House of Lords Journal Volume 6: 3 August 1643

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 6, 1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Jovis, 3 die Augusti.


Earl of Denbigh, Speaker this Day.

Answer from the H. C. about the Weekly Assessments.

The Messengers sent Yesterday to the House of Commons return with this Answer:

That they do agree with their Lordships in the Ordinance for the Weekly Assessment, with the Amendments. (Here enter it.)

Sir T. Merry, a Pass.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Merry, with Three Servants, a Coach, and Four Horses, and One Saddle-horse, shall have a Pass, to go to Oxford, and return again to London.

Sir Kenelm Digby, a Pass to France.

Ordered, That Sir Kenelme Digby shall have a Pass, to transport himself, with Four Servants, his Goods, and Pictures, into France.

Order for Concurrence.

An Order brought formerly up from the House of Commons was read, and Agreed to, for Payment of Fifty Pounds to Mr. John Ogle. (Here enter it.)

Lady Keir, a Pass.

Ordered, That the Lady Keir shall have a Pass, to go into France.

Mr. Ingram, Leave to go to Oxford.

Ordered, Mr. Ingram shall have Leave to go to Oxford, and return again to London.

Mr. Barker, a Pass.

Ordered, That Mr. Henry Barker shall have a Pass, to come from Oxford, to his House at Chisweeke in Midd.

Dr. Heath, Leave to be absent.

Ordered, That Mr. Dr. Heath hath Leave to go into North'tonshire, for a Month.

Message to the H. C. that the Lords will proceed against Justice Berkley.

Ordered, That this House proceed in the Charge against Mr. Justice Berkeley on Saturday Morning next peremptorily; and a Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Rich and Mr. Page, to give them Notice hereof, and to desire that they would appoint some of their Members to manage the Evidence.

Mr. Witherings, a Pass.

Ordered, That Mr. Witherings shall have a Pass, to go to Oxford.

Earl of Bath, Leave to go to The Spa.

Ordered, That the Earl of Bath hath Leave to go to The Spaw, for his Health, with such Servants as he shall give a List of; giving his Word, upon his Honour, to render himself to this House when he returns into England.

Order for 50 l. to Capt. Ogle.

"It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, That the Receivers of the Adventurers-money, upon the Act of Subscriptions for Lands in Ireland, do pay unto Nicholas Loftus Esquire, Deputy Treasurer at Wars for that Kingdom, the Sum of Fifty Pounds, to be by him paid over unto Captain John Ogle, in Part of what is due unto him as Captain for a Foot Company, and to be defalked upon the Accompt of his Company."

(fn. 1) "An Ordinance of both Houses of Parliament, for the speedy raising and levying of Money, for the Maintenance of the Army raised by the Parliament, and other great Affairs of the Commonwealth, by a Weekly Assessment upon the several Counties herein mentioned, for Two Months, beginning from the Third Day of August, 1643.

Ordinance for raising Money for the Army, by a Weekly Assessment.

"The Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, being fully satisfied and resolved, in their Consciences, that they have lawfully taken up Arms, and may and ought to continue the same, for the necessary Defence of the true, Reformed Protestant Religion, and of themselves and the Parliament from Violence and Destruction, and of this Kingdom from Foreign Invasion, and for the bringing of notorious Offenders to condign Punishment, which are the only Causes for which they have raised, and do continue, an Army and Forces; which cannot possibly be maintained, nor the Kingdom subsist, without the speedy raising of large and considerable Sums of Money, proportionable to the great Expences which now this Kingdom is at, for the supporting of the said Army, and for the saving of the whole Kingdom, our Religion, Laws, and Liberties, from utter Ruin and Destruction; which that it may be done with as much Ease and Indifferency to the good Subject as the Exigent of the Times will permit, the said Lords and Commons do Ordain, and be it Ordained, by the said Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, That, for the Intents and Purposes aforesaid, the several Weekly Sums of Money hereafter in this Ordinance mentioned shall be charged, rated, taxed, and levied, upon all and every the several Counties, Cities, Towns, Liberties, Places, and Persons, hereafter mentioned, according to the Proportions, Rates, and Distributions, in this present Ordinance expressed, the same to be paid in Weekly to the several Collectors appointed by this Ordinance for the receiving hereof; that is to say,

£. s. d.
"Upon the County of Middlesex, and the City and Liberty of Westminster, the Weekly Sum of 750 0 0
The County of Kent, with the Cities there, the Weekly Sum of 1250 0 0
The County of Essex, the Weekly Sum of 1125 0 0
The County of Surrey, with the Borough of Southwarke, the Weekly Sum of 500 0 0
The County of Sussex, the Weekly Sum of 625 0 0
The County of Hertford, the Weekly Sum of 450 0 0
The County of Cambridge, the Weekly Sum of 375 0 0
The Isle of Ely, the Weekly Sum of 147 10 0
The County of Suffolk, the Weekly Sum of 1250 0 0
The County of Norffolk, with the City of Norwich, the Weekly Sum of 1250 0 0
The County of Huntington, the Weekly Sum of 220 0 0
The County of Buckingham, the Weekly Sum of 420 0 0
The County of Bedford, the Weekly Sum of 250 0 0
The County of Lincoln, with the City of Lincoln, the Weekly Sum of 812 10 0
The County of Rutland, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
The County and Town of Nottingham, the Weekly Sum of 187 10 0
The County of Berks, the Weekly Sum of 550 0 0
The County of Chester, the Weekly Sum of 175 0 0
The County of the City of Chester, the Weekly Sum of 62 0 0
The County of Cornwall, the Weekly Sum of 625 0 0
The County of Derby, the Weekly Sum of 175 0 0
The County of Devon, the Weekly Sum of 1800 0 0
The County of the City of Exon, the Weekly Sum of 50 10 0
The County of Dorsett, the Weekly Sum of 437 10 0
The Town and County of Pool, the Weekly Sum of 5 0 0
The County of York, the Weekly Sum of 1062 10 0
The County of the City of York, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
The Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, the Weekly Sum of 25 0 0
The County of Gloucester, the Weekly Sum of 750 0 0
The County of the City of Gloucester, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
Hampshire, with the City of Winchester, Southampton, and the Isle of Wight, the Weekly Sum of 750 0 0
The County of Hereford and City, the Weekly Sum of 437 10 0
The County Palatine of Lancaster, the Weekly Sum of 500 0 0
The County of Leicester, the Weekly Sum of 187 10 0
The County of Monmouth, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
The County of Northampton, the Weekly Sum of 425 0 0
The County of Oxford, the Weekly Sum of 400 0 0
The County of Salop, the Weekly Sum of 375 0 0
The County of Stafford, the Weekly Sum of 212 10 0
The County of the City of Liechfield, the Weekly Sum of 5 0 0
The County of Sommerset, the Weekly Sum of 1050 0 0
The City of Bristoll, the Weekly Sum of 55 15 0
The County of Warwick, the Weekly Sum of 562 10 0
The County and City of Coventry, the Weekly Sum of 37 10 0
The County of Worcester, the Weekly Sum of 550 0 0
The City and County of Worcester, the Weekly Sum of 16 13 0
The County of Wilts, the Weekly Sum of 725 0 0
Cumberland, the Weekly Sum of 37 10 0
Durham, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
Westmerland, the Weekly Sum of 27 5 0
Newcastle upon Tyne, the Weekly Sum of 25 0 0
Northumberland, the Weekly Sum of 50 0 0
Anglesey, the Weekly Sum of 25 0 0
Brecknock, the Weekly Sum of 50 10 0
Cardigan, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
Carmarthen, the Weekly Sum of 50 0 0
Carnarvan, the Weekly Sum of 35 0 0
Denbigh, the Weekly Sum of 25 0 0
Flintshire, the Weekly Sum of 16 10 0
Glamorgan, the Weekly Sum of 67 10 0
Merioneth, the Weekly Sum of 12 10 0
Mountgomery, the Weekly Sum of 62 10 0
Radnor, the Weekly Sum of 37 10 0
Haversford West, the Weekly Sum of 5 0 0

And be it further Ordained, That as well every Person of the Estate of a Baron or Baroness, and every Estate above, and all and every other Person and Persons, born within this Realm of England, Wales, or other the King's Dominions, as well Ecclesiastical as Temporal, and every Fraternity, Guild, Corporation, Mystery, Brotherhood, and Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, as well Ecclesiastical as Temporal, within the Realm of England, Wales, or other the King's Dominions, for the Value of every Pound, which every such Person, Fraternity, Guild, Corporation, Mystery, Brotherhood, and Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, hath of his or their own, or that any other hath to his or their Use or Uses, as well in Coin, as in Plate, Stock of Merchandize, or any Manner of Corn and Grain, Houshold Stuff, and of all other Goods, Moveables, as well within this Realm as without, and of all such Sum and Sums of Money as to him or them is, are, or shall be owing, whereof he or they trust in his or their Conscience to be paid; except and out of the Premises deducted such Sums of Money as he or they owe, and in his or their Conscience intend truly to pay; and except also the Apparel of every such Persons, their Wives, and Children, belonging to their own Bodies (saving Jewels, Gold, Silver, Stones, Pearl); shall pay towards the said Weekly Sum and Sums of Money so assessed as aforesaid; and every Alien and Stranger, born out of the King's Obeisance, as well Denizens, as others inhabiting within this Realm, and also every Popish Recusant, Convict or not Convict, shall pay, towards the Sums aforesaid, a Proportion double to those of the like Estates, being no Aliens or Recusants; and that every Person born within the King's Obeisance, as well Ecclesiastical as Temporal, and every Corporation, Fraternity, Guild, Mystery, Brotherhood, and Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, as well Ecclesiastical as Temporal, for every Estate that every such Person or Persons, and every Corporation, Fraternity, Guild, Mystery, Brotherhood, and Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, or any other to his or their Use, in Trust or otherwise, hath in Fee Simple, Fee Tail for Term of Life, Term of Years, by Execution, Wardship, or by Copy of Court Roll, of and in any Honours, Castles, Manors, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Services, Tithes, Oblations, Obventions, Annuities, Offices of Profit, Fees, Corrodies, or other Yearly Profits or Hereditaments, as well within ancient Demesne and other Places privileged as elsewhere, shall pay, to and towards the said Weekly Sums, his and their proportionable Part and Proportion of such Sum or Sums of Money as are imposed, charged, and set upon each several County, according as the same shall be divided, distributed, taxed, or set, upon each several Town, Hamlet, Parish, or Place, where such Person or Persons is or shall be chargeable by this Ordinance, and the true Intent and Meaning thereof; except, and always fore-prized from the Charge and Assessment of the Sums aforesaid, all Goods, Chattels, and Ornaments, belonging to any Churches or Chapels, which have been ordained and used in any Churches and Chapels for the Service of Almighty God, and except Yearly Wages due to Servants for their Yearly Service.

"And the said several Sums so charged, set upon the said several Counties, Cities, Towns, Liberties, Places, and Persons aforesaid, shall, by Authority of this Ordinance, be taxed, cessed, and rated, according to this Ordinance, in every Shire, Riding, Lath, Wapentake, Rape, City, Borough, Town, and every other Place within this Realm of England and Dominion of Wales, before the First Day of August, in the Year of our Lord God 1643; and the First Payment of the said Weekly Sums, so assessed by this Ordinance, shall be made at or before the Third Day of August, 1643; and the said Weekly Payments are to continue for Two Months (accounting Twenty-eight Days to the Month) next ensuing from the said Third Day of August, unless the King's Army shall be disbanded in the mean Time.

"And, for the better expediting of the said Service, be it further Ordained, by the said Lords and Commons, That the Persons hereafter named shall be Committees, for the several and respective Counties and Places hereafter mentioned; that is to say,


"For the County of Bedford; Sir John Burgoyne Baronet, Sir Thomas Alslon Knight and Baronet, Sir Oliver Luke Knight, Sir Samuel Luke, Sir John Rolt, and Sir Roger Burgoyne, Knights, Tho. Rolt, Tho. Sadler, James Beverley, Lewis Monox, Edw. Osborne, Robert Stauton, Samuel Browne, Esquires, Humphrey Monox, Will. Duncombe, John Vaux, Humphrey Fishe, John Neale, the Mayor of the Town of Bedford for the Time being, and Francis Bannister Doctor in Physic.


"For the County of Berks; Sir Francis Knollis, Sir Francis Pile Baronet, Sir Geo. Stonehouse Knight and Baronet, Sir Robert Pye, Henry Martin, Tanfield Vachell, Edmund Dunch, Peregrine Hoby, Colonel Ven, Roger Knight, Henry Powle, Tho. Phettiplace, George Purefoy, and John Sourby, Esquires.

"For the Town of Reading; the Mayor for the Time being, Sir Francis Knollis Knight, Henry Martin, and Tanfield Vachell, Esquires.


"For the County of Buckingham; Sir Richard Ingolesby Knight, Sir Hennage Proby, Sir Richard Piggot, Henry Bulstrode, Tho. Terrill, Richard Greenvile, Esquires, Sir Peter Temple Knight and Baronet, Sir Alexander Denton, Anthony Ratcliffe, Tho. Westall, Edmund West Esquires, Sir William Andrewes, Sir Tho. Saunders, Knights, Bulstrode Whitlocke, Arthur Goodwyn, Richard Winwood, Thomas Terringham of Nether-Winchenden, Thomas Fountaine, William Wheeler, and Thomas Bulstrode, Esquires.


"For the County of Cambridge; Sir Dudley North, Sir John Cuts, Sir Thomas Martin, Knights, Thomas Symonds, Dudley Pope, Esquires, Sir Miles Sandys Knight, Francis Russell, Oliver Cromwell, Tho. Ducket, William Fisher, James Thompson, Walter Clopton, Robert Castle, Thomas Bendish, Edward Clark, John Welbore, Robert Clark, Michael Dalton Junior, Thomas Parker, John Hobard, Thomas Castle, George Clapthorn, John Towers, Henry Butler, Edw. Leeds, William Marsh, and Humberston March, Esquires.

"For the Town and University of Cambridge; the Mayor for the Time being, Talbot Pepys Recorder, John Sherwood, Samuel Spaulden, Thomas French, Robert Robson.


"For the County of Chester; Sir George Booth Knight and Baronet, Sir William Brereton Baronet, Thomas Stanley, Henry Manwaring, Henry Brook, John Bradshaw, Robert Duckenfield, Henry Vernon, John Crew, and William Marbury, Esquires.

"For the City of Chester; William Junce Mayor, John Aldersey, Peter Leigh, and William Edwards, Merchants.


"For the County of Cornwall; Sir Alexander Carew, Francis Buller, John Trefusis, John St. Aubin, Richard Erisey, John Moyle, Francis Godolphin of Trevenegue, Thomas Gewen, John Carter, Thomas Arundell Senior, Esquires.


"For the County of Devon; Sir John Pool, Sir John Northcot, Baronets, Sir Edmund Fowell Knight, Sir Samuell Roll, Sir Shilston Calmady, Sir Nicholas Martin, Sir Richard Strode, Sir Henry Ruswell, Knights, Sir Francis Drake Baronet, Robert Savory, Henry Walrond, Esquires, Sir John Bamfield Baronet, Henry Worth, Hugh Fortescue, Arthur Upton, George Trowbridge, Esquires, Charl's Vaughan, William Gould, Thomas Bond, George Perd, Richard Ferris, Esquires, John Champney, John Weare of Halberton, Thomas Drake of Wishcomb, William Fry, John Yeo, Hampson Hele, and John Waddon, Esquires.

"For the City of Exon; Christopher Clark Mayor, Richard Saunders, Tho. Crossing, Adam Bennet, Walter White, and John Hakewill, Aldermen, James Gould.


"For the County of Cumberland; William Lawson, William Briscoe, Thomas Lampleigh, Richard Barwis, and John Barwis, Esquires.


"For the County of Derby; Sir George Grisley, Knight and Baronet, Sir John Gell Baronet, Sir John Curson Knight and Baronet, Sir John Cook Junior, Knight, Sir Samuel Sly Knight, Henry Wigfall, Thomas Gell, Nathaniel Fallowayes, Gilbert Thacker, James Abine, Esquires, Sir Edward Cook Baronet, Francis Burdet, Randall Ashenhurst, and Robert Wilmot, Esquires, Luke Whittington Mayor of Derby, the Mayor of Chesterfield, William Allestree Esquire.


"For the County of Dorset; Sir Thomas Trenchard, Sir Walter Earle, Knights, John Brown, John FitzJames, Thomas Tregunell, John Bingham, John Hanham, John Trenchard, Dennis Bonds, Esquires, William Savage, Thomas Tregunell, Richard Broderip, William Sidenham Junior, Robert Butler, Esquires, Richard Rose, Thomas Ceely, John Henley, Esquires, John Hill of Dorchester Esquire, the Mayor of Dorchester for the Time being, John Fitz-James, Edmund Ogdam, Mr. Sansom of Blandford, Mr. Hussey of Shaftsbury, Mr. Chettle of Blandford, Mr. John Whitway, Robert Rode, and William Kerridge.


"For the Town and County of Poole; Henry Harbin Mayor, Geo. Skutt, Alexander Waite, Anthony Waite, Will. Williams, Aaron Durell, Richard Mayer, and Haviland Heely, Aldermen.


"For the County of Durham; Hen. Warmouth, George Lilborne, Tho. Midford, Robert Hutton, Tho. Shadforth, Clement Falthrop, Rich. Lilborn, Francis Wren, John Blackeston, Henry Draper, Jo. Brackenbury, Esquires.


"For the County of Essex; Sir Thomas Barrington Knight and Baronet, Sir Harbottle Grimston Knight and Baronet, Sir William Hicks, Sir Will. Masham, Sir Rich. Everard, Baronets, Sir Martin Lumley Knight and Baronet, Sir Tho. Check, Sir Hen. Mildmay of Wansted, Sir Will. Rowe, Sir Henry Holcraft, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir Will. Martin, Sir John Barrington, Knights, Harbottle Grimston, Will. Masham, Timothy Middleton, John Sayer, Henry Mildmay of —, Nathaniel Bacon, Anthony Luther, Jo. Wright, Oliver Raymond, Rob. Smith, Thomas Cooke, Deane Tyndall, Henry Farr, Cary Mildmay, Richard Harlackenden, Rob. Wiseman of Mayland, Robert Bourn, John Meade, John Eden, Tho. Clapton, Arthur Barnardiston, Isaack Allen of Haseley, William Goldingham, Will. Atwood, John Atwood, Peter Whitcomb, Jo. Broke, Henry Wiseman, John Eldred, John Pike, Robert Young, Francis Stonehard, John Watkins, Edward Berkehead, George Thoroughgood, Esquires, Richard Wiseman, Thomas Cook, John Correll, Will. Turner of Winbishe, Jeremy Aylet, Will. Collard, Robert Crane, Doctor Read of Buchanger, Robert Calthrop, Thomas Adams of Thaxsteed, John Alliston, Will. Harlackenden, Jo. Thurgood of Wadden, Isaack Wincall, Samuell Plaine, Francis Williamson of Walden, John Fenning, and Thomas Allyet, Gentlemen.


"For Colechester; the Mayor for the Time being, Mr. Henry Barrington, Harbottle Grimston Esquire.

Ebor. East Riding.

"For East Riding; Fardinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Tho. Fairfax, Sir Will. Constable, Sir Will. Fairfax, Sir Mathew Bointon, Sir Philip Stappleton Knight, Sir Will. Steickland Baronet, Sir Hen. Cholmley, Colonel Lambert, Colonel Bointon, Sir Thomas Rymington Knight, Rich. Rymington, Thomas Stockdale, John Anlaby, Rich. Darley, Hen. Darley, and John Allured, Esquires.

North Riding.

"For North Riding; Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax, Sir Will. Constable, Sir Will. Fairfax, Sir Henry Cholmley, Sir William Sheffield, Knights, Sir Henry Fowles, Baronet, Sir Mathew Boynton Baronet, Colonel Lambert, Colonel Bointon, Thomas Stockdale, Bryan Stappleton, Hen. Darley, Hen. Anderson, John Wastall, Christopher Perchly, George Trotter, Mathew Smelt, John Legard de Malton, Francis Lassells, Jeffery Gate, John Dent, Tho. Robinson, Francis Boynton, Esquires.

West Riding.

"For West Riding; Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Tho. Fairfax, Sir Will. Constable, Sir Will. Fairfax, Sir Thomas Maleverer Baronet, Sir Will. Lister, Sir John Savill, Sir Henry Cholmley, Sir John Reresby, Knights, Charles Fairfax, Henry Ardington, Will. West, John Farrer, William White, Tho. Maleverer, George Marwood, John Robinson, Thomas Stockdale, Tho. Westby, John Bright, Tho. Bossevill, Godfrey Bossevill, Esquires.

York City.

"For the City of York; Sir Thomas Fairfax, Sir Thomas Withrington, and Sir Will. Allinson, Knights, John Hoyle, Thomas Hodgson, James Hutchinson, and John Vaux, Aldermen, Tho. Dickinson.


"For the County of Glouc.; Sir John Seymour Knight, John Coderington, Edw. Stephens, Samuell Coderington, Tho. Estcourt, Jo. Stephens, Evans Soyce, Tho. Stephens, Vincent Gookgin, Will. Selwyn, Tho. Pury, Esquires, Stephen Fowler, Rich. Talbois, and John Gyfford, Gentlemen.

City of Glouc.

"For the City and the County of the City of Glouc.; the Mayor for the Time being, Tho. Pury, William Singleton, and Luke Nurse, Aldermen, Silvanus Wood, and Will. Selwyn, Esquires.


"For the City of Bristoll; Colonel Nathaniell Finnes, Governor, Colonel Alexander Popham, John Finnes Esquire, Richard Allworth Mayor, Joseph Jackson and Hugh Brown Sheriffs, Richard Hallworthy Alderman, Luke Hodges, Henry Gibbs, and Clement Walker, Esquires.


"For the County of Southampton and the Isle of Wight; Sir Henry Worseley, Sir Will. Lewis, Baronets, Sir Tho. Jarvois, Sir William Lisle, Sir John Oglander, Sir Henry Clerke, Sir John Compton, Sir Richard Kingsmill, Knights, Sir John Leigh, Rob. Dillington, Rob. Wallop, Rich. Whitehead, Rich. Norton, John Doddington, Rich. Jervois, John Lisle, Tho. Carne, Colonel Bartholomew Meux, Dowce Fuller, John Button, Edward Hopper, Edward Dennis, Jo. Bulkley, Tho. Clarke, John Kemp, Rich. Major, Francis St. Barbe, Nich. Love, John Filder, Will. Wither, Tho. Chaundler, James Tutt, and John Pitman, Esquires.

"For the Town and County of Southampton; Captain Peter Murford, Tho. Mason, Rob. Wrath, Henry Brasbridge, Aldermen, George Gallop and Edw. Exton, Esquires.


"For the County of Hertford; Charles Lord Viscount Cranborne, Robert Cecill Esquire, Sir John Gerrat Baronet, Sir Tho. Dacres, Sir Will. Litton, Sir John Whitterounge, Knights, Serjeant Atkins, Rich. Jennings, Edw. Wingate, Ralph Freeman, Will. Leman, Will. Priestly, John Haydon, Alexan. Wilde, Gabriell Barbar, Rich. Porter, Captain Scroggs, Adam Washington, Esquire, Sir Jo. Read Baronet, Sir John Harrison, Norton Gravely Esquire, Doctor King Doctor in Physic.

"For St. Albans; the Mayor for the Time being, John Robotham, Edw. Wingate, Ralph Pemberton, and Rich. Jennings, Esquires.


"For the County of Hereford; Sir Rob. Harley Knight of the Bath, Sir Rich. Horton Knight, Walter Kirle, Edw. Broughton, Henry Vaughan, and James Kirle, Esquires.

"For the City of Hereford; Sir Rob. Harley Knight of the Bath, Walter Kirle, James Kirle, Rich. Hobson, John Brocket, Henry Vaughan, Esquires.


"For the County of Huntingdon; Sir Tho. Cotton Baronet, Sir John Hewet Knight, Onslow Winch, Terrill Joceline, Tho. Templer, John Castle, Oliver Cromwell, Abraham Burwell, Edw. Mountague, and John Bulkley, Esquires.


"For the County of Kent; Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Anthony Weldon, Knights, Sir Norton Knatchboll Baronet, Sir Edw. Pathericke, Tho. Selliard, John Boyes Senior, Esquires, Sir John Siddley, Sir Humphry Tufton, Knights and Baronets, Augustine Skinner, and Rich. Lee Esquires, Sir Edw. Scot Knight, Sir Henry Heyman Knight and Baronet, Sir Henry Vane Junior Knight, Sir Edw. Hales Knight and Baronet, Sir George Sands, Sir John Honywood, Sir Will. Brooke, Knights, Sir Michaell Lewsey Baronet, Tho. Blunt, Esquire, Sir Edw. Boyes, Sir Rich. Hardresse, Sir James Oxenden, Knights, Samuel Short, Esquire, the Mayor of Ternerden for the Time being, William Boyes, Hen. Sampford, Esquires, Sir Robert Honywood and Sir Peter Godfrey Knights, Richard Browne, Robert Scot, William James, and Maxevill Dixewell, Esquires.

"For the City of Rochester; the Mayor for the Time being, Richard Lee Esquire.


For the City and County of Canterbury; the Mayor for the Time being, Sir William Man Knight, Sir Edward Master Knight, Thomas Corethope, Esquire, Avery Savine Alderman.

"For Kingston upon Hull; Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax, Sir William Constable Baronet, Thomas Raikes Mayor, Lancelot Roper, John Barnard, Joshua Hall, Nich. Denman, William Popple, Gentlemen, Henry Bernard, Peregrine Pelham, Esquires.


"For the County of Lancaster; Sir Ralph Ashton and Sir Thomas Stanley Baronets, Ralph Ashton, Richard Shuttleworth, Alexander Rigby, John Moore, Richard Holland, Edward Butterworth, John Bradshaw, Peter Egerton, Geo. Dodding, Nich. Conliff, and Thomas Fell, Esquires, Robert Conliff, Robert Curwen, and John Nowell, Gentlemen.


"For the County of Leicester; Henry Lord Gray of Ruthin, Thomas Lord Gray of Groby, Sir Arthur Haselrig Baronet, Sir Edward Hartop, and Sir Tho. Hartop, Sir Martin Lister, Knights, William Hewit, John Gembridge, Peter Temple, Geo. Ashby, Richard Bent, Arthur Stanley, William Danvers, Thomas Haselrig, John Goodwyn, Thomas Cotton, Francis Hacker, Esquires, Richard Ludlam now Mayor of Leicester, William Stanley and William Villers Aldermen there.

"For the City of Lincoln, and the Close of Lincoln; the Lord Willoughby of Parham, Sir John Wray Knight and Baronet, Sir William Armyne Baronet, Sir John Brownlow, Sir William Brownlow, Sir Thomas Trollop Baronets, Sir Edward Ayscough, Sir Hamond Whitchcot, Sir Christopher Wray, Sir Anthony Ireby, Knights, Tho. Grantham, Thomas Hatcher, John Bloxholm, Mountague Cholmley, John Archer, Esquires, William Burg Gentleman, Edward Ayscough, Henry Massingbeard, William Savile, Thomas Savile, Edw. King, Draynard Massingbeard, Edward Roseiter, Esquires, the Mayor of (fn. 2) Boston for the Time being, John Harrington, Samuel Cust, John Brown, William Hobson, Gentlemen, Charl's Empson, Thomas Welby, Thomas Hall, Martin Johnson, Yeomen, Wyat Perkins Gentleman, Norris Cave, Esquire, Thomas Grantham, John Broxbolm Esquire, Robert Morecrast, William Watson, and Stephen Dawson, Aldermen.

Middlesex, and Liberties of West.

"For the County of Middlesex, and Liberties of Westminster; Sir Henry Vane Senior, Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, Sir John Francklyn, Sir Edw. Barkham, Sir John Hippesley, Sir John Danvers, Sir William Roberts, Knights, Sir Richard Sprignall Baronet, Sir John Conyers Knight of The Tower of London, Lawrence Whitacre, Thomas Wilcox, John Morris, Richard Downton, Thomas Swallow, Esquires, John Brown Esquire Clerk of the Parliament, Sir Thomas Fowler Knight and Baronet, Sir Robert Pye, Sir William Ashton, Sir James Harrington, John Glyn Esquire Recorder of the Cities of London and Westminster, John Trenchard, William Wheeler, Justinian Paget, and John Hukesley, Esquires, William Bell, John Brigham, Anthony Withers, and William Barns, Gentlemen.


For the County of Monmouth; Will. Harbert Esquire, Hen. Harcourt.


"For the County of Norfolk; Sir Thomas Woodhouse Knight and Baronet, Sir John Holland Baronet, Sir John Bots Baronet, Sir John Hobart Knight and Baronet, Sir Miles Hobart, Sir Thomas Huggen, Knights, John Cook, John Spelman, Phil. Bedding field, Samuel Smith, the Bailiffs of Yarmouth, the Mayor of Lyn, Thomas Toll and John Percival of Lyn, Thomas Windbam, Frances Jeremy, Robert Wood, Gregory Gawsell, John Haughton, Thomas Weld, Martin Sedley, Thomas Sotherton, Esquires, Sir William Heveningham, William Cook, Robert Rich, Esquires, Sir Richard Bernay, Sir Isaac Ashley, Sir John Palgrave, Knights, and Brigs Fountain Esquire.


"For the County and City of Norwich; Sir Edward Barkham Baronet, Sir Thomas Gawdy, Sir Edward Ashtley, Sir Thomas Guibon, Knights, Thomas Russell, John Walpool, Robert Wilton, Robert Jeremy, John Guibon, Robert Shephard, John Regins, Phil. Calthrope, Esquires, Toby Fryar, Samuel Parks, Thomas Johnson, Robert Rower Gentlemen, the Mayor for the Time being, Christopher Barret, Thomas Bazer, John Tooly, Adrian Parmiter, Rich. Harman Esquire, Sam, Smith Esquire, Henry Wats Alderman.


"For the County of Northampton; Sir Rowland St. John Knight of the Bath, Sir John Norwich Knight, Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet, Sir Richard Samuel Knight, John Crew, John Barnard, Edward Harvy, John Sawyer, Edward Farmer, John Norton, John Chappole Esquire, Sir John Draydon Baronet, Richard Knightley, Zouche Tate, Esquires, Sir Edward Nicholls Baronet, Sir Samuel Danver Knight, Sir Humph. Knight, John Cartwright Esquire, Phil. Holeman, John Wirley, Edward Scagborow, Edward Hanbury, William Ward, Francis Quarles, Esquires.

"For the Town of Northampton; the Mayor for the Time being, Thomas Martin, John Fisher, Aldermen, Zouche Tate Esquire.


"For the County of Northumberland; Sir John Fenwick Baronet, Sir John Dallevell Knight, Thomas Middleton, William Shaftoe, Michael Welden, and Henry Ogle, Esquires.

(fn. 3) Newcaf.

"For the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne; Henry Warmouth, Ralph Gray, Henry Lawson, John Blaikeston, Esquires.


For the Town of Barwick upon Tweed; John Sleigh Mayor, Sir Robert Jackson Knight, Ralph Salkeld Esquire.


"For the County of Nottingham; Francis Peirepoint Esquire, Francis Thornhaugh.


"For the County of Surrey; Sir Richard Oneslowe, Sir William Elliot, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Knights, Nicholas Staughton, George Evelyn of Wotton, Henry Weston, Arthur Oneslowe, Esquires, Sir Ambrose Brown Baronet, Sir Anthony Vincent Knight and Baronet, Sir John Dingley, Sir Mathew Brand, Knights, Francis Drake, Thomas Sands, George Myn, William Mus champs, Sir John Howland and Sir John Evelyn, Knights, John Goodwyn, George Evelyn of Kingston, Esquires, Richard Wright, and Cornelius Cooke, Edward Sanders, Robert Hallman, Robert Haughton, Gentlemen, Sir Thomas Grimes, Sir Edward Gresham, Sir John Lenthall, Sir John Maynard, Knights, Charles Hoskins, Edward Bish Senior, Edward Bish Junior, Edward Bagshaw, John White, Robert Goodwyn, John Turner, Edmond Saunders, Edmund Jurden, Hermon Atwood, Esquires.


"For the County of Sussex; Sir Thomas Pelham Baronet, Anthony Stapeley, Herbert Morley, Thomas Whitfeild, John Baker, Herbert Hey, Esquires, Herbert Springet of The Broyle, Ra. Cooper, Hall Ravenscroste, Edward Apsley, John Downes, William Cawley, George Oglander, George Slmpson, James Bacheler Esquires, Sir John Chapman Knight, Anthony Fowle, Lawrence Ashburnham, Thomas Middleton, Peter Farneden, John Bushbridge, Stephen Humphrey, Thomas Collins, Captain Carleton, Captain Everden, Edward Higgons, Robert Spence, Esquires, Francis Selwyn, William Thomas, Nicholas Gildridge, Esquires, Thomas Eversfield of Dover Knight, Robert Aylewyn, William Corey, Gentlemen, Captain Thomas Chace, Thomas Farmington Alderman, the Mayor of Rye for the Time being, Captain Cockman Gentleman, Joseph Widmerpoole, Robert Reynes, Gilbert Millington, John Hutchingson, and Gervas Piggot, Esquires, Sir Francis Molineux Knight, Charles White, Henry Ircton, and George Hutchingson, Esquires.

"For the County and Town of Nottingham; the Mayor for the Time being, James Chadwicke Esquire, Huntingdon Bluntry Doctor in Physic, John James Alderman, John Gregory Gentleman.


"For the County of Oxon.


For the County of Rutland; Sir Edward Harrington Knight, Evers Armine, Robert Horseman, John Osborne, Christopher Browne, Robert Horseman Junior, and Thomas Waite, Esquires.


"For the County of Suffolke; Sir Nathaniell Barnardiston Knight, Sir William Springe Baronet, Sir Roger North, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Knights, William Heveningham, Nathaniell Bacon of Friston, Nicholas Bacon, Henry North, Robert Brechoster, Francis Bacon, Theophilus Vaughan of Becklesse, William Cage, Edmund Harvey, John Gourden, Esquires, John Basse Gentleman, the Bailiffs of the Town of Ipswich, John Silkener, Richard Pulpet, John Aldus, Gentlemen, Sir William Platers Knight and Baronet, Sir John Wentworth Knight, Sir Phillip Parker Knight, Maurice Barrow, Nicholas Bacon, William Bloyse, Esquires, Francis Brewster Gentlemen, Sir Buts Bacon Baronet, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir John Rous, Sir William Soame, Sir Edward Duke, Knights, Thomas Baker, Brampton Gurden, Wiseman Bokenham, Isaac Apleton, Henry North Junior, Robert Reynolds, Esquires, Thomas Cole, Richard Pepis, Nathaniell Bacon of Ipswich, John Clinch Senior, John Clinch of Culpho, Nich. Rivet of Dringston, Gibson Lucas, Esquires.

"For St. Edmunds Bury; the Aldermen of St. Edmunds Bury, Samuell Moody, Thomas Chapman, Mr. Chaplyn, the Bailiffs of the Town of Alborow for the Time being, Thomas Johnson of Alborow Gentleman.


"For the County of Somerset; Sir John Horner, Sir Thomas Wrath, Sir George Farwell, Knights, Clement Walker, William Strode, Richard Cole, John Harrington, John Hippesley, William Long, John Preston, Henry Henley, Henry Sampford, John Pine, James Ash, Esquires, Roger Hill, George Searle, and Jasper Chaplin, Gentlemen, William Capell, William Basset, Robert Harbyn, John Hunt, Alexander Popham, Hugh Rogers, John Ashe, Robert Blaugh, Esquires.


"For the County of Salop; William Plerepoint, Esquire, Sir John Corbet Knight, Richard Moore, Thomas Mitton, Walter Barker, Thomas Nichols, Robert Corbet of Sannerden, Humphrey Mawkworth, Andrew Floy of Ashton, and Lancelot Lee, Esquires.


"For the County of Stafford; Sir Richard Skeffington Knight, Richard Pyot Knight, Michael Bidolph, Edward Manwaring, Matthew Morton, John Birch, Ralph Rudiard, Michael Low, and Edward Leigh, Esquires, Sir Walter Wrotesley, Sir Edward Littleton, Baronets, Michael Noble Esquire.

Lichfeild City.

"For the City of Litchfield; the Bailiffs of the said City for the Time being, the Sheriff of the said City for the Time being, Richard Drasgate, Richard Baxter, and Thomas Barnes, Gentlemen, Michael Noble Esquire.

Warwicke, and the City of Coventry.

For the County of Warwicke, and the City of Coventry; the now Mayor of the City of Coventry, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Christopher Yelverton Knight and Baronet, John Hales, Godfrey Boswell, John Barker, William Purefoy, Anthony Staughton, George Abbot, Thomas Boughton, William Colemore, Thomas Basnet, William Gesson, Gamdliel Purefroy, and Thomas Willoughby, Esquires, Isaac Bromwich, Robert Phipps, Esquires.


"For the County of Wilts; Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Edward Bointon, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir John Evelin, Knights, Edward Bointon, Edward Tucker, Edward Goddard, Alexander Thistlethwaite Junior, Edward Poole, Thomas Moore, John Ashe, and Robert Jennour, Esquires.


For the County of Westmorland; Sir Henry Bellingham Knight and Baronet, George Gilpin, Edward Wilson, Nicholas Fisher, Thomas Sleddall, Rowland Dawson, Allan Billingham, Esquires, Roger Bateman, Richard Branthwaite, Robert Phillipson, and Gervas Benson, Gentlemen.


"For the County of Worcester; John Wilde, Richard Creswell, Serjeants at Law, Humphrey Salway, Edward Dingley, Edward Pytt, Thomas Greeves, and William Jeffereys, Esquires.

"For the City of Worcester; Henry Foord Esquire, Mayor, Roger Seaburne and Henry Philipps Aldermen, John Rea Gentleman.

"Which said several Committees of the said several and respective Counties and Places, or the greatest Part of them, shall, with all convenient Speed, after Notice of this Ordinance given to them, or any Two of them, meet together, within the several Counties and Places respectively where they are Committees, in some convenient Place within the same Counties or Places, and may there agree to sever and divide themselves, for the Execution of the said Service, into such Hundreds, Places, and Divisions, within their respective Counties and Places, as to them shall seem meet and expedient; and afterwards the said Committees, or any Two of them respectively, shall direct their Warrants to such Number of Persons as they shall think fit, within their several and respective Divisions, to appear before them, or any Two of them; and, upon their Appearance, the said respective Committees, or any Two of them, shall nominate and appoint such Persons as they shall think fit, within their respective Divisions; which said Persons so nominated, or any Two of them, shall have Power to assess all and every Person or Persons, Fraternity, Guild, Corporation, Mystery, Brotherhood, and Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, chargeable by this Ordinance, according to the Weekly Rates and Proportions in this Ordinance mentioned.

"And the said respective Committees, or any Two of them, shall have full Power and Authority, within their several and respective Limits and Divisions, where they shall execute this Ordinance, to nominate Collectors, for the Money so assessed and rated as aforesaid, according to this Ordinance; which said Collectors shall collect the said Monies so affessed, and pay the same to the Treasurer of the Army raised by the Parliament for the Time being, at Guildhall, London, or at such Place or Places, and to such Person or Persons, as the said respective Committees, or any Two of them, shall appoint; and if any Person or Persons, Fraternity, Guild, Corporation, Mystery, Brotherhood, or Commonalty, Corporate or not Corporate, chargeable by this Ordinance, shall refuse to pay the Sum or Sums upon him or them assessed by virtue of this Ordinance, or shall not pay the same, upon Demand, at the Place of his Abode, or where such Assessment shall be made, it shall and may be lawful to and for the respective Collectors, or any Two of them, to levy all and every such Sum and Sums so assessed, by Way of Distress and Sale of the Goods of the Person or Persons so assessed, wherever the same shall be found, and to break any House, Chests, Trunk, Box, or other Thing wherein any such Goods are; and if any Person so distrained; or other, shall make Resistance, it shall be lawful to and for the said respective Collectors, or any of them, as they shall see Cause, to call to their Assistance any of the Trained Bands, or Companies of Voluntiers, or other Forces, of or within the County or Counties, Place or Places, where such Resistance shall be made, or any other Person or Persons whatsoever, dwelling in or near the Place; and the said Trained Bands, Voluntiers, or Forces, and the several Officers, Commanders, and Soldiers of the same, or other the Persons so to be called, are hereby required to be aiding and assisting to the said respective Collectors in the Premises, as they will answer the contrary thereof.

"And be it also Ordained, That every Person, to be rated and taxed as aforesaid, shall be rated and set, and the Sum on him rated and set to be levied in every County for the Estate he hath, either in Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, Rents, Annuities, Fees, Offices, Goods, Cattles, or Chattels, in that County only; and, if he have an Estate, either in Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Rents, Annuities, Fees, Offices, Goods, or Chattels, in several Places in One County, then to be rated, in the said several Places in each several County, according to such his said Estate in the said several Places; and the Sum on him set to be there levied accordingly.

"And be it further Ordained, That all Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, of all and every Person or Persons whatsoever, of what Degree or Quality soever, or in whose Possession soever the same are, shall be rated, charged, and chargeable, for and towards the Raising and Payment of the said Weekly Sum or Sums of Money set and charged by this Ordinance; yet nevertheless with this Provision and Limitation, That if the Land be set or let to or near the Yearly Value thereof, in the Possession of any Tenant for Life, Lives, Years, or at Will, such Person or Persons to whom the Rent thereof belongeth to be solely chargeable therewith; but, if the same be let at any easy or small Rent, or Under-value, then the Sum taxed to be apportioned between the Party or Parties to whom the Rent belongeth, and the Tenant or Occupier of the Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, as the Taxers shall think meet; and if they, or any of them, shall do any Injury, the same to be rectified by the said Committees, or any Two of them, within their several Limits or Divisions, according to their Discretion; and, if any such Tenant or Occupier of Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, shall or may be charged with any Sum of Money, contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this Ordinance, that it shall and may be lawful to and for such Tenant or Occupier to stop and detain the same from and out of his Rent due for the same Land, or to take his lawful Remedy against such Person or Persons to whom the said Rent is or shall be due or belonging, who ought, by the true Meaning of this Ordinance, to be charged therewith by Action of Debt, wherein no Wager of Law, Protection, or Essoign, shall be allowed; and, in case that any Lands or Hereditaments, in several Counties, Hundreds, Parishes, or Places, shall be let or set for, or charged without entire Rent or Rents in each County, Hundred, Parish, or Place, and according to the Value of the Lands or Hereditaments so let in every of the said Counties, Hundreds, Parishes, and Places, and for all Manner of Debts whatsoever, or Sum or Sums of Money due or owing to any Person or Persons, by any Person or Persons within this Realm, and also from any Debts, Goods, or Sums of Money, remaining or being beyond the Seas out of His Majesty's Dominions, due or belonging to any Person or Persons residing within England or Wales; the Person or Persons to whom such Debts shall be due to be charged for the same in the Place of his Residence or Abode at the Time of the Taxation only: And be it Ordained, That no Person having Two Mansions or Places to resort to, being or calling himself Household Servant, or Waiting Servant, to the King's Majesty, or other Lord or Lady, Master or Mistress, be excused from the Taxes of the said Payments, in any Place or Places where he may be set or taxed; and if any Person that ought to be set and taxed to the said Payments, by his Crime or Craft, or any Words or Sayings, or otherwise, happen to escape from the said Payments, to be not set and taxed according to the true Meaning of this Ordinance, and that proved by Presentment, Examination, Information, or otherwise, before the said Committees, or any Two of them, then every such Person shall be charged, upon the Knowledge and Proof thereof, and at the Treble Value of so much as he should, might, or ought to have been set or taxed at, by virtue of this Ordinance; and the same to be levied, gathered, and paid, of his Goods and Chattels, Lands and Tenements, towards the said Payment, in such Manner as is therein limited for others which refuse to pay; and if no Distress be found of the Goods or other Things of such Person or Persons, Bodies Corporate, or other chargeable by this Ordinance, as shall not pay their Weekly Rates as aforesaid, then the said Collectors shall respectively have Power to enquire of any Sum or Sums of Money, due or to be due to the Persons so assessed as aforesaid, from any Person or Persons, for any Rents, Tithes, Goods, Debts, or other Thing or Cause whatsoever; and to compound for any of the said Rents, Tithes, Goods, Debts, due to the Person so assessed respectively as aforesaid, with any Person or Persons by whom the said Rents, Tithes, Goods, Debts, or other Things, (fn. 4) are due unto the said Persons so assessed respectively as aforesaid; as also to give full Discharge for the Money by them so received, upon Composition, or otherwise, which Discharge shall be good and effectual to all Intents and Purposes.

"And be it further Ordained, That if any Person or Persons shall find him or themselves aggrieved, that he or they is or are over-rated, such Person or Persons, at any Time before Distress taken of his or their Goods, may complain to the respective Committees, who have executed this Ordinance within the Division or Limit where any such Person or Persons over-rated shall be assessed; which said respective Committees, or any Two of them, shall have Power, upon Examination, to relieve such Person or Persons, as they shall see Cause: Yet the true Intent and Meaning of this Ordinance is, and it is further Ordered, by the said and Commons, That if any Person or Persons, so finding themselves aggrieved, be such as have not formerly contributed upon the Propositions, or not proportionably to others of their Estates, nor have been rated and paid upon the Ordinance of Assessment, intituled, ["An Ordinance for the assessing and rating of such as have not contributed at all, or not contributed according to the Proportion of their Estates";] then the said Parties, if they be not assessed above a proportionable Part of such Sum or Sums as other Men of their Ability have paid upon the Propositions, or have been assessed, and have paid upon the said Ordinance, of not exceeding the Twentieth Part, the said Rates to stand, and not to be altered; provided nevertheless, that no Person be assessed above the Sum of Ten Pounds the Week: And, for better Encouragement of the Collectors in this said Service, it is Ordained, That Three Pence in the Pound shall be allowed for every Sum of Money which shall be collected and paid to the said Treasurers or Receivers, according to this Ordinance, Two Pence whereof shall be allowed to the Collectors, and the Residue to such other Persons as shall be employed in the said Service, according to the Discretion of the respective Committees within their several Divisions, or any Two of them.

"And, to the End that all the Monies assessed may be duly collected, be it Ordained, That the several and respective Assessors, within the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, shall, within One Week next after their respective Assessments made, return their said several Assessments unto the respective Committees aforesaid, for the respective Divisions or Limits where the said Assessments shall be made; who, or any Two of them, are hereby required respectively, within Ten Days after the respective Returns of such several Assessments, to deliver a Copy thereof, subscribed with their or any Two of their Hands, to the several Collectors within their said respective Divisions or Limits; and also within the like Ten Days to send up another Copy to the said Treasurer of the Army raised for the Parliament for the Time being, to the End the said Treasurer may thereby know what he is to receive of every Parish or Place within this Realm and Wales; and the said several Sums shall be paid to the said Treasurer at Guildhall, London, who shall give an Acquittance for the same, which Acquittance shall be brought to John Trencharge or William Wheeler Esquires, Members of the House of Commons, who are to enter the same in a Book to be kept for that Purpose; and then the said Acquittance shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Party that paid in the said Sum, and not otherwise; and, if any Assessors or Collectors shall refuse the said Service, or prove negligent or faulty therein, the said Committees for the Divisions or Limits where such Assessor or Collector shall so refuse, or be so negligent or faulty, or any Two of them, shall have Power to commit such Assessor or Collector to Prison, or to set such Fine upon him or them as they shall think fit, not exceeding the Sum of Twenty Pounds upon the Assessor, or the Sum of Five Shillings upon the Collector, the same to be levied by Distress and Sale of such Offenders Goods, to the Uses herein mentioned, in such Sort as is herein before appointed, for such as refuse to pay the Rates assessed upon him or them; and shall also certify the said Offence to the Lords and Commons in Parliament, and shall have Power to nominate other Assessors or Collectors.

"And, if any Person or Persons, so assessed and rated as aforesaid, shall conceal or convey away his or their Goods, so that no Distress can be taken, or that the said Sum or Sums so assessed upon him cannot be had or levied by any the Ways or Means in this Ordinance mentioned, then the said Collectors shall respectively certify the same, in case he be a Peer of the Realm, unto the Lords in Parliament; and, if he be under the Degree of a Peer, to the Committee of Lords and Commons appointed for the Advance of Money, and making Provision for other Necessaries for the Army; which said Committees shall hereby have Power to send for such Person or Persons as Delinquents, and to commit him or them Prisoners to such Place or Places within this Kingdom, and for so long Time, as the Committee for Examinations shall think fit.

"And be it Ordained, That all and every the Assessors and Collectors aforesaid, and all that shall assist them in the Premises, shall be protected by both Houses of Parliament from all Damage that may come to them, or any of them, by this Service; and shall further receive such Allowances, for their Charge and Obedience in the Execution of this Ordinance, as, upon Certificate from the several Committees abovenamed, or any Two of them, shall be thought fit by the Committee of the House of Commons for Examinations.

"Lastly, be it Ordained, That where no Committees are named in this Ordinance, for any County, City, or Place, there such other Committees as shall be appointed by both the said Houses of Parliament, or any Two of such Committees, shall and may put this present Ordinance in Execution, within any such County or Place respectively, in such Manner and Form, to all Intents and Purposes, as any the Committees named in this Ordinance may, according to the Purport and true Meaning thereof.

"Provided always, that no Peer of this Realm shall, by virtue of this Ordinance, be rated or taxed at any Sum or Sums of Money whatsoever, for any his Mansion House or Houses, with the Appurtenances, in any Place whatsoever; but the Assessors within whose Charge such House or Houses, with the Appurtenances, shall happen to be, shall certify the same into the House of Peers, to the End that such Peers may be there rated for the same, according to this Ordinance.

"And whereas, by this Ordinance, the Inhabitants within the City of London are not to be rated, in respect of the great Proportion laid upon them by the late Weekly Assessment for Three Months; it is now Ordered, by the said Lords and Commons, That those Persons within the said City of London, which have not paid the said Assessment formerly rated on them, shall, in Case they pay not the same within Twenty Days next after the Date of this Ordinance, be rated and taxed for the Space of Two Months more, as other Counties by this Ordinance are to be."

"Ordered, by the Commons in Parliament, That this Ordinance be forthwith printed and published.

Hen. Elsinge,
Cler. Parl. D. Com.


House adjourned till 10a cras.


  • 1. This Ordinance is printed, and bound in with the Original.
  • 2. Roston.
  • 3. Mewcas.
  • 4. Deest.