Crown-office in Chancery, whereby James Earl of Findlater, &c. is, by open Election, unanimously nominated and chosen as the Peer of Scotland, who is to sit and vote in the House of Peers of this present Parliament of Great Britain, in the room of William Earl Marischal, deceased.

"Given under my Hand, this 25th Day of September, Annoque Domini 1712.

"Geo. Wrighte, Cl. Coron."

The Lord Keeper acquainted the House, "That Her Majesty had sent a Commission for the further proroguing of the Parliament."

The House was adjourned during Pleasure.

The House was resumed.

Then the Lords Commissioners (in their Robes), being seated on a Form placed between the Throne and the Woolsack; the Lord Keeper in the Middle; with the Lord Treasurer on his Right Hand; and the Earl of Dartmouth and the Lord Viscount Bolingbrook on his Left; commanded the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to let the Commons know, "That the Commissioners desire their Attendance presently, in the House of Peers, to hear the Commission read."

Who being come; the same was read, by the Clerk, as follows; (videlicet,)

Commission for proroguing the Parliament.


"Anna, Dei Gratia, Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, et Hib'niæ Regina, Fidei Defensor, &c. Reverendissimo in Christo Patri et Fideli Consiliario Nostro Thomæ Archiepiscopo Cantuar. totius Angliæ Primati et Metropolitano, Prædilecto et Fideli Consiliario Nostro Simoni Domino Harcourt Custodi Magni Sigilli Nostri Mag. Britan. Charissimis Consanguineis et Consiliariis Nostris Rob'to Comiti de Oxon. et Comiti Mortimer Magno Thesaurario Nostro Magnæ Britanniæ, Joh'i Duci de Com. Buckingham et de Normanby Præsidenti Concilii Nostri, Carolo Duci Shrewsbury Camerario Hospitii Nostri, Joh'i Comiti Poulet Senescallo Hospitii Nostri, Gulielmo Comiti Dartmouth Primario Secretario Nostro, et Henrico Vicecomiti Bolingbrook Uni Primariorum Secretariorum Nostrorum, Salutem. Cum nuper, pro quibusdam arduis et urgentibus Negotiis, Nos, Statum et Defensionem Regni Nostri Mag. Britanniæ et Ecclesiæ concernentibus, præsens hoc Parliamentum Nostrum apud Civitatem Nostram Westmonaster. Vicesimo Quinto Die Novembris, Anno Regni Nostri Nono, inchoari et teneri ordinaverimus; quo Die idem Parliamentum Nostrum inchoatum et tentum fuit; et abinde, per separalia Adjournamenta et Prorogationes, usque ad et in instantem Diem Jovis, Vicesimum Quintum Diem Septembris, adjournatum et prorogatum fuit, apud Civitatem Nostram Westm. prædictam, ibidem tunc tenendum et prosequendum: Sciatis tamen, quod, certis urgentibus Causis et Considerationibus Nos specialiter moventibus, idem Parliamentum Nostrum ulterius prorogandum duximus. De Fidelitate igitur, Prudentia, et Circumspectionibus vestris plurimum confidentes, de Avisamento et Assensu Concilii Nostri, assignavimus vos Commissionarios Nostros; dantes vobis, et aliquibus Tribus vel pluribus vestrum, Tenore Præsentium, plenam Potestatem et Auctoritatem, hoc instante Die Jovis, ad præsens Parliamentum Nostrum, Nomine Nostro, usque ad et in Diem Jovis, Sextum Diem Novembris nunc prox. sequen. apud prædictam Civitatem Nostram Westmonaster. prorogandum et continuandum, ibidemque tunc tenendum et prosequendum; et ideo vobis mandamus, quod circa Præmissa diligenter intendatis, ac ea in Forma prædicta effectualiter expleatis. Damus autem universis et singulis Archiepifcopis, Ducibus, Marchionibus, Comitibus, Vicecomitibus, Episcopis, Baronibus, Militibus, Civibus, Burgensibus, et Commissionariis pro Comitatibus et Burgis, ac omnibus aliis quorum interest ad dictum Parliamentum Nostrum conventuris, Tenore Præsentium, firmiter in Mandatis, quod vobis in Præmissis faciendis, agendis, et exequendis, pareant, obediant, et intendant, prout decet. In cujus Rei Testimonium, has Literas Nostras fieri fecimus Patentes.

"Teste Meipsa, apud Westmonaster. Vicesimo Quinto Die Septembris, Anno Regni Nostri Undecimo.

"Per ipsam Reginam, propria Manu signat.


Then the Lord Keeper said,

Parliament prorogued.

"My Lords, and Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

"By Virtue of the Commission which you have now heard read, and in humble Obedience to Her Majesty's Commands therein contained, we do, in Her Majesty's Name, further prorogue this Parliament to Thursday the Sixth Day of November next: And this Parliament is prorogued accordingly to Thursday the Sixth Day of November next."