The Register: Newby (in Caldcoats)

Pages 10-12

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Newby (in Caldcoats).

30. (C. pp. 22, 23).—Richard f. Richard f. Truta grants to Reginald de Karliolo all Neuby; rent 10s.; cornage 16d. The tenant to do forinsec service as required.

30a. (H. 1 and 2).—Richard f. Truta grants to Reginald Bradfot all Neuby; rent 10s.; cornage 16d. Witnesses—Richard de la Ferte, Yvo de Sch[ ], Henry and Alexander, sons of Henry Bradfot, etc. [This seems to be identical with the preceding, if Bradfot, named also in nos. 37, 38, was the family name; see the Rev. F. W. Ragg, C. & W. Trans. N.S. xiii, 203f. on the family. Reginald f. Adam is named in 1209 (P.R.). Richard f. Richard f. Truite (see Mr. T. H. B. Graham in C. & W. Trans., N.S. xxiv, 48) was dead in 1211.]

31. (C. p. 23; D. art. 78).—Reginald de Karliolo grants to Holm abbey, Neuby, near Carlisle, as he held it from Richard f. Truta. Witnesses [from H. 1]—Richard de Punchard, sheriff, etc. [Probably soon after the death of Richard f. Truta in 1211.]

31a. (H. 2).—Margaret, daughter and heir of Richard f. Truta, confirms to Holm abbey, Neuby, given to the monks by Reginald Bradfot; homage to be made to her, and witnesman [i.e. provision for the official who attended a court baron to attest the lord's will; C. & W. Trans. N.S. xvii, 216f.], reception of the king's serjeants and all other services; rent 10s.; cornage 16d. and forinsec service. Four sureties are offered, as stated in a charter with many seals in possession of the abbey [i.e. no. 32, which dates this 1223, or later.]

32. (C. pp. 23, 24).—Quitclaim of Margaret, wife of Robert de Wathepol. Robert de Dumbredan, Hervey de Wathepol, William de la Ferte and Radulph his brother are sureties for Margaret, heiress of Richard f. Truta, in the matter of Neubi, and for making homage, withenesman, receiving the king's serjeants and other services except the rent of 10s. a year. This promise is given to Radulph, abbot of Holm [who was abbot in 1223 and a little later.]

33. (C. p. 24; D. art. 79).—Walter, bishop of Carlisle, confirms [no. 32; date c. 1223.]

34. (C. p. 25; D. art. 79).—Thomas [de Veteriponte], bishop of Carlisle, confirms [no. 33]. Witnesses—Sir Roger de Thurkilby, Sir Peter de Percy, Sir Nicholas de Haulay, justices; Sir Walter de Ulvesby, archdeacon, Gilbert de Feritate, etc. [1255–6.]

35. (C. pp. 25, 26; D. art. 79).—Robert [de Chause], bishop of Carlisle, confirms [no. 33]. Witnesses—Master H[enry], archdeacon [c. 1275], Sir Alan de Orreton, Sir Robert de Mulecaster, Sir John de Ireby, Sir William de Warthcopp, sheriff, Richard de Castelkayrok, Robert de Warthwyk, etc. [c. 1275.]

36. (C. p. 27; D. art. 80).—Settlement of a dispute about the tithes of Neuby. Holm abbey to take the tithes, but the priory of Carlisle to have small tithes from its own tenants, and the abbey to pay the priory 3 marks a year and 40d. at Carlisle fair.

36a. (H. 2).—John de Halghton [Halton], bishop of Carlisle, Michael de Haverington, Robert de Rosdufe and others to the number of thirty of the barony of Dalston disseised Robert de Keldesik, abbot of Holm, of his free tenement in Neuby in Kaldekotes in the summer after the Pentecost of 1294. The abbot asked for an assize of novel disseisin, which was held on the eve of the Assumption in that year before John de Batisforde and William Howard, justices of the king for Cumberland. Master John de Bowis, official of the bishop, and Adam de Ulvisby, his seneschal, and others of the bishop's household tried in a friendly way to deter the abbot from prosecuting, until they had consulted the bishop further; but he would not listen to them … [entry incomplete: 1294].