House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 1 September 1646

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 8, 1645-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Martis, 1 Septembris.


Comes Manchester, Speaker.

E. of Northumberland.
E. of Essex.
E. of Lincolne.
E. of Pembrooke.
E. of Suffolke.
E. of Stamford.
E. of Denbigh.
E. of Nottingham.
Ds. Mountague.
Ds. North.
Ds. Robartes.
Ds. Willoughby.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Wharton.

Ld. Mountague, Leave to stay in the Country.

Ordered, at the Desire of the Lord Mountague, That his Lordship shall have Leave to go and stay in the Country until Michaelmas Term, if his Lordship shall think good.

Ld. Campden, a Pass.

Ordered, That the Lord Viscount Campden shall have a Pass, with Four Servants, Horses, and Arms, and other Necessaries, to go to his House in Rutlandsheir, and back again.

Jones, a Protection for Game at Cashioberry.

Ordered, That Jones shall have a Protection for the Game about Cashiowe Berry, as for Partridge and other Game.

Answer from the H. C.

Answer returned from the House of Commons, by Sir Edward Leech:

(fn. 1) Entered the Day before.

That they have Agreed to the Ordinance for the taking off Mr. Charles Howard's Sequestration, with the Amendments.

That they have Agreed that Captain Keckwith shall be Governor of St. Mawes, as is desired; and that they do take Notice of the Earl of Northumberland's Removal of the King's Children, and will answer the rest by Messengers of their own.

Tompkins's Petition.

The Petition of Peregrin Tompkins Esquire, was read.

Ordered, To be referred and recommended to the Committee of Lords and Commons for Sequestrations.

Sir E. Leech's Petition, about Arrears of Rent in Derby.

The Petition of Sir Edward Leech Knight, was read; touching some Rents in The Peake, in the County of Darby; and desiring a Suspension of the Committees Order in those Parts, enjoining him to pay some Arrears of Rent.

To receive the Profits of the Rectories in Chesterfield, notwithstanding the Order of the Committee at Derby.

Upon the said Petition of Sir Edward Leech Knight; One of the Masters of the Chancery attending this House; shewing, "That he is a Farmer of Two Rectories, in The Peake, in Com. Darby; and that, during these Times, the greatest Profits have been taken from him by the King's Army, and hath otherwise received much Loss by these Wars; notwithstanding which, the Committee of that County hath Ordered, that the said Petitioner should pay his Arrears for those Rectories for Three Years last past."

It is Ordered, by the Lords in Parliament assembled, That the said Petitioner shall receive his Rents, Tithes, and Profits, of the said Rectories in Chesterfeild, within the said County, notwithstanding any Order of the Committee to the contrary, until the Pleasure of this House be farther known; and hereof the said Committee and all Collectors and others are to take Notice, and obey this Order accordingly.

Serj. Glanvile's Petition, to be bailed.

The Petition of Serjeant Glanvill, Prisoner in The Tower of London, was read; desiring "that he may be bailed."

Capt. Stephenson's Petition, to be freed from an Arrest.

The Petition of Captain Chr. Stephenson, now in Prison, was read; desiring "to be released of his Imprisonment, being in the Parliament's Service."

Ordered, That a Certificate shall be brought into this House, signifying what Arrears are due, and whether he is, or hath been, in the Parliament's Service; and then this House will take further Course herein.

Deputy Lieutenants for Anglesey.

These Names of Deputy Lieutenants for Anglesey were read: Tho. Buckley, Tho. Glynne, Hugh Owen, Owen Wood, William Bould, Peirce Lloyd, and Hen. Owen, Esquires.

Letter from Fortescue, Agent to the D. of Lorrain.

A Letter of Anthony Fortescue, Resident for his Highness the Duke of Lorraine, was read.

(Here enter it.)

English not to be employed as foreign Agents.

Ordered, That this House doth not approve that the Subjects of this Kingdom should be employed into this Kingdom as Public Ministers from a Foreign Prince.

Senelat & al. Petition for Arrears.

The Petition of Peter Scnelat and others, was read; desiring" their Arrears may be paid them, in regard of their faithful Services; and now being cast into Prison, are like to perish without their Lordships give Order for their Enlargement."

Ordered, That a Certificate be returned into this House, touching the Desire of the Petitioners, that such further Directions may be given as shall be meet.

March. of Winchester to have an Allowance out of her Husband's Estate.

"The Petition of the Lady Marquess of Winton, directed to both Houses; desiring " that she may have Maintenance out of her Husband's Estate."

The House thinks fit that the Petitioner be allowed Means suitable to her Quality, out of her Husband's Estate, for the Maintenance of her and her Children; the like having been done for others in the same Kind.

To be sent to the House of Commons.

Col. Allen, a Habeas.

Ordered, That His Majesty's Writ of Habeas Corpus cum Causa, returnable immediatè, be directed to the Sheriffs of London, to bring the Body of Lieutenant Colonel Allen before the Lords in Parliament.

Ordinance for repairing Churches.

Lords Committees appointed to consider of the Ordinance for repairing of Churches in general; and to provide for the Honour of the Nobility, and to consider of the same; and report:

E. Northumberland.
E. Lincolne.
E. Denbigh.
L. Wharton.
L. Willoughby.
L. North.
L. Robartes.

Any Two, to meet when they please.

Ordinance to continue the Committee and Treasurers at War.

Ordered, That the abovesaid Committee shall consider of the Ordinance brought up from the House of Commons, concerning the continuing of a Committee of Lords and Commons, and Treasurers at Wars, for Six Months longer.

Any Four of the said Committee, to meet when they please.

Message from the H. C. with Ordinances.

A Message from the House of Commons, by Sir Robert Harly and others;

To desire the Lords Concurrence in several Orders and Ordinances:

1. Two Ordinances formerly sent up, the One touching the Moiety of the Excise in the Western Association, and that of the Northern Association, to be continued.

2. That Mr. Porter be Judge of the Admiralty in Cornwall. (Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

3. That Forty Pounds be paid to Captain Cupid, out of Habberdashers Hall. (Here enter it)

Agreed to.

4. That a Committee of Lords and Commons and Treasurers at Wars be continued.

Committed to the former Committee; any Four the Quorum.

5. That Thirty Pounds be paid the Messenger that brought the News of taking of Flint Castle.

(Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

6. An Ordinance, That Five Thousand Pounds be paid to Nathan Wright, of Excise, with Interest.

Committed to these Lords following; videlicet,

E. of Pembrooke.
E. of Suffolke.
E. of Denbigh.
L. Wharton.
L. Willoughby.
L. Hunsdon.
L. Mountague.
L. Robartes.

Any Three, to meet when they please.

An Allowance for the D. of York.

The House was moved, "That some Allowance may be made the Earl of Northumberland for the Duke of Yorke, that the House may not be troubled for every little Sum as there shall be Occasion to use it."

To be sent to the House of Commons, for Concurrence.

Murray, a Pass.

Ordered, That Mr. Murray shall have a Pass, to come out of France, with his Servants.

Message to the H. C. about it;

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir Edward Leech, &c.

To desire their Concurrence,

1. That such Provision of Money may be made for the Duke of Yorke's Expences, as the Houses may not be troubled to order every little Sum of Money for him, nor that he become a Burthen unto the Earl of Northumberland.

for the March. of Winchester to have an Allowance;

2. To desire that the Petition of the Lady Marquess directed to both Houses, desiring Maintenance out of her Husband's Estate, for herself and her Children, with the Sense of this House, "That the Lords think fit that the Petitioner be allowed Means, suitable to her Quality, out of her Husband's Estate, for the Maintenance of her and her Children, the like having been done for others."

Concurrence desired.

and Lady Hopton;

3. To deliver the Lady Hopton's Petition, with the Sense of this House, "That the Lady Hopton may have a Competency of her former Husband's Estate for her Maintenance."

Concurrence desired.

about Sir T. Dishington's Pass;

4. That Sir Thomas Dishington may have a Pass, for his going into France, and taking Eight Horses and Six Servants.

Concurrence desired.

with Orders;

5. That their Concurrence be desired in Mr. Austen's Ordinance for a Parsonage.

6. That the Order for appointing Deputy Lieutenants for Anglesey be delivered; and their Concurrence desired.

and about exporting the prince Royal's Horses to Holland.

7. To put them in Mind of a Pass formerly sent them, for the transporting Six Horses for the Prince Royal into Holland; and to desire their Concurrence.

Letter from Fortescue, the D. of Lorraine's Agent, desiring to know if the Houses will receive him in that Capacity, and allow him the Privileges; and for Restitution of his Goods seized by the Committee of Middlesex.

"To the Right Honourable the Lord Manchester, Speaker of the House of Peers.

"My Lord,

"In these I make bold to present unto the Honourable House, That whereas I lately returned from my Master his Highness of Lorrain with Letters of Credence to this High Honourable House, as also to the Honourable House of Commons, wherein I assure myself that his Highness makes Expressions of the high Esteem he hath of a fair Correspondence with this Crown, with Desires to continue the ancient Love and Friendship which hath ever passed between this Kingdom and the House of Lorraine; sending me back, with Commission to continue that Public Employment in which his Highness hath pleased to use me here for many Years.

"And whereas formerly, upon Doubts made by some touching my real Employment from his Highness (though I then sufficiently proved it), the Privileges belonging to my Place was strangely violated, with Two great Affronts offered, in me and my Family, to the Sovereign Dignity of his Highness my Master, by the forcible breaking open my House, and taking away my Goods with Violence; the Restitution of which (though ordered by both the Honourable Houses, and much solicited by myself) to this Hour I could never yet obtain, they being still kept from me by the Committee of Midd.

"My humble Request is, That this Honourable House would be pleased to make known unto me, whether I may freely execute the Employment which his Highness my Master hath confirmed upon me, with those Rights and Privileges belonging to my Place; and withall, that this Honourable House would grant me a Second Order for the Restitution of my Goods, the First not being yet obeyed.

"And thus, attending the Resolution of the Honourable House, that I may signify the same in my next to his Highness, who-still presseth these Particulars, I shall rest

"Your Lordship's most humble Servant,

Aug. this 27, 1646.

Anthony Fortescue,

Resident for his Highness the Duke of Lorraine."

Mr. Porter to be Judge of the Admiralty in Cornwall.

"The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled do approve of Roger Porter Gentleman, to be Judge of the Admiralty in the County of Cornwall."

Order for 40 l. to Capt. Cupid.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Committee of Lords and Commons for Advance of Monies at Habberdash'rs Hall do forthwith pay, upon Accompt, unto Captain Humphry Cupid, the Sum of Forty Pounds, for the present Relief of his crying Necessities."

Order for 30 l. to the Messenger from Flint Castle.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Messenger that brought several Letters from Colonel Mitton at divers Times, and that brought the News of taking of Flint Castle, shall have the Sum of Thirty Pounds bestowed upon him for his Pains; and that the Committee of Lords and Commons for Advance of Monies sitting at Habberdash'rs Hall do pay the said Thirty Pounds to him accordingly."


Adjourned, 10a To-morrow.


  • 1. This Marginal Note is in the Original.