House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 30 November 1646

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 8, 1645-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Lunæ, 30 die Novembris

PRAYERS, by Mr Hodges

Domini præsentes fuerunt

Comes Manchester, Speaker
Comes Kent
Comes Pembrook.
Comes Mulgrave
Comes Denbigh
Comes Midd
Comes Rutland
Comes Sarum
Comes Lyncolne
Comes Northumb
Comes Warwicke
Ds Howard
Ds North
Ds Mountague
Ds Hunsdon
Ds Willoughby
Ds Bruce
Ds Dacres

Answer from the H C

This Day Sir Edward Leech and Mr. Page returned this Answer.

That they have attended, to deliver then Lordships Message to the House of Commons, but they cannot be admitted, in regard they are in Agitation of Business of very great Consequence

Hereupon Sir Edward Leech is to desire the Conference with the House of Commons to be To morrow Morning, at Eleven of the Clock

Bowld s Ordinance to be Minister of Howarden

The Ordinance for presenting Mr Bowld to the Parsonage of Howarden, in Flintshire, was read, and Agreed to, and to be sent to the House of Commons for their Concurrence

Ordinance for 5000£ for York Horse

The Ordinance for Five Thousand Pounds for the Yorkshire Horse, out of the Excise in Course, was read, and Agreed to (Here enter it)

Mrs Jones Petition for Relief

Upon reading the Petition of Weltham Jon's, a most distressed and disconsolate Widow It is Ordered, To be recommended to the Committee for lame and maimed Soldiers at Christ church

Poole and Stitch and Boilston

Upon reading the Petition of Everard Poole, and the Petition of Thomas Stitch It is Ordered, That Mr. Boilston shall have a Copy of the Petition of Mr Stitch and the Cause to be heard, by Counsel on both Sides, on Saturday Morning next, and that Everard Poole is released of his present Restraint

L. Baltimore's Petition about Maryland

Ordered, That the Defendants shall have a Copy of the Lord Baltimore's Petition, and the Cause to be heard on both Sides on Friday next

Committee of Oxford not to sequester any Thing to the University

Upon reading the Petition of the University of Oxon, shewing, "That the Masters, Readers, Professors, Scholars, and Officers thereof, have very much Reason to fear, that (in regard of the unhappy Condition the said University of late was in) the Com mittee for Sequestration in the County of Oxford will (if timely Prevention be not had) sequester divers of then Libraries and Books, Mathematical Instruments, and other Things necessary for then Studies, which may fall out to be exceeding mischievous, as well to the present and future State of the University, and of Learning in general, as to the particular Persons upon whom any such Power shall be exercised"

It is Ordered, That an Order be sent to the Committee of the County of Oxon, that they forbear to meddle with any Thing concerning the said University by Way of Sequestration, and that the Concurrence of the House of Commons be desired herein

Message from the H. C. with an Order for a Committee to treat with the Scots Commissioners about Payment of the Money due to their Army, &c.

A Message was brought from the House of Com mons, by Mr Pierrepont, &c

To desire then Lordships Concurrence in an Order, that it might be referred to the Members of both Houses that are of the Committee of both Kingdoms, to confer with the Scotts Commissioners, and to consider of the Time and Place, and of he Manner of the Payment of the Monies that shall be paid to the Scotts Army, upon then marching out of this Kingdom, and of the Preservation and Ease of the Country in then Passage

In the last Line, after the Word ["Passage"], add these Words ["and Report hereof to be made to both Houses by the respective Members"]

And the Question being put, "Whether to agree to this Order, with this Addition?"

It was Resolved in the Affirmative

The Answer returned was


That this House will send an Answer to this Message by Messengers of their own

Message to the H C that the Lords agree to it,

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Dr Aylett and Dr Hackwell

1 To let them know, that this House agrees to the Vote brought up at the last Message, concerning the Treaty with the Scotts Commissioners about the Pay ment of the Money, with the Addition, wherein their Concurrence is desired (Here enter it)

and with Amendments to Two Ordinances

2 To desire their Concurrence in the Addition to the Ordinance for Explanation of the Ordinance for selling the Bishops Lands (Here enter it)

3 To desire Concurrence in the Addition in the Ordinance concerning Tickets to be brought in, according to the Ordinance for selling of Bishops Lands

(Here enter it)

Gibbon & al and Broughton & al bout the Isle of Axholme

This Day the House heard the Counsel of Gib bons, &c and the Counsel of Charles Braugbton, &c touching the Contempts of Charles Braugbton, &c concerning the Isle of Axolme, which is surrounded with Water, and the Banks broke down, to the great Detriment of the Participants

It is Ordered, That this Business shall be further heard To morrow Morning

Sir J Sey mour, a Pass

Ordered, That Sir Joseph Seymour shall have a Pass, to go beyond the Seas, into France

Col Washing ton ditto

Ordered, That Colonel Henry Washington shall have a Pass, to go into Holland, with Ralph Lampley, John Setbrington, and John Pigott, Servants

Answer from the H C

Doctor Aylett and Dr Hackwell return with this Answer

That they agree to all the Additions in the Order and Ordinances sent down this Morning

Order for 5000£ for the Yorksh re Horse

"Be it Ordained, by the Lords and Commons as sembled in Parliament, That Five Thousand Pounds, together with Interest at the End of every Six Months until the same shall become payable, be paid in Course, out of the Recepts of the Excise (next after the Engagement of the City of London, and the Five and Twenty Thousand Pounds for Ireland, to be charged upon the said Receipts), for the Use of the Yorkesbeir Horse and Dragoons, under the Com mand of Colonel General Poyntz, unto Colonel William White Esquire, his Assignee or Assigns, whose Receipt or Receipts shall be the Commissioners of Excise for the Time being their sufficient Discharge, for Payment of the said Five Thousand Pounds and Interest, and every Part or Parcel thereof, accord ingly"

Committee to confer with the Scots Commissioners, concerning the paying the Money due to their Army, on their marching out of England.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That it be referred to the Members of both Houses that are of the Committee of both Kingdoms, to confer with the Scotts Commissioners, and to consider of the Time and Place, and of the Manner, of the Payment of the Monies that shall be paid to the Scotts Army, upon their marching out of this Kingdom, and of the Preservation and Ease of the Country in their Passage: And Report hereof to be made to both Houses by the respective Members."

Ordinance for the Register for Sale of Bishops Lands to allow Tickets for Money, &c. lent on the Public Faith.

"It is this Day Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Accomptant Register for the Sale of Bishops Lands shall receive and allow all Tickets and Receipts of Money, Plate, Horse, or Arms, with their Furniture, voluntarily lent upon the Public Faith, by virtue of any Ordinance of Parliament; which Acquittances and Receipts shall stand good and be effectual to all Intents and Purposes expressed in the aforesaid Ordinance for Sale of Bishops Lands, so as the Parties which shall tender the said Receipts do within Three Months then next ensuing bring or send to the said Register a Certificate, from Two or more of the Committee, Deputy Lieutenants, or Justices of the respective Counties, testifying that the Name subscribed to the Ticket or Receipt was the proper Treasurer, Collector, Receiver, Deputy Lieutenant, Committee, or Committees, appointed by virtue of some of the Ordinances of Parliament: Provided always, That, in case such Receipts and Certificates should not prove good and effectual according to the Intent of this present Ordinance, yet the Security now given by the aforesaid Ordinance to any Person or Persons whatsoever, which shall now lend or disburse any Sum or Sums of Money according to the Ordinance, shall stand good, and be effectual, to all Intents and Purposes, for the Money so lent and disbursed, according to the said Ordinance."

"An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for Explanation and better putting in Execution the late Ordinance, intituled, "An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for appointing the Sale of Bishops Lands, for the Use of the Commonwealth.

Ordinance to explain and put in Execution the One for Sale of Bishops Lands.

"The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament do hereby Declare and Ordain, That Colonel Robert Manwareing, appointed to be Register Accomptant by the former Ordinance for the Sale of Bishops Lands, is and be hereby authorized, upon the Receipts or Certificates given by the former Treasurers, Receivers, or Collectors of Money, Plate, Horse, Furniture, or Arms, advanced upon the Public Faith, to ascertain the Principal and Interest thereof; and that his Certificate to the Treasurers appointed by the said former Ordinance shall be a sufficient Voucher for them to proceed thereupon to the receiving of the Money, and giving their Receipts, according to the former Ordinance; and that Twenty Shillings per Diem shall be allowed to the Treasurers for their Clerks and Tellers, the said Allowance to continue for a Year, and to be distributed among them according to the Discretion of the said Treasurers; and that all other (fn. 1) Collectors incident to the Treasury, which shall be discharged and paid to the said Treasurers, shall be allowed to them by the Committee hereafter named, or any Five of them; and that the Comptroller appointed by the said former Ordinance shall, upon the Weekly Accompt given unto him by the said Treasurers, give a Receipt or Acknowledgement thereof in Writing, under his or his Deputy's Hands, to the said Treasurers, for their Justification therein; and further, that the Certificate of the Commissaries and others, authorized for the listing of Horses, Furniture, or Arms, who have Power to give the Public Faith for the same, shall be accepted and allowed for, as good and sufficient as the Receipts or Certificates of the Treasurers, Collectors, or Receivers of Money or Plate; and for the settling and determining of any further Doubt which may arise concerning the Validity of any Warrant made by the Trustees of the Bishops Lands to the said Treasurers, for the issuing out of any Money, that the Earl of Northumberland, Earl of Kent, Earl of Rutland, Earl of Pembrooke, Earl of Lincolne, Earl of Nottingham, Earl of Suffolke, Earl of Salisbury, Earl of Warwicke, Earl of Denbigh, Earl of Midd. Earl of Manchester, Earl of Mulgrave, Earl of Stamford, Lord Viscount Hereford, Lord Viscount Say & Seale, Lord Berkley, Lord Dacres, Lord Wharton, Lord Willoughby, Lord North, Lord Hunsdon, Lord Mountague, Lord Grey of Warke, Lord Robartes, Lord Maynard, Lord Howard, and Lord Bruce, Mr. Holles, Mr. Francis Allen, Sir Phillip Stapilton, Mr. John Ashe, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Mr. Walter Long, Sir John Temple, Sir Will'm Lewes, Sir William Spring, Sir John Hobart, Colonel Harvey, Mr. Gott, Mr. Recorder, Sir Henry Vane Senior, Mr. Leigh, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Tate, Sir John Evelyn of Surrey, Mr. Rolle, Sir Samuell Roll, Mr. Bond, Mr. Ball, Mr. Nicoll, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Blackiston, Mr. Peirepont, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir John Curson, Sir Walter Erle, Sir Robert Harley, Mr. Crewe, Sir Gregory Norton, Lieutenant General Cromwell, Sir Robert Pye, Sir Edward Hungerford, Mr. Knightley, Sir John Burgoyne, Mr. Rowse, Mr. Strode, Sir Anthony Irby, Mr. Humphry Edwards, Mr. Drake, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Alderman Atkins, Sir Thomas Soame, Alderman Penington, Mr. Vassall, and Colonel Ven, or any Five of them, shall be, and are hereby, constituted a Committee of Parliament, for the Purposes aforesaid; and shall hereby have Power and Authority to hear and determine the same, in case the said Trustees or Treasurers shall desire it; and that a Warrant under any Five of the Hands of the said Committee shall be a sufficient Authority to them, and every of them, to proceed accordingly in the Execution of the said Ordinance: And 'tis hereby lastly Declared and Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That all Persons, as well those who have not lent upon the Public Faith as those who have, that shall advance or lend any Sum of Money for the Purposes in the said Ordinance mentioned, until the Two Hundred Thousand Pounds intended by the said Ordinance to be raised shall be brought in, shall have the same Security for the Re-payment thereof, together with Interest for the same, after the Rate of Eight per Cent. as those who having formerly lent upon the Public Faith as aforesaid, and do now lend upon the said Ordinance, are to have."