House of Lords Journal Volume 3: 23 June 1625

Pages 440-442

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 3, 1620-1628. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Die Jovis, videlicet, 23 die Junii,

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales, quorum nomina subscribuntur, præsentes fuerunt:

Archiepus. Cant.
Archiepus. Eborum.
Epus. London.
p. Epus. Dunelm.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Petriburg.
Epus. Hereford.
Epus. Wigorn.
p. Epus. Norwiecn.
p. Epus. Roffen.
p. Epus. Co. et Lich.
p. Epus. Bath. et W.
p. Epus. Bangor.
p. Epus. Elien.
p. Epus. Cicestren.
Epus. Oxon.
Epus. Cestren.
p. Epus. Landaven.
p. Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Exon.
p. Epus. Meneven.
p. Epus. Bristol.
Epus. Asaphen.
p. Epus. Carlien.
p. Epus. Gloucestr.
p. Epus. Lincoln, Ds. Custos Mag. Sigilli Angliæ.
p. Ds. Ley, Magnus Thesaur. Angliæ.
p. Vicecomes Maundevill, Præsidens Concilii Domini Regis.
Comes Wigorn, Ds. Custos Privati Sigilli.
Dux Buckingham, Mag. Admirallus Angliæ.
Marchio Winton.
Comes Oxon, Mag. Camerar. Angliæ.
p. Comes Arundell et Surr. Comes Mares. Angliæ.
p. Comes Pembroc, Senes. Hospitii et Camerar. Hospitii.
Comes Northumbriæ.
Comes Salop.
p. Comes Kancii.
Comes Derbiæ.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Cumbriæ.
Comes Sussex.
Comes Huntingdon.
Comes Bath.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Hertford.
Comes Essex.
p. Comes Lincoln.
p. Comes Nottingham.
Comes Suffolciæ.
p. Comes Dorsett.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Exon.
Comes Mountgomery.
Comes Bridgwater.
p. Comes Leicestriæ.
p. Comes North'ton.
p. Comes Warwice.
p. Comes Devon.
p. Comes Cantabr.
p. Comes Holdernesse.
Comes Carlile.
p. Comes Denbigh.
Comes Bristol.
Comes Angles.
Comes Holland.
p. Comes Clare.
p. Comes Bolingbrooke.
p. Comes Westmerland.
Vicecomes Mountague.
Vicecomes Wallingford.
Vicecomes Purbeck.
p. Vicecomes Maunsfield.
Vicecomes Colchester.
p. Vicecomes Rochford.
p. Vicecomes Andever.
Vicecomes Tunbridge.
p. Vicecomes Say et Seale.
p. Ds. Conway, Prin. Sec.
Ds. Abergavenny.
Ds. Audley.
Ds. Zouch.
p. Ds. Willoughby.
p. Ds. Delawarr.
p. Ds. Berkley.
Ds. Morley et M.
Ds. Dacres de H.
Ds. Stafford.
p. Ds. Scroope.
Ds. Duddeley.
p. Ds. Stourton.
Ds. Herbert de Sh.
p. Ds. Darcy et M.
Ds. Vaux.
Ds. Windsore.
p. Ds. Wentworth.
Ds. Mordant.
Ds. St. John de Bas.
Ds. Cromewell.
Ds. Evre.
p. Ds. Sheffeild.
Ds. Pagett.
Ds. North.
Ds. Howard de W.
Ds. Wootton.
p. Ds. Russell.
Ds. Grey de Groby.
Ds. Petre.
Ds. Danvers.
p. Ds. Spencer.
Ds. Denny.
Ds. Stanhope de H.
Ds. Carewe.
Ds. Arundell de W.
Ds. Teynham.
Ds. Stanhope de Sh.
Ds. Noel.
Ds. Brooke.
Ds. Mountague.
p. Ds. Cary de Lep.
Ds. Grey de W.
Ds. Deyncourt.
p. Ds. Roberts de Truro.

MESSAGE from the House of Commons, by Sir Richard Weston, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and others:

Message from the H. C. for Conference to petition for a Fast.

The Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of the Commons House of Parliament, do congratulate with your Lordships the happy Assembly of this Parliament; and to express their earnest Affection to continue the Union and Good-understanding between both Houses, they desire a Conference with your Lordships, for joining in Petition unto the King's Majesty, for a General Fast throughout the whole Kingdom. The Time and Place, and Number of Committees, they humbly leave unto your Lordships.

The Messengers were withdrawn; and the House having considered of this Message, and agreed on a Committee for that Conference, they were called in again; and this Answer was delivered by the Lord Keeper: videlicet,


That the Lords have taken this Message into Consideration; and return Thanks for the Congratulation. Their Lordships promise all good Union and Understanding, for their Parts, between the Two Houses; and, for a Taste thereof, they have appointed a Committee of Four and Twenty, to confer with a Committee of the Commons, about this Petition to be made unto the King. To meet presently, in the Painted Chamber, so as the Business of that House will then permit it.

Committee for the Conference.

The Names of the Lords Committees appointed for the said Conference: videlicet,

L. Archbp. of Cant.
L. Treasurer.
L. President.
L. Privy Seal.
E. Marshal.
L. Steward.
E. of Dorset.
E. of Clare.
L. Bp. of (fn. 1) Rochester.
L. Bp. of Co. et Lich.
L. Bp. of Bath et W.
L. Bp. of St. Davids.
L. Bp. of Carlile.
L. Willoughby.
L. Scroope.
L. Stourton.
L. Darcy.
L. Westworth.
L. Sheffeild.
L. Russell.
L. Grey of Gro.
L. Spencer.
L. Cary of L.
L. Roberts of Truro.

To meet in the Painted Chamber, presently.

The Lords being returned from the Conference, the Lord Archbishop of Cant. reported, That the Committee for the Commons presented unto their Lordships a Petition, to be made unto the King, wherein they had left a Blank for your Lordships to be joined with them, if you please.

The which Petition was presently read; and the Blank being filled with these Words, videlicet, ["Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and"] was again, the Second Time, read, and generally Assented unto by the whole House.

The Tenor of the said Petition followeth, in hæc verba: videlicet,

"Most Gracious Sovereign,

Petition of both Houses for a General Fast.

"We Your Majesty's most loyal and dutiful Subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, now assembled in Parliament, to consult and advise of the great and weighty Affairs of Church and State; knowing that all human Councils and Helps, without God's Divine Assistance, are of no Force; and observing that God hath already laid his Hand upon us, by Pestilence and unseasonable Weather, threatening a Famine: For these and many other important Reasons, do, as in Duty we conceive ourselves bound, and, as a Thing most suitable to the present Times and Occasions, humbly beseech Your Majesty, That You will be pleased to command a General Fast throughout Your whole Kingdom; that so, humbling ourselves by Fasting and Prayer, we may, upon our true Repentance, make our Peace with God, and thereby both divert His heavy Judgements inflicted and deserved, and draw down a Blessing upon our Consultations and Councils, and upon Your Majesty's Sacred Person, Your Kingdoms, and all Your Royal Designs and Enterprizes."

His Majesty's Pleasure to be understood, concerning the Time of presenting the Petition.

The House having thus generally assented to join in the Delivery of this Petition; First, their Lordships agreed to send Two Lords, Members of this House, unto the King, to know what Time it will please His Majesty to appoint for the Committees of both Houses to attend Him, for Delivery of the same; and then to send the Commons Notice thereof; and also, that the Lords Committees shall intimate this, together with their Lordships general Assent unto this Petition, unto the Committee of the Commons, who attended their Lordships Return in the Painted Chamber; and that they should re-deliver them the said Petition again, to be ingrossed.

Report concerning presenting the Petition.

The said Lords Committees being returned again, the Lords Archbishop of Cant. reported the same unto the House; whereupon the Lord Steward and Lord Conway were sent unto the King, as aforesaid; who, being returned, reported the Time appointed by His Majesty for Delivery of the said Petition.

Message sent unto the Commons, by
Mr. Attorney General, and
Mr. Serjeant Richardson: videlicet,

Message to H. C. concerning the Fast.

That the King's Majesty will admit the Committees of both Houses, to deliver their Petition for a General Fast, To-morrow Morning, between Nine and Ten, at the Banqueting House in Whitehall.



That the Committee of the Commons shall be ready to accompany the Committee of the Lords, at the Time and Place appointed.

That they have sent back the very Copy of that Petition which they formerly sent and received again of their Lordships; and will send the said Petition, when it is ingrossed, unto the Lord Archbishop of Cant. his Grace.

The House called.

Memorandum, That this Day the House was called. The Clerk read first the Names of the Barons, and so ascending upwards; and the Absence of these Lords following was excused, on this Manner: videlicet,

The Lord Mountague excused, for Want of Health.
The Lord Stanhope of Shel. had sent his Proxy.
The Lord Arundell of Wardo, had Leave of the King to be absent, and intends to send his Proxy.
Lord Carewe, in Town, but sick.
Lord Denny, had sent his Proxy.
Lord Danvers, in Town, but sick.
Lord Petre, had Leave of the King to be absent, being hurt by a Fall from his Horse.
Lord Wotton, had sent his Proxy.
Lord North, excused, for Want of Health.
Lord Cromewell, extra Regnum, and intends to send his Proxy.
Lord Windsore, extra Regnum.
Lord Stafford, hath Leave of the King to be absent.
Lord Dacres of Hert. excused for Want of Health.
Lord Zouch, sent his Proxy.
Lord Abergavenny, sick of the Gout.
Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, hath Leave to be absent.
Lord Bishop of Exceter, in Town, but not well.
Lord Bishop of Chester, sent his Proxy.
Lord Bishop of Worcester, sick, but intends to come.
Lord Bishop of Hereford, sent his Proxy.
Lord Bishop of Peterborough, hath Leave to be absent.
Lord Viscount Walling ford, sick; intends to send his Proxy.
Lord Viscount Mountague, hath Leave to be absent.
Earl of Anglesey, not well.
Earl of Bristol, sent his Proxy.
Earl of Bridgwater, sick.
Earl of Sarum, not well.
Earl of Essex, extra Regnum.
Earl of Hertford, hath Leave to be absent; and intends to send his Proxy.
Earl of Bedford, hath Leave to be absent; and intends to send his Proxy.
Earl of Bath, hath sent his Proxy.
Earl of Cumberland, hath Leave to be absent.
Earl of Rutland, not well.
Earl of Derbie, hath sent his Proxy.
Earl of Shrewsbery, hath Leave to be absent.
Earl of Oxon, extra Regnum.
The Marquis of Winchester, hath Leave to be absent.
The Lord Archbishop of Yorke, hath sent his Proxy.

Committee for the Orders, Customs, and Privileges of the House.

The Names of the Lords Committees appointed this Day by the House, to take Consideration of the Customs and Orders of this House, and the Privileges of the Peers of the Kingdom or Lords of Parliament: videlicet,

L. Archbp. of Cant.
L. President.
E. Marshal.
E. of Dorsett.
E. of Leicestre.
E. of Warwicke.
E. of Clare.
L. Viscount Say and Seale.
L. Bp. of Duresme.
L. Bp. of Norwiche.
L. Bp. of Co. et Lich.
L. Bp. of Bath et W.
L. Bp. of Bristol.
L. Bp. of Carlile.
L. Conway.
L. Willoughby.
L. Berkley.
L. Stourton.
L. Darcy and Mennell.
L. Wentworth.
L. Sheffeild.
L. Russell.
L. Grey of Groby.
L. Spencer.
L. Gary of Leppinton.
L. Roberts of Truro.
Lord Chief Justice,
Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas,
Mr. Justice Jones,
Mr. Justice Wittlocke,
Mr. Justice Yelverton,
Mr. Serjeant Davis,
Mr. Attorney General,
To attend the Lords.

To meet every Thursday, at Two after Dinner, in the Little Committee Chamber.

Sub committee to examine the Journal.

And Memorandum, That their Lordships are to meet on Saturday next, at Two in the Afternoon, in the Painted Chamber, to name a Sub-committee; and the said Sub-committee, from Time to Time, to peruse and perfect the Journal Book.


Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Sabbati, videlicet, vicesimum quintum diem instantis Junii, hora 9a, Dominis sic decernentibus.

Lords who took the Oath of Allegiance.

The Names of those Lords who took the Oath of Allegiance this Day, in the House, after the Adjournment: videlicet,
The Earl Marshal.
Lord Steward.
Earl of Warwicke.
Earl of Devon.
Earl of Cambridge.
Earl of Holdernes.
Earl of Denbigh.
Lord Viscount Mansfeild.
Lord Viscount Andever.
Lord Bishop of Durham.
Lord Bishop of Co. et Lich.
Lord Bishop of Chichester.
Lord Conway.
Lord Willoughby.
Lord Delawarr.
Lord Berkley.
Lord Darcy.


  • 1. Origin. Rochford.