Appendix I: List of Judges, Justices, etc.

Pages 369-371

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 4, 1616-18. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1941.

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[The following names appear in the Sessions Records for the period covered by this volume, and are not included in the General Index unless they occur elsewhere in the Calendar.]

Altham, Sir James, Baron of the Exchequer.

Andrewes, Euseby.

Apsley, Sir Allen, Lieutenant of the Tower of London.

Ashby, Sir Robert.

Awnsham, Sir Gideon.

Bacon, Sir James.

Baker, Sir Richard.

Bannester, Henry.

Barker, Sir Henry.

Barnes, Edward.

Benn, Sir Anthony, Recorder of the City of London.

Bennett, Sir John.

-, Sir Thomas.

Bingley, Sir John.

Bolles, Sir George, Alderman and Mayor of the City of London.

Brett, Sir John.

Bromley, Sir Edward, Baron of the Exchequer.

Buggin, William.

Calvert, Sir George.

Collyn, Nicholas.

Coventry, Sir Thomas, Solicitor-General and Recorder of the City of London.

Craven, Sir William.

Crewe, Sir Ralph, Serjeant-at-Law.

Croke, Sir John, Justice of the King's Bench.

Darcy, Sir Francis.

Doderidge, Sir John, Justice of the King's Bench.

Doubledaye, Edmund.

Dyos, William.

Edmondes, Sir Clement.

Edwardes, Thomas, Doctor of Law.

Fanshawe, Thomas.

Feasant, see Phesant.

Forsett, Edward.

Fowler, Sir Thomas.

Gerrard, Gilbert.

Gibbes, Richard.

Glover, Sir Thomas.

Gouldman, George, Doctor of Theology.

Harvey, Sir Sebastian.

Hawtrey, Ralph.

Hayes, Sir Thomas.

Heyburne, Sir Ferdinand.

Hickman, Walter.

Hicks, Sir Baptist.

Hobart, Sir Henry, Knight and Baronet, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

Johnson, Sir Robert.

Jolles, Sir John, Mayor of the City of London.

Jones, Thomas.

Kay, Sir John.

Kempe, Sir Nicholas.

Knyvett, Thomas, Lord.

Lee, Sir John.

Leman, Sir John, Mayor of the City of London.

Lewkenor, Sir Lewis.

Lowe, Sir Thomas.

Lowther, Richard.

Middleton, Sir Thomas.

Mitchell, Francis.

Montagu, Sir Henry, Serjeant-at-Law, Recorder of the City of London,
Chief Justice of the King's Bench.

Montaigne, George, Dean of Westminster.

More, Sir George, Lieutenant of the Tower of London.

Muskett, Simon.

Phesant [Feasant], Peter.

Roberts, Francis.

Sackville, Sir Edward.

Sanders, Valentine.

Sanderson, Thomas.

Shute, Robert.

Slingisbye, Sir William.

Small, Matthew.

Smith, Sir Thomas.

-, Sir William.

Soame, Sir Stephen.

Sotherton, John, Baron of the Exchequer.

Spiller, Henry.

Stone, John.

-, Thomas.

Suckling, Sir John.

Sutton, Richard.

Waad, Sir William.

Wardour, Edward.

Watson, Thomas.

Weld, Sir John.

Wigmore, Sir Richard.

Williamson, Francis.

Willmore, George.

Wilson, Thomas.

George Longe, Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex.