House of Lords Journal Volume 9: 8 October 1647

Pages 475-476

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 9, 1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, 8 die Octobris.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Spurstowe.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

Comes Manchester, Speaker.

Comes Kent.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Salisbury.
Comes Nottingham.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Herbert.

Murdock to appear.

Ordered, That Murdocke do put in Security, to appear before this House the 22th of November next.

Heslerton and Hunton.

Upon reading the Petition of Wm. Hesterton, and also the Petition of Phillip Hunton and others:

It is Ordered, To be taken into Consideration both together.

Message from the H. C. about the Commanders of the Winter Fleet.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Henry Mildmay:

To desire a Conference, concerning the List of the Commanders for this Winter Guard.

The Answer returned was:


That this House doth appoint a present Conference, in the Painted Chamber, as is desired.

Jeffray's Petition.

Upon reading the Petition of John Jefferay:

It is Ordered, To be recommended to the House of Commons.

Glover versus Wilson.

Ordered, That the Cause of Complaint of Mr. Glover, against Doctor Wilson, shall be heard this Day Sevennight.

Ordinance concerning the Isles of Guernsey, &c.

The Ordinance concerning the Isles of Guernsey, Sarke, and Alderney, was read Twice, and committed to these Lords following:

Comes Kent.
Comes Pembrooke.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Manchester.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Grey.

Any Two; to meet on Tuesday Morning next, at Nine of the Clock; and have Power to call such Persons as (fn. 1) they shall think fit to inform them, and to adjourn from Time to Time as they shall see Cause.

Dr. Fell to be attached, for acting as V. Chancellor of Oxford, and speaking against the Houses.

Upon Information to this House, "That whereas divers Ordinances have passed both Houses of Parliament, for the regulating the University of Oxford, and have granted a Commission under the Great Seal of England for that Purpose; yet Doctor Fell takes the Boldness upon him to execute the Vice-chancellor's Place, and disobeys all Ordinances and Power of the Parliament, and speaks insolent Words against the Parliament; wondering what Great Seal it is that the Commission is sealed with, and questions how the Parliament came by a Great Seal."

Hereupon this House declared, That the said Doctor Fell is no true Vice-chancellor of the said University.

And it is Ordered, That the said Doctor Fell be sent for, as a Delinquent, and brought before the Lords in Parliament, to answer the same; and that the Witnesses do appear, to testify the Premises.

Love's Petition.

Upon reading the Petition of James Love:

It is Ordered to be sent to the House of Commons, with Recommendations.

Report of the Conference about the Commanders of the Winter Fleet.

The House of Commons being in the Painted Chamber, ready for the Conference; the House was adjourned during Pleasure, and the Lords went to the Conference.

The House was resumed.

And the Speaker reported the Effect of this Conference; which was,

"That, whereas this House sent down to the House of Commons some Alterations of the Captains that are to command the Winter Guard, they have taken them into Consideration, and agreed to some Alterations; but adhere to others, as follows:

"They agree to Captain Willoughby to be in The Nonesuch Frigate, instead of Captain Younge.

"They adhere to Captain Mildmay, to be in The Providence.

"They have resolved that Captain Young be in The Dragon, instead of Captain Edwin.

"They agree to Captain Taylor, to be Captain of The Starr.

"They agree that Captain Brandley continue in the Ship where now he is.

"They adhere that Jonas Reeve be Captain of One of the Frigates now building at Deptford.

"They have resolved that Captain Wheeler be appointed Captain of The Hinde Frigate.

"They have resolved that Colonel Rainsborough, appointed Vice Admiral of the Fleet designed for the next Winter's Guard, be likewise appointed and constituted Commander in Chief of the said Fleet; and that the Committee of the Admiralty and Cinque Ports do give him a Commission to be Commander in Chief accordingly."

Agreed to.

Ordered, That this House agrees with the House of Commons in all the Particulars which were now desired at the last Conference.

Col. Rainsborough to be V Adm. and Commander in Chief of this Fleet.

Ordered, That Colonel Raynsborough, appointed Vice Admiral of the Fleet designed for the next Winter's Guard, do go to Sea the next Week, there to execute his Place, in such Ship as he pleases, until his own Ship be ready to go to Sea; and the Committee for the Admiralty and Cinque Ports is to grant him a Commission, with the same Powers as Commander in Chief as Captain Batten, or any other Vice Admiral, hath had since these Troubles; and that the said Committee for the Admiralty and Cinque Ports do speed the said Commission.

The Concurrence of the House of Commons to be desired herein.

Propositions for Peace.

The Committee of the whole House having taken into Consideration the Names of such Persons as shall stand in the Proposition of Delinquents:

It was reported, as the Opinion of the Committee, That these Persons following shall stand in the First Exception; (videlicet,)

"Edward Earl of Worcester.
George Lord Digby.
Lord Awdley, if he be not within the Articles of Dubline.
Sir Rob't Heath Knight.
David Jenkins Esquire.
Sir Rich. Grenvile.
George Carteret.

The Question being put, "Whether these Persons shall stand in the First Exception?"

It was Resolved in the Affirmative.

The Question being put, "Whether any more shall be put into the First Exception?"

It was Resolved in the Negative.

"Resolved, That the Rates for future Compositions shall be lessened; and limited, not to exceed the several Proportions hereafter expressed respectively; that is to say,

"1. For all Persons formerly excepted, not above a Third Part.

"2. For the late Members of the Parliament under the First Branch of the Fourth Qualification in the Proposition, a Fourth Part.

"3. For other Members of Parliament in the Second and Third Branches of the same Qualification, a Sixth Part.

"4. For the Persons nominated in the said Fourth Qualification, and those included in the Tenth Qualification, an Eighth Part.

"5. For all others included in the Sixth Qualification, a Tenth Part.

"Resolved, That all Debts, either upon Record or proved by Witnesses, be considered and abated in the Valuation of their Estates, in all Cases aforesaid."

Ordered, That, on Tuesday Morning next, this House will proceed further in the Consideration of the Propositions; and no Private Business to be taken up until they be finished.

Private Business put off.

Ordered, That all Private Businesses are put off for a Fortnight.


  • 1. Deest in Originali.