House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 16 June 1645

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Lunæ, 16 die Junii.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Burroughs.

Comes Denbigh, Speaker this Day.

Comes Northumb.
Comes Kent.
Comes Essex.
Comes Warwicke.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Stamford.
Comes Bolingbrooke.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Suffolke.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Ds. North.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Robertes.
Ds. Willoughby.

Message from the H. C. with an Account of a Victory obtained by Sir T. Fairfax over the King's Army at Naseby; and for a Thanksgiving for it.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Harley Knight:

To acquaint their Lordships with some Letters from Sir Tho. Fairefax, and Lieutenant General Cromwell, and the Commissioners in the Army; giving Information of a happy Victory it hath pleased God to give the Forces under the Command of Sir Tho. Fairefax: And, because Almighty God may have the only Praise, the House of Commons desires their Lordships Concurrence, that Thursday next may be kept a Day of Public Thanksgiving, at Christ Church, in London; and they have thought of Mr. Marshall and Mr. Vynes to preach that Day, if their Lordships shall concur therein; and they desire that these Letters may be printed and published; and they have thought of some Rewards to be given to the Persons that brought this happy News, wherein they desire their Lordships Concurrence.

Blackborn and Sherwood, a Reward for bringing the News.

Ordered, That Mr. Blackborne, the Messenger that brought this good News from Sir Thomas Fairefax, shall have Forty Pounds bestowed upon him, and paid by the Committee of Habberdashers Hall; and that Sherwood, the Messenger that brought this good News from the Army, shall have Twenty Pounds bestowed upon him, and paid by the Committee at Habberdashers Hall.

Agreed to.

Order for a Public Thanksgiving.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That Thursday next shall be set apart for a Day of Public Thanksgiving to Almighty God, in all Churches and Chapels within the Cities of London and Westm. and Lines of Communication, for the great and glorious Victory obtained by the Parliament's Army, under the Command of Sir Tho. Fairefaix, (fn. 1) against the Forces of the King; and that Mr. Marshall and Mr. Vynes be desired to preach at Christ Church before the Parliament; and that the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, do meet the Parliament (fn. 2) there: And it is further Ordered, That Friday, being the 27th of this Instant June, be likewise set apart for a Public Day of Thanksgiving for this Victory, in all the Churches and Chapels in the several Counties of the Kingdom under the Power of the Parliament."

Agreed to.

Answer to the H. C.

Next, the Letters were read. (Here enter them.)

The Answer returned was:

That their Lordships do receive this happy News with much Contentment, and desire the Glory may be given to God; to that Purpose, their Lordships do agree, that Thursday next be kept as a Day of Public Thanksgiving; and their Lordships do agree also in all the other Particulars now brought up.

Prince Elector to export Horses

Ordered, That the Prince Elector shall have a Pass, to transport into Holland Two Stone horses, Custom free

Message from the H C for General Cromwell to be Lieutenant General of Sir T Fairfax's Army,

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir John Lvelyn Knight, &c

To let their Lordships know, that in regard of the present Service that Lieutenant General Cromwell is now in, and his Presence will be very necessary in this present Service, and the Forty Days are now near expiring for the Determination of that his Employment, the House of Commons do think it fit, and desire their Lordships Concurrence therein, that he may be continued Lieutenant General of this Army in this present Service, and have the established Pay as Lieutenant General, until the Pleasure of both Houses of Parliament

for Ld Savill to name the Person who accused Mr Holles

2 That whereas the Lord Savill hath refused to name the Person that writ the Letter to him concerning Mr Holles, though he hath received their Commands to name him, therefore they desire their Lordships would lay their Commands upon him to do it

Agreed to

and for the Committee for Ld Digby s Letter to examine Members of both Houses

3 That they have given their Members of the Committee concerning the Lord Digbye's Letter, Power and Liberty to examine any of their Members as they shall think fit, and desire their Lordships would give the same Liberty and Power to examine such Members of this House as they shall think fit, as the House of Commons have done

Agreed to

The Question being put,

"Whether the Question shall be first put, of the agreeing with the House of Commons, for Lieutenant General Cromwell to be Lieutenant General of the Horse?'

It was Resolved in the Negative

General Cromwel to continue in his Command

Resolved, upon the Question, That Lieutenant General Cromwell shall continue as Lieutenant General of the Horse, with the Pay of Lieutenant General, according to the established Pay of the Army, for Three Months from the End of the Forty Days formerly granted to him

The Answer returned was

Answer to the H C

That this House will send an Answer, by Messengers of their own, concerning that Part of the Message concerning Lieutenant General Cromwell To the rest of the Particulars, this House agrees (fn. 3)

Message to them about General Cromwell

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath

To deliver to them the Vote of this House, made this Day, concerning Lieutenant General Cromwell, and to desire their Concurrence therein

Ld Wharton excused

Ordered, That the Lord Wharton is excused for his Absence this Day from this House

Snesby Lady Lindsey a Servant, Privilege

Ordered, That Francis Snesby, a menial Servant of the Lady Lindsey, being prest in St Clements Parish for a Soldier, shall be released, and have the Privilege of Parliament, as her Servant

E of Denbigh s Complaint against Capt Stone & al Committees for Stafford

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Committee of both Kingdoms shall attend this House, at the Hearing of the Cause of the Earl of Denbigh, against Stone, &c with the Petitions, Certificates, Affidavits, and Order of the said Committee, or transcribe true Copies thereof, and that the Clerk of the Committee of Lords and Commons for Sequestrations are required to do the like

Bowles, gives an Account of the Victory

This Day Mr Bowles, Chaplain to Sir Tho Farefax, gave the House an Account of the Victory against the King's Army

To be rewarded

And it is Ordered, That by the Message to go to the House of Commons by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath, that he be recommended to the House of Commons, that they would think of some Reward to be given him

"Three Letters, from the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lieutenant General Cromwell, and the Committee re siding in the Army, wherein all the Particulars of the great Victory obtained by our Forces against His Majesty's is fully related, fought the 14 of June, 1645, with a List of the Names of such Colonels, Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, and other Officers, both of Horse and Foot, there taken Prisoners, and the Resolution of both Houses upon the same

Sir T Fair fax s Letter giving an Account of a Victory he gained over the King s Forces at Naseby

"To the Honourable William Leathall Esquire, Speaker of the Honourable House of Com mons

"M Speaker,

"Besides the general Account I have already given by One of my Servants whom I sent up to London Yesterday, I thought fit to send this Bearer Mr Boles, who may more particularly inform you concerning the abundant Goodness of God to this Army, and the whole Kingdom, in the late Victory obtained at Nosely Field, the whole Body of their Foot taken and slam, such a List of the Prisoners (fn. 5) as could be made up in this short Time, I have sent The Horse all quitted the Field, and were pursued within Three Miles of Leicester, their Ammunition, Ordnance, and Carriages all taken, among which there were Two Demy Cannons, a whole Culverin, and a Mortar piece, besides lester Pieces We intend to move to Leicester as soon as we have taken Order with our Prisoners and wounded Men All that I desire is, that the Honour of this great never-to be forgotten Mercy may be given to God in an extraordinary Day of Thanksgiving, and that it may be improved to the Good of His Church and this Kingdom, which shall be faithfully endeavoured by,


"Your most humble Servant,

Harborough June 15, 1645

"Thomas Fairfax

"Major General Skippon was shot through his Side, but, notwithstanding, he continued in the Field with great Resolution, and when I desired him to go off the Field, he answered, "He would not go so long as a Man would stand," still doing his Office as a valiant and wise Commander Also Colonel Butler and Colonel Ireton, upon their First Charge, were both dangerously wounded, behaving themselves very gallantly If I could enter into Particulars, much might be spoken of the Resolution and Courage of many Commanders, both Horse and Foot, in this Day's Service

"Some Irish are among the Prisoners, as I am informed, I have not time to make Enquiry into it I desire they may be proceeded against above, according to Ordinance of Parliament"

General Cromwell's Letter.

"For the Honourable William Lenthall, Speaker of the Commons House of Parliament.


"Being commanded by you to this Service, I think myself bound to acquaint you with the good Hand of God towards you and us: We marched Yesterday after the King, who went before us from Daventry to Haverbrow, and quartered about Six Miles from Him. This Day we marched towards Him: He drew out to meet us; both Armies engaged. We, after Three Hours Fight, very doubtful, at last routed His Army, killed and took about Five Thousand, very many Officers, but of what Quality we yet know not. We took also about Two Hundred Carriages, all He had; and all His Guns, being Twelve in Number, whereof Two were Demy Cannon, Two Demy Culverins, and (I think) the rest Sacres. We pursued the Enemy from Three Miles short of Harbrough to Nine beyond, even to Sight of Leicester, whither the King fled. Sir, this is none other but the Hand of God; and to Him alone belongs the Glory, wherein none are to share with Him. The General served you with all Faithfulness and Honour; and the best Commendations I can give him is, that I dare say, he attributes all to God, and would rather perish than assume to himself, which is an honest and a thriving Way; and yet as much for Bravery may be given to him in this Action as to a Man. Honest Men served you faithfully in this Action. Sir, they are trusty. I beseech you, in the Name of God, not to discourage them. I wish this Action may beget Thankfulness and Humility in all that are concerned in it. He that ventures his Life for the Liberty of his Country, I wish he trust God for the Liberty of his Conscience, and you for the Liberty he fights for: In this he rests, who is

14 June, 1645, Haverbrow.

"Your most humble Servant,
Oliver Crumwell."

Letter from the Committee with the Army.

"For the Honourable William Lenthall Esquire, Speaker to the House of Commons.


"This Morning, by Day-break, we marched out of Guilsborow after the Enemy. After an Hour's March, we discovered their Horse drawn up at Sybbertoft, Three Miles this Side Harborough. An Hour after, their Foot appeared; this was about Eight in the Morning. By Ten, we were disposed into a Battalia on both Sides. Both Sides with mighty Shouts expressed a hearty Desire of Fighting. Having for our Parts recommended our Cause to God's Protection, and received the Word, which was "God our Strength," theirs "Queen Mary," our Forlorn Hopes began the Play, whiles both Sides laboured for the Hill and Wind, which in Conclusion was as it were equally divided; our Forlorn Hope gave back, and their Right Wing of Horse fell upon our Left with such Gallantry, that ours were immediately routed; above a Thousand ran along with them: But such was the Courage and Diligence of the Right Wing, backed with the Foot, that they not only beat back the Enemy from their Train, but fell in with their Foot, and, after Two Hours Dispute, won all the Field Pieces (of which some are Cannon), most of their Baggage, Mortar-pieces, Boats, Nine Thousand Arms, much Powder and Match, &c. and nigh Four Thousand Prisoners; their Number was about Twelve Thousand; some Six Hundred slain, many Commanders of Note: Of ours, not above One Hundred. Our Horse are still in Pursuit, and have taken many of theirs. The Standard is ours; the King's Waggon, and many Ladies. God Almighty give us thankful Hearts for this great Victory, the most absolute as yet obtained. The General, Lieutenant General Cromwell, and Major General Skippon (who is shot in the Side, but not dangerous), did beyond Expression gallantly; so did all our other Commanders and Soldiers: We have lost but Two Captains. Though this come late, be pleased to accept it from

"Your Honour's most humble Servants,

Naezby, where the Fight was, this Saturday, 14 June, 1645.

"Har. Leighton.
Tho. Herbert.

"Captain Potter is dangerously wounded, but Hopes of his Recovery; so is Captain Cooke."

List of Prisoners taken at the Battle of Naseby.

"Prisoners of War, taken at Nazeby Field, June 14, 1645, in Northamptonshire.

Sir Richard Page.
Theophilus Gilby.
Lieutenant Colonels.
Majors of Foot.
Bridge, Knight.
Majors of Horse.
Captains of Horse.
Captain Lieutenants.
"Officers of the Life Guard of Foot.
Captain Lieutenant.
Ensigns of the Guard.
"Officers of the Life Guard of Horse.
"Captain Mason, Reformado.
"Officers of the Duke of York's Regiment of Foot.
Captain Lieutenant.
"Prince Rupert's Regiment of Foot.
"Lieutenant Fisher.
"Officers in Prince Maurice's Life Guard.
"Captain Gerret.
Captain Tempest.
Lieutenant Backster.
Quarter-master Simson.
"Officers of the Lord Ashley's Regiment of Foot.
Basberfield Reformado.
Corporal of the Field Regiment.
"Officers of Sir Bernard Ashley's Regiment of Foot.
"Captain Hoare.
Captain Fisher.
"Officers of Colonel Apleyard's Regiment of Foot.
"Officers of Colonel Regol's Regiment.
"Captain Dyet.
Captain Glasier.
Gouse, Reformado.
"Officers of Sir John Paule's Regiment of Foot.
"Captain Mason.
"Officers of Colonel Gerrard's Regiment of Foot.
"Major Bishop.
Captain Booth.
Ensign Bland.
Ensign Perrine.
"Officers of Colonel Page's Regiment of Foot.
"Colonel Page.
Lieutenant Col. Lawson.
Major Sir William Bridges Knight.
"Officers of Colonel Lile's Regiment of Foot.
"Lieutenant Colonel Littleton.
Major Fowler.
Lieutenant Carter.
Ensign Turpin.
Ensign Littleton.
"Officers of Colonel St. George' Regiment of Foot.
"Major Whitmore.
Ensign Tem.
"Officers of Colonel Morris' Regiment.
"Major Whitford.
Ciscill, Reforriado.
"Colonel Bard's Officers of Foot.
Faire Brothe.
"Colonel Vaughan's Officers of Horse.
"Lieutenant Col. Slaughter.
Captain Hosiers.
Lieutenant Armstrong.
Cornet Edmonds.
Quarter-master Nursse.
Lieutenant Billingsley, Reformado.
"Colonel Broughton's Regiment of Foot.
"Captain Hill.
Captain Pauldon.
"Colonel Tillier's Officers of Foot.
"Captain Church.
Captain Dikes.
Lieutenant Busbirdge.
Lostus Senior.
Lostus Junior.
"Sir Fulke Hunke's Officers of Foot.
"Lieutenant Rewes.
Lieutenant Perryn.
Ensign Smith.
"Officers of Colonel Lucas' Regiment of Foot.
"Captain Lieut. Parker.
Lieutenant Johnson.
Lieutenant Cole.

"The Names of His Majesty's Household Servants now in the Marshal's Custody.

"Mr. Howen, Page of His Majesty's Bed-chamber.

"Mr. Abbot, their Chamber-keeper.

"One Sumpter-man.

"Four Footmen of His Majesty's.

"One Footman of Prince Morrise's.

"Robert Marken, Yeoman of His Majesty's Chandry.

"William Waston, Porter at Gate.

"Roger Jellybrand, of His Majesty's Confectionary.

"One Groom of the Chamber.

"And One Chamber-keeper belonging to the Duke of Lenex.

"Nicholas Jonston, belonging to His Majesty's Groom Porter.

"Walter Whife, belonging to His Majesty.

"James Spanier, Victualer.

"Francis Rossell.

"More Prisoners of War:

"Colonel Bunkley, of Horse. Lieutenant Colonel Godfry.

Major More.

Captain King.

Lieutenant Griffin.

Lieutenant Nightingall.

Ensign Musgrave.

Lieutenant Tench.

Thomas Mangainere, of the Prince's Troop.

Richard Addrings, Prince's Troop.

John Piffinch.

Joseph Bromehall.

Sir William Vahan.

Morgan Evans, the Queen's Regiment.

"There were many taken last Night late near Leicester, and sent to Rockingham Castle, most of the Duke of Yorke's Life-guard; and then the Colours of that Regiment were taken: Sir John Norwich took Colonel Nevile Prisoner."

Order for a Public Thanksgiving for this Victory.

"Die Lunæ, 16 Junii, 1645.

"It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That Thursday next shall be set apart for a Day of Public Thanksgiving to Almighty God, in all the Churches and Chapels within the Cities of London and Westminster, and Lines of Communication, for the great and glorious Victory obtained by the Parliament's Army, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, against the Forces of the King; and that Mr. Marshall and Mr. Vines be desired to preach at Christ-Church, before the Parliament; and that the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, do meet the Parliament there: And it is further Ordered, That Friday, being the Seven and Twentieth of this Instant June, be likewise set apart for a Public Day of Thanksgiving for this Victory, in all the Churches and Chapels in the several Counties of the Kingdom under the Power of the Parliament.

"Jo. Brown, Cler. Parliament."

Accounts of the Victory to be published.

"Die Lunæ, 16 June, 1645.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That these Letters, with the List of the Prisoners, be forthwith printed and published, with the Order of both Houses concerning the same.

"Jo. Brown, Cler. Parliament."


House adjourned till 9a cras.


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