Sessions, 1617: 3 and 4 June

Pages 162-171

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 4, 1616-18. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1941.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 3 and 4 June, 15 James I [A.D. 1617].


p.416. John Weatherhead of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, brewer, for good behaviour, bound over at Hicks Hall on 13 May, 1617. Came and was discharged.

John Smith of Uxbridge, innholder, bound over at Uxbridge on 15 May, 1617, for not carrying Robert Tyndall to prison, being accused of felony, and to him committed by Mr. Gerrard and Mr. Hawtrey.

John Egerton of the same, shoemaker, bound over at the same for not assisting the said Smith in bringing the said prisoner, being one of the headboroughs of Uxbridge.

Robert Fanning of the same, barber, for the like.

John Boweman of the same, brewer, bound over at the same "for interrupting Richard Bowdishe Constable of Woxbridge in the execucion of a Commission of purveyauncy for horses to carry his Mates houndes".

To the next Sessions:—

Gerard Lowe of Hampton Wick, bound over at New Brentford on 12 May, 1617, for the peace towards Elizabeth Harris. Sureties:— Hugh Gwilliams of Chelsea, gentleman, and Francis Norton of Brentford, tailor. At the next came and was discharged (and p.427).

p.417. Giles Merydale of Norwood, smith, bound over at Uxbridge on 15 May, 1617, "for enterteyning nyne rogues in one night being a victualler now suppressed, and for a common receaver of roagues". At the next he is referred to the order of Sir Francis Darcy, Sir Gideon Awnsham and Sir John Suckling, knights (and p.427).

Came and discharged:—

Nicholas Goodgame and John Maples of Hampstead, labourers, bound over at Hicks Hall on 27 May, 1617, for abusing the Provost Marshal in the execution of his office at Hampstead.

Thomas Alley of Twickenham, blacksmith, for taking an inmate into his house.

Jane, wife of John Rawlins of Hounslow, husbandman, to answer.

Agnes, wife of Thomas Knight of Heston, mealman.

Margaret Wilde of the same, spinster.

Francis Norton of New Brentford, tailor, to answer.

Ann Perkins of Stoke Newington, widow for the peace.

To the next Sessions:—

Thomas Belcke of New Brentford, merchant, to answer. At the next respited by recognizance to the next General Sessions at the request of Sir John Suckling, knight (and pp.427, 447).

Thomas Gisbye of the same, innholder, to answer. At the next came and was discharged (and p.427).

p.418. Came and discharged:—

Adam Hudson of Stoke Newington, baker, for the peace.

Robert Lowe of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, for the like.

John Wallis of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, bitmaker, for departing from the service of Richard Blackwell without his consent, being his covenant servant. It is ordered that he shall serve his master out his year, the retainer being proved upon oath (and p.424).

Thomas Walker of Shoreditch, baker, for tippling without licence.

James Symons of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman, accused to have stolen a tame fawn.

George Hitchcocke of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, and William Hadland of Westminster, gentleman, for the like.

Thomas Wolridge of Ewelme, co. Oxon, gentleman, for a disorder in the night and abusing the constable.

Philip Pigott of Aston Rowant, co. Oxon, gentleman, and Richard Northall of St. Mary-le-Savoy in the Strand, gentleman, for the like.

Henry Theodoricke of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, glover, for using divers scandalous speeches against the Justices of the county for bribery.

Harbert Morley of St. Bride's, gentleman, for wounding Thomas Metcalfe.

William Hassett of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, carpenter, for departing from the service of John Cant.

p.419. To the next Sessions:—

Christopher Scyvers of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, baker, handed over further in bail to Ralph Bamford of the same, butcher, and Edward Alderman of St. John Street, victualler, for himself and Elizabeth his wife to answer the complaint of Dinah Gilman. At the next came and were discharged (and p.427).

John Brabender of Poplar, silkweaver, to appear at the next Sessions after the feast of St. John the Baptist, and then to bring testimony from the inhabitants that his inmates are removed, and that he shall hereafter take no more inmates (and p.428).

Henry Richards of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, to answer the complaint of William Bayleife.

Henry Cherry, Robert Ward, Edward Davys and James Syme for the peace.

Came and discharged:—

Mary Higgens of London, spinster, to answer the complaint of Elizabeth Durham.

Garratt Dollard of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, for the peace.

Richard Gibbons of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tailor, and Margaret his wife, for good behaviour.

Richard Browne of the same, tailor, for the peace.

p.420. Paul Parre of the same, tailor, for the like.

Gervase Hubbert of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler, for the peace.

Richard Fletcher of Clerkenwell, embroiderer, for the like.

Katherine Exton of the same, spinster, for the like.

Henry Doughty of the same, tailor, for hurting William Parsons.

Alexander Tydlowe of St. Clement Danes, victualler, for hurting David Griffeth and James Edwardes of the same, and the said David and James to keep the peace.

Ann Browne of Whitecross Street, spinster, for good behaviour.

William Palmer of Old Street, haberdasher, for the peace.

Joan Carver of Whitecross Street, spinster, for good behaviour.

Frances, wife of William Carpenter of Clerkenwell, accused for lewdness and incontinency by Browne, Poole and Manerley, officers of the parish.

Thomas Butteris of Cow Cross for abusing Robert Swallow, William Booth and John Amont, constables, in the execution of their office.

John Evans of the same for keeping a disordered house and abusing the officers.

p.421. Came and discharged:—

William Hoggall of Clerkenwell for wounding Moses Blisse.

Edward Carter of Enfield, husbandman.

Henry Bastard of Rosemary Lane, blacksmith, and Alice his wife, Francis Bastard, blacksmith, and Ann Bastard, spinster, both of the same, all for the peace.

Richard Leader of St. Katherine's, porter, for the like.

George Howson of Bassishaw, armourer, for the like.

Joan Robinson of Stepney and Margaret White of Rosemary Lane, spinsters, for the like.

John Harvy of Whitechapel, labourer, to answer the complaint of Stephen Lankyn.

William Stevenson of Wapping, mariner, for the peace.

Alice, wife of John Lee of Whitechapel, for the like.

Robert Howkyn of East Smithfield, shoemaker.

Francis Clarke of All Hallows, Barking, gentleman, to answer.

To the next Sessions:—

Robert Chambers of Whitechapel for the peace. At the next came and was discharged (and p.434).

p.422. Thomas Freeman of St. Clement Danes, cutler, handed over in bail to Nicholas Wright and Roger Miller of St. Bride's to appear, for the death of William Cooke (and p.428 and G.D.R. 2/121d).

Came and discharged:—

Richard Bigge of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, brewer.

William Steele of Kentish Town, victualler, and George Quarrell of the same, for threatening to pull down the house of Matthew Hodges.

Henry Reeve of All Hallows, Barking, gentleman.

John Rowse of St. Clement Danes.

Thomas Longe of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, tobacco-seller.

James Sarthwett and George Hart of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for cozening John Davyson.

John Utting of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tailor, for abusing William Holmes, Overseer of the poor of the said parish, in the execution of his office.

William Collier [Collyer] and Robert Kinge of Golding Lane [Whetstone], glovers, to answer the complaint of Christopher James and Thomas Richardson for extortion as informers; the said Robert indicted and committed to gaol for compounding unlawfully upon an information under the penal laws without licence, and the said Robert and William also indicted for killing and dressing flesh in time of Lent. At the next Sessions the said Robert postponed to be tried until the next for lack of evidence and respited to prison without bail (and S.R. 559/176, P.R.B. 1/105d. and G.D.R. 2/125).

p.243. Margaret Nutt of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, spinster, for incontinency.

Richard Benson of Chick Lane, shoemaker, for the peace.

Came and discharged:—

Evan Vaughan of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tentmaker, for hurting Richard French.

Thomas Grace of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, brewer.

Moses Markham of Clerkenwell, gardener, for assaulting John Stukeley.

John Williams of Hoxton, weaver, for assaulting Sarah Tompson.

John Pavett of Edmonton, husbandman, for a misdemeanour in entering the house of John Kitchin and carrying away divers goods.

To the next Sessions:—

John Booth of Garlick Hill, dyer, to give evidence at the next Sessions against Mark Greene for suspicion of felony. The said Mark respited without bail to the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery, and at the next the said John came and gave evidence (and p.428 and G.D.R. 2/120).


Adam Bawke of Westminster, embroiderer, for beating Katherine Langford. Acknowledged the indictment, fined 3s. 4d., paid to the Sheriff. Brought a writ of certiorari.

Edward Terrick, Michael Frend and Thomas Andrewes of St. Katherine's, feltmakers, for good behaviour. The said Edward came and was discharged of the indictment, fined 6s. 8d.

p.424. Came and discharged:—

John Clarke of Harrow Hill, gentleman, for good behaviour.

Let a writ of good behaviour be made against Thomas Harding of Kensington.

It is ordered that the Justices of peace of this county inhabiting within the parish of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, or any three of them, shall call before them Thomas Syll and Henry Harford, late surveyors of the highways of the said parish for the last year, and shall take their account what monies they have received and disbursed touching the repair of the said highways, and shall take order that the sums of money levied to that purpose be distributed accordingly.

Whereas Audrey Fuller and Elizabeth Harrison were apprehended and brought to the Court for leaving a young child in the highway leading to the Brewers' Yard in King Street within the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, which child (as they both affirm upon their oaths) they received of Elizabeth Blocke of Leather Lane in the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn, whereupon the said Elizabeth Blocke was likewise apprehended and committed to the House of Correction; Now forasmuch as the said Elizabeth Blocke has undertaken to keep the said child and to discharge the said parish of St. Margaret's of its keeping, it is ordered that the child shall be delivered again to the said Audrey and Elizabeth Harrison, who brought the said child to Westminster as aforesaid, and that they shall deliver it over to the said Elizabeth Blocke who according to her own offer is to undertake the maintenance thereof.

Whereas Thomas Treppe, son of William Treppe of "Eaton bridge" [Edenbridge], co. Kent, husbandman, about the feast of St. Michael, 11 James I [A.D. 1613], was by indenture bound as an apprentice to Leonard Terry of Westminster, embroiderer, who undertook to teach and instruct the said Thomas, since which time the said Leonard has neglected to teach and instruct his said apprentice in the said trade and has employed him only in selling of tobacco, as by the information of the said William it appeared to this Court, and whereas divers warrants have been granted against the said Leonard to cause him to appear at this Sessions, which he has contemptuously refused to do; It is now therefore ordered that the said Thomas shall be discharged from the service of the said Leonard and that the indenture aforesaid shall be void.

p.425. Licensed tipplers with their sureties:—

Thomas Reignoldes of St. John Street: Ralph Becke, weaver, and Robert Pike, tailor, both of the same. Stayed.

Edward Alderman of St. John Street: Leonard Richardson of the same and Charles Hill of Holborn.

Bennet Lambe of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields: John Larchin of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, innholder, and John Best of the same, grocer.

Thomas Squire of Chick Lane: John Crosse and John Perryn of the same, butchers.

John Wise of Golding Lane: Matthew Knight and Griffin Knight of the same.

George Costen of Clerkenwell: Thomas Taylor of the same and Gervase Hubbard of Gray's Inn Lane.


f.119d. William Breame, William Nixon, Nicholas Wem, Christopher Banckes, Elizabeth Cominges, Mary Smithe, Elizabeth Thrasher and Remigius Dale delivered by proclamation. The said Christopher delivered to the Sessions of the Peace (and f. 120).

Thomas Darby, John Hall and Elizabeth Noone alias Baker alias Greene respited to the House of Correction.

f.120. Hugh Griffin and Thomas Halstead indicted in London. Roland Moyle and Elizabeth Farme respited without bail to the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery.

William Richardson and William Allen respited for bail for good behaviour.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Alice Nicholls for the murder of Thomas Shepparde.

Not guilty:—

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Williams of Clerkenwell, tailor, for accessory after to the same. At the Sessions held on 3 April was bound over in bail to Theodore Hanley and John Smithe, gentleman, both of the same, and handed over further in bail to the said Theodore and Thomas Tayler of the same; at the Sessions held on 4 June came and was committed because indicted (and ff.114, 117d, 121).

Walter Styles for 46 lb. of starch of Isaac Gey.

Margaret, wife of Edward Rogers of Turnmill Street, for accessory after to the same, discharged because the principal not guilty (and f.122 and P.R.B. 1/105).


William Stanton of Whitecross Street has judgment "to be sett upon the uppermost parte of a Carte there to be made fast and bare faced with a paper inscripted for a base and filthie Bawdyhousekeeper and so to be carted through the streetes of the Cittye" (and P.R.B. 1/105).

At large:—

Katherine, wife of the said William, for keeping a bawdy-house (and P.R.B. 1/105).

Not guilty:—

Peter Baggett [Baggott] of Cow Cross, victualler, "for two peeces of perpetuano of Pardo". Came and was committed because indicted (and f.122).

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

John Tribicke for a gelding of Robert Pigeon and for a stoned horse of John Smithe.

f.120d. Infirm:—

Elizabeth Harme for divers goods of John Kinge.

Guilty to the value of 10½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Jeremiah Wheeler for two pairs of shoes and 6 lb. of "cruell" of Sir George Perry, knight. Respited to the House of Correction (and f.119d).

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Robert Hall and Sybil Martin for burglary and divers goods of John Steward of Hackney, husbandman, who, together with Robert Shawe of Holloway, husbandman, is to give evidence against them (and f.121d).

Not guilty:—

William Miller for burglary with intent to rob Robert Cage.

Acknowledged the indictment, fined 10s.:—

Thomas Gwyn [Gwinne] of Llansannan, co. Denbigh, gentleman, for assaulting and wounding William Carpenter. Respited for sureties for good behaviour, because indicted and convicted at this Sessions. Surety:—John Williams of the same, gentleman (and f. 122).

Not guilty:—

John Butterfeild and Mary Watson for divers goods and 7s. of Ralph Pulforde.

Guilty to the value of 11d., no goods, to be whipped:—

James Rawlins for a lamb of Richard Colvill worth 10s. Respited to the House of Correction (and f.119d).

Not guilty:—

Thomas Hodges for a silver cup of Thomas Byrde.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Jeromina alias Sarah Greene for gloves and 22 marks of Henry Robinson.

Not guilty:—

Edward Alforde for accessory after to the same.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Ann Willis alias Reynoldes of East Smithfield, spinster, for divers goods and £6 17s. in money of Lawrence Wilson (and P.R.B. 1/105).

Not guilty:—

Andrew Coxe for burglary with intent to rob William Warner. Respited to the House of Correction (and f.119d).

Guilty, fined 13s. 4d.:—

John Bustian of Whitechapel, John Taylor of Kingsland, vintner, and Richard Reynoldes of St. Benet's near Paul's Wharf, dyer, for a riotous assault, beating and wounding Thomas Gare. The said Taylor and Reynoldes handed over in bail to Hugh Wilson of Hackney, smith, and Thomas Usher of the same to appear at the next Sessions and meanwhile to be of good behaviour; came and were discharged. The said Hugh also to prosecute the said Taylor (and ff.121d, 122, 125 and P.R.B. 1/105).

At large:—

Francis Simcoxe [Symcoxe] of Rosemary Lane and Edward Reynoldes of the same [Shoreditch], shoemaker, for divers goods of Thomas Hunt, gentleman (and f.122d and P.R.B. 1/105).

Respited for good behaviour:—

Edward Johnson of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, silkweaver, for the same (and f.122d).

f.121. William Cabedge of St. Sepulchre's, butcher, and Isabel his wife for accessories after to the same. Reginald Hewes of Rosemary Lane, Alan Butterweeke of Thames Street, haberdasher, and Dorothy Lyllie of Rosemary Lane, widow, to prosecute the said Johnson, Reynoldes and Isabel (and f.122).

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

John Pyninge "for 200th of faggottes" of Thomas Warner.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Roger Storye for burglary.

Not guilty:—

Jane Bellye for the same.

Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped:—

John Smithe for a horseman's coat worth 10d. of John Lane. Respited to the House of Correction (and f.119d).

f.121d. John Sandeford [Sandefor] of St. James', Clerkenwell, ropemaker, by order of the Sessions last past was respited for sureties for better enquiry (and f.116 and Sess. Roll 558/70).

Came and discharged:—

Thomas Bates of Charterhouse Lane, carpenter, for letting Richard Bushe of the same escape after Mr. Recorder's warrant had been served upon him, charged with cheating John Dineley at cards.

Stephen Niccolls of St. Botolph's for accessory to the cutting of a purse.

f.122. Matthew Acroyde of Chiswell Street, cook, to answer.

James Wilson of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, broker, to answer.

Christopher Beane of St. Peter's, London.

To the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery:—

John Attwood of New Inn, gentleman, handed over in bail to John Hullins of the same, gentleman, and Henry Hybbins of Upton, co. Worcester, to appear. Came and was discharged (and ff.125, 132).

John Weste of St. Clement Danes, scrivener, handed over in bail to Richard Phillipps of "St. Alphans within Cripplegate" [St. Alban's, Wood Street, in Cripplegate Ward] and George Kilborne of Bishopsgate Street, Serjeants-at-Mace, to appear and answer for allowing John Frenche to escape from his custody after he had apprehended him for a robbery. At the next Sessions the said John West to appear at the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery with the hope of bringing in the prisoner to the next. At the Sessions held on 3 September respited to the next (and ff.121, 125, 128d, and P.R.B. 1/105).

Thomas Everett, servant to Robert Southe of St. Clement Danes, cutler, handed in bail to the said Robert and Peirce Powell of St. Bride's, cutler, for refusing to assist the said John West, constable in the apprehension of the said John Frenche. At the next Sessions the said Thomas came and was discharged (and f.125).

Robert Prescott, servant to the said Robert Southe, bound over likewise for scoffing and abusing the said John Frenche for a robbery, by virtue of the Lord Chief Justice's warrant. At the next came and was discharged (and f.125).

Came and discharged:—

Henry Fittzer, servant to Christopher Turner of Old Fish Street, fishmonger.