House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 4 July 1645

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, 4 die Julii.

Prayers, by Mr. Cawdry.

Ds. Grey de Warke, Speaker of this House this Day.

Comes Northumb.
Comes Kent.
Comes Bolingbrooke.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Stamford.
Comes Suffolke.
Comes Denbighe.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Ds. North.
Ds. Robertes.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Wharton.

Letter from the E. of Leven, &c.

A Letter, directed "To the Right Honourable my Lord Grey of Warke, Speaker of the House of Peers," was read. (Here enter it.)

Spanish Ambassador remonstrates about Lusher his Interpreter, condemned on Suspicion of being a Priest.

A Remonstranee of the Spanish Ambassador was read, concerning his Servant Lusher, who was condemned, for Suspicion of being a Priest, before the Order of the Houses was issued out; therefore desired he might be released, according to the former Intentions of the Houses.

Dr. Burges and Antrobus.

Upon hearing the Counsel on both Sides, concerning the Cause between Doctor Burges and Mr. Antrobus: It is Ordered, To be referred to the (fn. 1) Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London, to make an Agreement between them; and to see that Doctor Burges suffer no Nusance by Mr. Antrobus' Building.

Order for deserting Private Causes.

Ordered, That the former Order, for putting off Private Causes, shall be renewed for Six Months; but the Intent of the House is, that those Private Businesses already depending in this House shall be determined; and if any Appeals come, they shall be received.

Mistake to be rectified, in Fortescue, the D. of Lorrain's Agent's Order to quit the Parliament's Quarters.

Upon reading of a Letter of Anthony Fortescue, Resident for the Duke of Lorrayne; it appeared, there was a Mistake in the Delivery of the Message to the House of Commons, for sending him out of the Parliament's Quarters; the Order served upon him from the House of Commons being for him to go out of the Kingdom.

It is Ordered, That a Message be sent to the House of Commons, to acquaint them with this Mistake, and desire it may be rectified.

Conference about Carlisle.

Ordered, That the Report of the late Conference concerning Carlile shall (fn. 2) be made To-morrow Morning; and the Lords shall have Notice, to be present Tomorrow.

Judgement against Richards, for counterfeiting Protections of the E. of Northumberland.

This Day Richards was brought to this Bar, being attached, by Order of this House, for being accused for counterfeiting Two Protections under the Earl of Northumb. Hand.

And the said Richards confessed "That (fn. 3) he counterfeited the said Protections;" and submitted himself to the Judgement of this House.

Upon this Confession, this House gave this Judgement as follows:

"1. That the said Richards, for this Offence, shall be fined to the King Ten Pounds.

"2. That he shall be imprisoned during the Pleasure of this House.

"3. That he shall stand upon the Pillory One Hour at Westm. Cheapside, and Southwarke, respectively, upon the Market-days, with a Paper upon his Head, declaring his Offence."

Then Richards was brought to this Bar; and he kneeling at the Bar, the Speaker pronounced the said Judgement upon him.

Ordered, That the said Richards shall stand committed to the Prison of The Fleete, there to remain until the Pleasure of this House be further signified.

Letter from the E. of Leven, &c. about the Condition of the Scots Army, and for settling Church Government speedily.

"For the Right Honnorable my Lord Gray of Warke, Speaker of the House of Peeres.

"My Lord,

"Wee doubt not but the Two Noble Gentlemen whome you were pleased lately to send unto us have before this Tyme informed you of the Armyes marching Southward with all possible Speede; and now wee thought good to give your Lordship Notice, that, being come as farr as wee were desired, wee are with constant Affection to improve all Oppertunityes and Advantages for the Publique Good, and to undertake whatsoever shall bee found most to conduce to the Good of the Cause, and Safety of both Kingdomes: Wee have written more particulerly the Condition of our Affaires and our Desires to the Committee of both Kingdomes, which your Lordship will (wee trust) take into your serious Thoughts, soe soone as they are represented to you, that, Care beinge taken, and Provisions had for this Army, it may bee enabled for moveinge and actinge the more readily; and that, by the Blessinge of God upon the joynt Indeavors of the Armyes of both Kingdomes, the Warre may bee actively prosecuted, untill a safe and wellgrounded Peace may bee established. Wee cannott cease to put your Lordshipp in Remembrance of the greate Prejudice which daily groweth both to Church and State, by the Procrastinations and Delayes of setlinge the Government of the Church; beseeching your Lordship to expedite that Worke, and then to accelerate what remaineth of the intended Reformation and Uniformity in Religion; by which Meanes, as you shall drawe downe a Blessinge from Heaven upon your other Affaires, soe shall you very much sattisfy

"Your Lordship's humble Servaunts,

Nottingham, 27 June, 1645.

(fn. 4) Owpar.
A. Hamilton."

"Primo Die Julii, 1645.

(fn. 5) "An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, for the raising of Twenty Thousand Pounds, to be employed towards the reducing of Oxford to the Obedience of the Parliament.

Ordinance to raise 20,000l. for reducing Oxford.

"The Lords and Commons, taking into their Considerations the many and great Advantages that would redound unto the Commonwealth, by reducing the City of Oxford, being the Enemy's Head Quarter, to the Obedience of Parliament, and that the same would much conduce to the shortening of the present War; and that, for the effecting thereof, a competent Sum of Money must necessarily be advanced; have Ordained, and be it Ordained by Authority of Parliament, That, for the same Purpose, there be forthwith (fn. 6) raised, within the City of London and Liberties thereof, and other Parishes and Places mentioned within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, the Sum of Twenty Thousand Pounds, whereof the Sum of Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Pounds, Eleven Shillings, Two Pence, within the said Cities and Liberties thereof, and upon such Persons and Goods, wheresoever they are to be found, as are herein after expressed; and Four Thousand Four Hundred and Forty-four Pounds, Eight Shillings, Ten Pence, within the Hamlets of The Tower, City of Westminster, Borough of Southwarke, and other Places mentioned in the Weekly Bills of Mortality, and upon such Persons and Goods, wheresoever they are to be found, as are herein also expressed: And for the more speedy and orderly raising thereof, it is Ordained, by the Lords and Commons, That the Committee appointed by several Acts of Common Council, for the gathering in of the Arrears, or any Seven of them, shall be a Committee, to assess the said Sum of Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Pounds, Eleven Shillings, Two Pence, upon any Person or Persons, being of Ability, as either now inhabit, or have any Trade or Stock going, within the City of London and Liberties thereof; and that the Committees of Middlesex, and City of Westminster, and Liberties, and the Committee of Surrey, nominated in the Ordinance of October the 18, 1644, for raising Monies for Ireland, or any Seven of them respectively, shall be a Committee, to assess the said Sum of Four Thousand Four Hundred Forty-four Pounds, Eight Shillings, Ten Pence, within the Hamlets of The Tower, City of Westminster, Borough of Southwarke, and Places mentioned within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, upon any such Person or Persons, being of Ability, as either now inhabit, or have any Trade or Stock going, within the several Places aforesaid.

"And be it Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every such Person and Persons, being assessed by virtue hereof, and neglecting or refusing to pay the said several Sums so assessed, within Ten Days after Notice given or left in Writing at his usual Habitation or Place of Abode, or at the Dwellinghouse or Place of Abode of any Partner or Factor of any Persons assessed, unto the several Committees, or the Treasurer or Treasurers by them appointed to receive the same, shall, by virtue of a Warrant from the Committee of Lords and Commons for Advance of Money and other Necessaries for the Army, usually sitting at Haberdasher's Hall (who are hereby authorized to make and give such Warrants unto such Person or Persons as shall be by the Committees nominated for that Purpose), be compelled to pay the said Sums so assessed, by Distress of the Goods and Chattels of such Person or Persons so neglecting or refusing to pay the same; which said Goods, so distrained, shall be sold by the said several and respective Committees appointed by this Ordinance, for the Service aforesaid: And if any Person or Persons shall neglect or refuse to make Payment of the Sum or Sums so assessed and demanded as aforesaid, until a Distress be taken for the same; that then every Person and Persons so neglecting or refusing as aforesaid shall pay such reasonable Charge, for every such Distress, Removal, and Sale, of his or their Goods, as the said several Committees shall respectively allow, or appoint to be employed, for the better Execution of this Ordinance; and if no sufficient Distress can be found, then every such Person and Persons shall, by virtue of such Warrant from the said Committee of Lords and Commons, to be made as aforesaid, be committed to safe Custody, there to remain until such Person or Persons shall satisfy the said several Sums assessed upon them by virtue of this Ordinance.

"And the said several Committees appointed by virtue of this Ordinance, for the Service aforesaid, are hereby further authorized and enabled to call to their Assistance, for the better Execution and Performance of this Ordinance, any Constables, Headboroughs, and any Officers or Soldiers of the Trained Bands, or Auxiliaries, in their respective Limits.

"And be it further Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That the several Sums of Money assessed as aforesaid shall be brought unto the said several Committees, or to such Treasurer or Treasurers as shall be by them appointed to receive the same; which Money, so paid to the said several Committees, Treasurer, or Treasurers, as aforesaid, shall be by them paid over to the Treasurers at War, and shall be by them issued and paid out, by virtue of Warrants from the Committee for the Three Counties of Bucks, Berks, and Oxon, for the Advance of the said Service of reducing of Oxford, and not otherwise, deducting from Time to Time such necessary Charges for the collecting and gathering in of the said Monies as the said several Committees shall think fit, not exceeding Six Pence in the Pound: And, in regard of many other Taxes now on Foot, for the Public Service, in the Places above-mentioned, the Lords and Commons do hereby Ordain, That such Persons as shall pay in the Monies, that shall be upon them assessed by virtue of this Ordinance, shall be re-paid the several Sums which shall be by them advanced, out of the Receipt of the Excise; and that no Ordinance aor Assignment, which is not already passed upon the Receipt of the Excise, shall precede this Ordinance; and the Commissioners of the Excise and new Impost for the Time being are hereby authorized to pay, at the End of Six Months, the Interest of so much Monies as shall be advanced by virtue hereof, after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Cent. per Annum; and the Principal Money, and the rest of the Interest, after the Rate aforesaid, shall be paid in due Course unto such Persons as did advance the same.

"And be it further Ordained, That all Sheriffs, Constables, Headboroughs, and all Officers and Soldiers of the Trained Bands and Auxiliaries, shall be aiding and assisting to the said Committees, and to such Officers as shall be employed by them, for the better Execution and Performance of the said Service; and if any Officer, or Person above specified, shall refuse and neglect to give such Aid and Assistance as aforesaid, in the due and speedy Execution of this present Ordinance, the said respective Committees shall have hereby Power to impose upon such Officers, or Persons so refusing or neglecting their Duties therein, such Fine or Fines as to them shall be thought meet, not exceeding Five Pounds for any One Offence; and to cause the same to be levied by Distress and Sale of Goods, in Manner and Form aforesaid.

"And be it further Ordained, by Authority aforesaid, That the said Committee for the Three Counties of Oxon, Bucks, and Berks, shall, from Time to Time, give Accompt to both or either Houses of Parliament, or to whom they shall direct, how they have caused the said Monies to be issued out; and that all Persons acting in Pursuance of this Ordinance shall be saved harmless, by Authority of both Houses of Parliament; and that no privileged Place or Person, within the Cities and Places aforesaid, shall be exempted from the said Assessments and Taxes, except the Peers of this Realm, Members of the House of Commons, Assistants of the House of Peers, and Officers and Attendants of both Houses of Parliament respectively.

"H. Elsynge,
Cler. Parl. D. Com."


  • 1. Bis in Originali.
  • 2. Deest in Originali.
  • 3. Origin the.
  • 4. Sic.
  • 5. This Ordinance is printed, and bound in with the Original.
  • 6. Deest.