The Register: Carlisle (continued)

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Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Carlisle (continued).

37. (C. p. 27; D. art. 80).—Guydo the merchant, burgess of Carlisle, grants to Holm abbey for the soul of Ada his wife, etc. land and buildings in Rickergate (in vico Ricardi) at Carlisle, on the land of John the baker and Yvo the merchant, which he got from Nicholas f. Henry Hardfot [read Bradfot], rent 12d. and husegavil [house duty] as on a free burgage. He gives them Nicholas' charter as title-deed [i.e. no. 38; c. 1200].

38. (C. pp. 28, 29).—Nicholas f. Henry Bradfot grants to Wydo the merchant property [as in no. 37] in Carlisle, rent 12d.; Wydo to pay husegavel as on a free burgage but he can assign, sell or mortgage [c. 1200].

39. (C. p. 29).—Robert de Stutevill grants to Wido the merchant a house in Rickergate next the capital messuage (baronia) formerly of Peter de Tyllol, which Nicholas granted to Wydo, for half a mark of silver yearly to Robert and his heirs. [Dated after 1206 (see no. 7) to Robert's death in 1213.]

40. (C. p. 29).—John de Bothilton [i.e. Bolton] confirms to Wydo the merchant for life a messuage in Rickergate, acquired by John in marriage with Wydo's daughter Maria; namely, next the land of the capital messuage of Symon de Tyllol; rent 1d. payable to John on Christmas day for all services. The property to revert to John's heirs after Wydo's death. [See no. 8.]

40a. (H. 2).—John de Boulton, clerk, grants to Henry de Culgaith, clerk, a house in French street (in vico Francorum), Carlisle, in which Adam de Dernington formerly dwelt, held of Holm abbey, near the cemetery of St. Mary's, with one head [of the ground] reaching to the king's highway and the other to the house where Astin Oley formerly lived; rent 4s. and husgabil to the king as for a free burgage; with leave to alienate. [See no. 43n.; Henry was dead in 1296.]

40b. (H. 2).—Alice, widow of Henry de Culgaith, clerk, quitclaims to the abbot of Holm all right she had in dower in a messuage in Carlisle near the cemetery of St. Mary's towards the castle, held by Henry at fee farm from the abbey of Holm. [See the preceding; date probably 1296.]

40c. (H. 1).—Robert de Routheclif of Carlisle grants to William de Raghton and Alice his wife and the heirs of Alice all his land with buildings in Rickergate between the lands of Peter the butcher (carnifex) and of Adam de Soureby; husegabel to the king as for a free burgage is the only burden. [A William de Raughton is named (C. & W. Trans. N.S. xxv, 304) in 1212–17.]

40d. (H. 2).—The abbot and convent of Melros grant to the abbot and convent of Holm all their land once held by Robert de Routheclif in Carlisle; one mark in silver to be paid at the yearly visitation of Holm, and hospitality when Melros monks, laybrothers (conversi) and men visit Carlisle fair. [Given also in the Chartulary of Melrose ii, 675.]

41. (C. p. 29; D. art. 80).—Henry f. William de Karliolo, by desire of his wife Gunilda, grants to Holm his dwelling-house which he holds from the king in Carlisle, between the houses of Thomas Spenser (dispensator) and of Robert de Tybai, for lights in the church at Holm. [See no. 11. Robert f. Herbert de Tybai is named in 1200 (P.R.) and was provost of Carlisle (no. 42a) in 1246.]

42. (C. p. 30; D. art. 80).—Henry f. William, citizen of Carlisle, grants to Holm for the soul of his brother Sir Adam, etc., a messuage close to the cemetery of St. Mary's, Carlisle, towards the castle, on which he has built two houses of two storeys (cum domibus superedificatis), for lights round the altar at private masses. [See no. 10; c. 1200].

42a. (H. 1 and 2).—Adam f. Richard quitclaims to Holm his right in land and houses formerly belonging to Henry f. William his uncle, in Carlisle, a.d. 1246, before Sir Roger de Thurkelby and his associate justices itinerant in Cumberland, for benefits he has received from the abbey. Witnesses—Sir William de Daker, sheriff, Alexander f. Radulph, mayor, Robert deTy bay, provost [1246.]

42b. (H. 1 and 2).—Adam f. Henry le Taillor quitclaims right in land and houses formerly of Henry f. William, which his father held of the abbey of Holm. Witnesses—Sir Robert de Wyter[igg], Sir Robert de Mulecaster, Sir Richard de Castelkairok, etc. [c. 1250.]

43. (C. pp. 30, 31).—The abbey of Holm confirms to Robert de Crofton the lease of land outside the gate of Caldeu, where Yngus used to live, which he gave with himself [for burial] to Holm, as that land was divided between Robert and Henry f. Pagan before the burgesses of Carlisle when Robert received the charter from the abbey; rent 11s. and husegavel to pay as on a free burgage. Witnesses [from H. 1]—Adam f. William. etc. [Robert de Crofton dates (Wetherhal, 347n.) 1231–50.]

43a. (D. art. 81).—The abbey grants to fee farm to John de Crofton land outside the gate of Caldeu; rent 8s. 4d.; John to pay husegavel. [John de Crofton (see no. 46) witnessed Wetherhal, nos. 95 and 215 of 1240–50.]

43b. (H. 1 and 2).—John de Crofton grants to William f. Emma land and buildings outside the gate of Caldeu between the lands of Henry f. Payn [i.e. Pagan] and of Albert; in length reaching to the tower (toralium, turellum) except 7 feet of the breadth; rent half a mark, and husegavel to pay. Witnesses— Henry f. William, etc. [c. 1250.]

43c. (H. 1 and 2).—John f. William f. Emma grants to Holmcoltran land in the suburb of Carlisle outside the gate of Caldeu with buildings and gardens, between the lands of John Tod and of Albert f. Hernan, which he inherited from his mother Avicia. Witnesses—Henry f. Roger, mayor of Carlisle, John de Botilton, etc. [Before 1280.]

43d. (H. 1 and 2).—Agnes, widow of John, confirms [no. 43c]. Witnesses—Alexander de Bothilton, mayor of Carlisle, Gilbert de Grinnisdale, Thomas de Tybay, etc. [Alexander (Wetherhal, 155n) was mayor in 1280.]

43e. (H. 2).—Symon de Tybai has taken at fee farm from Holm land in Fisher Street (in vico piscatoris) between the lands once held by William f. Gervase and Geoffrey the baker; rent 5s.; the abbey has right of distraint for non-payment.

43f. (H. 2).—Henry, abbot of Holm, etc. grant to Henry Worthsip, tanner, land and buildings formerly held by Simon de Mora in the suburb of Carlisle; rent 6s. payable to the monk de lanificio [in charge of the abbey's wool-business] for the time being; the abbey has right of distraint. [Henry was abbot from 1255 to 1270 or later.]

43g. (H. 2).—H[enry], abbot of Holm, etc. let to fee farm to Robert the tanner of Carlisle land in the suburb of Carlisle outside the gate of Caldeu, between land formerly held by Matillidis de Drombogh and that which Adam f. Roger gave to the canons of Carlisle; rent 8d. at Easter and to the bishop of Carlisle 1d. for husgable as for a free burgage, payable on August 1st [1255c. 1270.]

43h. (H. 2).—H[enry], abbot of Holm, etc. let to Richard the carpenter of Carlisle land in Fisher Street between the lands of the abbot and of W. f. Yvo; rent 2s. 6d. and forinsec service. [Richard the carpenter and his wife Matillidis held land in the suburb of Carlisle (P.R.) in 1250–1.]

43i. (H. 2).—H[enry], abbot of Holm, leases to John f. Pany [or Pavij] of Carlisle land within the walls in Rickergate, which Adam f. Yvo held while he lived; rent 8s. [1255–70.]

43j. (H. 2).—Holm abbey leases to Thomas f. Pany [or Pavij] of Carlisle a tenement between the lands of John de Newerk and of Sir Adam the chaplain, reaching from the king's highway to the land of Robert de Kirkeosewald in Rickergate; rent 8s. Thomas is not allowed to alienate. [Robert is perhaps the man named in Wetherhal, no. 215, c. 1250.]

43k. (H. 2).—William f. Robert de Etardby quitclaims to Holm abbey land in Rickergate between the houses of Thomas f. Pany [or Pavij] and of Sir Adam the chaplain. Sealed with the common seal of the city of Carlisle. [A Robert de Etterby is named 1234 (C. & W. Trans, N.S. xxi, 141) and another in 1278–9 (ibid. 144); William might be son of the first, dating c. 1250.]

43l. (D. art. 81).—The abbot of Holm grants to fee farm to Richard Pudil of Carlisle a piece of land (placea) in Carlisle between the house late of Jordan of Newcastle and that of Thomas de Tebay, except one plot on which the monks have built a chamber for themselves, until Richard shall be able to build; rent 30s. beginning at Pentecost 1293. Richard is to build at his own costs and to keep up the premises along with the abbot's chamber, and not to alienate without leave; [1293].

43m. (D. art. 80).—Alice, daughter of Roger the tailor (cissor) of Carlisle, with consent of her sisters Beatrice and Johanna, quitclaims to Holm abbey, as the right of the church of Holm, a messuage in Carlisle. Beatrice and Johanna confirm in another deed.

43n. (H. 1; D. art. 81).—Holm abbey grants to fee farm to Richard de Melborn the mason (cimentarius) a piece of land in Carlisle near the cemetery of St. Mary's, which Henry de Culgaith, clerk, formerly held of them; rent 5s. and forinsec service. Richard is to build a house and maintain it at his own costs and not to alienate without leave. Dated at Holm, St. Gregory's day [Jan. 4th], 1296.

43o. (H. 2; D. art. 81).—Gilbert f. William le Taillor of Carlisle quitclaims to Holm abbey his burgage between that of Thomas de Tybay and that formerly inhabited by Jordan of Newcastle. Witnesses—William de Mulcaster, sheriff [1298–1302 and 1305–1307], Richard le Brun, Alexander de Bastenthwait, knights, etc. [William le Taylor is named (Bp. Halton's register, i, 85) in 1295–6. The date is c. 1300.]

43p. (H. 2).—King Edward [I], notwithstanding the Statute of Mortmain, for a fine of 2 marks paid by the abbot of Holm, permits that Robert de Thorisby may grant the abbey a messuage in Carlisle; that Radulph Flour may grant a messuage and 30 acres of land in Crofton near Thorisby [Thursby] and that the abbey may receive them; customary services to be paid to the landlords. Witnessed by himself at York, September 10th in his 11th year [1283].

43q. (H. 2).—Juliana, widow of Henry de la Sale of Carlisle, Nicholas f. Robert of Bochardby and Johanna his wife, Thomas f. Adam of Bochardbi and Emma his wife, Robert f. Robert of Bochardbi and Christiana his wife, daughters and heirs of Henry de la Sale, with consent of Cecilia and Elena their sisters, quitclaim to Holm abbey a piece of ground within the walls of the city of Carlisle which Henry held on ferm from the abbey and inhabited. They take oath before the court of the city of Carlisle, under bond in £20 to be paid to the subsidy for the Holy Land. A similar quitclaim from Elena and Cecilia, then unmarried. [The subsidy for the Holy Land, no. 294, dates this 1294–5.]

43r. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 81).—Holm abbey grants to fee farm to Richard de Kirkethwait [Curthwaite] a piece of land within the walls of Carlisle, which Henry de la Sale formerly occupied; rent half a mark sterling, and forinsec service if required. Richard is to build and maintain at his own costs a house with a decent chamber and a solar [upper room] and stable for seven horses, for the reception of the abbot, monks, lay-brothers or seculars wearing their habits, when they visit Carlisle. Any failure in these terms is to be followed by the resumption of the property by the monks or their attorney, and he is not to go to law about it. Dated 1300.