Coal Trade: Minutes of evidence, list of witnesses

Page 1437

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 62, 1830. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, [n.d.].

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Minutes of Evidence.

List of Witnesses.

Page in Printed Report.
Beaumont, Robert, Manager of Collieries in Scotland, and Landaff in Glamorganshire, 162 to 166.
Brandling, Robert William, Owner of Collieries on the Tyne, and Chairman of the Coal Committee of the Tyne and Wear, 213 to 224.
245 to 250.
Charrington, John, Coal Merchant, of London, 127 to 136.
Chicken, George, Master of a Ship in the Coal Trade, 104 to 112.
Coffin, Walter, Owner of Collieries at Landaff in Glamorganshire, 225 to 233.
Dean, Rd. Betenson, Chairman of the Board of Customs, 193 to 201
Dickson, William, Comptroller of Coal Duties in the Port of London, 186 to 188.
Drinkald, John, A Lighterman, and Master of the Watermen's Company, 101 to 102.
Drummer, William, Clerk to the Board of Sea Coal Meters, 73 to 75.
Duke, James, A Coal Factor, 25 to 42.
103 to 104.
Edgcome, James, Collector of Customs at Newcastle, 160 to 162.
Feetham, Thomas, A Coal Merchant, of Westminster, 118 to 120.
Horne, William, A Coal Merchant, of Southwark, 99 to 100.
112 to 118.
125 to 127.
159 to 160.
Levey, Lawrence, A Coal Whipper, 94 to 99.
Lowe, George, Superintendent of the Chartered Gas Company, London, 176 to 185.
191 to 193.
Metcalfe, William, Coal Factor and Ship Owner, 3 to 23.
Mushett, David, Coal and Iron Owner at Coleford, Gloucestershire, 235 to 245.
Pearsall, James, One of the Clerks of the Coal Market, 75 to 93.
Pegg, William, Coal Merchant, Old Barge House, Southwark, 137 to 139.
Pellatt, Apsley, Glass Manufacturer, 166 to 170.
Richmond, George, Ship Owner, 49 to 51.
Scott, Benjamin Whinnell, Chief Clerk to the Chamberlain of London, 51 to 60.
121 to 122.
Sharp, Sir Cuthbert, Collector of Customs, Sunderland, 201.
Stark, William, Dyer and Dresser, of Norwich, 139 to 141.
Tickner, Edward, Common Council Man of London, 142 to 152.
153 to 159.
Waters, John, Agent to a House in Newcastle, 42 to 49.
Woodhouse, John, Inspector of Colonial Accounts in the Custom House, London, 189 to 190.