House of Lords Journal Volume 4: 3 November 1640

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 4, 1629-42. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 82

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Anno Decimo sexto Caroli Regis.

The Manner of sitting in Parliament the that Day

DIE Martis, tertio die Novembris,

Anno Regni Serenissimi Domini Nostri Caroli, Dei Gratia, Angliæ, Scotiæ, et Hiberniæ Regis, Fidei Defensoris, &c. Decimo sexto.

The King's Majesty, being arrayed in His Regal Robes, ascended His Seat of State. The Prince, sitting on His Left Hand, had his Crown held by him. On the Right Hand of His Majesty, stood the Lord High Chamberlain of England, and the Earl of Essex bearing the Cap of Estate. The Earl Marshal, and the Earl of Bath bearing the Sword, on the Left Hand of His Majesty. Clarentius, in Absence of Garter, and the Gentleman of the Black Rod, stood by the Earl Marshal. The Earl of Corke, Viscount Willmott, and the Lord Newburgh, and the Master of the Rolls, called by Writ as Assistants, sat on the Innside of the Wool-sacks; so did the Two Lord Chief Justices, Lord Chief Baron, and the rest of the Judges under them. On the Out East Side of the Wool-sack sat Four Masters of the Chancery; on the Out West Side sat the King's Two Ancient Serjeants, the Attorney General, and Three of the Puny Serjeants beneath them.

The Lords Spiritual and Temporal which were present being all appareled in their Robes, and sitting in their Places; His Majesty made a Speech to the Lords Spiritual and Temporal assembled in the High Court of Parliament, and to the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of the House of Commons, being assembled below the Bar; declaring the Cause of His Majesty's summoning this Parliament, in Effect as followeth:

The King's Speech.

Here enter the Speech (fn. 1).

After His Majesty had done speaking, He commanded the Lord Keeper further to declare the State of Affairs; and the Lord Keeper having received Directions therein from His Majesty, upon his Knees, returned to his Place, and made a large Speech; and concluded, that His Majesty had commanded him to signify to the Commons, That it is His Majesty's Pleasure, that they go to their House, and make Choice of a Speaker, and present him to His Majesty upon Thursday next, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon.

This Day the Clerk read the Names of the Receivers and Triers of Petitions, in French, as followeth:

Triers and Receivers of Petitions read.

Les Receavours des Peticions d' Angleterre, d'Escoce, & de Ireland.

Messire John Brampston, Chr. et Cheife Justice.
Messire William Jones, Chr. et Justicier.
Messire George Crooke, Chr. et Justicier.
Messire Robert Rich, Chr.
Messire Edward Salter, Chr.

Et ceux qui veulent deliver leur Peticions, eux baillent dedeins six jours prochenement ensuent.

Les Receavours des Peticions des Gasciogne, et des autres Terres et Pais de par le Mere et des Isles.

Messire Edward Littleton, Chr. Cheife Justice Banc. Common.

Messire Humfrey Davenport, Chr. et Cheife Baron del Excheq. le Roy.
Messire Robert Barkley, Chr. et Justicier.
Messire John Page, Ar.

Et ceux qui veulent deliver leur Peticions eux baillent dedeins six jours prochenement ensuent.

Les Triours des Peticions d' Angleterre, d'Escoce, et d'Ireland.

L'Evesque de London, Grand Tresorier.
Le Count de Manchester, Gardein del Privie Seale.
Le Count de Lyndsey, Grand Chamberleine d' Angleterre.
Le Count de Arrundell et Sur. Grand Marescall.
Le Count de Northumberleine, Grand Admiral d' Angleterre.
Le Count de Rutland.
Le Count de Huntingdon.
Le Count de Bathon.
Le Count de Bedford.
Le Count de Hartford.
Le Evesque de Winchester.
Le Evesque de Bathon et Welles.
Le Evesque de Bristoll.

Touts ceux ensemble, ou quatre des Prelats et Seigneurs avanditz, appellants as eux les Sergeants le Roy, quant serra busoigne, tiendront leur place en le Chamber de Tresorier.

Les Triours des Peticions de Gascoigne, et des autres Terres Pais de par le Mere et des Isles.

Le Count de Pembroc et Mountgomery, Chamberleine del Hostell le Roy.

Le Count d' Essex.
Le Count d' Dorsett.
Le Count d' Sarum.
Le Count d' Bridgwater.
Le Count d' Northton.
Le Count d' Warwick.
Le Count d' Bristoll.
Le Count d' Holland.
Le Viscount Say et Seale.
Le Evesque de Chester.
Le Evesque de Co. et Litchfield.
Le Evesque de Exon.
Le Baron Clifford.
Le Baron Strange.

Touts ceux ensemble, ou quatre des Prelats et Seigneurs avantditz, appellants as eux les Sergeants le Roy, et ainsi le Attourney le Roy, quant serra busoigne, tiendront leur place en le Chamber du Chamberleine.


Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli, ex Jussu Domini Regis, continuavit præsens Parliamentum usque in diem Jovis, videlicet, 5m diem instantis Novembris, hora 2a post meridiem.


  • 1. This often occurs afterwards; but the Particulars referred to are not preserved in the Originali Journal.